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Savory oatmeal? This is a thing?
Yep. - Katy S from iPhone
"Im'ma get some cold cuts today!"
I'm just here so I won't get fined, bawse.
Another Media Day is upon us. Who will act a fool this year. Will it be Gronk? Marshawn?
What will be this year's craziest question from a non-sports media outlet? - Julian
The always amusing "Weird Things Couples Do" is back in action.
The always amusing "Weird Things Couples Do" is back in action.
Bulletproof Coffee. Thoughts?
hype to make $$$ - holly #ravingfangirl
Just glanced at the website. 1. Butter in coffee? Really? 2. If coffee makes you jittery, maybe you're drinking too much coffee. So, to the extent that I looked at it, what holly sez. - Walt Crawford
Read this recently.. Has some info in it. - Me
They're riffing on butter tea. But yes, $$$. Butter tea makes a lot of good sense in the places it developed, but I'm not sure how well this translates to lowland warm climates without winter food scarcity issues. - Jennifer Dittrich
I recall a lady at local chamber of commerce meeting always wearing a badge "Ask me how to lose weight just by drinking coffee". I think it was a pyramid scheme. - Eric - ill subliminal
Crossfitters are huge into bulletproof coffee. I take every opportunity I can to mock them for it, which is a nice changeup from mocking them simply for being Crossfitters I suppose. - Hookuh Tinypants
Oh, lord. Read part of that gizmodo article. I apologize for my quick comment. This isn't just BS, it's dangerous BS. Butter, oil and coffee is not breakfast, and 50% to 70% fat is not a plausible diet. Arggh. Two tablespoons of butter in one cup of coffee? A diet for young folks...'cuz you're less likely to get old with a diet like that. - Walt Crawford
So much for that weather.
Milk, TP, bread... bread... oops.
Oops. - Katy S from iPhone
So glad I washed he car yesterday. Probably should have done some things earlier, so that I could get the Rain-X on there while it was still warm-ish out.
Get your "K" caps here! (says Nike $$$)
St. John's knows that they need to throw this game, right?
Good. They got the memo. - Julian
Nope. They forgot again. - Julian
Duke found the ball... - Julian
DAGGER!!! (oops... that was Buckhantz) COLD BLOODED!!!! (more accurate) - Julian
What is holding together Lou Carnesecca these days? He looked slightly unnatural in that camera shot.
Weekend is effectively over. Bring on the weather.
Looks like a wintry mess for Sunday night. That means one fewer day of commuting this upcoming week.
But this last one was a big disappointment - besides the ice pellets - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I dreamed today that I was stuck in Houston (long story). Somehow, I managed to get lost, and found myself 40 miles from where I needed to be. Both points were within city limits. Is that actually possible in Houston?
No, not really. Even the diameter of the Beltway is only 25 miles: - Meg VMeg
But I bet there are businesses called the Houston this or the Houston that that would fit within that 40 mile radius. :-) - bentley
"... and some Skittles."
The Bud Selig era is over.
Proper Bourbon Pairings For Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies : -
Proper Bourbon Pairings For Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookies :
Adelaide United re-defined beatdown today.
We have lost Mr. Cub.
More Simpsons.
Downton Tabby. LOL - Julian
So... what is this matcha?
What, like the kind of green tea, or something else? - Jennifer Dittrich
Yes. It seems to be getting a decent amount of attention from Teavana. - Julian
Ah. Yeah, basically powdered green tea. - Jennifer Dittrich
But it's got a much stronger flavor and I think a much higher caffeine content. It's from Argentina,iirc - ~Courtney F
"I'm trending!"
Just one question: who would be Boner? - Julian
The freezing rains... they have begun.
Could you lend me... say... a bungalow? Of cash money?
Could you lend me... say... a bungalow? Of cash money?
I think I will start my taxes today, now that my W-2 has arrived.
... or maybe tomorrow. - Julian
User Plea Means EISA Support Not Removed From Linux - Slashdot -
Democracy at work. - Julian from Bookmarklet
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