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Utopic Unicorn is here.
I am now seeding the desktop ISOs (over IPv6, too). - Julian
Now I am thinking about getting a tablet...
NOT an iPad. - Julian
I've got an LG we picked up cheap when Uli got his new phone. Really like it. Admittedly, I mostly use it for games, reading, and social stuff; no clue how it would do for anything more complex. - Kirsten
we have a Kindle Fire HD. it was free. no real complaints. - Big Joe Silence
We continue to like our Kindle Fire HD 8.9, but now you'd want the HDX 8.9, which is apparently powerful enough to be a decent general-purpose tablet (and has phenomenal resolution). But it's still Amazon-tuned, running a customized Android, which may be an issue. - Walt Crawford
I wonder if I can still get a Nexus 7, now that the Nexus 9 has been announced. - Julian
I'm looking to replace my Nexus 7, Julian. I really liked it. - MoTO: Team Marina
My dad picked up a new Nexus 7 last week, to replace his 1st-gen Nexus 7. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I love my Dell Venue 7. - Corinne L
This might actually happen today, thanks to Micro Center. I will update on this soon. - Julian
You can still get a Nexus 7 from Amazon - Me
Also I suggest what Walt suggested as well, especially if you live in the Amazon world and have kids (There is a feature for kid time and such that is not standard on others.) I use my Fire HD for when watching tv and such along with some games. - Me
Just got an amazing steal on a Nexus 7 at my local Micro Center. I almost bought two. The second would have been the 2012 model, but they didn't have any (and I would have happily taken a refurb). - Julian from YouFeed
My wife is also on her 2nd Nexus 7. - Bruce Lewis
Just a suggestion, but I love this case for my nexus 7 - Me
I'm liking my Surface 2 very much the current Surface is a 3 - WarLord
I did choose a case in the store. One can always change cases... - Julian
Me being me, of course I already have Ubuntu installed. - Julian
Todd Hoff
When people say personal cloud, this is the image I have in my mind...
Relatively secure... - Julian
I was just telling Eivind that I feel like Pigpen before I take a shower! - Jenny H. from Android
If only we could wash away our personal clouds so easily! - Todd Hoff
Our unique 'microbial aura' travels with us wherever we go - PRI :D - Victor Ganata
Nice! - Todd Hoff
I think of the jinx guy in Lil Abner. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Researching non-Apple laptops. Preferences?
My next laptop would be a Lenovo. - Julian
Any specific make? What do you like about them? - Zamms
I need to do that soon (not research, buy). Best guess is that it will be a Lenovo, despite my historic fondness for Gateway. (Or possibly an Acer, of which Gateway is a brand.) Lenovo has excellent rep. for keyboards (IBM, basically) and seems to configure notebooks sensibly. In a way, you're buying an updated IBM notebook. - Walt Crawford
i have a Lenovo Ideapad. i loves it a lot. - holly #ravingfangirl
Iain Baker
BBC News - What happened to England's lost football grounds? -
BBC News - What happened to England's lost football grounds?
Show all
Love stuff like this! - Iain Baker from Bookmarklet
Kind of like how home plate at Sick's Stadium in Seattle is now in the middle of a Lowe's store. - Julian
Also known as Ejaculate and Evacuate. Lovely name for a gas station.
Also known as Ejaculate and Evacuate. Lovely name for a gas station.
we have a Munch 'N Pump here - maʀtha
In Japan they call those "love hotels." - Eivind from Android
Martha...remind me to "come" up wherever that day. Eivind...thank you for the insight, although I wonder if you're mixing up something there... - Uli from Android
Munch 'n' Pump, the bi friendly gas station and food court. - Pete : Team Marina
Pete :) - Wicked Bat Catcher from iPhone
this thread makes me sprung. LAUGH! i meant laugh! - Big Joe Silence
There is indeed an emoji for "love hotel" 🏩 There is also one for a convenience store: 🏪 - Julian
OMG the TARDIS is so adorable!
seriously. *sideeye* - maʀtha
All right, I was going to wait to watch it, but now I have to watch it now, don't I? - bentley
*So* adorable! :-) - bentley
stopit - maʀtha
Interesting how that episode worked out. #politelyvague - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Will Muschamp will be fired by the end of the third quarter. Officially, though, tomorrow.
