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That goal will make #SCTop10. - Julian
The commentator (Ray Hudson), on that goal by James Rodriguez: "When we look at it again, it will give you a physical arousal." - Julian
I am definitely off today. It took me until the third quarter to realize that I was missing the football game.
In sloppy conditions, we are losing 17-7. And it is actually the fourth quarter. - Julian
A touchdown... but too late? - Julian
The NFL cover-up continues to get worse. Did not think it was possible.
What'd they do now? - Eric - It's My Thing
The whole thing about what Ravens executives knew, and when they knew it. - Julian
The Ravens management comes off really badly in that ESPN report. - John (bird whisperer)
The house is not in order; a tornado continues to rip right through it. - Julian
holly #ravingfangirl
TGIF, you guys. tee gee eye eff. So tee I don't even care that my necklace is all wonky in this pic.
TGIF, you guys. tee gee eye eff. So tee I don't even care that my necklace is all wonky in this pic.
The argyle is just right, though. - Julian
I believe I will soon become a Netflix subscriber.
I especially agree with number 23. - Julian
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
RT @wesbos: Amazing. Someone put script tags in their DNS info. #harlemshake
RT @wesbos: Amazing. Someone put script tags in their DNS info. #harlemshake
........ - Andrew C (✔)
ಠ_ಠ - Andrew C (✔)
The most creative thing I have ever seen (today). - Julian
I'm amazed this could even be done at all. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
TXT records can hide a lot of fun stuff. And then there is the LOC record (little used): - Julian
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
We're sitting in Chipotle comparing emoji. 🍤 🍌 🍟👺 💩 #mybananaisbetter #butnohappypoop
I can clearly see all the emoji! - Julian
Me, to a student, making fun of my inability to follow alphabetical order: "No, really, I can alphabet."
I alphanumeric at a collegiate level. - Julian
No really! I acn tyope! - Aaron the Librarian
Sarah G.
Mac & Cheese Festival Chicago 2014: Tickets and Information
Mac & Cheese Festival Chicago 2014: Tickets and Information
DAMN. That's the weekend before I'm in Chicago. NO FAIR. - Hookuh Tinypants
PACKING MY BAGS RIGHT NOW dammit I've already got travel plans elsewhere. *shakes tiny fist of rage* - Catherine Pellegrino
oh man oh man oh man - jambina
I think I am coming down with a cold. This picture almost made me hurl. - sglassme
And you didn't even read the article that says you get five craft beer drink tickets with admission. - Sarah G.
<dry heave> - sglassme
(it isn't just this pic, any food pic is making me queezy..) - sglassme
I was trying to remember if you even liked Mac n cheese but then I remembered your "1-2-3-fuck off" mac n cheese recipe. - Sarah G.
I don't like boxed M&C, and I don't like overly saucy ones. That's why I like my simple one. No fuss. No muss, just pasta and cheese goodness (except I still want to hurl) - sglassme
and the recipe is 2-3-4 (cups of pasta, cheese, milk for those that are curious) - sglassme
Needs more bacon. - Julian
Dortmund lead against Arsenal!!!
Dortmund won! - Julian
What's your favorite calculator model used in school or thereafter?
