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Today in an instruction session I said both "you are making poor choices" and "this is not a good use of time." It is the time in the semester to start knocking heads.
You need one of these? If I ever get my hands on the one I'm supposed to have, you're welcome to borrow it. (I'll need it back, though.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Thanks, but I have my own. :) - kaijsa
Just remembered I also said, "Not following directions is directly correlated to having your earbuds in." Yes, it would have been better to say following directions is negatively correlated with wearing earbuds. - kaijsa
Yeah, I was pretty ticked. This was an unusually disengaged group, but I'm friends with the instructor and he and I are teaming up. - kaijsa
Was the instructor there? I'm having a hard time imagining students behaving like this with S/He Who Holds The Grades present in the room. - Catherine Pellegrino
Yes, he was totally there and just as annoyed. We had a debrief after and they are usually hard to corral, but not that bad. - kaijsa
Wow. Well, I'm glad (?) it wasn't just you they were dissing. That must have been hard. - Catherine Pellegrino
Eh, I have a thick skin. It wasn't hard so much as it was mildly annoying, and sad because these are first-years who are not succeeding despite being in a learning community with extra support because they aren't internally motivated. And I'm also not afraid to confront students--I've worked with people who get really upset and take it personally. - kaijsa
I wonder if you can tell them to leave? Say either take the ear buds out or leave the class and you won't get credit? - Christina Pikas
I have done. In this case, they removed them when told point-blank. - kaijsa
I have had that thought before, too, Christina, but in the end it seemed like being straight-up confrontational and ultimatum-y would ensure that everyone would shut down, even if they agreed that the student was in the wrong. - Steele Lawman
You definitely have to choose the right response for the situation. For at-risk freshmen who are sleeping, wearing earbuds, or texting, they might just need some hard truths about the consequences of continuing on that path. For the two seniors who were disruptively chatting during a session for tech writing last year, it worked to say, "if you want to continue your conversation, leave.... more... - kaijsa
Movies with a privacy/surveillance/the role of BigBrother/BigData in your life?
Antitrust (2001). Not a masterpiece, but was a delightful shade of creepy when I watched it in the shadow of the Redmond empire. - kaijsa
Enemy of the State (1998). That reminds me I want to see it again. - Julie Kane
Minority report. The govt knows your murderous thoughts. That is true thought crime conviction right there. - Joe
Brazil. I watched that a year ago, and it is just plain weird. - Joe
Sneakers. - Joe
Gattaca. - Joe
The Net. Mediocre movie. - Joe
Truman show. - Joe
you guy rock! keep em coming? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Z. The Conversation. The Lives of Other People. - barbara fister
Oh boy, The Lives of Other People is so good. - Regular Amanda
The Lives of Others (German: Das Leben der Anderen) - maybe the same as Amanda's? - Galadriel C.
I used this list to remind me of the movies that I had seen. - Joe
Other than Ulrichs (which is kind of a mess) where would be a good place to look for conferences across disciplines?
I'm not sure I understand the question. - Holly's favorite Anna
I'm trying to compile a list of conferences to monitor, recommend. Right now I have a brute force method, but it seems like this sort of thing should have a database? - kendrak
hahahhahahahahahha .... in my experience, this is really really hard if not impossible. In CS there are some lists and tools but I don't know of any decent ones in engineering. - Christina Pikas
that's what i thought. i was being stupidly optimistic. (in related news... i think we might start publishing something like that.) - kendrak
It's not exactly the same thing, but CFPs may help you identify meetings. and (sub-databases from CSA, your library may have?). - kaijsa
kaijsa, thanks for the tip! i think it kind of helps. different angles and all that. - kendrak
Glad it helped a little! - kaijsa
Katy S
"We will need writers who can remember freedom": Ursula K Le Guin at the National Book Awards | parker higgins dot net -
"We will need writers who can remember freedom": Ursula K Le Guin at the National Book Awards | parker higgins dot net
She calls out publishers for selling e-books for more to libraries than individuals. Also, posting because she rocks! - Katy S from Bookmarklet
Great speech - but I'm waiting to see if she sends a take-down. She can be pretty hardnosed about her copyrights and people posting her words online. - barbara fister
David Handler made a terrible dog's breakfast of the YA win. Black author - watermelon jokes. Plus foolishness about the Coretta Scott King award. So disappointing (as was the general silence in response - only excusable if they couldn't find their jaws on the floor). - barbara fister
Daniel Handler? ETA: yes, it's him. Googling found me this: - kaijsa
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Looks like I'm the first faculty member to ask if I can add my collected data, codebooks, and instruments for various research projects to our repository. Very pleased about this (especially as I'm coming up against unwillingness to share a validated instrument for librarystuffs *sadpanda*).
We're still trying to work out how to best handle datasets in our repository, but I hope we can do this, too. Our field needs to share this stuff! Good on you. - kaijsa
We are beginning to look into IR software, and have been also considering which are most flexible for large datasets. I'd love advice! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
BagIt and dump it in any old thing. (only kinda joking) - jambina from iPhone
What jambina said. We can and do take data into IDEALS. Works fine for lots of it. - Sarah
Our students keep making short films in our library, about the library, and they keep being funny: .
This is rad. - kaijsa
This was at LMU? Cool. - Joe
You know how I feel about white boards! - Kirsten
Alert to SerSol 360 linker customers! No open URL links are visible in Google Scholar until next week, possibly as late as Tuesday or Wednesday!!!
"For any Summon clients who are using 360 Link please be aware that 360 Link links are currently not appearing in Google Scholar. Google alerted us late Monday that they had a problem retrieving our 360 Link holdings files. This issue was resolved yesterday, but due to the timing that Google uses to update holdings on their end, 360 Link customers will not be seeing links appearing in Google Scholar until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. We apologize for the inconvenience this causes your customers and are working with Google to ensure this doesn’t happen again." - maʀtha
And may I just say, ACK!! - maʀtha
That explains it. - Joe
EEP - lris
ah geez. - Marie
also, I did not receive any communication about this from the company, so THANK YOU to martha for noting it here. - Marie
Blerg. - kaijsa
Marie -- the text Martha posted was sent to the Summon client listserv from someone at ProQuest. - Holly's favorite Anna
Yes. Got feedback on this early yesterday from many users. It's cold comfort to note we are not alone. Not sure if it is "good" though a small number of vendors are so dominant that when they go down they take out a fair number of the university libraries together. - aaron from Flucso
laura x
Do you have a MacBook Air? If so, what size, and do you like it?
