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Why yes, I am hopping mad. Here’s why. #teamharpy -
When this got shared on facebook I realized that many folks in that area won't understand the context, so I added the following note: - lris
[Edited to add: for those of you who don't know about #teamharpy, conversations about sexual harassment in libraryland were recently sparked off by one prominent male librarian suing two women for 1.25 million dollars. He's claiming defamation because they spoke out about his harassment. Libraryland is in heated conversation, now, about power dynamics, the silencing affect that lawsuits... more... - lris
*sigh* I haven't seen or experienced any of this, and I find it sooooo troubling. (I do believe it). Maybe 'cause I was never one of the cool kids. still: ick. Thank you for writing your perspective. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Well that's just it, Stephanie. I've spoke with a few people who said that when they finally decided this was for the birds, they were kicked out from the "cool kids" circle and felt ostracized. There's something about that cool kids circle that seems to enable all of this. Personally, I've seen a lot less than other people I know, probably partially because I'm not conventionally pretty. Small blessings. - lris
[side note: nearly all of the cool kids I've met were not harassers] - lris
cool kid...? --> - Julian
^ yes, in a good way - lris
Ugh. Ive been following the conversation on this in ALATT on FB, and it's fucking awful. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Oh yeah, the ALATT thread I read yesterday was a total trainwreck. - maʀtha
laura x
Male Birth Control, Without Condoms, Will Be Here by 2017 via @CousinDangereux
Male Birth Control, Without Condoms, Will Be Here by 2017 via @CousinDangereux
" It promises to be a parsimonious solution to the age-old problem of preventing unwanted pregnancies. This is nothing short of Occam’s razor for your testicles. While the way Vasalgel works inside a man’s body might be simple, its cultural impact would be complex. The Religious Right, in particular, has grown accustomed to a world in which regulating access to birth control means regulating women’s bodies, rather than men’s bodies." - Steve C Team Marina
Note: "Occam’s razor for your testicles" is a LOUSY marketing slogan. - Steele Lawman
LOL - lris
I am WAITING for the day that a birth control story discusses the ongoing need for safe, legal, affordable abortions AND the need for pre and postnatal care, parental leave, and affordable child care. Hasn't happened yet, though, because everyone suffers under the illusion that if everyone just had birth control, there'd be no problems. - laura x from iPhone
They should put that into Nattie Lite as an additive. - Eric - It's My Thing
(Not that I'm bitter or anything) - laura x from iPhone
goodness no. but you are soooo right. also, I see a massive ad campaign with Viagra/Testes Silencer Twin Packs in the very near future. - MoTO: Team Marina
Signs Point to LB
Class visit to the archives today ended with applause. Always fun. :)
Just scheduled instruction for a class called "Apocalypse: The History of the End." I also got to work with " Mysticism, Yoga, and Enlightenment in the East," which was pretty fun. Humanities FTW.
laura x
This is the last of my BA.
sallie mae.JPG
Refuse to pay. :P Seriously though, congratulations. That's excellent! - Soup in a TARDIS
I'm on the last few months of paying for grad school. :-) - laura x
Awesome! - Soup in a TARDIS
Shannon - GlassMistress
Today is all kinds of Kermit flail.
Sarah G.
I like smiling at people as I walk down the streets of NYC because people look at you like you lost your damn fool mind when you do it.
Regular Amanda
Just in case you missed it, I think laura x knocked it out of the park on #teamharpy:
Goodness. Thank you. - laura x from iPhone
Stephen Francoeur
Meredith Farkas, "Whistleblowers and what still isn’t transparent," Information Wants To Be Free -
Pull quote: “That said, that this information comes second or third-hand does concern me. I don’t know for a fact that Joe Murphy is a sexual predator. Do you? Here’s what I do know. Did he creep me out when I interacted with him? Yes. Did he creep out other women at conferences? Yes. Did he behave like an entitled jerk at least some of the time? Yes. Do many people resent the fact that a man with a few years of library experience who hasn’t worked at a library in years is getting asked to speak at international conferences when all he offers is style and not substance? Yes.” - Stephen Francoeur
I like this post - it's about how I feel, too. - Christina Pikas
Me too...and I found that Wayne B-T's post (noted elsewhere) amplified that. - Walt Crawford
this is great. - holly #ravingfangirl
Living and working with a chronic illness -
Lovely post, Iris. Thank you for sharing. - Andy
I'm so sorry I missed this til today, brave, beautiful woman. Well written, and thank you for sharing! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤ from iPhone
Holly's favorite Anna
RT @mchris4duke: wait, so dudes say they won't date women if they are feminists? isn't it cute how they think it is up to them?
off to see a realtor about a house...
