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Jannifer @wordsforliving
Tumblr vs Posterous - which do you prefer? Any tumblr users/fans here? I'm re-evaluating it and REALLY digging tumblr. Fits in with the way I like to microblog. - http://www.tumblr.com/
Tumblr vs Posterous - which do you prefer?  Any tumblr users/fans here?  I'm re-evaluating it and REALLY digging tumblr. Fits in with the way I like to microblog.
Seems to be more FriendFeeders who use/love Posterous - everyone feel the same about tumblr? If not, what's the difference in your opinion? - Jannifer @wordsforliving from Bookmarklet
wide band micro blogging, use them all :) - Robert Higgins
I use to like Tumblr a lot. Then one day they decided to add something called Tumblarity which rates you on how much you post compared to others on the site. That completely ruined it for me. I don't like feeling like it's a competition to be the one who posts the most. So I moved to Posterous and love it so much more. - Oracio
That's interesting. I wasn't aware of the Tumblarity. If it shows everyone your tumblr "score" it would feel like pressure to perform to me. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
I find the tumblr bookmarklet far more usable, particularly when selecting what type of post you are creating. The Posterous bookmarklet feels clumsy and difficult to use in comparison. - Rajit
Oh as a matter of fact, I can't even use the Posterous bookmarklet - it won't drag into my toolbar. But I blamed Firefox with the buggy problems because I was able to drag it into the toolbar in Safari. If Tumblr doesn't give me trouble in this area, it would be a win for me. - Jannifer @wordsforliving
Tumblr - Nick Humphries
posterous - I use posterous to send all my content to tumblr. The one thing it has that's nice are the themes. Everyone on posterous will have .themes soon as well! - Michael Fidler
themes on posterous are the only thing lacking for me. I've tried them both and still don't know which one I like better. - BRҰANSAҰS
Robert Higgins: how do you utilize both tumblr and posterous or are they just mirrors of each other? - BRҰANSAҰS
Jannifer, from what I can see, Tumblr puts the emphasis on community where Posterous on technology. Posterous has a cool bookmarklet and they keep on introducing integration features with other platforms. Tumblr came up with Tumblarity, their version of hashtag, and really took a lot of ideas from the Twitter community (the dashboard, like, reblogs, etc.). I use Tumblr now because they allow you to design your page. Posterous will allow this also, soon. - Andre P. Siregar
Oh yeah, the tumblarity score can be annoying if you let it. My score is consistently low that I don't even bother. Again, this is their "strategy" so people interact more using Tumblr. You know how some people care about their follower number, how many retweets they get, etc. Tumblarity is basically the same thing. (BTW I wrote about it here http://dregar.tumblr.com/post...) - Andre P. Siregar
The Tumblarity think reminds me of karma in Plurk and I hated looking at my low score. It big and bold and stares at you whenever you login. That always frustrated me about them. I barely use it now. - BRҰANSAҰS
Posterous - Brett Kelly from iPhone
I like things about both. One thing that Tumblr does that I would love Posterous to do is automatically import feeds. I come from a marketing background past, so not having the custom themes for setting up your own "brand" is a BIG downside for Posterous as well. I want to use one as my main site, but I feel like I need to wait for a few more features from Posterous. - Ronald S
I like both, but the email posting of Posterous is the killer feature. - Justin Luey from FreshFeed
@Justin Tumblr has email posting too. :) - Chris Chua
Posterous - Wayne Sutton
Posterous. You can't get simpler than emailing stuff. - Tom Landini
I'm a fan of tumblr. - Domestic Diva
I use both and like them for different reasons. Tumblr has a much stronger community and it's easier to discover cool posts and re-blog them. Posterous has made my overall online experience much richer -- I have no excuse to not blog, post pictures, etc. I think if Posterous improved customization and re-blogging tools, it would be a no-brainer in their favor. - Ben Hanten
My least favorite thing about Tumblr is that there isn't an RSS feed for your dashboard. That is ridiculous. I miss a ton of great posts because of that. - Ben Hanten
I haven't used Tumblr, but I love Posterous. Heck, if Blogger starts to fail, I can always move my blogs there. (No Tumblr RSS feed? That's a major strike against it in my opinion.) - Dennis Jernberg
Dennis, there is an RSS feed your individual blog and other people's individual blogs. But Posterous lets you have an RSS feed of ALL of your subscribed to blogs. Makes a lot more sense. - Ben Hanten
I like both for different reasons. Posterous easy, email based posting. Tumblr has more customization. - Karoli
I think once posterous has customization, they will be the clear winner. I keep holding out for that anyway. They keep saying its coming, but they have been saying that for a while. - BRҰANSAҰS
hmmm 2x - cysko
They took down the Tunbarity scres on Tumnblr. I just started getting into it. I like the community aspect of it these days, as there are some really creative and interesting content being parsed over there. I feel like posterous is just a brain dump, and who knows if anyone is paying attention? Might as well brain dump on your own blog. - Liz
i like and use them both. - Big Joe Silenced
I noticed that they took down the Tumbularity scores which is fine by me. I also noticed that it's easier to discover other people now with the live updating wall they added. Posterous needs to improve discovery, unless I'm missing something there. - Michael Fidler
more hmmm @Liz - cysko
posterous, used to be tumblr but switched b/c posting is far easier. As to themes?? Whatevs. And I'm sure they''ll come soon. - sofarsoShawn
Posterous.. - Chris Myles
use them both. tumblr more than posterous on avg. usually depends on what type of content i am posting. I seem to choose posterous for posts that are more or less text based content and tumblr for just posting images i like or pics I took myself. - Turner Burns
you can post stuff via email with wordpress.com now also. - Logan Lindquist
@Turner Burns yeah I was thinking about that I figured one would be more like a blog and one for all my junk... I'm not sure which is better suited for the different types of stuff. Although I did up for posterous but I don't see myself not jumping in with tumblr - cysko
Interesting article from Ars Technica: Tumblr vs Posterous: quick blogging showdown - http://arst.ch/fja - Zulkarnain K.
