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Re: “Oh, so it’s my COOKING that has caused my son’s autism?” -
"The difference between Jamie Oliver and Pete Evans is that when Jamie Oliver went on his drive to change kid's health, he armed himself with well studied science and medical experts. Evans doesn't have that. I don't trust Jamie Oliver as a scientist, I trust him because he brings real scientists to the table." - Johnny
Melly - #TeamMarina
RT @buzzfeedoz: 19 Unintentionally Disturbing Kids’ Playgrounds via @psmith
RT @buzzfeedoz: 19 Unintentionally Disturbing Kids’ Playgrounds via @psmith
NOPE - Steele Lawman
That lizard though... - Johnny from iPhone
......... - Alix May
YES!! YESS!!! *cackle and slow clap* - Big Joe Silence
Melly - #TeamMarina
YEAH BABY! I got Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy! Who Should Be Your Boyfriend? via @robotics @buzzfeed
YEAH BABY! I got Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy! Who Should Be Your Boyfriend? via @robotics @buzzfeed
That's Uncle Jesse, not Mr. Darcy. - NOT THE CRICKET
How did I get Uncle Jesse? - bentley
It didn't pull in the right photo :o( - Melly - #TeamMarina
That's be a tasty sandwich - Johnny from iPhone
Melly, I got the same. - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
Mr. Darcy too. - Corinne L
Question: I agree with the idea that viewing pictures from the iCloud hack constitue a violation. Sexual assult even. So what about those pictures Anthony Wiener sent. It was private and not intended for public distribution. Do they fall under the same protections or is it ok cause he's a politician?
Wiener's situation wasn't a hack. He did that himself in public. - Eric - Regulate
So if Jennifer Lawrence's ex-boyfriend released nude photos that she sent him during their relationship, that would be ok? - Johnny from iPhone
Pretty sure Weiner posted the photo publicly himself by accident. So the analogy would be more like, "If Jennifer Lawrence posted a nude photo of herself to Twitter and then deleted it saying it was an accident, would it be OK to continue to distribute it?" - Steele Lawman
The second scandal was a release of photos he distributed in private messages. Maybe Anthony Wiener isn't the best example but I have seen many websites now championing Lawrence's cause that had a field day on Wiener's issues. I'm interested if this new threshold is universal or the second a non-popular Hollywood darling (politician) has the same thing happen (hack or leak), will that threshold still stand. - Johnny from iPhone
There are fine and subtle differences between revenge porn and hacking. I also think a lot of years have passed since Weiner, and we may be living in a different time now, with a different understanding of what we expect from what's on our cameras. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Also, this may be too fine-- but Weiner's photos were ones he distributed, and that was the issue. That he distributed them, as a politician. These women, so very many women, had their cloud accounts hacked and their photos distributed without any consent. And there is also something in the consumption -- Weiner's scandal was that he shared his weiner. This scandal is that these women's... more... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
This is a really interesting case comparison, thanks for presenting it, J-Wo. - Micah
So if I had the Anthony Wiener-type pictures, I'm ok to publish them because he should have known better? - Johnny from iPhone
"On May 27, 2011, Weiner sent a link to a sexually suggestive photograph of himself via his public Twitter account[40][41] to an adult woman who was following him on Twitter.[42] After several days of denying he had posted the image,[43][44][45][46] Weiner held a press conference at which he admitted he had "exchanged messages and photos of an explicit nature with about six women over... more... - Micah
If he sent them to you, they belong to you. That's one sad lesson of the Weiner case. These women's cloud accounts/backup files were hacked. Kind of a big difference. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
You may want to look up the second scandal during his Mayoral run. - Johnny from iPhone
I'm trying to confirm that viewing and publishing people's private naked photographs are wrong because it's wrong or because it's currently happening to someone we like. - Johnny from iPhone
From Twitter TOS: "5. Your Rights You retain your rights to any Content you submit, post or display on or through the Services. By submitting, posting or displaying Content on or through the Services, you grant us a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free license (with the right to sublicense) to use, copy, reproduce, process, adapt, modify, publish, transmit, display and distribute such Content in any and all media or distribution methods (now known or later developed)." - Micah
I don't buy that binary, Johnny. I think it's somewhat in the public interest for the Weiner photos to be published because they are evidence of a public official's inappropriate and unwise behavior. While the only excuse for publishing the Lawrence nudes is because people want to see forbidden naked pictures of a hot celebrity. - Steele Lawman
