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Peter Judd
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news article markup - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
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news article markup - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
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news article markup - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
YouTube - How To Make Your First Podcast - Simple. Quick. Easy. -
YouTube - How To Make Your First Podcast - Simple. Quick. Easy.
How to make a podcast - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
podcast RSS Feed generator -
Podcast generator script - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
podcast RSS Feed generator -
Podcast generator script - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
podcast RSS Feed generator -
Podcast generator script - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
YouTube - How To Make Your First Podcast - Simple. Quick. Easy. -
YouTube - How To Make Your First Podcast - Simple. Quick. Easy.
How to make a podcast - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
MIDIPad Turns Your iPad Into A Multi-Touch MIDI Controller " Synthtopia -
MIDIPad is a new app for the iPad/iPhone for music creation and live-performance. - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
Using drop box to publish River2 -
Dave Winer's dynamic aggregator can use Drop Box to serve - Peter Judd
Peter Judd - extract structured information from Wikipedia -
a community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and to make this information available on the Web. DBpedia allows you to ask sophisticated queries against Wikipedia, and to link other data sets on the Web to Wikipedia data - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
7 Tools You Should Be Using For Better Web Designs -
Tools to measure how well a site design performs - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
Do these conventional definitions of news still hold? What is news in today's world? - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
The fatal flaw in the Google Buzz interface? -
With Buzz, those who (a) have a large number of followers, and (b) post frequently will always bubble up to the top of the stack, crowding out everything else. - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
Telegraph: no more chasing web hits | Media | -
Euston is not a private club where only certain people can operate. It is designed openly. We have done it so that any one of our over 500 journalists who has a brilliant idea can apply for funding and other resource, and try to make it a reality - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
Google Buzz: Here's why it will lead to a more closed and proprietary Internet -
Interesting idea and certainly the way businesses are thinking. - Peter Judd
Mark Trapp
iPad Aftershocks: Apple's Netbook Is Screwing Netbook Makers [Ipad] -
"Originally, according to Digitimes, Asus and MSI wanted to undercut whatever the iPad would cost by 20 to 30 percent, but that was when they expected it to cost $1000, which made it kinda easy. It's a lot harder when the entry price is $500 for the iPad." - Mark Trapp
They were going to undercut the iPad with their own tablet PCs, not netbooks, that is. The new tablet PC market starts at a ceiling of $499, which doesn't leave a lot of room to play with. - Mark Trapp
Get some context on the iPad and capture the real picture with this collaborative SWOT. Just add your bits. Take what you need and have fun! - Peter Judd
Is he gonna keep doing this? - MiniMage
If Asus or MSI got one of their tablet PCs running Windows 7 priced down to $500, I'd buy over the iPad in a heartbeat. - Brian Chang
Robert Scoble
RT @collisionbend: @Scobleizer When I consider how often Flash crashes my browsers, I'm glad Flash is NOT on the iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.
I desperately wish there was a 3rd party flash player that didn't totally suck... That, and I really really wish Adobe would get off their asses and make a goddamn 64bit flash player already! - LarchOye
Get some context on the iPad and capture the real picture with this collaborative SWOT. Just add your bits. Take what you need from it, Have fun! - Peter Judd
Flash works well on my Chrome for PC and my phone's Skyfire browser - Tim Jones
Flash is still a pain when you have to get a Flash plug-in for Linuxes. I prefer sites that don't use it. - George Hall (Australia)
Anthony Citrano
“If Steve Jobs hoped to answer the question about why we need this third device, or how it's better than a netbook, he didn't make a compelling case. Where is video chat? Where is multitasking (honestly, only one app at a time for a device of this size and speed)? Why is the lock screen so embarrassingly empty? Why are there no active widgets to fill that huge homescreen space? Where is the expansion of the multitouch user experience? And seriously, where are the media partnerships? .. for the vast majority of consumers, the case for the iPad has yet to be made.” - Anthony Citrano from Bookmarklet
“one of Apple's biggest misses...I can't begin to explain how disappointing this device is in the sense of being a usable computer. There's a 1GHz CPU in there that can't even be used for multitasking. There's no camera for video chatting. There's no way to watch a Flash video and chat within an IRC client at the same time. There's not even a way to connect a USB device to this without paying Apple extra for an adapter. The iPad is remarkably limited in scope and functionality, and for no good reason.” - Anthony Citrano
Get some context on the iPad and capture the real picture with this collaborative SWOT. Just add your bits. Take what you need from the exercise and have fun. - Peter Judd
Dave Winer
This took 1 hour to arrive on Friendfeed from Scripting News. - Mark
Get some context on the iPad and capture the real picture with this collaborative SWOT. Just add your bits. Take away what you need. Have fun! - Peter Judd
So if the iPad sucks, it is going to be a failure and no one will buy it, why does it matter if it doesn't have Flash support? If it won't be successful enough to cause an impact, why is there so much angst about it not having Flash?
