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Codebreaker Alan Turing gets stamp of approval - http://www.guardian.co.uk/artandd...
Codebreaker Alan Turing gets stamp of approval
"The mathematician and second world war codebreaker Alan Turing is to be celebrated on a special stamp as an online petition calls for a posthumous pardon to quash his conviction for gross indecency. The computer pioneer is one of 10 prominent people chosen for the Royal Mail's Britons of Distinction stamps, to be launched in February, which includes the allied war heroine Odette Hallowes of the Special Operations Executive, composer Frederick Delius and architect Sir Basil Spence, to mark the golden jubilee of Coventry Cathedral. Turing worked as part of the team that cracked the Enigma code at Bletchley Park, and went on to help create the world's first modern computer. This year marks the centenary of his birth. He was convicted of gross indecency in 1952, when homosexual acts were illegal in the UK, and sentenced to chemical castration. He killed himself two years later by taking cyanide. The e-petition says his treatment and death "remains a shame on the UK government and UK... more... - Winckel from Bookmarklet
such a waste of talent!!!! - Nemo
I look forward to the celebrations to be held at the University of Edinburgh http://www.mathcomp.leeds.ac.uk/turing2... http://www.t100.org.uk/ - Jan Wessnitzer
Jan Wessnitzer
Fwd: ...and now for some stunning insect pictures - http://bjoern.brembs.net/news... (via http://friendfeed.com/brembs...)
Here is the original link: http://myrmecos.net/2011... - Jan Wessnitzer
...and the last two on that list are not pictures of insects ;) - Jan Wessnitzer
Hi! Maybe someone have access to this article: http://www.future-science.com/doi... Please & Big thanks :)) !! My email: lukasik.anna87@gmail.com
60$ for 24 hours. Nuts. - Wolfgang S
Nothing here. :( - LB needs a hero!
Thanks anyway !! :) - Ania
nope :( - Jan Wessnitzer
no access - Björn Brembs
Likewise. - Heather
Pablo José Sáez
Hi, I am looking for this paper: "Liu J. Oncol Rep 2011. "CCL21 modulates the migration of NSCL cancer by changing the concentration of intracellular Ca2+". Thanks in advance. (please send to pjsaez at gmail.com)
nothing here - Wolfgang S
no access either, but here is the link for others to try: http://www.spandidos-publications.com/or... - András Tóth
nope :( - Jan Wessnitzer
no chance... - Björn Brembs
Iddo Friedberg
Sorry, no can do. *bump* - Bill Hooker
nope - Wolfgang S
No luck here. :( - LB needs a hero!
no luck here either - Jan Wessnitzer
no luck either. My access is since 1996 :( - David Castro
no access :-( - Björn Brembs
Nope. Bounce. - Heather
Jan Wessnitzer
jwessnit AT inf DOT ed DOT ac DOT uk - Jan Wessnitzer
Thanks in advance! - Jan Wessnitzer
Thanks for trying. Got this article now. - Jan Wessnitzer
Jan Wessnitzer
"Polilov found that M.mymaripenne has one of the smallest nervous systems of any insect, consisting of just 7,400 neurons. For comparison, the common housefly has 340,000 and the honeybee has 850,000. And yet, with a hundred times fewer neurons, the wasp can fly, search for food, and find the right places to lay its eggs." - Jan Wessnitzer
I'm going to be very pissed off if the UK economy goes down the toilet because of German foot-dragging re the eurozone
Jan, at the risk of making sweeping national stereotypes, I have never met anyone who have as much difficulty liking (?) the idea of the nation state as Germans. Perhaps it's because "Nationalstaat" means something rather different, I don't really know. In Britain (and in France too I believe) we're completely comfortable with it :) - Winckel
gone - disappeared - verschwunden - disparu ....... - Winckel
back - reappeared - aufgetaucht - reapparu ........ - Jan Wessnitzer
I hate ranting (especially my own) and I apologise for doing so! - Jan Wessnitzer
:-) - Winckel from iPod
Can anyone send this heterocycle article? Heterocycles 2010, 81 (12), 2781-2792 Pls send it to, asyahamed@yahoo.com
3,150 yen... - Wolfgang S
Mmm, Is this the same paper? And can anyone access from here? http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi... - Carlos Alberto Morales Or
oops, cant manage to get it yet. But still can wait. Thanks all for your effort anyway. - Ahamed
no joy with wiley either - Wolfgang S
no luck here either :( - Jan Wessnitzer
No luck with either link. - LB needs a hero!