Also, I'm not defending Wiener in the slightest. The story needed reporting. I'm specifically speaking about the publishing and viewing of intended private nude photos. The manner of their procurement isn't as relevant. - Johnny from iPhone
Steve, I have seen many news sites report on the Lawrence scandal that haven't used a single leaked image. It is possible to report on such things without displaying the "goods". - Johnny
Johnny, I have to admit I'm in a catch 22 on this one. I'll have to think about it some more. - Eric - Regulate
I feel like you keep moving the goalposts on me, Johnny. I didn't say that it was necessary to show the photos. If I were editor, I probably would elect not to. But I think that publishing photos that prove that a public official or candidate is in fact guilty of exposing himself to women is defensible, regardless of whether he meant them to be public. Publishing photos of a celebrity that she never intended to be public is not, because there is no "public interest" at stake besides mere prurience. - Steele Lawman
I'm not trying to move the goal posts. Maybe the confusions is over the word publishing. I'm NOT saying that the scandal can't be exposed, I'm specifically talking about hosting the photos for public consumption and individuals viewing those photos. From Lawrence's Vanity Fair article "Anybody who looked at those pictures, you’re perpetuating a sexual offense." Is looking at someone's... more... - Johnny
Another case: Hayley Williams, lead singer of Paramore, mistakenly posted a topless photo of herself on Twitter that was intended for her boyfriend. A mistake on her part. Am I ok to view that photo because she made a mistake? Is that any less of a violation than looking at Lawrence's photos? The edges of thresholds are always murky, but worth exploring. - Johnny
Maybe you aren't moving the goalposts. Maybe I just want you to agree with me 100% :) - Steele Lawman
:) - Johnny
For the record, Lawrence is about the 20th celeb to state on the record that they feel folks looking at their leaked photos are sexually assaulting them. There were scores of celebs who had their files hacked in the past month. And I do feel, quite strongly, that the manner of attainder matters a lot. These women were purposefully exposed for the titillation of the masses, violated, on... more... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
*hugs a goal post* - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Johnny, I'd say looking at naked photos of anyone that they did not themselves release for your viewing pleasure is not OK. If peeping through a curtain at a naked person is illegal, why on earth would it be ok to view stolen nudie photos? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I'm not saying it's ok. I'm not on the outside shouting in, I'm on the inside making sure that everyone is on the same page. Yes, viewing photos of anyone that they did not themselves release for your viewing pleasure is not OK. I'm wondering how quickly that threshold will be thrown under the bus the next time someone we don't like faces similar consequences. - Johnny
I guess I'm still not sure that the two cases are "similar" in most any way? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Also, I think when I finally went to see what the heck the Weiner photos actually were, they were junk-in-undies. (No more exposing than that weird John Hamm photo collection that went around, and he was fully clothed). I haven't looked at the hacked photos, but from what I gather these are *far* more personal. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
There are explicit photos out there. Simply Put: Your standard is "looking at naked photos of anyone that they did not themselves release for your viewing pleasure is not OK." Anthony Weiner did not release his pictures for your viewing pleasure, so why is looking at his photos ok or acceptable and looking at Lawrences not? - Johnny
I'm not saying looking at Weiner's photos is OK, from that baseline. I am saying, though, that the releasing of the photos served different purposes from the beginning. One was perhaps redeemable, the other not. There was a story that Weiner's photo's illustrated. The hacked leaked celebrity nude photos are the story, They illustrated nothing but fairly evil perversion. (and the... more... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
That's fine. So the question remains: in the future, if you are presented with an Anthony Weiner-like scandal that contains explicit photos, do you host/view those photos or do you just report on the photos and leave the actual images to the murky depths of 4Chan? - Johnny
Or more specifically, if you saw a website that hosted those photos, would the current outrage felt towards those sites currently distributing the naked celebs be similarly applied? - Johnny
