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Bon mots and random thoughts. Geek magnifique.
A Rampaging Australian Pig Drank 18 Beers And Got In A Fight With A Cow -
A Rampaging Australian Pig Drank 18 Beers And Got In A Fight With A Cow
"“In the middle of the night these people camping opposite us heard a noise, so they got their torch out and shone it on the pig and there he was, scrunching away at their cans,” said the visitor, who estimated that the pig had consumed 18 beers. “Then he went and raided all the rubbish bags. There were some other people camped right on the river and they saw him being chased around their vehicle by a cow.”" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
who amongst us hasn't been there before? - Steve C Team Marina
After Preserving In-Person Visits, Clay Jenkins Takes Aim at County Jail Phone Commissions | Dallas Observer -
After Preserving In-Person Visits, Clay Jenkins Takes Aim at County Jail Phone Commissions | Dallas Observer
"Two weeks ago, County Judge Clay Jenkins led a successful effort to change a contract that would have ended in-person visits with jail inmates while the county collected a share of the money a private company made from charging for the video visitation that was to replace it. The county will still offer video visits in addition to in-person, but the county won't collect a surcharge from inmates or their visitors from video visits. Yet Jenkins still is not happy. He wants to the restart the process for finding a company to provide jail communications and eliminate surcharges for phone calls too. Dallas County would make $3 million from the surcharges over the life a proposed contract with Securus Technologies, which had the original winning bid. "I'm not saying calls should be free," he said at Tuesday's meeting of the Dallas County Commissioners Court, "but families should be charged what they actually cost."" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The county should not be in the business of making money from the families of people who are in jail, says Jenkins, something that Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins echoed. "We should not be looking at criminal justice system for profit," Watkins said. Doing so "goes against the Constitution." Watkins called out Commissioner Mike Cantrell and the rest of the Republican Party for trying to "make a profit off the backs of the most vulnerable."" - Jessie
"Jenkins isn't worried about how much profit Securus or the county makes, he doesn't think either one should make any at all. "It's not about the amount, it's about whether it's good public policy or even moral to do it in the first place," he said." - Jessie
This Restaurant Wants to Be the Worst Rated on Yelp, and the Reviews Are Indeed Hilarious | Adweek -
This Restaurant Wants to Be the Worst Rated on Yelp, and the Reviews Are Indeed Hilarious | Adweek
"Owner David Cerretini, who tells SFGate that the promotion is "the best business move I have made in years," says the whole thing started when Yelp blackmailed him. Cerretini claims Yelp called him 20 times a week asking him to advertise. He did, to the tune of $270 for six months. But when he stopped advertising, he claims his reviews turned negative and one of his best reviews even vanished. That, according to Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, is something Yelp is legally entitled to do. So, Cerretini hatched his 1-star plan. Next to a sassy sign explaining how much it charges for extra marinara sauce ($3 for just a splash, $4 if you want some to smell), Botto Bistro lists its various offenses—from charging for bread to lacking ranch dressing—and suggests patrons give it a 1-star Yelp review in return for 25 percent off a pizza." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Beyond press, it has generated some of the best Amazon-esque reviews on Yelp. The site sent Botto Bistro a threatening little letter, but Cerretini refuses to back down, claiming he's attracting higher-paying customers who are quite loyal. Not to mention, damn funny." - Jessie
LOL the reviews: "My experience at this restaurant lasted for about two seconds. I went in, asked them if they have meatballs, and the waiter smirked at me, yelled "you can meet these balls!" and proceeded to flipping the table in front of him. 1 star because I never got to meet those balls...this place doesn't deliver on what they offer." - Jessie
""We don't have ice" "We don't have butter" You know what else they failed to add to that list? Walked in today only to find that they don't carry the iPhone 6 Plus. WTF." - Jessie
