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Ask Slashdot: Can You Say Something Nice About Systemd? - Slashdot -
I cannot remember the last time I got a replacement debit/credit card from the bank due to an upcoming expiration date.
Same. I'm creeping up on one of my cards next Spring, but they've all been reissued due to data breaches for the last few iterations. - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
So yeah. I must now admit that I booted into Windows on this laptop this week for the first time in 19 months. It was only because I thought I might have had a hardware problem. Nope... just something kooky happening in /tmp that I have not yet figured out. (Hooray for old live CDs.)
Today would be just the right day to run another backup. Then again, every day is. - Julian
Liz Obert: Dualities looks at the hidden and visible worlds of people living with mental illness (PHOTOS). -
Liz Obert: Dualities looks at the hidden and visible worlds of people living with mental illness (PHOTOS).
The League did just go there. Interestingly played.
HTML5. It is official.
Giant cookie bowl -- and then some.
Giant cookie bowl -- and then some.
One breakfast for Megatoad would be good enough for me -- for a whole month!
One breakfast for Megatoad would be good enough for me -- for a whole month!
He also did an amazing speed run of the Meat Mountain from Arby's -- after warming up with another Meat Mountain. - Julian
Pumpkin pie spice whipped peanut butter. This thing has seriously gone too far.
Abusing Emoji in iOS and Your Mac 👑💩 -
Abusing Emoji in iOS and Your Mac 👑💩
"I've created Lutherans!"
"Don't mind if I do..."
Treehouse of Horrors marathon on FXX.
Controversy at Wembley that decided a game. Nothing new.
Football. Live from Wembley.
The NCAA Division I FBS conferences make absolutely no sense -- in terms of both geography and size. This College Football Playoff (run by the heads of the five families and Notre Dame) will expose these flaws. Once the media rights agreements end, and the books open up, I see a massive shift happening that will fix things.
We would FINALLY get that great northeastern power conference that JoePa wanted to create over 30 years ago. Which schools would form it? All those northeastern schools that are currently outposts in their current (football) conferences. - Julian
Hint: It would start with West Virginia, and end with UMass. Notre Dame? Not interested. - Julian
Charlie Strong will only get to keep his job at Texas past this season because he has been cleaning up the program since he arrived.
Uh oh. Kentucky is making this a game.
Fat-guy touchdown pass! Arkansas Razorbacks pull it off - ESPN -
"Even the "Hefty Lefty" himself, former Kentucky quarterback Jared Lorenzen, took notice. Before today, it's likely Lorenzen was the heaviest SEC player to ever throw a touchdown pass." - Julian from Bookmarklet
"Already up 21-0 in its game against UAB, Arkansas attempted a fourth-and-goal play in which it lined up Sebastian Tretola under center. Here's the kicker: Tretola is a 6-foot-5, 350-pound offensive lineman. And he threw it to a … wait for it … long snapper." - Julian
Instantly, i will be paying for sharing this. :-/ Accused of shaming people. I just thought that it was an interesting football play. ESPN wrote the article. - Julian
Two webapps I have found useful on Ubuntu Touch so far -- AirBnB and Grooveshark. The jury is still out on the native and HTML5 apps.
The app is the new bookmark -- only enhanced with the ability to share data.
Ivy League football on national television. The way it should be.
Yale is hosting Penn. Each school has a stadium I would like to visit to take in a football game. - Julian
Oh. There's another one of those big conferences coming up next week.
The office space where America's Most Wanted used to be produced is now available for lease.
It can be yours for just $121k per year! - Julian
My high school is one of the top 250 in America.
... though I graduated at the very end of the last century. - Julian
We got out of this one with the crucial point. - Julian
Knocked out the Palace keeper in the process. - Julian
City and Victory are level at 2-2 at the half.
Victory ended up being victorious today (well, yesterday now in Melbourne). - Julian
Launchpad bug number 1 has some action again.
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