I certainly hope the law takes any murkiness out of the picture. I think hosting and viewing these photos needs to be recognized as illegal bahavior. Theft and burglary occurred, and then the viewer is *knowingly* consuming the stolen goods. It's theft, with the added sexual component, making it assault and violation. I guess what I'm missing is the other side -- what's the argument for it being OK to view hacked, stolen, deeply private naked photos of strangers? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I'm not making that argument. I'm trying to work out if the threshold of outrage gets applied to every naked photo released without consent or to only those we deem worthy of protection. - Johnny
Sheri Tepper wrote a novel called The Others, which bothered me a lot when I read it. The Others, an alien race, came to the earth and wiped the bad people off the planet. This always bothered me -- unfair, no due process, lack of grey/redeemability, etc.. There is increasing frequency in the times I raise my hands to the universe and beg for the others to come and wipe certain parties from the earth, as no realistic solution seems possible. 4chan trolls are one of those parties. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Johnny, I think you have (at least) two different things you keep conflating. 1. Private photos, released without owners consent: should we look at them? 2. Photos released because they illustrate/tell/expose a story vs. photos stolen and released because tits are fun and chicks deserve that shit. These are two very different issues, deserving wildly different levels of outrage. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I'm not even talking about the actual scandals involved, that's something you are pushing. I am speaking about, specifically, the hosting and viewing of private photos. Regardless of the stories behind them, most of the cheerleading I have been seeing over the past couple of days says that viewing naked photos without consent of the creator is wrong. Most people, myself included, agree.... more... - Johnny
Well, I think Stephan Collins is going to have quite a little scandal without us ever seeing the inappropriate photos, since those would constitute child pornography. So, yes. The scandals apparently can occur without the photos being seen (and these are, thankfully, not even naked photos) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Yes, but if there was photos (not of the Collins case but a politician etc), would the same level of current outrage be directed at those publishing and distributing those pictures or do they get a pass because there is some "public interest" - Johnny
so the scandal does matter? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Does it? That's what I'm pushing at. If someone makes a declaration that "all private naked photos are private" but is willing to void that declaration when a big enough scandal occurs, then the original declaration has a big "but" at the end. When does that "but" come into play? Does our personal view of that person influence when that "but" occurs? I don;t come with answers, I come with questions. - Johnny
There's no way to answer without the scandal in question then! Scandal A: some trolls did evil specifically to do evil and violated a lot of people's privacy to do their evil. There should be hella outrage, and anyone who participates by viewing the photos continues to perpetrate the violence. Scandal B: Someone took photos of inappropriate and illegal behavior; scandal can break with... more... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I guess we'll see. I think Weiner was a special case -- because early, first, and the photos weren't nude (or at least the one I saw wasn't). The comparison will be if someone hacks Schwarzenegger's iCloud -- or Sandoval or Perry -- and posts nude photos. But -- that won't actually compare, because the ladies are way less likely to be driven (as a whole class) to check out the nudies than the guys are. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Given that, any declaration that "Private naked photos are private" must now come with a "but". - Johnny
I don't see a but. I see history, and perhaps our understandings of things have changed? (I think the viewing of private naked photos released to the public should fall under peeping tom laws. And possibly laws regulating the knowing consumption or purchasing of stolen goods. period.) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
"Private naked photos are private... but if you're a politician sexting your mistress (not illegal), not really." - Johnny
Mark Trapp
Every cop is so indiscriminately & over-the-top corrupt on Gotham that it really makes holding a suspension of disbelief almost impossible.
It's kinda like a reverse Batman '66 where all the cops, including Commissioner Gordon, were so bubblegum that it's like they've never seen a regular murder or real crime. - Johnny
That's a good comparison. Between their collusion with organized crime, apathy towards resolving crimes in any direction, and their brutality towards suspects, it's seems like their only motivation is "I hate whatever Gordon likes and like anything Gordon doesn't." - Mark Trapp
My favourite work emails are ones I reply to with excerpts of the other person's email tell me to do the thing they're now yelling at me for doing.