Yelp is such a quivering trashheap of a company anymore. I'm glad to see businesses fighting back. They've made it an awful forum for both customers and honest business owners. My stylist gets harassed constantly by Yelp, and one rep actually told her that if she doesn't pay for some service they offer, her business will likely never see any of its positive reviews. How awful. - Hookuh Tinypants
Yeah, Yelp constantly promotes to its users that businesses can't pay for positive reviews, but that weaselly language hides how they actually shake down businesses. - Andrew C (✔)
Is UrbanSpoon better? Who should I use for reviews? - Eric - It's My Thing
^People? *shudders* - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
Eric, only eat at Pine State Biscuits in Portland. Ever. - SAM
huh... appeal higher... "18 U.S.C. § 875 : US Code - Section 875 (EXTORTION AND THREATS): Interstate communications(d) Whoever, with intent to extort from any person, firm, association, or corporation, any money or other thing of value, transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to injure the property or reputation of the addressee or of another... more... - Michael W. May
Man arrested after trying to pet moose, fighting with officer | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News -
"A man who attempted to pet a bull moose in a Spokane cemetery was arrested after fighting with a wildlife officer. Police say 33-year-old Joseph D. Patterson interfered with the state Fish and Wildlife officer who was trying to corral the agitated moose Sunday at Holy Cross Cemetery. The Spokesman-Review reports Patterson approached, saying he wanted to pet the moose and take a picture." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Kaohsiung mascot competes in contest - Taipei Times -
Kaohsiung mascot competes in contest - Taipei Times
"Greater Kaohsiung’s agricultural product safety mascot currently holds the top spot in the overseas division of a Japanese competition seeking the cutest, “most comforting” or “most emotionally pleasing” mascot. Greater Kaohsiung Agriculture Bureau Director-General Tsai Fu-chin (蔡復進) said the creation of Kao Tung Tung (高通通) was inspired by reports that a Japanese mascot, Kumamon, had created an economic value of more than NT$30 billion (US$992 million). Kumamon, which was created in 2010, represents Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan. The city government has put more than 400 statuettes of Kao Tung Tung on display and aims to promote Taiwan and increase the nation’s international profile, Tsai said, adding that the set of figurines has received many invitations worldwide." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Ichabod Crane Spills Details On The Second Season Of Sleepy Hollow -
Ichabod Crane Spills Details On The Second Season Of Sleepy Hollow
"I visited the cast and crew on the set of Sleepy Hollow to watch this supernatural show raise the dead and a little hell for Season Two. While there, I also had the immense pleasure of interviewing the cast, including Tim Mison who plays the defected Redcoat cursed to exist in our modern world, Ichabod Crane. And Mison had a lot to say about the new season. Small spoilers ahead. Mison joined me in costume mere moments before his night club scene. Wig on, blousey shirt fluffed, and stolen Freemasonry on hand, Mison talked me through a lot of teasery spoilers for the new season. But mostly, it was a delight to know I wasn't the only who thought Ichabod could be a bit of a dick now and again." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Bat-wielding woman in her underwear storms elementary school - -
Bat-wielding woman in her underwear storms elementary school -
"Parents of Westside Elementary School in Memphis are demanding answers after a scantily clad woman wielding a baseball bat made her way into the school cafeteria. “For one thing, how did she even get into the building without being noticed?” one parent asked WMC Action News 5. A Shelby County Schools spokeswoman told the news site “all exterior doors are designed to lock automatically when pulled shut, however, it appears someone who used the door accidentally failed to shut it completely.”" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Clesie Lawton, 23, was charged with criminal trespass and jailed on a $100 bond after she entered the school in her bra and underwear with a baseball bat in hand and began screaming and acting frantically. Others in the neighborhood, who recorded the woman’s frantic behavior, told police Lawton broke out the window of a nearby house before heading to the school, according to media... more... - Jessie
