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Mom. Librarian. Hopeful. Not necessarily in that order.
I am relaxing with a glass of wine, not even touching work tonight. All work and no play is no good at all!
Preach. - Derrick
The wind is just howling outside and the temp is dropping from the 40s to zero. I'm hearing sounds like the siding of my house is being ripped off.
Isn't it wild? - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
And that's headed quickly this way....not looking forward to that. :( - Hedgehog from Android
House appears to be intact today, although making crackling, groaning noises. It doesn't seem that horribly cold today. I think that tomorrow, though, my kids may actually wear coats to the bus stop. Gonna be getting chilly tonight. - Jen
oof. hope your family stays bundled up! - Marie
Multiple choice quizzes just destroy me. I'm hoping I remember this horrible, low feeling later this semester when I have to design these horrid things. Blergh.
Living among teens can be pretty challenging. Having them share awesome new music, however, is definitely a plus.
in Florida, sitting back, feeling heat from the sun on my face. #heaven
This cake is now out of the oven and ready for action.
OMG I forgot to buy a lottery ticket!
You got to play to win, darn it! - Jen
Apple pie in the oven, music playing, relaxing with a glass of wine. Wonderful.
Stepping away, slowly and deliberately, from the Girl Scout cookies.
Holding an informal/walk-in workshop on Zotero/LibX. No one so far for the workshop, but two students just wandered in looking for free computers...and turns out they have questions about Zotero. Score!
Hot Tea, quarterly receipt shredding, and Spotify. I love Sundays.
Enjoying a lazy morning during which I have no idea what time it is.
Listening to my son practice his sax. Really a treat - and sadly a rarity.
If there was ever a day that screamed out for steaming hot cocoa and a warm blanket, it would be today #rainymessofaday
In about an hour I'm taking my sweet baby boy to the DMV to get his learners permit. Can't believe he's so grown up.
thanks for the warning to stay off the roads :) - Steve C
He asked if he could drive home from the dmv - I'm like - heck no! - Jen
In a bizarre move for me, I am actually back in my hometown for my high school reunion. Should be an interesting weekend!
And I am glad I went! - Jen
I made quinoa for the first time tonight. It was fun to try something new.
Supposed to be finding sources for behavioral determinants of heroin use, but got sidetracked with great article on determinants of physical exercise.
I could whine about all the stupid mistakes I made today or that nagging feeling that I'm in over my head, but I'm choosing to focus on the positive: today my 13yo daughter joined me at the Y - so great to have a running buddy again.
No more Drama Llama!!!
Heading out to our Kornfest parade. Our entire community comes together to celebrate corn. And butter. Only in Holmen, Wisconsin.
I'm supposed to be writing up my annual merit review narrative. Instead, I'm comparing versions of "Wayfaring Stranger".
That seems like a fine use of time. It's such a great song! - laura x from BuddyFeed
Removing a virus from son's computer and researching safe ways to use the Steam gaming service.
Anti-Bullying Flashmob January 2011 -
Anti-Bullying Flashmob January 2011
How to mud and tape drywall [2of2] -
How to mud and tape drywall [2of2]
Happiness is.....
the flexibility to work from home when I need to. - Jen
anticipating the arrival of a box with new shoes, a book for my 12yo, and tea. - Jen
I may have ordered a new pair of Dansko's to celebrate my promotion to associate professor. Also, wild kitchen dancing.
Happy Christmas everyone! My teens were up at 4:30; surprised they still have it in them :)
Merry Christmas, Jen! - Uli
Listening to Sufjan Stevens and trying to relax after terrible, awful meeting. Music is a fabulous drug, no?
The best. - laura x
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