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The only drama I want to see in October is on the baseball diamond. Is that too much to ask?
And, of course, on the football field on Saturday afternoons. - Julian
What happened to LeBron's hair plugs?
The speculation is that they were painted on. Can't have that on your head when you practice. The sweat will melt it away. Not a good look. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
WTF? Another Bash vulnerability??? It sure is going to be a long week for me...
Steve Smith Sr. has started with the B&G in Baltimore.
One more TD, and it will start to look like Dexter's Kill Room. - Julian
Are we now done with the pretzel bun?
Burnley are going to have a short stay at top-flight.
Should I roll on over to ello?
*yawn* Do you need an invite? DM me. I find it underwhelming so far. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I think I will take myself out for a nice steak this evening.
Approved. - Steve C Team Marina
Why does quitting keep getting easier over time?
Or, more accurately, being a quitter. - Julian
"Hey, Mom. What's up?"
Charlie Hunnam is letting his natural accent out a bit much this final season. #samcro
"What is real?"
"I know kung fu." - Julian
Food blogger or foodie blogger?
Food blogger. Many food bloggers are foodies, but I don't think they would call themselves foodie bloggers. I could be wrong about this, though. - Corinne L
What Corinne said. - ~Courtney F
Nommyblogger. ;) - Signs Point to LB from Android
Food Blogger - Blogging about it much like photographing it automatically makes you a "foodie" - WarLord
I might use "foodie blogger" for someone who blogs about foodies. - John (bird whisperer)
Seriously, where's the food? - Eric - It's My Thing
With the Ivy League not on (national) television this year for football, I guess I will need to get myself to a game in person.
Oops. I stand corrected. NBCSN loses Ivy League coverage *after* this season. - Julian
All is right with the world again. The Peach Bowl is back to being called the Peach Bowl, and now the Citrus Bowl is back as well.
But I have never heard of the companies Peach or Citrus. I have heard of Cabbage Patch. - Steve C Team Marina
Does Cabbage Patch sponsor the Pee Wee national championship? - Julian
Mohamed Sanu would be a better QB in Washington than a healthy RG3.
What a mess in this game in Philadelphia right now.
I recognize Kirk Cousins as the official quarterback for the Washington NFL club.
Too bad he will be starting in Cleveland in a year or two. - Julian
That South Park commercial was creative.
Wait... there was a bribery attempt within the Ravens' organization?
What? - Joe
Possibly. Allegedly. - Julian
Not surprised. - Joe
That goal will make #SCTop10. - Julian
The commentator (Ray Hudson), on that goal by James Rodriguez: "When we look at it again, it will give you a physical arousal." - Julian
I am definitely off today. It took me until the third quarter to realize that I was missing the football game.
In sloppy conditions, we are losing 17-7. And it is actually the fourth quarter. - Julian
A touchdown... but too late? - Julian
How to Order Chinese Food -
I had an Indian friend tell me that when they moved to the US they went to a Chinese restaurant and were like, what the hell is this? - Eric - It's My Thing
The NFL cover-up continues to get worse. Did not think it was possible.
What'd they do now? - Eric - It's My Thing
The whole thing about what Ravens executives knew, and when they knew it. - Julian
The Ravens management comes off really badly in that ESPN report. - John (bird whisperer)
The house is not in order; a tornado continues to rip right through it. - Julian
What else did I miss today -- or, for that matter, this whole week? (It was kind of a blur at times.)
I have jury duty next week. - Signs Point to LB from Android
Scotland posted the world's most incredible (non-dictatorship) voting turnout percentage in deciding whether or not my people (hey, Crawford's a lowland clan) should give up the pound and various other critical things in favor of being fully independent. They didn't go for it. But damn, 97+% turnout... - Walt Crawford
I believe I will soon become a Netflix subscriber.
I especially agree with number 23. - Julian
What about Scotland Yard?
It will now just be Yard - Steve C Team Marina
Vermont and Texas -- you may be next.
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