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Mom. Librarian. Hopeful. Not necessarily in that order.
I was just settling in to update some links on our link resolver, but it kicked me out due to its maintenance time. Reminds me that it's 9:30 and should be completely okay for me to take some maintenance time as well.
Efforts to control the rising tide of my email have been in vain. Considering a mass delete.
*sends moar emails* - Sir Shuping is just sir
I may have to evacuate. - Jen
My baby girl went to her first homecoming dance last night with her friends. They looked beautiful. Growing up so fast!
Wow; that's so hard to believe but absolutely fabulous all the same! - Galadriel C.
Exclaimed to my daughter while marching in the Maple Leaf Parade: "How can you even play that clarinet, it has SO MANY HOLES!"
Said parade watcher may have been a bit tipsy we think. - Jen
Tomorrow morning is going to be really rough for me. All good thoughts welcome.
*hugs* and good thoughts - Sir Shuping is just sir
**hugs** - Kirsten
Best to you - maʀtha
Good thoughts from here too. - Marianne
Thinking of you. - laura x
more good thoughts from here. - Catherine Pellegrino
*hugs and thinking of you* - Hedgehog
Good thoughts for you! - Kathy
*good vibes* - Marie
Thanks All. Done and done with that chapter of my story. Looking forward to easier times to come. - Jen
Belated but very good thoughts + hugs to you! - Galadriel C.
Mantra for FY13/14: delegate all the things!
Or maybe I should amend to say: delete all the things! - Jen
Excitement for my 16yo getting his license replaced by shock and despair after getting quote on insurance coverage. Wow.
I am so in the wrong profession to have passive aggressive behavior grate on me this much. Rrrrrrr.
Anyone know a stop the rain dance? I think we've seen the sun once in the past two weeks.
That moment when a new colleague says something and you look up, smile. and think this person is going to be awesome to work with.
yep, that happened today. :) - Jen from BuddyFeed
hooray! - Galadriel C.
I was going to deep clean the carpet today, but I think I'll just read a book instead. If someone finds my motivation, please give it a kick in the butt and send it on back.
So far this morning: re-doing interview schedule because of weather-related travel SNAFU, then walked into campus situation in which many police officers had surrounded a campus building and were carrying large guns. Hoping for a more peaceful afternoon.
Just saw what happened and oh my goodness, I hope it's a peaceful afternoon too! - Galadriel C.
Wow..glad nothing escalated, hope the LAX-PD have it under control - Hedgehog
Campus and LAX-PD handled it amazingly well and quickly - no one hurt. Just a very frightened campus. - Jen
Entire family is napping. So peaceful!
It's Friday! And next week I'll be spending the entire week in NYC. Joy! Dancing!
ooh! - Marie
Asks the age-old question: why can't we just all get along?
My daughter is loading the dishwasher. I think I may cry this makes me so happy :)
Help! SWF Videos. I created some Jing videos that I'd love to move to YouTube. I'm having trouble finding a free converter though. Anyone have any suggestions? I really don't to pay $50 for Moyea as I just need to convert 5 videos.
I thought Jing could upload to youtube. Is that not the case anymore? - kendrak
nope, you have to pay for SnagIt to do that now. I have no suggestions for converting SWF, sadly :( - ~Courtney F
I need to pay attention more. - kendrak
So I paid for SnagIt 10 thinking I could open the files there and then send them up to YouTube. But I see now that SnagIt won't open swf files. I think I'll just re-record these miserable videos and chalk it up to another lesson learned :) - Jen
I worry about our society when we need to be assured that all is well - even when we are asked to wait mere seconds....
SEVERAL seconds. who has that kind of time? - Marie
Is it done yet? Is it done yet? What about now? <click click triple-click> - Deborah Fitchett
why is it taking so long??? it's been 10 seconds already! - Sir Shuping is just sir
signs of a scattered librarian
yikes. i thought someone posted a pic of my bookshelf. all that's missing is the Library Cookbook. - royce
The pile collapsed soon after, causing a chain reaction that nearly spilled my tea. I did return the skinny aqua-colored volume, which seems to have helped. - Jen
Teaching myself to knit. Two hours later, I think I've mastered casting on.
I am relaxing with a glass of wine, not even touching work tonight. All work and no play is no good at all!
Preach. - Derrick
The wind is just howling outside and the temp is dropping from the 40s to zero. I'm hearing sounds like the siding of my house is being ripped off.
Isn't it wild? - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
And that's headed quickly this way....not looking forward to that. :( - Hedgehog from Android
House appears to be intact today, although making crackling, groaning noises. It doesn't seem that horribly cold today. I think that tomorrow, though, my kids may actually wear coats to the bus stop. Gonna be getting chilly tonight. - Jen
oof. hope your family stays bundled up! - Marie
Multiple choice quizzes just destroy me. I'm hoping I remember this horrible, low feeling later this semester when I have to design these horrid things. Blergh.
Living among teens can be pretty challenging. Having them share awesome new music, however, is definitely a plus.
in Florida, sitting back, feeling heat from the sun on my face. #heaven
This cake is now out of the oven and ready for action.
OMG I forgot to buy a lottery ticket!
You got to play to win, darn it! - Jen
Apple pie in the oven, music playing, relaxing with a glass of wine. Wonderful.
Stepping away, slowly and deliberately, from the Girl Scout cookies.
Holding an informal/walk-in workshop on Zotero/LibX. No one so far for the workshop, but two students just wandered in looking for free computers...and turns out they have questions about Zotero. Score!
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