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Another Media Day is upon us. Who will act a fool this year. Will it be Gronk? Marshawn?
What will be this year's craziest question from a non-sports media outlet? - Julian
The always amusing "Weird Things Couples Do" is back in action.
The always amusing "Weird Things Couples Do" is back in action.
Bulletproof Coffee. Thoughts?
hype to make $$$ - holly #ravingfangirl
Just glanced at the website. 1. Butter in coffee? Really? 2. If coffee makes you jittery, maybe you're drinking too much coffee. So, to the extent that I looked at it, what holly sez. - Walt Crawford
Read this recently.. Has some info in it. - Me
They're riffing on butter tea. But yes, $$$. Butter tea makes a lot of good sense in the places it developed, but I'm not sure how well this translates to lowland warm climates without winter food scarcity issues. - Jennifer Dittrich
I recall a lady at local chamber of commerce meeting always wearing a badge "Ask me how to lose weight just by drinking coffee". I think it was a pyramid scheme. - Eric - ill subliminal
Crossfitters are huge into bulletproof coffee. I take every opportunity I can to mock them for it, which is a nice changeup from mocking them simply for being Crossfitters I suppose. - Hookuh Tinypants
Oh, lord. Read part of that gizmodo article. I apologize for my quick comment. This isn't just BS, it's dangerous BS. Butter, oil and coffee is not breakfast, and 50% to 70% fat is not a plausible diet. Arggh. Two tablespoons of butter in one cup of coffee? A diet for young folks...'cuz you're less likely to get old with a diet like that. - Walt Crawford
So much for that weather.
Milk, TP, bread... bread... oops.
Oops. - Katy S from iPhone
So glad I washed he car yesterday. Probably should have done some things earlier, so that I could get the Rain-X on there while it was still warm-ish out.
Get your "K" caps here! (says Nike $$$)
St. John's knows that they need to throw this game, right?
Good. They got the memo. - Julian
Nope. They forgot again. - Julian
Duke found the ball... - Julian
DAGGER!!! (oops... that was Buckhantz) COLD BLOODED!!!! (more accurate) - Julian
What is holding together Lou Carnesecca these days? He looked slightly unnatural in that camera shot.
Weekend is effectively over. Bring on the weather.
Looks like a wintry mess for Sunday night. That means one fewer day of commuting this upcoming week.
But this last one was a big disappointment - besides the ice pellets - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I dreamed today that I was stuck in Houston (long story). Somehow, I managed to get lost, and found myself 40 miles from where I needed to be. Both points were within city limits. Is that actually possible in Houston?
No, not really. Even the diameter of the Beltway is only 25 miles: - Meg VMeg
But I bet there are businesses called the Houston this or the Houston that that would fit within that 40 mile radius. :-) - bentley
"... and some Skittles."
The Bud Selig era is over.
Proper Bourbon Pairings For Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies : -
Proper Bourbon Pairings For Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies :
Adelaide United re-defined beatdown today.
We have lost Mr. Cub.
More Simpsons.
Downton Tabby. LOL - Julian
So... what is this matcha?
What, like the kind of green tea, or something else? - Jennifer Dittrich
Yes. It seems to be getting a decent amount of attention from Teavana. - Julian
Ah. Yeah, basically powdered green tea. - Jennifer Dittrich
But it's got a much stronger flavor and I think a much higher caffeine content. It's from Argentina,iirc - ~Courtney F
"I'm trending!"
Just one question: who would be Boner? - Julian
The freezing rains... they have begun.
Could you lend me... say... a bungalow? Of cash money?
Could you lend me... say... a bungalow? Of cash money?
I think I will start my taxes today, now that my W-2 has arrived.
... or maybe tomorrow. - Julian
User Plea Means EISA Support Not Removed From Linux - Slashdot -
Democracy at work. - Julian from Bookmarklet
An awesome trivia question heard on the Mike Francesa show earlier today. Who is the only player in NFL history to both win and lose the Super Bowl with two different teams?
I thought I had the answer, but I was just barely off. - Julian
The player won and lost with one team, and then eventually went on to do the same with another team. - Julian
Is it a kicker or punter? - John (bird whisperer)
Not Finkle. - Joe
I will say that I thought that it was Adam Vinatieri. However, he did not play in Super Bowl XLIV (2009 season) with the Colts, which the Colts lost. - Julian
I also just missed with Earl Morrall. - Julian
lolhusband thought Ottis Anderson, but while he was MVP for the Giants one year, the St. Louis Cardinals never made it to the 'Bowl. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I agree with the Sport Science analysis of football inflation. 🏈
The "Do you know who I am?" card never works out when one uses it.
Reminds me of the old joke about the time a college instructor in a large auditorium-size class told a student he would not accept his final because the student had continued writing after time was up. The student asked, haughtily, "Do you know who I am?" The instructor replied, "I don't know and I don't care." The student said, "Good!" and shoved his test in the middle of the stack of finals and ran out of the room. - bentley
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