Almost as good is showing them the email telling you NOT to do something after they yell at you for NOT doing it. - Ken Gidley
Just got a reply. Sweet sweet comeuppence... all over their face, neck and chest. - Johnny
I'm too excited about NaNoWriMo too early. I can't maintain this kind of enthusiasm for over a month. How do I put emotions on hold?
You can always throw your own one for October? (OctoNaWriMo actually sounds pretty cool...) - Jennifer Dittrich
Schedule days off. Not only to give you a break but you'll probably have some "Oh, I've got an idea" moments and when you hit the pages again you'll be energised - Johnny
When I get an idea, I try to turn it into outlining, but I keep finding myself mentally writing scenes. I'm heavily basing this NaNo on myself, so it's kind of hard not to think about it. lol - Heather
I also made 2 Polyvore outfits relevant to my story. >.> - Heather
(Curtis) Alan Jackson
So the local pizza place has caramelized onions as an available topping. I got that with some pepperoni, sausage and extra cheese and it's delicious. Better than regular onions any day.
Sugar normally makes anything better. - Johnny from iPhone
Yes, that sweet onion. - Eric - Regulate
Well, I really hadn't intended to go through my filing cabinet and weed through the entire thing...
I wonder if I'll ever miss that bank statement from 1997... - lris
The IRS won't miss it. - Julian
Read that as "Iris is filing while high" - Johnny from iPhone
Number of times I've used super glue without getting some on my hands? Still zero.
I tried using gloves once. Got super glue on my wrist while taking glove off. - Johnny from iPhone
I'm pretty sure even magicians curse superglue as they get it on their hands. - Sir Shuping is just sir
Melly - #TeamMarina
Another wild Friday night at the Doyle's!
Another wild Friday night at the Doyle's!
Cutie. - Johnny from iPhone
Rawr. - Uli
How YOU doin? :) - Steven Perez
Yay! After 12 years with the company (being the first employee after the directors) I'm finally getting a work phone. Mind you, when I say work phone I mean they're getting my personal number ported to their carrier on a cheap BYO plan. So my 2 year old battery fucked iPhone 5 is my new phone...
Everyone else in the company is getting new iPhone 6s... even the part time secretary. The existing non-fucked iPhone 5Ss are going to the director's grandchildren. I'm super grateful for the phone plan because it's $60 a month I don't have to spend but I can't say it doesn't sting just a little bit. - Johnny
Gah. :( Maybe time for a mysterious accident to happen to your phone? - Stephen Mack
The thing is, on a BYO plan, they can't get a new phone for me. The iPhone 5S are already promised to the grand kids... I know cause I was just handed one of them to set up. - Johnny
(Also, I have to pay for my phone to be unlocked from my carrier to accept work's carrier). - Johnny
Boo. - Yvonne Renee from FFHound!
That's a strange setup. I'm assuming to get a new phone, you'd just have to buy it outright? - Eric - Regulate
Eric, yep. - Johnny
So let me ask the obvious question. Why aren't they just getting you a new phone? Is it due to everyone knowing the number you have now? (Which could easily be transferred, I believe.) - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Android
Oh wait. This is in Bitchfest which probably means they're going out of their way to not get you a new phone. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Android
Stephen Mack
Apple is such an amazing company in so many ways. How come iTunes is so awful, and has been for so long? As they have migrated its functions off to the cloud, iTunes really has exactly one job for me now, to put music on my phone. At that, it completely fails. Here we see my music, stuck in "Other" and unable to be played. Jolly good show, iTunes.
