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Justin Scott

Justin Scott

student, photographer, blogger, twitter addict, facebook slacker, flickr user, Apple lover and technology junky
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People reading palms at a cantina. Seriously? Oy
When other guys are younger than you but look older than you... #yes
I'm surrounded by bears! (@ Rich's)
RT @michaelseche: We’ve had brunch, cleaned the house, gotten our grocery delivery…now what? Study Arabic, write an article, and drink some more? @justex07
The things you find in @michaelseche's bedroom... #lush
Sign @codyrodriguez is a true friend? He sends me an Easter basket. Sign he is pure evil? Full of pink Easter grass!
Time to visit my parents! MT @mashable: Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia will soon be the world's tallest
So. Tired.
Use my Uber promo code, uberjustex07, and get $20 off your first Uber ride. Redeem it at
Delicious group effort spread for a #GoodFriday brunch with @TheSarahLeBlanc @MaureenDeJesus & @michaelseche!
RT @littleredkitchn: Kick the weekend off with some sunshine. Strawberry Mango Tequila Sunrise #ontheblog from yesterday!…
" that like, when someone farts on you?" @michaelseche
Ugh to this person who keeps trying to take advantage of my kindness/generosity/weakness. Not cool.
Well dangit. Forgot to file a report. Back to work I go!
I need to invest in some stand desk shoes... that look nice.
RT @lovely: Did you miss Lovely on @CBSSF on Tuesday night? Watch the full segment here (VIDEO)!
Obama Says Health-Insurance Enrollees Reach 8 Million #ACA #ObamaCare
Took two hours to get out of the office for lunch. Lots of false starts with that today haha.
Happy Thursday! Which for a lot of us out there is our Friday. Three Day Weekends #FTW!
RT @dusteallen: Oh wow. This is happening in my hometown:
Words can't describe how it feels to know you work with people who support you, have your back and foster success.
Just got a jolt of energy! YAY!
RT @geek4media: If opportunity doesn't knock, make a door. - Milton Berle @justex07 @mariaajudice @LTMQ @ShantreVerite
RT @EmeraldGritty: God's gift to PMS. "Domino’s Unleashes Its Fried-Chicken-Crust Pizza"
Can strep spread into your jaw cause mine is killing me. Can't open my mouth all the way. (haha, yes jokes, I know what I typed...)
RT @AngieRobert: @noelkandersen @richmackey this just in: young @justex07 can't eat his food either. Three extra lunches = greatest day ever.
A skunk just sprayed outside my bedroom window. That pretty much sums up how my day started and ended. Here's to tomorrows!
After all that, doctor can't see me.
My new primary care physician specializes in diseases spread through needle sharing. Ummmm.
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