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Hanging out with Barbara Fister, Derrick, and Amy = absolute highlights of my conference. It's good t remember that y'all are flesh and blood people once in a while.
They're only flesh and blood once in a while? Creepy! - DJF from Android
As far as I can tell, that's true. I have not observed them being flesh and blood all of the time. - lris
I talked with Barbara and Derrick but didn't see Iris or Amy. :( :( - Marie from iPhone
I didn't see any of yall'z but i have kennel cough/conference crud/laryngitis so it's probably just as well - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Aww - lris from Android
I never saw Iris, but I comfort myself with the fact I'll see her later in April. It was nice to meet Barbara in person for a second after her panel, and ran into Derrick and Marie. Yay! - kaijsa
Those of you who work in academic libraries that use systems such as RefWorks--how did you overcome objections? 2 objections at MPOW are a) cost & b) differing faculty needs/preferences.
We've had RefWorks since before I got here. I don't like it. Most of the medical liaisons also have at least basic familiarity with EndNote because it's popular on this sideof campus. A few people scattered around know Zotero (me). There's a list somewhere of people in lib with expertise. We're all expected to be able to teach Refworks and we refer otherwise. - Hedgehog
I'm really skeptical about Flow and all the improvements they've promised for years that I've not seen much delivery on. ("it's coming real soon now" seems to be a common theme) - Hedgehog
Can you just do Zotero then? And if people complain, you can say "but now we can spend all that money on X!!!!" - Meg VMeg from Android
We dropped refworks because it's not worth the money and Zotero and Mendeley are both better, even their free levels than RefWorks. - DJF
We support Zotero, Mendeley and EndNote. Because those are all free for us, and we have librarians who use them (We turned Flow off, and will have to figure out how to make everyone responsible for it if we choose to turn it back on) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Are the objections to adding, removing, supporting...?? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
We are also dropping RefWorks. It is powerful, but usability is poor and the whole thing is outdated and super clunky. - maʀtha
If you do systematic reviews IMO you need either full endnote (no freebie ) or refworks. Zotero and mendeley aren't enough. Unfortunately I think rw bogs down with accounts with > ~5000 records - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Why no Zotero for systematic reviews? I can't think of any functionality it's lacking at this point, compared to Endnote, when it comes to systematic reviews. Smart groups, is that it? Because you could save Advanced searches in group libraries for that: https://www.zotero.org/support... https://www.zotero.org/support... - Meg VMeg
For Zotero, you might have to figure out extra storage, maybe? - maʀtha
I always had the distinct impression refwork is a dying service and Flow is the future. Are there people really adding refworks? - aaron
Do any of those free ones do deduping? Also, any idea about Flow pricing for institutions? I miss EndNote. :( - Rachel Walden
Zotero does deduping (well, "merging") - Meg VMeg
I use Zotero personally, and we support EndNote for grad students & faculty on our campus (but I've never used it or trained on it) - ~Courtney F
We support Refworks, Flow (like Aaron, my sense is RW will go away eventually), Endnote Basic, and Mendeley. Our STEM and Health Sciences Liaisons are supporting Endnote desktop, too, but the Libraries don't provide access to that one (people have to buy their own license). We stopped supporting Zotero because we can't do everything and we have backup support from vendors on the others.... more... - kaijsa
Who else is going to ACRL?
I am - lris from Android
Preconference on the 25th. Hanging around Portland the 26th until leaving that evening. - Joe
Me. Fly in the 25th stay til Sun the 29th. - kaijsa
yo - jambina from iPhone
i aint never been...this will be my first time - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I am. - barbara fister
Yesh. - Marie
do we have meetup? maybe meet at the sage booth on thursday, noon, to say hi? - Marie
I will be at lunch on Thursday at 11:30 :( but i would love to meet up - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Will be meeting a public librarian friend that day and time. She works for Multnomah and not coming to the conference. Sorry. - Joe
Is it just me, or are some vendors really ramping up their pre-conference pitches? One particular one has called me every day this week, keeps emailing to ask for an appointment, and now left a voicemail saying every existing customer who brings a non-customer librarian to the booth gets an iPad. This is beyond.
