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Bon mots and random thoughts. Geek magnifique.
This Suite of Fonts Was Made From the Handwriting of the Homeless | Adweek -
This Suite of Fonts Was Made From the Handwriting of the Homeless | Adweek
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"The Arrels Foundation in Barcelona has created Homelessfonts—typefaces based on the unique handwriting of the homeless people it helps. Each font comes with the story of the person who penned it and their personality. After all, few things are more personal than our handwriting. The work not only helps fund the foundation, it humanizes the homeless and lets people see them as unique individuals, not as an amorphous problem. The video about the process is moving, but moreover, the fonts are actually good. The glyphs were captured with fat Sharpies on poster board and then transformed by volunteer typographers." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"If you are a typographer, you can donate your time and expertise to help create more fonts. If you just like the concept, you can download a free app to use the fonts in social media (be a nice person and make a donation, too). And if you're a brand, you can purchase the fonts and the stories that come with them for professional use at surprisingly affordable prices. Samples of the... more... - Jessie
How To Tell If You Are In An Alexandre Dumas Novel -
How To Tell If You Are In An Alexandre Dumas Novel
"1. A king trusts you to post a letter that may or may not contain high treason. 2. Your friend picks up the handkerchief that your lady has dropped. You demand retribution for this disgusting act of betrayal. 3. You either have a kind, good-hearted father, who is devastated by your misdeeds, or you have a drunken, Napoleon-sympathizing father whom you killed in order to advance your political career. Hardly anyone seems to have a mother at all. 4. A grizzled old priest tunnels into your jail cell and spends eight years teaching you the finer points of political philosophy. 5. You stage a kidnapping in Venice to impress a fifteen-year-old." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Swoooooooords! <3 - Jessie
Some Fear Ebola Outbreak Could Make Nation Turn to Science -
Some Fear Ebola Outbreak Could Make Nation Turn to Science
"NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report)—There is a deep-seated fear among some Americans that an Ebola outbreak could make the country turn to science. In interviews conducted across the nation, leading anti-science activists expressed their concern that the American people, wracked with anxiety over the possible spread of the virus, might desperately look to science to save the day. “It’s a very human reaction,” said Harland Dorrinson, a prominent anti-science activist from Springfield, Missouri. “If you put them under enough stress, perfectly rational people will panic and start believing in science.”" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Additionally, he worries about a “slippery slope” situation, “in which a belief in science leads to a belief in math, which in turn fosters a dangerous dependence on facts.” At the end of the day, though, Dorrinson hopes that such a doomsday scenario will not come to pass. “Time and time again through history, Americans have been exposed to science and refused to accept it,” he said. “I pray that this time will be no different.”" - Jessie
This Video About Dropping a Brick Is Worth a Few Laughs and 67 Million Gallons of Water | Adweek -
This Video About Dropping a Brick Is Worth a Few Laughs and 67 Million Gallons of Water | Adweek
"If you're going to drop an upper-decker, you might as well help fight a drought in the process. "Drop A Brick" is a nonprofit Indiegogo project created by a partnership of several California businesses, including San Francisco agency BarrettSF that encourages you to buy an eco-friendly rubber brick filled with hydro-gel that expands 200 times its size when water is added. Putting the brick in the top tank will displace half a gallon of water, saving about 50 gallons a week for a family of four. If every Californian dropped a brick, the initiative says, it would save 67 million gallons of water a day." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
" The crowdfunding video is basically one big poop joke, but it's surprisingly amusing and has been getting quite a bit of passaround. Still, organizers say they'd like to see more bricks being ordered to help alleviate California's crippling drought as soon as possible. So check out the video and explainer photos below, then go see about dropping a fat one in the tank. No need for a courtesy flush.'" - Jessie
Which "Sleepy Hollow" Character Are You -
Which "Sleepy Hollow" Character Are You
"Like Ichabod, you believe in fighting for what’s right, and you always plant yourself firmly on the side of good. You’re intensely loyal, a fearsome fighter, and you never back out of a promise. You have little patience for people who don’t have as strong a moral compass as you, and even less patience for bank pens." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
