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Chris Messina Electoral Projections Done Right - Electoral Projections Done Right
This map scares the shit out of me. - Chris Messina from Mento
Why are you so scared of the map? - Brian Sullivan
Maps are so unpredictable. They scare me too. - Shellee
the fact that there is so much blue? Yeah, scares me too. - John Denver
my new favorite site. i love all the blue too! - iTad
538 hit a number of the primary results right on the head while MSM traded jokes about the volatility of polling numbers. Blue maps on 538 always make me smile! - Shellee
That map shouldn't scare's means that progress is opposed to another 4 years of regression. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I hope it means progress is ahead. There's still an awful lot of red. Nice to see hope shining through in Jesusland though. - Chris Messina
I'm enjoying looking through the polls and such - interesting to find out who's polling what, and what that means in the bigger picture. I like the simulation run graph better :-) Its all those 'big land, small population' states that are scary on that map. - Justin Hart
Love that site. Note: more red on map, but more dense states tend to be blue. - Mike Reynolds
I'm moving to Montana -- it's neither blue nor red. - Sprague D
@Sprague You and Frank Zappa.... ;-) - Jeff P. Henderson
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