Most vermicelli rice noodles not rice at all: survey - Taipei Times -
Most vermicelli rice noodles not rice at all: survey - Taipei Times
"Nearly 90 percent of rice vermicelli noodles are not primarily composed of their main ingredient, rice, but are instead a mix of other edible starches, the Consumers’ Foundation said yesterday. According to the Chinese National Standard (CNS) No. 11172, there are two types of rice vermicelli: one are pure vermicelli, which are made of from rice and more than 5 percent crude protein, and the other is mixed rice vermicelli, which are more than 50 percent rice, mixed with flour or other edible starches and have more than 2.5 percent crude protein." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The foundation said a test on 52 types of rice vermicelli conducted by Internet agricultural news platform News & Market from Dec. 29 last year to Jan. 14 this year showed that 45 of the products tested (about 86.5 percent) were comprised of less than 50 percent rice, while 39 products (75 percent) were less than 20 percent rice. Citing the survey, the foundation said that LongKow noodles, a famous brand from Hsinchu, were made up of between 7 percent and 10 percent rice, despite the claim on the packages that they are 90 percent rice." - Jessie
Huh. That's just as bad as the olive oil racket. - Jennifer Dittrich
Not as disturbing as the possibility that some fried calamari may actually be sliced pig rectum, though…. - Victor Ganata
Well, thanks for THAT, Victor. Ewww. - That's So CAJ! from Android
Oh, that reminds me -- did you hear the NPR story about the pig rectum/calamari thing? I'll post that now, it's the greatest thing ever. - Stephen Mack
Again, EW. - Jessie