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RT @MaptimeDC: Come to NatGeo HQ for a mapping party on Nov. 21...Help add to #OpenStreetMap even if you are not a pro! #osmgeoweek
RT @geo_ams: Hoe maak je een kaart? Nog 7 nachtjes slapen tot @MaptimeAMS bij de @waag. #maptime #geonl
RT @aworkinglibrary: The notion that technology created by flawed, biased humans is somehow free of those biases is extremely dangerous.
Fulfillment server finally worked. I still hate DRM.
RT @doctorow: @rukku @kobo @mcsweeneys McS, could you please look into this? All editions must be DRM free
I fucking hate DRM.
So I just got @doctorow's book from @kobo and it was DRMd and I didn't mind until I got this message.
I hate DRM.
RT @dar9000: I wish Americans would use UTC. I have to google EST, PST, and PDT every time. :-|
Yey! So Twitter supports animated gifs 😍
Google Keep's Get Image Text function is awesome 😵
Nifty site for adding open source licenses to your repos
RT @anyabike: For those who think Dapper Laugh’s free speech has been violated: xkcd (HT @SuperRetroid)
RT @BookQuotesHere: If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.
Puwede mo bilhin ang ebooks sa Gumroad. As for the deadtree format, check mo sa Komikon ngayong Sabado :)
RT @jakeboxer: this is what the "internet of things" endgame looks like
Just because something's online doesn't mean it's automatically public domain.
RT @edXOnline: Starts 1/15! MT @hollowaysmith: Yay Harvard & @edxonline offering #CopyrightX again! Took in 2013 & highly recommend
RT @datagovph: This week in Open Data: Want to try your hand at data visualization? | via @FutureGovMag
RT @schwanksta: I made a thing to free ArcGIS web service data and give you geojson. Let me know if it sucks
RT @zaibatsu: What Is Net Neturality And Why Should I Care? The Non-Geek’s Guide➡️
I really need to graduate so I can devote more time to @MaptimeDiliman
Government data shouldn't be owned by contractors
RT @TechCrunch: SpaceX Will Announce Micro-Satellites For Low Cost Internet Within Three Months by @catherineshu
RT @CityMetric: Hungary now has an app to track municipal corruption. Because why not?
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