@LouCypher and you know when Ars Tecnica sez quick it means only 3 pages... I read great post1 posterous is really coming on strong..... - cysko
A WordPress focused TextMate bundle to rule all WordPress Textmate bundles - http://github.com/Gipetto... (via Flocke)
39 Free Buttons And WebDesign Resources From Deviantart http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/develop...
I have just irrevocably shamed myself by becoming mayor of Taco Bell on Foursquare. And so soon after the Twilight tweet... I need to go live in a hole for a while.
when you go into hiding, tell Kanye I said hi. - Long Vo
Wow... just wow. ;-) - Herb Hernandez
Taco Bell forever!! - Garmon Estes
It would have been one thing if you were mayor of Del Taco... - Thomas
red letter day - Jerry Perez
I wonder if anyone's the mayor of Sizzler... - Thomas
For as many times as I've gone to Taco Bell, I don't think I ever thought it was a good move afterwards. : 0 - Jerry Perez
*rimshot* - Thomas
gonna hurl : { } ============= - Jerry Perez
i believe it is - Jerry Perez
I like taco bell. it just doesn't fill you for very long. - Carlos Urrutia
I'll let this one go Veronica, but if I see you become mayor of Long John Silvers then I'm unfollowing you! :-) - Jim Bednarz
it could be worse. she could become the mayor of a 7/11 :) - Carlos Urrutia
Mmmm. Double beef burrito supreme... with spicy sauce... bluhhhhhhh.... - Dave Friedel
It must be the blackjack tacos Veronica couldn't resist. :P - imabonehead
why be ashamed? Taco bell won the fast food wars! - Fee501st
Having never been in a Taco Bell, my impressions of it were: the had a small dog as the mascot, they serve spicy food which presumably involves cheese... This, to me, said 'WIN'. I am not really getting that vibe from this thread however. :P - Amy
Amy, the funny part is they used to not be this bad (think McTaco and you have a rough idea of the quality today). There was a time when they actually used real meat and beans (cooked in a pressure cooker, blended with a massive stick blender and mixed with a *lot* of lard). Now though it's all dehydrated packages of flakes that turn into beans once you add water. Even the beef is like that. And it's spicy in the same way a cheese pizza is spicy. But it does involve cheese... :) - Thomas
Oh no Fee! Now you started a Demolition Man quotebomb! - Dave Friedel
"We're police officers! We're not trained to handle this kind of violence!" - Dave Friedel
"*snicker* He doesn't know how to use the three sea shells..." - Thomas
"Be well John Spartan" - Dave Friedel
they use meat! just not on everything :) - Carlos Urrutia
"I can knit a throw rug in my sleep..." - Thomas from FreshFeed
"Chief, you can take this job, and you can shovel it." - Dave Friedel
"Mellow greetings. What seems to be your boggle?" - Dave Friedel
Thomas: We don't have 'McTaco's :) I don't think I've ever eaten a taco in my life. And tbh the way you described flakes turning into beans when you add water...it sounds like they're using magic, I wouldn't mess with them. - Amy
Wow, you people remember a lot about Demolition Man! - Amy
As someone who works for a company that provides the "meat" for Taco Bell. Maybe we're all better for not eating the ground beef. The chicken and steak are more or less fine though. - Jerry Perez
fuck.... - Veronica
quickly! take a screenshot! Veronica cursed! :p - Carlos Urrutia
I work for a pretty big protein company. Amazing information. - Jerry Perez
lol, now I'm glad I've never eaten there... - Amy
Makes me really miss having a Del Taco nearby - not that they're probably any better meat-wise... - Thomas
I take it V that you had some sort of soft or crunchy taco with ground "beef". - Jerry Perez
It might have been a burrito of ground "beef" - Carlos Urrutia
Was it that taco that was crunchy, though...? - Thomas
Checked with some company sources. Feel free to enjoy Del Taco. - Jerry Perez
And there was much rejoicing... - Thomas
I think Veronica's off barfing :) - Amy
Now that I think about, I think that's the second time I've made Veronica curse. Geez, and here I thought I was a nice guy. - Jerry Perez
yes, don't mess with bacon :) - Carlos Urrutia
Nobody disrespects bacon - Amy
Well...what's the brand? Do you even want to know? We have both amazing and awful!!! - Jerry Perez
it was 2 gorditas and one crunchy supreme taco. both beef :( - Veronica
OMG Veronica you have me rolling right now. YOU ARE HILARIOUS. ;) - Andru Edwards
Don't worry Veronica, if it hasn't killed you yet, then you can only become stronger now :) - Carlos Urrutia
I love Taco Bell. And I haven't had any since like May. Sad. - Araceli
Thats my combo! Any hot sauce? - Ferdinand Perez
I recommend you spend the extra 15 cents and upgrade to steak next time you go. : ) - Jerry Perez
I love the sauce pack quotes :) Once, I grabbed on of each sauce without looking closely and I ended up getting the same quote on all of them :) - Carlos Urrutia
FIRE SAUCE!! - Veronica
Very tasty. - Jerry Perez
I had one of those combo stores with a KFC/Taco bell inside close to my apartment in NYC, but now its a popeyes. I mean I like popeyes, but... :) - Ferdinand Perez
lol, dont put the blame on me! Unless Veronica liked it, then yea it was all my idea! :p - Fee501st
"Veronica Belmont you have been fined 1 credit for violation of the decency code..." - Dave Friedel
Well I'm off to Del Taco (and I'm not kidding). - Dave Friedel
Actually feeling like a burger myself. - Jerry Perez
Funny, you don't look like a burger. - Veronica
*rimshot* - Thomas
she be all all week folks, tip your waitress! - Fee501st
Veronica - Jim Bednarz
nice one! - Fee501st
Of course you can cancel that shame out by getting and watching the new Star Trek Bluray :) Oh, and a box of Tim Tam's to make up for Taco Hell food:) - Carlos Urrutia
Taco Bell is the best place to eat...if you're constipated. - imabonehead
Actually, we grade our beef with certain levels. We classify Taco Bell ground beef one level above dog food, which we also produce. Which would explain why my dog just absolutely loves Taco Bell. - Jerry Perez
Just been "Bazinga-ed" by Veronica : ) - Jerry Perez
I'd be proud to be mayor of Taco Bell - Justin Luey from FreshFeed
Go Mayor Veronica! (Nothing to be ashamed of) - j1m
This thread went from FourSquare to Taco Bell to Demolition Man to Veronica's thankfully short lived stand up career. Bravo everyone. - Dave Friedel
