After April 9, where will I put all my pointless musings? -
Like this one. - Jim #teamFFrank
This week's Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me podcast has me in #glenmode with laughter!
Picture 155.jpg
:O - Josh Haley
The only thing FB could say at F8 tomorrow that would interest me: "We're not shutting down the best social network on the web after all." -
Werd. - El Conejo Viejo
I hated writing that. - Jim #teamFFrank
Lincoln's first FFeedup!
for Aden. I hope I passed the audition. -
for Aden. I hope I passed the audition.
OMG I totally recognize that and yet I can't name it, what song is that? - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Come Down by Bush, right? Love it, Jim! Awesome job. :) - Lola Bean (Penguin)
Thanks Penguin it was making me crazy. :) - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Yes it was Comedown. - Jim #teamFFrank from BuddyFeed
I can probably record a better and more complete version. We could be like pomplamoose! - Jim #teamFFrank from BuddyFeed
Jim can play! - Spidra Webster
he's got chops! - Big Joe Silenced
Ah, well. I thought I'd give it a shot. - Jim #teamFFrank
clapping here - VALZONE#SCREWED
Hokey smokes that's good Jim. Where did this all start? - MoTO Boychick Devil
I guess I missed the thread itself but Laura Botts notified me of its existence. So you really have her to thank for all of this. - Jim #teamFFrank
THE NICEST PERSON ON FRIENDFEED, THAT'S WHO! Geez. You people... makin' me raise my voice like that. - Jim #teamFFrank
Doesn't ring a bell. :P - LB needs a vacation
*stands up and claps* - Heather
*bows, hits head on desk* - Jim #teamFFrank
*rattles her jewelry* - LB needs a vacation
*bump* - felicious
My friend Laura from Georgia eyeing the pastry case. -
My friend Laura from Georgia eyeing the pastry case.
I'll have the Georgia Peach, please. - Melly
Uh oh. Frenfit is getting janky for me. You?
Yep. - Kristin
Janky? Edit: site or content? - Stephan Planken from iPhone
The site had a bit of trouble earlier today. It seemed to sort out relatively quickly. - Jennifer Dittrich
Ah, thanks. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Happy birthday to the meetup queen. Y'all know who I'm talkinbout. -
Happy birthday to the meetup queen. Y'all know who I'm talkinbout.
Happy birthday to the meetup queen. Y'all know who I'm talkinbout.
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For fun, you can post your own favorite pictures of Botts meetups. Hard to believe but there are some folks on here who haven't yet had the pleasure. We who have hope your day will come soon. - Jim #teamFFrank from Bookmarklet
bump. - Jim #teamFFrank
power to lady pound! - chaz2b
Happy birthday!! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
She must be sleeping in for her birthday, and more power to her! - Jim #teamFFrank
power to lady pound! - chaz2b
Thank you, JJ! Yes, I slept in. :) - LB needs a vacation
W0oT to the WwhoOT!!!! All the best LB Rock! HBTY!! (my new thing is acronyms) - sofarsoShawn from FFHound!
Happy happy birthday LB!! - Rachel Lea Fox from iPhone
Community is back! But it’s on Yahoo screen and the experience of watching it is a full blown nightmare. Marissa, please fix this! -
Community is back!
But it’s on Yahoo screen and the experience of watching it is a full blown nightmare. Marissa, please fix this!
What's going wrong? It worked pretty well when I was watching it last night, which is more than I can say for how Hulu is working on my setup these days. - Spidra Webster
PIcture jumpy, sound cutting out at random points, had to refresh browser every few minutes and finally had to restart it altogether. - Jim #teamFFrank
That sucks. I haven't had that experience, but I bet that's frustrating. - Jed from iPhone
I have similar stuff going on with me and Hulu right now. They try to help but it seems to just be something about my personal setup here (old hardware....constant Flash updates). Maybe checkout what Yahoo Screen Help says? - Spidra Webster
LB to the power of 2.
ALL YOUR LBS ARE BELONG TO ME! - LB needs a vacation from Android
The adults enjoyed eating sandwiches while Lincoln enjoyed almost eating several napkins. It was getting close to Lil' LB's bedtime so we had to cut things short but we had a great time. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
*Lil' LB bump* - LB needs a vacation from Android
Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! - Melly
I was telling Mr. B about Lincoln's outfit with the ears. :) - LB needs a vacation from Android
What a cutie pie! - Corinne L
I've got to upload more Lincoln pictures off my phone. I was looking through his Flickr folder containing pictures from his first few months. Always brings a smile to my face. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
Look who's in my kitchen!
Get her away from that food! She has no idea what she's doing! - LB needs a vacation from Android
Heh, I'd never seen LB online. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
An LB sighting! - GeeBee Heebies from Android
*double chin bump* - LB needs a vacation from Android
Some FFriends met up in DC. -
Some FFriends met up in DC.
Some FFriends met up in DC.
Some FFriends met up in DC.
