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Bon mots and random thoughts. Geek magnifique.
Leave It to a Laxative Brand to Make the Year's Most Uncomfortable Ad | Adweek -
Leave It to a Laxative Brand to Make the Year's Most Uncomfortable Ad | Adweek
"At first glance, this Dulcolax ad draws you in with its warm sepia tones and lovely vignetted glow. Then you look closer, and ... oh my God. Are those turds in prison? Indeed, orange is the new brown is this extremely odd laxative ad, showing what appear to be the stinky love children of the Michelin Man and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Turdles?) awaiting sweet release from bowel purgatory. And they're huddled around ... is that ... ? No, it's not the Sarlacc Pit that almost eats Han Solo and Lando Calrissian. "Only you can set them free," explains the tagline. If the point is to make the viewer as uncomfortable as a constipation sufferer, mission accomplished." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
I think I spot some relatives - Steve C Team Marina
Nope - Eric
But now I have that Barnes and Barnes song they use on Dr. Demento stuck in my head, except replacing "fish-" with "shit-" - Victor Ganata
Turd with boobs amuse me. - Janet
Story About Mandatory Female Genital Mutilation in Iraq May Not Be True -
Story About Mandatory Female Genital Mutilation in Iraq May Not Be True
"A number of news outlets reported this morning that ISIS jihadists had ordered the mandatory genital mutilation, aka "female circumcision" or FGM, of approximately 4 million women between the ages of 11 and 46 in Mosul, Iraq. One of the first reports seems to have come from the BBC, whose source was a United Nations official named Jacqueline Badcock:* The Isis edict could affect nearly four million women and girls in and around the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, the UN warns. Ms Badcock, the UN's resident and humanitarian coordinator in Iraq, said the practice "is something very new for Iraq... and does need to be addressed"." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Almost immediately, however, other reporters with sources in Mosul began writing that their contacts were not aware of ISIS having made any FGM edict. The BBC now looks to be backing off its report." - Jessie
Man in road rage incident run over by own truck | -
Man in road rage incident run over by own truck |
"Joseph H. Carl, 48, 1012 NE 15th Place, drove his truck into the rear of a vehicle in front of him that was stopped at a traffic light at 2500 NW 43rd St. around 6:50 p.m., according to a Gainesville Police Department report. Carl then jumped out and began banging on the driver's window and yelling at the woman inside, apparently neglecting to put his pickup into park. The driver of the other vehicle was frightened and drove away, leaving nothing to hold back Carl's Dodge 1500 truck. The truck began to roll, and Carl, standing in front of the vehicle, put out his arms and tried to stop it, but it ran over him, the report said." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Carl was stumbling and had a strong odor of alcohol, police said. He told police he was coming from Live Oak and had had three beers. Inside the truck, police found an open and cool 16-oz. can of Miller High Life along with numerous other empty beer cans. Carl told the officer that he does not drink and drive. When asked about the beer cans in his truck, he said he was only drinking while he drove home." - Jessie
TransAsia Airways Plane Crashes Off Taiwan, Killing Dozens - -
TransAsia Airways Plane Crashes Off Taiwan, Killing Dozens -
"Dozens of people aboard a plane flying to a Taiwanese island were killed on Wednesday when the aircraft crashed in bad weather during an emergency landing, Taiwan’s Transportation Ministry said. The TransAsia Airways twin turboprop was flying from the southern Taiwan city of Kaohsiung, on the main island, to Magong on the Penghu Islands in rain and heavy winds as Typhoon Matmo passed through the region. Gusts approaching 40 miles per hour were reported. The Transportation Ministry said late Wednesday that 47 people had been killed and 11 injured when the plane, an ATR 72, crashed into residential buildings in a village near Magong and caught fire." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The 14-year-old plane was carrying 54 passengers and four crew members, Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported. Flight GE 222, which is normally scheduled to leave at 4 p.m., was delayed because of bad weather. It finally left at 5:42 p.m. for the 35-minute trip to Magong, the agency reported. A spokesman for Taiwan’s Aviation Safety Council told reporters that it was too early to say... more... - Jessie
"TransAsia’s general manager, Hsu Yi-tsung, appeared before reporters in Taipei and bowed in apology for the crash. Local television showed one woman, Hsu Yu-jie, a 34-year-old employee of the Penghu County accounting and statistics department, collapsing in tears as airline personnel tried to console her. “My daughter,” she said, sobbing. TransAsia is a 63-year-old private airline that... more... - Jessie
:( - Anne Bouey from iPhone
‘True Blood’ characters use explicit language to describe Texas republicans, Ted Cruz supporters | Dallas Morning News -
‘True Blood’ characters use explicit language to describe Texas republicans, Ted Cruz supporters | Dallas Morning News
"On Sunday night’s episode of “True Blood” on HBO, the vampires attend a fictional Texas republican gala for Texas senator Ted Cruz at the George W. Bush Presidential Library. Eric Northman and Pam De Beaufort are looking for a girl responsible for a disease that is killing vampires. Where is she? Dallas. “Preston Hollow of course,” De Beaufort said." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Someone in our apartment building has been putting their trash bags out on the walkway in front of the building, the day BEFORE trash pickup, in 100+ degree heat. Despite an email and now a paper notice from the leasing office asking people to please stop doing that, because it's disgusting.