i'm sure we can get more stuff going if we try :) - Carlos Urrutia
Did you just say that V isn't funny Dave? - Jerry Perez
31 Creative use of Typography in Web Design http://thedesignmag.com/31-crea...
Robert Scoble
Why I don't use Google Reader anymore - http://scobleizer.posterous.com/why-i-d...
Posted via web from scobleizer's posterous - Robert Scoble from Posterous
İnteresting..! I think Google Reader is very usefull app - ★ Soner Gönül
Can't wait to get the Lists feature enabled! Very good post! - Gerardo Capetillo
Adopting Twitter for news reading is a huge commitment to read instantly all news (bc they don't archive, right?). It's insane ... But yes gReader is too heavy. - N.G. Gordon - RadarSync from iPod
I just don't understand how you process all those tweets per day. I'm sure lists make it easier. Personally, I like the static nature of Google Reader because I can quickly scan folders by date-time or feed and then mark things with a star if I want to read them later, quick notes on shared items, etc. And of course all the shared stories post here on FriendFeed then Twitter. Normally I keep FF up all day but just began with threadsy and I confess it's got me looking at my Twitter stream MUCH more. - Ankush Narula
What about using feedly, Robert?? - Roberto Bonini
funny... cause i still read your blogs in reader... its got its place... tracking rss feeds from youtube, photography sites etc etc etc... if people want to follow what you write, you should not have to write your blog AND post the link to twitter... redundant! and will make twitter even noiser! why not let people pull at their leisure... the two things are for different times of the... more... - simran
Robert, my favourite news reader, NetNewsWire started using Google Reader for synchronization and it's a failure. I now get most of my news via FriendFeed and Twitter. - Khürt Williams
Re Point 8. Check out "RSS Flash G" iPhone GoogleReader App. It lets you share, from iPhone, like a good thing, supports FaceBook, Twitter, Delicious, Instapaper and of course all googlereader sharing facilities are there too. These are two entirely different methods of discovery they both have their uses. But sharing from GoogleReader on the iPhone is EASY so I hope that takes care of point number 8. - JSLeFanu
ffcode: actually on Twitter I miss very little. Why? Retweets and repetition. And, we always have TechMeme as the big net! - Robert Scoble
I just got Lists so i haven't had a chance to really get to grips with it, but I think the problem Robert is that you're trying to apply your usage cases to everyone else. I use Reader in a different way to the way I use Twitter. Just like I use FriendFeed differently to Twitter or Reader. - Eoghann Irving
I guess if you are recycling tweets don't need GReader, if you are munging petabytes via Yahoo Pipes, than GReader will pull stuff fresh off the press - Robert Higgins
Eoghann: over and over in my career I've been told that I'm not like everyone else, but then everyone else behaves like me only about a year later. So, see ya next year! - Robert Scoble
Robert: ahh, yeah, I guess Yahoo Pipes is one thing that might keep me on Google Reader -- if I used it. I'm going to delete everyone on my Google Reader account and start over. It's so freaking slow that it's totally useless, even for the few things I could see some utility for. - Robert Scoble
Robert, it doesn't *always* happen like that. Sometimes it's two years. :-) - Bruce Lewis
Robert, that's a silly argument. If you make enough predictions (and you make them daily). You will of course sometimes be right. But you are not always right. FriendFeed? - Eoghann Irving
Eoghann: I was right about FriendFeed. It's just that Twitter and Facebook are now going to turn into FriendFeed. Just watch. Twitter's new RT feature looks a LOT like FriendFeed's likes. - Robert Scoble
Eoghann: but I get where you're going. By the way, 50,000+ followed me here. So, something about FriendFeed was interesting enough to sign into it. - Robert Scoble
well, you certainly helped make it interesting. But at first, I didn't really understand it's value proposition vis-a-vis Facebook. And now, with things like ping.fm, is it's value really that much? Not sure - I mainly use it for the tray functionality so I can keep up with you, Mrinal, and Danny. Otherwise, I'd completely get behind your posts. - Arthur Coleman
Arthur: FriendFeed's value is static, while the others are rolling out new features. So, for me, it's better to bet on Facebook or Twitter. But FriendFeed will be better for things like live conversations or real time search for quite some time. - Robert Scoble
I love FriendFeed. But I don't recommend it to everyone else. For a lot of my offline friends Facebook is a better fit. Again I come back to the fact it's not one size fits all. - Eoghann Irving
I prefer accessing Google Reader via feedly. - Nils Sandin
Well I tend to miss many important things on twitter.. not my fault. .. time zones differ and so do the times articles are published and linked on twitter ... On my google reader they always stay .. i can check them when i want .. so twitter better than GR? .. yes for breaking news .. not for general articles .. - Amit
Amit: on Twitter they always stay too. It's just that Twitter has a lot more flow. But now with lists you can cut down the flow. - Robert Scoble
Robert: I agree they stay. but it is not difficult to lose them in all the tweet flow. i know lists allows you to cut down the flow, but not if lists has many twitters added to it. I want to read what you write more than what you share and I do not want to miss those articles. Google Reader will always remain my first preference for that.. - Amit
Twitter with Lists has become my defacto RSS reader. - Rubin
Just opened my co twitter account & was invited to "create list", I like the way you have broken it down!! I might just organize mine this way, to also include, clean energy, smartgrid, energy management etc. Thanks for a great post!! - John Tastad
Amit: again, if you use lists you DO NOT HAVE TWEET FLOW!!! How can I make you guys understand this? Make a list with five people on it. Your flow will go to nothing. - Robert Scoble
still waiting on lists... am not in love with GR... folder heirachy and speed drive me nuts... - andy
Got list!! It's gonna make organizing specific followers by categories so much better and following specific tweets easier!! Customized information at your finger tips.. - Angels In Action
Is your issue against google reader or rss feed readers in general? I find my rss reader is an invaluable resource to get great information - Pavan