Casio fx-7000g, still use it. - Stephan #TeamMarina from iPhone
HP-67 all the way, though I'll admit my HP-45 probably got me through my EE degree. - David Lounsbury
I never really learned to use calculators for advanced functions until last year. My HS calculator (which I still have and which still works on its ORIGINAL battery) is a TI-35 Plus. I really like the size of it. But it's a little sticky around the buttons so when I was in Chem 22 I bought a TI-36X. Its weight and size is nice but it has no log button. It turns out you do log by... more... - Spidra Webster
I don't remember what brand/model it was, but it was a printing calculator that I found in one of the abandoned offices at the airport, back when I worked there, that I swiped for use in my office (I didn't feel like bringing mine from home). I should have taken it with me when I left that job. The keys had such a good feel to them. - April Russo
I really loved my TI-85 when I was in school (and after, until I left it in a cart at Walmart accidentally, and lost it forever). Not sure I really remember any particular models of calculator I've used since; I mostly just use whatever's built into my computer or phone. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
When I was in school there weren't any. Good thing I was an English major. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
TI-84 Plus Silver Edition. <3 - Jenny H. from Android
HP-48 S, although I never used it to its full potential. - Brian Johns
Still have my HP-32S, vintage 1988 model, as my go-to calculator. I keep non-RPN calculators on hand for the other librarians. - Elizabeth Brown
I liked using my graphing calculator in high school and college. I forget if it was a TI-80 or TI-81. Probably the latter. - John (bird whisperer)
HP-48 S, never needed its full potential. - Angelo
I really liked the TI-68 I had in high-school, and hated the switch to the graphing calculators (I did a lot better with the math itself when forced to graph by hand.) - Jennifer Dittrich
I had and still have a casio fx-4500 - Amit Patel
TI-81. The only calculator I ever used in high school and college. - Bren - pseudo-Buddhist from iPhone
Hp 11c reverse polish. - Joe from iPod
HP-48GX. - Julian
In school? I had a really good K&E slide rule. Never did learn all of its functions, but got really good at mentally calculating magnitudes. - Walt Crawford
*wonders what a reverse Polish calculator is and if it's anything like reverse cowgirl* - Spidra Webster
I'm with the oldsters in this group. Personal calculators had just become available when I took statistics the summer after graduating college, but they were so very expensive then. A few people in the class had them, but I still used a slide rule. - Anne Bouey
TI nspire CX CAS - Glen Campbell
Confession: I have a calculator collection. I own several dozen of'em. - Glen Campbell
Any advice for someone who socializes with people from work(a monthly book club) but realizes that they really don't want to socialize with the group because they don't like some of them, but still have to see them at work? I need to quit this book club, but I'm afraid the work environment would be even more hostile than it already is.
Establish clear boundaries. - Julian
(Also: sorry to hear that it is hostile.) - Julian
can you make an excuse about the book club taking time away from other things you want to do (make it not about them?) - ~Courtney F
Yeah, I've been thinking that i can just use "personal reasons" and leave it at that. Even with that, though, I think it will negatively affect my work life. - Alan
Personally when I don't want to socialize with someone, but honesty is too brutal/risky I just invent an important conflict. If it's something that is slightly awkward, no one will ask questions. ("that's the night of my weekly AA meeting" or "I have a colonoscopy that day so I'll need to rest" or "I joined a Klingon language practice group, wanna come?"). YMMV, honesty is probably... more... - Lo from Android
that seems like a separate-but-related issue....if the book club isn't required by work, it shouldn't make it more of a hostile environment. (what should be and reality are not always related, i realize) is there someone you can talk to about the hostile work environment? Boss, HR? - ~Courtney F
I don't feel like there is anyone I can talk to about the work issues. I think reporting it would make things worse. I'm hoping that I am wrong and removing myself from the social situation will make work easier. If not, I might just ask for a transfer to a different branch. - Alan
Never ever feel the need to offer a reason or excuse to manage your time. Scheduling conflict is all you need to express. - Janet from FFHound!
Thanks for the input. I guess I need to stop worrying about how other people will feel and worry about what is best for me. - Alan
That is excellent advice to yourself. Difficult, but good. :) - ~Courtney F
Another member of the group beat me to the punch, She just quit this morning. That should make it easier. - Alan
Take advantage of open carry laws. - Steve C Team Marina
To the question, "Who is the best wife in the world?" (to those who have wives): there is only one correct answer to this, right?