Literally, paper notices were attached to everyone's doors on Friday and by late Friday afternoon, the trash bags were out there again. - Jessie
I want to find out who it is so I can move the trash bags directly in front of their door. Oh you don't like stepping in warm, smelly garbage? Neither do those of us who follow basic sanitation rules. - Jessie
I should mention that the apartment community trash compactor is <2 minutes' walk away. It's literally on the other side of the building. - Jessie
Blech. - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
Star Trek’s John Cho breaks barriers as romantic lead: 'I would call this revolutionary' | Toronto Star -
Star Trek’s John Cho breaks barriers as romantic lead: 'I would call this revolutionary' | Toronto Star
"John Cho in a romantic lead? It’s hard to remember the last time an Asian male played a romantic character in a television series. Unless you count the time George Takei as Sulu in Star Trek groped Uhura. But that’s because he was momentarily insane. Asians are among the most under-represented minority group on TV and Asian males in romantic leads are practically unheard of. But Cho now finds himself starring in a modern remake of Pygmalion and the colour-blind casting of himself as “Henry” with co-star Karen Gillan (Doctor Who) as Eliza Dooley in ABC’s Selfie for the fall TV season. “I would call this revolutionary. It’s certainly a personal revolution for me,” said the 42-year old actor who says he normally never gets offered such roles. Fans may best know the actor as the current Sulu in the rebooted Star Trek, or as stoner Harold Lee of Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
My Twitter TL yesterday was abuzz with this news. In kdramaland, girls and women are excited that this will open doors for their favorite oppa to segue (back) into the American market. - Anika
Yeah one of my former UCLA classmates posted it to FB. - Jessie
he's 42?? i would have never thought that. also i'm looking forward to seeing that now - Sir Shuping is just sir
Yeah, I was surprised by that, too. I thought he was much younger than me. - Spidra Webster
I saw the trailer for this when it was released a few months back. It was pretty incredibly offensive, honestly. - Soup in a TARDIS
That's not surprising to me. I find ALL of Shaw's plays are offensive. I like My Fair Lady, but it's sexist and classist as hell. - Anika
Rep. Michael Burgess Has a Horrible Plan for Dealing With Child Immigrants | Dallas Observer -
Rep. Michael Burgess Has a Horrible Plan for Dealing With Child Immigrants | Dallas Observer
"Burgess has introduced legislation that would slash $15,000 from U.S. aid to El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala or Mexico each time an undocumented child from one of the countries was found to have entered the U.S. "That's quite a policy," says Glen Biglaiser, a UNT political science professor and expert in U.S.-Latin American relations. "[Burgess] assumes that Central American countries can control their own borders. It seems a bit ironic that we would want to impose that policy when we are not so great at controlling our own borders."" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
So, basically, worsen the conditions that drove them to come to the United States in the first place. These guys really don't understand cause-and-effect, huh? - Victor Ganata
Or math: "Between October 2013 and May 2014, more than 13,000 Honduran children have been apprehended after crossing the border, according to the Pew Research Center. If Burgess' bill were law, the U.S. would be expected to deduct around $195,000,000 from its aid to Honduras because of those kids. According to the U.S. plans to give Honduras $54.5 million in aid in... more... - Jessie
Wolves Might Use Their Eyes to Talk to Each Other | Science | WIRED -
Wolves Might Use Their Eyes to Talk to Each Other | Science | WIRED
"It’s no secret that wolves, foxes, and dogs are highly social animals. But beyond all the wagging, pawing and yipping we like to try to interpret, canids may have yet another way to communicate. New research hints at the possibility that dogs and their ilk could be sending each other signals with their eyes. A team of Japanese researchers looked at pictures of nearly every canid species and found that those with highly social pack and hunting behaviors were more likely to have easily-visible eyes. They then watched some of those species interact in zoos and concluded that those with eyes that were easier to see were more likely to be social. The results were published in a study in PLoS One on June 11." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"“What this study shows is that there’s a correlation between facial markings and sociality and the need to communicate,” said zoologist Patricia McConnell of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a dog behavior researcher who was not involved in the study. The scientists organized 25 different wild canid species according to their facial features (using around a dozen photos of... more... - Jessie
