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Bon mots and random thoughts. Geek magnifique.
The Things She Carried - -
The Things She Carried -
"THE injury wasn’t new, and neither was the insult. Rebecca, a combat veteran of two tours of duty, had been waiting at the V.A. hospital for close to an hour when the office manager asked if she was there to pick up her husband. No, she said, fighting back her exasperation. She was there because of a spinal injury she sustained while fighting in Afghanistan. Women have served in the American military in some capacity for 400 years. They’ve deployed alongside men as soldiers in three wars, and since the 1990s, a significant number of them are training, fighting and returning from combat. But stories about female veterans are nearly absent from our culture. It’s not that their stories are poorly told. It’s that their stories are simply not told in our literature, film and popular culture." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Women have served in the American military in some capacity for 400 years. They’ve deployed alongside men as soldiers in three wars, and since the 1990s, a significant number of them are training, fighting and returning from combat. But stories about female veterans are nearly absent from our culture. It’s not that their stories are poorly told. It’s that their stories are simply not... more... - Jessie
"Male soldiers’ experiences make up the foundation of art and literature: From “The Odyssey” to “The Things They Carried,” the heroic or tragic protagonist’s face is familiar, timeless and, without exception, male. The story of men in combat is taught globally, examined broadly, celebrated and vilified in fiction, exploited by either side of the aisle in politics. For women it’s a... more... - Jessie
"Lack of recognition is also a problem. I’ve stood next to my uniform-wearing brother, a veteran of two tours in Afghanistan, in a grocery store while three separate strangers approached to thank him for his service. Women veterans are rarely stopped by people who want to shake their hands. Even wearing fatigues and boots and carrying duffel bags standing in a bus station or at the... more... - Jessie
Behind Barbed Wire, Shakespeare Inspires a Cast of Young Syrians - -
Behind Barbed Wire, Shakespeare Inspires a Cast of Young Syrians -
"ZAATARI REFUGEE CAMP, Jordan — On a rocky patch of earth in this sprawling city of tents and prefab trailers, the king, dressed in dirty jeans and a homemade cape, raised his wooden scepter and announced his intention to divide his kingdom. His elder daughters, wearing paper crowns and plastic jewelry, showered him with false praise, while the youngest spoke truthfully and lost her inheritance. So began a recent adaptation here of “King Lear.” For the 100 children in the cast, it was their first brush with Shakespeare, although they were already deeply acquainted with tragedy. All were refugees who had fled the civil war in Syria. Some had seen their homes destroyed. Others had lost relatives to violence. Many still had trouble sleeping or jumped at loud noises. And now home was here, in this isolated, treeless camp, a place of poverty, uncertainty and boredom. Reflecting the demographics of Syria’s wider refugee crisis, more than half of the 587,000 refugees registered in Jordan are... more... - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Last year, he and his French wife moved to Jordan, where friends invited him to help distribute aid in Zaatari. The visit exposed him to what he called “the big lie” of international politics that had failed to stop the war. “There are people who want to go home, and they are the victims while the great powers fight above them,” he said. Children he met in the camp made him promise to... more... - Jessie
"“I am the mother of King Lear,” declared Intisar al-Baradan when asked if she had seen the play. She had brought about 20 relatives to the performance, she said, adding that her son was also a great singer. Other parents described the project as a rare point of light in a bleak camp existence. Continue reading the main story Crisis in Syria News, analysis and photos of the conflict... more... - Jessie
Maria Flor Rios holds her son Giovanni Gonzales as they s... -
Maria Flor Rios holds her son Giovanni Gonzales as they s...