wait, whut? really.? that's a bunch of iPads. - Christina Pikas
Yeah, it sounds crazy. Like, do they mean one iPad per customer institution, or individual? We're customers of this company and are sending 13 librarians to ACRL. Theoretically, that could be $6500 worth of iPads if they mean what they say. It was clearly not a drawing but "we will give you an iPad." - kaijsa
I am so annoyed that I don't want to even talk to them to find out, btw. - kaijsa
Now I know where all my subscription money is going.... - lris
This is an equipment vendor. - kaijsa
so. many. cold. calls. it is ridiculous. - Marie
i'm not registered for ACRL, but I've gotten about as many emails from vendors about that as I do for ALA (which I do attend) - ~Courtney F
I have not been hit up for ACRL. I am TOTALLY okay with that. The ALA onslaught is going to start shortly - Hedgehog
I got an email coupon from vendor in question with the line, "a non-customer institution cannot be used more than once with this gift program." So I guess the limit applies the other way. So weird. - kaijsa
I'm trying to help an English prof find good text(s) for a graduate seminar on non-traditional publishing. She wants a textbook, but I was thinking there might be better stuff as articles, whitepapers, etc. that could be assembled into a course pack/links. Everything I like is written for librarians, so I'm hoping for stuff pitched to authors.
Any ideas are welcome! - kaijsa
Hmm, well there's a lot about grey literature in medicine. Mostly discovery though, not sure if any about writing it. - Hedgehog
<Insert unhelpful giggle about a TEXTBOOK on non-traditional publishing> - lris
In literature there's a goodly amount written about hypertext lit, so that might be one genre to pursue. - lris
Or maybe poke through material on alt-ac. Much depends on what counts as non-trad. Technical writing? Creative non-fiction? Journalism? - Heather
https://pinboard.in/u:dsalo... or https://pinboard.in/u:dsalo... might have something. If she hasn't looked at The Business Rusch, she should. - RepoRat
Yeah, it really depends on the kind of material being published. Scholarship? Fanfic? Old school alt-press stuff? Zines? - laura x from iPhone
I've read lots of stuff on self-publishing of novels (from the days when if you self-published it would make zero and also *never* be looked at by a publisher, through the days when a few exceptional self-published items became a hit and got picked up, to now where self-publishing can work for you somewhat if you're already famous and/or willing and able to put in the marketing effort... more... - Deborah Fitchett
Iris: Oddly enough, I got a Lulu email today: nine of their top 20 authors have published textbooks, so it's clearly a real thing. - walt crawford
Planned Obsolescence by Kathleen Fitzpatrick covers non-traditional publishing from the academic side of things. Plus the book itself was released for open peer review, so you can actually read earlier drafts of the book online: http://www.plannedobsolescence.net/kathlee... - Freeda B.
Thanks all, both for validating my thoughts about this and for good ideas. I'll definitely point Prof to Planned Obsolescence and see if any of this meets her needs. - kaijsa
laura x
A library patron just tried to engage me in a discussion about the dress I was wearing the last time I saw him.
Sure sure, it's about information needs. - Meg VMeg from Android
i love you, meg. - jambina
It was white and gold. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
No, it was blue and black. I remember it well. - Todd Hoff
nice dress - maʀtha
He said it was red. I don't own a red dress. Wtf. - laura x from iPhone
...Do you have a green dress? - Deborah Fitchett
Weirdly, no, though green is my favorite color. - laura x from iPhone
That sounds creepy. Don't like. - kaijsa
Remember the Meebo room and the fun we had with the word "document?"
I joined just barely into the Post-Meebo Era, so I don't, but I do remember dongles. - Catherine Pellegrino
Bad Word Filters! Whee ;) - Aaron the Librarian
aww, the Meebo room - ~Courtney F
Here's Iris's old guide to it: http://pegasuslibrarian.com/2008... - laura x
I know someone did screenshots of the bad word editing thing, but I can't find any right now. DOCUMENT. - laura x
I joined during the Meebo era, but maybe toward the tail end. Sniff. - kaijsa
Oh, I miss it so. It was not crawled. - maʀtha
:: pacman :: - Julian
I remember people mentioning the Meebo room, but I think they were technical reasons why I couldn't join. I sounded like fun. - bentley
Julian FTW! - maʀtha
Sad that I missed the Meebo days; I joined in the post-document dongle era. - Galadriel C. from Android
~Courtney F
Does anyone have access to this: http://catalog.hathitrust.org/Record... Online access is not available due to copyright :(
No, sorry. WorldCat only shows a handful of libraries hold it, too. - kaijsa
Is there something specific that you want to check? - DJF
a friend was looking for specific pages for a personal genealogy project, but i don't know which pages - ~Courtney F
I know a fistful of librarians who are going to be in Madison in May (including me). We might be able to get them for you, if you can get the page numbers, and they're willing to wait until then. Or, you know, ILL would work too ;-) - DJF
yeah, i recommended ILL to her, but thanks! - ~Courtney F
LSW: Joe
What did I learn from the LSW group and from the Wider FF community?
