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Justin Parks

Justin Parks

Nortern Irish bloke living in Spain and working online since 2001. Love Wordpress, SEO and Social Media, and a few pints never hurt anyone.
Re: Youtube buttons, icons and badges for Social Media -
"Why? Sure I have nice people like you to do it for me!" - Justin Parks
Simon's Cat in "Cat and Mouse" (Disney Favorite) -
Simon's Cat in "Cat and Mouse" (Disney Favorite)
Muffin Songs - If You Are Happy | nursery rhymes & children songs with lyrics | muffin songs -
Muffin Songs - If You Are Happy | nursery rhymes & children songs with lyrics | muffin songs
Extreme Dinosaurs - Ep21 - English -
Extreme Dinosaurs - Ep21 - English
Chillingo Presents...Lamp Of Aladdin -
Chillingo Presents...Lamp Of Aladdin
Re: 10 Email Tips for Prospecting SEOs -
"Before I could I got this! Hi, Hope you are doing well. I was expecting your response on my email detailed below. Let me know if you are interested and we can discuss this further. Cheers  Kind Regards, Pooja" - Justin Parks
Re: 10 Email Tips for Prospecting SEOs -
"I got this 1 minute and 12 seconds after this was published. I just love his name. Hello, I hope you are doing well; I am Analyst of SEO Resellers We are SEO, Link Building & SMO Company; assisting 50+ global SEO Agencies at their operational front. We are calling to assist you as your operational staff; we will manage your client¹s campaigns from starting to end and will update you everything according to your need, we will not contact your client directly, for that if you want so We can sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) with you; for your consideration Key Feature of Association:  Over 135 Professional SEOs to assist in all type of SEO Link Building work.  Reseller Plans are based on Latest Internet Marketing Trends for new comers.  Cut your 30% SEO Operational cost (staff salary + overheads)  Strategic Business Collaboration to provide you business success at Economic Prices.  Gain Desired Profit Margin in context to your local SEO prices.  Expeditious Reporting System ..." - Justin Parks
Re: What I Learned During a Brief Twitter Fast -
"Its possible your slightly nutty." - Justin Parks
Re: What I Learned During a Brief Twitter Fast -
"I have to say I think that "test" you did was probably one of the most important things you could do - especially for someone who is possibly in a position similar to yourself and who can easily and unintentionally become an egotistical maniac very quickly spouting all sorts of inane drivel about things they have no clue or cause to be talking about (I know all hope is lost for you Chris - but keep trying - I'm rooting for ya :P). Getting down and dirty with the everyday rank and file of twitter will definitely making an interesting post, I'm looking forward to that one to see what insights you gained (only so I can rant and moan about them and attempt to correct you at every turn... I know you love it  - so I wont let you down!) When you thinking that one will make an appearance then?" - Justin Parks
Re: Penguin Recovery Posts; please just stop -
"I cant believe you actually used nerf-herders in that post." - Justin Parks
Re: Google Update; Semantic Terminology Framework Utilization -
"Thanks! I will completely take your word for this and rush off and tell everyone its true and then apply all those changes to my sites without any second guessing or testing on my own part, since I read it on a site called seo bullshit it must be true.  After all only serious people have the balls to call their sites silly names like this - and that means I can believe it 100% - and so should you!" - Justin Parks
Re: Google Update; Semantic Terminology Framework Utilization -
"so what exactly do I have to do so I dont get de-indexed?" - Justin Parks
Re: Be Wary of Fake Domain Name Reminder Emails -
"cheeky buggers are getting REALLY good at this impersonation lark... to convincing by far to make me feel happy about it." - Justin Parks
An irishmans ramblings about facebook – in song of course! -
Will Google plus KILL Facebook and will it crash and burn in terrible flames like Myspace and be sold for 50 cents? -
Presentation Software | Online Presentation Tools | Web Presentations | SlideRocket -
presentaciones - Justin Parks
Descarga Libros e-Books gratuitos. -
EUMED net - Justin Parks
Permanent Bookmark Tabs in Google Chrome Browser -
A reminder of basic SEO from Search Engine Land and Common Craft -
hello. Whats happening. Its a bit early for humor. Will be right back after my coffee.
RT @greigforbes: RT @BorowitzReport: The CEO of Yahoo just resigned. I had never heard of her so I Googled her.
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