How A Biochemical Invention Of The Mongols Gave Us Sour Cream -
"The Mongols tended to eat what they brought with them, and what they brought with them was horses. Horses, like all mammals, produced both meat and milk. Milk would have been very useful, but much of the Mongol population was lactose intolerant. Rather than cutting off half their food supply, the Mongols found a way to use it. Although they couldn't eat mare's milk as it was, they did drink kumis, a very slightly alcoholic drink made from milk. Here is how you make it: first you take mare's milk, and add two types of bacteria, named Streptococcus lactis and Leuconostoc citrovorum. After the bacteria thicken the milk a little bit, you let the milk go through a second fermentation stage, during which the milk turns alcoholic. During the first stage, the lactose in the milk is neatly dismantled. Lactose is a fairly complicated molecule (C6H12O6), so breaking it up into two molecules of lactic acid that makes it easier to digest. The kumis and the curdled milk were both less likely than milk to spoil on long journeys in hot climates." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"As the Mongols spread across Asia, they took the kumis with them. Many different people came into contact with them, especially when they were at the peak of their empire. Among those people, it seems that the Russians were the ones that enjoyed kumis the most. They repeated the process with the milk from local livestock, which happened to be cows instead of horses. As they weren't as... more... - Jessie
It’s an indication of how far my standards have... | Cute Animals. Bad Dates. -
It’s an indication of how far my standards have... | Cute Animals. Bad Dates.
"It’s an indication of how far my standards have fallen that I’m just impressed he didn’t spell it “Satin.”" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Red panda debuts at Taipei Zoo - Taipei Times -
Red panda debuts at Taipei Zoo - Taipei Times
"One of three red pandas obtained from China’s Fujian Province made its public debut at the Taipei Zoo yesterday. Children thronging in front of the animal’s enclosure were elated to see Huan Huan (歡歡), peeping out from behind a bush. “There he is, how lovely he is,” they shouted in excitement. Huan Huan, the only male of the trio, adapted to the new environment more quickly than the others, so he was the first to meet the public, the zoo said. Huan Huan, weighing in at 4.7kg, is getting along well with his keeper, the zoo said, adding that his diet consists of bamboo, carrot, steamed cornbread and apple." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The three red pandas arrived on June 6, but had been quarantined after their arrival. They were bred by a research center in Fujian and given to the Taipei Zoo to promote breeding cooperation and help Taiwanese to understand the efforts made by China in wildlife protection. The Taipei Zoo has been trying to breed red pandas for the past 20-odd years, but the attempts have never succeeded." - Jessie
BBC News - China: Giant yellow rubber duck swept away in flood -
BBC News - China: Giant yellow rubber duck swept away in flood
"A giant yellow rubber duck floating on Nanming River in China's south-west Guizhou Province has reportedly been swept away by floodwaters just months after it exploded on display in Taiwan. The 18m (59ft) sculpture by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman disappeared around 19:00 local time on Wednesday, after the city saw days of heavy rainfall, the Taiwan-based Want China Times reports. Even though the duck weighs 1 tonne, and was sitting on a 10 tonne metal platform lashed to the riverbed with steel wires, it was easily dislodged by the storm. "The duck flopped over and was flushed away really quickly by the torrential flood," exhibition co-ordinator Yan Jianxin tells the Wall Street Journal's China Real Time blog. "It disappeared right in front of me."" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
:-( - Jessie
He was left Peking into the rain... - Johnny from iPhone
I think last year the duck deflated in Hong Kong, too. Dude is never going to let the duck visit China/Greater China again. - Jessie
N.C. Poet Laureate Cronyism Enrages Baristas With MFAs Everywhere -
N.C. Poet Laureate Cronyism Enrages Baristas With MFAs Everywhere