I learned that there are others who feel the same way I do about life, things and stuff. And I love you all for it. Heck, I even love [most] of the FF people who don't feel the same way. - Joe
God. So much. - laura x
most of what I know - lris
That not everybody hates me? - RepoRat
So so much. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
that my colleagues are funny, smart, in touch, and willing to lend a hand instantly - and that the world is not so grim a place after all. - barbara fister
All of the above. LSW restored my faith in librarianship. :-) - Megan loves summer
...pretty much everything I know about libraries...and technology...and what happens when social hits technological... - Cameron Neylon
So much, and so much that's kept me going. (OK if I mine this thread for my C&I reminiscence?) - walt crawford
That there are people who think like me, and people who don't, and there's a place for us all. That organisation need not mean organised. That people will, and do, lend a hand. - Pete's Got To Go
Walt: mine it as much as you want. - Joe
I've learned so much from the LSW! I feel pretty new around here, but have found the attitudes and passion here really inspiring. It's honestly helped me stand up more for the stuff I believe it at my own place of work. Plus the LSW has given me models for passionate-but-collegial disagreements. And models for robust theorizing about the library, or robust research into library stuff. - Regular Amanda
what it means to have a professional network I can immediately rely on at all hours. - Hedgehog
That ragequit doesn't mean forever. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman from iPhone
I agree with pretty much everything Cameron says here: http://cameronneylon.net/blog... - John Dupuis
i joined FF almost the day i started my first librarian gig. to me being part of libraryland means seeing all of you on FF daily. - jambina
How awesome non-medical librarians are, and some of the amazing things they're accomplishing every day. - Rachel Walden
To me, and this is mine-able, the great thing about FF was that it was the first place that I saw that really facilitated people interacting that might not have met before. In my case, it was scientists and librarians. We librarians had a chance to see what scientists were really thinking about and really doing at the edges of the open science world and to reflect back and give... more... - John Dupuis
So much - including through all these discussions about migrating content and community to a new site. I love how thoughtful you all are! - Grumpator
What a lot of you have said, but just that you all are my people. I love having a wide network of smart people who will give me advice, agree or disagree with me in meaningful ways, and give me a broader perspective on things. Also, I just like you all. - kaijsa
FF and the LSW is my go to professional network. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
^^^ This. Twitter is useful for knowing what' going on and for links to interesting stuff, but the depth of the conversation here and the capacity to get good help or discussion about an issue - and sense of close community - there's nothing like it. - barbara fister
The ability to say something in more than 140 characters helps me gather my thoughts. Even though other services have threaded discussions like this, the LSW has the right diversity and mix of people for me. The ALATT had a chance to be like the LSW at one point, but that place feels more like a frat house, and people are trying to get the most attention. I know I am generalizing, and there are good libns in ALATT, but the loud ones get the most notice. - Joe
I learned that goodbye does not mean never again hello. Also, I learned that a career is more than just the daily job, as it can have so many facets and directions. - Julian
Who are the cool librarians who know the real deal.. who "get it"... - LibrarianOnTheLoose
^^^ This! Being part of LSW has changed my life. I've found support for incubating ideas, been challenged to grow and expand in a professional humorous way by fun super smart colleagues, and especially during the move and transition to my current place of work, LSW kept me from feeling isolated and alone in my work. - Galadriel C.
