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Boyd Crowder sighting...
Notre Dame celebrates its independence on Saturdays in the fall.
All the way to the bank. - Julian
Paul Page needs to be calling the Indianapolis 500 again. Nothing against the hot dog spectacle, but he belongs at Indy.
Independence Day. On Independence Day.
Uh oh. It's dark out there.
How a password changed my life.
There has been a Jim Parsons sighting.
NOW Klinsmann believes that we can win.
VoIP/SIP provider + DID (for incoming calls) + Google Voice = virtually free calls. I will take that all day.
I am currently using FreelyCall as the SIP provider. If only I could get it to work on a SIP client on the Nexus 5... - Julian
I am hearing English, which means it is getting serious.
No closer than that.
"OH MY! OH MY! J J J!"
If I stop watching now, it can only get better.
It did! - Heleninstitches
But I kept watching... - Julian
Four more years of the rest of the football world laughing at us.
Pft. Not Spain, Portugal, or a whole other grip of teams that went home first. - Jennifer Dittrich
NO!!! #JJJ
This announcer loves saying "JJJ."
Happy day, Canada.
Today, most of America will receive an introduction to Marouane Fellaini's hair.
America -- what is wrong with us?
Where to even begin? - Jen
This has been an amazing match.
Thoughtful correspondence is difficult (and time-consuming when one is out of proper practice), but important and fruitful. Saying "sup?" just as a keep-alive is never enough.
This exercise in connection is tough for me today. - Julian
Orkut is done. Are we next...? :-/
Facebook != FriendFeed - Stephen Mack
I bet many other things are done before we are! - Stephen Mack
I think The Well is still running. - Professor A.I.
Ah, Orkut. My first social network. Me and the librarians and the Brazilians. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Breaking news: nearly throwing a temper tantrum actually works sometimes.
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