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It's wabbit season.
Duck season. - bentley
Duck season. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
It's certainly not football season anymore (for my team, anyway). - Julian
Wabbit season. - bentley
KILL THE WABBIT! - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Eric - ill subliminal
Spinach, barley grass, wheat grass, artichoke; what in the hell am I drinking?
Sounds like a party drink for a rabbit. - Anika
Whatever it is, don't bring it home - Elena
Dear Lord, this sounds close to some powdered stuff I just purchased for liver support! - Janet
Throw in some carrots and cilantro, and I'd drink it. - Steven Perez
A very green NutriBlast? - Julian
Elena wins. - The First NoeLB from Android
The part right in the middle. - Julian
I had the opportunity to perform this in high school.
I had the opportunity to perform this in high school.
Godzilla Eats Las Vegas - Julian
Also, I really like this channel. - Julian
Just now getting around to the most recent episode. #SAMCRO #FinalRide
Well. - Julian
laura x
New computer! Step 1) Download Firefox. Step 2) Open PhotoBooth. Step 3) Post to FF. Hi, all!
Photo on 11-29-14 at 5.07 PM.jpg
Air? - Meg VMeg from Android
Yup. 13" with extra gigs. - laura x
*waves* 👋 - Julian
Your hair looks great. - Meg VMeg from Android
Hi Julian! And thanks, Meg! My stylist is a genius. Also I am experimenting with leave-in conditioner. - laura x
Hi Laurax! - Aaron the Librarian from Android
Don't forget: 5) PROFIT! - imabonehead
The hair is stunning, kudos to your stylist and which leave-in conditioner? - Janet
Yes, love the hair!! - Mama Lawson
Pretty Laura is pretty. - MoTO: #TeamMarina from Android
Hooray for a new computer!!! - maʀtha
Hi and congratulations on the new computer! - Galadriel C. from Android
Janet, it's some hippie stuff from the coop. Whatever was on sale. Sadly, the waves fell out when my hair dried. Oh well. My stylist is still a genius, though, 'cause it still looks good. - laura x
hair looks great! … what computer did you end up getting? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
13" MacBook Air with extra memory and stuff. - laura x
JELLUS! - MoTO: #TeamMarina
yay you!! nice hair AND a MacBook Air!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
*cuteness bump* - Marie
Still so cute! - Meg VMeg
incredibly so - MoTO: #TeamMarina
laura x
It doesn't, of course. And I saw all these things happen there. My Vassar College Faculty ID Makes Everything OK
It doesn't, of course. And I saw all these things happen there. My Vassar College Faculty ID Makes Everything OK
This article screams what I still (and will always) feel EVERY SINGLE DAY -- that I know just how much more I have to work compared to others to prove myself worthy of *being* -- even as others assure me that I should not think so much, worry so much, try so hard, [insert plausibly false assurances here], etc. - Julian
The whole world is not out to get me by association, but my guard can NEVER be down (especially when it comes to how people treat me, even with the smallest of things) because there is at least someone out there (hopefully someone whose presence I will never have to share) who does not "get it." - Julian
Julian, I can't even imagine, but I can believe that it sucks. FWIW, I think you're awesome, intelligent, and funny. - laura x
Petty LaBelle
"We found this young black boy wallowing in despair, and we tamed him! We made him great! He's an example to his race!"
I HATE the added burden of needing to be a "good example" of/for "my kind" (almost by default), simply because I do not do all the "bad" things or make all of the "wrong" choices. It can wear down a person over time. - Julian
Preach - MoTO: #TeamMarina from Android
Ask Slashdot: IT Career Path After 35? - Slashdot -
Ask Slashdot: IT Career Path After 35? - Slashdot
"All my friends seem to be moving towards a managerial role, and I'm concerned about my increasing age in a business where, according to some, 30 might as well be 50. But I still feel young, and feel like I have so much to learn. So many interesting technical challenges cross my path, as I manage to move towards larger and more complex projects. I am in higher demand than ever, often with multiple headhunters contacting me in the same day. But will it last? Is age discrimination a myth? Are there statistics on how many IT people move into management? I know some older programmers who got bored with management and successfully resumed a tech-only career. Others started their own small business. What has been your experience? Do you/have you assumed a managerial role? Did you enjoy it? Have you managed to stay current and marketable long after 35?" - Julian from Bookmarklet
Only at Nebraska would TWO head football coaches get fired for not often enough winning at least ten games, and winning (or playing for) the conference championship most years. Years ago, it was Frank Solich. Now, it is Bo Pelini.