How awesome it is to have a tribe that has my back. That not all libraries are dysfunctional. That there are amazing people doing interesting work. That it's ok to have professional heroes/crushes/whatever-you-wanna-call it and sometimes you get to meet them and they have foibles and interior lives and that's cool. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Like others have said, LSW has restored my faith in the future of librarianship. It's meant more than I can express to have a place to converse with such thoughtful, open people. - Jen
Besides learning the more practical aspects of things, a lot of my thinking on librarianship has been shaped by discussions here eg. IL, open access just to name two. - aaron from Flucso
Just to let folks know: I've put together a first draft of the C&I essay on FF and LSW (too long, but that's C&I: for concise excellence, go to Barbara Fister) and included *almost* all of this thread, names included. The exception: I omitted part of one of Joe's comments because, even though I agree fully with his thoughts on ALATT, I'd just as soon not go there by name this time around. Maybe I've been burned too badly by them. - walt crawford
So: If there's anybody who *doesn't* want your comment used (including your screen name), LET ME KNOW within the next two weeks. The thread reads really well as a closing section of the article. - walt crawford
I'm happy to have my comment and name included, but if you could please use the now slightly edited version I'd appreciate it. - Galadriel C. from Android
Galadriel: Done. - walt crawford
I should really try to say something more intelligent. - laura x from iPhone
LSW reminded that becoming a librarian was the right choice for me and that the job I had when I find this place was not the right choice for me. - John: Thread Killer
Thank you! - Galadriel C. from Android
Okay, here we go: Before I became a librarian or ever thought of it, I was an activist. I organized and demonstrated and got arrested and generally worked my tail off to try to change the world and make people's lives better--sometimes those of my colleagues; sometimes those of people I'd never met. When I started working in libraries, I felt I lost a lot of that. I still believed in... more... - laura x from iPhone
mehlib on frenf.it
someone come friend me - maʀtha
I just did. :) - Catherine Pellegrino
I sent a request. - ellbeecee
wait, what's the frenf.it URL again? #BookmarkItAtWork - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
done! - Jen
are people moving to frenf.it? (not familiar with that one) - Rachel Walden
It's an Italian Friendfeed clone. - bentley
I always see "meh" for some reason. You are anything other than meh. - Julian
Done. I'm notoriously bad about subbing to folks, so it will take me a while to add everybody (unless I end up using frenf differently than FF). - kaijsa
deborahfitchett and #37 in the LSW room :-) - Deborah Fitchett
me? meh are my initials :) so, I amuse myself with this handle - maʀtha
http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... . Is there a LSW room on this already? Can't find it. - aaron
A list of public rooms: http://www.frenf.it/earlyad... - bentley
Freeda B.
Does anyone know how their library/institution mediates access for gradated medical/health students who need access to databases to complete their licensing/board exams? My university has a relatively new pharmacy program, and we're getting questions about allowing access to alumni for their licensing exams. Is this standard?
Do libraries pay extra for this? Do alumni? - Freeda B.
We do not/doubt we could afford to do this for alumns - Hedgehog
As long as the university email account is active, access is available. To extend this beyond the 6 weeks after graduation email access, they would have to register for a course - I think we paid a nuisance charge to one or two databases/publishers for alumni access - but most charge too high for us to consider - Aaron the Librarian from Android
I don't think we're doing anything like this for alumni - off-campus alumni access to resources is notoriously difficult to arrange due to cost. - Rachel Walden
What everyone else said. Also, most libraries at public universities negotiate walk in access for all of their databases. - maʀtha
As Aaron mentioned, many places let graduates keep their access to email (which is often the username/password combo that's also used to access e-resources from off campus) for a fixed period, from a few weeks to, like, six months after graduation. it's possible that the structure is already in place. - Catherine Pellegrino
Which databases are you talking about, specifically? - maʀtha
Access Pharmacy for sure, they are probably also looking for things like SciFinder Scholar and ScienceDirect. - Freeda B.
Your responses are basically what I thought--most libraries don't do this beyond when their student registration expires. - Freeda B.
We do not provide access to alums, either. - kaijsa
Holly's favorite Anna
I'm now at ten days waiting for the COUNTER reports I uploaded to SerialsSolutions to be consolidated, a process that normally takes less than 24 hours. Jane Burke is coming this week to try to sell us Intota Assessment. Frankly, I have lost all confidence in ProQuest as a SAS provider that can handle heavy use.