The crowd sure did fire him after that pick-six earlier. - Julian
Quite a hushed tone to the commentary of this game. - Julian
I hope that the game in Tallahassee tonight goes to nine overtimes.
After nine over times, is it considered a tie? - Joe
Not on the field, but certainly in the popular rankings it would be. - Julian
Yes, I am going for neutral. And by that, I mean total College Football Playoff chaos. - Julian
Cake at our department meeting to celebrate our stapler's birthday. Gigi made it to the one year mark!
🎂 - Julian
One of my colleagues named her car that. - Holly's favorite Anna
a public party with cake for teh students (esp. the students that didn't abuse Gigi) would be fun, too :) - Aaron the Librarian
Please share my heartfelt congratulations on surviving one year! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
She needs a tiny party hat! - LB: Water Witch
Classical music drinking game: drink every time Neville Marriner is the conductor.
Drink every time a French horn bobbles a note. - Kirsten from Android
And another when Anne-Sophie Mutter is the featured violinist. - Julian
Tea must be sipped! I get all dreamy, tho, when I hear "the academy of St. Martin in the Fields, conducted by Neville Marriner." Sounds like a country resort or something. With tea! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I would pay $50 per month just for streaming-only access to all of the ESPN networks.
... even if this is much more than what the cable company is passing along to me in carriage fees. - Julian
I wouldn't pay $50, but I'd pay more than the carriage fees. We missed all the televised UConn Huskies games last year because we cut the cable cord. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Sarah G.
Whatever happened to eeePCs?
No longer in production, as of 2013. I still have one of the originals that came out in 2007. - Julian
However, they could be coming back... - Julian
Mine is what I'm using right now. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Let's Be Honest, This Is What Your Favorite Emojis Really Mean -
Let's Be Honest, This Is What Your Favorite Emojis Really Mean
Show all
That "information desk person" again (Apple version). - Julian from Bookmarklet
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I definitely do NOT want the Nexus 6 at +$700. What is it a butler/laudromat/dry cleaner/shoe shiner/nail clipper/bottle opener/all-in-one??
So it's a bit less than the others unsubsidized. - Rodfather
The 5 last year was a STEAL! (And it should be getting Lollipop soon enough.) - Julian
I'm still ok with the Nexus 4 I got for around $350 unsubsidized a few years ago. - Rodfather
My nexus 5 is still great but I've been feeling like an upgrade. I love the nexus line but not at $700+. That's a leaked price so I can't say it's the most accurate. I paid full price for my Nexus 5 because I bought it directly from Google because I don't want to deal with T-Mo or anyone else. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I'd like a smaller Nexus 3.5 with the latest Qualcomm processor. Not likely. - Rodfather
The OnePlus One is $350... You just need to get an invite, at least for now until they open up ordering system. I have one, it's pretty nice. - Andrew C (✔)
In case of tornado warning, do I bring the chinchilla to the storm cellar lest he be whisked away to Chinchilloz?
Disclaimers: no tornado warning in my area and I don't even have a storm cellar. Your miles to Chinchilloz may vary. - Zamms
Still at least a bit calm out there... - Julian
Not too bad up here right now, tho I guess we've got a deluge coming around 2:30. Also: I am way too obsessed with the weather. - Zamms
Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins $600K on Las Vegas bet following Geno Smith interception - ESPN -
Floyd Mayweather Jr. wins $600K on Las Vegas bet following Geno Smith interception - ESPN
So now ESPN apparently covers not just the players, but the point-spread players as well. - Julian from Bookmarklet
Nice laydown. I can never get my pick 6 right in Vegas. Hell, even a pick 3 is hard. - Eric - It's My Thing
Eric - It's My Thing
Our first Trader Joe's is now open. What are your go to Trader Joe's items?
