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Australians worship the concept of the "fair go". Now look at your thoughts of Australian Muslims. Your move. #AusPol
Somewhere Kanye West is furious he didn't come in ahead of all of that. - Steve C Team Marina
Above everything else, the thing that really shits me about ignorant bigots is the lack of consistency and hypocrisy. Don't wuss out on hate
RT @timleftwich: .@Jerem6401 If there's anything @AchievementHunt has ever proven it's that if you make something idiot proof, they'll build a better idiot.
And with this single tweet, the last dangling thread of interest I had in Gotham has snapped.
And with this single tweet, the last dangling thread of interest I had in Gotham has snapped.
I'm more than happy to actually watch a couple of episodes before I give up hope that it might end up fun. Flip side, I couldn't care less what they're doing with their films right now. Just not interested. - Jennifer Dittrich
I had high hopes... then they made a big deal about Bruce Wayne being in it. Commissioner Gordon and the world of Gotham has such potential that it only needs the coming shadow of the Batman in the lightest of touches. - Johnny
I'm wondering how much of that is just marketing buzz though, to get people to tune in and then get addicted to Gordon's storyline as the main thread. I'm still hopeful enough to let it spin a little. Also, there aren't that many shows I'm even slightly interested in, so even a little is enough to get me to see a few episodes. - Jennifer Dittrich
According to IMDb, he's in every episode to date. I'd like it to be only a fleeting meeting like just after his parent's were shot (and he made a vow to find the killers). Any more than that and you run into the Lois Lane problem. You can't have a good detective like Gordon having a strong connection to someone, have that someone disappear then reappear just as a vigilant with expensive toys appears and him not put it together. - Johnny
Oh, yeah - that seriously gave me trouble with Smallville. - Jennifer Dittrich
Also, "RT if..." campaigns? Seriously? - Johnny
Oh, I just ignore that sort of thing at this point. It's the darling of studio marketing teams, and usually not related to what the show runners want at all. - Jennifer Dittrich from FFHound!
You can be FOR enforcing the law and yet be AGAINST unfair targeting of a particular group without being a terrorist sympathiser. #AusPol
Sadly @ScottMorrisonMP's stats are missing one vital marker: How many people stopped or returned are currently free from persecution #AusPol
The effects of climate change are drastically effecting coffee crops and will eventually drive prices way up. Now THAT'S a call to arms.
Another problem: you need water to brew coffee and certain areas of the world are desertifying. - Spidra Webster
i wish they were dessertifying instead. - Big Joe Silence
The (early) Beatles were a pop band that had their own branded talc powder and were dismissed as long haired pretty boys with rubbish music. Today's music may actually be rubbish but I always have in the back of my mind that when my dad was young, my grandmother said the same thing then with the same confidence as I do now.
Also, fun fact. My dad is probably one of the only people who has seen both The Beatles and The Wiggles play in the same venue :) - Johnny
So you're saying that in the future, people will appreciate the U2 album on their iPhone. - Cristo
Some will... and for some it will be transformative and nudge them towards other creative pursuits. There is enough bullshit in this world so I'm trying hard to not personally crap on any art or creative pursuit that is designed to make people happy. Also, even blatant dumb commercial pop music when done extremely well has some good qualities. - Johnny from iPhone
They didn't have AutoTune then. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
True, but the Beatles were pioneers of experimental effects on the music. John Lennon often used double tracking and echo effects because he disliked the sound of his voice. - Johnny
Also, given their love of using the studio to the full limits (See: Revolver, Rubber Soul and Magical Mystery Tour) the assumption that the Beatles wouldn't have utilised at least some part of the technology if it was available is weak. - Johnny
The issue is not that the Beatles would have used AutoTune if it existed then, but that if AutoTune existed then the Beatles would have been "just another band." Effects are one thing and can be creative, but the cumulative impact of AutoTune is that within their respective genres (but especially pop) everybody sounds the same. Equally awful. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
That assumes that the Beatles early skyrocketing success was due purely to their musical talents and not their marketability as 4 good/reasonably looking young boys with rebellious haircuts that pissed off your parents. There were plenty of better talented artists around at the time that never broke it because they wouldn't have worked on a can of Talc. - Johnny
Case In Point:The Beatles at Shea Stadium. They could have unplugged their instruments because the noise from the screaming fans drowned out the actual music. Most of the audio on the film recording is either redubbed or taken from other concerts. - Johnny
"Soft rock" - Kevin Fox from iPhone
Team Build (@Jerem6401 @Axialmatt @IAmLindsayJones and @AH_Kdin) are the bee's knees and now one of favourite @AchievementHunt shows.
Interesting how the Columbian cycling jerseys are described as "flesh coloured" yet only really match the colour of 1 team member's flesh.
RT @ashleyj: I'm kind of upset I didn't get the U2 album on my phone like everyone else. How am I supposed to be outraged if I'm left out like this?
Just because you speak well doesn't mean what you're saying is of high quality. You can spray perfume on a pile of horse shit but it's still just a pile of horse shit.