"Maria Flor Rios holds her son Giovanni Gonzales as they stand in line with others waiting to sign up for health care insurance at the business office of Parkland Hospital in Dallas on Monday. Image via LM Otero/AP." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Student claims college instructor spent months teaching class the 'wrong' course | Houston -
Student claims college instructor spent months teaching class the 'wrong' course | Houston
"For college students, a straight-A average is a crucial building block on the road to success, but imagine having that average jeopardized because of a teacher’s mistake. That’s what Lauren Firmin claims happened in her Fall 2013 semester at Lonestar College- University Park in northwest Harris County. The class she had enrolled in and thought she was taking was an ‘Intro to Chemistry’ course, a study of the basics of the science. Yet this student with a 4.0 grade average found herself unexpectedly struggling with the material. “I was getting 40’s on every test,” said Firmin. “I studied as hard as I could, did everything in my power to try.” Then, shortly before the class’ final exam, Firmin claims teacher Thao Shirley Nguyen admitted something. “She told her mistake in class to all of the students,” Firmin told the KHOU 11 News I-Team. And the mistake: “She was teaching general chemistry, another course, all semester.”" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Uh-oh. - Anne Bouey
And in all that time not one student asked for clarification, asked a tutor, went to the dept head, checked the syllabus, researched the textbook..... - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
Sounds about right for people taught to do as their told without any critical thinking skills. - Anika
And that's what happens when we teach to the standardized tests, folks. Rote memory is all we care about. Can't be having generations of youths with critical thinking or analytical skills, now can we? - Hookuh Tinypants
I mean, honestly, I sympathize and all. The teacher made a huge mistake. But there were how many kids in that class? And not one single student took it upon themselves to question the situation? I mean, there's a huge difference between Intro to Chem and General Chem. HUGE. The fact that the class assumed that they already knew things should have been the big tip-off. Also, didn't... more... - Hookuh Tinypants
(Also? The instant that student realized she couldn't get above a 40 on the tests, why didn't she either drop with a W or switch to credit-no credit grading? I notice that the school does indeed offer that option. What, did someone else have to think of that for her too?) - Hookuh Tinypants
My second semester of Chem was tough, but after every test we went over it briefly. One test was particularly hard and no one did well, so the teacher went question-by-question to see where the problems were. Having 4 questions no one could answer was pretty obvious. I'm blown away that the teacher didn't notice how poorly everyone was doing and that none of the students got together to try and figure out their issues. - Heather, 30k Camper
That entire class, professor included, is a study in Darwinism for sure. - Hookuh Tinypants
We had a lecturer in my 1st year at uni that was truly dreadful, so much so that we all banded together and lodged a complaint, a meeting with the disgruntled students was arranged, which I also attended and we made our concerns clear. He was eventually replaced, but what's tragic about our story is that the end result was exactly what he wanted, he didn't want to teach and so sabotaged... more... - Halil
My son is a math major at UTSA, and he has a similar problem this semester. He's taking two different statistics classes (upon the recommendation of his advisor) that are teaching identical content. Basically, the same stuff in both courses, with different textbooks, for two course credits. - Glen Campbell
Also, I rolled my eyes a little at this: "For college students, a straight-A average is a crucial building block on the road to success". It really depends on your field. Yes, grades are important, but for some grad programs, work experience is a bigger factor than whether you got A's in all your classes. - Jessie
M9M, Hookuh: That was my immediate reaction before getting to your comments. "Really? You're getting straight A's in everything, suddenly you're flunking exams...and you don't bother to find out why?" - Walt Crawford
Also, re that straight-A claim: Damn, I'm glad I've been away from college for 45+ years. Straight A's at Berkeley in the 60s usually meant you were a superbeing or a jock. - Walt Crawford
what I thought when I saw this was how the hell did the professor not question the fact that so many students were failing the class? also i get that she's new, did no one explain to her the difference between intro and gen chem? and what everyone else has already said about the students...i mean geeze, i would have been asking questions on why i was flunking and not just... more... - Sir Shuping is just sir
Hotels add Muslim food - Taipei Times -
"Emirates Airline’s launch last month of a direct flight between Taipei and Dubai has motivated more five-star hotels to offer Muslim-friendly cuisine to welcome tourists from the Middle East, with seven hotels receiving halal certification from the Tourism Bureau yesterday — four in Taipei, one in New Taipei City, one in Hualien and one in Chiayi. Thirteen other hotels and restaurants received certifications yesterday. Halal refers to an object or an action that is acceptable for use according to Islamic law. To be certified, a restaurant must use ingredients from certified halal food suppliers, among other requirements. The Taipei-based Chinese Muslim Association, which certifies businesses for the bureau, said the Taipei-Dubai direct flight was a great incentive for five-star hotels to provide Muslim-friendly dining. “Because of the direct flight service, the airline will start seeking partner hotels in Taiwan,” association secretary-general Salahuding Ma (馬超彥) said." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"He also said that Taiwan is the only country in the region with Muslim-friendly food in one of its international airports — in both terminals of Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, he added. China has about 100 million Muslims, he said, but travelers cannot find halal food in Beijing Capital International Airport." - Jessie
