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The debate continues with the Irsay suspension/fine decision...
Ahh haven't heard yet this mean they finally penalized him in some way? - Steve C Team Marina
Good... evening?
So not used to being STILL awake at this hour... - Julian
Wait... so Burger King is now Canadian?
Burger King is now a tax-dodging American company. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Treehouse of Horror XI.
Eat my shorts - Steve C Team Marina
Simpsons marathon is now up to 1998. By Wednesday, we will have jumped the shark.
Which topics never truly got their own episode of Good Eats?
Five-finger discount eventually turned into four-finger discount. #EverySimpsonsEver
Fourth Doctor appearance in the seventh season of The Simpsons.
This new series Intruders does not mess around.
@wilw just being @wilw (as always)
In cricket, the only time a bat flip would be anywhere close to appropriate is when one scores a six to win the match.
It has been such a long two days that I forgot to watch my Baggies. 0-0 draw today. Once again, one point is better than no points.
The Baggies? As in West Bromwich? - 'H'institches #TeamMarina
Two hours away from football on the red carpet.
Yeah... probably shouldn't have had that coffee this morning. Now I will be up for a few more hours... or at least try. ☕☕➡😴
get some good sleeps - maʀtha
"No groaning in my store..."
"mmm... soylent green... [Homer drool]"
"Oh... NO! Beta..."
"He was a zombie...?"
The marathon is currently at 1992.
Every Simpsons ever continues. BOO-urns...
(not actually booing) - Julian
Wait... no more Framily? Whatever will we do without Gor-don?
Parkour Gor-don was the best. - Julian
Wow. Simpsons episodes from 25 years ago.
Basically... run.
bazinga? - imabonehead
Uh oh. ☔⚡
did my deodorant fail again? #sorry - MoTO: Team Marina
Candy crush. LOL
Why does it already feel like it is Thursday? 😧
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