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Party Down South. My goodness.
So you were just happy to see me. - Steve C Team Marina
Systemd can create schisms?
Jimmy Smits deserves to win his second Emmy for this episode alone. #SAMCRO #FinalRide
This episode is the truest definition of stuff getting real. #SAMCRO
Dr. RoboCop himself directed this episode. #SAMCRO
Whoa. My Google Calendar now looks a bit different.
Ever since I got my 🍭. - Julian
I am getting my Lollipop! 😄 🍭
I got my 🍭!!! - Julian
I tried the pumpkin ravioli today. Indifferent. I might have rather gone with the white clam pizza instead.
Also... slightly full. I wish that a smaller portion were available. - Julian
Hungry now - maʀtha
... and Feast Week is quickly approaching!
Live college basketball... all night, all day.
That Ocean Spray commercial. Oops.
Is systemd really that bad? Really?
Let the 🔥 begin...? - Julian
It is weird seeing Kari and Tory on pumpkin duty. Also, where is Grant these days?
Weather forecast: heavy intensity rain.
Oops! 16 Common Kitchen Mistakes - Are You Making Them? -
Oops! 16 Common Kitchen Mistakes - Are You Making Them?
"Unless you are a seasoned pro or cooking expert, chances are you have fallen for some of the most common kitchen-related myths. Some of these mistakes can lead to disappointing results, some can simply cause frustration, and some can be dangerous." - Julian from Bookmarklet
The 10 Best Teas for Weight Loss (Slideshow) | The Daily Meal -
The 10 Best Teas for Weight Loss (Slideshow) | The Daily Meal
20+ Of The Most Creative Tea Infusers For Tea Lovers | Bored Panda -
20+ Of The Most Creative Tea Infusers For Tea Lovers | Bored Panda
I know which one everyone will love... 🍵 - Julian from Bookmarklet
Some of those are great! (and would make great beads ;-) ) - Shannon - GlassMistress
I have the mini teapot one. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Funny. The TARDIS one is not even among my favorites. Some of those were great. - bentley
I need a bit more naptime. Perhaps after lunch.
🌅 Good morning.
Good morning - MoTO: #TeamMarina
hi Julian. - Pete
*waves* - Kirsten from Android
The Head Ball Coach pulls it off in The Swamp.
Meanwhile, Will Muschamp will probably be ordered to clear out his office by Monday morning. - Julian
Welp. Called that one (mostly). - Julian
I do not want to be creepy Rob Lowe (anymore).
Yeah... I still do not understand the use of a public wall to communicate what is far more appropriate in *private* email.
Maybe I am a Luddite, an old fogey, and just behind the times. Personally, I just do not see the point of... oversharing? - Julian
You're not alone. - Corinne L
What Corinne sez. - Walt Crawford
I may have said this before. I see a wall (for example, on Facebook) as a place to endorse for the express purpose of sharing with the masses. I hate it when I feel like something I might see on someone else's wall was not really meant for my eyes -- or that I am supposed to have the evil emotion of envy well up within me just for having read a wall post. - Julian
What happened to the past five years? Ten years, even?
"Baby ducks are cute. I HATE cute!"
"I believe in the church of baseball."
This game in Minneapolis this morning is why the Big Ten prefers to not play night games after October.
Why is "turnt" trending?
We will NOT start this season 0-1. I do not want to already be looking forward to baseball season.
I want my Lollipop! *pouts*
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