pain au chocolat (frozen, trust me...), naan, simmer sauces, ginger granola cereal, Italian blood orange soda, lavash... I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff... - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist
The Indian shelf-stable meals. The Indian frozen meals are pretty good, too. They're cheaper on dairy than most grocery stores. Their ice cream is private labeled Double Rainbow and is some of the best richest non-chunky ice cream you'll find. The mushroom hors d'oeuvres are to die for. I will scarf those in one sitting if someone doesn't stop me. I second the Italian blood orange soda.... more... - Spidra Webster
OOH! I remembered something else: they have pre-marinated meats. kalbi, carne asada, and the like. Those have been really good, too. - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist
The already-cooked carnitas is good to grab when you're too tired to do more than heat something up. - Spidra Webster
Harvest Hodgepodge frozen veggies (great for stir fry), frozen chicken breasts, turkey bacon (both regular and pepper), flavored sparkling water, organic lemonade, pomegranate lime juice (great with vodka), chicken apple sausage, guacamole, hummus, salsa especial (refrigerated section), salsa autentica (near the tortilla chips), simmer sauces (the masala one is my favorite), olive... more... - Corinne L
OH YES. The carne asada is so good you want to slap someone. Ground beef & ground turkey are great too. - Corinne L
I need to get the pomegranate lime juice next time I'm there... this is going to be one of my favorite threads, I can tell. - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist
They used to have a chicken salad sandwich on pretzel bread... I don't know if they still have it (pre-made, refrigerated section) but if they do... it was great. - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist
I am so hungry now. Eric, will your Trader Joe's be selling beer & wine? If so, and you like good wine, I'd recommend getting friendly with their wine buyer as they will clue you in to some great deals. - Corinne L
I can't even imagine a TJ's not selling wine. Wine & cheese were what the store was founded on. (That is, you've introduced me to the novelty of TJ's in possibly dry counties...) - Spidra Webster
Oh, I can't stress this strongly enough: get on the Fearless Flyer mailing list, or make sure you check it regularly online. I've made a number of discoveries reading that. - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist
In several places back east grocery stores can't sell beer, wine or liquor, Spidra. It was quite a shocker when I moved to CA 14 years ago & went to Safeway or Vons and there were ALL THE BOOZY THINGS. - Corinne L
We have a state law that a single entity can only sells alcohol at one location. They chose the Denver store for the booze. - Eric - It's My Thing from iPhone
*kisses the ground of California* - Spidra Webster
HA HA HA Spidra! - Corinne L
Jo-Jo's, always get the Jo-Jo's. Never be embarrasses to impulse buy the check out counter chocolate, you can't go wrong. - Heather
I swear by their handmade tortillas. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Maple cream cookies. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Cheeses! Kalbi - my kids would eat it every day if I let them. Uncooked bratwurst. Their Clif bars tend to be cheaper than elsewhere. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Pre-made curried chicken salad. TJ's brand pita crackers. Indian simmer sauces. Naan. Their pre-made thanksgiving stuffing is tasty. - Lnorigb from FFHound!
Peanut butter, apple sauce, coffee, Californian olive oil, roster red pepper soup, frozen pizza, ginger cookies, meat,syrah cheese, sprouted grain bread - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
The apple cider. - Julian
I should give their Fort Worth store another chance, armed with a shopping list from this post. - Greg GuitarBuster
pain au chocolat. And more pain au chocolat. - Glen Campbell
Nuts, California e.v. olive oil (local makers with $20/half liter EVOO say "get TJ's if you can't afford ours"), Israeli cous cous, maple syrup (we get Grade A Canadian, but there's also Grade B and Vermont), the three-small-chocolate-bars-in-a-wrapper Dark and Extra Dark varieties and the organic Extra Dark chocolate bars. Oh, and dried fruit. - Walt Crawford
Their nuts and dried fruit are wonderful! I keep a bag of the mesquite almonds in my drawer at work for snacks and their sweet and spicy pecans and dried cranberries are very tasty in salads. I also love their mild cheddar and triple cream brie cheese and they have a smoked mozzarella that was very good in my omelette the other night. - vicster: full-bodied
Do they have anything that is not pre-made? - Elena
Yes - you can get cheese, meats, vegetables etc. - Glen Campbell
Lots of stuff, Elena. TJ's is like any other grocery store in many respects, just on a smaller scale. Most of their items are TJ's own label(s). You could conceivably do all your grocery shopping there, but if there are certain brand items you want (e.g., Coca Cola products, Tyson poultry) you would have to go to your local major supermarket. - Corinne L
Coffee. Nuts. Frozen green beans. Appetizers. Frozen Indian foods. Simmer sauce. Pumpkin butter - Christina Pikas from iPhone
COOKIE BUTTER. - Lola Bean (Penguin) from iPhone
OMG how had we forgotten about Cookie Butter? - Julian
I'm not close enough to a Trader Joe's to go very often, unfortunately. When I do visit one, I make sure to check out the cheese selection and the beer and wine. - John (bird whisperer)
I refuse to even try the cookie butter because I'd go back 4 times a week to replenish my stock of it. - vicster: full-bodied
The cheap wine been mentioned yet? - Joe
These are great. Joe, the cheap wine will not be available at the Colorado Springs location. Colorado only allows liquor sales at one location. This is why our Costco stores have a separate liquor store run by a small business, but obviously in partnership with Costco. - Eric - It's My Thing
Went to the TJ in Denver today. Got some cookie butter, sipping chocolate, Halloween Jo joe's, beer & wine. Didn't want to get anything that had to be refrigerated since I was an hour away from home. I'll save cheese & other cold goodies for the one her in C/S. - Elena
How do you login to Friendfeed? (via FB, via Twitter, or native Friendfeed username/password)?
