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11 Things You'll Regret In Your 30s - Business Insider -
11 Things You'll Regret In Your 30s - Business Insider
I am right in the middle of this... - Julian from Bookmarklet
phht. Only think I regret in my 30s is not doing MORE. And not having more of my 30s to do MORE in. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Care more about yourself. No, you need to spend more time with your parents. You should save more. No, you should spend your money on vacations. Um. Do what you think is best. - Joe - Systems Analyst
in my 40s i regret the recreational substances of my 20s. in my 30s i regretted not getting more done musically in my 20s. - Big Joe Silence
For a second there, I thought we were at the end of FriendFeed. (crisis averted)
I'm suddenly imagining a "Restaurant at the End of the Friend Feed" scene. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Austin is not truly Texas. Discuss. Or argue. (Just throwing a topic out there.)
Much as Anchorage isn't truly Alaska and Atlanta isn't truly Georgia and.... the list goes on. - Walt Crawford
NYC is not truly New York, that's for sure. - Meg VMeg
and yet Austin is Texan enough that I can't imagine it in any other state, if that makes any sense at all. - Steele Lawman
It does. There's no way Austin would be Austin if it were in any other state. Gotta have that cultural parent to rebel against or it doesn't become what it is. - Kirsten
Texas could have five different capital cities. - Julian
As always... I need a nap.
I had forgotten that The Boondocks had not yet covered Chris Brown...
Such a valiant effort today.
Papi needs to win this for us.
BOOOO... IBB. - Julian
As a shock to absolutely nobody with a pulse, Phil Jackson just fired the coaches.
He sure does wish he could get rid of the entire roster, too. Pretty sure that he will make a run at someone big -- like Kobe. - Julian
Easter Monday = lighter morning.
Pop kept it classy.
Friendfeed is not dead.
One could say that it's been raised from the dead several times now. :-) - John (bird whisperer)
By not being an active, voracious user of Reddit, am I basically dead and completely behind the times?
Ditto (what Joe says). - Walt Crawford
The what, now? - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
So difficult to get in a nap today...
How to run your own e-mail server with your own domain, part 1 | Ars Technica -
How to run your own e-mail server with your own domain, part 1 | Ars Technica
This show is definitely not for kids.
TONIGHT: Orphan Black.
English Isn't As Easy As You Think. This Guy Nails It. -
Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo. That is all you need to know about the quirkiness of the language. - Julian from Bookmarklet
MOMENT OF WIN: Something about which I am passionate healthily living on after I have departed.
Juuuuuuust a bit outside...
... as others watching this game tweeted as well. - Julian
How many were turned away from the Alabama spring game this year?
A-ha! I need to be thinking embedded with this build.
In the middle of doing my first LFS build in years. Complex, this still is.
This will eventually be for a home router/firewall/IPS I plan to build. This LFS build might just end up being practice. - Julian
The slow part of this will be pruning all the files that are not needed to run the system, but are only needed for building it. At least I will be even more intimate with the details of each package when this is done. - Julian
Spring football is in the air.
The baseball replay system is genuinely for crap.
That one right there was a make-up call. - Julian
it is pretty embarrassing - Dough Balls
Tap water from the Library of Congress has never looked so pretentious.
Did Swaggy P just more or less confirm that 'Antoni is out?
The lack of D was intentional. - Julian
See: TMZ video. - Julian
tacit: An Open Letter to Brogrammers -
tacit: An Open Letter to Brogrammers
tacit: An Open Letter to Brogrammers
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