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Jeremiah Owyang
Who will Friendfeed compete with? Plaxo requires login but aggregates all networks, Friendfeed aggregates public info (and maybe someday login required data). Flock, which requires download also aggregates your network into one place. What site could be the biggest threat to Friendfeed? I say web email sites like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and MS Mail. - Prolific Programmer from IM
Google Wave. No, I am not kidding. - Ben Parr
Ben, yes for sure. - Jeremiah Owyang
FF would not compete with those sites if integration with blogging applications was better. - LPH™ and his dog P™
or maybe nutshellmail - Prolific Programmer from IM
Agree with Ben, Google Wave has all the bells and whistles, I'm waiting for it to unfold - Julie Williams
FriendFeed can leverage many google wave technologies and package them in a way that is not designed for internal communication/information consumption (which the current google wave client is designed to do) - Chris Saad
Facebook as well. - Louis Gray
FriendFeed already competes with Facebook news feed - but it has none of the bloat - it is designed for someone to aquire it and deliver the facebook newsfeed experience for the openweb (Hint: Google) - Chris Saad
My vote is Wave. But it's a premature, ignorant prediction. - phil baumann
I think it's the Whole Web~~ - K.D.
ACtually KD is on to something, if web sites as destinations go away, FF has that opportunity. Mark, sorry bud :) - Jeremiah Owyang
@Mark Essel One evidence is that I look for content from the Whole Web(via search engine, digg,etc) in the past, but now I only go to friendfeed for content. For me, ff has won the competition against the Whole Web. - K.D.
Google wave esp. with open API. - Andrew Wilson
interesting analysis.. im not sure if friendfeed will ever go mainstream becuz to understand it means that you understand way more than the average internet users.. twitter is for the masses cuz anyone can write a few words and send out a tweet. - Jason Pollock
Probably Google Wave - Michael
Yes, Google Wave - Svartling
passive entertainment - Patricia
Andrew Wilson - For a fact based world view. -
Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view. - Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
Sysomos | In-Depth Look Inside the Twitter World -
An In-Depth Look Inside the Twitter World - Andrew Wilson
Jim Connolly
Has Twitter Killed Blogging? Scoble Hasn't Posted In 5 Days!!! -
Has Twitter Killed Blogging? Scoble Hasn't Posted In 5 Days!!!
I was going through a list of venture capital blogs the other day and I found many were dead, hadn't been updated in months, some in years. But I also noticed that some of the owners of the dead blogs were still alive and active, they were on Twitter. Then I happened to look at Robert Scoble's blog, "Scobleizer." Robert was once the top tech blogger and very prolific, posting many times per day. But I was shocked at what I saw. The most recent entry on his blog was May 29, 2009! He hasn't posted since Sunday, 5 days ago! - Jim Connolly from Bookmarklet
I guess this guy doesn't use FriendFeed? :-) - Jim Connolly
He does not seem watching well as we all know Robert is very active on FF! - Jacque
Is this a natural evolution? Since using Twitter I've moved away from RSS Feeds. I still blog, but the volume is way down, much more busy on Twitter and now FF. - Elaine Young, Ph.D
Elaine: I'm the same - haven't used RSS for months. I'm always amazed how many people still read my blogs using RSS. - Jim Connolly
Also having a big effect on social bookmarking as well from my experience & conversations. - Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
Poddio: Turn Your iPhone into a Mixdeck [Video] -
Seeing more and more audio being a distinct possibility for mobile applications - Andrew Wilson
Kami Huyse
FriendDeck: An aggregator for friendfeed. -
Just now trying the Air App. The creator @PaulKinlan has been really responsive to my comments on the Web version. - Andrew Wilson
Cool, let me know how it goes. Functionally the web application is slighthly ahead of the AIR version because I can do lots of small incremental improvements on the web. - Paul Kinlan from Friend Deck
Paul Kinlan
@JustAnother Hi Thanks for the tweet about FriendDeck. How can I improve FriendDeck?
