Sword and Sensibility: Conan Creator Robert E. Howard’s Lesser Known Collaboration | -
Sword and Sensibility: Conan Creator Robert E. Howard’s Lesser Known Collaboration |
"”Well before Tolkien,” Torrens observes, “Austen was attempting to tread this fertile ground. If Sense and Sensibility hadn’t taken off, who knows where we’d be?“ In the same vein as her adult works, Sense and Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice, this newly discovered work is titled Sword and Sorcery. And here, for the first time, we offer a transcription of the first chapter of the lost novel of Jane Austen, as preserved in the trunk of Robert E. Howard." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"As a child, Conan had a thin awkward figure, black-haired and sullen, a sallow skin without colour, and strong features—so much for his person. More propitious for heroism seemed his mind, which being given to excessive melancholy and excessive mirth, leaped quickly ahead of his fellows It was that mind, which first attracted the attention of the savages after they finished the slaughter of young Conan’s father. The lad faced these murdering villains with no more than the dull knife he used to sup with. The gallantry of so small a boy caught the attention of the Aquilonian’s leader who took him up on his horse with the intention of adopting him." - Jessie
*snort* - Jessie
Would be so awesome if it were true.... Regency sorcery! - Spidra Webster
"More work lies ahead for scholars of both Robert E. Howard and Jane Austen, who have found themselves involved in an unlikely collaboration as they begin the task of editing the text for publication and future study. “It’s an incredible tale,” Torrens says. “Between Conan’s bulging pecs and the straight-backed ladies at tea, there’s something for everyone in it.”" - Jessie