I think it depends where on the wave of info you want to be. I want to create it, others will ride it. I find the stories with tools in addition to reader, then distribute them via Twitter, Facebook, etc. Hopefully, first then others on those social services will find them interesting and talk about them, distribute them and retweet them. If your content with the crowd being a filter for you, I think your right on. - Andrew Acomb from iPhone
Robert I just the funny thing you do not like anything Google does this days, I am actually starting to wonder if you are Anti them. First you hate Google Wav even though their are not enough people on in yet to make it worthwhile and now Reader. I really wonder sometimes. - Rob Cairns
this is totally off the subject, but i have been noticing more and more heavy hitters on Posterous: is there something i'm missing....i just don't know if i can keep up with yet another social networking site, but am i missing out? - Steve Borgman
Someone please wake me up when people stop grafting their hopes and dreams on Posterous, a me-too blogging tool with some novel shortcuts to author. - Carter ♥ JS
The only PSD to HTML/CSS series you'll ever need to read/watch. http://net.tutsplus.com/videos...
RT @hongkiat 20 Best Wordpress Typography Plugins To Enhance Readability http://www.hongkiat.com/blog...
AudioJungle: Music Distribution with Amazon’s CreateSpace http://blog.audiojungle.net/resourc...
8 ways to make Wordpress easier to use for your clients http://www.designer-daily.com/8-ways-...
Open Source E-Commerce Shopping Carts – Best Of - http://www.hongkiat.com/blog...
Mastering CSS Coding: Getting Started - http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009... (please RT)
Mike Bracco
MAC QUESTION: If I'm creating screencasts that include Firefox or Safari but I want the browser to be free of all bookmarks, plugins, extensions etc... is there a way to toggle to a "fresh install version" of the browser under the same user account? I know I could create a new user to do this but I want to stay under same user account. Possible?
Would using Fluid.app work for you? - Micah
i know you can create a fresh, separate profile for firefox... safari you can just hide the unnecessary toolbars (tabs, status, bookmarks, toolbar) - Glenn Batuyong from twhirl
Glenn - thanks for info on Firefox. I figured I could do that option with Safari. - Mike Bracco
Micah - wow! How did I not know about Fluid. Looks really cool! Going to download now. Thanks! - Mike Bracco
Have you tried using 'start private mode' browsing in firefox? Then the browser doesnt show your bookmarks and history in the location bar. - TrafficBug
Just create a new Profile http://support.mozilla.com/en-US... - Oscar Mota
Firefox has a safe mode that you can use to temporally disable themes, addons and so on. Check http://kb.mozillazine.org/Safe_mo... for more details. - Luca Mondini
Thanks Luca - I'll check out that option. - Mike Bracco
jQuery Tools: The missing UI library for the Web - http://www.noupe.com/jquery... #jquery
Robert Scoble
stevepohlit: Enjoyed this video by ProBlogger on attracting people to your blog using you social network http://bit.ly/23RXBQ - http://twitter.com/stevepo...
Robert Scoble
My favorite way to tweet is @simplytweet on iPhone though. iPhone is my life changer. Baby Ryan likes it too.
Agreed, I've been using it since it came out and I'm glad it's finally get the exposure it deserves. Proof that great apps will surface. - Justin Luey from FreshFeed
Robert Scoble
Leo Laporte
The Incredible, amazing, awesome Apple Keynote (via justanotherguy84) - http://leo.tumblr.com/post...
The Incredible, amazing, awesome Apple Keynote (via justanotherguy84)
Really nice video. - Ken Sheppardson
Incredibly Annoying! - Kelly Mitchell
Robert Scoble
iPhone App Automatically Picks the News You’ll Like - http://mashable.com/2009...
I tried it this morning, but I can only connect my Twitter. Everything else keep saying there is am error... - Giorgio Burlini from iPhone
Giorgio: we're handling this problem, Should be solved in a jiffy - Ilana Gurman
This seams like a great app but it's running very very slow...It took me a long time, but finally I was able to add my google reader. Didn't have the same luck with friendfeed :( Now under top messeges it says "Error, couldn't load items", so I haven't seen a story yet.. Is this all part of the network problem IIana? I'd love to give this a try soon :D - sebastian☆rocket brother
Sebastian & Giorgio: I'm terribly sorry! We're working hard to fix the slowness issue. Thanks so much for your patience! - Ilana Gurman from email
The app worked perfectly yesterday, and doesn't work at all today. They must be getting swamped now that the major blogs have covered it. This app has huge potential, yesterday it was the fastest RSS iPhone app for Google Reader. The only thing I didn't like is, it's a one way sync with Google Reader, it shows unread feeds but doesn't update Google after you read the item. - Justin Luey from FreshFeed
Ilana, no problem! :) I just wanna be able to try this :D ...and I hope you guys get this fixed before the bad reviews start coming in on the App store. Those people are brutal. It would suck if you got really bad reviews because of a silly problem. - sebastian☆rocket brother
Justin, it doesn't update google reader of the stuff you read?!? Oh that's not good.. Are you sure? That would seem pretty inconvenient to use as you'd have to use 2 readers and do everything twice.. :S - sebastian☆rocket brother
Sebastian and Justin: Guys, millions of thanks for your understanding and support. We're a small group of people trying to bring you the best solution possible! Thank you for bearing with us :-) I also hope the bad reviews dont make it there before we get things under control. But I believe in digital Intuition, so cheers to that! - Ilana Gurman from email
You might want to put a little message at the beginning of the App Store description saying you're currently experiencing some network problems to let the users know it's temporary. Before they try the app once and delete it...there's already a 1 star review there.. I'm rooting for you guys! :D - sebastian☆rocket brother
Sebastian: Sorry didn't reply to this one... got lost in the whirlwind..I updated our description - Thanks for the tip! - Ilana Gurman from email
Ilana: I'm glad your service is running smoothly again :) Hope the ratings come back up soon. BTW, I'm not sure this is the best place to ask, but I was wondering, are you planning to implement syncing the read stories with google reader in the future? So we don't have to check them on both m6s and google reader. - sebastian☆rocket brother
Sebastian: Thanks! We are too ;-) I'm hoping that now the ratings will bounce back up... re google reader sync- We actually received a few requests for this feature and we're already taking it under consideration for future versions. And this is definitely the place to ask :D - Ilana Gurman from email
Robert Scoble
Got @feedly working and WOW it has Google Reader NAILED. My new home page.