I need to take a look again, but if I recall, I couldn't figure out how to get just a running feed to come up of all friends (like on the FF home page). Also, there were some odd layout issues that left gaps on the page. Thanks for getting in touch and I will try again soon and get back. - Andrew Wilson
Cool, I have also noticed a weird column thing in IE too. - Paul Kinlan from Friend Deck
Robert Scoble
Obama is President at Current TV just changed broadcasting forever:
I will post more on this shortly. Current TV is pushing video all over the world with Tweets on it. This is a new kind of newsroom and it is quite interesting to study. - Robert Scoble from email
News changed, For EVER! - Lakshman Prasad
Really would have like to see it but not on FIOS here. Still the FB/CNN combo not bad... - Andrew Wilson
another great example of bottom up sharing of information. the people are the makers of the news. great work Current TV. - AJK
@Andrew Wilson -- we should be on 130. where are you at? - mario anima
Seems comment from PeopleBrowsr didn't post through to here as expected. Hmm ... I'd like to see their platform incorporate PeopleBrowsr and ability to pull up anyone at any time to jumbotron sunday talk show talking head cubes. - michael silverton
Hi Mario. It's funny seeing you in friendfeed and talking to you at the same time. :-) (Mario works at Current TV) - Robert Scoble
i know! it's an odd situation. live in person, and on friendfeed. hilarious. - mario anima
Hi Mario. Did my quick comment make sense? The idea is, with PeopleBrowsR, you potentially have a digital dossier of every citizen at your fingertips so you can background and filter out total nut cases like me; but other than than, *anyone* with a webcam can be pulled into the television talk-show discussion space with a click. Trivial for PB to include a pane or panel that fires up client-side webcam on demand. - michael silverton
Amazing. - timedalkat from twhirl
@michael silverton -- that's pretty interesting. i haven't played around with PeopleBrowsr yet, but will definitely give it a look. thanks! - mario anima
the facebook/cnn mashup was pretty impressive - they killed it. was cool to follow along with @davemorin on it - andrew
Chris: I don't remember anyone having such an organization to sifting through public comments made on the web to push onto TV. I think this is a lot different than watching a chat room. - Robert Scoble
Sorry for repost, but it's pertinent here. We need platforms that help to make rapid navigational and contextual sense of mashups like this as well. Will ask PeopleBrowsr to pull in QIK. - michael silverton
Andrew Wilson
Will the Economic Crisis Change Gen Y? -
Consider the possibility that the US is unable to maintain its position as the world's dominant power and economy (per World is Flat). What would happen to a sense of entitlement then... - Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
10 Great Google Slideshows -
Again, some great presentations available on Slideshare - Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
SitOrSquat tells you where to go (literally) -
I hope they don't start rating bathrooms in people homes! - Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
Guest Post- The Post-Geekdominant Twitterverse -
I wonder if the signal to noise ratio will increase or decrease as Twitter becomes more mainstream. - Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
Google Reader gets a cleaner, minimalist look -
I like the new Reader - Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
BrightKit: The Shiniest Twitter Scheduler and Tracker Yet -
so much of twitters value is the conversation- scheduling seems to nullify that. - Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
Interesting, might need to take another peek at alltop. - Andrew Wilson
Scott Beale
Changing The Light Bulb On Top Of The St. Louis Gateway Arch -
I am with Ladybug, Wow! - Robert Miller
Now that's some reality TV! - Andrew Wilson
Louis Gray
BigTweet Sends Tweets from Any Web Page (Up to 280 Characters) -
Twitterfox add-in for Firefox sorta does similar save for the longer description - Wayne Schulz
Glue FireFox plugin also very useful. - Andrew Wilson
So Twitter2x. And then we will have a Twitter4x. And then we'll be back to full blogs again? - Jeremy Campbell from twhirl
Jeremy - The 280 char function is just one of BigTweet's features. I added a control to allow a user to limit themselves to 140 characters if they wish. I do appreciate concise posts, but occasionally find a need to say just a little more. - Scott Carter
Jason Calacanis
Mahalo ranking well for Mumbai Terrorist Attacks
Hmmmm, sounds like more concern for the ranking than the trajedy. Not sure this comes across well. - Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts with #Splitweet -
Twitterfox and tweetie work well - Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
10,000 Tweets: Heaven and Hell -
good info although I disagree that you need to follow at least 100 people for Twitter to have value. - Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
Retweet: The Infectious Power of the Word Of Mouth -
I agree about the retweet, helps build community but can be difficult on mobile devices at times. - Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
iPhone Your Life: Conan Did it Better -
Great idea, much needed. - Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
HOW TO: Use Twitter For Social Bookmarking -
interesting, I have struggled with bookmarking in twitter. Like to see integration with delicious. - Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
Website Optimizer Wednesdays - Google Website Optimizer and Google Analytics Renew Their Vows -
Attended the ROI revolution optimizer webinar yesterday - excellent. - Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson
Social Networks Site Usage: Visitors, Members, Page Views, and Engagement by the Numbers in 2008 -
Great info - wish it was in XML and could be fed into and aggregated into a charting app. - Andrew Wilson
Louis Gray
Glue Tries to Become the Web's Social Network Adhesive -
