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As I brushed Emily's hair this morning, she said to me "Now I will be beautiful like you, Mummy." <3 #fb
I'm wearing a t-shirt that's been slept in, no bra or pants, messy greasy bed hair, oily spotty face, huge eye bags, I probably smell, and she still thinks I'm beautiful. - Melly
That's because she (like kids everywhere) can see your inner self. - Bren from iPhone
At what age do we get brainwashed about beauty? - Stephan from iPhone
I'm seeing it in her already Stephan and it makes me sad. She will put a dress on and say "Now I'm pretty", like she wasn't before. - Melly
I swear I thought that said "Messy greasy beard" and I was about to start clutching my pearls. - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
Melly, I am also seeing this with our two year old. I find it appalling. Another educational opportunity, sadly. - Stephan from iPhone
Hookuh you get a free moustache ride. - Melly
WOO HOO! I WIN! :D - Hookuh Tinypants
It's heading straight for Johnny!
Beard. - Johnny from iPhone
oh yes... there was much dancing! - Johnny
شادی بعد از آزادی فرفر :)) - Noosha
That was my reaction this morning after seeing FF again :) - Mahdi
I was in bed (6am-ish). Woke up my wife. It was worth the pain :) - Johnny
I was in bed too. My friend woke me up and screaming :) - Mahdi
نوشا :)))) - Mahdi
=)))) - Viva Vida
اصلا عـــــالی:)) - قاصدک
I know the feeling - VALZONE#NEWHIP
We have the same feeling :) - Mahdi
ویدا حالا زیاد خوشحال نباش :)) - Mahdi
آخه این یارو خیلی خوشحاله دلم نمیاد :))) - Viva Vida
این عکس العمل فرفریا بعد از فری شدن فرفره؟خونه ما که پارتی برپا شدمن سور دادم:) - p@RiS
ویدا پس خیلی خوشحال باش :)) - Mahdi
من از صبح هی اینو می بینم هی حال خوبمون یادآوری میشه برام :)) - Noosha
سمیرا عنوان رو خوندی :)) - Mahdi
arkaaşlar bu kadar bağımlı olmayın sizden büyük jonobilak var - Jarolim Gayri
نوشا دیدی گفتم یک روز خوب میاد :)) - Mahdi
دیگه ببین به چه روزایی قانع شدیم :)) - Noosha
نوشا واقعا :) - Mahdi
:)) - NαrgeS
:)) - Mahdi
It's been over 3 1/2 years since I last breastfed and I still get occasional phantom let-down pains, wtf. #fb
It's been 8 years for me and every once in a while (like 5 or 6 times a year), I feel like my boobs are leaking. - Anika
How about 25+ years later? :) - Anne Bouey
Me too; it's so strange. - Jenny H. from Android
Yep--almost 20 years here. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Boobs are crazy!! - Melly from iPhone
Help Beth make a difference for a cause we care about. @everydayhero #everythingcounts #MND #ALS
Help Beth make a difference for a cause we care about. @everydayhero #everythingcounts #MND #ALS
Homemade Garlic Naan Bread - Foodness Gracious -
Homemade Garlic Naan Bread - Foodness Gracious
Homemade Garlic Naan Bread - Foodness Gracious
Homemade Garlic Naan Bread - Foodness Gracious
Grandpa Sludge would be proud. Daddy sure is, because, you know, eff table manners. - Benny Bucko <Team Melly>
RT @bestmovieline: The Shining
RT @bestmovieline: The Shining
:) - Brent Schaus from iPhone
Kindergarten in my state is equivalent to Pre-K in the US. - Melly
They are so big now! - Corinne L
wow. got something in my eye... - MoTO Boychick Devil
I JUST noticed I'm sore from PT yesterday.
Tried to do wall push ups like at PT. Ow. - Heather
Happy birthday bestie!
Happy birthday bestie!
Happy birthday, J-Wo! - Prairie & I Know It from Android
All the hearts and all the feels. I love you too - Johnny
Happy birthday, Johnny! - Stephen Mack from iPhone
happy happy birthday sir johnny! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Happy birthday, Johnny! - Corinne L
Happy birthday, J! :D - Jenny H. from Android
Happy birthday! - Maitani
Happy birthday Johnny :) - Pete
Happy birthday :) - Eivind
since it is already Tuesday down under Happy Birthday Johnny ♥♥
Happy Birthday to Johnny! :D - Jennifer Dittrich
<3 - Johnny
Eff you, humidity.
