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The only drama I want to see in October is on the baseball diamond. Is that too much to ask?
And, of course, on the football field on Saturday afternoons. - Julian
WTF? Another Bash vulnerability??? It sure is going to be a long week for me...
Steve Smith Sr. has started with the B&G in Baltimore.
One more TD, and it will start to look like Dexter's Kill Room. - Julian
Are we now done with the pretzel bun?
Burnley are going to have a short stay at top-flight.
Should I roll on over to ello?
*yawn* Do you need an invite? DM me. I find it underwhelming so far. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I think I will take myself out for a nice steak this evening.
Approved. - Steve C Team Marina
Why does quitting keep getting easier over time?
Or, more accurately, being a quitter. - Julian
"Hey, Mom. What's up?"
Charlie Hunnam is letting his natural accent out a bit much this final season. #samcro
"What is real?"
"I know kung fu." - Julian
Food blogger or foodie blogger?
Food blogger. Many food bloggers are foodies, but I don't think they would call themselves foodie bloggers. I could be wrong about this, though. - Corinne L
What Corinne said. - ~Courtney F
Nommyblogger. ;) - LB creeps me out. from Android
Food Blogger - Blogging about it much like photographing it automatically makes you a "foodie" - WarLord
I might use "foodie blogger" for someone who blogs about foodies. - John (bird whisperer)
Seriously, where's the food? - Eric - It's My Thing
With the Ivy League not on (national) television this year for football, I guess I will need to get myself to a game in person.
Oops. I stand corrected. NBCSN loses Ivy League coverage *after* this season. - Julian
All is right with the world again. The Peach Bowl is back to being called the Peach Bowl, and now the Citrus Bowl is back as well.
But I have never heard of the companies Peach or Citrus. I have heard of Cabbage Patch. - Steve C Team Marina
Does Cabbage Patch sponsor the Pee Wee national championship? - Julian
Mohamed Sanu would be a better QB in Washington than a healthy RG3.
What a mess in this game in Philadelphia right now.
I recognize Kirk Cousins as the official quarterback for the Washington NFL club.
Too bad he will be starting in Cleveland in a year or two. - Julian
That South Park commercial was creative.
Wait... there was a bribery attempt within the Ravens' organization?
What? - Joe
Possibly. Allegedly. - Julian
Not surprised. - Joe
That goal will make #SCTop10. - Julian
The commentator (Ray Hudson), on that goal by James Rodriguez: "When we look at it again, it will give you a physical arousal." - Julian
I am definitely off today. It took me until the third quarter to realize that I was missing the football game.
In sloppy conditions, we are losing 17-7. And it is actually the fourth quarter. - Julian
A touchdown... but too late? - Julian
How to Order Chinese Food -
I had an Indian friend tell me that when they moved to the US they went to a Chinese restaurant and were like, what the hell is this? - Eric - It's My Thing
The NFL cover-up continues to get worse. Did not think it was possible.
What'd they do now? - Eric - It's My Thing
The whole thing about what Ravens executives knew, and when they knew it. - Julian
The Ravens management comes off really badly in that ESPN report. - John (bird whisperer)
The house is not in order; a tornado continues to rip right through it. - Julian
What else did I miss today -- or, for that matter, this whole week? (It was kind of a blur at times.)
I have jury duty next week. - LB creeps me out. from Android
Scotland posted the world's most incredible (non-dictatorship) voting turnout percentage in deciding whether or not my people (hey, Crawford's a lowland clan) should give up the pound and various other critical things in favor of being fully independent. They didn't go for it. But damn, 97+% turnout... - Walt Crawford
I believe I will soon become a Netflix subscriber.
I especially agree with number 23. - Julian
What about Scotland Yard?
It will now just be Yard - Steve C Team Marina
Vermont and Texas -- you may be next.
Sixteen minutes to go in Scotland.
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