Word. And does Intota even really exist yet? I remain skeptical. - kaijsa
Assessment does, and the folks I know using it rave about it, so long as you can trust the data is accurate. The rest of Intota is kind of vaporware at the moment. - Holly's favorite Anna
Still not consolidated. *sigh* I hope it happens sometime in the next month. I'm trying to do a serials review! - Holly's favorite Anna
Huzzah! It only took 13 days. Can't wait until next time. /sarcasm - Holly's favorite Anna
FF replacement options: what features matter to us?
pseudonyms - lris
ability to have private/direct messages - Stephen Francoeur
searchability - Stephen Francoeur
hide unwanted posts/people - lris
public links for threads - Stephen Francoeur
float new comments - lris
EASY - lris
"float new comments" is absolutely essential. I hate looking for the new content. - Stephen Francoeur
preferred feature: ability to import feeds [either that, or Stephen Francoeur has to pledge to cross post his feeds] - lris
Not likely to go belly up in next 2-3 years. - Stephen Francoeur
holding conversations together. I hate threading within threads, but I want a post to stay with its comments and the comments to stay in order. - lris
^^^Yes! - Galadriel C. from Android
the majority of my Ffeeps are there, and it's easy to deal with - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Even the view conversations in twitter don't hold conversations together. Prob because people may not click reply the same way to get posted in the conversation. - Joe
Right, that's why I don't really do twitter. - lris
publicly accessible is actually important to me -- it's hard to be a newbie in a world of closed networks. I don't want it to be in the same networks with the profs I work with, but I do want it to be really easy to say to new folks "here's a link." - lris
Nthing floating new comments and keeping conversations together. Really, I just want FF. - laura x
Ability to edit posts and comments. - Stephen Francoeur
My two biggest requests are threaded conversations and floating the latest content back to the top of the screen (whether that's a new post or a new comment on an older post). - Stephen Francoeur
Something Pete will use - maʀtha from Android
*stirs from bath chair* Wassat? - Pete's Got To Go
Ability to create new private or public rooms on a whim - maʀtha from Android
Threaded conversations & floating new conversations. Pseudonyms too. One of the thinks I like best about FF is that the interface hasn't changed in so long. It's clean and predictable and stable, unlike Fb which changes around whenever you get used to it. - John Dupuis
Another vote for threaded and floating. I like the near-real-time abilities of FF, but also the persistence so I can catch up on things that happened in another timezone while I was sleeping. - Deborah Fitchett
Agree with floating new stuff and also threading. I like keeping convos together. I don't like the idea of FB at all, but also hate the chaos of G+. I would be willing to kick in some dollars if we try to pay for something hosted. ETA: I just saw the Discourse post. - kaijsa
Good search capabilities. - April Russo (FForever!)
None of that "you can only subscribe to people you know and it has to be mutual" BS. - April Russo (FForever!)
Ability to edit/delete one's posts. - Galadriel C. from Android
Not facebook. - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
No prudish censorship like Facebook has. - April Russo (FForever!)
Stephen Francoeur
FF replacement option: Commons in a Box. What are the pros/cons?