I may have been intentionally picking answers to get this result. So much for a moral compass. - Jessie
Well, I'm Henry Parrish, so... yeah. - Jennifer Dittrich
Frank Irving ^^ - enoy from Android
Anyone get the Horseman? I could go for being the Horseman. - Jessie
Fox trashes pub after falling down chimney | Meridian - ITV News -
Fox trashes pub after falling down chimney | Meridian - ITV News
"The incident came just two-and-a- half weeks after the Beehive's official reopening following a refurbishment. Andy added: "We found a bit of damage when we came in and found the culprit under the bench. "We think he came through the chimney. There is a lot of soot around it and footprints. "The damage was nothing major, just a few little things. We had a refit for about six weeks and we reopened two and half weeks ago." Tim added: "He seemed quite happy in the pub. It didn't want to leave but we got him out."" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
What a lovely story, clearly these people have a heart, this could so easily of been a much uglier story. I'm quite sure other foxes get killed in these circumstances and which never reach the news. It doesn't make for good reading does it? - Halil
These Crappy Reviews of National Parks on Yelp Will Make You Laugh, and Then Probably Cry | Adweek -
These Crappy Reviews of National Parks on Yelp Will Make You Laugh, and Then Probably Cry | Adweek
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"Yelp reviewers have a knack for making everything about them, and potentially ruining businesses because they woke up on the wrong side of bed. Some places have gotten so cynical about these "critics" that they've even asked people to post bad reviews on purpose. But what about America's most pristine natural landscapes? Surely Yelp reviewers can unite in their appreciation of such beauty. What about the purple mountain majesties? The friggin' amber waves of grain? What about the flipping fruited plains, America? Sorry, people will hate on all that, too. Mashable recently combed Yelp for negative reviews of the national parks by people who clearly don't like nice things and would be much happier on their couch watching reality television. The results are hilarious. And completely depressing." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Police: Drunken Santa zombie enters St. Paul home - Yahoo News -
"Police have cited a 21-year-old man they say entered a St. Paul home drunk and dressed as a Santa Claus zombie, terrifying a 16-year-old girl who locked herself in a bathroom. St. Paul police said Monday the University of St. Thomas student was cited for trespassing and taken to a detoxification center Saturday. Police found him asleep in the house hours after a Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis. Neighbor and Ramsey County Judge Margaret Marrinan tells the St. Paul Pioneer Press ( ) a 14-year-old boy fled from the house and called for help when he discovered the intruder. She says his 16-year-old sister locked herself in a bathroom to call their parents. The teens' father said that no one in his family "will ever think of Santa the same way."" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
I hate it when that happens. - Joe
Artist Draws on Starbucks Cups, Making the Mermaid the Heroine of Countless Amazing Scenes | Adweek -
Artist Draws on Starbucks Cups, Making the Mermaid the Heroine of Countless Amazing Scenes | Adweek
Artist Draws on Starbucks Cups, Making the Mermaid the Heroine of Countless Amazing Scenes | Adweek
Artist Draws on Starbucks Cups, Making the Mermaid the Heroine of Countless Amazing Scenes | Adweek
"Korean artist Soo Min Kim draws the most insanely detailed and perfectly clever scenes on Starbucks cups and displays them as works of art. Most of them feature the brand's famous mermaid logo and reimagines her within the scenes. These are so good. We’ve seen people hack Starbucks cups before, but this guy is downright prolific. Check out his Facebook page for a lot more, and a selection of some of the best ones below." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
The Medieval Ages Were F****** Terrible: Skeleton Found With Stake Through Chest In “Vampire Grave” | The Mary Sue -
The Medieval Ages Were F****** Terrible: Skeleton Found With Stake Through Chest In “Vampire Grave” | The Mary Sue
"Spoopy news for anyone who romanticizes Ye Olden Times: an ancient skeleton has been discovered in a Bulgarian “vampire grave” with an iron ploughshare hammered through its chest. In addition to skewering the unfortunate fellow with a two-pound stake, vampire hunters also chopped one of his legs off to slow him down should he manage to rise from the dead. Lovely. Level-headed and totally reasonable reaction as usual, humanity! The “vampire grave” was discovered in southern Bulgaria by Professor Nikolay Ovcharov, an archeologist described by various news outlets as “the Bulgarian Indiana Jones.” (That is entirely too little information for my taste!) Ovcharov found the 13th-century remains while excavating the ruins of Perperikon, an ancient city rediscovered only twenty years ago and thought to be the site of The Temple of Dionysus. In addition to a citadel and fortress, archaeologists now believe Perperikon to contain a series of vampire graves." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Get driving directions from Ichabod Crane with Waze -