I have a 4-year-old Air in the big size (13") and I love it. It's still running like new and is on Yosemite, but I've had to replace the charger twice because the cords fray eventually. A good friend got the 11" at the same time and I'm kind of jealous of him because that would fit my purse. - kaijsa
3 year old 11". Its good laptop. Sits by my bed for when the tablet can't cut it. Its also the bedrooms Media center for when the Roku won't cut it. It also is the guest laptop when needed. I don't like people on my main rigs. - Me
Two year old, 13", love it. - Todd Hoff
2012 Macbook Air 13" with 256G SSD. Best laptop I've ever had. - Eric - It's My Thing
I miss my 13" Air. Easily best laptop I ever had. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
I live off of my 2013 11" Air. Can be fully opened on any economy class plane or train on the planet* [*that I've tested it on] - Cameron Neylon
So for someone who has never owned a mac and want to start using what would you recommend? - aaron from Flucso
That depends. If you're using it for normal library stuff, then a macbook air of some size is probably fine. If you're going to be doing media editing on it, then a macbook pro. - DJF from Android
I really just want something I can write on (and check FF on) that doesn't want to install updates for 15 minutes every damn time I open it up. - laura x from iPhone
For writing, do you need Word? Because if not -- especially if Google Docs is an acceptable alternative -- I'd really recommend a Chromebook. Plus, they're super-inexpensive. - Catherine Pellegrino
No, I almost never write in Word (I haven't even owned it in years). I just want a keyboard and trackpad I don't hate and a computer that's not constantly in need of Windows updates. - laura x from iPhone
I still use the 2010 11". I still love it. The battery could be better. - Rodfather from Android
We got J this one about 6 months ago, and I use it for Google Apps work stuff sometimes, and it's been lovely: extremely portable and reliable, no (noticable) updates. Can't say whether you'd hate the trackpad, though: - Catherine Pellegrino
I'm LOVING my new Chromebook 11 for writing!!! - Lisa L. Seifert from iPhone
I have a Chromebook and it's good for web surfing stuff, but the sound and trackpad are so inferior to my Air that I rarely use it. I use mine mostly in the kitchen with recipes. Can't beat the price, though. - kaijsa
Yeah, the price is great, but so was the price on my current laptop, which I hate. Maybe I'll brave Best Buy tomorrow and see if I can try some things out. - laura x from iPhone
If you're willing to pay more for a better machine, I am biased toward recommending a Mac. - kaijsa
Macs cost more than cheap laptops. They also last two or three times longer than cheap laptops. - DJF
I adore my 13" Air. And I also am quite fond of the gaming laptop we have at home, but my hatred for its constant need for Windows updates is unspeakable. So if you don't need the graphics or processing power of something more robust, the Air is, IMO, unbeatable. - Jenica
Windows updates take forever, too. - kaijsa
Mac all the way. Jojo (son) loves his Air. I have a 13" non-Retina Pro that I'll trade in for a 15" Retina this summer (it's a VAR program here where I trade in the machine every two years). Because Macs last longer when you're not driving it into the ground with giant image and video files and hundreds of megs of font files, you can save a few hundred dollars by buying a refurb from Apple or a machine that's a couple years old from or - Mary B: #TeamMonique
2 yr old 13" MacBook Air - Best thing I've ever owned. - SAM
I made my wife and parents all get 13" MBAs. They like 'em just fine. My parents travel at least two-three times a year so they really like the lightness. - rönin
Wow. You *made* your wife get a specific computer. I've only been married 36.9 years so far; I can't even imagine *making* my wife buy a specific computer (or much of anything else). (OK, so we're both happy Windows users, even with the usually-once-a-month updates.) - Walt Crawford
And, admittedly, if I was traveling a lot I'd probably buy a lighter machine. It would probably be a Chromebook. - Walt Crawford
Tech stuff are the only things I can get away w/doing that. She just doesn't care w/computers & phones. I just hand her things, "Here, use this." Anything else in the house though, forget about it. - rönin
Until my current machine, I've always had Macs at home. I decided to save money last time I got a computer and I have been regretting it ever since. I've gone back to writing by hand because I know by the time the current machine gets going, I'll have forgotten my idea. Mostly I'm wondering if people find the Air a satisfying alternative to a MacBook Pro, which I don't want to pay for. - laura x from iPhone
It doesn't have the retina screen, otherwise I like mine (13 in) - maʀtha
Laura, the biggest differences between the air and the pro are the optical drive and the number of ports. If you don't use cds/dvds, and don't plug a lot of stuff into your computer, then you can get away with an air. I got a pro because I needed those extra connections. - DJF
Thanks--that was my impression, but I wanted to be sure I wasn't missing something I should be thinking about. Now I just have to find some money hiding under a rock or something. - laura x from iPhone
well, the pro also has a faster processor, but that's not a problem if all you're doing is web/email/youtube/netflix. - DJF
If you buy an Air, I've heard that getting extra RAM will make the computer last much longer (i.e., you'll have room for OS upgrades and new applications). You can also buy discounted Applecare on Ebay (though you should use PayPal and "beware fraudulent sellers" : ). These are all my plans when I get around to replacing my MacBook with an Air. - Meg VMeg
You can also get extra RAM and flash memory later. My bro is a Genius and is going to help me upgrade my Air (I might put in a faster processor, too). I'd love the retina screen, but can't justify replacing a machine that runs almost perfectly even if it's getting old. Correction: he's a Creative who works Genius a few hours a week. Sorry, Brother. - kaijsa
DJF: no more cd/dvd drives in the MacBook pro, fwiw...haven't been for a couple of cycles now. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Kaijsa: you can't actually get new RAM for the Air...the ram is soldered to the motherboard, not slotted. I'm fairly sure even the Geniuses don't do that level of hardware work. - Jason Griffey from iPhone
Yeah, he just corrected me and said I can add bigger flash memory but not RAM. This is okay for my purposes. - kaijsa
So I assume I would then want to start with the largest amount of RAM possible? - laura x
^^ yes. And I TOTALLY support a MacBook Air - I LURVE mine. It's so light for conferences & so much easier to type on than a tablet. It's pricey tho, but worth it, imho. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I have the latest 15" MacBook Pro, and I like it much better than the previous version I had. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
Get the best standard config MacBook air (ie they sell four models at Best Buy, the best one) as d you should be good for the life of the laptop. - Eric - It's My Thing from iPhone
I would recommend: 11" Macbook Air w/8GB RAM. Best laptop and OS I've ever used. I would never buy a Windows or Chrome machine. Life is too short for mediocrity. - Heisenberg
Catherine Pellegrino
Codsignal request: I need to build a tool that will take textual information from a Google spreadsheet, reformat it and display it differently, probably in a document of some sort. I don't even know what keywords to type to find instructions for doing such a thing. Can you help me describe the task specifically enough ...