Now, I want to go to the China Islamic Restaurant (they do need a better name). - Anika
Is that in LA or Taiwan? - Jessie
There are a few here. - Anika from Android
6 Interesting Facts About the Sunflower Student Movement | Taipei 543 -
6 Interesting Facts About the Sunflower Student Movement | Taipei 543
"1) Breaking into the Taiwanese Legislature AND Executive Yuan just like that. While we were still wondering how protestors managed to get into the Legislature, another group of protesters stormed and occupied the Executive Yuan just a few days later; a building representing the most powerful branch of the government. If a group of students managed to take over 2 of the 5 major government buildings of Taiwan, what does that say about the security of our government buildings? ." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"2) Protest? Or a grand tour of Taiwan Government Buildings? tour.jpg Taiwan is one of few countries where the youth population has a high participation rate in political activities. It’s very touching to see so many young people of Taiwan showing how much they care about their country, and demonstrating that they are willing to stand up for what they believe in. However, there were... more... - Jessie
"3) “They ate my sun cakes that I ordered from PingTung!” The media interviewed various government officials at the Executive Yuan, the morning after the protesters were evacuated. One of the government officials- Jia Chi Hsiao, complained of how the students ate his sun cakes, and couldn’t stop emphasizing that the cakes were from PingTung. Seriously, who cares?! After a crazy night where many protestors were injured, this is the only comment that you have?" - Jessie
"4) The green jacket that Lin has been wearing is now sold out. lin .png The first group of students who stormed the Legislature have now been in the building for more than a week, and they really don’t have a chance to change clothes. The leader of the protestors, Lin, has been shown on TV every single day wearing the same green jacket. This turned out to be free advertisement for the... more... - Jessie
"5) Do you like sun cakes? Let me order 3,000 of them for you. After the government official Jia Chi Hsiao made such a big fuss over his sun cakes, supporters of the movement went ahead and ordered 3,000 sun cakes for him. He refused to accept the “special gift” when the sun cakes got delivered to his office. The sun cakes then became snacks for the protestors outside of the Legislature. Thanks to Hsiao, this became free advertisement for local businesses and Sun cakes sales are growing like never before." - Jessie
"6) Gotta love the creativity of the protestors. Here are some creations made by various protesters. Some will make you laugh out loud, whereas others will increase your respect for them." - Jessie
The Canid Compendium - Wolf in The Netherlands officially becomes endangered species -
The Canid Compendium - Wolf in The Netherlands officially becomes endangered species
"The wolf will get a lawfully protected status. This will enable the Faunafund to grant compensations in damage caused by wolves if this will occur, writes Secretary of State Dijksma from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in a reaction to the advice from Alterra (Wageningen University) to the House of Representatives on the anticipation on the return of the wolf in The Netherlands. Wolves are inter alia coming from Germany, getting closer and closer to our borders. A possible return of the wolves after over 150 years to The Netherlands is not excluded. The Faunafund and Dutch provinces are involved with the advice from Alterra. Provinces are significantly responsible for the implementation of the policy, also in relation to possible damage to cattle and compensations in this regard via the Faunafund. A considerable part of the advice is on doing research. Particularly provinces will have to decide which research recommendations will be preformed short-term. Within Europe, genetic... more... - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Moving Past Gender Barriers to Negotiate a Raise - -
Moving Past Gender Barriers to Negotiate a Raise -
"ASKING for a raise is the type of conversation that can make even the most confident among us uncomfortable. Women, however, may have good reason to feel that way. Discrimination persists in the workplace and it isn’t necessarily intentional or overt, experts on gender and negotiation say. But it can emerge when women act in ways that aren’t considered sufficiently feminine, and when women advocate for themselves, these experts say, some people find it unseemly, if on a subconscious level. As a result, women need to take a more calibrated approach, whether in asking for a higher salary or a new position. Otherwise, they can risk being perceived as overly demanding and unlikable, experts say, and their requests can backfire. “We are asking women to juggle while they are on the tightrope,” said Linda C. Babcock, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University and founder of its gender equity program. “It’s totally unfair because we don’t require the same thing of men. But if women want to be... more... - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Here are some strategies for approaching negotiations at work: Groundwork Asking for a raise shouldn’t be rushed or boiled down to one short conversation. To prepare, keep a record of every piece of positive feedback you receive over time, and catalog any objective metrics that help illustrate your contributions. This is easy to overlook when you’re busy. Be careful about how you... more... - Jessie
