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You know you're geeky when something tiny but REALLY cool happens BUT it's only cool to a super select group while trivial to the rest.
When people say "It's not religious, it's just cultural" I wonder if they really mean "Your culture, which isn't as important as mine"
Behold... The alternate ending (shot but not used) ending to Titanic.
Behold... The alternate ending (shot but not used) ending to Titanic.
"But I thought the old lady dropped it into the ocean in the end" - Britney Spears - NOT THE CRICKET
This is a sober bear... for he isn't shitfaced.
BREAKING: Australian Government lifts niqab ban because Ebola is found more effective at population manipulation. #AusPol
RT @caitiward_: Hey @ExtraLife4Kids, Australia's @RooTeethCares ExtraLife team have started their 24 hour stream! #RTVExtraLife
Dear fuckstains of GamerGate. Stop using the word "Gamer". I'm a "Gamer" and I don't do the shit you're doing. Fuckstains do that.
RT @nonmodernist: this… is…. a buttplug RT @_youhadonejob: Sorry Paris town planners but I'm not seeing a Christmas tree.
RT @nonmodernist: this… is…. a buttplug RT @_youhadonejob: Sorry Paris town planners but I'm not seeing a Christmas tree.
It's hard to diagree. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
*imagines the size of that rose nugget* - Big Joe Silence
ouch!! - WebGoddess
"Paging Mr. Giant. Would Mr. Jolly Green Giant please contact the information desk?" - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Ahh French, that explains it... - Mo Kargas
Australia spent more money securing the Pirates of the Caribbean filming than it is on helping fight Ebola. #AusPol
YouTube Commenter: "It's like paying $300/ticket but getting the reserve side" Me: "But... but... you didn't actually pay anything for this"
It's funny watching some of the people I know on Facebook comment on Ebola in West Africa. The restraint for flat out racism is slipping.
An important fact that's often left out of reports on the Celeb Hacking scandal. Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton's accounts weren't hacked... it was the accounts of the partners who took the pictures/received the pictures. Personal security extends to your network, not just yourself.
One of the issues when talking about #GamerGate stuff is subtly, context and truth. The gent I was talking too this morning is 100% correct when he said you end up killing far more male enemies in a game than the one female the inspires the protagonist. The problem is the only reason a female character is in there is to inspire...
... that protagonist to go on a killing spree. - Johnny
So I'm correct and he is correct. He may not be right in the wider context BUT he isn't just some deluded keyboard masher - Johnny
That's a big part of the reaction to Anita Sarkeesian's videos. She looks at the overall picture, but the people who react so negatively focus on each game independently of each other. - Heather
I also think for a number of gamers (myself included) play in such a way that unless it's a heavily story-driven game, I skip the cutscenes. I don't necessarily always see the underlying storyline and the tropes, although I am usually conscious of it. I can honestly say I've played a number of games that have been called out during Gamer Gate that I missed the things that caused issues. - Johnny
Team Build (@Axialmatt, @Jerem6401, @IAmLindsayJones and @AH_Kdin) just learned me what "Regolith" is. I now haz the smarts.
RT @milesluna24: This is how much I like @ArrynZech. Enough to become a beautiful princess.
RT @milesluna24: This is how much I like @ArrynZech. Enough to become a beautiful princess.
In terms of excitement for movies coming out: #LazerTeam > LEGO movies > Affleck Batman > Black Adam > Everything else.
Today's news about a second Ebola infection isn't about numbers, it's about arrogance. In West Africa, a trained specialist watches medical staff undress after treatment to ensure no contamination. The powers in the USA thought their doctors didn't need that specialist because they're not West Africa.
Especially bad when you combine that with being hella cheap. - Jennifer Dittrich
I just stared at my screen for 2 minutes bewildered that "binded" was incorrect. #EnglishIsHard
Meanwhile, "She Blound Me with Science." - LB put a spell on you. from Android
Thanks to the Federal Court, "womb-smuggling" is now a thing. *face palm* #AusPol
That singlet may not itself be racist, but let's be honest, we ALL know what it's intention is. If you're a racist, at least own it. #auspol
I want to see the look on racists faces when they are told they have just received life saving blood from a black person or the organ they need to live is a genetic match from a black person etc; firstly it would shake them and maybe it will also knock some friggin sense into their stupid brains that we are all genetically related on some level, hence the random genetic matches from completely different ethnic backgrounds. In conclusion, racism is illogical! - Halil
It's illogical. I've been watching a few of my friends who, on the surface, are racists but really it's just a self-interest in maintaining the status quo that benefits them. They don't ACTUALLY hate a particular person or group because of their skin colour, just what any shift would mean for them. Also, a lot of them are in situations of mutual destruction. In certain workplaces, there... more... - Johnny
Ah well, confronting racism is a different kettle of fish, as you say being brave can be a difficult choice for some, especially if they have more to lose on a personnel level or fearful of physical recriminations. Also, there's the whole peer pressure thing, I wonder if as you say, people just go with the flow, albeit reluctantly and feel bad afterwards, but still do nothing? Bystander apathy is an evil in our society that's hard to resolve and I have no answers. - Halil
I love my beard... in so much that I love not having to do the work involved in NOT having a beard.
Good luck to everyone at @RoosterTeeth as they start #LazerTeam. Now we play the waiting game.
The fact I have people like @bb_uncensored, @MellissaD, @beth_doyle in my life makes me stupidly happy. #TeamDoyle
RT @grungerelic: Casual racism
RT @grungerelic: Casual racism
and demanding you show them! - Christina Pikas
Imma unplug their danged DX7! THAT'LL learn 'em! - Big Joe Silence from Android
Dirty white boys, the lot of 'em. - Steele Lawman
Bragging on their national healthcare, then bringing their fevers over here. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Clooney may have been a "bad" Batman but considering the steaming pile Schumacher was going to make anyway, he's the movie's best feature.
I actually liked Batman Forever & Batman & Robin. - NOT THE CRICKET
As did I. - Johnny from iPhone
I really need to get around to starting my religion so I can be an enormous dick to people and claim religious persecution when called on it
Yeah, too many people are too sensitive and take everything as a personal attack and it's getting silly and annoying me. Good example, I don't eat pork, but pigs don't offend me, lol. - Halil
Exactly. I have no beef with religion... I have beef with people who take what is suppose to be a very personal thing and try and forcefully spread it on the wider world, through direct action or unrepresentative pressure. - Johnny
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