I most certainly do not! Not in this life or the supposedly next! :) - Jan Wessnitzer
پَ نـــه پَ - Jimbooo™و لب های یار
punk and funk is on earth. you just have to find it. better then hell and heaven options :) - sumdane
could anyone send me this article to kanaksvet@gmail.com thanks http://www.nature.com/nchembi...
no access - Eszter Szalai
none here either :( - Jan Wessnitzer
sent - Wolfgang S
Dear Wolfgang, thanks for file. But, unfortunately I didn't receive any email. Could you please resend the article. Thanks in advance... - kanagarajadurai
resent. Hope it works. Let me know. - Wolfgang S
Jan Wessnitzer
I am currently enjoying two Stanford courses.... http://www.good.is/post...
"This fall, Stanford decided to experiment by offering its three most popular computer science classes to the public—for free. Within weeks, 200,000 people from around the globe signed up, with Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, taught by renowned Stanford professors Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun (pictured above), attracting a whopping 160,000 students." - Jan Wessnitzer
Jan Wessnitzer
Wolfram Alpha's new flight tracker: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13...
"If you head over to Wolfram Alpha right now and input "flights overhead" into the search box, the site will return all the planes that are currently over your position, their altitude, angle, and slant distance." - Jan Wessnitzer
Another WA disappointment... never seen http://www.flightradar24.com/ ? - Egon Willighagen
@Egon, no I had not come across flightradar24. Indeed, much nicer! - Jan Wessnitzer
Jan Wessnitzer
this list also mentions which books use R - Jan Wessnitzer
Björn Brembs
Microsoft, Google not interested in developing alert service for scientists - http://bjoern.brembs.net/news...
A while ago I started implementing my own alerter using pubmed APIs etc.... I abandoned the project though because of all those other projects :( The proposed application name made me giggle (Alert Service for Scientists ;) - Jan Wessnitzer
lol - will remember the name, if it ever happens. :-) For now I'm just frustrated how difficult it seems to make people realize just how badly this is needed. I only had one company who said they're interested in doing this... - Björn Brembs
I hear you. I hope to be able to use the service sooner rather then later! - Jan Wessnitzer
Actually, the company is F1000 and they already have some nifty things that would fit right in. - Björn Brembs
Jan Wessnitzer
Why the world of scientific research needs to be disrupted http://gigaom.com/2011...
"So how do we disrupt the academic-research business the same way that Amazon and the web have disrupted book publishing, or blogs and The Huffington Post have disrupted newspapers? Nielsen doesn’t have any silver bullets, but he does suggest that government agencies funding research should require that those submitting papers must provide their research free of charge (the National Institute of Health has started doing this with research it funds or supports)." - Jan Wessnitzer
Jan Wessnitzer
McCarthy's proposal for the event put forward the idea that "every aspect of learning or any other feature of intelligence can in principle be so precisely described that a machine can be made to simulate it". http://www.bbc.co.uk/news... - Jan Wessnitzer
No luck. :( - LB needs a hero!
nothing - Wolfgang S
nope :( - Jan Wessnitzer
no access :-( - Björn Brembs
got it, thanks to Steve Koch. - YGC
With Siri, Apple Could Eventually Build A Real AI - http://www.wired.com/cloudli...
With Siri, Apple Could Eventually Build A Real AI
"As iPhone 4S’s flood into the hands of the public, users are coming face-to-face with something that they weren’t quite expecting: Apple’s new voice interface, Siri, has an attitude. Ask Siri where to hide a body, for instance, and she’ll give you a list of choices that include a reservoir, a mine, and a swamp. Ask her how much would could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood, and she might tell you the answer is 42 cords, or she might ask you to clarify if it’s an African or European woodchuck. Joshua Topolsky’s at This Is My Next began gathering some of the service’s cheekier answers on Wednesday, and now there’s a Tumblr up called Shit That Siri Says which houses an even more extensive, growing collection. Siri’s answers are cute, but they’re not much different from the “Easter eggs” that sly coders have been slipping into software for decades. Or are they? I want to suggest, in all earnestness, that as Siri’s repertoire of canned responses grows, Apple could end up... more... - Winckel from Bookmarklet
Let's get Siri and Watson to have a baby. - Stephen Mack
Björn Brembs
How about this editorial in a Czech journal: http://www.prolekare.cz/en... to bjoern@brembs.net, please, if you can. Thanks a lot!
" Do you like english version of website?" :) no access though, sorry - Wolfgang S
bump? - Björn Brembs
sorry, no luck :( - Jan Wessnitzer
Nothing here. - LB needs a hero!