"Negotiate in Person Negotiation by email can backfire. “It comes across very cold, very hard and very direct, so all of the things that women tend to do in conversation that soften their approach are impossible to do in email,” Professor Babcock said. Email also requires waiting for a response. “If you are having a conversation, you can judge more accurately about how your request is... more... - Jessie
"Outside Offers Receiving an offer for a more lucrative position may seem like a prime opportunity to negotiate. But this tactic may harm women because it can be perceived as a threat, experts said, “Every negotiation textbook says to use an outside offer, except for mine,” said Professor Babcock, who with Professor Riley Bowles, studied the effects of using outside offers in an... more... - Jessie
Good points, but all I could think of when reading is was CRUSH THE PATRIARCHY! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Tired of Not Having a Grocery Store, Village Engineer Invents a Vending Machine | Adweek -
Tired of Not Having a Grocery Store, Village Engineer Invents a Vending Machine | Adweek
"The town of Clifton in central England hasn't had a grocery store for almost 15 years, so a local engineer invented a giant vending machine that dispenses milk, eggs, bread, toiletries, pet food and even umbrellas for the village. Refrigerated compartments keep perishables cool and a "basket" system allows bottles and egg cartons to be dispensed without breaking or spillage. Located in a parking lot, the unit's brick motif and awning make it look somewhat like a traditional English village shop. It takes cash and credit cards and boasts various security features (alarms and such). Creator Peter Fox hopes the machine is the first of many. It carries no advertising, but that's probably just a matter of time. Via Design Taxi and Daily Mail." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
I'm not sure "invents" is the right word. I saw this type of product in a Swiss train station in 98 and I know they had them in Japan before then. - Soup in a TARDIS
If they're not English-speaking, then it doesn't count. I think that's how it works. - Jessie
*snerk* - Soup in a TARDIS
This is how households should work. Every house has a vending machine that is filled by 3rd party jobbers. When you want something you just buy it from the machine and it automatically gets refilled. - Todd Hoff
Keep It Short - -
"In my first daily newspaper job some 25 years ago, I learned a few lessons about brevity that I’m still using today. Back then, among other editorial chores, I contributed to a weekly feature called “Books in Brief.” Each review could be no longer than 200 words — less than a fourth the length of a usual article. Imagine a slender column of type slightly taller than your middle finger, and you’ll get some idea of the word limit. As a recent college graduate accustomed to discussing books in 12-page term papers, I chafed at writing in miniature. But I tried to think deliberately about my reviews as a form of quick conversation. If I were briefly summarizing my opinion over the phone, for example, how would I shape my argument to nab my listener by the collar before he hung up? What I was reminding myself, I suppose, is that writing is a kind of talk, a discourse that must eventually answer to the clock. In writing, brevity works not only as a function of space on a page, but the time... more... - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The exercise taught me that successful economy of expression often depends on vigorous revision. Perhaps no one exemplifies this principle more vividly than E.B. White, the magazine essayist and children’s author celebrated for his deceptively simple style. White excelled in a number of forms, including “Talk of the Town” items for The New Yorker — graceful editorials that derived much... more... - Jessie
"White’s handiwork reminds us that writing economically also means getting to the point. Such urgency can be a blessing, helping a writer achieve the kind of clarity that sustains all good composition. The late economist John Kenneth Galbraith, who wrote wisely and well about his chosen field, once recalled the relentless winnowing of his prose at the hands of his former boss, Henry... more... - Jessie
"Refining a draft is a process of elimination that, like any contest advancing the survival of the fittest, tends to dramatize what’s left standing when the competition is complete. Like passengers in a lifeboat, all the words in a concise text must pull their own weight. That’s why good poetry, which places a premium on brevity, stakes such a claim on a reader’s attention. Consider how... more... - Jessie
"The point of brevity isn’t to chop a certain kind of word, but to make sure that each word is essential. And brevity, whatever its virtues, must be balanced against a multitude of other needs in composition. If extreme brevity were the only goal of writing, after all, we wouldn’t have “Moby-Dick” or “Anna Karenina.” Not every piece of writing requires a Spartan word limit. “The... more... - Jessie
"I tend to have longer word limits for my work today than those bite-size book reviews I wrote many years ago, but the basic imperative of brevity remains. Which is why, I suppose, the essay you’re reading now has been cut by about a third of its original length." - Jessie
Ironically, I felt this was still too long. It could have been chopped by about a third. Good message though. - Jessie
Hah i agree Jessie - Steve C
Sorry to disappoint you, but sap is all that will... | Cute Animals. Bad Dates. -
Sorry to disappoint you, but sap is all that will... | Cute Animals. Bad Dates.