... so that I can find information or instructions? Essentially, I need to tell Google: "Take the data from row X of this sheet, reformat it according to the following rules, and send it into the following container." Ideally, there would be a mechanism whereby a non-technical user could specify what row(s) to use. - Catherine Pellegrino
Please note that I'm not asking you to SOLVE the problem (though if you know of a pre-packaged solution, that's great), I'm just trying to DESCRIBE the problem so that I can find solutions on my own. - Catherine Pellegrino
Similar to mail-merge functions in MS Excel? - lris
I searched "Google spreadsheet automated" and got this: - Meg VMeg
Although maybe you actually want Fusion Tables: (sorry, no search terms, I've just used it before) - Meg VMeg
I never managed to wrap my head around mail-merge, Iris, but I bet that's what I'm looking for. Meg, thank you for those links, and I will investigate them shortly! - Catherine Pellegrino
Ooh, I've been wanting something like this, too. I'm going to investigate Fusion Tables. Thanks for asking this question, Catherine. And for some cool stuff, Meg. - kaijsa
Just getting back to this now to do some more investigating. At first glance, it looks like Iris may have pegged it with mail-merge, and you can do mail-merge-like stuff with Google spreadsheets, e.g.: However, it's possible that something involving scripts would work as well or better: (found that page by following links from Meg's first link above). - Catherine Pellegrino
Ha! That's what I get for skimming: mail-merge uses scripts, so in point of fact, they're one and the same solution. - Catherine Pellegrino
Regular Amanda
Vendor salesperson repeatedly emailing me plus 4 faculty in two different depts. about setting up a trial. Salesperson is starting to really annoy me and said faculty. Folks that deal with this more than I do: does it work to just call vendors and tell them to knock it off? I feel like, I dunno, if I engage then they'll never stop.
Just found out they've been cold-calling people, too. Sheesh. Strategy FAIL. - Regular Amanda
Escalate it above the sales person and/or publicly shame on a listserv they monitor - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I've asked for supervisor's names before. - Hedgehog
I let our head of collection development know and she can deal with a regional manager if appropriate. ETA or even somebody higher up. This has happened. - kaijsa
A rather surprising number of vendors appear to watch LSW (or find its threads on search engines or whatever). It can be worth naming (edit: vendor rather than individual) names; we punch above our weight. - RepoRat
Chiming in again to say we try really hard to give the consistent unified message to vendors that all inquiries should go to the collections office and that individual subject librarians don't deal with them. I think it's working. - kaijsa
Yes it can work to firmly, professionally let the vendor know that their approach isn't working but it's also worth having the primary vender contact person contact them too. - Galadriel C. from Android
Thanks, y'all, very helpful! - Regular Amanda
I successfully tell vendors they can call me back in six months, but not before. I think they think I'm mean ... - henry
I've told vendors that. The problem is when suddenly it's six months later and they're calling you again... - Deborah Fitchett
I've been getting a number of cold calls lately from some of our business database vendors wanting to check in on how things are going. I tell them that if they haven't heard from me, then things are fine. If they have heard from me, then it's probably because I'm reporting a problem with their product. In my line of work, no news is often the best news. I'm sure they have a quota of... more... - Holly's favorite Anna
we're (hopefully) launching a new website soon. i'm interested in hearing how other libraries have communicated this change. what message did you use? how did you deal with negative feedback? how did you deal with people saying they don't know how to use the new site ...
(iknow, if they can't use it, it's designed wrong. my communication person wants us to think about this though). we're trying to prepare possible responses ahead of time - weelibrarian
We do usability studies before and during design. When people complain (almost always faculty, almost never students), we let them know we designed in response to actual user studies. - kaijsa
^^ Yes! I'd also say: prepare for complaints. They always happen. The difficult thing can be separating the wheat from the chaff. If possible, get people to understand that a certain amount of negative feedback is OK -- you'll learn from it. This is also where usability studies help, showing that you didn't make decisions out of thin air. That way, when you respond to negative feedback,... more... - Regular Amanda
yeah, we've done tons of testing but know there will be negative feedback as change = hard. I'm prepared to say we did lots of testing, these are some major improvements, if you're still not happy, help us out with future testing (in better words), but comm person still thinks we need different responses ready. we're in the sneak peak now and will be sending emails this term to faculty so they can be prepared with the new urls, maybe news stories, etc. I like the screen shot/where'd my thing go idea amanada - weelibrarian
We just launched a new website over the summer, and I felt it was really important to communicate that at the time. No one cared. We didn't do anything at the start of the semester (I had planned to, but it was clearly unnecessary), but we did add a spot on the page to send feedback about the new design. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
It sounds like you've already done great prep! When we switched library catalogs, we also had liaisons reach out to their departmental contacts and say something like "it's a big change, we're happy to come over and give a special preview just for you, etc. etc." which made it a liaison opportunity, too. Very few depts. (only one or zero?) took us up on it, but I feel like the personal... more... - Regular Amanda
krista, I just used your work mail from the MUN website to forward you the various things I wrote when we launched ours several years ago. - Jenica
thank you jenica! and thanks to the rest of you for your experiences! - weelibrarian
Catherine Pellegrino
Academic librarians: a librarian at Mount Holyoke is doing a survey of social media use by academic librarians (link to Google form: She lists a variety of popular social media platforms, but not Friendfeed. I think it would be interesting/fun/subversive to get a bunch of responses that write-in FF in the "other" category.
