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Don't trust me: I might be a spook -
Logo, Bullshit & Co., Inc. | Information Architects -
How to Keep the NSA Out of Your Computer -
I will not do your tech interview. -
Encryption is less secure than we thought - MIT News Office -
Your Thoughts Can Release Abilities beyond Normal Limits -
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Why Are Some People So Smart? The Answer Could Spawn a Generation of Superbabies - Wired Science -
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“NASDAQ is owned.” Five men charged in largest financial hack ever | Ars Technica -
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Only The Lonely « The New Adventures of Stephen Fry -
Victory Lap for Ask Patents - Joel on Software -
Eric Kim: 10 Lessons William Klein has taught me about Street Photography: Digital Photography Review -
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Move fast, break things: The sad story of Platform, Facebook’s gigantic missed opportunity | PandoDaily -
A Tour Inside CloudFlare's Latest Generation Servers | CloudFlare Blog -
Do Things that Don't Scale -
Here’s how Pinterest keeps track of who’s following whom — Tech News and Analysis -
Like every social media company, Pinterest had to build its own graph in order to keep track of how all its users -- and their interests -- are related. Here's how it did it. - Janne Savukoski
Loon for All – Project Loon – Google -
AHCI - First Live Pictures - The Vianney Halter Deep Space | - -
The Facebook experiment has failed. Let’s go back. — A Programmer’s Tale — Medium -
In South Africa, drones repurposed to deliver beer to festivalgoers | Springwise -
Falcon meets a tree -
Falcon meets a tree
BBC News - Sitting straight 'bad for backs' -
Wikivoyage – Free travel information around the globe -
Stop working (so hard) — I.M.H.O. — Medium -
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