We know one thing... Mess with #friendfeed and the librarians will fuck your shit up. I pray for the souls of those responsible ;) [I'm not a librarian. I would LOVE to be one but I'm not. The fact I'm being referred to as one proves Poly is batshit insane and incapable of deduction]
Take a knee son and I'll catch you up. Most of those "2000 subscribers" in that account you shared are spam accounts. No non-imported comments. No likes. Just pulling in feeds and subscribed to each other. The only way the content could have disappeared is if the content creators of that room a) Deleted the content b) Deleted their accounts c) Were deleted for ToS violations like… wait for it… spam! If you write a post, regardless of where you write it (DM, Group or feed) once your account goes, so does all the "content". Look at the admins of that room. All spam or dead-head accounts. All of them. That says the person who generated the content no longer has an account with FriendFeed. You are messaging the President's account. It too is a dead head. No likes. No Comments. A straight feed of the accounts set up and abandoned long ago. If FriendFeed's downtime was actually a result of action and not an opportunistic co-opting of a server outage, then it achieves nothing except the frustrations and mocking of all those inside the sphere of knowledge and reason. You are searching for a battlefield that doesn't exist and your soldiers are made of paper. - Johnny
There is the fact that the is gone, though. I assume that the p01yNONym0u5 and polymath22 accounts were created by the same individual (the writing/hashtag style is the same), and that the deletion of that account is what spurred the DDOS (if, in fact, it was a DDOS that took down the site). But there are also explanations for why that account might have been deleted that don't involve censorship: 1. It could have been by the accountholder by accident. 2. They could have been hacked. 3. They might have shared their password with others in the past. - Stephen Mack
In there lies your answer. Your account was deleted. Given your posting style, it's not hard to see why you may have been deleted for ToS violations or spam. Enjoy your day - Johnny
Still a good possibility. You proclaim to run with a group known for such things. If your account was, as you claim, "hacked and wiped", then there must remain a strong possibility that it could have arisen from a personal internal dispute rather than some mysterious outside force. - Johnny
That's some awesome fractured logic, poly. Guess that means that, the next time something breaks on my car, I should torch the nearest VW plant. - Steven Perez from Android
FriendFeed selected a small number of trusted and respected users to regulate spam before setting it adrift on the Facebook servers. I'm a highly active user and this is the first time we have crossed paths. Seems more than plausible that it took this long to cross paths with one of those trusted few and BAM... and before you say it, no, they are good and fair people who aren't out to silence you. - Johnny
Poly, I sympathise with your situation. By what you say, you had a lot of work invested in your feed and it was deleted. I understand how all that could be heartbreaking. I can even (slightly) see how it could compel someone to seek some form of revenge... but where we differ is you claim a conspiracy of many where Occam's razor suggests it was (maybe mistakenly) innocent spam mangement. - Johnny
For your benefit, I have highlighted something: That, my friend, is the quickest way to bring yourself to the attention of the anti-spam admins. At best it could be viewed as spam, at worst it's harassment. Given your commenting style, I'm impressed that you have lasted as long as you claim. I understand you're passionate but the ordinary user will only tolerate out-of-context blasting for so long. - Johnny
Plus it was unprovoked. - Johnny
There is not. It's gone. Done. Over. Trust me, this isn't my first rodeo. - Johnny
If you wish to bring others here to view this thread, I welcome it. When your information tree has solid roots, you fear not the wind of blustering fools. - Johnny
See? Do you see? Honestly, do you see where you are going wrong? - Johnny
Poly, if you can sign in, it means there wasn't any censorship. There is a bug in the server that does this. I've had several friends that have had this vanish happen, but still show up in search and friendlist even though I couldn't get to the page. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Also that image shows no sign of tampering, just a visual artifact, that shows up due to high contrast variation against the rink. It also occurs on the man in the background on the rights hat where it touches the rink, and on the woman's shoulder in between them, where the contrast between her sweater and the mans is high. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
thanks for pissing all over the users here, btw. really classy. - Big Joe Silenced
For a person seeking truth in information, your inability to interpret even the most plain of situations, ie your behaviour and how it attracts detrimental attention, makes me question every piece of interpreted information you put forward. "If you want them to listen, whisper.". - Johnny
Again, nope. The awkward positioning is called "running" and actually running it through a system to highlight process artifacts that would point to tampering, they aren't there. Image is a consistent whole. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
And I have doctored a few photo's in my time, even going so far as to deemphasize or remove artifacts. It's not possible. There are always going to be dust and other visual artifacts in the environment and compression that can't be reproduced accurately. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
htl;dr - Melly
1) Image one does not represent locationality at point of explosion, only suggests it. Most reasonable and logical explanation, the crowd shifted between time t1(when image was taken) and time t2(when blast occurred). Also IED's have non-deterministic blast patterns. Being pressure based there will be focus points where primary failure occurs, and it's possible there will be blank areas in the blast pattern. 2) How'd she get ahead? The second image shows him being calm and not running. She's running full out. Do you know the difference? - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Anyway... Fucking librarians man. They'll fuck your shit up. - Johnny
Here is a picture of a puppy dressed as Batman Does that mean Bruce Wayne is a dog? #OpTheBatCave - Johnny
But look at this! The bread of dog is different here No one can explain WHY! #FalseBatPole #Hashtag #NaNaNaNa - Johnny
I don't work. I'm a billionaire playboy who hides a deep and dark secret. I'm Batman. - Johnny
All my young wards fight crime in bare legs and pixie boots. Except for Jason. He got smashed by a crowbar. Bad business. - Johnny
Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa. - Melly
Dammit, search must be broken, clicking on my hashtags doesn't bring up anything! - Melly
I blocked Ponyboy because I just couldn't anymore, now this thread looks hilarious. - Melly
Jesus! Aircraft navigation and commercial routes! Physics of athmosphere and gases! ALL IN JUST ONE VIDEO - Craiv
ALL WITH A SINGLE IPAD, isn't that amazing - Craiv
I mean YOU CAN ZOOM WITH FINGERS, how come we're still using our keyboards! - Craiv
Now you just straight up trolling. You've had your fun. Run along. - Johnny from iPhone
The best part of the whole conspiracy is that Sandy Hook is really in NJ. #NudeBeachSchools - April Russo (FForever!)
Go home, Poly. #YouAreDrunk - Johnny from iPhone
I unblocked Poly to read this thread, but damn back to my plonk list he goes. - Gunneh-MoTo Calls me that
Poly...I don't care! And do you know why I don't care? Because of you...that's why I don't care. I might have cared a few days ago, but I am worse than anonymous, I have been at the don't forget, don't forgive game a whole lot longer, and I am a lot better at it. - April Russo (FForever!)
I don't care and it's my conversation. Please remove yourself from my threads. A friendly request. Your last before I handle my business. - Johnny from iPhone
I've seen him handle his business. It's not pretty. - Melly
Wrong Answer Poly. I'm disabling comments on this thread. I will grant you the 9 hours to make whatever copies you want of the text in this thread, then I will remove your comments from my threads and block you so I am free from your tomfoolery. What was once harmless ramblings of a deluded fool is now just batshit annoying. I bid you no great ill and wish you the best of luck in your crusade... just do it on someone else's FriendFeed threads. Good day. - Johnny from iPhone
Anyway... Fucking librarians man. They'll fuck your shit up. - Johnny
\m/ - maʀtha
Hey Johnny, look what I have found today - WizMorgan ciao, coddi?
It's a fantastic piece of writing. - Johnny from iPhone
Aw, thanks. :) - lris from iPod