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Tomorrow: Utopic Unicorn.
Random Cats.
The field testing of Ubuntu Touch is going well so far. Needs a better keyboard, though. Oh, and support for 802.1x for wifi.
Now I am thinking about getting a tablet...
NOT an iPad. - Julian
I've got an LG we picked up cheap when Uli got his new phone. Really like it. Admittedly, I mostly use it for games, reading, and social stuff; no clue how it would do for anything more complex. - Kirsten
we have a Kindle Fire HD. it was free. no real complaints. - Big Joe Silence
We continue to like our Kindle Fire HD 8.9, but now you'd want the HDX 8.9, which is apparently powerful enough to be a decent general-purpose tablet (and has phenomenal resolution). But it's still Amazon-tuned, running a customized Android, which may be an issue. - Walt Crawford
I wonder if I can still get a Nexus 7, now that the Nexus 9 has been announced. - Julian
I'm looking to replace my Nexus 7, Julian. I really liked it. - MoTO: Team Marina
My dad picked up a new Nexus 7 last week, to replace his 1st-gen Nexus 7. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I love my Dell Venue 7. - Corinne L
This might actually happen today, thanks to Micro Center. I will update on this soon. - Julian
You can still get a Nexus 7 from Amazon - Me
Also I suggest what Walt suggested as well, especially if you live in the Amazon world and have kids (There is a feature for kid time and such that is not standard on others.) I use my Fire HD for when watching tv and such along with some games. - Me
Just got an amazing steal on a Nexus 7 at my local Micro Center. I almost bought two. The second would have been the 2012 model, but they didn't have any (and I would have happily taken a refurb). - Julian from YouFeed
My wife is also on her 2nd Nexus 7. - Bruce Lewis
Just a suggestion, but I love this case for my nexus 7 - Me
I'm liking my Surface 2 very much the current Surface is a 3 - WarLord
I did choose a case in the store. One can always change cases... - Julian
Me being me, of course I already have Ubuntu installed. - Julian
😴 time.
OMG so full.
Happy 10th Birthday, Ubuntu -
Happy 10th Birthday, Ubuntu
Two free toppings.
My sleep is every kind of thrown off because of yesterday / last night / this morning. It is going to be a long week for a short week.
OMG the TARDIS is so adorable!
seriously. *sideeye* - maʀtha
All right, I was going to wait to watch it, but now I have to watch it now, don't I? - bentley
*So* adorable! :-) - bentley
stopit - maʀtha
Interesting how that episode worked out. #politelyvague - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Will Muschamp will be fired by the end of the third quarter. Officially, though, tomorrow.
The crowd sure did fire him after that pick-six earlier. - Julian
Quite a hushed tone to the commentary of this game. - Julian
Brown bread in a can. Thoughts?
What a heart-breaker in Berkeley.
"Removing his helmet... in disgust..."
I hope that the game in Tallahassee tonight goes to nine overtimes.
After nine over times, is it considered a tie? - Joe
Not on the field, but certainly in the popular rankings it would be. - Julian
Yes, I am going for neutral. And by that, I mean total College Football Playoff chaos. - Julian
Little Gronk is not little.
I thought that #nexus14 was referring to a super-tablet.
Each and every one of us is special and important.
Especially me. - Steve C Team Marina
The term special sometimes has a somewhat different meaning here in the UK. - Halil
That also applies to me Halil. - Steve C Team Marina
(and I read special and "impotent") - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Halil: That's true here as well. Dunno if it's the same meaning. Take, for example, "special education": - Walt Crawford
I like Julian's sentiment - maʀtha
Walt, yes has the same meaning, although it mainly depends on the tone/manner/context in which it's said you'd rarely call someone you like special. - Halil
I would pay $50 per month just for streaming-only access to all of the ESPN networks.
... even if this is much more than what the cable company is passing along to me in carriage fees. - Julian
I wouldn't pay $50, but I'd pay more than the carriage fees. We missed all the televised UConn Huskies games last year because we cut the cable cord. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Too quiet of a day (and week). :-/
HI JULIAN - maʀtha
Pumpkin cheesecake. I resisted the urge to pick one up at Trader Joe's yesterday. The reasons? I have absolutely no one with whom to share a cheesecake, and I am trying to get off of this waist expansion program.
Let's Be Honest, This Is What Your Favorite Emojis Really Mean -
Let's Be Honest, This Is What Your Favorite Emojis Really Mean
Show all
That "information desk person" again (Apple version). - Julian from Bookmarklet
"College? I get to go back to college" I just had a dream along these lines.
Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins $600K on Las Vegas bet following Geno Smith interception - ESPN -
Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins $600K on Las Vegas bet following Geno Smith interception - ESPN
So now ESPN apparently covers not just the players, but the point-spread players as well. - Julian from Bookmarklet
Nice laydown. I can never get my pick 6 right in Vegas. Hell, even a pick 3 is hard. - Eric - It's My Thing
BLOOD AND GUTS all over Tampa.
Looking at the score of the game between Baylor and TCU, there is one word in particular that would be tasteless to use -- especially considering that the game is being played in Waco.
Eh. Twitter is already full of references. - Julian
I hope the O's do well.
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