via: Also, it's not a badly-designed survey and she went through her IRB, so I'm inclined to help her out. - Catherine Pellegrino
heh. I took it this morning and absolutely put friendfeed in there. (and yes, the IRB thing was the first thing I made sure if. If there had been no IRB, I wouldn't have taken it. Because I'm a stickler for punishment. ;) ) - ellbeecee
I wish I'd saved my comment at the end; it was something to the effect of "social media is way more useful to me as a professional than the 'official' communication channels like listservs, ALA/ACRL communications, etc." except a little more diplomatic than that. - Catherine Pellegrino
Done. I found it odd that the survey didn't mention blogs either. I wrote in Friendfeed for the "other" option where I could but wish I could also have written in blogs somewhere, too (aside from the comments at the end of the survey). - Stephen Francoeur
What I found interesting was that the activities were limited to social media monitoring for work/professional org or personal. Much of my social media use is professional but not in the form of monitoring networks for my employer. Crowd-sourcing info sources, discussing e-resources, talking through research consultations--that's not personal interest, but professional, and it makes up the bulk of what I do on SM during the "workday." - kaijsa
Huh, I didn't read the questions that way, but now that I think about it, that might have been an underlying assumption of what the survey meant by work/professional use of social media. EDIT: I just went back, and the survey actually does specify: "'Professional activities' includes discussion of professional topics; image sharing through social media; information sharing; work on behalf of a committee; or work on behalf of your employer." - Catherine Pellegrino
I did find it odd that there was one question where, if you don't monitor social media for your work/professional org, there was no way to answer the question accurately. - Catherine Pellegrino
Yeah, but info sharing, etc. isn't exactly on behalf of my employer. I don't think of monitoring social media as the same thing as using social media, either. And yes, for that one questions that didn't have a correct answer for me, I marked other and used the comment to say "I do not do this." It's not a great survey. - kaijsa
How do we feel about JoVE? As I dimly recall, they had some kind of super aggressive marketing tactics. Does anyone have it? Like it? Hate it?
bump - maʀtha
I've been telling a coworker about them, since he has been getting the sales pitch. They keep on saying that the U of Whatever up the street has it, why don't yous guys have it too? I don't think we should buy something just because someone else bought something. - Joe
Most of the conversation in the LSW has concerned the marketing tactics, not the actual merits of the resource itself. E.g., or or - Catherine Pellegrino
thank you, Catherine :) - maʀtha
They are aggressive in their marketing, but the product is very well received at my small, private liberal arts University. YMMV - Holly's favorite Anna
JoVE doesn't have materials relevant to most of the faculty I support, but I've shown it to folks who run labs and they loved it. - kaijsa
Yeah, the content is fabulous and science folks seem to love it. It's too bad the marketing tactics make them look bad. - Regular Amanda
Funny that marketing seems to hound them. That's all I heard about when I was at the Charleston Conf last week. - Marie
In the past couple of years the marketing has gotten better, but it bothers me greatly that faculty always have to pay for publication (more for OA, less for clos d) and then the library pays for access. I've been trying to negotiate no publication fees for MPOW's faculty of we subscribed w/o luck. - Galadriel C. from Android
Either I'm missing out on some of the marketing or I've become so immune I don't notice it as much. Until I saw it mentioned here, I really never noticed it, and certainly not enough to comment. My former CQ Press sales rep was more persistently annoying than anything else I've encountered. - Holly's favorite Anna
Galadriel, my consorita gets a refund for OA content that was paid by institutional authors from one of the publishers we work with. It's not much, though. - Holly's favorite Anna
I hadn't looked at the publishing fees. To be fair, good video production and editing costs something, but this looks kinda high. And why not just charge for production and not make OA way more expensive, just embargo for a while? - kaijsa
Seriously playing with almost every feature in Libguides v2 now and finding a lot of questions I don't know the answer to. EDIT: Yeah I am lazy to go find out the answer.
After we go live with Libguides v2, how long do the old links to V1 work? I understand they will redirect but for how long? - aaron
We can now add subject assocations to pretty much anything from book items to links. What are they for? I don't seem to see them work for the search results even after waiting a day. Added question, in Libguides V1 there is a Summon discipline association, is it there in V2 yet? I read Summon now indexes V2. - aaron
LGv1 site will default remain available ~2 (or 3?) months after final migration. The friendly URLs roll to the new site immideately, I hadn't really considered that the content.php (LGv1) redirects to the new c.php (LGv2) pages would go away. - Aaron the Librarian
The subject associations allow for automated population of subject-based widgets/API calls. I haven't fully fleshed out how to leverage this, but I suspect we'll think of something :) [eta: not a Summon shop, not sure] - Aaron the Librarian
Trying to grasp the concept of "Assets". Databases are also "Assets" but a different type of asset? Anyone using/displaying the Database list? We imported our Serialssolutions A-Z list into it..but seems a lot of effort to classify them into types and subjects - aaron
We're using Database assets. We also imported our SS A to Z list in and went through the efford of classifying them into subjects (based on what db was in which guide) and types - loosely, based on what students might be looking for. If you'd like to see our 2.0 A to Z list, it's here I'm our admin, so I can attempt to answer questions. - ~Courtney F
Database assets are great, because then you can have a master list that everybody copies from and you only have to make sure to correct one place when something breaks (something always breaks). I don't see the need to curate the other assets quite as strictly, but we do try to reuse widgets. - kaijsa
Thanks all. kaijsa I was looking at our assets and noticed tons of duplications between database assets and link assets. Is that normal? Or did we goof when migrating? - aaron from Flucso
Another thing different. Apparently if say Guide 1 has a Owner A, and Editor B, Editor B cant edit the assets on Guide 1 made by the owner? We are kinda used to the idea, if you are editor (or co-owner that doesnt exist in v2) of a Guide, you can touch everything on the guide less "linked" pages/boxes.... - aaron
Re duplications, duplicate database assets usually meant there was someting slightly different about the title or the link when imported (I ran through the manual deduplication steps pre-migration... and definitely missed some, plus I managed to mis-classify a bunch of links as databaases and a couple databases as links, which took some effort to fix) - Aaron the Librarian
Re asset editing, the non-admins not being able to edit someone else's link asset has saved me a few times - I think I wish link assets had a few of the same properties as database assets (specifically that there would be one master link asset and anyone could reuse it and be able to customize the description). Not everyone completely understands the repercussions of editing a specific... more... - Aaron the Librarian
Subject associations: If you use the "by subject" on the databases list, this will autopopulate. In guides, assigning the subject tags allows for autopopulating "Guides" boxes, and also, on the "Guides by Subject" page, associated guides autopopulate. I'm not sure what else it does, but these are the three places I'm seeing impact of the subject groupings. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Subject associations for guides I get. Is Subject associations for other assets (besides databases) that I don't see much point. - aaron
we are currently linking to individual GVRL eBooks using link assets, subject associating these also mkes it possible to pull them into subject pages more easily. The challenge is the link descriptions cannot be customized for a particular page. We are debating re-characterizing these eBook links as database assets - but we haven't decided/agreed which way would be best to handle this issue - Aaron the Librarian
The secondary description field can be used to override the shared description on a page. That seems to work for us. - kaijsa
Spending my morning with OCLC folks. What do I want to know about WorldShare?