Why so late? - Rahsheen
exactly! - michael sean wright
I just went back to it today after a couple weeks hiatus. - Bryan R. Adams
I just wish they had a web service or something that worked with Safari - Jesse Stay
Coach: I've been using it for a while. Not late at all. It's just that this new version finally nailed it for me and got me excited. Why? It shows friends. That's the main thing I liked about Google Reader. - Robert Scoble
I'm waiting for Feedly for Chrome - Andre P. Siregar
Thank you Robert @Jesse a few people have been able to get an experimental feedly for safari running (see http://blog.feedly.com/2009... ) Andre: I expect us to push out a Chrome version out in October. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Awesome! Thanks, Edwin. - Andre P. Siregar from email
Edwin, nice! Thanks! - Jesse Stay
I've said it before and I'll say it again; Google should buy feedly! It's my favorite app by far. - Michael Fidler
@Michael: We would actually prefer to see Google Reader become a platform like twitter and feedly be one of the clients built in that ecosystem. For RSS to go mainstream, you are going to need a lot of different niche experiences to emerge. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Happy to hear feedly works for you, does Firefox? It runs_slowly_for_me... - David Libby
The thing is utterly incomprehensible. - Dominic Jones
Yeah. Feedly has been my homepage for a few months. Love it to death. - Quasar
Feedly is fantastic. Not sure why more people aren't using it. I'd love to hear what the guys on TWIG think of it in particular. - invariant
I just installed feedly last night and have just started using it. I'm looking forward to putting it through it's paces tonight. Looks very slick. - Aaron Schaub from iPod
Feedly is one of my fave apps. Hardly look at google reader since I started using Feedly and so easy to cross post too! - Ange Recchia/angesbiz
Edwin: definitely looking forward to it. - motownmutt
I am going to have to give this thing a try. - Vadim Lavrusik
Feedly for Chrome, please? Pretty please? - Craig Eddy
yay I can't wait to see it in Oct for Chrome! - metalerik
@Keith. Yes. There was an encoding regression in a patch we pushed out this afternoon. This problem has been fixed in 2.x.014 and everything should be working correctly next time you restart firefox. Sorry for the inconvenience. - Edwin Khodabakchian
I was using Feedly a while ago and went back to Google Reader. It was just too painful to keep up with all my feeds. - Jody Fanning from twhirl
@feedly has completely taken over my use of google reader... - Andy Bryant
Love, feedly, looking forward to trying the Safari version - Kim Landwehr from BuddyFeed
yeah feedly is great, but try the greasemonkey plugins for reader. i like enhanced black. when its late and dark and i just want to scan the internets its perfect on the eyes - Robert Higgins
Sorry if this question is a rookie mistake, but pros/cons GoogleReader vs Feedly? THANKS. - Jimmy Watson
Kevin Rose
productive evening, ran 3 miles, watched favre, then grabbed some food/brainstormed w/@tferriss, that guys next book is going to be awesome
Favre looked really good. They need to protect him better, he has taken more hits in half a game with the Vikings than he did all last year. - Justin Luey
Robert Scoble
Apple Snow Leopard reviews are coming in at http://twitter.com/scoblei...
Lots of good information here: http://www.macworld.com/article... - Mike Shulman
Robert Scoble
@sushantanand I love SimplyTweet. I don't have ANY issues with it. Sync? I don't do stuff that needs syncing on Twitter.
SimplyTweet is probably the best iPhone Twitter app out right now, but it isn't getting much attention. - Justin Luey
Interesting. Will have a look. - Roberto Bonini
What does it do that makes it better than Tweetie? It doesn't look at nice, visually, to me. Sell me on it - tell me why it's wonderful, and convince me to spend $5 to try it. :-) - Josh Bancroft
Josh: I forget now, but there was something that pissed me off about Tweetie that I forget now. Hey, if Tweetie is working for you, why switch? - Robert Scoble
Not really looking to switch, but I'm something of an afficionado of iPhone Twitter apps. :-) Tweetie, Birdfeed, Twitterrific, and TweetDeck are all great. I wasn't saying "why should I dump Tweetie", I was afraid there was something really cool about SimplyTweet that I'm missing out on. That's what I meant by "convince me". :-) - Josh Bancroft
I've been using Boxcar for push notification of @replies and DMs, and it works GREAT. The cool thing is that it doesn't matter what Twitter app you use. It "supports" several, like Tweetie, Twitterrific, etc., if you want to open the notifications in an app, but I don't use it that way. It's nice not to be tied to one client, because as I mentioned, I have 5 or 6 of them installed at any given time. :-) - Josh Bancroft
Postal Service – Sleeping in ♫ http://blip.fm/profile...