Get driving directions from Ichabod Crane with Waze
"If you use the Waze app for navigation (available for Android, iOS and WP, links to each app store can be found here), and you're a fan of Sleepy Hollow, you can now get spoken directions from Ichabod Crane. If you have the app running, you should get an add pop-up with an option to install the voice, so just use that. Otherwise, you should be able to check settings." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
*snerk* From the comments: "I will only get this if he refers to me as Yolanda from On Star." - Jessie
Downloaded! - Katy S
Tell us if it works! - Jessie
I see Terry Crews is another option in that same menu. - Neal Krummell
Apparently, he won't actually say the name of the roads. >.< - Katy S
I'd already meant to download this for Terry Crews, but Ichabod pushed me over ;) - Katie
*swoon* - Jessie
New Ebola Communication Network Houses Ebola Resources and Tools | Ebola Communication Network -
New Ebola Communication Network Houses Ebola Resources and Tools | Ebola Communication Network
"ECN is populated with more than 120 resources, including not only SBCC materials like posters, brochures and infographics, but also Demographic and Health Surveys of affected regions, customized maps and peer-reviewed journal articles. The site is responsive to mobile devices and optimized for low bandwidth situations. It includes an RSS feed of Ebola-related news that is updated in real time. It’s easily searchable; ECN’s faceted search allows users to find materials based on language, type (e.g., public service announcements, posters, and fact sheets), topic (e.g., prevention, treatment, safe burial practices), audience (e.g., community health workers, governments, health care providers) and any other facets deemed necessary. Users can also upload their own materials, which are posted after a brief review process. ECN continues to expand as new resources are added each day. Because it is built on an open-source platform, ECN can be enhanced with a host of new features as the crisis unfolds." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Children dressed as pumpkins during a promotional event for Hong Kong tourism in Taipei, Taiwan on Sunday. -
Children dressed as pumpkins during a promotional event for Hong Kong tourism in Taipei, Taiwan on Sunday.
Which classic literary character are you? -
Which classic literary character are you?
"You are Jane Eyre! You may appear soft spoken but you are a little firecracker and have a lot to say! You are highly intelligent and would make a very good teacher. You are supportive of the ones you love and want to feel equal to your significant other." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
*checks apartment for other wife* - Jessie
Right? :D - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
"You are Jo March! You have a large group of family and friends and they always come first! You are the leader of the group and you are also very innovative and creative. You are clever and can be quite outspoken. You also love to read or write." - vicster: hon. canadian
Jo March. - bentley
"You are Aslan! You are the embodiment of all that is good and right in the world! Aslan is an allegorical representation of Jesus Christ. Whether or not you are religious you have strong morals and always try to do the right thing when necessary. You are an excellent leader and strong in the face of evil." - Soup in a TARDIS
I'm Holden Caulfield, yuck. I told em I was female, how the hell?! - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
I wonder if there's something screwy with the gender question since Soup is also Jesus, apparently. - Jessie
"Lizzie Bennett! One of the strongest females in literature, you stand by your opinions and you are fiercely independent. You have great loyalty towards your family and stand by their side no matter one. When you are in love you make sure not to lose your own personality, and you are very wise about who you trust." (gender issue again, imma male, :/) - chaz2b
I have no problem with the gender thing (or being Jesus). - Soup in a TARDIS
Oh of course, I was more wondering why the gender question was included if it seems like they disregard it. - Jessie
A lot of the questions are weird. It's entirely possible I got Aslan because I picked the lion on the animal question. That or I am just more Christ-like than any of you :P - Soup in a TARDIS
Meet Your Neighbor: The Raccoon -
Meet Your Neighbor: The Raccoon
"raccoons are garbage and i refuse to meet them and you can't make me" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Well played, driver of the yellow Corvette on the DNT this morning with the Wisconsin license plate reading "VET FAVRE". Well played, indeed.
