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Rereading case 1. Can't find the intersection of Balete Drive and 13th Street XD #trese @Budjette Where did she die?
RT @Budjette: TRESE ebooks available at the iTunes store! #Trese 4 - #Trese 5 -
Rereading case 1. Can't find the intersection of Balete Drive and 13th Street XD #trese @Budgette Where did she die?
Oh... P50 on Flipreads. Not bad. Not bad at all :D #trese
Weeeeeeee! Trese on Kobo and Amazon. A bit expensive for my taste though and I already have the dead tree version.
RT @Budjette: TRESE Case 1 #Kindle Edition,download from Amazon Download from FLIPREADS for P50 #horror #comics
Kids, never code when hungry. You'll just be cranky and think of the poor neurons.
RT @openculture: The Harvard Classics: Download All 51 Volumes as Free eBooks.
RT @jasondavies: Waterman’s butterfly projection, now with Antarctica inset: #d3js
Anybody know where I can get a Garmin Vivovit here in the PH?
RT @Jermolene: How @TiddlyWiki runs the same JavaScript code in the browser and on the server - from my talk at last night’s #LNUG
When autocorrect fails, I take comfort in the fact that the AI still find me unpredictable.
RT @mitsuhiko: Made a command line library for Python that I actually enjoy using: — give feedback before I release it :)
Wonder if the Metro Manila GTFS feed's still updated.
RT @cdixon: Key question when considering corporate policy or government rule: can a hobbyist in a garage without resources still change the world?
RT @edutopia: Spice up your next math lesson with these useful apps:
OnePlus One Hope gadgetpinas will sell this one day.
Game Programming Patterns Now to find the time
Dear eUP, please tell me that you're shipping the electronic procurement system soon.
RT @hnycombinator: Painless (Windows) Workstation Setup with Boxstarter (cmts
It's official. Philippine computer hardware stores don't know how to use email. T_T
Six request for quotations yet, nary a reply. I am starting to think nobody reads emails anymore. *sigh* Time to call.
RT @thePeerJ: Answer to "What makes a journal, including the sample journals, a quality journal?” posted to the megajournal study
Secret Military Test, Coming Soon to Your Spanish Class - Issue 12: Feedback - Nautilus via @instapaper
Transcending Complacency On Superintelligent Machines via @instapaper
Is Apple trying to torpedo the market for affordable smartphones? via @instapaper
Levinux - A Tiny Version of Linux for Education - Mike Levin via @instapaper
Ditch the 10,000 hour rule! Why Malcolm Gladwell’s famous advice falls short via @instapaper
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