How do you define "share" and "world"? - barbara fister
Existential barbara. - lris
One sure-fire way to lose credibility with instruction librarians is to start skipping "in the interest of time" and talking about "running way behind" half an hour into a 3-hour presentation. PLAN AHEAD. - lris
I think simply doing a three-hour presentation is a way to lose credibility with me. If you can't show me what I need to know in 30 minutes, you are wasting my time. - Steele Lawman
For an entire ILS? 30 minutes might be a wee bit quick. - Kirsten
For something as big as an ILS, you should schedule several shorter modules that librarians/staff can come to without attending the whole thing. (I care that the cataloging module works well, but don't need the details, for example). And stick to the schedule and build in short breaks between presentations. We got this format for Sierra, and it worked well. - kaijsa
Yeah, I guess I just care about the public-facing stuff. 30 min seems like plenty. (Note: This is why I'm not allowed to make decisions.) - Steele Lawman
I'm sorry I missed this. And yeah, OCLC blows at presentations on their products. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
You want to have the authority control of the base record(s) and who has right sto edit what in the record clearly explained... well, *I* would want this because I have yet to actually hear the whole "anyone can edit the base record" rumour invalidated... Also, WoldShare is the closest thing I've seen to what my brain teels me I think I want to see in an ILS -- but like all library software there are bits of magic here and there which defy logic and I want to know more - Aaron the Librarian
OCLC blows at product development. Period. - Holly's favorite Anna
Do y'all make guides for all your classes? Turns out, I'm the only one here who does, so I'm curious.
No, I make a lot of guides, but not for every class. I use my general lit guide for a lot of my upper-level classes, and have made subject guides for the more robust sub-topics like Shakespeare Studies and Medieval & Renaissance. I only make class guides when they need something more specific or assignment-oriented. However, I have the second-highest number of guides, so take that with a grain of salt. - kaijsa
I do course guides for any class a professor asks - whether there is a library session associated or not. It's just easier - esp. for refering out from LibAnswers - Aaron the Librarian
I think I will probably make a lot fewer of them once I re-organize a couple of subject guides. But I really like the opportunity to bring in specialized data sources and primary source archives and the underused and underloved databases that will be great for them. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I do make guides for all my classes. It's easier to teach from them than from my branch website or the main library website - there's so much interdisciplinarity in mai field that it's impossible to have 2-3 databases that work for every situation. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Unless one of them is Google & the other is Google Scholar. #JustKidding - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I make a lot of them more as an aide-memoire (sp?) and so that my colleagues can help students when they say "that database the libarian showed us that has, like, history and stuff?" But with first years I always intro the front page first - here's where you search for book, here's a big shaggy database that works for lots of topics right at the top of this list, and here are guides." Mostly I have them play with stuff because otherwise I die of boredom along with them. - barbara fister
^^ yes. Also, I use it as my outline - sometimes I can even get away without a PowerPoint outline. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Is it bad form to admit one hasn't used powerpoint for a library instrution session in over a decade? - Aaron the Librarian
Aaron, I only do it very occasionally. And more and more, use libguides to hold that info - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
:) My brain balks at ppt (or prezi or anything that isn't live interactive action) when speaking with students. If it works for folks, run with it - but for me, ppt etc. hasn't worked since about the third time I did a live-action demo with clickalongs and conversation. (I have a hard time sitting through presentations that use ppt etc. too) - Aaron the Librarian
I don't make guides, but my colleagues who do have made many of them for classes. - Holly's favorite Anna
academic libraries: is anyone else responsible for collecting / hosting syllabuses for their departments? I am for mine .. it's a headache. looking for better solution. here's the end result of mine:
the workflow is teh stink: faculty post to department intranet. library student workers download & print, then upload to library website. many swearing, much annoy. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
What is the purpose? - barbara fister
I have my own little repository of syllabi, but only for classes for which I design and/or give library instruction. We don't host or archive syllabi at my library. - kaijsa
At MPOW, syllabi are "archived" (I'm using that term loosely) in either the department or the dean/provost's office, for use in responding to requests from other institutions for the purposes of evaluating transfer credit. The library is in no way involved. - Catherine Pellegrino
the univ. requires departments to make their syllabuses available to all students. My departmental / branch library has become the repository & curator of such work, for intellectual reasons that escape me but make perfect sense to the Powers that Be. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I get syllabi from the department secretaries each semester. If the profs aren't actually uploading them to the intranet themselves, the secretary is probably the one doing it, and should be able to send you the files? Especially i fyou are a designated repository, a better workflow seems more than reasonable! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
we haz no secretary. iz problem. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Is there a way the library could point to the availability of a CMS and coax departments to take responsibiity for uploding their shit to that open site as well as to their own courses? Unfortunately this will ikely land on department chairs and (more to the point) admin assistants, but they should own their shit. We use Moodle and that's what we would do if we did it. Which we don't because cats, the herding of. - barbara fister
I wonder if this is an instance of conflating librarians with secretaries because women with org skillz. - barbara fister
<threadjack> Don't let me near the scissors today, feeling stabby. - barbara fister
the original parsing of syllabuses to library predates me. now it's all "libraries are academic, syllabuses are academic, so you do it." (btw, I'm not affil. with primary campus library, and I'm only talking about my School's syllabuses. Still, see: cats, herding of.) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I was able to get out of reminding faculty to submit their textbook orders. That's been gone a good 2-3 years now. Because books, textbooks, books … it's all the same. But pestering is not done by me!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
We aren't but I would love it if we were because I would treasure the opportunity to have that sort of insight into teaching practices/student experience of curriculum. - Lisa Hinchliffe
Lisa, the only information I get out of having them is that students want to see them. As do faculty. ok, yes, I could look at them, but I don't. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
stephanie, the secretary is question is the subject department secretary-- each secretary collects their syllabi and uploads them. I ask my department's (the ones I liaise to) secretaries to send them to me each semester, and they do, cuz they like me ") - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
in this case, I am the department secretary. I (or my boss, the Senior associate dean for undergraduate studies) collect syllabuses & upload them. *sigh* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Christina Pikas
ugh I can't find how to get an RSS feed out of RefWorks anymore. In, sure. I shared the database. I turned on the option to have a feed with 10 items - no feed url. It's not on the shared site, either. Ideas anyone? I'll e-mail their support if i have to
I can't follow what you're trying to do. Are you adding RSS feeds from dbs into Refworks to use it as a reader? Or are you trying to make a feed from a Refworks folder or your whole database? - kaijsa
the second - I'm trying to create an RSS feed that will show when anything has been added to the database, not just a single folder. - Christina Pikas
I just looked at the output and you're right, there is no option to make a feed anymore. I know I've done this in the past, but it's gone. It's weird, but it only exports as email or social bookmarks now. Total fail. Don't know what to say, but they haven't made Flow shareable, and you'd think they wouldn't remove functionality from O.G. Refworks before enabling it in Flow. - kaijsa
I realize this isn't helpful, but wanted to cosign your frustration. - kaijsa
I finally found it - just now - if you log out or go to a different browser, open up the shared site, go to the folder on the list on the right (there is a folder marked "entire database"), right click on it, you'll get an option to view the feed. Oy! - Christina Pikas
That is ridiculous. - kaijsa
Regular Amanda
Now I'm less argybargy because ellbeecee made me laugh, but I still would like to raise the possibility of future argybargy at: streaming media purchase models. We are hearing that VHS and DVD are totally outmoded, so we should only buy streaming media moving forward, but you can't actually "buy" streaming media, just rent it for three years.