Ricardo Vidal
email: http://bit.ly/r1fLZv thank you! - Ricardo Vidal
No luck. :( - LB needs a hero!
Thanks guys. I thought this one would be difficult. - Ricardo Vidal
Wow, my library doesn't even know that journal exists! Sorry Ricardo, I guess your best bet is to email the lead author. - Bill Hooker
no luck - Wolfgang S
I tried too, - sorry, no luck - Nils Reinton
No luck! - Jan Wessnitzer
can't get it... - Björn Brembs
Carlos Alberto Morales Or
Looking for Vitamin D book, I hope anyone could help me http://www.sciencedirect.com/science... to kalin_eco(at)hotmail(dot)com
no joy - Wolfgang S
No luck. :( - LB needs a hero!
nope :( - Jan Wessnitzer
This is a book with hundreds of pages in many different PDF files. Which do you need? - Björn Brembs
Jo Young
Hi Everyone, I'm hoping to get hold of: http://www.springerlink.com/content... DOI:10.1007/BF02026517 Thanks!
your email? - Wolfgang S
Thanks everyone - sorry for the delayed reply! - Jo Young
Jan Wessnitzer
Dedication? Or lack of imagination? http://occamstypewriter.org/notrant...
“I think Stephen [Curry] is right to highlight the plight of senior postdocs. It can’t really be argued that these are not competent and productive scientists since they have been hired and rehired on successive short-term contracts in a highly competitive market. These people are evidently playing a pretty important role, albeit not as research leaders. They will typically have accrued very specialised skills which really will be wasted if not put to use in one of the few labs (at widely scattered geographical locations) which use the same techniques. As the Science is Vital submissions showed, PIs are often very sorry to lose these people.When I talk about waste here I am not arguing that the individuals careers have been wasted, but that the scientific establishment, and the absence of an effective career structure is wasting their talents by forcing them out of science while training and retraining newcomers to try to fill their shoes.” - Jan Wessnitzer
Mark Longair
A Twitter-sourced alternative UK Citizenship Test (via @timsk3) - Mark Longair
Jan Wessnitzer
"The sad news of the death of another tech great has come. Dennis Ritchie, the creator of the C programming language and a key developer of the Unix operating system, has passed away. For those of us running Mac OS X, iOS, Android and many other non-Windows OS, we have him to thank. Many of those running Windows do too, as many of the applications you're using were written in C." - Jan Wessnitzer
Jan Wessnitzer
Google management's public use of Google+ http://media.theunderstatement.com/010_A2_...
Google are not eating their own dogfood! - Jan Wessnitzer
Ian Simpson
Looking for a new hosting company, any suggestions ? It's pretty difficult to tell genuine reviews from shall we say less 'impartial' ones.
Please let me know what you find out! I am looking for one too... - Jan Wessnitzer
Hi Jan not much luck I'm afraid so far just got inundated by Twitter follows from web hosting companies how ironic. - Ian Simpson from iPhone
Depending on how advanced you need, fatcow hosting runs several sites I maintain(ed). Worked well and not expensive. - Björn Brembs from iPhone
Thanks Bjorn I'll have a look at them. Have some slightly exacting requirements which is why it's proving a bit tricky. - Ian Simpson from iPhone
I like dreamhost. Useful quick installs, good terminal support, etc - Heather Piwowar
Thanks Heather, they look good. I'll investigate further. - Ian Simpson from iPhone
I'm also using FatCow who seem to be ok. I hear good things about Dreamhost too but haven't used it myself. :) - Jo Young
Well I plunked for Dreamhost in the end, apart from the fact that I had an offer of 1years hosting for 10 dollars ! They have an excellent range of features, including my personal must shell access. Looking good, so far... - Ian Simpson from iPhone
Great! I hope it works out well :) - Heather Piwowar
Jan Wessnitzer
Internet censorship Tory-style http://www.guardian.co.uk/society...
Let's all opt-in together ;) - Jan Wessnitzer
Björn Brembs
Post-doc: Career uncertainty is wearing us down - http://www.newscientist.com/blogs...
Yeah, right now all I do is work, eat, and sleep... hacking a bit now for relaxing, but gonna pay for that the whole rest of the weekend... :/ - Egon Willighagen
Unless you decide to quit... and hope to become an industrial drone ;) - Jan Wessnitzer
... ant post-docs aren't academic drones? - Rajarshi Guha
I commented there. - Daniel Mietchen
Daniel++ - Egon Willighagen
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