Oklahoma City man arrested for washing himself with mayonnaise in public fountain - -
Oklahoma City man arrested for washing himself with mayonnaise in public fountain -
"One man was arrested for using mayonnaise to wash himself in a public fountain. Oklahoma City police say they received complaints about the man who was said to be bathing at Reno and Mickey Mantle. Officers reported finding Jorge Arturo Perez, 23, soaking wet and breathing hard in the city fountain. Perez told the police he was taking a bath in the fountain and was washing his hair with mayonnaise." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Ketchup is better at getting smells out. - Steve C Team Marina
Carla Körbes, at 33, Announces Retirement From Ballet - -
Carla Körbes, at 33, Announces Retirement From Ballet -
Carla Körbes, at 33, Announces Retirement From Ballet -
"When a ballerina of a certain age and stature — Alessandra Ferri, Kyra Nichols and, most recently, Wendy Whelan — announces her retirement, it’s heartbreaking, but makes sense. When a dancer, just 33, decides to do the same, it’s shattering, especially when that ballerina is Carla Körbes. A principal dancer at Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle and well known in New York as a former soloist with New York City Ballet, Ms. Körbes announced on Thursday that she would retire from Pacific Northwest on June 7, at the end of the 2014-15 season. In a statement, the troupe’s artistic director, Peter Boal, said, “I’ve been in denial about Carla’s insistence that this season be her last,” and added that of her many exquisite moments onstage, “I might be selfish to want more.” He’s not alone. Ms. Körbes, critically acclaimed throughout her career, is enchanting. Strong yet delicate with a lush musicality and a gracious demeanor, she is a ballerina that comes along once in a lifetime." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"After being told during an interview this week that Mr. Boal was quite possibly in denial about her decision, Ms. Körbes couldn’t help herself: She laughed. She’s known Mr. Boal since she was just 14, and he traveled to her ballet school in Porto Alegre, Brazil, to partner her in a performance of “Apollo.” Transfixed by the young dancer, he helped arrange for her to train at the School... more... - Jessie
"Coincidentally or not, several ballet dancers from her generation have retired recently, including Janie Taylor, a close friend, and Jonathan Stafford, both of City Ballet. It could be a generational shift. “Is it that we’re not so stationary, that we want to get to have another life?” Ms. Körbes asked. “Or is it that we’re just pushing our bodies too much?” This fall, she makes two... more... - Jessie
Released deer wreak havoc in Kenting’s national park - Taipei Times -
Released deer wreak havoc in Kenting’s national park - Taipei Times
"The Kenting National Park Administration Office said it is aware that the population of Formosan Sikka Deer released into the park might have grown too large after discovering a decrease in the number of saplings and other plants, as well as trampled ground near Sheding Nature Park (社頂自然公園). The administration said the diversity of flora and fauna in the region might have been seriously impacted. The office released 233 Formosan Sikka Deer to live wild in the park in 1984, but the office estimated that the population has grown to 1,500, with the majority of the herd clustered in the Shueiwaku (水蛙窟) area of Sheding. The once dense vegetation covering the mountains of Sheding is now nearly barren, showing the impact of the Formosan Sikka Deer’s return to the wild, the office said." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Deer are evil - MoTO: Team Marina
Release the wolves! - rönin
I Was An Extra On The Sleepy Hollow Set, And Here's What I Learned -
I Was An Extra On The Sleepy Hollow Set, And Here's What I Learned
"Action! The AD walks up behind my co-visitors, leans in DURING THE SCENE and whispers, "OK after he's done talking, just walk in front of the camera." I instinctually decline. He smiles and says, "OK, now." The silent club becomes a reverberating nightmare echo chamber of my shoes clomping around. I walk past the two actors mid-scene with a look that my cat gives when she's leaning back to bite me. "Maybe you'll be a wipe," someone suggests. I'm sorry, America." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Hah that was hilarious. "Action! Another journalist sits a few spaces down the bar from me, this clever devil has developed cues and interactions with other extras far beyond my own. His character mutely gestures to the lovely co-ed at the bar, asking her if she'd like a drink. She declines. He continues this pantomime every, single, take. It's the Groundhog Day of rejection. " - Steve C Team Marina "[Ichabod] smells of flannel and lavender. I AM NOT JOKING." *runs off to buy scented candles* - Jessie
