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Speaking about failure @FITC in April. Hoping I screw it up? Use code "Speaker", save $100. #FITCToronto #FAIL
I just earned the Fundamentals of C badge using the Treehouse iPad App!
"Years ago, a friend of mine had a dream about a strange invention — a staircase you could descend deep..."
Years ago, a friend of mine had a dream about a strange invention — a staircase you could descend deep underground, in which you heard recordings of all the things anyone had ever said about you, both good and bad. The catch was you had to pass through all the worst things people had said before you could get to the highest compliments at the very... -
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How Creativity in Humor, Art, and Science Works: Arthur Koestler’s Theory of Bisociation -
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How Intuition and the Imagination Fuel “Rational” Scientific Discovery and Creativity: A 1957 Guide -
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Be a sadist. No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them–in order that the reader may see what they are made of. —Kurt Vonnegut -
Listen without defending and speak without offending. -
2012 BMW X1 MPG Reports | Fuelly -
Re: The Creative Method: A Presentation -
"I'm blushing. Thanks for the wonderful endorsement." - Jason Theodor
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I wrote a post: What Type Of Human Are You?
Create More Better Different Thank You Very Much
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5 insights from Brené Brown’s new book, Daring Greatly, out today -
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