"Sorry to disappoint you, but sap is all that will be rising." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
The Canid Compendium - Young wolves eating berries. If you’re sad, watch this. -
I'll take care of these, you go and have a peck in the yard! Cunning fox found 'keeping eggs warm' in coop as chickens wander nearby | Mail Online -
I'll take care of these, you go and have a peck in the yard! Cunning fox found 'keeping eggs warm' in coop as chickens wander nearby | Mail Online
"A fox in the hen house is usually a recipe for disaster. But having crept into a coop while its eight residents were pecking about outside, this cunning customer just curled up on a nest of their eggs for a nap. Maybe he was tired and it was the closest thing he could find to a feather bed, or perhaps he was slyly dreaming of a chicken omelette for tea." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
hahaha! - Anne Bouey
maybe it was motherly instinct !! - Peter Dawson
I love the look on its face. "Nothing to see here...just keep moving..." - Jessie
He is a very healthy looking fox, as they said most look scrawny and malnourished, maybe this is why he's so good looking, been doing this trick for a while now, lol - Halil
Maybe he hatches the eggs and then lets his food supply follow him home. - April Russo
LAX baggage-heist case may be one of airport's largest - -
"In what officials believe is one of the biggest baggage theft operations in Los Angeles International Airport history, authorities on Thursday said they suspect at least 14 baggage handlers of stealing thousands of dollars in electronics, jewelry and other high-priced items. Police allege that the thieves worked in tandem for at least several months, stealing from bags and other property in a secured area of the airport. Some of the items were then sold on Craigslist. Detectives are still trying to tally the total losses and identify the victims." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Bank Accidentally Deposits $31k in Teen's Account, Hero Teen Spends It -
Bank Accidentally Deposits $31k in Teen's Account, Hero Teen Spends It
"Earlier this month, a bank teller accidentally deposited $31,000 into a teenager's bank account. The teen did the sensible thing and immediately started buying shit, spending more than $25,000 in just ten days. On March 7, a customer at a Athens, Ga. bank attempted to deposit $31,000 into his account at First Citizens Bank. But, as it turns out, there was more than one customer at the bank with the man's name, and the teller accidentally deposited the money into the wrong person's account. The lucky recipient, an 18-year-old kid, apparently checked his account, saw the huge balance, and decided to go on a spending spree. Within ten days, he withdrew $20,000 in cash and spent another $5,000 with his debit card." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Georgia! - Jessie
That happened to a classmate of mine in HS. She spent it, too. (In California.) - Spidra Webster
SMH - Anne Bouey
I think if it were a minor the bank might be more lenient, but since the guy's 18, he spent money that he clearly knew wasn't his, and he doesn't seem to have any intention of returning it, I can see why they'd want to prosecute. - Jessie
I am just glad it wasn't my kid :) - Eric Logan from FFHound!
That happened with my dad, and he called the bank back as soon as he noticed - but that's as a 50+ something adult. Slight advantage in the impulse control department (one hopes.) - Jennifer Dittrich
Washington Mutual once deposited an extra $10K to my account. I told them. They froze my account for a month. - Anika
They don't know that the bank wants that money? - Eric - Watch Me Now
Happened last year to my coworker's husband, due to the same thing. Though I don't think it was that much. They contacted the bank and had it sorted out. - Not Me
It seriously sucks if they'd lock down your account for a month because of their gaffe. I think with my dad's it took about 4 days, but he found it doing the checkbook on the weekend, so there was some added time to sort it out. That was a local credit union, though. - Jennifer Dittrich
Oh geez. That's awful on WaMu's part if they lock your account because of their mistake. - Jessie
It was eons ago (1995). It sucked because they said it took time to sort everything out. The only other time my back account had been frozen for a month was due to weird charges from fraud. - Anika
"hero teen" :) #boyleolmali - grizabella
Wisconsin DJ assaulted over song selection by woman celebrating her 30th birthday - -
Wisconsin DJ assaulted over song selection by woman celebrating her 30th birthday -