Username/password. Old school! - Mark H
same - Meg VMeg
FF username/password - John (bird whisperer)
ff username + pwd - Lucretia, my reflection ൠ
FF username/pw - Corinne L
likewise - Anne Bouey
Username and password. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
User/pass - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist from iPhone
FF username/pw, once the email system worked again and I changed the PW.. but there have been times I logged in with FB. - Me
FF username + password. By the way, it seems like FB/twitter login is not working anymore, but thanks to Anne password reset is working once again, which is quite helpful for those who have trouble logging in. - naltro
ff username and password - Signorina Did from Flucso
Username and password - Pea Bukowski
ff username/password - kika23
ff username/password, if I need to relogin - Walt Crawford
via Facebook, my ff login quit working a long time ago and I had to create a new account. - Greg GuitarBuster
username pw - Eric - It's My Thing
FF username/password. i long ago (mid-90s) became very good at memorising them, even with policies forcing a change weekly or biweekly and disallowing duplications within a certain time frame and requiring non-alphanumeric characters. - Big Joe Silence
Username/password - Spidra Webster
FF user/pass - Invernomuto
ff username/password. - bentley
Native, since the beginning. - Julian
That's good to know, naltro, appreciate you mentioning it. Belated thanks, Anne. - Micah
FF username/password - Minciaroni™
Same - Rodfather from Android
ff username/password. - Sei Dee già Pulp
ff user/pswd - cogitabondo
FF username & pass. Had long forgotten the other options even existed. - rönin from FFHound!
Username and password - Jakala from Android
(robot roll call!) - Meg VMeg
Did someone say password reset works again? Has Ian tried it? - bentley
(Cambot!) - bentley
(Gypsy!) - Meg VMeg
(Tom Servo!) - bentley
(Crooooooooooooow!) - Meg VMeg
username / password. - Andrew C (✔)
FF username/password - Wicked Bat Catcher from iPhone
Old school. Anybody still use the FFtogo login for mobile devices? I haven't used that in years. - Joe
FF username/password - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
FF log in - WarLord
FF login. - vicster: full-bodied
Native - DB, Lil LB's Dad
FF login - ellbeecee
I have a cord sticking out of the wall. I just plug it in to my brain and there are all you lovely people. The electrical contractor charged double. Uh... I mean native. - SAM
U/P. Always. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Username/password. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Android
via FB - Brent Schaus
FF username/password - Tamara J. B.
Native - ello fizgherard
FF username and password using Chrome, username and remote key in Youfeed and Flucso. - Stefano.
Username and password - chiaratiz™ from Android
User/password - Sabrina Briganti from FFHound(roid)!