Is Turner Gill available? Or would that be unfair to him? - Julian
I think they have been waiting a bit too long for Johnny Rodgers, Tommie Frazier, and Dr. Tom Osborne to walk back through the door. - Julian
holly #ravingfangirl
just saw a picture of Mickey Rourke and i'm pretty sure i'm scarred for life now.
it's like "how can he get any worse?" OH MY GOD, DON'T ASK THAT - holly #ravingfangirl
I will not even speculate an answer, either. - Julian
But he's RIPPED, now, Holly! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
^^^ Truth... - Julian
*shudder* - holly #ravingfangirl
just imagine him in iron man 2 now! ripped and the "where's my boid?" line - Sir Shuping is just sir
Pisces : AstrologyZone's November Horoscope : Astrology Zone -
"You are about to be rewarded for the sterling performance you put in all year, and when the accolades start, they will keep on rolling. Keep your eye on the new moon, November 22, which will light your tenth house of honors, awards, and fame and begin this major trend. The new moon will conjunct Saturn, so you will be aware of the axiom, "Heavy is the head that wears the crown." You will feel the weight of responsibility you are about to take on, and you will sense, correctly, that there will be much to learn. Yet the position you will be discussing after this new moon arrives will allow you more status and power, and many leaders in your industry, including competitors, will acknowledge that your star is on the rise." - Julian from Bookmarklet
The SEC ESPN Network is going MST3K-style with the Iron Bowl.
Phyllis has already been mentioned. - Julian
... and now Phyllis from Mulga is on hold. STAY TUNED!!! - Julian
A notable person on Wikipedia: - Julian
Now Tammy has called in. She was FIERCE! - Julian
This format was absolutely genius. We need something like this more often during the season. - Julian
Need sumping with kaluA now. Don't ask me y🙋
Why? - Julian
No fair can't ask that - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Mudslide - Spidra Webster
I went brown cow. That is all. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Systemd can create schisms?
Apparently so. - Julian
At best, we draw today.
0 - 0 at the half. - Julian
⚽ Goal for Arsenal. :-( - Julian
Only two good looks at the goal all day. - Julian
Bah. - Julian
Meet Phyllis and Tammy, the First Ladies of the Iron Bowl - ESPN -
"'Paul Finebaum Show' callers Phyllis and Tammy personify Alabama-Auburn rivalry" - Julian from Bookmarklet
Kuany Kuany.
Another college basketball player who has similar first and last names. - Julian
Also: Deng Deng. - Julian
I had pizza yesterday. Did anyone else have pizza yesterday?
More accurately for me, it was apizza. - Julian
We also had apizza - Marie from iPhone
______ everywhere.
Go. - Julian
Snow. - The First NoeLB from Android
Microbes. - John (bird whisperer)
Joe. - Joe
They're - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Fail. - Greg Schwartz
Water, water - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Just because. - Julian
Mary Carmen
Pack your bags, we're going on a guilt trip.
Um... shotgun? - Julian
I'll just take a plane and meet you at the end. - Eric - ill subliminal
I have some ENORMOUS baggage. - Stephen Mack
Are we charged per bag or by weight? Carry ons free? - Steve C Team Marina
i have my own private container ship. fleet. a fsckin' fleet of them. i'm the Admiral. - Big Joe Silence
All bags fly free! - Mary Carmen from iPhone
I don't feel guilt. - Gabrielle from FFHound(roid)!
took my trip,yesterday, but I left snacks for y'all - ~Courtney F
Did my mom just show up? - Shannon - GlassMistress
Sounds like my mother's house at the holidays. DO NOT WANT - A Gunny named Slickback
Shannon - GlassMistress
Well hell, guess I'm working Friday.
:-/ I'm on tonight and tomorrow night. - Julian
No me gusta. - Steven Perez
Me either, but since it will be just me I stand a good chance of taking a big bite out of my to do list...and that ain't all bad. - Shannon - GlassMistress
I am just now seeing the news from tonight (well... last night).
Why can we not just quit this world, and invent a better one? - Julian
we can't quit. but we can do better. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
Christmas decorating.
MORE LIGHTS ACQUIRED - Zamms from iPhone
And Christmas Vacation? - Julian
ON VHS! - Zamms from iPhone
Twenty-four teams to challenge for 2014 Division I Football Championship | -
Twenty-four teams to challenge for 2014 Division I Football Championship |
SEE?!?!?!? The NCAA runs a perfectly fine football championship for Division I. It even has 24 teams in it. One conference even got FIVE teams in (and another got four)! - Julian from Bookmarklet
This sleep thing is just not happening. I tried. All that is left to do is make it so that it has to happen next time.
... and it better not happen when it is not supposed to be happening. - Julian
Victor Ganata
My internal clock is completely deranged.
Mine has been shot out of a cannon. - Julian
Melly Claus
RT @moms_magazine: Before and after kids! :) Can you relate? #momlife #mommyproblems #kids #moms
RT @moms_magazine: Before and after kids! :) Can you relate? #momlife #mommyproblems #kids #moms
Still smiling! 😃 - Julian
#OhSNAP Maryland beat Michigan. At the Big House. Brady Hoke is DONE.
Amazingly, the loss by Maryland to Ohio State earlier in the season is more impressive than today's win. - Julian
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