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RT @tonysteward: It sounds like #teengirlsquaddanceparty in @terrystorch and @doyoufoster s part of the Digerati Den.
Sluggish this morning... trying to make my way to the Digerati offices.
RT @chrisvaughn The Shins + Danger Mouse = Broken Bells. Can't wait for this album to come out. /// TRUTH!
RT @terrystorch #TeamDigerati and @Life_IT are searching for a Sys Engineer. Want to be a part of impacting the world?
RT @TerryStorch: #TeamDigerati and @Life_IT r searching for a Sys Engineer...want to be a part of impacting the world? ~>
Programming for YouVersion while schooling @jmccartie in scrabble, it doesn't get any better than this
RLRT @km "Java is Objective-C you can read" after linking him to this article:
@aaronmentele when all else fails, 777 usually does the trick ;)
@erod26 if you really need Basecamp on a phone, you need an Android phone with Beacon ;)
For those that just got your free Nexus One's at #TED, make sure and get the free Bible app
For those that just got your free Nexus One's at #TED, make sure and get the Bible app
RT @TerryStorch: Excited to be working with @Life_IT about a new job opening. More details tomorrow! /// PUMPED
I love when you find a better way to do something in the 11th hour... nothing beats experience, no amount of theory or reasoning
@jmccartie my top 3, in no particular order: Carnitas, BTT, and Iguanas.
@jmccartie there is some good Mexican to be found, but it's not Ted's despite what people in Edmond will tell you
I'm finding the conversations that take around posts in Buzz are much more interesting... closing out Twitter again.
@duregger trying to bring some "F" to ole Lumberjack eh? :)
@nathansmith right, but it's a system label, I'm talking about creating your own (ex Buzz Replies) and directing them to that
If you don't want to receive a Buzz reply in your "Inbox" setup a filter-to-label/trash. #buzztip
@TerryStorch I would say even longer than a week to truly break habits of the previous platform... Terry on a Palm Pre for 30 days :)
RT @TechCrunch: Google Acquires Aardvark For $50 million -
RT @dangillmor: If Obama wasn't misquoted or quoted badly out of context, then Krugman's right
RT @ThirtySixthSpan: Hey OKC people - let's get this on @MickCornett 's radar. Please RT (via @ian_okc)
I do like that my posts from my blog can automatically be brought into my feed, no need to "tweet" them
Still too early to have a prediction on Google Buzz, but they really need "push to Twitter"
@doyoufoster you should put your PS docs in Git ;)
RT @loic: I am not sure Toyota should invest that much in TV campaign about quality. They remind me of their problem all the time.
If you're in Oklahoma and not apart of the Food Coop, you should be. #eatlocal #saynotocorporatefood
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