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I am definitely off today. It took me until the third quarter to realize that I was missing the football game.
In sloppy conditions, we are losing 17-7. And it is actually the fourth quarter. - Julian
A touchdown... but too late? - Julian
How to Order Chinese Food -
I had an Indian friend tell me that when they moved to the US they went to a Chinese restaurant and were like, what the hell is this? - Eric - Poppa Large
The NFL cover-up continues to get worse. Did not think it was possible.
What'd they do now? - Eric - Poppa Large
The whole thing about what Ravens executives knew, and when they knew it. - Julian
The Ravens management comes off really badly in that ESPN report. - John (bird whisperer)
Oh damn - Eric - Poppa Large
The house is not in order; a tornado continues to rip right through it. - Julian
What else did I miss today -- or, for that matter, this whole week? (It was kind of a blur at times.)
I have jury duty next week. - L.A.M.B. tbh from Android
Scotland posted the world's most incredible (non-dictatorship) voting turnout percentage in deciding whether or not my people (hey, Crawford's a lowland clan) should give up the pound and various other critical things in favor of being fully independent. They didn't go for it. But damn, 97+% turnout... - Walt Crawford
I believe I will soon become a Netflix subscriber.
I especially agree with number 23. - Julian
What about Scotland Yard?
It will now just be Yard - Steve C Team Marina
Vermont and Texas -- you may be next.
Sixteen minutes to go in Scotland.
Ron Washington. Still trying to figure out what to make of his predicament.
So LeBron now has the Rooney hair plugs?
Not just a soundtrack -- all of the sound effects included!
Dortmund lead against Arsenal!!!
Dortmund won! - Julian
Discovered today: Why Would You Put That on the Internet?
"Carrots are the new bacon."
Sign that I am getting old: I just learned of the shmoney dance.
the what now? *already old* ====> - MoTO: Team Marina
What MoTO sez, but then... - Walt Crawford
Also old ----> - Steve C Team Marina
"What goes around, comes around." I am still trying to get into Intruders, but I know for sure that it is getting DEEP.
Long day was... short? I had not gotten that much sleep all at once in a while. Oh well... time to do it all again.
To the question, "Who is the best wife in the world?" (to those who have wives): there is only one correct answer to this, right?
[perhaps that should be much more gender-neutral, but...] - Julian
I just asked her. She said, "Umm, sure." - Joe
The hamsters have been spinning the wheels in my head for much too long. Good... morning? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Good morning. - Eric Logan
We lose. :-( Tough way to lose in the fourth quarter, after having gotten the momentum back.
Not out of this one yet... #UConn
Too bad most of the country is watching Ohio State blow out Kent State on ABC... - Julian
Tonight's football game at Boston College is probably the biggest home night game in BC football history.
Well that was a crap performance.
Tim Howard's beard is FIERCE today.
Now down by two goals. GAH!
Already down one goal to Everton. BOO.
... and what is with all these higher-profile NFL running backs doing stupid stuff? (allegedly)
It's been a bad week for running backs. - John (bird whisperer)
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