[perhaps that should be much more gender-neutral, but...] - Julian
I just asked her. She said, "Umm, sure." - Joe
Not out of this one yet... #UConn
Too bad most of the country is watching Ohio State blow out Kent State on ABC... - Julian
Meg VMeg
Love the Geico commercial where Kenny Rogers sings The Gambler.
I always want to sing it to people at extremely relevant (yet always inappropriate) times. - Meg VMeg
there are too many opportunities to sing that in academia. it's almost criminal. - jambina
Saw this for the first time recently. LOLed. :) - LB creeps me out. from Android
You just know that Kenny has done that in real life... several times. - Julian
I couldn't recognize him except for the voice - Victor Ganata from iPhone
A friend of mine won a Kenny Rogers lookalike contest several years ago. He looked more like Kenny than Kenny did! - LB creeps me out. from Android
Earlier, I took a nap. I then woke up to a world where AD hits his kid. Just last year, he lost another of his kids to another man's abusive behavior. #smh does not even begin...
Welcome to the Piece of Crap Club. - Julian
I would pay good money for someone to come feed my cat and carry me to bed.
Would it need to be a package deal? - Julian
Is it still acceptable in society for one to be a man? I mean this not in terms of being a "manly man," but exactly as stated -- to exist with the identity of being a man. To not be vilified just for existing, mostly based on the past transgressions of others who have also been men. To feel a sense of (self-)empowerment instead of shame. Etc.
NPR has had a whole series about what that means exactly - Christina Pikas from iPhone
This, I am guessing: - Julian
I hope so. I'd hate to think what the long-term effect of the alternative would be... - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
It is absolutely acceptable and being a man means different things to different people and that's ok too. - Eric Logan
Having a male gender identity. That simple. - Julian
I think it's still acceptable. I am proud to be a Man and by different definitions I am not referring to gender issues. Just the definition of what it means to be a Man. - Eric Logan
Sure, I think so. I also think it doesn't have to be "all or nothing" and that different people can have/make different meanings of being a man. - Meg VMeg from Android
The cover-up is always worse than the crime... especially if you get caught. NFL hand -- meet cookie jar.
(possibly) - Julian
holly #ravingfangirl
i *need* to visit New Haven. NEED. The Definitive Guide to New Haven Pizza via @Eater
i *need* to visit New Haven. NEED. The Definitive Guide to New Haven Pizza via @Eater
Now I feel like having apizza. Oh yeah... it's right down the street. - Julian
I take a nap, and then wake up to a world where two games was indeed not enough. Way to nut up and finally do the right thing, NFL.
And honestly, we have Adam Silver to thank for the right move having been made, regardless of how bold it was. - Julian
#UpsetAlert: UMass is leading a football game against a Pac-12 school. This game is being played in Hadley.
Is Colorado supposed to be good this year? - Julian
UPSET ALERT: McNeese 7, Nebraska 0. :-P
I was only kidding about this earlier. Didn't mean for it to get out of hand. - Julian
HUSKIES WIN!!!!!!!!!!
Way too close for comfort, though. - Julian
Shannon - GlassMistress
Time to get my glass on. My goal is 20 smalls (mushrooms, owls, veggies, etc) before group meeting at 11 .... And GO!
OWL! - Julian
2 owls, 3 mushrooms, 2 whales, 1 acorn, 2 nests, 5 bees (2 are duds), and 2 ladybugs. Not quite 20, bu not a bad morning's work either. - Shannon - GlassMistress
Whales!!! - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
Bedbug infestation across town. That's it, I'm moving to Siberia.
joining the real Taiga Forum? - RepoRat
Blergh. :( - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
International Falls? - Julian
North Melbourne is mounting a huge comeback...
That was a beautiful sequence on that goal. - Julian
... and North Melbourne make it through! - Julian
I watch/listen to the Paul Finebaum Show mostly for the entertainment value of the ranting callers.
The callers (mostly Alabama fans) are now teeing off on Clay Travis (who is Paul's guest for this segment). Clay is dishing it right back to them. - Julian
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