What's the point of having a device with a browser if I can't play my Facebook games? - Scoble, Alex Scoble
There is no point. If it's success depends on it having flash, and it doesn't, then it will be a failure and does not deserve this much discussion... - Johnny
I don't think Flash is absolutely neccesary for the iPad, just have to wonder at Apple's continued lack of support for it. Maybe the iPad's A4 chip doesn't have the grunt we believe. - Mo Kargas
Maybe they don't want to support a proprietary plug in? No, it must be they suck... - Johnny
Maybe they don't want a media delivery system outside of the one they already have, thus not cannibalising their existing market? - Johnny
Umm, please point to examples of Flash cannibalizing any hypothetical market? It's a content delivery plugin, freely downloadable for any browser, and in massively widespread use, especially for video sites. All supporting Flash will do, is enable customers of the iPad more choice of what content they wish to view. - Mo Kargas
Hulu is free. iTunes content is not. - Johnny
I think it's really just another manifestation of the growing estrangement between Apple and Adobe. - Victor Ganata
@J-wo How the hell does that relate to the previous assertion? Are you saying you want the iPad to *only* allow content delivery from Apple related services, therefore being excessively proprietary? - Mo Kargas
I'd still buy an iPad without flash support by the way, I think it will succeed (in it's niche market) without it. - Mo Kargas
No, I'm saying that if I was the guy in charge of growing iTunes sales, I'd be pissed if everyone could log on to Hulu and bypass the paid version. They are a company, their job is to sell hardware and content, not hold hands and sing folk songs - Johnny
That truly borders on ridiculous. Essentially you're telling me you want only proprietary Apple services on the device. You're saying, "I want people to pay iTunes for everything, no Hulu, no Youtube, no DailyMotion, no MetaCafe". Why should I buy an iPad, if I'm forced to view only Apple pay services? I'd hate MS for doing that, anybody in fact. - Mo Kargas
If I want to see a preview trailer for a movie, comfy on my couch with my brand new spanking iPad, suddenly I can't, I have to hit up iTunes, hope it's free, hope it doesn't require Flash, and hope their servers are up. Cos I damn sure can't see it on Youtube. - Mo Kargas
I can watch YouTube content now. The app comes installed on the iPhone. Mind you, it's showing the content encoded in the open h.264 standard, not the Adobe owned Flash codec. Also, it's not ME, it the company Apple. "Apple wants people to pay iTunes for everything, no Hulu, no DailyMotion, no MetaCafe". Yes, that's what they want.... because that's what a company does. - Johnny
Hulu is not entirely free... it requires an extra investment of time for the duration of the ads. You can pay with money or you can pay with time. Few things are both free and legal. - Tinfoil 2.0
So if MS did this very thing..... - WarLord
What an utter load of rubbish. Also, as for "open h.264", I quote "the vendors of products which make use of H.264/AVC are expected to pay patent licensing royalties for the patented technology", furthermore H.264 is still not the defacto video standard, if you've been following the battle in HTML5. - Mo Kargas
I don't want any company telling me, or forcing me through paywall apps, to their ideas of what content I can see on the internet. Flash is ubiquitous, sure it's proprietary, but we don't have Adobe forcing us to pay to use their player either. - Mo Kargas
@WarLord, M$ pushes Silverlight instead (not to mention the quirkiness of IE and its minions). All of these major companies want you to live as far within their ecosystems as they can, that's how they maximize profit. - Tinfoil 2.0
WarLord. It would suck. I have never said it was right, all I said is it's what a company is well within it's rights to do. I understand a company has to make money at has NO obligation to support anything unless mandated by law. I don't like I can't rip my own movies and just plug it into iTunes in any codec I like. I also understand that there is money involved and righteous indignation means little to the stock price. - Johnny
@LogEx, while MS may be pushing Silverlight they're not blocking Flash... - Stephan
Whats perplexing, is that J-Wo doesn't want the proprietary Flash player, but wants everything else proprietary. So what happens is this, every site releases it's own app. Want to view Hulu? Buy an app. Dailymotion? Proprietary app. Flash player? Pay nothing, view all these sites. - Mo Kargas
Or these sites could do as YouTube has done and switch to a non-proprietary video format. - Tinfoil 2.0
Mo, really? You are sooooo wanting to nail Apple you have just turned this emotional issue. Get over it man. It's not me. Seriously. This is a company not wanting to support the product of another company. And yes, Apple would want you to buy these apps cause they get cash of the app sale. It's called business. Making money. I know *you* want everything to be free and open but pull your... more... - Johnny