Cons: someone's got to install it and host it. - Stephen Francoeur
Pros: content will be "ours" and can migrated (maybe). - Stephen Francoeur
I would vote for something we have control of, hosted by a reliable Blake of some sort, and encourage donations to keep it going. Replacing thelsw.org with that, perhaps? - Zamms
That's a possibility, since CinaB is WP-based. We wouldn't necessarily even have to lose what's there -- exporting/re-importing could be a doable thing. - RepoRat
Cool. I figure, the site exists already so using the domain that "we" already own would make the most sense. - Zamms
If you wanna be hep to the lingo, they like to call it "CBOX." - Stephen Francoeur
Pros: You can create public groups and private groups. Pseudonyms are fine. I've been using the original version of it, CUNY Academic Commons, for years. - Stephen Francoeur
(This is looking pretty good to me. I can and will commit to installation/maintenance, as well as pitching in on costs.) - RepoRat
foating? threading? - lris
One thing I don't really like is that the main way that you post items is in a forum that may not work the way we're used to feeds here in FF. - Stephen Francoeur
Also, although you can create a Twitter feed, I'm not sure if there's way to plug in other feeds. - Stephen Francoeur
Pros: looks like there's a BuddyPress plugin replicating FF block functionality: http://www.philopress.com/product... - RepoRat
Just commenting to say I'd be happy to chip in for costs, too. - Regular Amanda from Android
I'd be happy to pay for LSW hosting wherever we wind up. - Stephen Francoeur
I would as well. - ellbeecee
Me too. - bentley
Me too - lris from Android
Me too - Sarah
Looks like sentiment is converging on this. Are we ready to give it a try? - RepoRat
I have hosting that would run WP, I'm sure it would run the commons in a box. Who owns the thelsw.org domain? Would we want to run it as a subdomain? cbox.thelsw.org has a nice ring to it... - WebGoddess
We probably would want it as a subdomain or folder; seems to me that's the easiest way to avoid clobbering existing content. lris and laurax control thelsw.org; I think Blake is running the back end? - RepoRat
no opinion on cbox, but happy to defer to others - and happy to chip in $$ - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Also happy to chip in $. And to strongly recommend that Blake be involved in some (paid) capacity. - Catherine Pellegrino
I already have http://thelsw.org/ I can make this happen. - Blake
There would be some logic to charging a token, one-time fee (to post, not view) a la Metafilter. Would help support the hosting and guard against spam. - JffKrlsn from Android
Blake, if I can help, lmk! Happy to be backup sysadmin. - RepoRat
JffKrlsn: I'd be down with that. - Zamms
I will kick in some $$. - kaijsa
a small price to pay for FREEDOM! - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Yes. And thanks to those willing to contribute skillz. - barbara fister
Stephen Francoeur
Post your FF stats here: 333 subscriptions, 402 subscribers,17,435 comments, 4,952 likes
872 subscriptions, 841 subscribers, 61,176 comments, 56,914 likes. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
952 subscriptions, 1,058 subscribers,107,959 comments, 257,661 likes. I don't get out much. - LB needs a hero!
32 subscriptions, 57 subscribers, 13,437 comments, 4,281 likes. - Zamms
218 subscriptions, 132 subscribers, 13,051 comments, 20,460 likes, - bentley
183 subscriptions, 240 subscribers, 6,741 comments, 535 likes - aaron
155 subscriptions, 172 subscribers, 4, 573 comments, 7681 likes (never could get my flickr or twitter accounts to work properly in here) - weelibrarian
525 subscriptions, 413 subscribers, 20,850 comments, 23,658 likes. - Joe
118 subscriptions, 83 subscribers, 27,225 comments, 10,511 likes. Dang I run my mouth too much. - RepoRat
544 subscriptions, 378 subscribers, 44,767 comments, 26,022 likes - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
225 subscriptions 396 subscribers 39,007 comments 2,461 likes [ETA: I am not a big liker, it would seem!] - laura x
198 subscriptions, 158 subscribers, 19550 comments, 7684 likes. - Hedgehog
130 subscriptions, 159 subscribers, 28,916 comments, 13,150 likes - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
582 subscriptions 921 subscribers 60,002 comments 20,931 likes - Mary Carmen
170 subscriptions 272 subscribers 22,800 comments 7,797 likes (doesn't include my first account, which I impulsively deleted after a year or two) - Meg VMeg
108 subscriptions 120 subscribers 35,725 comments 9,711 likes - jambina
150 subscriptions, 204 subscribers, 1493 comments, 2123 likes - Heather Piwowar
392 subscriptions, 379 subscribers, 5,445 comments, 10,008 likes - John Dupuis
150 subscriptions, 621 subscribers, 11,250 comments and 6,190 likes. And...7years...to the day as it happens - Cameron Neylon
235 subscriptions 148 subscribers 4,324 comments 2,964 likes - Jed
182 subscriptions 156 subscribers 38,761 comments 31,911 likes - Pete's Got To Go
125 subscriptions, 272 subscribers, 7,901 comments, 4,947 likes - Christina Pikas from iPhone
257 subscriptions, 194 subscribers, 39,158 comments, 17,727 likes - ellbeecee
157 subscriptions, 183 subscribers, 5349 comments, 1626 likes (even more bah humbug than Laura !) - Kathryn is a free elf
110 subscriptions (guess I'm antisocial), 250 subscribers, 16,850 comments, 1,547 likes. - walt crawford
277 subscriptions, 204 subscribers, 16,167 comments, 8,938 likes - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
34 subscriptions, 51 subscribers, 2,160 comments, 738 likes. (I just use FF for LSW, obv.) - kaijsa
569 subscriptions, 1,148 subscribers, 50,436 comments, 7,830 likes (I did a major cleanup awhile back, to usubscribe from a lot of "dead" people) - April Russo (FForever!)