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From left: CAJ, Derrick, Friar Will, Julian, Jim, LB. With thanks to the young lady who cheerfully snapped four pics so I could pick the best. There are only three here because the first was really blurry. - Jim #teamFFrank
<3 - Jenny H. from Android
Maybe *we* were really blurry. - LB needs a vacation from Android
I hate that LB can't can. It's much better when you can can.
Your script went all the way back to mid 2010. - Jim #teamFFrank
Seriously. I'm a little verklempt. I thought it was all lost. - Jim #teamFFrank
Definitely. <3 - Jenny H. from Android
There's no one I'm happier to help than you, Jim. I'm so glad you've got more keepsakes now. *hug* - Micah
Abi gerçekten tam bir lavfest. hatta kalıc lavfest micah <3 - Mach
I came here to roast coffee and chew bubble gum. -
I came here to roast coffee and chew bubble gum.
It's the first day of spring. It's snowing. Winter, you're fired, please leave and take your stuff with you.
Although, y'know, you could send a few feet of snow to the Sierra Nevadas (and maybe some rain to the coast) while you're on your way out. - walt crawford
This is the kind of thing I would only post here. Near the end of the school day the principal's secretary came into our classroom and called my coworker out of the room and told her to bring her things. A few minutes later, the secretary returned asking if any of us would volunteer to give her a ride because they didn't want her driving.
Yikes! - Katy S
I volunteered since this particular person and I have worked together closely (our two 5th grade charges have been in the same homeroom since kindergarten and we follow them through their day) for 4 years. - Jim #teamFFrank
It was only when I got out into the hall that I found out the reason. - Jim #teamFFrank
Her brother had died. - Jim #teamFFrank
Oh no. - Micah from FFHound!
Oh my god. I ache for her. And for you. And I'm sure that your presence was a comfort that I wish neither of you had the experience to share. - joey
You did a good thing driving her home. - Katy S
How awful. It's good that you could be there for her. - John (bird whisperer)
You're good people, Jim. I'm glad you were there for your co-worker. - vicster.
I'm glad you were there for her. - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
*hugs* - bentley
What Joey said. {JJ} - LB needs a vacation from Android
:-( - Stephan Planken from iPhone
Oh Jim. I'm so sorry for your colleague's loss and glad you were able to be there for her in that moment. Hugs to you both. - Corinne L
:( - rønin
In case I don't get a chance before The End, I wanted to tell you that this has been nice.
It really has - MoTO Boychick Devil
Yes. - vicster.
Yes. Much. - bentley
Agreed. - LB needs a vacation from Android
It certainly has been. - Stephan Planken from iPhone
+1 - Louis Gray
Indeed. - Corinne L
*the dancers laugh* - t-ra needs this place from Android
I would support a campaign to tag random public places with "FForever."
And by random public places, I mean facebook's main offices. - Jim #teamFFrank
Here is my silver pomegranate. It's not bad.
What does it contain? - LB needs a vacation from Android
Cuervo silver, grand marinier, agave nectar, pomegranate-pineapple juice and fresh lime. - Jim #teamFFrank
Told my folks today about the coming demise of the best social network on the internet. They were sad to hear it. We are wondering if anyone has an actual copy of the memorial video that y'all put together? I'm sure I can find it later when I have a chance, but I thought I'd ask.
Oops. The memorial video for my brother from back in 2011. Sorry for not being clear. - Jim #teamFFrank
Yes, it's almost 2am and I'm still on FF. And Friday is now over...
Tonight I drove from Pottstown to Brooklyn, NY and back. I was picking up The Actress for her spring break week. I'm glad she's home. - Jim #teamFFrank
The trip was sad. I spent pretty much the entire drive thinking about how disempowered I feel as a result of FF being shut down. - Jim #teamFFrank
Some of the most significant moments of my life were shared with this community. You all played a bigger role in my life between September of 2010 and January of 2011 than did most of the people that I have met in person. I tried to say that about 5 different ways, like "know personally" but I do know many of you personally even if we've never met. - Jim #teamFFrank
And that got me thinking about how many people in the FF community could say nearly the same thing. And then I started thinking about what kind of calculus goes in to a decision to shut down a community like this. Finally, I wondered why we were given a "thanks for your support" but no say in how or if this community should continue to exist. - Jim #teamFFrank
Where I wound up was, well, nowhere in particular. I wish I could tie my thoughts up in a wrapped package with a bow, but my ruminations just sort of ended with: It was ours. Not theirs. Why are they taking it? - Jim #teamFFrank
Jim: First of all, *hugs*. I sympathize and agree with what you wrote, but I personally can't blame Facebook for shutting it down. It's a cost for them, and probably not an insignificant one (probably around $100,000 to $200,000 a year, at least -- factoring in storage, bandwidth, hardware maintenance, and personnel costs to handle that). And what do they get? There's zero revenue. And... more... - Stephen Mack
200k a year? What's that to Facebook? Why not monetize it in some. Ah, it's no use arguing. I was just putting it out there. - Jim #teamFFrank
Yeah, it's nothing to them, either way -- which was your point. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
2 am also for me every night since THE news :/ - did
So, I'm at the bakery, source of many great FF memories.
There can always be more... - Julian
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