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Jeremy Schultz

Jeremy Schultz

Internal communicator at Intel: one part intranet journalist inking global news stories, one part social computing champion pushing enterprise 2.0.
Very cool A/B test: 'How To Get 300% More People To Read Your Content'
'I Listened To Music Based On Neuroscience To Help Focus—And My Productivity Soared' > Intriguing!
It's days like today when the "waterproof" v. "water-resistant" distinction matters. #pdxtst #soakedintheoffice
RT @RoyPeterClark: Great writing move: Check the words next to period. If you find a cool word hiding in mid-sentence, try moving to end
I'm registered! MT @pdxcommconf: Get $20 off #pdxcc14 registration now: Early bird rates end today!
I knew it was time to shave, but the motorcycle stays RT @JadAbumrad: We may have reached "peak beard," says science
After seeing an episode of @NakedAndAfraid, Survivor feels incredibly weak and pointless.
New rule of parenthood: no matter what you do, if your kid is sick for more than a couple days, you'll get it, too.
Not quite science: just be straight and plain > "The New Science of Email Subject Lines"
Vital stats of a NASCAR driver en route to victory: > awesome example of all the data @mybasis captures.
Looks like China is the happy place to retire, based on these data...
Great ideas here RT @jkristufek: "If you’re going to do social journalism well, you’re becoming a tech platform co."
"Keep It Short" > Brevity is not easy but it rewards both the writer and the reader.
How is it possible that the iPhone has no motorcycle emoji character? #cleverhashtaggoeshere
Classic! RT @WIRED: "No one messes with my brain—until I get sprinkles" Watch Intel supercharge Homer Simpson's brain
Internet of organs? "I've put my heartbeat on the internet...the best tech to save my heartrate is @mybasis"
Welcome to the family! RT @mybasis: We are excited to announce that Basis has been acquired by @intel.
I've been using @songza all wrong. All the fun creative playlists live under Explore > Activities.
Great quote! RT @brainpicker: “Human beings are works in progress who mistakenly think they’re finished.” Dan Gilbert
40 drivers, fantastic! RT @WIRED: Big-name drivers flock to the all-electric Formula E series
Podcast listeners: If you don't have a long commute or regular yardwork, when do you listen? #justcurious
That was fun! I hope it was useful :) MT @sagedillon: Glad to hear @jschultz talk about 6 trends in employee comms
RT @IABCPhoenix: Let's do lunch! There's still time to register for tomorrow's lunch with @intel employee communicator @jschultz.
I'll answer now: no -one- does RT @IABC: #CommChat is coming up at 9am PST Topic: Who Owns Employee Engagement w/ guest host @alisonbdavis
"a ~5” form-factor iPhone would spark a massive upgrade cycle" #raiseshand
Why Companies Fail To Engage Today's Workforce: The Overwhelmed Employee > supports my view to tackle this broadly.
Health Savings Account - HSA Administrators -
HSA option, includes Vanguard funds - Jeremy Schultz
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