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I'm stepping lightly here because it can be misconstrued but if you accept that leaking and viewing nude pictures of celebs is an abuse against them (which I do), wouldn't that extend to a picture of a celeb walking down the street to buy a cup of coffee. Yes, it may be in public but that celeb isn't doing what they do (acting in a movie etc) ...
... and is doing something that any non-celeb does. I dare say they believe it to be an invasion of privacy (personal space if you watch come pap video). I would put forward that the same fascination that some sections have with the leaked photos is only a hair-width away from the glossies that employ pap photography at their core that is consumed endlessly by a much larger section of society in print and TV. The only difference between seeing inside the bedroom of a hollywood actress and inside the store of a boutique or restaurant is the level of clothing. I'm saying all this because the morals and ethics of pap photography is a subject I'm intrested in and have disliked for many many years. - Johnny
I think there's a few things at play - the pictures weren't taken by the person selling them or legally in the possession of that person, so it doesn't quite fit what the paparazzi do (other than the consumption, of course.) What does fit, of course, is whether they're taken where they are supposed to have an expectation of privacy (a location with no visual access, such as private property with no open windows or a bathroom.) - Jennifer Dittrich
I think we're often too permissive on the second account (I think someone with a high fence should be considered 'reasonable') but apparently not enough other people agree with me to override the moneymaking aspect. - Jennifer Dittrich
I think this is stooping to another level. There is no expectation of privacy when you go to Starbucks to get a coffee. If the celebrity walked into a Starbucks naked, then they might be on the same level. However, hacking into someone's account(s) and stealing items AND posting them for public consumption is an entirely different level of sick. - Kristin
My image is mine. If a person takes my photo and sells that without my written consent, how is that not some sort of theft? Yes, "in public" is a thing (which I know well and have used to get myself out issues in the past) but the cover of journalism is weak. I'm struggling to see the difference between "Oooh, she takes nude selfies just like everyone else" and "Oooh, she's eating dinner here with that person". The intent is viewing something we normally don't have permission to see, clothed or not. - Johnny
Kristin, my point is should we be entitled to presume at least some privacy when walking down the road to Starbucks. "Because she is a celeb" is a knife that cuts both ways. - Johnny
I was just thinking about the expectation of privacy aspect. When a celebrity is out in public, I think the expectation of privacy is different. In fact, I think the expectation of privacy for any individual is different when one is out in the public sphere. That is, if I am walking down the street or shopping somewhere, do I have a right to expect that no one will photograph me doing... more... - Bren
Also, one of the most expensive photos ever sold by a pap was a topless photo of Kate Middleton taken with a telephoto lens at a private island. It was one of the highest selling issues of the mag. - Johnny
For me, this particular case isn't a good comparison because the person selling the picture literally has no right to them. On the second front, I have no problem with fully in public places - places where the public can go freely, but anyplace else? No. If I can't sell pictures I take at an NFL stadium (which is very open) I don't see why someone can sell photos they took of a private... more... - Jennifer Dittrich
Very specifically, the paps are taking a person's photo because their image is marketable/valuable. Does my right to sell my image become void when I walk out my front door just because I'm well known? There is privacy and there is commerce. The paps use the "newsworthiness" excuse as a cover but they are essentially making a profit using photographs without the express constent of the subject. - Johnny
Here, the answer to that is yes, you don't own the right to record you in public. Period. You can't have your likeness used outside of that context (to intimate sponsorship, or as part of another product) but the video/photo itself is not yours. You are scenery. - Jennifer Dittrich
Johnny, the USA has so many cameras in public places no one IN a public place has reason to believe there is privacy. Stores have cams, traffic lights have cams, parking lots xmd garages have cams. We have achieved a Big Brother state. That being said, my accounts have premise of privacy and anyone hacking them is breaking the law. - Janet from FFHound!