"A Wisconsin woman reportedly got so upset about the song selection during her 30th birthday party that she attacked the disc jockey, broke his gear and then left. Madison police were called to a local pub early on Sunday morning after the irate woman allegedly threw a glass at the DJ following an assault on his laptop, headphones and microphone. The woman also punched him several times in the head and left him bloodied. “The DJ's laptop computer, headphones and microphone had been smashed, tossed or broken by the suspect," police spokesman Joel DeSpain told "Witnesses told police she grabbed a glass and threw it at the DJ's head. He ducked and the glass sailed into a window overlooking the State Capitol. The DJ told police he was very thankful he hadn't been hit by the glass.”" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Apparently the 32-year-old’s song choices weren't to the younger woman's liking. "Partygoers were able to pull her away from the DJ's table after the equipment was damaged, but she broke free and rushed the DJ, punching and scratching him on the face," DeSpain said. " - Jessie
"The woman fled with her uncut birthday cake before police arrived." - Jessie
I'd like to know what the DJ was playing. - ronin
If it is in Wisconsin, you gotta have the Chicken Dance! - Joe - Systems Analyst
If it was Rock Lobster i'm on her side. - Steve C
This reminds me of how, in the Philippines, if you go to a karaoke bar and sing Sinatra's "My Way" poorly, people will literally murder you. - Victor Ganata
Construction Workers Yell Messages of Empowerment to Women in Snickers Stunt | Adweek -
Construction Workers Yell Messages of Empowerment to Women in Snickers Stunt | Adweek
"Australian construction workers simply aren't themselves in this amusing stunt from Clemenger BBDO in Melbourne. In fact, they're actors who shout empowering statements to women on the street in a real-world extension of Snickers' "You're not you when you're hungry" campaign. Instead of sexist catcalls, the hardhats yell, "I'd like to show you the respect you deserve!" and, "A woman's place is where she chooses!" Best of all: "You know what I'd like to see? A society in which the objectification of women makes way for gender-neutral interaction free from assumptions and expectations."" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
The message is a little muddled but I think the concept is funny. - Jessie
San Francisco Billboards Shame Drivers With Actual Photos of Them Texting | Adweek -
San Francisco Billboards Shame Drivers With Actual Photos of Them Texting | Adweek
"An outdoor ad campaign San Francisco is trying something novel to stop people from texting and driving: public shaming. Graphic designer Brian Singer has furtively been taking photos of people texting behind the wheel along the 101 Freeway and posting them to a website, Texting While in Traffic, or TWIT for short. (Singer says he's always a passenger, not a driver, when he snaps the photos.) Lately, Singer has been paying out of his own pocket to put some of the photos on billboards around town, Gizmodo reports. He says the number of offenders is outrageous. "For every nose picker, there's 20 texters," he estimates. He's not bothered by privacy concerns, either. "I don't think people driving on 101 have the expectation of privacy," Singer says. "All I'm really doing is taking photos in a public place."" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Singer tried to get road-safety group to fund the project, but is going it alone for now with 11 billboards. He says he hopes the billboards freak people out enough to stop texting and driving—and even hopes other people start taking photos, which "could have a dramatic affect on people's behavior."" - Jessie
Yeah like that works well. - Me
I like some of the concept but I don't think it's the place of a private citizen to do this. - Jessie
I hope he gets some officers in the mix. Around here, most of the texting-while-driving people are LAPD. - Anika
LOL that would be awesome - Jessie
Let's Have More Lady Knight Designs Like These! -
Let's Have More Lady Knight Designs Like These!
Let's Have More Lady Knight Designs Like These!
"Looking for a bit more variety in your female armor designs? One artist has created a web toy that offers prompts for drawing lady knights and shares some of his own designs. As an exercise in drawing female warriors with a variety of body shapes and armor designs, artist Sean Ng (who goes by dogbomber on Tumblr) created a "Let's Draw Lady Knights!" randomizer. Head over to his blog, take a screenshot of the randomizer, and it gives you a design prompt" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Ballet teacher: "This is Studio B. B stands for Baryshnikov. Does anyone know who that is?" Student: "Isn't he that guy from Sex and the City?" #shitmyballetteachersays
And then the teacher wept. - Jessie What women want on the dance floor, according to science
"So the researchers set up an experiment as follows: they recruited 30 men to dance to a core drum beat for 30 seconds. The dancers were given no specific instructions on how to dance beforehand, and their movements were recorded via a sophisticated motion-capture system. Each dancer's 30-second routine was then used to animate a "featureless, gender-neutral" computer-generated avatar. Researchers asked 37 women to view each of the dancing avatars and rate their performance on a seven-point scale." - Jessie