*breathes in* - Katy S from iPhone
How to Tell if You’re in a MFA Workshop Story -
How to Tell if You’re in a MFA Workshop Story
"You sit at the bar and have a drink. When you finish your drink you have another. You drink in a way that is simple and direct and not at all in imitation of Hemingway or Carver, and if it is then it’s an homage, a subtle, searingly thought-provoking homage, and the bartender is a charming old gent who calls you “hoss” and not a college girl with a swallow tattoo on her breastbone." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Her laugh was like the jangle of a charm bracelet, or like the wind whispering in the branches of an aspen, or like waves crashing on the beach, or like something else that doesn’t really sound at all like laughter, or even any sound a human can make, to be honest." - Jessie
"There is an ethnic person nearby, but they are dispensing with excellent advice. Their voice is cracked and earthy, like the earth. If they were your father they would say they loved you, to your face and to your heart. “Chile,” they say, “sho nuff, this crazy world goes on a-spinnin’ and don’t nobody know where it gon’ stop.” You nod sagely. It is good to take the G Train." - Jessie
"The love of a good woman will save you. A good woman will place her cool hand upon your feverish brow and not like the bands you don’t like. A good woman will know she is a metaphor, and accept it." - Jessie
"And even through the buffer of this short story, female readers are probably becoming barren just by encountering the power of your thoughts, right at this minute, right now." - Victor Ganata
....and if it is then it’s an homage, a subtle, searingly thought-provoking homage.... - WarLord
Hahahahahaha the comments: "In my one graduate level writing course a woman wrote a non-fiction story about the time she got into a car accident (in the US) after visiting a bakery and how the bagels she had bought spilled onto the road and the professor chewed her out for a painfully long time about the careless and racist way she had invoked images of Palestinian terrorism, so. " - Jessie
Also: "The other day a friend read me a sentence from a writing workshop piece (not his) that said, hand to god: "She cupped her chin in her girlish fingers and stared at me with penstemon-sparked eyes." I had to look up penstemon; apparently it's a flower, alternately called beardtongue. Sexy. " - Jessie
I guess everything really is a metaphor :D #darmok - Victor Ganata
Scottish Stormtrooper Dances To Bagpipes To Protest Evil British Empire -
Scottish Stormtrooper Dances To Bagpipes To Protest Evil British Empire
"Star Wars has become a recurring theme in the lead-up to today's referendum vote on Scottish independence, as pro-independence campaigners lampoon the British as their evil imperial overlords. So, yes, that's why we're treated to this rare sight of a stormtrooper dancing to bagpipes in Glasgow." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Taco Bell Corporate Owner's New Banh Shop Near SMU Has Commie Logo. You Expected Tasteful? | Dallas Observer -
Taco Bell Corporate Owner's New Banh Shop Near SMU Has Commie Logo. You Expected Tasteful? | Dallas Observer
"Banh Shop's theme is apparently as red as the tomato slabs on their overpriced sandwiches. The fast food joint, owned by the Taco Bell parent company Yum! Brands, opened three days ago as a pilot restaurant near SMU. But visitors may have noticed more than awkward guacamole and sour cream on their sandwiches. Looking around, the place is rife with underhanded Vietnam War references. First, visitors are greeted by the shop's red, five-pointed star logo, the symbol for communism. Their motto is "Saigon Street Food" -- which sounds catchier than Ho Chi Minh City Street Food, but gives the creeping impression that the red star, looming overbearingly above the motto, might soon encroach on former Saigon. And there's the overpoweringly red and black website, which lists sandwich choices such as "Grilled Steak," "Grilled Tofu," "Grilled Chicken Breast," "Grilled Pork Meatball," and then, oddly, "The American."" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"On the plus side, the Dallas store is just the pilot run. Although the second Banh Shop is slated to open at DFW later this month, the company still has time to turn around the negative image. " - Jessie
