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Justin Scott

Justin Scott

student, photographer, blogger, twitter addict, facebook slacker, flickr user, Apple lover and technology junky
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I wonder if traffic won’t be so bad since I’m leaving work so late…
I think it's time for me to go home, what do you think?
Kinda heartbroken that I didn't get to talk to Ryan before he flew off to another continent. Pulling at my heart at a vulnerable moment.
#haiku So much work to do So little time to do it More hours, more sleep please
Really enjoying @NBCBlacklist c/o Netflix. Anyone else watching the show?
This is the first night that my apartment is cool since like April. Yay!!! No a/c tonight :-)
But wow, that shot of Toradol sure worked wonders, brings hope that it's just a muscle thing and not skeletal.
So... Dr thinks I may have injured my spine. Next step is an x-ray. Oy!
RT @gem_ray: My friend @amodicum is looking for app developers for market research – $300 payout for 1.5hr chat about background/preferences 😉
What I’ve learned so far. I’m 5′11″, 118/62 blood pressure and a resting heart rate of 63 w/ 98% O2. Nurse says, “Yeah, you’ll live.” Haha
Fresh haircut before I fly back to Missouri tomorrow! Thanks @dieselsalon -
Fresh haircut before I fly back to Missouri tomorrow! Thanks @dieselsalon
RT @kpfallon: Joan Rivers has already planned her funeral. And it will be fabulous.
This is pretty crazy! – This crab's blood could save your life
If you haven’t seen @Joan_Rivers’ documentary “A Piece of Work,” yet, watch it now on @Netflix
Yep RT @chocobohomo: The best Joan Rivers scene ever.
RT @AP: BREAKING: U.S. appeals court rules gay marriage bans in Wisconsin, Indiana unconstitutional.
Watch this documentary. It's truly amazing. Joan Rivers : A Piece of Work
So sad to find out that Joan Rivers has died. If you haven't watched her documentary, do so.
I don't use @Twitpic now but still sad to hear from @noaheverett that it's shutting down & why
Not a fan of this: @Twitter CFO @anthonynoto says @Facebook-style filtered feed is coming, whether you like it or not
YES! MT @WordPress: WordPress 4.0 is now available, with a smoother, more seamless writing & management experience:
Wondering what @joeysometimes is doing for @Beyonce's birthday...
Time for a margarita, some fish tacos and a killer sunset with @adifran626! -
Time for a margarita, some fish tacos and a killer sunset with @adifran626!
Data Marketing 101: Five Ways For Startups To Put Their Data To Work by @ShannnonB
Lytro Celebrates 175 Years of Photography with a History of Cameras
RT @jeremybelson: And @fox4kc is equally unprofessional in PR.
So sad — The long road to extinction: Elephant killings outnumber births, study says
RT @JonGrado: It's happened! gradolabs is on Instagram and having their "We're here finally" #giveaway. Also, big…
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