I often find it interesting to compare the online 'dislike' of Facebook with my meatspace friends, who don't think/care about this kind of stuff. I often wonder who has the right idea and who is deep navel gazing.
Ouch. Or, this is when Johnny said he hated me. - Derrick
At least personally, most of my meatspace friends are on Facebook, and the ones I hear the most negativity from (usually regarding whatever new interface change has ruined their life), but I suspect that's very different, depending on the social circle. - Jennifer Dittrich
Derrick, this post is about me and what track I should take. I get that you don't trust Facebook and I have never ever said you were wrong for your beliefs. I am thinking for myself if 'Facebook' is worth the amount of time I spend talking about it - Johnny from iPhone
Facebook is an evil I accept. If I was unto myself I'd never bother. - Lnorigb from FFHound!