I say that every year about South Texas. - Steven Perez
Star Wars stormtrooper charity walker Scott Loxley saved from potentially deadly snake bite in north Queensland by iconic armour - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) -
Star Wars stormtrooper charity walker Scott Loxley saved from potentially deadly snake bite in north Queensland by iconic armour - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
"Stormtrooper armour is hopeless against lightsabers - but it is good protection against the venomous snakes of north Queensland. Scott Loxley, who is walking around Australia dressed as an "elite soldier of the Galactic Empire" from sci-fi franchise Star Wars to raise money for charity, says the iconic armour protected him from a king brown snake bite this week." - Jessie from Bookmarklet
"Mr Loxley had just left Yalboroo, north of Mackay, on Wednesday when he came across what he thought was another dead snake on the road. But that snake turned out to be a king brown, he said, and it was alive and well. Mr Loxley, a former Army soldier, used his official Facebook page to share the story of his encounter with the "vicious" snake. "He's lunged at me and bit me but the good... more... - Jessie
"According to Australian Museum, king browns, or mulga snakes, bite savagely and may hang on and chew as they inject their venom, which is highly toxic and can be expressed in enormous quantities." - Jessie
Australia, where everything wants to kill you. - Brian Johns
Now that made me laugh, Brian. :D - Anne Bouey
A Gunny named Slickback
Josiah's been asked on his very first non-family sleepover and I don't know whether to be excited or sad.
Both - Johnny from iPhone
He just rang to say goodnight & he's having a ball! - Melly from iPhone
It's SO WEIRD to be home at night with Josh and Emily but no Josiah. Emily has loved having Josh & I to herself and it was nice for us to focus solely on her. But I very much felt his absence. - Melly
holly #ravingfangirl
I love how Uptown Funk is in every tv/movie ad now.
Planning to try my hand at homemade country-fried steak tomorrow night. Hoping I find a really good recipe. #foodhat
The one I have favorited in my cooks illustrated app is wonderful. I don't know if it's available on their site or one of their books - eta - search for chicken fried steak - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I know that the seasoning changes based on the recipe, but it usually includes garlic powder, paprika, salt, pepper, and whatever else you feel like using. I do know that double flouring the meat (seasoned flour, then egg/buttermilk, then flour again) is very important though to get that crispy country fried exterior. - Chris Topher
Thanks, both of you. Yeah, Chris, that seems to be the main constant (flouring, then egg-wash, then flouring again). Some recipes tell me to prepare the gravy after frying the steak; some tell me to finish cooking the steak in the gravy. I think I'll probably prepare the gravy separately from the steak, so that the breading doesn't get soggy. Christina - I'll definitely look into the... more... - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Signed up for Cooks Illustrated. Checking out the recipe now. I can see I'll have to make some substitutions; mainly, I'll have to either use my 10-inch cast iron skillet or my large electric fry-pan, since I don't yet have a dutch oven. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Noodle: Cook's Illustrated is great and their recipes work well. Be prepared, however, to be bombarded with both good cooking information *and* offers to subscribe to other products like Cooks Country and America's Test Kitchen. - Technodad
Thanks, David. Yeah, I've already noticed them hassling me about subscribing to those other sites (no point in subscribing to America's Test Kitchen right now, since I got two of their cookbooks for Christmas). We did use the Cook's Illustrated recipe for Country Fried Steak tonight; it turned out really well. Thanks for recommendation, Christina. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
:))) - Stephen Mack
<3 xoxo infinity! - Tamara J. B. from FFHound(roid)!
Present from Aunty Beth! Josiah got one too, it has the ninja turtles on it :oD - Melly
Growing up rapidly! - Mo Kargas
I'm at McDonald's in Toowoomba, QLD
I'm at McDonald's in Toowoomba, QLD
And those are not my children. Weird! - Melly
*runs into room* Hi! Bye! *runs back out*
Young lady, you come back here right now and turn off all the lights behind you. - Steven Perez from FFHound(roid)!
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