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Has anyone rented textbooks? Do you prefer it over buying your textbook or does buying just make more sense?
Where can I buy a fat caliper? I'd like to have it today.
Siri and I are bffs now that he voice is a British man.
I'm going to see how busy Anthropologie is and then go to work.
Has anyone taken advantage of the Anthropologie price adjustment policy? Hoping Black Friday sales still qualify.
Watching Page One, documentary on NY Times.
Who's the pretty girl who ordered off the PF Chang's menu? Me! So chains aren't evil...
If you want to buy music and be ignored, and not get help, go to Meyer Music.
I don't think the people at Meyer Music actually do anything but talk to each other and not work.
Cute stuff at Jade but customer service sucks.
I hope this feather in hair and feather earring trend ends and never returns.
I'm going on brief trip to prepare myself for my longer trip to Chicago and Seattle.
McAlister's in Lansing....slow. I miss the one in Austin.
On the Town is one of my favorite musicals and I want to be Vera Ellen.
I wonder how many people recognized New York, New York from On the Town on Glee.
Chocolate chocolate chip with bacon cookies, apple cake, peanut butter pie, and marbled chocolate cheesecake. I'm done baking!
Afendoulis lost my green pants. And they showed me three pants that weren't mine.
Tax season is over. Whew. I survived my second season.
"Canadian or afraid?" --Dr. Lance Sweets
Already, I am too tan.
I was hiding. Now I'll admit I am singing along to Spice Girls @thewinchestergr.
Best seat at the best bar... Now if tax season would just end.
I must be the only person who prefers Joan over Peggy.
I need more opponents for Words with Friends. If you're on there, look for quietgrace.
Where does one go for dim sum in Chicago?
I helped a friend win Scrabble. 105 point word. Acquit. Triple letter q. Triple word.
It is actually possible to screw up dyeing my hair back to black.
I am grateful there is a deal for students to attend the classical music events so they can hear great music.
People are dressed WAY too casually for a symphony performance.
I thought @nbryan would get stared at while he's in China. I'm getting stared at in my local Boba place. Sigh.
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