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Kanye disappoints me.
So much for SPDY.
National Pizza Day.
Pizzas are half-price at Pete's today. I think I will head over there and get one. - Julian
Wawa to the rescue to start the week (which is already well underway).
I just saw a Pollo Campero commercial.
RIP Dean Smith. :-(
Better than those breathing strips?
Better than those breathing strips?
Chipotle. Oops.
Bruce Jenner is not a Kardashian.
In a game of Cards, the following two cards were played in the same round...
Former President George W. Box - Julian
Former President George W. Bush - Julian
Neither won that round. However, I did wonder which was better -- ... - Julian
Reality, for some people: the cost of getting to/from work in just one direction eating up at least half of one's take-home pay for the day.
20 Questions I Have For People Who Were In Their 20s Before Cell Phones & Internet -
20 Questions I Have For People Who Were In Their 20s Before Cell Phones & Internet
LOL Sit right back and you'll hear a tale.... - Spidra Webster
This person's never heard of typewriters? (" Did you manually write cover letters? ") Or telephones? ("Did you have to like, physically GO to the gym and sign up by writing your name") - bentley
is this person joking or are they stupid? EDIT: perhaps the use of "you’re" where "your" should've been is possibly a clue. - Big Joe Silence
has this person never read any books/watched any films or television from before 1996? - Big Joe Silence
became an obvious wind-up toward the end. still, i've met more than a few real people like this. weep for the future, people. weep. - Big Joe Silence
Wait... figure skating and gymnastics TOGETHER?
Truck driving may be America's most popular job - Yahoo Finance -
I had started to consider this a few years ago, when I needed to get out and make a change for myself. - Julian from Bookmarklet
This is all classy and stuff.
This is all classy and stuff.
This weird thing known as being too tired to sleep.
Eldrick needs yet another backiotomy.
Eldrick needs yet another backiotomy.
What does an under-inflated ego look like?
Fire in the hole...
GnuTLS or OpenSSL? I am asking for me.
A weird thing has started happening...
My TV is rarely on. - Julian
Every day, it is usually, meh. - Julian
(except when something interesting is on the DVR) - Julian
Did the Patriots just become the first team to both win and lose the Super Bowl at two different stadiums? Let's take a look...
The Cowboys have been to just as many Super Bowls (8). They definitely lost (V, X, XIII) at the Orange Bowl. Never won there. They won (VI, XII) in New Orleans, but at two different stadiums. - Julian
Interestingly, the Colts have played all four of their Super Bowls in the Miami area. They won (V) and lost (III) at the Orange Bowl while the team was in Baltimore. More recently, representing Indianapolis, the Colts won (XLI) and lost (XLIV) at Sun Life Stadium. In both instances, those were consecutive Super Bowls to be played in Miami -- and within a short period of time (three years or less). So the Colts are one other team -- just not in two different cities... - Julian
The 49ers have lost just one Super Bowl (XLVII) in their six appearances in the game. That loss was at the Louisiana Superdome. The team also won Super Bowl XXIV there (in blowout fashion). They also played in the first two Super Bowls at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens (XXIII and XXIX) -- both victories. - Julian
The Broncos have been to seven Super Bowls. Two were at the Louisiana Superdome (XII, XXIV) -- both losses. Two were at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego -- one loss (XXII), one win (XXXII). The others were all at different locations. - Julian
Also appearing in eight Super Bowls are the Steelers. They won twice at the Orange Bowl (X, XII). Every other game was at a different stadium. - Julian
And the Dolphins? Just five Super Bowl appearances -- each at a different location. Interestingly, each appearance was at a stadium that was home to a Division I college football team at that time. The Dolphins also currently share their stadium with the University of Miami. - Julian
Finally, the Patriots. At the Louisiana Superdome, lost two Super Bowls (XX, XXXI) and won one (XXVI). At University of Phoenix Stadium, lost XLII and won XLIX. - Julian
SO TIRED. Long night. Nap time really soon.
Sleep well. - Kirsten
Oh. Right. 🏈 🎉 🙌 !!!!!
Montrezl... the "l" is silent. Huh?
VIDEO: I Can’t Believe I Never Knew This Odd Trick To Cooking Pasta Perfect Everytime. NO WAY | Greenville Gazette -
"The advantage to cooking pasta in a frying pan as opposed to the traditional way is in the speed it takes to deliver a meal, and the amount of water and energy you save while doing it." - Julian from Bookmarklet
I almost forgot about the big game* on Sunday.
* The NFL owns and quite fiercely enforces its trademark on the actual title of the game. - Julian
Eldrick is in grave decline.
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