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laura x
There is no way on God's green earth I am going to train people using the PowerPoints that were sent to us for our new ILS. Do you find you are unable to teach without reinventing the wheel, or is this just a personal problem of mine?
Depends. I can usually start with other people's materials as a reference point but usually I end up redoing it a fair amount because it's just not my style. I interviewed a candidate at one point who actively wanted set lesson plans that she would walk in and teach--but that's not how we do things here. - Hedgehog
You may wish to talk to MfPOW about training materials for said ILS. - Julian
I value individual teaching styles and differences, so no, not just you. When I make a lesson plan or materials to share with colleagues, my expectation is that people will adapt them as they see fit. Also, vendor-created training materials are often terrible. Not always, but more often than not. - kaijsa
I can't ever teach from other people's materials without tweaking. Sometimes completely overhauling. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I can hardly ever teach from *my* materials without tweaking or completely overhauling. - Deborah Fitchett
^^^^ This. - aaron
yes to what Deborah & aaron said. #EditsThisPost - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
LB: Ratchet Bear
This is our Booker T. Washington letter. Tape is bad, people!
Oh no! - Yvonne from FFHound!
GAH! *shrieks in horror* - Julian
Feel free to go "like" it on our Facebook page: - LB: Ratchet Bear
NOOOOOOOOOO! - vicster: full-bodied
(Thank you, Barry!) - LB: Ratchet Bear
any way for document conservation to undo the tape damage? - Big Joe Silence
you're welcome, sugar - MoTO Moca Blend
*likes the Facebook page she wasn't told about before* :) - LoisMarketing
I think I've mentioned it here before, Lois. Don't be bitter. :P - LB: Ratchet Bear
oh gosh, that is painful - maʀtha
Big Joe, my assistant might be able to keep it from getting worse. We'll have to see. - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
It happened! - Stephen Francoeur
Yes, it did! - Julian
Victor Ganata
I wonder what's the bigger security risk to the Internet: using services that are running a vulnerable version of OpenSSL, or all the people still running XP past the end-of-life date.
Even better -- which is more ubiquitous? - Julian
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @ladybits: This is what it's like to be a woman at a Bitcoin meet-up
RT @ladybits: This is what it's like to be a woman at a Bitcoin meet-up
Sheesh. What is wrong with some dudes? - Victor Ganata
Yeah... the unfortunate incident described in this article greatly bothers me. - Julian
I like how she handled herself too. I would have overreacted. She kept her cool and proved how smart she is. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Reminds me of articles I've read about women in gaming and how they are often treated. - Corinne L
The most interesting aspect of this for me is that she chose to just put up with the alleged behavior and then later write about it. Zulema commented that she would have overreacted. The one thing the article didn’t address is the perceived results of having reacted (or overreacted) at the time. It’s easy to write from the comfort of your keyboard but from the midst of the fray? I don’t pretend to understand what women face, especially in the geek world, but that was what was most curious to me. - Akiva
Gawful as this is (and it is), I wonder if it doesn't also say something about a lot of the folks who are invested in Bitcoin (philosophically and/or financially). This sounds even worse than the usual tech/fratboy casual sexism. (That is, the portion of tech that consists of fratboys--not all of tech, and not confined to tech.) (And if you prefer "boymen" to "fratboys," that's OK too.) - Walt Crawford
I just tried to put Walt’s comment through Google Translate to get it into English and all I got back was this... :( - Akiva
Akiva - that was actually part of what bugged me the most. I mean, you don't want to be "that girl," and once you are, people just dismiss you. The situation isn't good, but it could get so much worse - and then you'll have no way to be a part of the community you're trying to join. Walt - this sounds pretty normal, and that's part of why she mentions a couple of times that this isn't particularly isolated, but is being used as an example. - Jennifer Dittrich
Really? I didn't think it was that obscure. 1. The well-told story speaks of extreme casual misogyny/sexism. 2. There's a lot of that in tech, and there are a lot of Peter Pan types in tech. 3. I do wonder about bitcoin and the folks who are deeply (emotionally) invested in it. And, yeah, :( also. - Walt Crawford
I thought you had blocked me awhile ago so I was just being silly, Walt. Your point was clear. I was just being a bit of an ass. I just want to put out there that we have one side of a story and if, and especially if, that story has traction because of precedence, it doesn’t automatically make later reports any more or less true. But, seriously, grabbing some random girl at a meet-up like that? Regardless of any of this, you don’t do that. It’s a pretty awful situation. - Akiva
I absolutely agree: Even by Peter Pan standards, actually grabbing somebody is WAY out of line. (And I'm no fan of Peter Pan "standards" that treat women as irrelevant in far too many fields.) - Walt Crawford
Agreed completely over here. To put it another way, if you wouldn’t do it to another guy, why is it okay to do it to a girl? - Akiva
That's public-transit level creepery. - Jennifer Dittrich
I thought it was just me that thought that was crazy. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Akiva: I'd put it a little more strongly: *EVEN IF* you would do it to another guy, unsolicited touching or grabbing a woman is just plain not acceptable. - Walt Crawford
It looks like that bowler is throwing cutters...
