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This Fuchsia & Canary Stripe Dress by Eyeshadow is perfect! #zulilyfinds
I'm probably way too delighted to see Jon Hamm & David James Elliott having lunch together on Mad Men.
So excited!! MT @TracisStar Countdown to @mom2summit 9 days to go. So excited to be going w/ @atxtrish and @jpippert. Two rockstar ladies!
Oh VERY interesting: The State of Digital Healthcare – A New Report
RT @MomsRising: How can you have a #green #healthy #easter + #spring? Join @HealthyVoyager for #EcoTipTue this week to find out! Tues 9pm EST.
RT @brightskypress: National Library week is on NOW through April 19! Learn more about what you can do to support libraries at! #nlw14
RT @matthewcarberry: .@sugarrae built a blog, gave Google the finger, and racks up tens of thousands of hits per month. Social matters. #smbhou
RT @divamover: And Email List. RT @favouritethings: Email List. Email List. Email List. Email List. Email List. Email List. Email List. #smbhou
RT @matthewcarberry: Social will help rankings even without SEO #smbhou
I am crying & hoping for great tweets. @kamichat The power went out in the Google plus feed. Sorry. #smbhou
RT @peruchini: "The most dangerous thing you can do from this point forward is rely on @google as your primary source of traffic." -@sugarrae #smbhou
RT @StaceyEBurke: Going to learn more about @spyfu and @semrush - tools @sugarrae likes #SMBHou #SEO
RT @tendenci: #Google wants regular columnists on a few high quality sites, not guest bloggers on a bunch of sites #SMBHOU #SEO via @sugarrae
RT @peruchini: There's so many things we're apparently supposed to ask @google permission to do... Internet parenting is the worst. #smbhou
RT @20KGroup: If you're running a multi-author blog (uh oh), you're gonna have a bad time! Don't have guest authors - have columnists. #SMBHou
RT @kikimojo: I love a good, nerdy breakfast with @sugarrae & @kamichat. Hey, SEO! #SMBHOU
Learning what I need to know about SEO in 2014, live NOW #smbhou
He'll has frozen over. I agree with Nancy Grace: the snippets of Oscar Pistorius testifying are horrifying & fishy, not sympathetic
RT @RekhaKHOU: #BREAKING: Jury find Ana Trujillo GUILTY of murdering Dr. Steffan Andersson. #StilettoTrial @KHOU
I've never believed in that whole "magical powers of stones" thing but I'm going to give props to rose quartz.
Such a great lunch & talk w/ @leticiavdp to hear about her campaign & priorities. She's the leader we need. #education #smallbiz
RT @leticiavdp: Great lunch with los bloggeros! Thank you @offthekuff @nonsequiteuse @Texpatriates @DavidOrtez @shaileygb and more #LVPtourTX #TeamLVP
RT @leticiavdp: Quick lunch break with Houston (and beyond) bloggers #teamlvp #lvptourtx
Time to look to Europe for how to handle better: Diet Supplement Causes Nearly 100 Hepatitis Cases via @YahooNews
RT @kamichat: If women are given the skill, confidence and support, believe me, they can turn the tide of extremism, says @paimantrust #pakwomen
And now, after listening to inspiring #PakWomen discuss women's roles in major world issues...I take a 9 yo ballerina to dance. :)
RT @kamichat: Until women are involved in community and leadership in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India, peace will remain a dream, @paimantrust #pakwomen
RT @POLITACT: @ACSouthAsia Great point, women have a key role to play in the peace processes, without which they will not succeed #pakwomen
RT @ACSouthAsia: .@shaistapervaiz links education to security. When women's education improves, the security situation will improve. #pakwomen
Looking at this "Women Countering Violent Extremism" via @InclusvSecurity re #PakWomen (so much info & explanations! worth reading!)
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