The efforts of appropriation when zero research is done. They must hold classes for this crap. - Anika
What idiots. - Meg VMeg
I can't believe they tried to pull that in Dallas - there's some 70,000 Vietnamese people here. Morons. - Jessie
A Movie Star Names Things -
A Movie Star Names Things
LOL, it's like Thor was a movie star. Although I guess I could see Rainier Wolfcastle saying these things :D - Victor Ganata
Here's Why Longsword Fighting Is Now A Popular Sport -
Here's Why Longsword Fighting Is Now A Popular Sport
"If you love sword battles in your fantasy films, then this emerging sport may be perfect for you. Called longsword fighting, it's a revival of a once-forgotten ancient skill. There's been a renewed interest in what enthusiasts call historical European martial arts, or HEMA. It includes such things as grappling and several types of swordfighting. But it's the longsword that's getting much of the attention." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
I found your activity to replace reading! - Jessie
I'm still holding out for jousting for Soup - Steve C Team Marina
I've wanted so badly to learn how to sword fight! - Jenny H. from Android
Dude, I'd rock at jousting. - Soup in a TARDIS
Factory gives fighter jet to head of Russian Orthodox Church - Yahoo News -
"Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, was presented with an unlikely gift for a religious leader this week as he toured a factory in Russia's far-east - a single-seater fighter jet SU-35. Kirill was presented with the jet after giving workers at the civilian and military aircraft plant icons blessed by himself, the church said in a statement on its official website on Tuesday. The patriarch, with whom President Vladimir Putin has fostered increasingly close ties in recent years, addressed the workers on the importance of protecting Russia. "Russia cannot be a vassal. Because Russia is not only a country, it is a whole civilization, it is a thousand-year story, a cultural melting-pot, of enormous power," RIA news agency quoted him as saying. "In order for us to be able to live a sovereign life, we must, if necessary, be able to defend our homeland."" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Who is this guy, John Travolta? - Mary B: #TeamMonique
At Buckingham Palace, a Dancing Guard Throws Decorum to the Wind - -
At Buckingham Palace, a Dancing Guard Throws Decorum to the Wind -
"The guards who stand sentry outside Buckingham Palace are the embodiment of decorum and regularity. Many British children have grown up with little dolls of them in their sentry boxes (I was one). Innumerable tourists over decades have watched them make their nobly pointless little marches to and fro between A and B. They are absurd, glorious, dependable, stiff-upper-lip, constant: They mean “There’ll always be an England.” Yet subversiveness has at last struck even these pillars of the establishment, or one of them. In late August, a clip was posted on YouTube of a guard tweaking the routine. During the three minutes and 23 seconds of footage, he is seen three times doing a few slow chané turns, and for this he has been hailed in British newspapers as the pirouetting guard. This feat alone — pirouettologists will note that he is a left-turner — makes him radical. But those turns also make him an adorable example of the absurdity that is so crucial in British humor. Keep watching the... more... - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"One minute and 23 seconds in, after turning in front of his box, he extends an arm to hold the box’s edge. A boy’s voice — the YouTube clip is peppered with the giggles and flabbergasted comments of some English onlookers — says “Did he stroke his box?” Such things, as this child well knows, are simply never done. But the priceless moment comes when he extends a front leg and holds it... more... - Jessie
LOL a review of the dancing guard by the NYT dance critic. - Jessie
America's Last Carousel Craftsmen - The Atlantic -
America's Last Carousel Craftsmen - The Atlantic
America's Last Carousel Craftsmen - The Atlantic