Userid/pwd. - Vampire Hunter DYSP
username/password - Al & Luminio ™
username/password - lady frattaglia from Android
My issues stem from the fact my account is so old, I never get any email notifications so it makes changing anything impossible - Iain - locked out of ff
Ffhound. User/pass on regular web. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Username and password - Smeerch
username/password - piesio
username/password - Non sono Bob
Username/password - mario leone
Until last week Facebook login. Now user/pass. - GePs from Flucso
user/pass - corax from Flucso
username and password. - Jim: with more caffeine!
native on PC, ffhoundroid on phone - Pete : Team Marina
Native - Amir
FF username/password - ebru
ff username/password - Sleepers
User/pass - Charlo††e Flax from Android
FF username and password - Minchi ♡
u/p - miki
u/p - Aldo Oldo
username/password - In do
username/password - d☭snake
I think I'm going to have to make a change. In Firefox, I'm currently logged in using the FB login. I started Chrome today and it wants me to login (I guess that cookies expired). The FB login isn't working. Reading the above comments, I'm thinking I should switch back to native FF username and password and reset the password. I'm concerned that I'll lose my current working profile and have to rebuild from scratch. - Greg GuitarBuster
Glen Campbell
RT @baylorproblems: BEARSSSSS!!!!! 🐻💚💛💚💛
Looking at the score of the game between Baylor and TCU, there is one word in particular that would be tasteless to use -- especially considering that the game is being played in Waco.
Eh. Twitter is already full of references. - Julian
Holly's favorite Anna
Pesh would prefer to spend the afternoon purring on my chest, thank you very much
Pesh would prefer to spend the afternoon purring on my chest, thank you very much
*waves* - Julian
No house for me. The inspection was scary.
??? - Julian
:( that sucks, but at least the inspection caught it before you got in - Sir Shuping is just sir
:( Better to learn that up front, though. - LB: Water Witch from Android
:( but good on learning now - ellbeecee
dangit! - Meg VMeg
That's disappointing! - Marie
IME, all inspections are scary, even the ones that go well. - Big Joe Silence
Yeah, but some are scarier than others, and reveal expensive things when the house is being sold as is. - lris
Oh no! - Steele Lawman
I'm sorry, Iris. - Stephen Mack
How disappointing. - RepoRat
I'm sorry that this house didn't work out, but glad you won't get trapped in a money pit of repairs that will keep you from enjoying having your own home. - vicster: full-bodied
Oof. I'm sorry. - Marianne
Aww. At least you didn't get a money pit. - Eric - It's My Thing from iPhone
Congrats on finding out BEFORE you bought - Steve C Team Marina
What Steve said. It's disappointing to not be able to go ahead and get the house you wanted, but there's no hell like home money pit hell. - Spidra Webster
Yeah. I wondered how I would feel after sleeping on it, and I guess I feel like I made the right decision. It would have been a Project House when what I need is just a normal house. Normal houses are projects enough as it is without contemplating demo and rebuilding bits of them. - lris
Unfortunately true. Hoping you find your Normal House soon! - RepoRat
Congratulations and commiserations. (When we've sold houses, we've paid for independent inspections *beforehand* with the inspector's report available at open house; it's helped enormously. Usually, the buyer *still* gets their own inspection, but never finds anything new. It doesn't take much to turn a "great deal" into a money pit.) - Walt Crawford
The only thing keeping me from becoming a Netflix subscriber right this minute is that I would have to use Chrome instead of Chromium.
EME... - Julian
Game Fuel is back.
Picked up two bottles just this morning. Will soon be one bottle. - Julian
Dangerously low on coffee pods for my office Keurig.
Boo. - Julian
You Get Free Red Bull or $10 If You Bought One In the Last 12 Years -
You Get Free Red Bull or $10 If You Bought One In the Last 12 Years
"A class-action lawsuit against Red Bull is being settled, and if you've purchased any Red Bull products in the last 12 years, you can get a piece of the pie. No proof of purchase required." - Julian from Bookmarklet
Figuring out what to make of this. - Julian
The other commercial.
The other commercial.
"Glory... back in our hands..." - Julian
Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden Biden. - Zamms
Biden. - Zamms
Biden. - Zamms
:-D BIDEN! :-D - Julian
Yes! - Zamms
don't you have a lifesize cutout of that dude? - jambina
Yes. Yes I do. - Zamms
fun thing - jambina
Biden eats ice cream bump: - Zamms
t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
"Installing update 1 of 97" is what happens when you haven't turned your laptop on since August 2013.
something tells me it won't be ready by the time I have to leave. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
I had something like that when I turned on my netbook after a year and half. Updates took close to 3 days to complete. - Anika
Anika, that bodes ill for the rest of my week then. in fact it is a netbook and we're on update 18 after about an hour. smh - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
It has been over 30 months since I last booted this laptop into Windows 7. Imagine how many updates would await me... - Julian
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