I'm wondering if the mediocre sales (yes, that is my prediction) and amount of discussion of the shortcomings (no flash amoungst, but not the only by far) will make the second gen product something to consider buying. You know, like such discussion (and dissent) made the subsequent iPod generations better. (I still can't believe it's four times the size but has the same storage limits as an iPod and without any multitasking) - Michael W. May
@J The only thing emotional is your continued, irrational love of everything Apple. For those watching at home, J is highly defensive and over-sensitive over Apple decisions and this device, it's amusing to watch. Perhaps you should drop using anything open source if you believe it costs your darling company of choice precious sales with their propietary replacement products. Anyway,... more... - Mo Kargas
I actually quite like the idea of Adobe not getting their way. Adobe is a great crutch until the environment heals into the way it's supposed to work, but the problem is the Adobe stuff stays around too long. PDF was pretty good for digitizing paper, but now we should just use HTML (or TeX if you really need special formatting). Flash was perfect for getting us thinking about browser... more... - Vezquex
MWM, yes, the v2 will certainly be more widely applicable. I had little interest in iPhone v1... but v2 had the harmonic convergence that made sense for me. - Tinfoil 2.0
Mo, those sites could all present their video using HTML5 and/or offer their apps for free. Also, Flash uses h.264 for encoding so any patent burdens for content providers apply to it as well. - invariant
@Invariant HTML5 is no magic bullet, it is still a point of incredible turmoil in the industry, and it is not going to take root overnight. Migration is going to take years. It always has, even with things as basic as the client's browser. Anyway, I still don't think it will impact iPad sales in the least. - Mo Kargas
I'm not arguing for or against Flash. I'm just saying that there are options for those services that don't necessarily mean extra cost for the user. I also think Apple's decision does in fact impact sales, and will also lead to increased support costs when Joe User wants to know why they see a lego instead of their video. Whatever Apple's reasons for excluding Flash, they obviously believe in them strongly enough to make the sacrifice. - invariant
stubborn, that's their reason. - Michael W. May
@Mo: While your comment about HTML5's video markup not taking root overnight is very true, you must admit that Apple's continued lack of support for Flash only helps push future technologies forward. (In this case HTML5) I believe using Flash for video, fancy navigations, and full flash sites is becoming the new "animated gif". Its extra weight in the webpage in a world where speed and... more... - Joshua
"Guess I’ll have to get used to the blue legos; until you get used to the rapidly accelerating irrelevance." - Merlin Mann - Joshua
Porn - Rodfather
If you think AT&T sucks bad now, can you imagine what would happen if everyone was trying to watch porn over their network? :D - Victor Ganata
I think the biggest beef is how Jobs and the marketing push the iPad as "the best way to experience the web" as the most up-front reason (see bottom-left), when in reality with so many sites using Flash for video or otherwise, "the best way" just simply isn't true. If you can't go to Vimeo, FunnyOrDie, The Onion, CNN, Cartoon Network, or eleventy-billion other sites that use video as large parts of their site/service, then your device cannot ever be "the best way". - Nathan Chase
I'm not sure I understand that argument. You don't pay Apple to license H.264. And Netflix didn't work on Mac OS X because the original player was dependent on a Windows-only codec. Now they just use Silverlight. - Victor Ganata
People also keep forgetting that in a year or so H.264 has some vaguely defined royalties kick in. Not clear what it will cost but it seems to imply people streaming video are going to have to start paying to do so with H.264. Worst thing about them is the terms aren't even clearly worded. - Ed Millard
Weren't there other DRM solutions that ran fine on Mac OS X? It's not like they *had* to choose Windows Media or Quicktime for their streams. Seems to me the main problem is DRM, actually. - Victor Ganata
So it's really the media partners that controlled it and demanded that Netflix use Apple's DRM on OS X. But there were/are other solutions. They seem to have no problem with Netflix using Silverlight instead. - Victor Ganata
Streaming in Quicktime is not the problem. It's streaming with DRM that's the issue. But why couldn't they have gone with a cross-platform DRM solution instead, if not for the media partners? - Victor Ganata
Probably for the exact same reasons why Apple doesn't want Flash on the iPhone, or any other 3rd party runtime. - Victor Ganata
But the fact was that Apple doesn't license their DRM scheme to anyone, and there wasn't any other DRM scheme that Netflix's media partners would sanction, even though there were other DRM schemes that ran in OS X at the time. I actually don't think Apple is interested in licensing DRM at all, particularly given their deal with various record labels to be able to distribute non-DRMed music. - Victor Ganata
Apple have a long history of siding in one camp and setting a standard. Flash isn't necessary anymore. Everything it can do can be done differently - Phill Price from iPhone