"While there are other carvers (both hobbyists and professionals), and shops that cast fiberglass or metal carousel replications, along with many companies that sell all kinds of amusement rides—these two companies in Ohio appear to be the only ones taking carousels from design to finish and carving them from wood the old-fashioned way. The workshop at Carousel Works in Mansfield, Ohio Art Ritchie and Dan Jones of Carousel Works first came to Ohio in the late 1980s to build a carousel for the Carousel District in Mansfield. Since then, they’ve sold 58 carousels and restored dozens. Ritchie began carving in 1973, making anything from furniture to signs. Back then, he recalls, he would carve anything that had a payday. One day, a customer came by and asked him for a quote for a carousel horse. He estimated that it would cost about $1,800. “He couldn’t get his pocketbook out fast enough,” Ritchie remembers." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Eons ago, I watched a documentary on carousel makers. The sculptors were fascinating. I found out the European company that did the horses for the carousel in Balboa Park are the same people who did the horses for now defunct carousel in my local park. IIRC, this company did the restoration on the BP carousel. - Anika
Dirtbag Teddy Roosevelt -
Dirtbag Teddy Roosevelt
"TAFT WHAT’S GOING ON WHY ARE THESE BOYS TAKING MY THINGS OUT OF THE OFFICE you’re not the President anymore, sir WHY ON EARTH NOT you’ve already served two terms we had another election WELL WHO IS THE PRESIDENT NOW I am, sir WHAT... WELL I I’M GOING TO GO TO AFRICA AND KILL EVERYTHING I SEE THERE" - Jessie
I love history. - Steele Lawman
Smart Car Makes Crosswalks Safer (and More Fun) With Dancing 'Don't Walk' Guy | Adweek -
Smart Car Makes Crosswalks Safer (and More Fun) With Dancing 'Don't Walk' Guy | Adweek
"How do you get people to stop for the "Don't walk" guy in the crosswalk? Make the "Don't walk" guy a little more interesting to look at. That's what Smart car did in Portugal, giving the icon more entertainment value by getting him to dance for his impatient audience. (This is achieved by seemingly unnecessary though I suppose charming high-tech means—the "Don't walk" guy imitates the moves of actual dancing humans in a booth nearby.) The "Walk" guy is really going to have to raise his game." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Hand-sewn ‘mango pillows’ a hit with tourists - Taipei Times -
Hand-sewn ‘mango pillows’ a hit with tourists - Taipei Times
"In addition to other mango-affiliated products, pillows in the shape and color of the fruit made by members of the Saint Theresa Opportunity Center (德蘭啟智中心) in Yujing District (玉井) have been a great success and well-received by tourists. Hand-sewn by the students of the Telan Special Education Center, the pillows were developed in an effort to provide the students at the center with a skill, center director Yang Mei-hua (楊美華) said. “Though the income is limited, it nonetheless bolsters the students’ confidence in their own ability,” Yang said." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The pillows, named after popular Taiwanese singer Wang Li-hom (王力宏), were intended to be homophones of the three primary colors, yellow, green and red, which also represent the three most popular mango types in the township, Yang said." - Jessie
It took me a solid minute to figure out Wang Li-horn = huang (yellow), lu (green), hong (red). - Jessie
Think how long it took *me* to figure it out! ;-) - Spidra Webster
LOL it's just such a weird leap - from pillows to Chinese pop stars to mangoes. I wonder if it's clear enough in the Chinese version and they just didn't want to bother explaining it. - Jessie
Cat bites dog: In India's human dominated landscapes, top prey for leopards is dogs -- ScienceDaily -
Cat bites dog: In India's human dominated landscapes, top prey for leopards is dogs -- ScienceDaily
"A new study led by the Wildlife Conservation Society reveals that in India's human dominated agricultural landscapes, where leopards prowl at night, it's not livestock that's primarily on the menu -- it is man's best friend. The study, which looked at scat samples for leopards in India's Ahmednagar's district in Maharashtra, found that 87 percent of their diet was made up of domestic animals. Domestic dog dominated as the most common prey item at 39 percent and domestic cats were second at 15 percent. Seventeen percent of the leopard's diet consisted of assorted wild animals including rodents, monkeys, and mongoose, and birds." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Man-eating leopard kills 12 as it targets drunks staggering home - Halil
In this Chinese city, phone addicts get their own sidewalk lane -
In this Chinese city, phone addicts get their own sidewalk lane