PICS! - Meg VMeg
It's cute! - Meg VMeg
Nice! - Betsy
Watch, now somebody else will out-bid me, just when I finally made up my mind - lris
nope they won't. you'll get it. also i've not done homerepair before, but watched a lot of rehab addict and i'll help operate sanders or something :) - Sir Shuping is just sir
You're going to have to hire somebody to do lawn care. And regrade the side of the house around that window well. - DJF from Android
Yep, and yep. - lris
Exciting!!! - Marie
Wow! The airlock is great and the bathroom looks like it was just redone. I also like that the kitchen cabinets have simple, flat doors as I was just noticing how much gunk collects in the grooves of mine. - Galadriel C. from Android
So explain to me the whole airlock thing? I've never seen one before. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
^ - Marie
Love the grain on the built-ins in the bedroom. If you get re-landscaped, you can save on hiring someone to do mowing, etc. (Owen Dell showed slides of a landscape he designed for a guy who wanted to do absolutely NO maintenance. He had pictures from years later and the guy really had done no maintenance and it looked terrific. Good luck! - Spidra Webster
And which room have you chosen as the yarn room? - Hedgehog
Oh, that's cute! Love the built-ins, and that enclosed front porch (totally giggling over "airlock") will be very, very nice in winter. - Kirsten
In my world, airlocks are mudrooms, if that's a word you know -- they give you a space in which you gear up and gear down for the outside weather, without bringing said weather into your foyer/house. So you go out into the airlock/mudroom to put on your boots and snowpants and coat and mittens and hat and scarf, all of which can then, later, be taken off there, and dry, before you open the door into your house. When it's -20F outside, and you're covered in snow, this is AWESOME. - Jenica
It is the bane of our existence that our house here has no mudroom/entryway/airlock (this is new to me as a term-always used mudroom) of any sort. Not even a hall closet. Yes, it's Virginia but yes, we have weather and clothes. Stupid, stupid builders. - Julie Kane
Huh, in my South Dakotan side of the family, a mud room includes a shower, because they're farmer stock and they come in from the hog farm or the fields and need a shower before entering the house proper. - lris
Justin and I dream of a house with a workshop for him that connects to the house via a mudroom with the laundry and a shower in it... Work with nasty chemicals and metal filings and sawdust, then drop all your dirty clothes and take a shower before coming into the house proper. PERFECTION. - Jenica
The house I grew up in had a breezeway that attached the garage to the house. The first room after that was a hallway that had, on one end, a full bath, and then the laundry area. We definitely used that area to divest ourselves of filthy barn clothes, coveralls, etc. Horse muck did not belong in the house. - Katy S
Oooooo. All of those things sound amazing. Our long-term plan is to expand and cover/enclose our deck, add a mudroom there, and an open deck off of our bedroom. And finish the basement, with bathroom. Sigh. Someday. - Julie Kane
Oddly, out here, laundry rooms are sometimes called mudrooms--e.g., ours is between our "breakfast nook" and garage. I like the airlock idea for climates where it's more frequently needed... - Walt Crawford
Creeping charley is very good at holding soil down. I'm all for it. - maʀtha
I like the closets and cabinets very much - maʀtha
so much wood! i see lots of potential in the sun room. it's cute! - kendrak
you're gonna love that screen porch!! it's also cat heaven!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I've read through this three times trying to find your post that your offer was accepted. Well? (The house is really, really nice, so I hope that it was.) - Mama Lawson
I don't know yet if the offer was accepted, and the realtor expects we won't know until early next week. The suspense is killing me. - lris
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Clouds are being dicks blocking this sunset. (at @Millennium_Park in Chicago, IL)
Clouds are being dicks blocking this sunset. (at @Millennium_Park in Chicago, IL)
holly #ravingfangirl
if you don't give me the option of a printable version of your recipe, imma hate you a little bit. and by that i mean A WHOLE LOT.
Holly's favorite Anna
Creech girls letting you know what's what RT@GeekNStereo: RT w/ a pic of you w/ sibling(s) @EmiCreech @RachelMFleming
Creech girls letting you know what's what RT@GeekNStereo: RT w/ a pic of you w/ sibling(s) @EmiCreech @RachelMFleming
laura x
Our Banned Books Week tumblr is kind of cool. We city staff and council members to take selfies with their favorite banned books. - laura x from Bookmarklet
Catherine Pellegrino
Hey, y'all, remember this? I forgot to mention that we're doing it. :D
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Dude! Awesome! - Marie
In the run-up to launching this, we learned that a) that printer prints more than any other printer on campus, including the two printers in the 24-hour computing lab COMBINED, b) last year it printed nearly half a million pages, or 377 pages per on-campus student, and c) the library spent $8000 on paper and toner last year. That's half of our non-endowed book budget. Holy crap on a cracker, people. - Catherine Pellegrino
But students like screens. Everything online! We can go paperless! - kaijsa
Tell that to the faculty who require students to bring printouts of each lecture's powerpoints to class... :-/ - Catherine Pellegrino
Yep. I want to lol every time an undergrad complains that we only have an ebook and not a print copy of something they want. - kaijsa
Skip printing the copyright notice page. Like it. - Joe
I came in this morning and the boxes were rearranged into a tall tower. Love it. - Catherine Pellegrino
I hope the tower was teetering. That would add drama to the display. - Stephen Francoeur
holly #ravingfangirl
i was looking for graph paper today at work, but no one had any. not long after i got back to my desk, one of the IT guys came up and handed me a stack he'd quickly made in Excel. GEEK POWER!