Couple Had Sex In Back Seat Of Police Cruiser | The Smoking Gun -
Couple Had Sex In Back Seat Of Police Cruiser | The Smoking Gun
"After being arrested, a Wisconsin couple had sex in the back of a police cruiser, an encounter that was interrupted when a cop heard the woman “begin to moan loudly” while her legs were “touching the ceiling” of the vehicle, according to a criminal complaint. Heather Basten, 29, and Travis Husnik, 33, were taken into custody by Oconto County Sheriff’s Department deputies after their car was spotted drifting into oncoming traffic on August 3. During questioning by cops, Basten, who was driving, and Husnik admitted they had been drinking. A deputy noted that there were two open cans of Busch Light on the car's floorboard, and that Husnik “indicated one been belonged to him and the other to Heather.” Husnik, who was on probation, was handcuffed and placed in the rear of a police cruiser. He was soon joined there by Basten, who was driving without a license and had a used syringe in her purse. Basten reportedly said that she “used to shoot up meth with it.” While subsequently... more... - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - Eric - Regulate
Yep, that sounds like where I live. - Lo from Android
Checked off Bucket list.. - Me
Oh, it's supposed to be "on top of". I was seriously wondering what the hell "on to of Heather" meant, since it was written twice in the article. This story is amazing, though. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Gotta make the best of a bad situation - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
Literally All of Europe Can Entirely Suck It -
Literally All of Europe Can Entirely Suck It
That quote is so much funny! - Eric - Regulate
Bunch of Neanderthals. - Greg GuitarBuster
Norway's 12-Year-Old Bride Has a Secret: She's Not Actually Real | Adweek -
Norway's 12-Year-Old Bride Has a Secret: She's Not Actually Real | Adweek
Norway's 12-Year-Old Bride Has a Secret: She's Not Actually Real | Adweek
"This Saturday was supposed to be a big day for 12-year-old Thea, as she finally walked down the aisle to marry her 37-year-old fiance. However, the festivities may be hampered by the fact that neither one of them actually exists. Thea's disturbing union with a man 25 years her senior in Norway was a digital invention of Plan International, an advocacy group dedicated to lifting children out of poverty. Thea's wedding blog, packed with photos of her matrimonial preparations and confessions about feeling pressured into the union, reportedly sparked concerned calls to child welfare authorities and thousands of horrified conversations in social media." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The group says the stunt was created to highlight that more than 39,000 children in developing countries are forced into marriages every day. Plan International tells the Independent: "We believe that provocation is a powerful tool in order to demonstrate a reality that truly is very provoking. We hope people will mobilize against child marriage by being girl sponsors, so that most of the girls facing Thea's situation every day can escape their brutal fate."" - Jessie
Sorry, but this kind of thing just pushes people away from the real issue and be upset at the stunt. - Eric - Regulate
People respond best when evil is made familiar personal - pretty blonde girl as child bride was a good vehicle I like it - WarLord
Hunger Is the Beginning of Every Folktale -
Hunger Is the Beginning of Every Folktale
"Desire is transformative, and transgressive: whether it’s an unpeeled onion or a noble lover, to want something, especially for women, can never be entirely benign. A common consequence for careless appetite in fairy tales is monstrous birth– a child that is less, and more, than the mother bargained for. In the story Prince Lindworm (ATU 433B), a queen eats up one of her two allotted onions skin and all, and gives birth to a dragon-son, who demands and devours a series of brides before meeting his match. The queen’s unchecked appetite is finally redeemed by the restraint of the last bride, who comes to the marriage bed in seven shifts (like the seven veils of Salome or the clothing shed by Ishtar at each of the seven gates to the underworld). For each shift she sheds, she demands the lindworm give her a skin, until he lies naked and slimy-white and must be scrubbed clean with lye (or whipped with lye, bathed with milk, and held to the bride’s breast, as in Tam Lin). Asbjornsen and... more... - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Fairy tale conflicts hinge on the conservation of roles: as girls mature, they encroach on the role of the mother, pushing her to become the witch as she digs in and holds onto her status. So the onus for mastering the double-edged blades of hunger and desire is on the women, who save themselves and their sisters from traps set by their mothers’ mistakes. This is the story in... more... - Jessie