"Some places have lanes for bicycles, others for motorcycles, but there's a place in mainland China that boasts a different type of lane altogether: one for phone addicts glued to their screens. According to a Chinese publication, the cellphone lane above was spotted along a place called Foreigner Street in Chongqing city, one of the five major cities in the country. The sidewalk was most likely painted on for everyone's safety, because, hey, if there's distracted driving, there's also distracted walking, as perfectly demonstrated by the woman in this video. If the idea sounds familiar, it's because the National Geographic did something similar back in July as an experiment. The society stenciled "NO CELLPHONES" on one-half of a DC sidewalk and "CELLPHONES: WALK IN THIS LANE AT YOUR OWN RISK" on the other half. The result? Well, among other things, they found that the people actually glued to their phones didn't even notice the markings at all. Typical." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Christ Arrested for Assaulting Muhammed in San Rafael | Crime Voice -
"On Wednesday, September 3, San Rafael Police Department received a report of a fight between a man and a woman in the 300 block of Fourth Street in San Rafael. On arrival, officers found Fatimah Muhammed and Jesus Christ located at a nearby CVS store. The officers learned that the couple were in a dating relationship and currently live together. Earlier Christ had become upset with Muhammed because she had been driving too slow. According to Muhammed, Christ then spit on her and then they proceeded to punch each other." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The man who calls himself Jesus Christ has made the news before, and for similar circumstances. Christ, who had his name legally changed to match that of the “Prince of Peace”, has been arrested three previous times since 2005 on domestic violence charges, or for disobeying a court order related to domestic violence. It is not clear from records whether his victim has been the same woman who was involved in this incident." - Jessie
Noisy clarinet blamed for neighbor's alleged threat - 7NEWS Denver -
Noisy clarinet blamed for neighbor's alleged threat - 7NEWS Denver
"A western Colorado woman is accused of pointing a rifle at several children in a neighboring back yard because she was upset that an 11-year-old boy was playing his clarinet outside. Mesa County sheriff's deputies believe 60-year-old Cheryl Ann Pifer of Clifton had been drinking before allegedly threatening the children Wednesday afternoon. The Daily Sentinel reports that the boy told Pifer that he was practicing the clarinet as part of his homework and couldn't go back inside his grandmother's house because a baby was sleeping. There were six other children in the back yard with him. Several of them reported that Pifer also pointed a gun at them and yelled "Fire in the hole!" as they ran away." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Clarinet? Seems reasonable. - Glen Campbell
I have trumpet player on one side, a drummer on another and a bassist behind me. Three years of practice and they still suck. I can understand, but wouldn't go that far. - Anika
I used to practice my piccolo outside, because it was just too much inside the house. No one ever, ever complained, except the dogs. - Kirsten
Free: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Audiobook | Washington Irving | -
Free: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Audiobook | Washington Irving |
"Tom Mison, star of the hit Fox series Sleepy Hollow, narrates the classic Washington Irving short story. " - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Via The Mary Sue. - Jessie
I think I need this in my life. - vicster: full-bodied
And it's freeeeee :D - Jessie
Five Ballet Companies Join for Live Streaming 'World Ballet Day' - -
"In an unprecedented bout of internationalism, five of the world’s major ballet companies will participate in a 20-hour-long live streaming event that will give ballet fans worldwide an intensive behind-the-scenes look at company classes, rehearsals and coaching. The event, called “World Ballet Day,” will take place on Oct. 1, and features the Australian Ballet, the Bolshoi Ballet, the National Ballet of Canada, the Royal Ballet and the San Francisco Ballet in successive four-hour slots, beginning at 12 p.m. local time in Melbourne, and moving across continents and time zones to Moscow, London, Toronto and San Francisco. The live stream will be available on YouTube and on each ballet company’s website." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Viewers will be able to ask questions and interact with each company via a live forum throughout the day, and are invited to film themselves doing a pirouette and submit it for later inclusion in a short film. And in case anyone can’t stay awake to fully compare and contrast, the full streaming will be available afterward on YouTube. The project is an extension of Royal Ballet Live, a... more... - Jessie
