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"At least Oregon doesn't have Detroit." Classy.
At least Wisconsin doesn't have Beltsville. (I just like the name of that town, nothing wrong with it...) - Joe
North Melbourne is mounting a huge comeback...
That was a beautiful sequence on that goal. - Julian
... and North Melbourne make it through! - Julian
I watch/listen to the Paul Finebaum Show mostly for the entertainment value of the ranting callers.
The callers (mostly Alabama fans) are now teeing off on Clay Travis (who is Paul's guest for this segment). Clay is dishing it right back to them. - Julian
Now that Caribou Coffee is being converted to Peet's in so many places, is the Peet's brand less special now?
The Peet's brand hasn't been special in a long time. - kendrak
As one who grew up with (and used to frequent) the original Peet's: What kendrak says. - Walt Crawford
Having lunch (or is it late dinner, with my schedule?) at Pete's. The new 9" pie is great. The best part? It's not limited to just a few different kinds of basic pies. Any pie from the menu, at just the right size for me. (I went with the Staven today.) Maybe there is room for dessert, too.
what kind of pie did you choose? - Christina Pikas
The Staven. Menu (PDF!): - Julian
Damn. That sounds good. I want!! - WebGoddess
Wow, the Staven sounds delish. - Marie
The toughest part about being there for someone (especially in tough times) is knowing that you have absolutely no business doing so due to having not been appropriately enough present in that person's life the past (or recently) compared to others -- qualitatively or quantitatively. Shutting up and saying/doing nothing may be the most genuine act.
We can't all be perfect friends all the time, Julian. And so many people who are good friends when times are good are terrible at being friends when things go bad. If you've a talent for being that friend, then why deprive people you care about of, well, you being there. - Kirsten
Reading what I wrote again, I keep remembering one particular moment where I gave my presence to someone on the worst possible day -- and it was meaningful, memorable, and cherished. Why, then, is this so tough when I am close, but not close enough, for my gift of reassuring presence to be appropriate? - Julian
Depends on the person? Some people like to be alone. You might ask if/how you can help, then at least they know you're thinking of them, but you don't have to worry about overstepping any bounds. - Meg VMeg
How does one best catch up on fifteen years' worth of reading for the sake of recovery from being such an outsider and generally behind in LIFE?
Maybe set more reasonable goals? None of us do all the reading - maʀtha from Android
What Martha said. Also, read what you want to read. Unless you are obligated to read something for work or school, there's no need to worry about what others think you should read. - Katy S
I did not even read all the things I was obligated to read for school. - laura x
I agree that there's no way to do all the reading. That said, if you want to do more reading than you have been doing, one thing that worked for me was just being more conscious about it. The year I realized I'd played more video games in a year than I'd read books (and games take me a lot longer), I started writing down the authors/titles of the books I'd read every month. Just the act... more... - Marianne
But then there's the difference between reading and being well-read. I am a moron for my age, considering how far behind I have let myself become. - Julian
If your problem is not so much time as knowing where to start digging in, well, that depends on what you most like reading. I've found that paying attention to what my friends are reading (especially with the help of goodreads) has made it so I NEVER have a shortage of books calling my name anymore... if you are specifically interested in reading "the good stuff" I would suggest digging around in the NPR best of lists, which go back to at least 2003. - Marianne
Julian, no one with any sense could consider you a moron, but I realize that when it comes to judging ourselves, few of us have much sense. When I was having this same anxiety (mostly from hanging out with people far more well-read than me), I read a couple of cultural "fakebooks" that made me feel much less at sea. One - subversive, funny, surprising - is Richard Zack's Underground... more... - Marianne
If you're interested in reading the classics, and becoming well read in that sense, I also really like Clifton Fadiman's Lifetime Reading Plan (true confession, tho', I am still stuck on Herodotus). Part of the reason I like it is because it encourages skipping around, also because it makes ALL the books sound like books I *want* to read. - Marianne
Semi-serious answer: Start with "How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read." It's more of an extended essay on reading and literary culture than it is a self-help book. It's not as dopey as the title might sound, but still funny in a French popular philosophy kind of way. And it might help you remember that many well-read people just know how to put their literary game face on. - Steele Lawman
I kill more threads than...
I am that integral puzzle piece that bridges otherwise disparate (groups of) people. When I am in that role, though, I completely disappear in everyone's eyes. It is excruciatingly difficult to watch connection happen before my eyes between people who I brought together, yet know that I will never have the privilege of such deep connection myself.
Yeah, I've had that happen, and while I'm happy my friends have that, it sucks to fade out. - Jennifer Dittrich
I've also had that happen quite a bit. It's no fun. - lris
The debate continues with the Irsay suspension/fine decision...
Ahh haven't heard yet this mean they finally penalized him in some way? - Steve C Team Marina
Good... evening?
So not used to being STILL awake at this hour... - Julian
Wait... so Burger King is now Canadian?
Burger King is now a tax-dodging American company. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Treehouse of Horror XI.
Eat my shorts - Steve C Team Marina
Simpsons marathon is now up to 1998. By Wednesday, we will have jumped the shark.
Which topics never truly got their own episode of Good Eats?
Five-finger discount eventually turned into four-finger discount. #EverySimpsonsEver
Fourth Doctor appearance in the seventh season of The Simpsons.
This new series Intruders does not mess around.
@wilw just being @wilw (as always)
In cricket, the only time a bat flip would be anywhere close to appropriate is when one scores a six to win the match.
It has been such a long two days that I forgot to watch my Baggies. 0-0 draw today. Once again, one point is better than no points.
The Baggies? As in West Bromwich? - Marina's Godmother :-)
Two hours away from football on the red carpet.
Yeah... probably shouldn't have had that coffee this morning. Now I will be up for a few more hours... or at least try. ☕☕➡😴
get some good sleeps - maʀtha
"No groaning in my store..."
"mmm... soylent green... [Homer drool]"
"Oh... NO! Beta..."
"He was a zombie...?"
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