Here we begin unsyncing all of my music, trying to reclaim the Other, and then resyncing. I've put six or seven hours into that so far, with no luck. - Stephen Mack
Oh good. I thought that was just happening to me. On one hand, I'm glad I never relied solely on iTunes to store my music, but now, out of thousands of songs only like 600 of them are playable on my iPods. - Anika
iTunes is a huge POS - Jeff (Team マクダジ )
I always assumed misuse of "other" was iOS's fault... - Andrew C (✔) from Android
How can you tell what is in the "other" section? I've noticed my other section has been growing as well. - Friar Will
I was just having this moment while I was trying to clear stuff out on my phone. At this point, they should have a far more robust management utility that is /separate/ from iTunes. There's no reason for the two to be married together once the cloud sync stuff came into play. (FWIW, on my phone most of the "other" was comprised of data bloat for a couple of applications, Flickr and Tumblr being the worst offenders.) - Jennifer Dittrich
Oof. There goes my plans for buying an iPhone if my Nexus 4 ever dies. I love my iPod nano, but I've never been able to easily sync my digital music with my phone, and I'd like to do that someday. Looks like Apple isn't helping that happen anymore. - Holly's favorite Anna
Andrew, you may be right that it's iOS's fault. Hard to separate out where the fault is, really. - Stephen Mack
There are third party music sync apps. Any of you use them? - Stephen Mack
Will, per the Apple support communities ( "Other" data is real data including your system files and cached content that you put on your device by using the built-in apps. It's just that as you use the phone, it will grow. This includes: Messages and attachments Contacts Reminders Safari bookmarks and cache Email messages and attachments Calendar entries Genius data Music catalog and cover art Operating system settings Game Center status - Stephen Mack
I haven't experienced issues like you have Stephen, but I have had a difficult time setting the sync just right. No matter how many times I uncheck sync movies, it took iTunes ages to realize I don't want movies on my iOS devices downloaded to my laptop. iTunes has usually been pretty good with my music, though. However, if it weren't for the fact that 90% of my music were ripped from CDs, I wouldn't sync with iTunes at all, since syncing iPhone with a computer is so '00s to me. >_> - Arlan K.
After iTunes Match, I don't think I've intentionally synced my device with iTunes since. $25 a month is so worth it. EDIT: crap, yes. $25 a YEAR. See, this is why I didn't do poker last night, my head was wonked up. - Jonathan Disher
You mean $25 a year, Jon. :) - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Other is the data the apps build up. Under Settings > General > Usage you can see each app by total size and inside of each you can see how much is taken up by locally stored data. I delete and re-install Facebook, Twitter and Vine about once every 2 months to clear the cache. - Johnny from iPhone
$25 a YEAR? Hmmmm.... - Arlan K.
Johnny, that's a good tip. In my case, though, it's music that doesn't sync correctly and can't be reclaimed. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
itunes makes me crazypants. I had some songs that I could not get removed from my phone no matter what i did. what i discovered was that the itunes setting was set to show all store purchases and itunes match uploads, even if they had never been downloaded to the phone. so all those random freebies that i got from itunes over the years were always showing up on my phone. SO DUMB. ITUNES IS CRAZYPANTS. - holly #ravingfangirl
I recently found dozens of old CDs I had in the garage. I've sucked them into iTunes, and they they automatically get synced to Google Music. iTunes is just the CD ripper. Once they're on Google Music (or Spotify), you're covered. - Louis Gray
Sorry Louis. Google Music streaming doesn't work too well for me. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Yes, $25/year. Bad brain. - Jonathan Disher
Got much worse this evening -- almost all of the phone was locked out with "Other." There are 11 pages of people experiencing the same syncing issue that I had that led to this mess ( Now restoring the phone to factory settings and starting over. What a mess. - Stephen Mack
Factory reset and restore from backup and seven hours of syncing overnight seem to have fixed things. And the battery life seems a bit better too! - Stephen Mack
At least you can sync. That's more than what I get with 11.4; it crashes when syncing apps. Every time. It's enough to give up and never sync again. - Stephan from iPhone
So is a factory reset the equivalent of turning it off and on again? - Stephan from iPhone
Wow. What a hassle. I'm sorry it's sucking so badly. - Spidra Webster
Stephan: I'd say turning it off and on again is equivalent to turning it off and on again. Factory reset is more like when you take every single item out of your house and put it on the lawn so you can clean the house out of dust and bugs. - Stephen Mack
Spidra, thanks. Sounds like Stephan has it worse than me! - Stephen Mack
iTunes :-/ - Amit Patel
RT @annajhenderson: Tanya Plibersek "Well I'd prefer if Tony Abbott didn't get about in his Speedos either, but it's a free country" #auspol @abcnews +
BOOM. End of discussion. - Johnny
Shannon - GlassMistress
My FB feed is full of people saying 'Ebola isn't as scary as you think'. Really? I say its a matter of perspective. To my SIL who is in Guinea studying it with the CDC its probably reasonably scary. To someone who has contracted it I'm going with 'downright terrifying' To those of us that will likely never encounter it, yup, not very scary ...
