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holly #ravingfangirl
If it's wrong to wear my #nope shirt on my birthday... Oh well.
If it's wrong to wear my #nope shirt on my birthday... Oh well.
Nope. Happy birthday, holly!!! :^) - Friar Will
If you can, send t-ra a smile and thumbs up today. #itsGoingToBeOkTRA
Ok now y'all gonna make me cry and I haven't yet. And I'm at the pub now so that would be muy embarrassing. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Also, thank you Micah. You're a good egg. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Well, such a time called for a group hug. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
No doubt. I'll take all the hugs I can get till this gets sorted. Virtual, IRL, whatever. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Sarah G.
RT @courtalameda: Another gem found while weeding romance. @jonionthespot & I are not sure what voice inflection is necessary here.
RT @courtalameda: Another gem found while weeding romance. @jonionthespot & I are not sure what voice inflection is necessary here.
... Montresor! - RepoRat
I think we should make a clear distinction between a racist and a fuckwit. Racism can be combatted with education but a fuckwit is a fuckwit
Happy new academic year, everyone!
may we all be friendly! may we all be smart! :-) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
may our printers work seamlessly! - Catherine Pellegrino
may we meet goals - MariWeaver
may we enjoy our work - RepoRat
may we literallly restrain ourselves from killing our cow orkers - Aaron the Librarian
so say we all - maʀtha
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Yep. That's an Otto & Igor totebag by artist John LaFree. Cutest. Swagbag. Evar. -
Yep. That's an Otto & Igor totebag by artist John LaFree. Cutest. Swagbag. Evar.
How to dance on a treadmill
How to dance on a treadmill
That is awesome. - Catherine Pellegrino
I happened across the only book I can remember my mom saying I shouldn't read until I was older when I was a kid. You better believe I picked that book up and checked it out of the library.
What was it? - Heleninstitches
Alanna: The First Adventure. I'm sure it'll be positively salacious. - lris
That's a Tamora Pierce book right? Girl trains as a warrior. Kept meaning to read that - Hedgehog
Yeah, my otherwise vague memory (I only remembered the series name) is that I got a couple of books in and then things got a little adolescent on me while I was still pretty young. But yes, girl trains as warrior. - lris
<blink> I recall it mentioning breast binding, but other than that I can't think why it wouldn't be appropriate for any age. (Of course my parents never blinked at me reading the Clan of the Cave Bear series starting age 10, so maybe not the best datapoint.) - Deborah Fitchett
Patricia F. Anderson
.@gohomekiki and I are the newest members of the Oklahoma Ornithological Society, y'all. #birding
holly #ravingfangirl
[how about no.] 9 Lesser-Known IPAs You Should Be Drinking
[how about no.] 9 Lesser-Known IPAs You Should Be Drinking
I like most beer, but IPA's have to be at the bottom of the list of stuff I would order... unless it is the hottest day of the year, and then they somehow taste awesome to me. So, I have maybe one or two in a year. - Jennifer Dittrich
God I love a good IPA. IPA all day. - Eric
I've had the Great Divide Lasso IPA, great, and a couple weeks ago picked up a 12 pack of the Hop Nosh, pretty good, different. - Eric
They are THE WORST. :P - holly #ravingfangirl from iPhone
None for me, thanks. - John (bird whisperer)
Holly's favorite Anna
Eating pizza and reading a fitness blog. As you do.
LB's 10:19pm Name Change
Please tell me they are starting a boy band??? - Steve C
Yes, they'll cover Mozart pieces. - LB's 10:19pm Name Change from Android
What's their band name? - Melly
!!! - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Nope, that's already a band!!! - Meg VMeg
Sacramento. Who knew? - Micah
Thorn Between Two Roses - Melly
DJJ - Melly
Jed rocks the party.
I had a former student tell me "O Captain, My Captain!" today. That feels really good. At least I did right by one student.
laura x
Ginger lemon honey whiskey hot toddy, you're my only hope.
Monique Judge
I got promoted at work today, and I didn't even apply for it. I feel awesome right now.
YEAH BABY! - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte from Android
\m/ - Bren from iPhone
laura x
Confronting Reality by Reading Fantasy - The Atlantic
Confronting Reality by Reading Fantasy - The Atlantic
Life just became a little less funny.
J. Marie B
#saturdayff When I start a 5K, I wonder why I'm torturing myself. When I cross the finish line, I remember why.
I totally get this too. Each race is an argument with myself; a battle between good and evil, the half of me that wants to be lazy and quit vs the half of me that wants to see how far and how fast I can go. I'm so very proud of you, Jilly. I'm glad you're pushing yourself and finding happiness in the process. You're amazing. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Thanks Tam. :) - J. Marie B
Happiest birthdays to Courtney and Krista!
happy birthday both! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Happy happy birthday birthday! - Megan loves summer
Welcome to FriendFeed, Erika!!! Schön, Dich hier zu sehen! Errybody, this is Erika, a friend and colleague of mine. Please welcome her.
Welcome, Erika :) - Pete
Hi, Erika. - Betsy
Hello, Erika! - vicster: full-bodied
Hallo, Erika! - Katy S from iPhone
Welcome, Erika! We're harmless. Mostly. - Catherine Pellegrino
Vielen Dank euch allen. Many thanks to all. Since Uli calls me a friend you are forewarned - do not expect anything sensible from me. :D - Erika
Hi Erika! - Melly
Guten tag and willkommen Erika! - Galadriel C.
Hei hei! - Jenny H. from Android
Hey. - Joe
Hi Erika - Walt Crawford
Hi! - Stephen Mack
Greetings, Erika! - Friar Will
Hi, Erika! - Anne Bouey
Welcome, Erika! - Tamara J. B.
howdy! - Big Joe Silence
Monique Judge
People should not be shamed for needing or wanting help of any kind. Sometimes just one word or even a smile can make a difference.
Good morning, FFeed.
Error Message.png
Good morning, Uli. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Here's the in press version of the article on free / open law I co-wrote with Sarah Glassmeyer
12 downloads so far! - Pete
Sarah G.
"My goal is to always come from a place of love ...but sometimes you just have to break it down for a motherfucker." ― RuPaul
This. - Kristin from iPhone
Holly's favorite Anna
I'm nearly 38 years old, and I still stay up too late on a school night reading a book, even when I know better.
laura x
Dear God, please send reinforcements. Or patience. Or an early bedtime.
Hang in there, Laura! - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Funny. I'm thinking the same thing, but mine is 19 years old. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
How about a glass of wine? - Yvonne from FFHound!
Thanks, all. Yvonne, I'll take that too. Though to be fair I did already have one. One hour to go.... - laura x from iPhone
Did you make it? Are you alive? - Joe
Andrew C (✔)
KSU president gives up over $90,000 of his salary to boost lowest-paid campus employees | Bluegrass Moms | -
"Raymond Burse, interim president of Kentucky State University, has given up more than $90,000 of his salary so university workers earning minimum wage could have their earnings increased to $10.25 an hour. "My whole thing is I don't need to work," Burse said. "This is not a hobby, but in terms of the people who do the hard work and heavy lifting, they are at the lower pay scale." [...] The raise in pay for those employees will stay in place even after a new president is selected, he said. It will be the rate for all new hires as well. The change is immediate." - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
Good for him. Maybe it'll help, that place is a complete hole and needs serious funding and morale improvement. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
#lac14 conference panel selfie! (With Peter Shepherd and Carol Tenopir)
#lac14 conference panel selfie! (With Peter Shepherd and Carol Tenopir)
It's Carol! Hi Carol! - RepoRat
Monique Judge
The answer to everything is cheese.
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