113 subscriptions, 113 subscribers, 5,884 comments, 2,293 likes - βℜ∀ñÐi
114 subscriptions 159 subscribers 19,908 comments 17,274 likes and Friendfeed NOW FRIENDFEED FOREVER! . - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
260 subscriptions 268 subscribers 26,783 comments 14,508 likes - Mr. The Jason Fleming from Android
Fwd: Dear FriendFeed community, We wanted to let you know that FriendFeed will be shutting down soon. We've been maintaining the service since we joined Facebook five years ago, but the number of people using FriendFeed has been steadily declining and the community is now just a fraction of what it once was. Given this, we've decided that it's...
start winding things down. Beginning today, we will no longer accept new signups. You will be able to view your posts, messages, and photos until April 9th. On April 9th, we'll be shutting down FriendFeed and it will no longer be available. We want to thank you all for being such a terrific and enthusiastic community. We're proud of what we built so many years ago, and we recognize that it would have never been possible without your support. - The FriendFeed team - Benjamin Golub http://friendfeed.com/friendf... - Hedgehog
... well, hell. - RepoRat
*cries* - John Dupuis
Oh no. :( :( :( - lris
NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. - laura x
What's the plan b? - John Dupuis
Well, until we find something nicer, I guess there's always the backup Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups... - lris
but … the Facebook, she is so much more public. *sobs again* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
and much more difficult to follow, IMO - ~Courtney F
I KNOW. I hate this. - lris
This is very sad. :( - Laura
IRC is a synchronous possibility. Slack might work if we have someone already on it. - RepoRat
Plurk might work--at least does threaded convos, though I haven't used it in forever - Hedgehog
I don't like. - kaijsa
Ackackackackackackack - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫ from FFHound!
:( - Sarah
Well farglebargle (or the four-letter equivalent thereof). It had to happen sooner or later, I guess. - walt crawford
Wow! The end of an era. - Steven M. Cohen
This is so sad! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Yeah, now where will the powers that be monitor the ramblings of all the trouble makers? - John Dupuis
For the LSW side of things, what about something like commons in a box? http://commonsinabox.org/ I don't have the skills to put it up, but if someone did, I'd be willing to put something toward hosting. - ellbeecee
WP-based, shouldn't be TOO heinous an install. Where's thelsw.org currently hosted and who has backend access to it? - RepoRat
Blake hosts it. I think Laurax is an admin. - lris
I was also thinking of the forums in thelsw.org. For the twitter people, maybe use a unique hashtag? - Joe
I think twitter is too big for this. We've been there, done that, and our smaller questions got lost in the shuffle and the larger discussions were too fragmented. - lris
a) NOOOoooo. b) I support moving to LSW.org solution though I have no technical idea what's involved. IRC also something I'd support but am not sure what all is involved as i haven't IRC'd in years (though i irk frequently). Going to miss this platform big-time though. Agree with Iris about Twitter not really doing it and I am a Facebook refusenik. - barbara fister
Oh, turns out, I'm an admin at theLSW.org. :) - lris
I had a feeling that was the case. It's so nice when my hunches turn out to be correct. :D - laura x
Re Commons in a Box, I'm friend with the developers here at CUNY. If we want to go that route, let me know. - Stephen Francoeur
I'm willing to take a crack at installing it. I might have to bug a CUNY dev for help, but I'm not a total server n00b either. - RepoRat
FWIW I logged into thelsw.org and wrote a post about pros/cons of setting up shop there. http://thelsw.org/2015... - Stephen Francoeur
Is laurax still the person to ask to be added to thelsw.org? - Sarah
Yes, I am, and feel free to do so--newrambler at gmail. I will add people whenever I can (harder from home due to toddler, so mostly during office hours). - laura x
eep! - Rachel Walden
Well damn. This place kept me relatively sane through my MLIS and the couple three years after that. - Heather
So sad! I'll follow us wherever we go though. Except Facebook - not there. I'll keep a hopeful eye at lsw.org. - Grumpator
Grumpator: you may not find the Little Spokane Watershed to be where you really want to go. (I just checked.) THELsw.org, on the other hand, is in fact Another LSW Space. - walt crawford
You can also ask me about being added to thelsw.org - lris
can't do IRC - it's been blocked at work for at least 15 years - Christina Pikas
does web-based IRC work, Christina, or are they smart enough to hose that too? - RepoRat
I now have this mental image of Christina trying to access IRC every year, on the exact same day, then muttering to herself and making yet another tick mark in the "IRC Nope (Annual)" column. - Meg VMeg
I don't actually know right now. Last I tried it was maybe ~2006 when I was supposed to give a talk to a bunch of Boston folks on blogging :) ... eta: I tried it then and asked and IT said it had been blocked for many years prior and ^lol - Christina Pikas
I'm all for setting up a forum/whatever the hell it is on lsw.org. - Laura Krier
Oh, I mean thelsw.org - Laura Krier
I continue to think it's weird that my library has old-fashioned pencil sharpeners mounted to the walls. And we installed some of them in 2008 in our new edition. Before coming here almost a decade ago, everywhere I worked only had electric sharpeners.