Except when you are the subject of the photo. If you are incidental then that's a grey area but if I take a photo in a public area and it's a photo of you and I have not gotten a model release or express written consent to sell that picture specifically as a picture of you, I put myself in a very actionable position. - Johnny
^ Yes, you're covered if it's "news" but that's my issue. It's news because we like to peek behind the curtain. - Johnny
^ No, not many celebs take that route because "You're a celeb" is often tossed back at them. Which is also my point. - Johnny
Well, yes. That's the thing - even dubious news is still considered so. For me, the 'on the street' is annoying but far less objectionable than the 'shower through the half-open window.' Far too many people consider "Star X Goes to Starbucks in Yoga Pants" to be worthy enough news. - Jennifer Dittrich
Right. Look, I checked 4Chan earlier just to see what it was (I didn't go to the section the nudes have been reported to be in) and I saw a marvellous quote (which, given reports of 4Chan is saying something) which went something like "You can see the most f**ked up porn things on the internet with way hotter girls. You only like this because they're famous". I saw a glossy mag on the table when I went to go get lunch. I failed to see the difference from a "consumer" standpoint. - Johnny
I guess so? The demand is what drives the product, but for me the 'how it was obtained' is far more important than the 'what,' because let's face it - my tastes are not what's driving these. Right now, I think the 'how' is close to fair depending on where you live, but allows too much leeway in certain private situations. In this particular case, the 'how' wasn't fair at all - it's just theft (or more accurately, unauthorized access and duplication.) - Jennifer Dittrich
It's true that "how" is more important now that "what", but at the core, our celebrity/scandal/pap obsessed culture (what) is a driving motivation for the how. UK's phone hacking scandal is the same thing. No naked photos there but just as much a violation of privacy. I wonder how many people consumed the results of that how without batting an eyelid. The newspapers were assholes but they were serving a demand. - Johnny
Oh, yeah - there we can certainly agree. I think between us we care more than a lot of people about the how and what. - Jennifer Dittrich
It was funny watching E channel last night (it's the channel between the Lifestyle Food and Comedy Channel so I see it when flicking) and they transitioned out of a story about the leaks right into "Are these secret photos from Brad and Angie's wedding?". The bald faced hypocrisy sometimes makes me want to rage quit. - Johnny
Yeah. As someone else mentioned where I don't remember, I don't feel like that's news any more than the yoga pants style item, but I feel very outvoted. - Jennifer Dittrich
Adult women are now the largest demographic in gaming
Curiosity got me and I checked out 4chan (not the nudes, just to seeing what 4chan is like). I have seen things... Horrible things... Eek
I think one of the worst internet 'bad thing' descriptions I've ever seen was something along the lines of "it's like getting your phone number posted to 4-chan." - Jennifer Dittrich
Behold! The crafting of meat with flame.
Behold! The crafting of meat with flame.
I'm only 501(G) behind my Jordan but still 970(G) behind Cody. The Great Uncle vs Nephews Achievement Hunt continues.
I'm only 501(G) behind my Jordan but still 970(G) behind Cody. The Great Uncle vs Nephews Achievement Hunt continues.
If we DO have an oversupply of power generation, why not drop that excess from non-renewables therefore improving our RET ratio? #auspol
RT @ah_brownman: I can't stop laughing at this. Yes I'm 12 years old.
What I'm really enjoying about Splinter Cell: Blacklist is the consequences of violence. Being loud and fatal is a disadvantage to sneaky, non-lethal and even undetected. You get a higher score the more non-violent you get. The highest points come from levying "enemies" untouched.
The 3 largest Xbox achievements are for completing the game without killing anyone, without even being detected and completing it on Perfectionist difficulty where a loud and violent strategy makes the game almost impossible. - Johnny
When I am king, those who can not queue logically and with consideration will be first against the wall.
Will they have to queue to wait their turn at the wall? - Betsy
Yes. The final punishment ;) - Johnny from iPhone
Sadly it's very hard to fund research with lament.
Some people think addressing white privilege/misogyny is giving up YOUR chair at the table. I think of it as adding enough chairs for all.
The muthafucking Shadow knows.
The muthafucking Shadow knows.
As an amendment to the recent discussion on FriendFeed about USB plugs etc, I just troubleshooted a USB harddrive issue for a person in the office next door. "I plug it in both ways and nothing". Walked over to their office, looked the the laptop. They had plugged the USB cord into the LAN port.
Just last month I stuffed a Firewire 800 plug into an ethernet port and was wondering why things weren't working. I was working by feel on the back of something and thought for sure I had it in the right hole. - Brian Johns
Messing up with cable - level: PRO - Xabaras (G.O.) from FFHound!
fantastico .. Sta cosa la devo dire a una che conosco. . - Yeridiani
Great! Love the connection to "Oh, its not plugged in...." - Bob Jones
Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the ICAC investigation that's got all the LNP members suppose to be about Labor's Obeid? #AusPol #Akward
$18b savings on the LNP's Fraudband is like buying a ute instead of a Mack. It's cheaper NOW until you realise you'll need the Mack #AusPol
So you think you can dance? No you can't... THESE guys can dance.