"The researchers developed a taxonomy of individual dance moves. They isolated three key body regions and the main joints within - the central body, including neck and torso; legs, including knees, hips and ankles; and arms, including shoulders, elbows and wrists. For each dancer, they then measured the degree and type of movement at each joint - speed, size, and variety of movements like bending, twisting and tilting." - Jessie
"They found that women rated dancers higher when they showed larger and more variable movements of the head, neck and torso. Speed of leg movements mattered too, particularly bending and twisting of the right knee. In what might be bad news for the 20% of the population who is left-footed, left knee movement didn't seem to matter. In fact, certain left-legged movements had a small... more... - Jessie
"Going beyond the dance floor, these findings could demonstrate that mens' dance moves could carry "honest signals of traits such as health, fitness, genetic quality and developmental history," although the authors stress that more research is needed to be sure. It would be particularly instructive to see whether similar findings hold true for mens' assessments of womens' dancing ability." - Jessie
Spaniard strips in front of Botticelli masterpiece - The Local -
Spaniard strips in front of Botticelli masterpiece - The Local
"A Spanish tourist startled visitors to Florence’s Uffizi gallery on Saturday after stripping naked in front of one of the most famous artworks of the Renaissance. Da Vinci painting could be lent to Abu Dhabi (12 Mar 14) Peeing American girl sparks Florentine fury (10 Mar 14) Standing in front of Sandro Botticelli’s alluring Birth of Venus, which depicts the classical goddess of love and beauty emerging from the sea and floating on a seashell, the 25-year-old man casually removed all his clothes, La Repubblica reported. He then placed his hands in the same position as the goddess – one on his chest and the other on top of his thigh – before kneeling down and scattering rose petals across the floor. Shocked gallery staff immediately intervened, with one attempting to cover the man with a towel while the other called the police." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
" One tourist took the opportunity to capture the scene on her mobile phone, with the photo then spreading quickly across Facebook and other social networks. A commentator on Twitter posted the photo, and said: "Art makes us nake. Sometimes, literally! The Spaniard is reported to have shouted “freedom, freedom!” as he was taken away by police and later charged for an obscene act in public. It is the second naked performance in a public place to have struck Italy this month." - Jessie
Youth, Maturity, and Physicality in New Classical Ballet - Judith Ohikuare - The Atlantic -
Youth, Maturity, and Physicality in New Classical Ballet - Judith Ohikuare - The Atlantic
"In 2007, Misty Copeland became one of the most recognizable figures in classical ballet when she earned a spot as the first black female soloist in two decades to perform with the American Ballet Theatre. Five years later, she continued to make history as the first African-American woman to assume the title role in Igor Stravinsky’s iconic ballet, The Firebird, for a major classical ballet company. Not bad for a dancer from a single-parent household who put on her first pair of slippers at the overripe (for ballet) age of 13. Earlier this month, Copeland released a memoir, Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina, which details her childhood in San Pedro, California as an anxious perfectionist who went from living in a motel with her mother and five siblings to sharing a stage at the Met with the best dancers in the world. Since she did not have the “traditional” background of a ballerina, Copeland says she had to learn how to accept guidance from others on everything from healthy eating habits to living independently as a professional in New York City while still a teenager." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Putin Announces Historic G-1 Summit : The New Yorker -
Putin Announces Historic G-1 Summit : The New Yorker
"MOSCOW (The Borowitz Report) — Russian President Vladimir Putin made history today by scheduling the first-ever summit of the newly formed group of nations called the G-1. The summit, which Putin has set for June in Sochi, is expected to be attended by the G-1 member nation Russia. Putin pronounced himself delighted by Russia’s attendance, telling reporters, “It is an auspicious start for the G-1 to have the participation of all its member nations.”" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"In addition to what he called “a free exchange of ideas on issues of importance to the G-1,” the summit is expected to elect the first president of the G-1, a position for which Putin is widely considered the frontrunner. Putin denied he was a candidate for the post, but added, “It’s an honor just to be in the mix.”" - Jessie
Students protesting against a China-Taiwan trade pact are... -
Students protesting against a China-Taiwan trade pact are...