I use it sometimes, but I haven't gotten deep into it yet. I've been using it for over a year since it was called Blue Organizer. - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
Louis thanks for the great review, you captured the essence of Glue wonderfully. One aspect that may not be completely clear for those who read the blog post is that Glue connects you to friend around the unique object rather than the website. So if you look at a movie on IMDb and your friend interacts with the same movie on Netflix Glue connects you. - Fraser
Oh hey Fraser! :) Mathew: What's your username? Add me! - Mona Nomura
Hi Mona :) We're working on ways to better surface profile links, in the meantime here I am: - Fraser
@Fraser, sorry if that part wasn't clear. I knew that, and the screenshots should have caught it, but I could have been more direct. - Louis Gray
A 'like' button that moves around the web with me. That is nifty. - Yolanda
Totally, Yo! My Dr. Seuss Tweet was done via Glue. Hey guys, add me! - Mona Nomura
@Louis no problem at all. I knew you must have known it but just wanted to clarify in case anyone missed the screenshots. It's subtle while you use the system but when you realize what's going on you have a reaction like I had in this twitter update: :) - Fraser
@Neal as Louis' review and Wired's ( the power of Glue lies in its simplicity - as you browse pages about everyday things Glue automatically appears to show you which friends interacted with the same thing and what they thought. - Fraser
@Neal right now it requires people to have associated their Glue profiles with their various online IDs and does the match that way. Possibly Mona hasn't claimed her twitter/ff/fb profile via Glue. We're exploring a few other options to make these links and are always open to suggestions :) - Fraser
But...if I go to, are people going to know that? - MiniMage
@MiɳuɘtMagɘ not at all. Glue only recognizes everyday things across popular sites. Items like books, movies, music, restaurants, stocks, etc. across sites like Amazon, IMDb, Netflix, Yelp,, etc. On all other sites it's completely inactive. There's a list of supported sites that are local to your machine and only when you visit them does Glue parse the page and pass content to our servers. If you don't see the Glue bar (and you won't on then it's inactive. - Fraser
Sweet! Thanks. And OMG I didn't think there actually WOULD be a'm afraid to look. - MiniMage
been using it for awhile but actually used it more before it morphed into Glue. - Andrew Wilson
I KNEW I should have pinged that address BEFORE I hit "Post." - MiniMage
@MiɳuɘtMagɘ don't look. take my word for it. why do you think we took this responsible tilt towards privacy ;) (kidding, of course). - Fraser
It would be great if it worked with something other than Firefox. Opera? - Aram Zucker-Scharff
@Aram - as a small company we have to pick our focus carefully. As we grow we're definitely going to support other browsers. - Fraser
@Fraser - I'm looking forward to it. - Aram Zucker-Scharff
Leo Laporte
I ♥ Foxmarks. Just another reason to use Firefox everywhere.
Not only it syncs bookmarks it also syncs passwords. Essential. - Pedro Fonseca
+1 for Foxmarks! - Ward Seward
Agreed, great for setting up a new computer. - Andrew Wilson
I LOVE Foxmarks. I use Foxmarks and LastPass in combination for all 3 computers (2 PCs and 1 Mac) - Grant Gochnauer
@Tony Jones: Because I have about a dozen sites I regularly visit (FF, twitter, facebook,...) and don't want to load up delicious every time I want to visit one (or type in the URLs). Too slow. I also have a folder with 3 news sites that I can ctrl-click on, in the morning, and they all open at once into tabs. Oh yeah, a few Bookmarklets too. With Foxmarks installed on all my browsers my regular sites are all there... in the same order even. However, all of my other bookmarks go into Delicious. - Ward Seward
Marshall Kirkpatrick
@digiphile thanks, I actually think Obama on YouTube ever week is going to be a reall big deal
Me too. - Robert Scoble
agreed I don't think people understand the importance of it yet. - Kipp Bodnar
though I also agree with one of the commenters on our post that it's really important to keep doing the radio and talking to older folks too - Marshall Kirkpatrick from IM
This is awesome. I have been hoping someone would bring back the fireside chat idea. I hope Obama really delivers to the nature of this new platform and not just the same old "presidential radio address" repackaged for video. - David Jacobs
Like all Internet media, after the novelity wears off it will depend on content. - Robert Hafer
I just want a podcast (audio preferred, but video would work) so I can stick them on my iPod and listen to them in my car. The lack of ability to placeshift is STILL the biggest drawback to streaming-only platforms like YouTube. - Josh Bancroft
Loving that idea a lot right now!! Yeah for a savvy Pres!! finally!! - Susan Beebe
The Presidential weekly addresses are already available as podcasts (have been for 2 years, IIRC) The website is something like EDITED TO ADD: The audio files have been on the website for almost 10 years, and the transcripts have been available since went live. - Anika
But Youtube works on iPhones. Can't download podcasts (yet) regularly on iPhones. Besides, I never wanted to listen to Bush. :) - Karoli
The question is what will the comments be like, or will there be any? - Andrew Wilson
Anika - thanks, I didn't know that the president already podcasts. I haven't wanted to listen before now. :-) Hope Obama continues to make things available that way. - Josh Bancroft
It's not significantly different from the radio address, so it's clearly the hype (not pejorative) or rather the importance the candidate gave to feedback, that makes the difference. Unless they use the (poor) comment feature, YouTube really is nothing but a (heavily compressed) video host, or a nod to Google's profit line. - Bertil Hatt
Social Media Club
Andrew Wilson
HOW TO: Convert Videos for Your iPhone (or Any Mobile Device) -
Replay converter is a great tool and I have had great customer experience with the company. - Andrew Wilson
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