"In fact, in the bones of the story, the interdiction that must not be broken is indistinguishable from a command to rush right out and do the forbidden thing, since the story would happen just the same in either case. A rule that must be broken is just a rule. Fairy tale heroines navigate worlds that darkly mirror our own, in which appetite is a slippery set of contradictions. Food,... more... - Jessie
Police arrest tar-covered man atop Daytona Beach store | -
Police arrest tar-covered man atop Daytona Beach store |
"Police did not buy a tar-smeared man’s story that he was visiting family on the roof of a convenience store at 3 a.m. Tuesday. Joshue Holoman, 30, covered in roofing tar from trying to break into the Sunoco at 645 N. Atlantic Ave. through an air conditioning shaft, was charged with two counts of attempted burglary of an unoccupied structure, possession of burglary tools and criminal mischief, an arrest report shows. Holoman of Orlando was also seen earlier on the roof of another business on Grandview Avenue, the comedy club Grandview Live, police said. Officers were called to the closed business by a witness who heard a strange noises like whistling, snorting, a torch sound and rattling fence coming from the back of the business, police said. When police arrived, they saw Holoman on the roof, covered in tar. He first said he was visiting family and then changed his story, saying he was an air conditioning technician trying to fix the units because he could hear them making noise from... more... - Jessie from Bookmarklet
He comes from a family of raccons. - Steve C Team Marina
Florida. - Marie
Thomas Eric Duncan's Death Shows Ebola Is a Killer Wherever It Strikes | Dallas Observer -
Thomas Eric Duncan's Death Shows Ebola Is a Killer Wherever It Strikes | Dallas Observer
"Dr. Jeffrey Kahn, an infectious diseases expert at UT Southwestern, says he is not surprised by the outcome of Duncan's case. Because there is no cure for Ebola, physicians must treat its symptoms rather than the root cause, and must simply let the virus take its course. "There are a number of experimental treatments," he says. "But there's no specific therapy. And in the absence of clinical trials, it's impossible to know whether these therapies will be effective." Despite the commonly heard theme that early detection improves the outcome of the virus, Kahn clarifies that early detection is important from a public health perspective, rather than in the patient's treatment. "The earlier in diagnosing it, the better chance you have of it not spreading in the community. The early diagnosis is really an issue for public health members. So early diagnosis at this point benefits the community not the patient," he says. "I'm not aware of any data which says whether early supportive therapy improves the outcome."" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
""This is in most cases a fatal disease," Kahn says. "And until we have specific therapy it will remain, for the most part, a fatal disease. I think the take-home message is that with uncontrolled spread of the virus in Africa, that's not Africa's problem -- it's the world's problem. And the quicker you can get control of the outbreak in Africa, the quicker you can control it everywhere else." " - Jessie
Chinese desserts mar ROC event - Taipei Times -
Chinese desserts mar ROC event - Taipei Times
"A Taiwanese man living in Japan accused the Association of Republic of China Nationals in Tokyo (中華民國留日東京華僑總會) and the Tokyo Taiwanese Students Association of downgrading Taiwan’s sovereignty by handing out Chinese desserts — instead of Taiwanese specialties — to guests at a Double Ten National Day celebration in Tokyo on Sunday. A large number of Taiwanese nationals in Japan took part in the Republic of China (ROC) National Day celebration at the Tokyo Chinese School and were expecting to receive specialties from Taiwan as souvenirs. However, many were surprised to find that there were also delicacies from China in the gift set." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"“I was upset, and so were the people who went with me to the event, when we returned home and saw what was in the box,” Wang Chun-wen (王俊文), who works in Japan, told the Taipei Times via the Internet. “Is it that hard to give out specialties from Taiwan when we attend celebrations for Taiwan’s National Day?” Wang said there were three items in the gift set, one of which was from... more... - Jessie
