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Dave Winer
I like this -- you have to have health insurance. No more free rides.
that's fine, Keith, but most people who don't have health insurance just stick it to the hospital by saying, "sorry, I can't pay." - Laura Norvig
Hospital emergency rooms are required by law to see all patients that present themselves to the emergency room, regardless of their ability to pay. - Laura Norvig
You're right, Keith. Let them die if they can't pay. - Leo Laporte
Are you serious Leo? - Jason Hansen
</sarcasm> - Leo Laporte
I'm as pissed off at my fellow humans as a person can be, but I still don't think anybody should die or suffer because they don't earn enough to afford healthcare. I think that to be a responsible citizen, I have to look out for my fellow man, and expect nothing in return, but hope he'd do the same for me. - Jason Baldwin
@Keith - Because it's better for society as a whole to guarantee health care for all citizens. Eg it's cheaper to provide free vaccinations than to deal with the economic fall-out of a plague; it's cheaper to provide free surgery when cancer is in the early stages than to provide for the deceased's children; and so forth. The economy is stronger when people are cured and able to work than when they're unable to work because they can't afford a cure (and can't afford a cure because they're unable to work). - Deborah Fitchett
Leo: Thank you! :) - Jason Hansen
You've missed my point entirely. *Everyone* who needs help should get help. Yes, there are always going to be people abusing the system as long as there's a system, but to deny *anyone* medical care because of an inability to pay is fundamentally wrong. - Jason Baldwin
Keith, this will scratch the surface http://www.entrepreneur.com/tradejo... Bear in mind it only addresses dollars lost from those who are out of work sick, it doesn't come anywhere near dollars lost from those who are too ill to work. - FFing Enigma
Agreed Jason, but it would be smart to design a system that doesn't bankrupt the hospitals in the process I think. ;) - Eoghann Irving
"human history, why only now are we ENTITLED to health care for FREE?" That's a pretty broad brush stroke unless you limit human history to the USA and South Africa. Also, no system operates on the basis of free—changing availability, options and method of funding/pooling of resources: yes. - Micah
Keith, that depends completely on the illness in question. You also have to take into consideration the culture of where people work and whether that helps/hinders recuperation. For instance, I've worked jobs where I had to have a doctor's note to be able to take a sick day, a note that would cost me about 4 hours of post-tax pay via co-pay. In those instances I didn't go to the doctor... more... - FFing Enigma
Lets see I pay a bit more for gas, booze, taxes and I can walk into any doctors office or hospital without question. My father had a bypass heart surgery within 2 weeks of discovery of trouble. My diabetes care is made up of multiple doctors and health care providers and I never have to even be concerned with paymenty but rather concentrate on my health. I could never imagine my health... more... - DougUnderwood
@Deborah, @Tina, you nailed it! - Valley
How about this Keith. You say you have money to pay me to save your life after you are in a horrible car accident. I, as your just nominated doctor, decide it'll cost YOU 1 million dollars to stop your bleeding and stabilize you. I mean now while you're bleeding out is the perfect time to haggle over the price of your health care right? - Berial
General Hospital is one of my favorite soaps. - Fleagle
EMTALA has been in place since 1986. The EMS Systems Act was enacted in 1973. We've already decided that everyone is entitled to access to emergency care regardless of their ability to pay. I think it's pointless to argue this at this stage. - Victor Ganata
I like pie. - Laura Norvig
Christopher Carr: I Lie? How so? - DougUnderwood
I cannot imagine a country where people's attitude is, no money and you're sick and suffering - well that's your problem not ours. Everyone loses when people spread that illness because they cannot get treatment, or off work due to illness. Heck why do you have the socialism systems like Education or Miltary? . - Stephen Christian
I'm impressed how US goes down same funnel as Europe had gone ages ago after tens of years of ignorance and fingerpointing - all you need is just one real crisis - A. T.
Louis Gray
(Don’t) Make Your Startup Look Stupid With Booth Babes And Chotchkies! « The SiliconANGLE by @sfoskett - http://siliconangle.net/ver2...
