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It looks like that bowler is throwing cutters...
The bowler in now is a fast bowler. - Julian
In now is the bowler with offspeed stuff. - Julian
Gophering the Internet -
"To use the analogy of a library, archie is like a card catalog dedicated to publicly available files. Gopher, on the other hand, is like a librarian. Gopher doesn’t know where a particular item is but it does knows where to find out where information is hiding." - Julian from Bookmarklet
Live T20 cricket on ESPN2.
We are going to WIN THIS GAME!!!
convincingly! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Great. You just caused me to lose the game. - Akiva
"This game is over... THIS GAME IS OVER!"
Congratulations. - Eric Logan
let's hope the wimmens win tomorrow night too!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I wonder which parent got more TV time -- Rick Pitino, on Thursday as he watched his son coach Minnesota to the NIT championship; or Shabazz Napier's mom, throughout the NCAA tournament.
Halftime lead for the Huskies. :-D
This teamcast coverage is great.
Club Obi Wan.
Where anything goes. - Akiva
From a certain point of view. - (Curtis/Alan) Jackson
antidote... - Big Joe Silence
Last's night TBBT... a few "OH SNAP" moments. And @wilw.
No Dirty Water today. :-/
Since Martha asked last week...
The new glasses arrived today -- one week earlier than expected. - Julian
There's a conference in town this upcoming week, isn't there?
Pizza Pizza?
How does blue taste?
When is it bad form to use a gift card or other similar discount?
When it's for a different store. Otherwise, I got nothin' - Walt Crawford
On a date (pre-relationship)? Or in a situation where you are supposed to be "treating" someone else? - Meg VMeg
Let's go with somewhere in between. For example, I have a gift card for a restaurant. I would rather not use it on just myself. - Julian
I've shared those with friends, with part of the invitation being that we'd be spending the gift card :D - Jennifer Dittrich
Just say "I have a gift card for ___ . How'd you like to help me spend it?" - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
New meme learned today: Guile's Theme goes with everything.
Remember, kids... BSD tar is different from GNU tar.
What is shaking today?
The Harlem Shake meme is coming back?
My Cat Knows What You Do In The Dark - Fall Out Boy Parody; Acapella.
My Cat Knows What You Do In The Dark - Fall Out Boy Parody; Acapella.
BUMP (listening to this again) - Julian
Right now, I want -- no, NEED -- to sleep. After that, I would like just the perfect apple crisp.
The cat makes this one.
The cat makes this one.
This one is just incredible:
This one is just incredible:
One of my favorite video game themes (from Donkey Kong Country). Excellent arrangement.
One of my favorite video game themes (from Donkey Kong Country). Excellent arrangement.
And a mellower version of a theme from Kirby's Dream Land. - Julian
So... Eldrick got a backiotomy...
I miss the old Woot.
All your (installed) base are belong to us.
How did I miss the Kevin Ollie face slap?
Since the Huskies won yesterday, I got the white clam pizza today.
So. Full. Naptime... - Julian
About to have another slice... or two. - Julian
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