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Just saw some very sad news on FB about a friend I have not seen in way too long (about six years). Just about the saddest possible news, really. :-(
I'm sorry, Julian. - bentley
I'm sorry. {{hugs}} - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Ask Slashdot: Paying For Linux Support vs. Rolling Your Own? - Slashdot -
Ask Slashdot: Paying For Linux Support vs. Rolling Your Own? - Slashdot
This one hits home a bit. - Julian from Bookmarklet
This may seem to contradict quite a bit about myself right now, but I lean toward an internal support model -- so long as there is a proper quorum of dedicated and knowledgeable talent, with contingencies properly planned. - Julian
The blue turf is on broadcast television.
Jersey Tech beat Michigan today on the hardwood.
If you are going to interview the QB's daughter, you have to at least get a ROLL TIDE from her.
I would love to see the Festivus pole return to Adams Morgan.
We gave SMU their only win of the whole season. :-/ Last place in the conference for us. :-(
It's wabbit season.
Duck season. - bentley
Duck season. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
It's certainly not football season anymore (for my team, anyway). - Julian
Wabbit season. - bentley
KILL THE WABBIT! - MoTO: #TeamMarina
I do not understand the Yumbo.
OK. So now I know what to expect for the first CAH gift.
I had completely forgotten that Ryan Leaf was in prison.
I'm not sure I ever knew that. - John (bird whisperer)
I had no idea - Eric - ill subliminal from iPhone
who is Ryan Leaf? - maʀtha
Idiot quarterback from WSU (when I went there, yay!) who imploded when he hit the NFL. - Jennifer Dittrich
Ryan Leaf is pretty much the prototypical quarterback draft bust. - John (bird whisperer)
He was ahead of his time. Now everyone is stealing prescription drugs. - Rodfather
Once upon a time people were actually wondering if he was better than Peyton Manning coming out of college. It's laughable now but that was a real thing once upon a time. I had forgotten he was in jail too. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
How long is long enough for it to be too late to reconnect with people?
I don't believe there's any such thing; I've reconnected with people 46 years later (in one case). - Walt Crawford
^^this. - Corinne L
Conversely, you can always claim it's too late and that you don't think connecting would do any good. (I have.) - Heather
Not too late. I just reconnected last year with a friend I hadn't seen nor heard from in 16 years. We are now better friends than ever. - maʀtha
#cosign all the above. And as you get older, you'll be glad to see any friendly face from the past that you run across. - MoTO: #TeamMarina
The part right in the middle. - Julian
A gold coffee filter is worth more than its weight.
I had the opportunity to perform this in high school.
I had the opportunity to perform this in high school.
Godzilla Eats Las Vegas - Julian
Also, I really like this channel. - Julian
I had just one job. ONE JOB. And I slept right through it. Eh. Next time...
Just now getting around to the most recent episode. #SAMCRO #FinalRide
Well. - Julian
Love this movie so much. - Corinne L
Good morning, good afternoon, and good night. 😴
Ask Slashdot: IT Career Path After 35? - Slashdot -
Ask Slashdot: IT Career Path After 35? - Slashdot
"All my friends seem to be moving towards a managerial role, and I'm concerned about my increasing age in a business where, according to some, 30 might as well be 50. But I still feel young, and feel like I have so much to learn. So many interesting technical challenges cross my path, as I manage to move towards larger and more complex projects. I am in higher demand than ever, often with multiple headhunters contacting me in the same day. But will it last? Is age discrimination a myth? Are there statistics on how many IT people move into management? I know some older programmers who got bored with management and successfully resumed a tech-only career. Others started their own small business. What has been your experience? Do you/have you assumed a managerial role? Did you enjoy it? Have you managed to stay current and marketable long after 35?" - Julian from Bookmarklet
Only at Nebraska would TWO head football coaches get fired for not often enough winning at least ten games, and winning (or playing for) the conference championship most years. Years ago, it was Frank Solich. Now, it is Bo Pelini.
Is Turner Gill available? Or would that be unfair to him? - Julian
I think they have been waiting a bit too long for Johnny Rodgers, Tommie Frazier, and Dr. Tom Osborne to walk back through the door. - Julian
Impressive and massive collection.
Impressive and massive collection.
Pisces : AstrologyZone's November Horoscope : Astrology Zone -
"You are about to be rewarded for the sterling performance you put in all year, and when the accolades start, they will keep on rolling. Keep your eye on the new moon, November 22, which will light your tenth house of honors, awards, and fame and begin this major trend. The new moon will conjunct Saturn, so you will be aware of the axiom, "Heavy is the head that wears the crown." You will feel the weight of responsibility you are about to take on, and you will sense, correctly, that there will be much to learn. Yet the position you will be discussing after this new moon arrives will allow you more status and power, and many leaders in your industry, including competitors, will acknowledge that your star is on the rise." - Julian from Bookmarklet
This story about the boy who was missing for four years, and was found hidden in the walls of a house. WTF???
Can't nap. Need 😴.
This weekend is over.
The SEC ESPN Network is going MST3K-style with the Iron Bowl.
Phyllis has already been mentioned. - Julian
... and now Phyllis from Mulga is on hold. STAY TUNED!!! - Julian
A notable person on Wikipedia: - Julian
Now Tammy has called in. She was FIERCE! - Julian
This format was absolutely genius. We need something like this more often during the season. - Julian
Ninety-nine points.
WAR College Football Playoff chaos!
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