So... abrogation of basic library ethics, anyone? On the other hand, our population really does only want streaming media. But I just don't want to buy into the new economic order of "lease or die". - Regular Amanda
Also, you're paying for the content, but the vendors get to track your patrons being habits. - DJF from Android
This would be a good ethical discussion for various media-centric entities (SLA/ALA, divisions, sections, RTs, etc) to really hash out and figure out how to address things - because the way things are going right now, those discussions are already waaay overdue - Aaron the Librarian
I'd love to see something like a streaming media bill of rights. Something to put pressure in vendors. - Regular Amanda from Android
^^^ agreed. We have held out for buying DVDs. Faculty who rely on film support that. (We are a residential college, which makes a difference.) Financially, it makes no sense for us to pay all over again when listed courses are often taught only every other year or even less frequently. - barbara fister
Who's telling you DVDs are totally outmoded? If by DVD you include Blu-ray, that's nonsense: Yes, streaming may dominate, but DVD's not going away this year or next. (Last I heard, Netflix founder figured they'd stop mailing discs around 2030...) - Walt Crawford
I should note that CDs, which died YEARS ago, still sell by the billions. - Walt Crawford
Walt: People trying to sell streaming media to libraries. - laura x from iPhone
Laura: Yeah, that sounds exactly right. Oh, and every Technology Guru. Show some of those people a printed daily newspaper and their heads might explode. - Walt Crawford
The concern with our population (college students) is that new computers don't have CD/DVD drives. Which for us is a legitimate concern, but is accepting a horrible purchase model ok even if it gives your patrons better access? I have so many feelings about this. - Regular Amanda from Android
We have a lot of online classes, so that coupled with the lack of disc drives in computers is a big reason we're trying to stream. Also streaming gives multiple people access to a title at the same time, which is pretty important for big classes. It's a struggle to deal with licenses, and we definitely need to push for better terms. - kaijsa
we should be teaching this in LIS, as well as discussing it as Aaron says. In the Journalism school, we have a class on Ethics - but I don't see an ethics class, or even discussion, in LIS. Otherwise, I agree with all of the above. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Another case where academic libraries differ from public libraries: You can presumably assume true broadband availability for almost all students and the simultaneous-streaming may be a *need.* (Right now, for many public libraries, "buying" streaming is explicitly advantaging the already-advantaged...but that''s another discussion I've mostly given up on.) - Walt Crawford
We can assume broadband availability *on campus* but not off. That has been an issue even for students here in town--I know some grad students can't afford internet at home, for example. In Wyoming, lots of our students are rural and not in Laramie and the public libraries are a *huge* part of their college experience. We work pretty hard to collaborate with the county and CC libraries to make this all work, but it's not perfect. - kaijsa
So is it even possible to funnel stuff through library proxy servers on mobile?
Our web site works that way, even if it's the mobile version. I've no idea about an app, though, if that's what you mean. - Kirsten from Android
We have a mobile site that proxies, too. - kaijsa
so if I find it thru the library website, things will Just Work, but I can't click from the web and force it to proxy, is that right? - RepoRat
That's my understanding, but there may be a way to add a proxy to your mobile web browser and I just don't know about it. - kaijsa
Ooh, I just figured out how to do it on the iPhone, but I don't have any Android thingies to try. You can only do this on wifi, not data, from what I can see. If you go to the wifi network and look at the info, you can add an http proxy. It's at the bottom of the screen. It should work the same for an iPad. No clue about windows mobile, either. - kaijsa
So just save your proxy url to a note on your phone, and you can paste it in front of whatever you're trying to get to. Shouldn't matter then whether you're on wifi or data. - Kirsten from Android
aha! thank you! - RepoRat
You may be able to VPN your device more easily if you all have the junos pulse app. Works on android and iPhones / iPads. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
If you use the LibX browser plugin (correctly configured by the library with it's various URLs and proxies, etc.) you can initiate a proxied connection in several methods regualr or mobile (but I'm not sure about from an actual mobile (non-browser) app... - Aaron the Librarian
Kaijsa can you give an example of the http proxy you add for iphone? I know the bookmarklet trick works with ios or android. Though with ios8 and android there might be an easier way with the "share" option if you have the right app. - aaron
Going to play around with Incites and Scival soon. Anyone have any opinions on either? Useful? One is Thompson Reuters another is Elsevier.
