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Uh oh. ☔⚡
did my deodorant fail again? #sorry - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Candy crush. LOL
Why does it already feel like it is Thursday? 😧
More cricket. Yay.
I could watch this all day. It actually lasts that long -- often, and then some. - Julian
you could watch it all day and still not understand it if you're anything like me - Steve C
The thing is, I do get it. Mostly. - Julian
Daym does the challenge.
Daym does the challenge.
What's this? Burnley with the lead?
That did not last (long enough). - Julian
Monday Night Football coming up at the top of the hour -- LIVE, on NBCSN.
Burnley vs. Chelsea - Julian
I can still only see John Simm in just one role.
19 Things People Who “Aren’t Black Enough” Understand -
Please forgive the bare links; bookmarklet is not working for me since updating to Chromium 36. - Julian
The Division I college football season starts in just six days, on the red turf.
Nothing but Power 5 schools (and Notre Dame) in the AP and Coaches' preseason polls for Division I FBS football. Expect the cartel to hold throughout, and leave the have-nots without any realistic chance to play for anything other than participation.
I am waiting for someone to say that the College Football Playoff is an official NCAA championship, or otherwise call it the NCAA championship. I call it the championship for the Five Families (and Notre Dame).
I need another forced nap RIGHT NOW in order for the upcoming week to not turn into a disaster.
*backing-up beep, beep, beep* - Marie
India has no chance in this test match.
Now 46-5 in the second innings. - Julian
74 for 8. It is looking quite grim in a hurry. - Julian
India are down to their last wicket. - Julian
Mercifully, this one is over. - Julian
Summer is over. 🍂
Am I a horrible human being for having not been on top of the news out of Missouri this week?
Of those in this hemisphere (western), who is still up? (Basically, I just got up after being asleep since mid-afternoon.)
Heya Julian. - Stephen Mack
Here. - Friar Will
Present. - imabonehead from Android
*waves* 👋 - Julian
*flaregun* - Big Joe Silence
Hi, Julian! Only 10:00 pm here! - Anne Bouey
just about to go to bed - maʀtha
Evening Julian! Nearly 10:30 here. I'm up but maybe not for long. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
We're just getting up ;-) - Heleninstitches
Good morning! - Julian
I usually stay up till 1 am on the west coast. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
Well... one point is better than zero points.
NO!!! All square now. 😕
This season is starting exactly how last season ended -- leaving points out on the field late. - Julian
Berahino! BOING BOING! ⚽
1 - 1 ⚽
Gah! Already down by a goal.
Australian football now. English football soon!
Watching Django Unchained. Lots of "OH SNAP" moments.
At Safeway today, Ben & Jerry's pints 2/$5. I just picked up 3, and I had a coupon for an additional 50 cents off of one of them.
You know who likes ice cream, I like ice cream. - Steve C
Glad I went this morning. Later, they'd be sold out of what I'd want. - Julian
what did you get? - maʀtha
Cherry Garcia, New York Super Fudge Chunk, Hazed & Confused. - Julian
Oh yeah, that Hazed and Confused is yummy - maʀtha
Further academic improprieties under the golden dome?
Shoe money tonight!
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