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In order for today (and tomorrow) to work, I need a nap. Right now. Why, then, am I wide awake?
'Cause no one's bonked you on the head with a cartoon rubber mallet yet. - Spidra Webster
Yes... that might help... - Julian
In terms of the Ryder Cup, Hefty played his way in, and Eldrick completely dropped off. I bet E never again plays Ryder Cup.
Eldrick who?
The truth is, Rory has been pwning golf since the break-up. Probably not because of it, but still.
I am a fan of Smoke. That video does not look good. :-\
"Sultana" sounds much more exotic than "raisin."
Are you checking out the SPB's web page? - Jim: with more caffeine!
In this case, no. I was watching a Youtube video review of an operational ration pack from New Zealand. - Julian
But now I am looking at the SPB web page. Pizza night is now Saturday as well? - Julian
Next week: EPL.
Eldrick is DONE.
Six days away from the SEC Network!
You know who's really good at doing quick arithmetic? Professional darts players.
Poker players, too. - Joe
With poker, you are also calculating probability based on others' behavior and tendencies. - Julian
Blackjack dealers - Brian Johns
Here we go again. :-\
Rock or something. :-P
I will be picking the field against Eldrick this week.
Yay. RCN is getting the SEC Network -- and, apparently, WatchESPN.
Or, perhaps, that SEC Network website is slicker than Nick Saban in a recruit's living room. - Julian
How To Emulate Rare and Retro Platforms on the Raspberry Pi | MAKE -
How To Emulate Rare and Retro Platforms on the Raspberry Pi | MAKE
*whispers* THE BOZ...
If one is anti-Starbucks (I am relatively neutral), is it still OK to like Teavana?
Live, on ESPN3: County Cricket. That's some sweet action.
Hmm. I have a lot of people to re-meet one day.
Minor infraction for a little bit of icing. Ridiculous.
"I darf you very gerp." Awwwww.
Whatever happened to the barefoot kicker/punter?
Gangnam Style was two years ago.
Eldrick needs another backiotomy.
I think he's just DONE. - Julian
Sooooo many tabs open this afternoon.
"You're killing me Smalls!"
For-Ev-Er - Steve C
Yeah, yeah! - Julian
Experts Pick World's Best Beers - Business Insider -
Experts Pick World's Best Beers - Business Insider
Tasty. - Julian from Bookmarklet
Facebook being down was enough for some people to call the police.
Seriously? - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte from Android
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