"Last week, Valerie Macon became the poet laureate of North Carolina. Valerie Macon is a disability claims processor with no major publications who was picked singlehandedly by the governor. And you still can't get the slush-pile intern at Copper Canyon Press to answer your goddamn emails. (Update: A sample poem of Macon's, "Vegetarian Meat Lover," has been added at the bottom of the post. Do enjoy.)" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Macon, a lyrical dabbler whose appointment embarrassed Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and outraged published poets everywhere, stepped down from the state-funded post today, but not before she and the governor took shots at those nasty elitist writers and professors with their "literary standards" and financially debilitating lifelong commitments to underfunded arts programs. " - Jessie
" A sample of Macon's oeuvre, via commenter toadelevatinguhr: Vegetarian Meat Lover / Clicking into Vinny's Pizza / in Jimmy Choo platform pumps, / a woman, six feet tall / and straight as a sunflower, / in high-waisted jeggings / and gold cropped tee. / Her boyfriend, / a weed sprout beside her, / ambles in Old Navy flip-flops. / She holds her yellow head high / like a flower tilted... more... - Jessie
Ok, I will enlighten you. When you say “None of... | Cute Animals. Bad Dates. -
Ok, I will enlighten you. When you say “None of... | Cute Animals. Bad Dates.
"Ok, I will enlighten you. When you say “None of the women on here can be honest with themselves or anyone else,” and complain about being ignored because you are a “good man,” that is not “speaking honestly.” That’s being a dick." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Boehner Drops Obama Lawsuit; Says It Would Mean Doing Something : The New Yorker -
Boehner Drops Obama Lawsuit; Says It Would Mean Doing Something : The New Yorker
"WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) dropped his plans to sue President Obama on Friday, explaining to reporters, “I realized it would mean doing something.” In a brief appearance before the press, Speaker Boehner talked about his gradual realization that “filing a lawsuit requires effort and, yes, work.” “I came to the conclusion that while suing the President would be the best thing for the American people, it would also require that I do something,” he said, struggling to retain his composure. “And that would be a betrayal of everything I stand for.”" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
" Mr. Boehner’s decision drew praise from fellow Republicans, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), who called it “courageous.” “I know this was a very difficult decision for John,” McConnell said. “But at the end of the day you have to be true to your core values.” " - Jessie
Towns Fight to Avoid Taking In Migrant Minors - -
Towns Fight to Avoid Taking In Migrant Minors -
"A shelter for Central American children who crossed the border illegally opened behind Gregg Griffith’s house here a few months ago. The children are quiet. No one has hopped over the fence that separates his backyard from the shelter, a once-vacant youth home. But when Mr. Griffith looks at the brightly painted brick buildings, he is mostly resentful. “That’s my tax money taking care of a foreign national or however you want to classify them,” said Mr. Griffith, 51, a volunteer fireman and researcher at a chemical plant. “I don’t want to take care of a foreign national. It’s not my problem. We did house kids in Brazoria County there at the youth home. I sort of feel like we should be taking care of our own first.” Overwhelmed by an influx of unaccompanied minors who are fleeing violence in their home countries in Central America, federal officials are searching the country for places to house them and have been forced to scrap some proposed shelter sites in California, Connecticut,... more... - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Yet the worries of neighbors and local officials persist. “We hate to see something like this that would paint us as an unfriendly town not open to all people,” said Robert J. Pecht, a councilman in Lawrenceville. “If you signed up to live next to a four-year college, that’s one thing. But you didn’t sign up to live next to something that requires Homeland Security.” In Southern... more... - Jessie
"Officials with the federal Administration for Children and Families, which oversees the housing of unaccompanied children as part of the Department of Health and Human Services, declined to comment about the opposition to shelter sites. Rumors have proliferated in many communities. Opponents said the migrant children would flood local school districts, but their average stay in a... more... - Jessie
So disgraceful. :( - Jenny H. from Android
Ugh, these heartless people - Soup in a TARDIS from FFHound!
