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This past week is supposed to have more birthdays in the United States than any other week of the year.
9 months from Valentine's Day? - Lola Bean (Penguin) from iPhone
Correct. - Julian
All about that baste?
I think I will skip the annual parade today. Skipping the parade is something I have done every year I have lived here (except for 2011).
From a fortune cookie: "You will be fortunate in everything."
But especially so in cookies. - Jennifer Dittrich
I am actually watching part of an NBA game. Unusual, considering it is not spring yet.
DAGGER! - Julian
Wait... what happened to Friday?
I was literally asleep all day. - Julian
Are you sick, Julian? - Corinne L
I certainly do not feel sick. I guess I was making up sleep from this week. - Julian
So many folks I know were struggling with insomnia this week, myself included. - Corinne L
Finally... the weekend is here.
Where? - Uli
Just a little east of you. - Julian
*gets in the car* - Uli
Today is the 29th birthday of Microsoft Windows.
:) - Janet from FFHound!
Good morning. Week is flying by quickly.
I am focusing on San Francisco, man.
Death ray? - Steve C Team Marina
The Emoji Game on SportsNation always devolves into... well...
Chocolate. Avocados. What will run short next?
Coffee. - Jennifer Dittrich
Bananas. Loads of things. Climate change is going to fuck up a lot of shit. Put on top of that the fact that modern agriculture is all about monocropping and you have a recipe for disaster. Meanwhile we're not suiting up because leaders in many industrialized countries aren't funding the scientific research that could help. - Spidra Webster
At least we have bitters again. - Meg VMeg
That will nothing compared to the war over water that comes next.... - WarLord
Shortbread. Shortening.Skirts. - bentley
Party Down South. My goodness.
So you were just happy to see me. - Steve C Team Marina
Systemd can create schisms?
Jimmy Smits deserves to win his second Emmy for this episode alone. #SAMCRO #FinalRide
This episode is the truest definition of stuff getting real. #SAMCRO
Dr. RoboCop himself directed this episode. #SAMCRO
Whoa. My Google Calendar now looks a bit different.
Ever since I got my 🍭. - Julian
I am getting my Lollipop! 😄 🍭
I got my 🍭!!! - Julian
This one is really good.
This one is really good.
I tried the pumpkin ravioli today. Indifferent. I might have rather gone with the white clam pizza instead.
Also... slightly full. I wish that a smaller portion were available. - Julian
Hungry now - maʀtha
... and Feast Week is quickly approaching!
Live college basketball... all night, all day.
That Ocean Spray commercial. Oops.
Is systemd really that bad? Really?
Let the 🔥 begin...? - Julian
It is weird seeing Kari and Tory on pumpkin duty. Also, where is Grant these days?
Weather forecast: heavy intensity rain.
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