The Postal Service rocks, I hope Ben Gibbard can pull himself away from Death Cab long enough to record another album. - Justin Luey
Robert Scoble
Sigh. The hackers got into my blog, left some invisible text in places I didn't catch, and now have gotten me kicked out of Google. Grrr.
Hardcore grudgery! - Daniel J. Pritchett
huh - directeur
I'm guessing by *invisible text* he means people loaded white-on-white keywords into his header and footer like the sort of NSFW content blocked by your office's firewall. - Daniel J. Pritchett
So much for having your own blog giving you control of your content? - Jesse Stay
I got screwed cause the old blog.grazr.com got hacked (didn't know it) and it was redirected to my new blog. So now my pagerank is like -5 or something. - mikepk
shocked that after the hell i went through on rackspace/mosso they wouldn't have known what to clear - i was out of google too - it's so fun - all of my sites got hit too over time so i lost a ton of google. - Allen Stern
I hate to say it but as Allen and Jesse are hinting at this is a black mark on your hosting provider. - Daniel J. Pritchett
I still get yahoo search referrals for casinos and nsfw stuff. blah. #spammersshouldbekilled - mikepk
why is this rackspaces fault? - Mark
I've seen injected content on RSS feeds that didn't show up on the blog itself. :-/ Sorry to hear! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
there's a virus or something like that which places an iframe in your page. just change your ftp password, scan your machine for virusses, and find the code in the pages and then google will let you in again - Hakan
Maybe it's a black mark because Scoble is a Rackspace employee, but it's not Rackspace's fault something happened to a website. They run the server, not the website. - Mark Trapp
daniel - just to be clear - they have said to me time and agian it's not their side, it's wordpress side. - Allen Stern
Is that acceptable? I know that ever since I've moved from hosted Blogspot over to self-administered WordPress I've had some crazy spam issues. Maybe that's just a natural consequence of the blog growing and not a result of my hosting choice. - Daniel J. Pritchett
They used some sort of admin hack. We changed a whole bunch of stuff and now the hack has stopped (we deleted the admin account and did a bunch of other stuff). I'm not sure how it happened, but we're getting smarter about setting up Wordpress, that's for sure! - Robert Scoble
Allen: there are folks inside Rackspace who know how to clean this up. I'm now working with them. - Robert Scoble
Use XENU to find all the links and kill them, makes life easier to find all the places the embedded code ended up. Worked for me when this happened to me last year. - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
In a separate thread, Robert admitted his blog was running WordPress 2.7.x, which was vulnerable to an exploit detailed here: http://wordpress.org/develop... -- and then once in, hackers can inject spam only visible to robots. If you have a WordPress blog, please update to the latest version -- 2.8.4 -- to prevent hackers from doing the same thing to your blog that they did to Robert's. - Stephen Mack
It's such a damn shame that you worked so hard to have an Internet presence and some bastard sits around in his basement and try to whack you off the net - Houseofmax
Stephen: I think that was ONE of the exploits they used. The exploits continued even after updating (they've stopped now, because we made it hard to find the admin account -- that's something I would do immediately too, change the name of your admin account). - Robert Scoble
Otto: thanks. Some of those guys work at Rackspace and they are helping out now. :-) - Robert Scoble
Wordpress rocks. :) - Louis Gray
Oh yes it does Louis! - Hutch Carpenter
Robert, that was probably how they got in originally, and probably left themselves backdoors that worked even after you updated to 2.8.4. - Stephen Mack
Daniel: nothing about the hosting choice makes WordPress (or any other web-level application) more susceptible to spam. Your site is accessible via a fully-qualified domain name, which is how spammers are finding you (via Google or other means). That domain could be attached to any host, the spammers don't care or necessarily know who that host is. What a host is responsible for,... more... - Mark Trapp
Most of Rackspace's products are unmanaged at the application layer, but managed at the system and network layer. - Mark Trapp
I had to pay triple my yearly hosting fee just to cover the bandwidth lost to spam before I figured out how to blacklist spammers using a WP plugin. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Who is responsible Host? WP? Is it possible to have an eye over errors logs and failed attempt ! - Honey
same exact thing happened to me a month ago. I finally got it sorted out. I'm happy to share what I learned if interested. I went to d msg you on Twitter but i'm one of the masses to be unfollowed - Jim Goldstein
Jim: you can DM me here, which is even better! - Robert Scoble
I figured :) Hence my presence here. - Jim Goldstein
Robert, if I'm clear on this you are positive this isn't a Rackspace/host/server failure but a failure to secure the script (FREE AND COMMON) you used for your blog. Right? It's not like you had your SQL server hacked or something similarly systems related. - Jason Nunnelley
Just highlights one of the major drawbacks of Cloud Computing. You don't really have control of your own destiny. Of course, that's not to say the same thing can't happen when you do. - Ward Mundy
WTF? - Tyson Key
Ward, can you tell me what this has to do with cloud computing? - Jason Nunnelley
In my instance they added an official looking xmlrpc.php file. Adjusted the header.php file and hid files in my plugin directory. More here http://groups.google.com/group... It took a while to clean out my blog plugin directory to start from scratch and to look through various files for encrypted code... more... - Jim Goldstein
