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ESPN was able to bring back that old "This is SportsCenter" commercial with LeBron James and Scott Van Pelt from a few years ago.
Yeah, it is official. Brazil quit.
Damn. I'm not rooting for them necessarily, but want to see a good match. - Jennifer Dittrich
ESPN is doing the weekend of LeBron. What is the official over/under of the number of times Univision will pan to LeBron during the final tomorrow?
20 - Steve C
I've had Wade also going home all along -- home, to Chicago.
Cleveland... REACTION...
Look at LeBron's hairline, ca. 2003.
Fellaini got rid of (most of) the hair??? WHA...?
Whaaaaaaaaat. - Jennifer Dittrich
I don't even know him anymore. - Julian
Oh, it looks like it is braided. - Jennifer Dittrich
I looked at a recent photo at myself, and thought, "WTF happened?" When it goes, it goes FAST.
6 1/2 Years Of Selfies Show Her Life With Mental Illness -
Just incredible. - Julian from Bookmarklet
I just discovered that next to the library in my neighborhood (by neighborhood, I mean a five minute walk away from home) is a Capital Bikeshare station. Right next to a park, too. My figure badly needed the motivation to shape up.
... but now I have to figure out if the membership plus per-ride usage fees compare well to just buying my own bike. I have not had one of my own in eleven years. - Julian
It's getting dark out there. *nervous*
I just had one of those moments when I realized that I had opened a terminal window, but forgot what I was going to do with it.
kind of like, "why did I walk into this room anyway?" - maʀtha
Well. CentOS 7 has dropped. I better get on that (torrent).
Downloading now... - Julian
Got it. Now, to share it with the torrenting masses. - Julian
Which great movie reviewers do we have left? I can only think of BDK (Kevin McCarthy) and Arch Campbell.
I just saw a Graeter's commercial.
MLB All-Star Game to feature self-serve beer machines - ESPN -
MLB All-Star Game to feature self-serve beer machines - ESPN
Is this a good idea? - Julian from Bookmarklet
Probably not. Aside from any concern about someone being underage, people who've been drinking are not the best at operating unfamiliar (or even familiar) machinery. - Jennifer Dittrich
Then again, if you can't operate it then you don't get the beer, so.... - Kirsten
True, though people do tend to get ornery when thwarted like that. I wonder if they've got a function to summon security built in? - Jennifer Dittrich
A James Brown biopic.
Yesterday, I ordered another spare pair of glasses because they were on sale. How many spares are appropriate?
Depends on the number of outfits. You need at least one pair matching every one. - Uli from Android
One more than you'll break/scratch/lose before your prescription changes! - Kirsten from Android
I totally approve of multiple pairs of glasses. People spend lots of money on fancy clothes or jewelry they wear maybe once a year, but glasses one wears all the time! - maʀtha
+1 the number of pairs you lose. - Johnny from iPhone
We can haz nice thingz?
Interesting. F1 is on UniMas.
Tim Howard would have saved that.
That's a lot of orange ties.
There was just a minor tornado in Amsterdam, with that huge sigh.
Extra time, to close out the quarterfinal round.
Would an own goal by Costa Rica count as a CRC error?
Who knew that the last CONCACAF hope would be CRC?
THWAPP! - Julian
KABLAM! - Melly
ZOWIE! - Julian
DDP Yoga?
There go the national fireworks...
RT @SalPacino6: Neymar needs a backiotomy.
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