we have incites. I don't use it much, though that doesn't mean it's not useful. It does take setup and regular input from someone on campus, iirc. - ellbeecee
Is it really Incites or is it Converis? - Meg VMeg
ours is Incites -, and once you're in is still branded as Incites. - ellbeecee
I have looked at both and our institution had a subscription to Scival Spotlight a couple of years ago. - Elizabeth Brown
will be playing soon . Benchmarking by depts is a big deal couldnt tell in webinar how good it is - aaron from Flucso
We are working on implementing the Pure product from Elsevier. - Sarah from iPhone
Sarah, how do you like Pure? - Meg VMeg
We have Incites and we may be getting Scival soon. My annoyance with Incites is I get errors trying to output reports when using Chrome. And it takes a long time to compile, so it irritates me. We have Scopus, too, and I wonder if we need all these things, but we're trying to figure out what works best for our research office and departments. I'm a humanities liaison, so my departments don't care about this as much, but I'm friends with STEM people who do and end up showing them things. - kaijsa
We're implementing Pure, too, and many headaches have ensued getting data in there (I'm not involved much myself) - Megan loves summer
We are still in process on implementing Pure. Biggest challenge so far is identifying how we'll get coverage for the arts and humanities - since Pure comes with the Scopus data which doesn't have good coverage of those areas. We're also having to do a surprising amount of manual work to get our org chart and faculty lists together. That's not a commentary on Pure though. - Sarah from iPhone
Also was pleasantly surprised to find that Pure has APIs for other units on campus to pull data out and that Elsevier does not use the data we put in for other applications. - Sarah from iPhone
Wow, that's interesting that they don't use the data. I wonder how hard it would be to switch, though, if they changed their minds in the future? - Meg VMeg
Also, Sarah, can you import from Worldcat (and/or non-Scopus arts/humanities databases) via RIS/BibTeX/something? Or is there other coverage that you'd like to see for those fields, that's simply not possible with Pure? - Meg VMeg
Hmm, apparently we have incites. I should start playing with it I guess? - Hedgehog
Yes, you can definitely import via RIS, and they have some of those set up already for you to do. But you do then need to pay attention to what you can import and what you can't in terms of license agreements with those other providers (if you are hoping to use things like abstracts, etc). But often you have categories of items - book chapters, for example - where it can be notoriously difficult to get the data as a primary object. And then you get into things like exhibitions.... - Sarah
Have any of you put together "faculty scholarly output" celebrations? I'm in early planning stages for one in the late Spring, and the details are starting to crest. If you have, do you have a workplan for steps in the process?
Also, we're a Carnegie-High, so I'm wondering if celebrating *all* faculty scholarly output at one time might be too big a thing to try? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Your colleagues at UNLV do one, and it looks pretty great. We talk about it, but it's quite daunting for us, too. - kaijsa
Thanks kajisa! I'll see if I can track that down. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
We have a list of faculty accomplishments that faculty add to themselves (we put out calls), and the library has a spring celebration. The link is here: - faculty can sing in (link top right) and have a form to fill out with necessary fields. The form also accommodates different outputs (articles, books, chapters, exhibitions,... more... - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
That is cool, warmaiden! - kaijsa
Very cool! And, I wonder if Digital Measures can pull out a list like that?? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
They should at least be able to pull all items since a certain date and index them for you. I can find who deals with ours and send you their email if you want; we're much smaller, but Matt Cook is our repository dude and might be able to speak to that. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Uh, yes. We stopped doing it (for a lot of reasons, including some specific to this institution). - ellbeecee
Let me check with our Digital Measures admin and see what he thinks (it's in the Library...) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
We used to do something we called YorkWrites: AT the end of the day, we couldn't find a funding model that was sustainable for throwing such a big party every year. The final one which celebrated science & engineering which I helped organize was a career highlight for me, for sure. - John Dupuis
John, that looks like it was a huge event! I'm hoping to do something smaller scale. But budget is one of my questions. I'm sure even a low key event will come with a bigger budget than I expect. (The President and the Provost both hold parties for "award winning" faculty output that are quite posh, which takes some pressure off. But nothing celebrates all the faculty publications, which is the slot we're trying to slip into. ) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
We created a "University of Wyoming Author Collection" we note with a special code in the 710 field in OPAC records. We just started this, so only a few titles are fixed, but it's one effort we've made to get at recognizing faculty output. Only works for books and the like, but partnered with the Selected Works galleries, it's a start. - kaijsa
Did you see this in ACRL News this week? Jennifer Bonnet, Barbara Alvarez, and Sigrid Anderson Cordell. "Let's get this party started: Celebrating faculty authors in the library." - ~Courtney F
We've done a really simple one (small campus, something like 120 faculty?) in the past where they (and staff) were invited to submit interesting things they've done. Copy of article, copy of book, slides from presentation. We've had people include non-work projects of significance, too (fiction books they've written, complicated shawl they knitted) and that's awesome. In the past, it's gone in a display case for a month with notes and some handouts about where to access the longer written material. - Jennifer Arnott
My wish for today: that LibGuides 2 would have a 37/37/26 3 column layout!
Uh, is the 26 for the profile box? Because that's pretty much what I've been wanting, too. I miss custom column widths! - kaijsa
Yes, precisely! I don't want the profile box any bigger, but *really* want equal sized content boxes!! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
In general, I like 2.0, but it needs a couple of things. For one, I want to be able to make boxes that span all columns, not just a top and bottom box. Top box pushes everything down too much. I am difficult to please. - kaijsa
this can be done with css hacks - I've done this by accident a few times and it took a bit to figure out how I goofed it up (didn't document it, sorry) - Aaron the Librarian
kajisa, I was surprised that the column spanning boxes were so fixed. I thought we would have the ability to span 2 out of 3 columns, and also to put a column spanner in the middle of the page. I also would like the ability to put images inside boxes full of databases or links-- I really want to add more visual zing to my pages, but the way we have to work with graphics makes that hard - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
That said, I do like Springshare stuff. It's pretty simple and mostly flexible and does what I basically want with very little effort on my part. I just always want moar. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
You can insert images in boxes full of links. I've broken up links with multimedia/html items. What you said about column spanning boxes is exactly what I wanted and thought we were going to get. - kaijsa
If you have Libguides CMS you get unlimited templates so it would be possible to set some up that allowed for more column-spanning areas. Without CMS you are still able to customize templates somewhat but it's much more limited. - JffKrlsn
Anybody know off the top of their head the best databases to search for slave records (18th-19th C. U.S.)? We have a long list of primary source collections we've recently added that I'm looking through to add to my guides, but I am not familiar with all of them yet.
I have a prof doing some cool research, and I'm hoping for a short cut to tide her over until I can get a better handle on what we have. - kaijsa
Are you only asking about databases, or do census records count? Also: Newberry Library's guide to slave narratives: - bentley
I want slave sale records. I've found census, and African American Biographical has some good stuff. My prof has narratives, but needs documentation of ownership. - kaijsa
we have an atlantic slave trade collection that might be useful - Hedgehog from Android
not sure if any bills of sale... sorry, skimming on phone - Hedgehog from Android
It looks like a lot of this is not digitized and is held in county records, but this varies by state. - kaijsa
Sale notices in newspapers might be another source of data on ownership: That website also lists info on actual bills of sale, but as you note I believe most is not digitized and at county/state level. NC slave petitions database might be a sideways angle into documentation of ownership: Harvard is also digitizing a big petition database, but I don't think it's public yet. - Regular Amanda
More on slave petitions for freedom: - Regular Amanda
My prof is tracing individual slaves, so she may be traveling to New York and Connecticut to see that stuff if there. I found that NC petitions db, and it's cool. In general, NC has the best resources I've found. Thanks for the heads up on the upcoming Harvard database! - kaijsa
Yes, UNCG's db is the bomb. - kaijsa
wups, sorry, didn't connect the twitter with the URL. #dork - RepoRat
No worries. I picked up what you were putting down. :) - kaijsa
Can one ILL ISO Standards?