"In the Dallas County town of Grand Prairie, officials had expressed skepticism about the plan to house hundreds of children at a former school. But their concerns were eased after Clay Jenkins, the county judge, and others went door to door in the school’s neighborhood and found that residents were overwhelmingly positive. “I was blown away by their support,” said Mr. Jenkins, who is... more... - Jessie
only most of us are monsters. there's good people nearly everywhere, if you look hard. - Big Joe Silence
LOL I am less worried about average citizens (open carry activists excepted) than I am about some of the officials. Congressmen, for instance. - Jessie
Taiwanese design team wants cats to eat ‘smartly’ - Taipei Times -
"A cat feeder that uses facial recognition technology will allow cat owners to “smartly” monitor the appetite of their furry friends any time and anywhere, a Taiwanese design team said on Wednesday. The device, called Bistro, has two major parts — a food dispenser and a scale, said Hannah Chen, a spokeswoman for 42Ark, which designed the device. When a cat steps on a Bistro, a built-in camera is activated and streams video to a back-end server, which runs a facial recognition algorithm to identify the cat, Chen said. As the cat is eating, weight sensors beneath the dispenser and the scale continuously monitor the weight of the cat, the food and water, she said. After the cat steps off, the system calculates the amounts of food and water the cat has consumed, as well as its weight, she added." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
UPDATE: 12-Year-Old in Custody After Stealing School Bus for Second Time- WMBB News 13 - The Panhandle's News Leader -
"Before noon Wednesday Parker Police were dealing with their second stolen Bay District school bus in just under a month. The call came in to Parker Chief of Police Chief Sweatt. "They had a bus stopped with a juvenile driver," said Sweatt."Our initial reaction was 'oh no, not again.'" Sweatt sent an officer to Franklin County to pick up 12-year-old Michael Propst and have him returned to Bay County. The same juvenile that, in June, took a bus on a joyride that ended at the Walmart in Panama City Beach. "He's not unruly or resists arrest or anything of that nature from what I understand," said Sweatt. "He's just into stealing vehicles."" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Jeez man. This kid. - Anika
somebody contact Vin Diesel to conduct an intervention. if the kid wants attention, give him some positive attention. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra
smh - Anne Bouey
Taoist temple hosts ‘Transformer’ statue - Taipei Times -
Taoist temple hosts ‘Transformer’ statue - Taipei Times
"Ahead of Transformers: Age of Extinction hitting theaters across the nation this month, Wenheng Temple (文衡殿) in Greater Tainan’s Longchi District (龍崎) welcomed its latest guard — Optimus Prime, a transformer robot warrior from the popular franchise. The Optimus Prime statue is 3m high and weighs 350kg, the temple staff said, adding that it is the largest statue on display at the temple. The temple has also ordered a custom-made statue of Bumblebee — another, yellow-colored autobot in the Transformers series, they said." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The Taoist temple became famous around the nation in July last year after it set up a display of armored suits featured in the popular Iron Man superhero franchise in front of a statue of Guan Gong (關公) — a legendary general from China’s Eastern Han Dynasty who is worshiped by Taiwanese and Chinese communities. The Iron Man exhibit featured replicas of the “Mark 42,” “War Machine” and... more... - Jessie
"Future visitors might also be able to see reproductions of the cartoon action heroes Captain America, Thor and The Hulk, he said." - Jessie
Christie: I Would Bring Traffic Over the Border to a Standstill : The New Yorker -
Christie: I Would Bring Traffic Over the Border to a Standstill : The New Yorker
"IOWA CITY (The Borowitz Report)— Testing the political waters in Iowa today, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said that if he is elected President, he would bring the flow of illegal immigrants over the U.S.-Mexico border to a virtual standstill. “There are ways of keeping people from getting to where they want to go,” Christie said, claiming that he was the only Republican hopeful with the hands-on experience necessary to fix the border crisis. The New Jersey governor was vague about how he would halt traffic over the border, but exuded confidence that he was the right man for the job. “I’d make a few phone calls,” he said. “It would get done.”" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
A few phone calls? LOL - Jenny H. from Android
Not sure what is more alarming: the actual fedora,... | Cute Animals. Bad Dates. -
Not sure what is more alarming: the actual fedora,... | Cute Animals. Bad Dates.