and certainly not worthy of panic here in the US. But it is very serious, and it is very scary and I don't think downplaying it is the right way to go. - Shannon - GlassMistress
I am very afraid frankly. We received the CDC guidelines for hospital workers today. Knowing how lax our society is with their illness I have better chance in a medical setting instead of at the local grocery store. My contact exposure will be at the latter. - Janet
The likelihood of infection in the USA/Australia is very low but that isn't an invitation for complacency.. - Johnny from iPhone
Someone on FB said "Abetz" sounds Jewish and he shouldn't be trusted. His grandunclue was a Nazi ambassador and tried for war crimes #AusPol
In terms of trying to be anti-semitic, that's a fairly large fail. - Johnny
To be fair, Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows ME, the numbers never really mattered. "Is it a good OS?" is the real question.
I just find it offputting. Why introduce confusion? If they made a clean break (like the one from 95 to XP, where the names are wholly unrelated) it would be easier for me to understand. OK, branding. This smacks of branding (trying to match the other "ones" they've got going on) but without enough of a connection to actually make it work. - Jennifer Dittrich
Don't get me wrong, I'm not up in arms or anything, I just don't get it. - Jennifer Dittrich
I just installed 5 new PCs at work for production. Some were using 7 and some were 8. Only one person knew the difference. I suspect Windows has something planned marketing wise that ties the phone OS etc - Johnny from iPhone
Sarah G.
Selfie avec bridge (and guy taking picture with iPad which is one of @BeauGlassmeyer 's pet peeves)
Selfie avec bridge (and guy taking picture with iPad which is one of @BeauGlassmeyer 's pet peeves)
Law & Order : Photography Squad - Pete
He got the photo. - Johnny from iPhone
So the Australian government's welfare reforms violate our UN Human Rights obligations. Hey, at least they're consistent asshole. #auspol
Don't worry - our govt. also does things that violate UN treaties and obligations all the time. Turns out they don't fine you or anything. Oh yeah - we don't pay our UN bill either. - Brian Johns
The thing is, this government used the UN Human Rights stuff as a massive hammer against the previous government in an effort to win power - Johnny from iPhone
Sarah G.
I disagree with all of you. About everything.
You're great! - Todd Hoff
I agree. - Johnny from iPhone
You're absolutely right. - RepoRat
Nuh, uh. - Joe
Cilantro is the best. - (Curtis) Alan Jackson from Android
I agree with CAJ. - Steven Perez
Sarah G.
Question: why do people dog on legal marketing? Aren't businesses supposed to advertise? And aren't attorneys supposed to be in community?