I ASS-U-MEd the blog was hosted at wordpress.com. - Ward Mundy
I don't understand - what does getting 'kicked out of Google' really mean? - Zach Landes
Zach: my blog was removed from the Google index until I clean it up. - Robert Scoble
Ugh! Hackers stink! - Karen Swim
My bad... Powered by Rackspace Cloud Hosting (so it has a little something to do with Cloud Computing) :-) - Ward Mundy
I blame TCP/IP. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Ward, it's running Apache 2.2, so by that logic Apache is to blame. So does your website. - Jason Nunnelley
no blame the fame, none hack the unknow (anonyme). - abdellah
Same thing has happened to us, actually. Honestly more annoying than harmful in our case, anyway. - Jason Preston
Rob and I are cleaning it up now...*sigh* - Robert J Taylor
Yikes - that sucks. My site got hit with hidden / invisible spam links few months back - big PITA to fix and to get Google juice back gradually. - Patrick Jordan
that happened to me last week... The Rackspace team helped me clean it up - While Google said many Rackspace/Mosso sites were affected I was told (and agree with) - they host thousands and thousands of sites and it's WordPress - not them. - andy brudtkuhl
That would piss me off to no end. Wow. Sorry Robert :( - Andru Edwards
This was actually "hidden" in plain site by the exploit that affected WP 2.7.x All better now. Robert, tell Google to turn the juice back on! - Rob La Gesse
That seems strange to me Robert...google searches have lots of NSFW stuff, so why would you be removed from the index altogether? - Zach Landes
Zach: if I were a betting man, it's because scobleizer.com has a very high PR, and having that stuff there could adversely affect a whole lot more of the index than just his site. - Mark Trapp
Wow, that is insane. Glad to hear you got it back up in a timely manner, thanks to your team. - Martha
Curiously, the exact same thing happened to my blog (Twittercism.com), pretty much around the same time it happened to Robert, on both occasions. And like him, I was hacked the second time after the upgrade to 2.8.4. And it was invisible text in the footer. It was fairly easy to remove, but still, an irritant. (Incidentally, a WP Plugin called exploit scanner was very useful. http://ocaoimh.ie/exploit...) - Shéa Bennett
Sounds like the Backwards Hack... How to Fix: http://www.gulker.com/fixing-... That was likely a botnet script, not an actual hacker, btw... - Chris Gulker
oh oh so the last time you were hacked you still have the after effects of it, try the antivirus plugin for wp, it checks the themes for bad and malicious links - Keith Dsouza
Wow! Scoble's Wordpress blog got hacked (click through for the details) & the hacker's secret changes got him thrown out of the Google Index for a while. Make sure you: 1) Always back up your Wordpress blog. 2) Update to 2.8.x, as 2.7 had the vulnerabilities that were exploited in Scoble's case. 3) Check your install for exploits (there are plugins for this), as well as your Google indexing once a week or so. - Alex Schleber
Truly feeling bummed for you Robert! I've had a problem for several weeks of spammers going after my email. Gotta say.. people need to know that all sites are subject to hackers. - Arleen Boyd
yikes! - mutenewt
heh - I wonder if that's why Twitter bulk unfollow purchases have been down this week. :-) - Jesse Stay
Wow, that really sucks. It's hard to believe so little can screw up so much. - Aram Zucker-Scharff
Ouch! Google should know your blog! - Amber Case
Hacked again? That sucks. I saw that you had cleaned it up, so I went to check on things. Someone on my team already saw the bad stuff was gone, so they revoked the removal early this afternoon. Looks like you're already back in the index. - Matt Cutts
You've been hacked twice in a month haven't you. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
i just found more bad files on my mosso account - im seriously done :( matt - can you check insidetransit.com? thanks - Allen Stern
Yikes, that sucks. Link injection is the scourge. - Elliott Ng
Matt: thanks, Google is fast lately. I remember the days when we waited weeks for search engines to reindex! Hopefully we got it all fixed now. We're definitely learning a lot about Wordpress best practices. - Robert Scoble
how do these hackers get to find a way IN? how? - Sardar Mohkim Khan
Install a good web application firewall such as dotDefender, ModSecurity, eeye, imperva it will help you to stop those attacks. - Daniel
That blows - hope you tech guys figure out how to eliminate crap like this : ) I'm sure that won't stop you for long... - Mark Harai
Be nice if twitter would figure out a financial model that would let them help folks who have been spammed or otherwise compromised - Sean O'Reilly
This same thing happened to me and ALL of my blogs got removed from Google and I'm now working as a cashier. Several years of solid work completely gone. I don't know why Google and WordPress don't do something about this. This was one of the worst things to happen to me in my entire life... :( - Uniquely Cool
By the way, I've only found one sure fire way to keep from getting hacked... and that is to convert your WordPress blog into a static HTML site. Sucks losing some of the interactive features, though. :( - Uniquely Cool
Recently had a drop in my PR, but it must be something I did or said. There must be a better way to enhanced your blog security than going non-interactive, like having your own domain - Houseofmax
This is really depressing. My situation is way worse... I could literally lose my house because of a wordpress exploit. :( - Uniquely Cool
yikes, just found this - MiniMage
RT @blogdesigner 101 tips from 50 small business bloggers http://www.openforum.com/idea-hu...