"Not sure what is more alarming: the actual fedora, or the self-consciously precious use of “‘tis.”" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Awww - the Chinese postdoc who I've been coaching on English oral presentations just got back from his dissertation defense. He said the dissertation committee was "stunned" by his progress in the two months since his practice defense. *preens*
Well done superwoman - Steve C Team Marina
I'm not surprised. :) Good work, Jessie! - Anne Bouey
Michigan woman shoots herself in face while trying to 'make a point' with shotgun - -
"A Michigan woman who tried to use a shotgun to "make a point" during a family argument ended up shooting herself in the face. After grabbing the gun, the Fremont Township woman slammed its butt-end onto the floor, causing the gun to go off and fire into her face. When police responded after receiving reports of a gunshot victim, they found the 51-year-old with a facial wound. She reportedly told officers that she wanted to use the firearm to "make a point." The woman was taken to St. Mary's of Michigan in Saginaw and she is expected to make a full recovery. Michigan police will continue to investigate the incident, but no charges have been filed at this time." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
At least the only one she hurt is herself. Not like that guy last week who used an assault rifle as a crutch and ended killing the child upstairs. - Betsy
Hero Raccoon Makes Off With 28 Pound Bag of Food -
>.> - Jessie from Bookmarklet
Open Carry Advocates Win in Court, Will Celebrate by Freaking Out Kids at Six Flags | Dallas Observer -
Open Carry Advocates Win in Court, Will Celebrate by Freaking Out Kids at Six Flags | Dallas Observer
"A federal judge on Monday ordered Arlington to not enforce its law banning pamphlet-distribution while the suit is pending. In his ruling, the judge wrote that Arlington streets are traditional public forums and protected by the First Amendment. OCTC's "attempts to distribute copies of the Constitution and gun rights literature on Arlington's streets and sidewalks is 'precisely the kind of speech in precisely the kind of place that the First Amendment aims to protect most,'" the judge wrote, quoting a previous ruling about the KKK's ability to demonstrate in a public place. The judge also wrote that Arlington's argument about the law maintaining public safety was not enough of a significant government interest to limit free speech in a public forum, such as a sidewalk next to a busy intersection." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"The group, understandably, is happy and has plans to celebrate. They wrote on their Facebook page: "In recognition of [Monday's] ruling, Open Carry Tarrant County will hold an event this Thursday in Arlington at 6 p.m. The group will convene at the Home Depot on Road to Six Flags. We will then walk to the corner of Collins and Road to Six Flags."" - Jessie
Fwd: Oops RT @guardian: Manual retweets are self-promotion and Twitter embeds aren't journalism @commentisfree (via
Fwd: Oops RT @guardian: Manual retweets are self-promotion and Twitter embeds aren't journalism @commentisfree (via
"The Buzzfeed piece ignited a backlash against a perceived invasion of privacy and a discussion about whether Twitter is public. Because the discussion involved fraught issues like personal safety and exposure, it ultimately focused on whether broadcasting these stories worldwide comprised another form of violation. So while the author, Jesssica Testa, (eventually) went above and beyond standard practice when compiling her piece, verifying that each tweet's author consented to appearing on Buzzfeed, the debate centered on ethical feminism and stopped short of engaging ethical journalism. Because at a certain point, the question isn't about privacy and is instead about whether relying on a revenue stream built on writing 300 words of what are essentially captions on someone else's work is essentially larceny." - Jessie
How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Talent - -
How Do You Get to Carnegie Hall? Talent -
Show all
"The 8-year-old juggling a soccer ball and the 48-year-old jogging by, with Japanese lessons ringing from her earbuds, have something fundamental in common: At some level, both are wondering whether their investment of time and effort is worth it. How good can I get? How much time will it take? Is it possible I’m a natural at this (for once)? What’s the percentage in this, exactly? Scientists have long argued over the relative contributions of practice and native talent to the development of elite performance. This debate swings back and forth every century, it seems, but a paper in the current issue of the journal Psychological Science illustrates where the discussion now stands and hints — more tantalizingly, for people who just want to do their best — at where the research will go next. The value-of-practice debate has reached a stalemate. In a landmark 1993 study of musicians, a research team led by K. Anders Ericsson, a psychologist now at Florida State University, found that... more... - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"One of those people, Dr. Ericsson, had by last week already written his critique of the new review. He points out that the paper uses a definition of practice that includes a variety of related activities, including playing music or sports for fun or playing in a group. But his own studies focused on what he calls deliberate practice: one-on-one lessons in which an instructor pushes a... more... - Jessie
