I've reached that stage where NONE of my pants fit me anymore, no matter how tight I do my belt up... That's awesome BUT I don't have any pants to wear to work :(
time for a kilt! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Can you have them taken in at the dry cleaners? - Jenny H. from Android
Cost of taking them in $10. New pair is $15. I've got my smallest pair on (4 sizes to big) with the belt on a new self-made notch and I'll buy a new pair at lunch :) - Johnny from iPhone
That's great, J! Sorry about your wardrobe woes, but yay for the reason! - Jenny H. from Android
Come raid my wardrobe. - Melly
I was at that point several months ago. Had to get rid of a couple of pairs of pants because they fell off even with the belt on. :D I did the happy dance over finally getting into a pair of Levi's Button Fly 501s that I had not been able to get into since I bought them 7 years ago. - #cryptic
Time for a sarong! - Spidra Webster
*cues the suit buying montage* - Mo Kargas