(Don’t) Make Your Startup Look Stupid With Booth Babes And Chotchkies! «  The SiliconANGLE by @sfoskett
(Don’t) Make Your Startup Look Stupid With Booth Babes And Chotchkies! «  The SiliconANGLE by @sfoskett
Stephen Foskett can be found here: http://www.friendfeed.com/sfosket... (He's a sharp guy I've known from the storage industry for the last five years or so) - Louis Gray
Babes are always welcome... - Chris Pantazis
@amin: Right picture Or left? :))))) - Conformist
but I need both of them ! lol - حاج مهدی ©
ugh. - Jenna Bilotta
Thanks, Louis! Note that this is my first post on John Furrier and Rizzn's SiliconANGLE - Stephen Foskett
J, I typically don't put sports in my tech. :) Want to talk baseball? - Louis Gray
but in italy unfortunately this could works a lot!!! - Daniele - Viralavatar
I fully agree w/ the disappointment in how uninspired things are, but also know that it's hard to get the attention of the right people. Having been the tech expert in the booth, it's rare that people wander in for discussions. Getting off the floor or doing short presentations on the floor are more productive than standing around the booth - Stuart Miniman
They sure are nice to look at. - DB, Lil LB's Dad
meh, i'd honestly rather look at my wife. i find her far hotter. - Big Joe Silenced
i've posted pics of her before, the search function is your friend. additionally, i am in love with my wife and those two women are strangers to me. - Big Joe Silenced
i guess i'm just not part of the target group? - Big Joe Silenced
interesting "rebuttal" from Kirby http://storagesanity.blogspot.com/2009... - Stuart Miniman
Louis Gray
My iPhone Apps (as of 09.09.09)
smoley hokes. - Yolanda
wowzers! - Allen Stern
That's a lotta apps! - Phil Glockner
That was really cool! Thanks for sharing - lots of cool stuff that looks interesting. - Martha
motherfeed - how'd i miss this before! - Courtney Engle
No program made the image. I just made multiple screenshots, pasted them into Photoshop and saved as a JPG. - Louis Gray
Hey Louis, I'm trying the Sirius XM app now thanks to your recommendation - thus far very impressive. - Jesse Stay
Cool - I didn't know there was a Wells Fargo App. - Dave Blankenship
You definitely should check out Dictionary.com's iPhone App. - Dane Deasy from iPhone
Louis - how do you like Sim City? I've almost bought it a number of times - andy brudtkuhl
yeah, but which do you actually use , and, how often? (still shopping, myself - too many choices) - k8
Phil Glockner
Rep Joe Wilson Getting the Stink-Eye
She's as cold as ice... - Eric - Final Countdown
If looks could... discredit your party with the populace... - Eric - Final Countdown
Do they have no shame. Oh yea that's right he's a republican. Do we expect anything more or less? - Seth Goldstein
I really loved Joe B. in that moment. He was simply disgusted. - Ayşe E.
It looks like Nancy Pelosi is about to smack someone in the back of the head like what the hell is wrong with you. - Eric - Final Countdown
If looks could kill - Joe Wilson would be a zombie right now. - AJ Kohn
i wonder what Obama is saying behind closed doors.... - ~C4Chaos
I'm surprised he didn't vaporize on the spot. - Karoli
I barely noticed the President's reaction because Nancy Pelosi was shooting arrows, make that stinger missiles over at unruly Joe Wilson. - Robin Bertelsen
Oh, I love that look! I have a friend from Hawaii and that's what she'd call it as well - The Stink Eye.LOL - Jesse P. Luna
Great photo - Chris A. Hanousek
In this picture: Biden: "I'm disgusted." Obama: "How dare you." Pelosi: "Jackals will slake their thirst on your entrails before dawn." - Stephen Mack
*saves image as JoeWilsonIsToast.jpg* - Big Joe Silenced
joe assured his re-election - imran
Stephen, re: Pelosi. Maybe. But she only seems to be tough when it comes to members of her own party. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Why does Pelosi look surprised. O wait. - TobiasVerhoog.com
You can almost see Pelosi's face turn white... anger, shock, surprise dismay, all in one look. she should have been an actress she can express so much with one look - Tate
haha, Stephen, nice caption. - Chieze Okoye
a collective 'WTF?' moment. The rare and deadly '6 Stink Eye Gaze of Death' makes it's debut. - Morgan
http://www.youtube.com/watch..., start at 1:12 - Pelosi plots execution under breath at 1:35 - Christopher Galtenberg
Great picture. A lesson in leadership: Joe's constituents deserve representation, not a mimic. - E-Advocate Network
Christopher, great vid, but I noticed that the poster is super right wing and is (somehow) trying to use it as a condemnation of the president and his speech. GUH-WHAT? They (and the commenters in the heavily moderated comments) took the best parts of the speech and are trying to say this is why the President and this plan is wrong?? Reality Distortion Field in full effect. - Chieze Okoye
Yeah, all the other videos had the same lunatics commenting -- same people, too -- I swear there are like 20K-100K people representing the entire nutso right online. Let's hope. - Christopher Galtenberg
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This is not a coupon update.
You idiot. Do you realize what people will do when they notice you're posting something that's not a coupon on FriendFeed? - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
You have a coupon for pie?!!???? - Johnny from iPhone
I would go to Gnomedex if there were real gnomes there. - Spidra Webster
I would kill a BASIC programmer for free, yo. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
I remember when BASIC actually needed line numbers. - Morton Fox
I remember how much I hated those BASIC line numbers. Impenetrable spaghetti code, anyone? - Dennis Jernberg
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