Usually not. They're very expensive and disappear easily - DJF from Android
We don't ILL any standards. - kaijsa
Not usually. - Meg VMeg
I think we have gotten some from other libraries, if someone has a record in worldcat. The problem is that the individual standards are rarely individually cataloged. The small number of iso standards we do have, we keep in reference (or we used to.) - Joe
depends on the standards are done (electronic vs print) as the last time I looked at them more and more of them were being done electronically which throughly screwed any electronic lending. but even the print ones aren't normally lent - Sir Shuping is just sir
Thank you! I figured it would be a long shot and acquiring in print is going to take a while. student may need to purchase.... - Hedgehog from Android
Some libraries will but rarely. At MFPOW when they were requested we just bought a copy online. - Deborah Fitchett
Sir Shuping is just sir
anyone have access to Comics Journal 65 from 1981? I'm looking for an article called "Jewish Mice, Bubblegum Cards, Comics Art, and Raw Possibilities." thanks in advance!
I didn't see anything in the state of Colorado, well in Prospector anyway. - Joe
Sorry, I didn't notice this. We have Comics Journal in Underground and Independent Comics (Alexander Street). There is no 65, weirdly. Searching for the article title gave me nothing. Not helpful, but maybe useful if this issue has gone missing in general. - kaijsa
I did find this, though. Maybe ILL can help you. - kaijsa
dang..thanks for the help kaijsa! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Any time! - kaijsa
My next availability on my calendar is Thursday afternoon. Between now and then, most things overlap with each other. *dies*
Unlike. - kaijsa
This has been my busiest reference shift ever. Whew! Profs must've assigned final papers or something. :)
We're packed, but I've only had directional Qs. My inbox is filling up with direct requests from students in my liaison areas, though. Final papers have definitely been assigned in ENGL and RELI! - kaijsa
Set up overdrive on my mom's phone. Why oh why isn't that easier?
You have no idea how much easier it is now than it was a few years ago ... - laura x from iPhone
Ah, you have learned to sing the song of my people. - Andy
Oh yes I do. I set mine up a few years ago, and it literally took me all afternoon. - lris
Without enough added friction, our culture will perish. I think I heard that from the Authors Guild. - barbara fister
Barbara: Presumed emphasis on ***our*** culture? That is, the culture controlled by members of the Authors Guild? - Walt Crawford
My county library doesn't have Overdrive, but my parents' does. I promised I'd help my mom set it up on her computer/Kindle, so what I'm hearing here is that it will be a day's work over winter break. - kaijsa
It depends on the skills of the person you are helping, but I've gotten it down to about 10-25 minutes. Still a chunk of time, but not an afternoon. You get really good at it after awhilwe. - Andy
Barbara - I totally had an #iam12 moment reading that first sentence. - Katy S
Steele Lawman
Someone at my library created a sign using the text of this blog post and put it on the reference desk:
I dunno about you guys, but I'm here to make money. I might do some of those other things too, but if they didn't pay me I'd have to do something else. Seems like the same might be true of Google? Like, the company needs to make money, but it might also do some of those other things too? - Steele Lawman
They make enough money that they don't have to come up with touchy-feely reasons not to quit their jobs? - Meg VMeg
Also, we accept less money (or society/market/employers don't feel that we deserve more money) because we (theoretically) receive an emotional reward #pinkcollar - Meg VMeg
^^^ This. Also, if you substitute "libraries" for "librarians" I think it's actually a lot stronger. (Though I recognize there are situations where libraries' concerns do not always run in the same direction as librarians' concerns.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Oh yes, if you say "libraries" then it's fairly solid. Because libraries don't want to pay librarians more, either. - Meg VMeg
it's also a better parallel structure: the analogy isn't librarians:Google [employees?], it's libraries:Google - Catherine Pellegrino
If by library you mean library administration, then my library does want to pay us (all library workers) more. Our dean is actively working on salary problems and is very politically adept. - kaijsa
I meant entities constrained by capitalism, generally: "Your Library May Vary" - Meg VMeg
Feelgood stuff just makes me want to barf. - Steele Lawman
I guess I read this as equal parts feelgood and PSA. - Catherine Pellegrino
I'm also kind of a feelgood barfer, but OTOH I think we should be educating our patrons. - kaijsa
I just want to note that I love Meg. - laura x from iPhone
I also love Catherine. I mean, I love you all, but they beat me to a better version of my sentiments in this post, so I love them most right now. - laura x from iPhone
It's overly simplistic. And given my reliance on it for helping people, it's more of a symbiotic relationship: it give me information that helps me do my job and I give them information (via websearch terms and results) that help them make money via ads and better results. - Andy
Hate suggesting we see ourselves in competition with Google. Not true. Makes us look and act stupid. - barbara fister from iPhone
Also a student paying big bills may be justifiably pissed off. - barbara fister from iPhone
btw I agree with this ^^. I think we should educate patrons, but don't see myself in competition with Google or Wikipedia or the OED, for that matter. - kaijsa
We are not in competition with Google. We are in competition with Wikipedia--so thinks some librarians. - Joe
We are not in competition with Google or Wikipedia, we are in competition with ignorance. - Steele Lawman
And copyright. - Meg VMeg
YES. - Steele Lawman
+++Steve and Meg. - laura x
The sign AND the T-shirt - "We are not in competition with Google or Wikipedia, we are in competition with ignorance." Brilliant. On the verse, will add Meg's addition. Swoons at the brilliance of my friends. - barbara fister
I am so going to quote you on that. Often. - barbara fister
And some librarian will no doubt say "but we're neutral. Shouldn't we buy some materials that promote ignorance, too?" - barbara fister
Steele is Mr. Bon Mot. I don't know anybody more quotable. - RepoRat
Aw. If Barbara and Dorothea are quoting me, I must be doing something right. - Steele Lawman
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