The bowler in now is a fast bowler. - Julian
In now is the bowler with offspeed stuff. - Julian
Gophering the Internet -
"To use the analogy of a library, archie is like a card catalog dedicated to publicly available files. Gopher, on the other hand, is like a librarian. Gopher doesn’t know where a particular item is but it does knows where to find out where information is hiding." - Julian from Bookmarklet
LB: Ratchet Bear
I just ate four eggs for breakfast.
Was there anything else involved in this breakfast? - Julian
I've done that once when I was so depressed. :D - Hamed
Turned them into egg salad and ate the whole bowl. Nothing else was required. - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
Since Martha asked last week...
The new glasses arrived today -- one week earlier than expected. - Julian
When is it bad form to use a gift card or other similar discount?
When it's for a different store. Otherwise, I got nothin' - Walt Crawford
On a date (pre-relationship)? Or in a situation where you are supposed to be "treating" someone else? - Meg VMeg
Let's go with somewhere in between. For example, I have a gift card for a restaurant. I would rather not use it on just myself. - Julian
I've shared those with friends, with part of the invitation being that we'd be spending the gift card :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Just say "I have a gift card for ___ . How'd you like to help me spend it?" - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Eric - Watch Me Now
Ubuntu to shut down Dropbox competitor Ubuntu One as storage wars heat up
Ubuntu to shut down Dropbox competitor Ubuntu One as storage wars heat up
That is quite some news. But understandable. It is a different world now than it was four years ago. - Julian
My Cat Knows What You Do In The Dark - Fall Out Boy Parody; Acapella.
My Cat Knows What You Do In The Dark - Fall Out Boy Parody; Acapella.
BUMP (listening to this again) - Julian
Je suis fatigué.
Google Naps to the rescue! - Julian
This red wine I am having with my pizza will help too. - Zamms
One of my favorite video game themes (from Donkey Kong Country). Excellent arrangement.
One of my favorite video game themes (from Donkey Kong Country). Excellent arrangement.
And a mellower version of a theme from Kirby's Dream Land. - Julian
So... Eldrick got a backiotomy...
Anyone a Polaris customer? We're still waiting for the "April Fool's" follow up on this one...
See for context: check Innovative's total-install stats, then check Polaris's. Full article at - RepoRat
Looks to me like Innovative can't win new customers (and is hemorrhaging existing ones) so is resorting to buying them. - RepoRat
Thanks for the links! - kelly
can't go wrong with Marshall Breeding; dude checks his work. - RepoRat
seconding rr, marshall is about the only one i trust when it comes to reporting info on library systems, and a few other things as well. always unbiased and solid info - Sir Shuping is just sir
We're a Polaris customer. We haven't heard anything. I would have assumed this was April Fool's all the way, but that FAQ on the III site is really specific with exactly the questions I'd be asking Polaris. - Greg Schwartz
perhaps if they hadn't hired a Director of Library Futures... - Hedgehog
not an April Fools joke... - jambina
for an April 1 joke, they'd have to get Polaris in on it or they'd get sued out of existence... and I can't really see that happening. - RepoRat
We're about to move to Polaris in 3 weeks. Fun times. - laura x
Even from outside of Libraryland, I quite intimately know this move by III. - Julian
Marshall Breeding writes fast. - RepoRat
My sales rep confirmed it as well. And yes, of course, had it been a joke, Polaris would have to have been in on it. It was posted on their site too. - Greg Schwartz
That looks like a press release, RR. - Andy
Or maybe not. Damn, that dude writes fast. - Andy
Is there a simple explanation as to what this means in libraryland? This is an area I really don't follow or know much about. - Andy
For me, it probably means an RFP for a new ILS vendor contract. Bah. - Greg Schwartz
For us it means we just spent a couple of years making a decision to go with one vendor over another only to find out now that they are about to be the same vendor in the future. - laura x
Bigger picture, it means fewer good options for public libraries and a reduction in competition in the space, both in terms of innovation and pricing. - Greg Schwartz
But it also means that the people I really like and respect at Polaris just got paid. So that's cool. - Greg Schwartz
If (ok, I'll say when) anything happens, it will be years from now. At this point they'll say both products are continuing going forward. They might try to say things like SirsiDynix did when they were going to roll out Rome to replace Unicorn and Horizon (and Dynix) and then fireball the whole thing, pick one ILS, and then try to incorporate the best features from the other ILS into... more... - John: Thread Killer
Early on, pay closer attention to your relationships with sales and support than to changes in the products themselves. The people at the companies with whom you have the most direct contact will not immediately have all the answers, so be nice about expectations of change. I look at the acquisition as III tapping Polaris to lead their public library strategy (which has historically needed help), and Polaris gaining the resources it has needed to more effectively keep its (rapid) growth moving forward. - Julian
Greg Schwartz
A short time ago, I posted about a "librarian-manager in an IT dept" position, hoping to lure you into coming to work for me. Here's a much better description of the job, which is still open until the 7th.
signal boost - Julian
LB: Ratchet Bear
Oh, look, a middle Georgia high school will be having its first integrated prom this year. *checks calendar*
Geez, they said some of the teachers are still opposed to it! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
I feel like there's a similar story from Georgia every few years... - Andrew C (✔)
Sadly, yes. - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
I never understand how they manage to get away with NOT having them them - Soup in a TARDIS
The answer may be surprising and confusing. - Julian
*usual comment about doing away with anachronistic rites of passage* - MoTO Moca Blend
Since the Huskies won yesterday, I got the white clam pizza today.