Robert Scoble
One thing I will do, though, is move my blog's comments to JS-Kit for real time there. Here's why:
Because one of the real things I did with FriendFeed was to hold real time interactive blogging sessions. IE, chat. Like here, like now. But now I don't need FriendFeed for that, so I will move it to JS-Kit. - Robert Scoble
You mean ECHO? - Majento
ooh...shiny... Hah! ;-) - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Yes. JS-Kit's Echo. - Robert Scoble
Would love to know what you'd like to see next Robert - Chris Saad
We've set up a GetSatisfaction forum to measure feedback and let the community help us prioritize - Chris Saad
Travis: yup. We have JS-Kit Echo running over at http://building43.com. Good stuff. - Robert Scoble
Yes we have a solution for SEO support - deets here: http://wiki.js-kit.com/Admin+G... - Chris Saad
np - happy to help - Chris Saad
i didn't think ECHO was available to the masses yet??? - Brad Williamson
www.js-kit.com <-- have a look Brad :) - Chris Saad
If ECHO was going to stand up on its own, I don't think it would need fabricated buzzwords like "social gestures." Please. - Mark Pannell
Gestures are an old notion from the Attention days Mark - Chris Saad
Thanks, Chris ;-) - Brad Williamson
Chris, do you notice any confusion among bloggers as to difference between the initial JS-Kit comment system and the new Echo? - Majento
Not really Majento - there is a little table that compares the two down the bottom of the home page - they are very different - Chris Saad
Chris, i hear you about the website. I mean online in general, when JS-Kit is mentioned. I've used both as a commenter so i know how big the difference is. Echo adds tons of spice. - Majento
We've found very little confusion actually - people seem to really understand that 'Echo' is not 'Commenting' - Chris Saad
And the difference will only become more and more apparent - Chris Saad
Does JS-Kit ECHO allows for re-export of comments? - Paul Papadimitriou
Yes you can export the whole lot in one batch - but we also sync the comments to wordpress or blogger in real-time so you can just rip it off at any time - Chris Saad
Will I still see your blog comments on FF? - Leigh Marriner
@Chris, it's a constant sync? That is amazing. - Paul Papadimitriou
Chris, I do not see any realtime synching happening on my blogs - all comments reside in Echol not in my own blog..... - Jeroen De Miranda
I hear DISQUS v3 is gonna wipe JS-Kit out of the commenting space... - Nikolay Kolev
+1 on Disqus v3...would like to know more... - brainno722 (Peter)
I would echo (no pun intended ;) what Jeroen said - I couldn't get ECHO to import/sync native WP comments on my (self-hosted) blog. Chris, I put a question on getsatisfaction 6 days ago http://support.js-kit.com/jskit... - Micah
Hi Jeroen & Micah - can u both please post your site URLs to this thread and I will have someone smarter than me help out http://support.js-kit.com/jskit... - the comments should sync in real time - Chris Saad
@Nikolay & Brain - Disqus 3 looks awesome! The two are quite different products though and will only diverge more over time. It comes down to the kind of blogger you are and what matches your needs. There's more than enough room in the market for both approaches. - Chris Saad
Robert : on all the new posts at http://www.building43.com/blogs... there is no place for comments at all - Johni Fisher
Thanks, Chris. :) - Micah
Chris, this is the Dutch blog http://www.ambtenaar20.nl ('Civil Servant 2.0') - the synchronization issue has been solved by your time today; thanks for the great support! - Jeroen De Miranda
My pleasure - we're also putting together a comparison chart of the top features, and a full feature list of Echo to help people choose the platform that makes sense for them http://wiki.js-kit.com/Feature... - Chris Saad
Chris, might be an idea to state more clearly in the documentation and/or feature list that you do synchonize fully with WP.... took some effort to find that functionality.... It is an important function. - Jeroen De Miranda
Ok are you aware of how the other platforms handle this so I can be accurate? I welcome other feedback and contributions to the wiki page as well (of course) - Chris Saad
So will you keep them linked to FF for those of us who follow you here? - Leigh Marriner
Robert Scoble
The Would-Be FFugees Shouldn’t Pack Up And Find A New Home Just Yet - http://www.techcrunch.com/2009...
"I am sticking around, it still is the best community and technology and place for conversations instead of just pimping yourself." - Robert Scoble
I'm with you. I'm not moving either. But I'm also no longer acting like this is forever. - Akiva
I'm not moving either, but am really looking forward an open and opensource solution. My machines are running GNU/Linux and opensource applications (even on my mac) and I'd like to generalize this to my contacts and online life —And yes this is doable. I know :) - directeur
Is there another life than FF-life? - Ton Zijp
short answer: no - Chris Heath
long answer: yes - Chris Heath
Yep, I ain't leavin' until they pull the plug on the servers! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
I'll stick around until the first poke - MiniMage
And, no, you can't run me off by faking a poke! - MiniMage
Funny, I just got sent over here to FF from FB, I think the integration has begun. - Brent - Yes I am
Didn't even get the boxes out of the shed... - Johnny from iPhone
I thought *I* used the word "FFugees" first! I made a Google Group for us a while ago (right after the FB takeover) - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
I'm still here. - Dennis Jernberg
I can't resist: "We don't have to live like FFugees . . ." Apologies to Tom Petty. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
The Friendfeed model is by far the best software out there for managing and coordinating bookmarks and conversations -- there is no conceivable way the model is going away. Many parties are bound to duplicate and improve on it. Basically, Friendfeed is an incredibly slick and visionary piece of forum software that will revolutionize how netizens share resources and conduct public and private conversations. - Sean McBride
I'm not leaving, either, but I'm posting to FF via posterous so I continue to own my material and have a record of posts. I don't get the comments back, unfortunately. Wouldn't that be cool? - Jason Miller
Respectively Jason, there's no way to own your social media "material" going through third party services without a self hosted blog. Do not trust that any of these sites (as much as I LOVE FF) will be around in 5 years. If history has taught us anything. - Benjamin Taylor
One possible way to "own" your social media material: develop a centralized service which collects, backs up and organizes all that material, and which keeps track of all uses of that material by other parties on the Internet. - Sean McBride
There are a number of services that fill that need, Lifestream Backup immediately comes to mind but again it's relying on a third party. Unless I'm mistaken, the Twitter cut off is around 3200, after that, good luck retrieving that data. Sweetcron is a step in the right direction, though, it's a bit of a kluge. Portable decentralized data is the ultimate solution but that 'solution' wont come to us through the likes of a FF or Facebook, Tumblr, Posterous etc... that's their core competency. - Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin -- a centralized backup system for all of one's social media material should include a powerful search interface. - Sean McBride
No disagreement there Sean, agreed. My point(s), put simply, address user data, not the social aspect and accessibility of new and archived streams of data. In an ideal scenario, if I were to search for 'Robert Scoble' I'd get a data stream from one source - owned, managed, hosted and monetized (if inclined) by Scoble himself. Not a klugey disjointed mix of old and real-time data. Search, to your point is a big part of that equation. - Benjamin Taylor
Benjamin -- the scheme you describe should perhaps be an integral part of a Web-based operating system. Google and Microsoft are obvious candidates to build it. - Sean McBride
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