A good portion of the marketing I hear is either 1) drumming up clients for DUI's or 2) trying to convince people to be part of a class action lawsuit. The first is just advertising. The second one feels a lot sketchier. The 'do it yourself' legal websites do a much better job of advertising everyday law services that your average consumer might be interested in, and that most people could use help with. - Jennifer Dittrich
I guess it sticks in the craw because legal representation and justice is suppose to be a right or a noble profession and the harsh realisation that (for a lot of lawyers) clients are more just customers/business than clients erodes that ideal. - Johnny from iPhone
Yeah, there's definitely some of that. It also feels like it's the sketchier end of things that gets advertised about. (Probably at least in part because of what you mentioned.) - Jennifer Dittrich
Since I have been up late working on my paper, there have been a series of commercials that all start "I know why you are up late" and then it goes to give a cause- one is that you need a lawyer, and gives the number of a firm. Another is that you need a colonoscopy, and then gives a Dr's number, one is some home repair- roof or basement or something. - sglassme
Andrew C (✔)
Tech Start-Up Founder Says Women Are Like Men, Only Cheaper - Businessweek -
Tech Start-Up Founder Says Women Are Like Men, Only Cheaper - Businessweek
"“The Australian labor market and world labor market just consistently and amazingly undervalues women in so many roles, particularly in our industry,” he said. [...] Thornley went on to say that by hiring women, he got better-qualified employees to whom he was able to give more responsibility. “And [they were] still often relatively cheap compared to what we would’ve had to pay someone less good of a different gender,” he concluded. To illustrate his point he showed a slide that said: “Women: Like Men, Only Cheaper.”" - Andrew C (✔) from Bookmarklet
I love that he's all "and we still didn't pay them!" Best of both worlds! Or something. - Jennifer Dittrich
I really want to take this as "the men I hired are overpaid for what I get" but I can't. - Johnny from iPhone
Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Yeah, okay. - joey
Startup CEOs are just like regular CEOs only assholeier. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
So, I'm starting to watch Gotham from last night (I didn't start recording until 20 minutes in). The main character is James Gordon, who, I assume is the man that becomes Commissioner Gordon. His female companion (haven't yet figured out if it's his wife or not) is Barbara. That's supposed to be his daughter's name, isn't it?
Also, I've only caught his partner's first name, so far (Harvey). I assume that's Harvey Dent? - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
No, Harvey Bullock. Still pretty iconic, just a different Harvey. - Jennifer Dittrich
Ah, okay. I was wondering; didn't think Harvey Dent was supposed to be older than Gordon. Do we think Ivy (the little girl) is the one that turns out to be Poison Ivy? I'll be honest, I don't know much about the Batman franchise outside of the various movies & cartoons. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Bullock shows up in the cartoons, but is a lot more buffoonish? I think Barbara is his fiancee, so they're not married yet. I think she mentions that later in the episode. - Jennifer Dittrich
Not a big fan of Alfred's accent, but I am excited to see Sean Pertwee there (the Third Doctor's son). - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
I like the actor enough that it didn't really bother me, though I could see why some didn't like it. I figure that, like other interpretations, this will have some big and little differences with the source material. They seemed to pack in a lot of characters, but that might just be what you see for the pilot episode. - Jennifer Dittrich
Without getting too far into the whole Pre and Post Crisis business, "Barbra" has been the name of Gordon's 1st wife, his daughter and his niece. I'm assuming in this case it will follow the Miller Year One arc of Barbara Kean the wife. - Johnny
It was poison ivy, the Joker was also introduced as well as cat woman. I loved this premiere episode! - Janet from FFHound!
Don't forget Penguin, Janet. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Interesting. Thanks, Johnny. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
The Penguin was my favorite! - Janet from FFHound!
Andrew C (✔)
RT @abid_ism: when your parents are trying too hard to fit in
RT @abid_ism: when your parents are trying too hard to fit in
What in the everloving - Eric - Regulate
(not her account) - Johnny
Melly - #TeamMarina
21 years since my Daddy died. This is one wound time doesn't heal. #fb
**hugs** - Jennifer Dittrich
I'm sorry, Melly. These kind of anniversaries are so very tough. Hugs to you and a hat tip to your dad, who played a big role in making you the Melly we know and love. - Corinne L
*hugs* - Johnny from iPhone
*hugs* - Heather
*hugs* - Big Joe Silence
*hugs* - Katy S
Sorry, Melly... - Stephan from iPhone
*hugs* - Jenny H. from Android
(I know, same here) *hugs* - Xabaras (G.O.)
Melly - #TeamMarina
What's another term for "bokeh", or the name of a similar technique?