So. Full. Naptime... - Julian
About to have another slice... or two. - Julian
Did State just hit ANOTHER three? :-(
I guess so... - Julian
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Jed and I. My first ever 5k. I was slow, I walked, I used a cane. But I finished, and I was not last. Jed ran it and then came back to walk with me :)
:D - Julian
Awesome! So much color! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
You are awesome!! - furrworld
You two are amazing! Awesome work! :))) - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
You go! I am tired just seeing the term 5 k. ;) - t-ra: lose,find,repeat from Android
Colleen is a badass! Very proud of her. - Jed
w00t! :-) - Steven Perez from Android
You two are amazingly bad ass. <3 - Aden
Awesome! - ~Courtney F
Awesome. Insane, but awesome. :) - lris
Well done my friends - MoTO Moca Blend
Thank you! :) - Jed from iPhone
Y'all rock! :D Now hurry up and relocate to California so we can run races together! - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
Soon! :) - Jed
Yahoooooo! :D - Hookuh Tinypants
Can't wait to meet you folks! - Jed from iPhone
The bird objects to my paying attention to the fish. She objects STRENUOUSLY to my leaving the room.
Birds are jealous! - Hamed
Did she say so in so many words? - Julian
Birds are so danged flighty! - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
Did she tweet that? - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
LB wins! - lris
*squee!* - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
(Curtis/Alan) Jackson
UGH! There is SNOW in my RAIN!!!
To be remedied tomorrow... - Julian
ARRGH! Now's it's ALL SNOW. (At least it won't be sticking or accumulating.) - (Curtis/Alan) Jackson
LB: Ratchet Bear
I'm "Who shot JR?" old.
I'm "Watergate is interrupting my afternoon cartoons" old - A Gunny named Slickback
I'm "too old to have a convenient catch phrase, a few months after VJ day" old--maybe "What's an A-bomb?"? - Walt Crawford
I'm practice getting under the desk in case of nuclear bomb attack old. I'm also rotary dial phone old. - Joe - Systems Analyst
I'm transistor radio, WLS-AM rock'in it old. - Jen
I'm "waiting for Star Wars action figures to be released" old. - Steele Lawman
I'm "Iran-Contra hearings are messing with my cartoons" old. - Jed from iPhone
I'm "See the USA in your Chevrolet" old. - Greg GuitarBuster
i'm "It was 20 years ago today Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play" old. - Big Joe Silence
I'm "Welcome to Fantasy Island" old. - Marie
I'm "Godzilla vs. the Smog Monster" old. - Steven Perez
Walt and I are too old to be Boomers old. I am VJ Day old. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I'm "Why does Reagan always schedule his stupid speeches when Cosby Show is supposed to be on?" old. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I believe I am a candle in the wind old. - Mike Nencetti
I'm "Warsaw Pact" old, though I don't feel a day older than the Cuban missile crisis. - Ken Morley
I'm "The Young Doctors" old. - Melly
I'm "Gemini and Apollo launches" old. :) - LoisMarketing
I'm "48 HRS" old. - Julian
I'm "Well... Gee Wally...?" old. - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
I'm "Can I have one with butter please?" old - Melly
i'm "wish you were here" old - chaz2b
For Canada... Harvey's -- thoughts?
Or even those who have visited Canada. - Julian
Hrm, I see a lot of my brother and my father in this pic of me. That's...interesting. - Derrick
you are askew - maʀtha
Foin - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
!!! - Micah
lookin gooooooooood - RepoRat
*wolf whistles* - Katy S
You stud. - Steele Lawman
Look at your hair, boo! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Update? - Julian
Update, what, now? I probably need another haircut. - Derrick
Twitter Hints That At-Replies And Hashtags Are About To Be Streamlined -
Twitter Hints That At-Replies And Hashtags Are About To Be Streamlined
Show all
I remember when Twitter was an extension of text messaging, and ats did not exist. #getoffmylawn - Julian from Bookmarklet
It was only a couple of years ago that they actually embraced the word 'tweet'. For most of Twitter's life, they were just called messages. - Akiva
I don't want to sound like a hater, but I cannot believe twitter is still a thing. - Lo
I can't believe it is more of a thing than FF. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Brevity is the soul of it. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I think they are missing out on this. Hashtags are a special way of interacting with twitter, like a club or a gang. Lose that and what's twitter? - Todd Hoff
The refs let the game go too long. - Julian
LB: Ratchet Bear
Thinking of putting in the Les Mis DVD as my housecleaning soundtrack, but maybe it would be worth the time to dig up the original cast CDs instead!
Ooh! I have that! - Julian
I cleaned a dish in times gone by... - Pete
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