"Students protesting against a China-Taiwan trade pact are forced by riot police to leave the government Cabinet buildings in Taipei, Taiwan, on Monday, when hundreds of protesters opposed to a broad trade pact with China invaded the offices. Image via Wally Santana." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Web Fiction, Serialized and Social - -
Web Fiction, Serialized and Social -
"TORONTO — Not since the heyday of Dickens, Dumas and Henry James has serialized fiction been this big. In 1841, excited readers swarmed the New York docks to ask travelers from England whether Little Nell in “The Old Curiosity Shop” was dead. In 2014, they are turning to their phones to keep up with the latest adventures of sweet Tessa and outrageous Harry, who meet on their first day of college and have a heartbreaking and inspiring relationship. Every few days, Anna Todd uses Wattpad, a storytelling app, to post a new episode of this couple’s torrid tale. Chapter 278 of “After” came out last week, moments after Ms. Todd, a 25-year-old former college student in Austin, Tex., finished writing it. The first comment appeared 13 seconds after the chapter was uploaded. By the next day, there were 10,000 comments: always brief, overwhelmingly positive, sometimes coherent. “After” has more than a million readers, Wattpad says. The Internet long ago revamped publishing and bookselling. Now... more... - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Wattpad is not the sort of site where writers talk about suffering for their art or spend hours searching for the mot juste. Much of the most popular work is geared to young women and draws its energy from fan fiction. (Harry in “After” is inspired by Harry Styles, the teen heartthrob from the band One Direction.) Other popular categories are vampire fiction and mysteries. The writers... more... - Jessie
"If the work on Wattpad is public, the authors often are not. As many as half its writers are anonymous or pseudonymous, including Ms. Todd. “It gives a sense of safety,” said Ms. Sky, who began writing as L. J. Michaels and then went through several other variations before ending up with Sky, which is the last syllable of her married name, Zellinsky. She is now legally changing her... more... - Jessie
London Super Comic Con Cosplay Video | The Mary Sue -
"This video makes me happy. The ladies are wearing everything from corsets to genderswapped armor, and the gents look mighty dapper, too. Stuff like this reminds me that there’s no wrong way to do cosplay, so long as you’re having fun. People of London Super Comic Con, you are all fabulous." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
*dances along* - Jessie
The London con guys/gals always make the best videos. - ronin
Anger Grows in Taiwan Against Deal With China - -
"TAIPEI, Taiwan — Demonstrators who have occupied Taiwan’s legislature since last week expanded their protest of a trade deal with China on Sunday evening by invading the government building nearby that houses the offices of the prime minister. The protesters, including many students from local universities, have accused President Ma Ying-jeou and his allies in the governing Kuomintang of forcing through the trade measure without allowing a review of its details, which they fear will give Beijing too much influence over the island’s economy. “I’m very angry at President Ma,” said Shiu Rung-kai, 21, a student at National Hsinchu University of Education who joined thousands of protesters inside the government compound." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"By early Monday morning police had cleared demonstrators from the government building, detaining dozens, according to local news media reports, although hundreds of protesters remained in the courtyard outside. Prime Minister Jiang Yi-huah said the intrusion was an “illegal and violent act,” Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported, citing a cabinet spokesman. Police were seen swinging... more... - Jessie
"In a news conference Sunday morning, Mr. Ma said that legislative approval of the pact was important for Taiwan’s economic competitiveness, and that rejecting the deal would threaten Taiwan’s ability to sign trade accords with other countries. Taiwan faces higher average duties on its exports than regional competitors like South Korea, Japan and Singapore, the president said. Regional... more... - Jessie
The “Misty Mountains Cold” Video To End All “Misty Mountains Cold” Videos | The Mary Sue -
"I’m not going to spoil it for you. Just trust me. And maybe refrain from drinking anything." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
;-) - Jessie
New Idaho wolf law draws howls of outrage | Summit County Citizens Voice -
New Idaho wolf law draws howls of outrage | Summit County Citizens Voice
"Just a few years after Congress removed endangered species protection for wolves in Idaho, state lawmakers seem hellbent on driving the predators back to brink of extirpation. The Idaho Legislature this week created a wolf depredation control board controlled by anti-wildlife interests. The board will administer a $400,000 fund set up explicitly to kill wolves. Conservation advocates say the new law could result in the slaughter of 500 wolves, leaving just 150 in the state. The federal government handed over wolf management authority a few years ago on the premise that state governments in Idaho and Montana would maintain biologically healthy populations. Now, wildlife advocates are crying foul, claiming the Idaho plan could push wolf numbers below sustainable threshold levels. Since 2011, more than 1,500 wolves have been killed in the two states." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The board will be made up of representatives of the agricultural, livestock and hunting communities. The bill does not require any members of the board to represent the wolf conservation community. “Political leaders in Idaho would love nothing more than to eradicate Idaho’s wolves and return to a century-old mindset where big predators are viewed as evil and expendable,” said Amaroq... more... - Jessie
"“Reducing these wolf populations to below even the absolute bare minimum sets a dangerous precedent and ensures that true wolf recovery will be little more than a pipedream in Idaho,” Weiss said. In combination with mortality from annual hunting and trapping seasons, the wolf population in Idaho is under serious threat of dropping near — or even below — minimal recovery levels that... more... - Jessie
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