"One is the age at which a person picks up a violin, or a basketball, or a language. People who grow up in bilingual households fully integrate both languages at the same time that language-specialized areas in their brains are developing. The same may be true of many other skills — there may exist a critical window of learning in childhood that primes the brain to pick up skills... more... - Jessie
Starting Today, Some Texas Teachers Are Learning to Become Armed School Marshals | Dallas Observer -
Starting Today, Some Texas Teachers Are Learning to Become Armed School Marshals | Dallas Observer
"The first training class for about 20 school marshals begins today in Fort Worth. Villalba spoke with Unfair Park and clarified that the initiative stipulates the marshals' confidentiality to all but school leadership and local police force -- so don't expect any information on who the marshals are or which school districts are employing the service. "What happened for me was that I saw what happened at Sandy Hook," Villalba told us. "In Connecticut they have the highest level of gun control, every student was economically privileged, and they had security at the school including locked doors. But an individual seeking to perpetrate some crime against children will not be deterred."" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Rather, marshal teachers can keep a firearm in a locked classroom safe or marshal administrators can carry a concealed weapon. Villalba noted that police officers already participate in open carry in several Texas high schools, and marshals will undergo similar police training. Marshals will also be subjected to a psychological examination and 80 hours of classroom instruction. "In the... more... - Jessie
:| - Jessie
"Even if there is a risk, it's outweighed by the protection we're offering our kids." Oh, is it? Thank you for making this decision on behalf of all students, parents, teachers and other classroom personnel. Thanks for that. #notreally - Jessie
So you aren't allowed to know if your child is sitting in a classroom all day with a frazzled gun carrying teacher. Great idea. I can't see any problems with that. - Heather
It looks like it is tied to open carry so presumably you (or your child) would see if there was a weapon present. It will be interesting to see if they see a high rate of parents pulling their kids from classrooms where a weapon if known to be present. - Soup in a TARDIS
I don't like this solution, so many things could go wrong. I am surprised that gun advocates are allowing restrictions, mandatory training and regular psychological testing, that they generally vehemently oppose. Why should the marshal's identity be kept secret? - Greg GuitarBuster
to prevent targeting. also, this is seriously fucked up. - Big Joe Silence
Well, isn't that sorta the point. How will students know who's in charge? Oh yeah, the teacher with a safe in the classroom. - Greg GuitarBuster
no, it'll be the teacher who always wears the open single-breasted jacket with the suspicious lump under the arm. - Big Joe Silence
Church Founded in Sixth Century Has More Modern Views on Women Than Scalia : The New Yorker -
Church Founded in Sixth Century Has More Modern Views on Women Than Scalia : The New Yorker
"LONDON (The Borowitz Report) - The Church of England, an institution whose origins date back to the sixth century A.D., has far more modern views about the rights of women than Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, experts said today. “In recognizing that women are the equals of men, the Church of England has embraced a position that is centuries ahead of Scalia’s,” Davis Logsdon, a professor of religion at the University of Minnesota, said. “This is a remarkable achievement, given that Scalia was born in 1936 and the Church began in the late five hundreds.”" - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"But Dr. Carol Foyler, a history professor at the University of Sussex, took issue with that assessment. “I date the beginning of the Church of England to 1534, when it was officially established under Henry VIII,” she said. “But regardless of whether the Church is fourteen centuries old or five centuries old, it’s unquestionably more modern than Scalia.” As for Justice Scalia, he... more... - Jessie
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