Davis, you're missing my point. If Netflix and their partners hadn't been inflexible on having to use Apple's own DRM scheme, they could've easily launched on Mac OS X without any problems. But since they couldn't have it their way, they didn't do it, at least not until Silverlight for OS X was out. I'm not denying that Apple's moves are restrictive to various companies, but I don't think this is a very good example at all. - Victor Ganata
In the same way there's nothing stopping from Youtube, Hulu, Facebook utilizing existing standards and making apps for iPhone OS that don't utilize Flash. I don't understand why Apple should be constrained to accept what 3rd parties want to do in a way that makes it convenient for them but inconvenient for Apple, if there is a reasonable alternative that doesn't break things. I'd feel... more... - Victor Ganata
I mean, should I be angry at Microsoft for not letting me run Mac OS X apps on Windows? Or is this again somehow Apple's fault? - Victor Ganata
Get some context on the iPad and capture the real picture with this collaborative SWOT. Just add you bits. Take what you need from it and have fun - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
At UNSW in Sydney the journalism department is run by Catharine Lumby, a former journalist and well-known commentator (disclosure: she's also a Punch contributor) The Journalism and Media Research Centre there is doing some interesting long-term studies on the impact of the arrival of the mobile device on the media landscape and also on what the changing nature of the newspaper means for quality journalism. - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
Google may give China the boot after Cyber attacks -
"The decision to review our business operations in China has been incredibly hard, and we know that it will have potentially far-reaching consequences. We want to make clear that this move was driven by our executives in the United States, without the knowledge or involvement of our employees in China who have worked incredibly hard to make the success it is today. We are committed to working responsibly to resolve the very difficult issues raised." - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
Pranav Mistry - inventor of Sixth Sense -
Pranav Mistry closes the gap between the virtual and real world by eliminating the need for an expensive device. Instead, he projects the virtual world on to real world surfaces and interacts using gestures. He can take a photograph using his fingers. He can email sticky notes while writing them. He can project a calculator onto his fingers. - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
Microsoft enables Silverlight video streaming to iPhones -
At PDC 2009, Microsoft demonstrated Silverlight video streaming to an iPhone. While Microsoft user experience platform manager Brian Goldfarb said that Microsoft "worked with Apple" to make it happen, don't expect plug-ins for Mobile Safari to start flooding the App Store. Instead, Microsoft worked to make its IIS7 server software capable of sending an QuickTime-compatible stream to an iPhone embedded with a HTML5 <video> tag. - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
Why the MySpace turnaround strategy is sound -
Take a look at the Twitter stream for MySpace. You’ll find that it is now filled with music and celebrity content. Years ago, MySpace was about networking with your friends, but now the company is focused on entertainment channels such as MySpace Music, New Moon partnerships, and MySpace Music Videos. The biggest sign that they’re refocusing on content though is the news that MySpace may boast widespread Facebook Connect functionality by the first half of 2010. That would have never happened if MySpace still aspired to beat Facebook in social networking technology. - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
How Programmer/Journalists Are Changing the News -
Today’s demand for programmer/journalists is one sign of how the Internet has changed the newsroom. While the role has become crucial to many forward-thinking news organizations, traditional newsrooms are often still struggling to integrate programmer/journalists into their everyday workflow. - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
Real-time SEO, no more yesterday's news. -
breaking news opportunities as well as the flaws between Google News and Google search - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
Why outdoor works when the metrics are fuzzy. Outdoor will be the new gold becuase space is scarce -
I've always felt that the built environment will be the real battlefield once online shakes out. The physical landscape is far more limited than the virtual, therefore supply and demand says its yield and premium will continue to grow as online yields fall. As long as people move through a physical world, the opportunity to engage them is much higher value than google search engines and the like. Billboards will die when we eventually hook up to a virtual world permanently - but that's a long way off. Perhaps we should innovate more aroundthe physical world than the virtual one? - Peter Judd
Peter Judd
The Most Stalker-Friendly People On The Web -
Share your location with your close friend network - Peter Judd
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