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Rachael is finally resting. Countdown is on till Tuesday and a cortisone injection. Then, I shall crumple.
To be honest, if Turnbull rolled Abbott then said "Sorry about that. Here's climate policy and broadband" he would be PM for decades #AusPol
Despite me loving the cast, I'm cautious cause a good cast, whatever gender, isn't enough to save shitty franchise scripts. #Ghostbusters
Same. I worry a lot more about the writing than the cast, which is full of great comedy talent (much like the last one.) - Jennifer Dittrich
No trust in Dippold? - Andrew C (✔)
No. There isn't a story that is desperate to be told. It's a reboot or rehash driven by studios. Unless you are a big time writer or director with freedom, you're a studio monkey with a typewriter - Johnny from iPhone
I can think of some premises that would be really interesting. I hope the story is worthy of the talent. - Heather
I'm not all that enthused about the cast, myself. I love the idea of the Ghostbusters being women, but I find one or more of the chosen cast members to be extremely annoying. Granted, I might have felt the same way about Bill Murray before he was in the original if I hadn't been so young when it came out. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Of course, part of the strength of the original was in the rest of the cast - without Rick Moranis, Sigourney Weaver, Annie Potts, and William Atherton, it wouldn't have been nearly as good. Part of Ramis' genius was in letting people who /weren't/ the actual Ghostbusters carry large parts of the story. - Jennifer Dittrich
I wonder what the venn diagram would be of people who complain a storm is overhyped and people who'd sue if there was less measures taken.
The problem with being super organised and having every piece of paper (and answer) in a hospital ER is the side eyes you get like you're up to something.
(Rach's bulged disc has flared. I brought all the scans, the imaging and her medications list). - Johnny from iPhone
Given the crowd I've usually seen in an ER waiting room, you wonder if it must just be really jarring. People are often so ill-prepared, because it's an emergency. I hope they're able to get everything sorted out and her feeling much better - the one time I've had a bulging disc was extraordinarily unpleasant, and it was only a minor instance. - Jennifer Dittrich
Thanks. They just gave her some morphine and we're waiting to hear back from the doc - Johnny from iPhone
I had 2 kidney stones 2 weeks apart, with an ER visit for each. For the second one, I had already taken the pain-killer and brought all the paperwork from the previous visit in case I could keep my stomach settled again. The ER staff were most impressed that I had driven myself and wasn't freaking out. PLANNING AHEAD IS AWESOME. - Neal Krummell
My mom has a lot of health problems takes about 20 different medications. We are always updating her med list and besides herself, I carry one and so does my dad. Anytime we have to take her to the ER, I automatically hand them the list and it is always the same reaction, "Oh my goodness. This is so great! I wish more people would do this!! THANK YOU!!!" - Jenny
When my mom had to take one med four times a day with meals, and another three times a day without meals, and another etc, etc., every permutation, I made a spreadsheet with meds on one side and times on the other so I could keep track of when she had to have a med or a meal, and what she'd already had. The visiting hospice nurse was impressed and asked for a copy to use with other patients. (I wish I could be that organized with my own paperwork.) - bentley
Lists of medications is secret sauce of seamless medical encounters. They also treat me 1000% better when I come in on a gurney from ambulance - WarLord
RT @jrojourno: 3 days counting, Rebel's bikie Angelo's donations still good with the LNP #qldvotes
RT @jrojourno: 3 days counting, Rebel's bikie Angelo's donations still good with the LNP #qldvotes
Being told that a group of 9 year olds are going to stop and pray for me and my family today has struck a cord not often strung.
The school car park sure is dusty... Yeah, dusty... that's it. *sniff*
The moment you realise your daughter's grade 4 classroom is your old grade 7 classroom.
The moment you realise your daughter's grade 4 classroom is your old grade 7 classroom.
Kids are so advanced these days! - Katy S
Just walked outside and saw two geckos rooting on the back wall. #AustraliaDay
The problem Triple J has now is next year. If it's an fan driven, organic (non-site driven) campaign, will a #Tay4Hottest100 track get in?
A bit of #RealTalk How the FUCK did Prince Phillip get knighted today yet Richie Benaud is not a sir? #AustraliaDay #AusPol
Yeah, @triplej is running a Hottest 100 Snapchat channel... cause... you know... indie music and shit. #triplejhottest100 #Tay4Hottest100
Be thankful. Be good. Be informed. Do better. #AustraliaDay
I heard from a mate that Campbell Newman likes to rape kittens while wearing a Thatcher mask but it's up to him to prove otherwise #AusPol
Smmmmmmmmmmokin' @ The Worthington Batcave
Smmmmmmmmmmokin' @ The Worthington Batcave
Oven stalled right as the pork got to 160 F. Hopefully saved it so it doesn't dry out on the run to 205 F - Johnny from iPhone
Not perfect but I'm happy with my first ever attempt at tying a shoulder roast.
Not perfect but I'm happy with my first ever attempt at tying a shoulder roast.
"Sucka MC" is a term that needs to come back.
I've heard Jeff Kennett and Peter Reith give interviews on what should be done but bork when asked how and if the LNP are up to it #AusPol
Help make it happen for Teach A Man To Fish on @indiegogo
So many people over-inflating the Socceroos again. Except for 2 flashes of individual brilliance, we earned our 100th ranking spot.
At least the Socceroos aren't being deflated... - John (bird whisperer)
I've started working on a script that changes "Seattle Seahawks" to "Justin Bieber" and "New England Patriots" to "One Direction". The substitution actually works flawlessly and it should make posts from their respective fans bearable over the next few weeks. - Johnny
Tip: If 34 of the 35 women who have accused Cosby are fame seeking, money hungry liars, he still drugged and raped someone and covered it up
The problem for the Socceroos is Japan or the UAE ain't gonna sit back and wait for us to attack. Our defence looks shaky. #CHNvAUS
This blend will rub you up the right way. @ The Worthington Batcave
This blend will rub you up the right way. @ The Worthington Batcave
Minecraft in my living room could be fun... Halo skirmish in my living room? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.
Microsoft HoloLens. Also known as "Johnny Bangs His Knees Into Tables And Shit Cause He's Not Paying Attention". Should come with shinpads.
Every time Tony Abbott says "You don't change the leader", Malcom Turnbull must feel like strangling a kitten. #AusPol
I wonder if Project Spartan will allow as many Flood infections into my operating system as IE use to.
Sick burn, bro. Sick. Burn.
I mean, c'mon, even if the parties were reversed, you have to give props to that. - Johnny
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