"Commenting on the issue, Wang Tung-sheng (王東生), director of the Overseas Compatriots Affairs Division at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office, said the event was organized by two non-governmental groups and the representative office was not involved. “What I know is that the organizers have prepared a gift set for each guest and originally they prepared some Taiwanese... more... - Jessie
Exploding 'pot pop' removed from three marijuana shops | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News -
Exploding 'pot pop' removed from three marijuana shops | Local & Regional | Seattle News, Weather, Sports, Breaking News | KOMO News
"When Top Shelf Cannabis in Bellingham took delivery of 330 bottles of a brand new marijuana infused soda on September 28, they were excited to promote it to their customers. They sold ten bottles of legal sparkling pomegranate soda made by Mirth Provisions of Longview on the first day. But when employees opened up shop the following day, they found a sticky mess of broken bottles and shards of glass throughout the store. During the night, the bottles began to self destruct. The employees didn't think anything was dangerous until they heard and saw bottles randomly explode. "It sounded like a shotgun going off," said Top Shelf Cannabis manager Zach Henifin. "You can actually feel it, it was that explosive". Wearing a face shield and protective garb, Henifin placed cartons of unexploded soda in a steel box the size of a small dumpster outside of the store. The staff used bleach to clean up the mess and pulled pieces of glass from cardboard boxes. The "pot pop" continued to explode... more... - Jessie from Bookmarklet
""It was simply the fact that his batch had a higher yeast concentration, and one of the by-products of yeast is excess carbon dioxide," said Stites. He says his company pressured test the carbonated drink to be 14 PSI -- or pounds per square inch. He says bottles were designed to handle 42 PSI. "The yeast was just building up the pressure in the bottles over a seven to 10 day period," said Stites. " - Jessie
Yikes! - Anne Bouey
Women Wearing Spectacular Hats In Art History -
Women Wearing Spectacular Hats In Art History
"begone can you not see the size and magnificence of our hats how dare a man with a hat that size speak to us" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
TN school board head steps down over controversial ‘Buttleopener’ invention -
TN school board head steps down over controversial ‘Buttleopener’ invention
"The head of a Tennessee school board has resigned his position after controversy over his part in inventing a beer bottle opener shaped like a woman’s buttocks failed to go away, according to The Tennessean. Longtime board member Mark Gregory stepped down on Thursday as chairman of the Williamson County school board — a position he was appointed to two weeks ago — but will remain on the board. Gregory’s elevation to chairman heated a up a long simmering dispute over his position on the board in light of his role in helping create the ‘ButtleOpener,’ a bottle opener located inside a life-sized female-shaped posterior. Parents and other board members have been critical of Gregory since he launched the “Buttleopener’ in 2012, and protests increased with his elevation to chairman. Gregory, who stated that he has no longer had any involvement with the company marketing the novelty bottle opener, apologized earlier this week, but pressure for him to step aside failed to subside." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Angry White Man Explains It All - The Atlantic -
Angry White Man Explains It All - The Atlantic
Angry White Man Explains It All - The Atlantic
"Clarissa Explains It All, he says, is only now considered a big hit because "she was a girl, and many of the people who are writing these blogs and editing these pieces are women—which is fine, it’s just the way that it is, and a lot of the publishing world is women." It's fine. Really. The womenfolk are entitled to express their opinions about the merits of patterned vests on their little Tumblelogs." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"From there, Klickstein has more thoughts to share, particularly after he waxes nostalgic about the shows Pete & Pete and Ren and Stimpy. He does acknowledge that Pete & Pete contained no characters of color. But this, to him, is totally cool, because "it happens to take place in the suburbs of New Jersey, you know, it’s a whitewashed area!" And where a show takes place is where it... more... - Jessie