i laughed - that never even occurred to me. - holly #ravingfangirl
I've done it. #nerd - Kristin
You can make your own at - Betsy
You can also find graph paper PDFs on the Web - DJF from Android
Who's got two thumbs and is the newest member of the LMU University Research Council? This gal!
Do you sleep? - Holly's favorite Anna
I could totally go for a nap, now that you mention it. - Marie
congrats! and i think marie has clones! its how she gets everything done! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Happiest of birthdays to our own Martha!!!
Happy Martha Day!!! - Julian
Happiest of days, Martha! - laura x
So glad to know you, birthday girl Martha! - Steele Lawman
Happy Birthday Martha!!! - Hedgehog from Android
Hello! *waves* - maʀtha
Happy birthday!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Happy birthday, Martha! - Meg VMeg
Yes! Happy! Happy! - Marianne
Happy happy birthday! - Megan loves summer
Here's hoping you're having a most excellent birthday! - Galadriel C. from Android
thanks for all the birthday wishes over the weekend, peeps! - maʀtha
I'm late to the party, but Happy Birthday martha! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
:) - maʀtha
Many happy returns of all the days until your birthday next year! - Lily
Andrew C (✔)
RT @gabydunn: It is truly funny how Emma Watson turned out to be a better Hermione than even Hermione really did.
holly #ravingfangirl
the annual *throws arms around summer's legs* "don't leave, i'm not readyyyy" *wail* thing.
laura x
RT @grasshopperlibr: In honor of #bannedbooksweek, I salute @rainbowrowell. Thank you for your wonderful, powerful, painful, & redemptive Eleanor & Park.
Monique Judge
We didn't need a filter. The sun gave us one. danceandmusicislife
We didn't need a filter. The sun gave us one. danceandmusicislife
holly #ravingfangirl
OY. i just realized i signed up for a 5K next weekend. *laughs* *cries*
I would fire my housekeeper if I weren't my housekeeper.
Our housekeepers must be part of the same union. - Steele Lawman
Is there something like a better business bureau that we can report this dumb union to? - lris
Mine is just unbelievable about letting dust collect on things. - RepoRat
And don't even get me STARTED about the cat hair everywhere. - lris
It's so hard to get good help these days. - Steele Lawman
My housekeeper keeps saying she is exhausted. Either clean clothing or clean house, not both. - Janet from FFHound!
RT @diyhacks: For all my fellow coffee lover to make 🙌
RT @diyhacks: For all my fellow coffee lover to make 🙌
Catherine Pellegrino
Oh, Primo, you never cease to amuse me.
Primo knows best - lris
We need a "Damn You Auto-Suggest" tumblr. - Catherine Pellegrino
Oh yes. Oh yes we do. - laura x from iPhone
We do!! - Meg VMeg
We need a Primo Knows Best Tumblr, really. - Zamms from iPhone
I will do this tomorrow. - laura x from iPhone
I just demonstrated this to a class of senior music majors. They were amused. - Catherine Pellegrino
Always show how the resource doesn't work. That's my rule. - Zamms
omg - perfect use for tumblr - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I still like the Ebsco autosuggest for cyber warfare to caber warfare - Christina Pikas
^^^ That is brilliant. - Catherine Pellegrino
Depending on how the vote has gone .... - barbara fister
I remember students posting some interesting ones for Encore.. I think one went "Singapore general elections" and it went "did you mean 'Singapore fairy tales' "..... Can't duplicate it anymore or find the screenshot. - aaron
Some days I bust out the giant Post-It paper and markers in class just because I think it's fun.
Extra-big markers. - Meg VMeg
YES - jambina
I think it's the heady reaction to the smell of the markers, personally - Aaron the Librarian
The students were confused at first, but they are first-years and it seems everything is confusing to them. Their prof was way into it. - kaijsa
Victor Ganata
I'm… not sure how to interpret this. Is this supposed to be threatening or helpful? (via melinnateatrina)
That's totally threatening in my book. - SAM
F*ck kale. - SAM
I think the whimsical misspelling means it's without malice. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Gentrification's getting heated. - Andrew C (✔)
It's a command to go vegan. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Sponsored by PETA. - April Russo
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