RT @knghnryviii: And now, poetry .... "@IShineForYou: .@KngHnryVIII"
RT @knghnryviii: And now, poetry .... "@IShineForYou: .@KngHnryVIII"
The only thing better than sharing a Snopes link on a friend's Facebook meme, debunking it completely, is posting a link to the exact same meme they posted 2 years ago where I also posted that Snopes link.
re-Snope'd! - Jennifer Dittrich
In-Snope-cition :) - Johnny
Honest Question: Is Google Glass still a thing? Is it on a slow boil or has that flame kinda dwindled.
I see some being worn in these parts. But I think they're still cooking up what they want it to be. - Stephen Mack
They just started selling them to the general public last week. - Kevin Fox
Physical thing doesn't mean it's a thing. There's been plenty of tech that's gone for public sale that's missed it's time or failed to engage. - Johnny
I was thinking about it before. While I'm not in the market for either device, Google Glass verse a smartwatch, I'd go smartwatch all the time. I get the concept of Glass but I am still in the camp of passive tech. I don't mind looking at my wrist rather than having it always in my peripheral (and intrusive to those I interact with). - Johnny
Until I see someone sporting Glass in the wild here in flyover land I'm going to say NO not a thing. Given that Google choose not to counter program against the big watch announcement I'm going to say on the verge of being "waved" - WarLord
If you take the Queen's comment at face value, it's very proper. Everyone should take these types of decisions very carefully.
There's a special place in hell for people who mindlessly stand in front of the ticket dispenser at the deli counter.
Dear Aus Government, RE: Joining The New Iraq War. The perception of even the slightest of arm twisting would have been nice. #AusPol
Chick on the ABC news this morning kinda pwned Tony. Along the lines of "Syrians have been suffering for ages, why is the Government only helping out now?" - Melly - #TeamMarina
Listening to AM on ABC this morning and they had an interview with Tony Abbott. He said something that irked me. When asked about terrorist chatter in Indonesia because of the new operation in Iraq and westerner's safety, he said "Remember, Bali occurred before Australia ever went to Iraq:" Yes, 100%. Problem is the 2002 Bali bombings were carried out by Jemaah Islamiyah in response to... more... - Johnny
Abbott knows his stuff. NOT. - Melly - #TeamMarina
RT @hippopeteamus: A wise man once said that you don't stop a death cult by drinking kool-aid. [Me; just then] #auspol
Yes, Mr Abbott, Bali did occurred prior to Iraq. Problem is it was "for" Afghanistan. JI had links to Al Qaeda (who weren't in Iraq) #AusPol
Is the end of Star Wars a metaphor for anal sex? Death Star = Big round booty. Trench = Bum crack. Exhaust Port = Bum hole.
The biggest problem for Kanye West isn't he demanded a wheelchair bound person stand up. It's he revealed the secret to stopping him rap.
Styled By Georgia
Styled By Georgia
You need to add that to your icon. - Betsy
Being cool and fitting in is overrated. #OnePieceJigsawPuzzle
Is it still "I've been hacked" if your friend grabs your unlocked phone and posts a stupid status update on Facebook? It's not RIGHT but by using the word "Hacked", does that downplay the seriousness of recent privacy violations (which are really cracks)? Sounds closer to pranked. I don't know.
We need a better ontology of online dickery - Pete : Team Marina from FFHound(roid)!
It sounds like they're trying to say hijacked and not quite getting it right. - Katy S
Pranced sounds right to me. In WoW I've seen some people have that kind of thing happen when they afk and a sibling starts posting. - Heather
We call it "cheesing" as in "I just cheesed Johnny". - Louis Gray
Who moved my cheese? - Yvonne Renee
When people do that on Twitter (usually kids posting for their parents or siblings pranking siblings), I call it "tweetnapped". - Spidra Webster
TIL: Bob Ross did The Joy Of Painting for free, using it as promo for his supplies, merch and tours. So today's business model back in 1983
Indie as fuck. - Johnny
So, he did it for........ the joy of painting. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
... that and the $15 million dollar Bob Ross Inc :) - Johnny
Also, because he painted so fast and his wet-on-wet method was so simple, he could knock out an entire 13 episode season in 2 days. - Johnny
Imagine him raising broadcast funds Kickstarter style..... Commenter: "WHERE. ARE. MY. HAPPY LITTLE TREES, YOU SOB!!#!" - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I just had a thought. He was a paint blogger (vlogger) before blogs existed. Seriously. A simple setup (black wall, canvas) with almost no production values. - Johnny
nobody remembers William Alexander? he pre-dated Bob Ross. - Big Joe Silence
No. His Fro Fu was shit ;) - Johnny
Bob was Bill's STUDENT. - Big Joe Silence
Know William Alexander well but still prefer Bob Ross. It's the personality. And the hair. - Hookuh Tinypants
perhaps it's the Kraut in me. - Big Joe Silence
Ah. Bill Alexander. That's why all the stuff about Bob Ross as the painting guy on TV always felt wrong, the memory was wrong. I've been remembering Bill Alexander, and Bob Ross didn't fit the memory I had of it. - Betsy
I vaguely remember Bill Alexander...but yeah what Hookuh said. Bob is just...f'ing awesome. - Sir Shuping is just sir
^5 Betsy! - Big Joe Silence from Android
My Friday night is hunting 2 more achievements to 100% Minecraft (360). #PartyAnimal
My Friday night is hunting 2 more achievements to 100% Minecraft (360). #PartyAnimal
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