"What goes unsaid is that African-American, Hispanic, Asian, and disabled actors have been struggling to achieve proportional and fair representation on TV since the age of Andy Griffith. Or that exposure to media images of successful African Americans tends to improve racial attitudes. Or that a study in 2010 (14 years after Pete & Pete went off the air) found that black and Latino... more... - Jessie
Yeah, Viruet said on Twitter that she shoulda titled the piece “white guy explains it all to black girl". - - Andrew C (✔)
I love this piece so much. "Yes, why is no one talking about the scourge of matrons in the world of letters?" - Jennifer Dittrich
The whole interview with this dude is just....ugh. "When you just throw it on there — oh, the friend happens to be black, the best friend’s a girl — I feel that it’s being used. I feel like it becomes a pickaninny thing. That’s honestly how I feel about it. Because there’s no reason for it, that makes it more offensive, exploitative, and predatory because then it is just being used." - Jessie
I kinda see his line of reasoning, but _he never thinks to ask why 'white' is the default_. To him, apparently, it's _not_ predatory or exploitative or offensive to make a straight white male character the protagonist. - Andrew C (✔)
Radioactivity in Norway's reindeers hits high - The Local -
Radioactivity in Norway's reindeers hits high - The Local
"Much higher levels of radioactivity than normal have been found among Norway's grazing animals, especially its reindeer population, a study revealed on Monday. Almost 30 years after the nuclear plant explosion in Chernobyl, this autumn, more radioactivity has been measured in Norwegian grazing animals than has been noted in many years. Lavrans Skuterud, a scientist at the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (Statens strålevern), said: “This year is extreme.” In September, 8200 becquerel per kilo of the radioactive substance Caesium-137 was measured in reindeer from Våga reinlag AS, in Jotunheimen, central Norway. In comparison, the highest amount at the same place was 1500 becquerel among the reindeer in September 2012. The research also measured radioactivity in Norwegian sheep this year. Both in Valdres in southwest Norway and Gudbrandsdalen in southeast Norway, 4500 becquerel per kilo meat from sheep was measured at most. 600 becquerel per kilo is the safe limit allowed for sheep meat to be sold for human consumption." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
" The Radiation Protection scientist is quite certain about the cause. Lavrans Skuterud said: “This year, there has been extreme amounts of mushroom. In addition, the mushroom season has lasted for a long time. And the mushroom has grown very high up on the mountains.” Especially the gypsy mushroom (Cortinarius Caperatus) has been a problem. This is a good food mushroom, both for people... more... - Jessie
Even though we're far away from caribou country, I can vouch for the insane amount of mushrooms growing in the forests here. You can't take a step without hitting one. Also, biomagnification is a bitch. :-/ - Jenny H. from Android
They're going to get glowing noses and be able to fly soon. - April Russo
GPD: Man, 51, arrested after taking beer into store bathroom | -
"About 12 hours later on Sunday night, GPD officers were again called to the CVS after another store manager saw Colby steal the beer. Colby told officers he consumed the beverage in the bathroom so that he did not have to pay for it, according to a GPD report." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Woman dressed as 'ninja turtle' robs motel | Home - Central and Southwest VA -
Woman dressed as 'ninja turtle' robs motel | Home - Central and Southwest VA
"Police are searching for a woman who dressed like a "ninja turtle" and robbed a Super 8 motel overnight. Lt. John Barker of the Unified Police Department said the woman is in her early- to mid-20s. She was dressed in all green with a black mask covering her eyes and wearing green face paint. Barker said the woman walked into the Super 8 Motel at 7048 S. 900 East just before midnight. She pulled out a pocket knife and demanded money from the clerk behind the reservation desk, he said. The robber fled with some cash, and witnesses saw a car leaving the area at the same time. "We are unsure if she got in the car or left on foot," Barker said. He said no one was injured and investigators are not sure how much money the robber got. They are checking surveillance video to get a clearer look at her." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
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