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You say good morning. I say good night. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Detroit better warm up the jet...
Blount definitely needed touches.
Twenty-four teams to challenge for 2014 Division I Football Championship | -
Twenty-four teams to challenge for 2014 Division I Football Championship |
SEE?!?!?!? The NCAA runs a perfectly fine football championship for Division I. It even has 24 teams in it. One conference even got FIVE teams in (and another got four)! - Julian from Bookmarklet
This sleep thing is just not happening. I tried. All that is left to do is make it so that it has to happen next time.
... and it better not happen when it is not supposed to be happening. - Julian
We have lost Marion Barry.
I heard. I was in D.C. during part of his tenure. He was quite a character. - MoTO: #TeamMarina from Android
Why am I still up? Right... YouTube. I need to put this away -- like two or three hours ago.
I have slept too much tonight. 😞
Personally, I am all about that salmon.
No mackerel? - Victor Ganata
I think there's an "all about the bass" joke in there somewhere. - Jennifer Dittrich
Pretty sure that was the joke. :) - Steele Lawman
My Huskies have already given this game away.
There is a such thing as a Bitcoin Bowl.
#OhSNAP Maryland beat Michigan. At the Big House. Brady Hoke is DONE.
Amazingly, the loss by Maryland to Ohio State earlier in the season is more impressive than today's win. - Julian
Arkansas picked a fine time to stop losing in the SEC.
UPSET ALERT. Yale leads against Harvard, 7-3. Third quarter.
Harvard now leads. - Julian
Twenty-one unanswered points for Harvard in the third quarter. - Julian
Yale finally answered. - Julian
... and continued to answer. Seventeen unanswered for Yale, as they are tied at 24 late in the fourth. - Julian
Watching Matt Stonie eat is enough for me to feel full.
Yale or Harvard?
All about that baste?
No trouble. - Joe
I think I will skip the annual parade today. Skipping the parade is something I have done every year I have lived here (except for 2011).
It's a tradition! - LB's never Kippled from Android
This past week is supposed to have more birthdays in the United States than any other week of the year.
9 months from Valentine's Day? - Lola Bean (Penguin) from iPhone
Correct. - Julian
From a fortune cookie: "You will be fortunate in everything."
But especially so in cookies. - Jennifer Dittrich
I am actually watching part of an NBA game. Unusual, considering it is not spring yet.
DAGGER! - Julian
Wait... what happened to Friday?
I was literally asleep all day. - Julian
Are you sick, Julian? - Corinne L
I certainly do not feel sick. I guess I was making up sleep from this week. - Julian
So many folks I know were struggling with insomnia this week, myself included. - Corinne L
Finally... the weekend is here.
Where? - Uli
Just a little east of you. - Julian
*gets in the car* - Uli
Today is the 29th birthday of Microsoft Windows.
:) - Janet from FFHound!
Good morning. Week is flying by quickly.
I am focusing on San Francisco, man.
Death ray? - Steve C Team Marina
The Emoji Game on SportsNation always devolves into... well...
Chocolate. Avocados. What will run short next?
Coffee. - Jennifer Dittrich
Bananas. Loads of things. Climate change is going to fuck up a lot of shit. Put on top of that the fact that modern agriculture is all about monocropping and you have a recipe for disaster. Meanwhile we're not suiting up because leaders in many industrialized countries aren't funding the scientific research that could help. - Spidra Webster
At least we have bitters again. - Meg VMeg
That will nothing compared to the war over water that comes next.... - WarLord
Shortbread. Shortening.Skirts. - bentley
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