58% of the state of California is in drought. Here in Queensland it's 80%... but whatever reason you need. #eyeroll
Hmm. This looks like 100% of California to me. - Victor Ganata
How much of your nation's food do they grow in Queensland? - April Russo
When did droughts become a competition? - kendrak
I think this might explain why it's so upsetting to most people in the US: - April Russo
I don't consider it a competition. But there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about both droughts, regardless of percentages. - April Russo
April, yes, a very large percentage. I get the concerns but as THE primary reason that brings forth a multi paragraph rant which leads to calls to reject something because of it? - Johnny from iPhone
What rant are you referring to? And who/what is being rejected? I don't understand where the comparison is even coming from. I do know this: About half of all the fruits, vegetables, and nuts consumed in the US are grown in CA. While we do have plenty of locally grown produce in my small home state of NJ (on the other side of the country, where there is no drought), of those things that... more... - April Russo
An ALS/Ice Bucket Challenge. Our drought conditions are so bad here that the government gave out small timers so we could make sure our showers were under 3 minutes. We were on severe water restrictions etc. I GET the idea but as a smokescreen for just not giving or just letting the fad go by, it's weak. - Johnny from iPhone
Ok, now I see where you are coming from. Yeah, that's a bit of a lame argument, as if all the buckets dumped elsewhere in the world could have realistically helped the situation in CA (not), and therefore we should all be selfish assholes, and all the people with ALS deserve to suffer and should never have a cure. Yes, that deserves an eye-roll. Meanwhile, there are people in my home... more... - April Russo
Even being smack dab in the middle of a severe drought I find that to be one of the weakest arguments against the IBC and I'm already over hearing it. If anything, we should be more reflective of the fact that we're wasting clean water while others in the world suffer without. At least if we're dumping the water here during the challenge, it's eventually going back into our groundwater or our atmosphere. Doesn't help folks on other continents with potable water issues. - Hookuh Tinypants
My response is that if you really feel that strongly about not wasting water, then don't. There are plenty of ways one can participate in this without wasting water. Does the bucket really have to contain water? Can it contain something else, such as milk? Can it be all ice...reusable ice? There is never an excuse for being an asshole, except that you want to be one. - April Russo
Tinypants, agreed, although through OxFam I have learnt how sickeningly cheap it is to address lots of water issues in those countries. It ALMOST makes me think that powerful nations (and the nations themselves) keep the situation as is because it helps suppress the population... but that's a WHOLE different conversation ;) - Johnny from iPhone
Totally. But too, in some cases it's not as simple as having money to hand over a country to pay for a solution. Some of the solutions aren't that easy to implement, and quite a bit of it hinges on science itself. Altogether it's sticky and sad and frustrating. But that is most definitely something for a different conversation altogether. - Hookuh Tinypants
(By the way, proud of you for the work you do for Oxfam. That is some awesome shit and you need to like wear a shirt telling people that.) - Hookuh Tinypants
^^ I agree! - April Russo
Enough crankiness. Here is a good news story
Enough crankiness. Here is a good news story
AN AMBULANCE officer's kindness has overwhelmed a Victorian woman grieving the death of her mother. National Patient Transport Services officer Marc Primrose found a parking fine in the ambulance he used to help transport Rosemary Morgan’s mother Doreen from McKenna House Palliative Care in Broadmeadows to her Woodstock home on June 17. The fine belonged to Mrs Morgan, whose mum died at the family home three days later. Mr Primrose, a trainee ambulance paramedic, sensed the grief the family would have been going through and didn’t think twice about paying the $129 fine for her. - Johnny
<3 - L to tha B from Android
RT @achievementhunt: Show your support for the Fake AH Crew by wearing their new Grand Heist shirt!
RT @achievementhunt: Show your support for the Fake AH Crew by wearing their new Grand Heist shirt!
#RTpodcast 1 Litre of water = 1 Kilogram weight. It's the basis for Specific Gravity #FuckYeahTheMetricSystem
The metric system: for people who are scared of math. ;) - lris
I just had cause to google Penny from Inspector Gadget. I have Safesearch disabled. Sometimes I fucking hate you, Internet.
Did you Bing it? - Louis Gray
ALS IBC has raised 70 million. Last year ALS raised 4 million. Even if this is just a flash in the pan event, they've almost tripled their expected donation target for the next 10 years.
It's hard to explain why I like the ALS Ice Bucket stuff without comparing it to the awareness/funding/treatment of other diseases. I won't.
I dislike being right when I'm right about ultimately shitty things.
Victory is mine but humanity is still getting screwed. - Johnny
I'd honestly rather be a bit of a pessimist, and be pleasantly surprised, but it often does not turn out that way. - Jennifer Dittrich
True that. - Johnny
So Tony Abbott is committed to "science". To bad he shitcanned the science portfolio #auspol
He's committed to talking about how much he's committed. - Jennifer Dittrich
That too. - Johnny from iPhone
My Breakfast Quesadilla Fu is to legit to quit.
My Breakfast Quesadilla Fu is to legit to quit.
So, basically, what I have learnt from Twitter about the VMAs is you can try and do a classier ass song but you still can't touch Beyonce.
Re: 5 Tips for Splinter Cell Blacklist -
"When you stop and think about it, pretty sure using a sniper rifle or assault rifle while dangling one handed off the side of a building is pretty impossible in real life so it would be stupid to have it in the game." - Johnny
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