This Guy's Replies to 9/11 Brand Tweets Sum Up Everything That's Wrong With 9/11 Brand Tweets | Adweek -
This Guy's Replies to 9/11 Brand Tweets Sum Up Everything That's Wrong With 9/11 Brand Tweets | Adweek
"Brands that try to get in on the social conversation around 9/11 can come off as crass and opportunistic. But it takes a witty foil to really show how dumb some of the tweets are. Luckily, Mike Monteiro is that foil. Much of this morning, he's been replying to brands' 9/11 tweets with amusingly fake enthusiasm, giving his 45,000 followers some comic relief on what's always a difficult day. Check out some of Monteiro's tweets below." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"@DunkinDonuts @seanbonner Those people left a hole in our hearts, and in our donuts. #neverforget" - Jessie
Wow. Although I sort of think going after brands that simply posted memorials is a bit of douche move. Go for those tying it to sales but the rest? No. - Soup in a TARDIS
I think as a consumer, for me it would be hard to separate out "memorials" from "branding" on Twitter. I would just assume everything coming from an identifiable brand is "branding," even if it's not tied to sales. So I guess I agree with him that most brands should avoid 9/11 references altogether - to me it just comes off as tacky. - Jessie
I'm curious where that line is drawn, though. Everyone on Twitter is a brand of some sort, even you and me. Is it okay for a comedian, like Ricky Gervais or Patton Oswalt to tweet about it? How about a band like Collective Soul or Shai Hulud - or maybe just a band member, like Dave Mustaine or Mike Portnoy (or, to make things even more confusing, how about a band that is just one... more... - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I don't think I'd have a hard time separating "memorials" from "branding," personally. In several of those examples the attached image was little more than an American flag with a supportive message across it. I'd argue that this guy is making more personal branding mileage out of this than any of the companies are or intended to (I exclude from this those who explicitly linked sales to 9/11, such as the personal trainer) - Soup in a TARDIS
I think if people want to post something, then they should post as people, not as corporations, though. I'm just not really into this post-Citizens United world, I guess. - Victor Ganata
When Scientists Give Up : Shots - Health News : NPR -
When Scientists Give Up : Shots - Health News : NPR
"Ian Glomski thought he was going to make a difference in the fight to protect people from deadly anthrax germs. He had done everything right — attended one top university, landed an assistant professorship at another. But Glomski ran head-on into an unpleasant reality: These days, the scramble for money to conduct research has become stultifying. So, he's giving up on science. And he's not alone. Federal funding for biomedical research has declined by more than 20 percent in the past decade. There are far more scientists competing for grants than there is money to support them. That crunch is forcing some people out of science altogether, either because they can't get research funding at all or, in Glomski's case, because the rat race has simply become too unpleasant. "My lab was well-funded until, basically, the moment I decided I wasn't going to work there anymore," he says during an interview on the porch swing of his home in Charlottesville, Va. "And I probably could have scraped through there for the rest of my career, as I had been doing, but I would have had regrets."" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"There are no national statistics about how many people are giving up on academic science, but an NPR analysis of NIH data found that 3,400 scientists lost their sustaining grants between 2012 and 2013. Some will eventually get new funding, others will retire; but others, like Glomski and Patterson, will just give up. "We're taking all this money as a country we've invested ... and... more... - Jessie
Thanks for the link. I heard this on the radio on Tuesday and wanted to track it down but forgot. - Spidra Webster
No problem! Someone I worked with in Beijing who is now a med student posted it on FB. - Jessie
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