Depth of field - Johnny from iPhone
Single word. It's for a friends puzzle game, haha. - Melly - #TeamMarina
blur - Glen Campbell
Melly - #TeamMarina
Back to work for Josh today. Melly has a sad :o( #fb
I have a day off - Johnny from iPhone
Wanna come over and help me do the dishes? - Melly - #TeamMarina
I'll come over! you have a transporter right? - Sir Shuping is just sir
I'm doing my own dishes! - Johnny from iPhone
I'm doing the groceries first. - Melly - #TeamMarina
*snuggles* - Heather
*snuggles in on the opposite side from Heather to make a Melly sandwich* - Big Joe Silence
Eric - Regulate
I'm the illest, I die harder than Bruce Willis
I'm a premature ejaculator, Fast and Furious like Vin Diesel. - Steve C Team Marina
While this is all nice, y'all can't touch Vanilla Ice - Johnny from iPhone
—Det. Fin Tutuola, NYPD - Victor Ganata
Yep - Eric - Regulate from iPhone
Steve and 4 other people
RT @JamesFallows: Scottish turnout super high in part because *every vote counts equally*. Reason #625 to dump Electoral College in US.
Mebbe, but I doubt if our turnout would go up appreciably if we dumped the Electoral College for most elections. Apathy is apathy. If we had a vote in California about seceding from the U.S., I bet California's turnout would be record-breaking too. - Stephen Mack
Of course, some of that apathy is deliberately encouraged. It's not like we deliberately set aside time as a society to do this, or expect that work or commerce should briefly halt to see it accomplished. Polling places are often extraordinarily inconvenient for large parts of the population, portions of which are at massive disadvantage when attempting to even register to vote. - Jennifer Dittrich
Jennifer, it's a good point. I'd love to see us implement a national voting day holiday (which other countries have had for years). - Stephen Mack
Certain segments of the political spectrum encourage apathy with such statements as "they're all the same" etc and by making voting a more arduous task then it needs to be.... Make Sunday polling day and tell them that football doesn't start tell the votes are tally'ed.... - WarLord
I'd love to see a voting holiday (a real holiday, as in only emergency personnel have to work, and people get paid leave) as well as a lot more polling places (with special emphasis on currently underserved areas, like reservations and very poor neighborhoods.) - Jennifer Dittrich
I support Stephens call for a national drinking^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H voting holiday! (which is apparently how some folks in countries with such holidays respond... :/ ) - Ken Gidley
A holiday is interpreted as a "travel and get away" day. So that would conflict with voting. - Louis Gray
We vote on a Saturday. Works for us. - Johnny from iPhone
You vote on a Saturday? How do you get people to show up? They can't put a TV show on Saturdays. - Eric - Regulate from iPhone
Also, voting is done at almost every public school (close, easily accessible by public transport), there is pre-polling options like electoral officers taking voting stations to nursing homes and hospitals. - Johnny from iPhone
Eric. We have compulsory voting (which I wholeheartedly support) but they also have a sausage sizzle and jam stores so you do it on the way out or back from your weekend stuff and grab a snack. - Johnny from iPhone
And with this single tweet, the last dangling thread of interest I had in Gotham has snapped.
And with this single tweet, the last dangling thread of interest I had in Gotham has snapped.
I'm more than happy to actually watch a couple of episodes before I give up hope that it might end up fun. Flip side, I couldn't care less what they're doing with their films right now. Just not interested. - Jennifer Dittrich
I had high hopes... then they made a big deal about Bruce Wayne being in it. Commissioner Gordon and the world of Gotham has such potential that it only needs the coming shadow of the Batman in the lightest of touches. - Johnny
I'm wondering how much of that is just marketing buzz though, to get people to tune in and then get addicted to Gordon's storyline as the main thread. I'm still hopeful enough to let it spin a little. Also, there aren't that many shows I'm even slightly interested in, so even a little is enough to get me to see a few episodes. - Jennifer Dittrich
According to IMDb, he's in every episode to date. I'd like it to be only a fleeting meeting like just after his parent's were shot (and he made a vow to find the killers). Any more than that and you run into the Lois Lane problem. You can't have a good detective like Gordon having a strong connection to someone, have that someone disappear then reappear just as a vigilant with expensive toys appears and him not put it together. - Johnny
Oh, yeah - that seriously gave me trouble with Smallville. - Jennifer Dittrich
Also, "RT if..." campaigns? Seriously? - Johnny
Oh, I just ignore that sort of thing at this point. It's the darling of studio marketing teams, and usually not related to what the show runners want at all. - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
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