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McAlister's in Lansing....slow. I miss the one in Austin.
On the Town is one of my favorite musicals and I want to be Vera Ellen.
I wonder how many people recognized New York, New York from On the Town on Glee.
Chocolate chocolate chip with bacon cookies, apple cake, peanut butter pie, and marbled chocolate cheesecake. I'm done baking!
Afendoulis lost my green pants. And they showed me three pants that weren't mine.
Tax season is over. Whew. I survived my second season.
"Canadian or afraid?" --Dr. Lance Sweets
Already, I am too tan.
I was hiding. Now I'll admit I am singing along to Spice Girls @thewinchestergr.
Best seat at the best bar... Now if tax season would just end.
I must be the only person who prefers Joan over Peggy.
I need more opponents for Words with Friends. If you're on there, look for quietgrace.
Where does one go for dim sum in Chicago?
I helped a friend win Scrabble. 105 point word. Acquit. Triple letter q. Triple word.
It is actually possible to screw up dyeing my hair back to black.
I am grateful there is a deal for students to attend the classical music events so they can hear great music.
People are dressed WAY too casually for a symphony performance.
I thought @nbryan would get stared at while he's in China. I'm getting stared at in my local Boba place. Sigh.
The beginning of Roberta has a screen with NRA member on it. I hope that's something else.
I saved $13 on a garment steamer and am thrilled but am sad I couldn't find Pixy stix. I am pathetic.
Okay...half the cities on the list are in the Midwest.
Two of the most dangerous cities are in Missouri and I grew up in one of them. Sigh. I thought the Midwest was safe...
The tax office at Sears at Woodland Mall is the best. Love my job. I see Hello Kitty when I go down the escalator.
Tax season makes me really into cleaning, but then long hours wipe me out so I can't clean. Oh sigh. Cleaning's overrated anyway
I worked one out of two jobs today and got some fun drive time in, but most of it was boring after the roads got cleared.
Milk is a good movie, but it's disturbing. People are so full of hate and fear. Sad what had to happen to make a change.
But I should clean... Sigh. It should be snow fort building day.
I have cabin fever already and a huge urge to file my own taxes since I am getting everyone else's done.
Yes I would be that crazy person running and playing in all the snow.
I am so confused. I am signed up for two Dvds at a time but I get three. Oh well. Can't complain.
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