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Wild at Heart: Were Intelligence Agencies Using Heartbleed in November 2013? via @instapaper
Fruit flies show why swatting at flies is often fruitless via @instapaper
Uber's Algorithmic Monopoly: “We are not setting the price. The market is setting the price. We have algorithms to…
RT @judemwenda: This MIT Research Group Wants to Design 10,000 City Maps via @nextcityorg
RT @GeekyLyndsay: Now my keys have a pizza dog!!
RT @techreview: The Forecasting Challenge For Power Networks of The Future
RT @medialab: Want to develop creative software for kids around the world? @medialab's @ScratchTeam is seeking developers via @mres
Google Doodle for the day :D
RT @feedly: 5 ways to be more productive with @feedly Pro and @Zapier
RT @techdirt: Describing Public Domain Works As 'Pirated' And 'Illegal' Is Bad For Everyone
RT @DataIsBeautiful: Geomapping and Treemapping Dashboard for Cyber Threats #dataviz
RT @jason_pontin: Technology is not only or even mainly a wealth-generation exercise: it should solve big problems and expand human possibilities.
Note to self: Finish your thesis so you can have more time for books.
Daring Fireball: Rethinking What We Mean by 'Mobile Web' via @instapaper
RT @MIT: Huge ’starshade' may aid in the search for Earth-like alien worlds, according to @ProfSaraSeager.
RT @hotosm: This is huge for imagery access!!! Thanks @digitalglobe & @mapbox for greater #openstreetmap access
RT @slashdot: Under the Chassis: A Look At Tesla's Battery Shield
RT @kennethreitz: I’m on a plane completely full of Pythonistas.
Two years to go.
Would've saved me two depressions and one bout with mania.
Growth mindset, why did I not hear of you while I was growing up?
RT @FastCompany: This Edible Blob Is A Water Bottle Without The Plastic
RT @FastCompany: This Mini-Chemistry Kit Will Let You Know If You're Drink Has Been Drugged
RT @WIRED: Wil Wheaton is crowdfunding the next season of TableTop
RT @FastCompany: A Redesigned Food Pyramid That Kids Can Actually Understand
RT @NewYorker: George Packer on the new war literature:
RT @davewiner: To say something is political is not the same as saying it's not real. Climate change, which is very real, is also very political.
RT @openculture: Download 100 Free Philosophy Courses and Start Living the Examined Life.
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