These are the thoughts I have during the boring opening shift at the research help desk. - kaijsa
I far, far prefer manual pencil sharpeners. - laura x
I don't. Staplers, yes. My office appliance tastes are complicated. - kaijsa
I always wonder if the blades in those ever get sharpened, and since I think they all must be as old as I am, I have avoided using them as an adult... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
They just seem to work without much fuss. - kendrak
We have one that eats pencils and another that works okay. I don't know how they get sharpened. - kaijsa
Sunday night reference: Last Sunday of Winter Term edition.
Most. Annoying. Student. Ever. If you need me I'll be punching a wall in the next room. - lris
Luckily, there have been quite a few normal students after that first one. Restoring my will to live. - lris
What's a "normal student"? - DJF from Android
A student that does not make me want to stab him or myself in the eye with a ballpoint pen. - lris
^^Sorry for LOLing, but thank you for the LOL. - kaijsa
Aaron the Librarian
Wierd Question Friday: If you had Morningstar Investment Research Center (Library Edition), Morningstar Direct, and S&P Capital IQ... how much discrete/unique content would you have?
asked another way if you had two of those, would you subscribe to the third? (the 3rd option's sales folks say "yes, we would sub to all 3) - Aaron the Librarian
did they tell you with DATA not just feels? - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
Gut instinct to your second question: no, I wouldn't subscribe to all three. fwiw, we only have the first.. - ellbeecee
Of those, we only have the S&P Capital IQ and our folks are happy. We have a boatload of other finance stuff though. - kaijsa
How many people use morningstar? What unique information do they have in S and P Capital IQ? better analytic tools? insider information? Direct pipeline to Alan Greenspan's shorts? - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
True, kaijsa - we do too, which makes the difference. Bloomberg, WRDS, Mergent, ThomsonOne - Morningstar gets little use compared to those for us. But Mo is asking the right questions, which, except for Alan Greenspan's boxers, are important. - ellbeecee
LBC, you need to reexamine your priorities.... or not - Aaron the Librarian
I do. I should care more about Greenspan's underwear than I do. - ellbeecee
Mr. The Jason Fleming
Do you have a Workload Policy? Something that includes %'s for Librarianship, Service, Research and Scholarship? What percentages do you have? Are these reflected in your job description or are they just a general policy? Do you have time set aside for research that your supervisor encourages?
This sounds like a survey... - Mr. The Jason Fleming
We were just working on this today, internally, for new hires. No answers yet... - Jenica
Officially we are 80/10/10, with any administration percentages deducted from the 80. We manage our own time, so practice on setting aside research time varies. I have been known to block off days or half days to work on research away from the office *when possible*, but many weeks that is not possible. In my department, the chair (now a rotating position like in academic depts.) is supportive of our individual choice. - kaijsa
80% librarianship, 10% academic activity (aka "research"), 10% service. But no fixed workweek, so the days just stretch into eternity. - DJF
^^^^yes - kaijsa
Nope. - Meg VMeg
No - maʀtha
I don't think we have anything formal in terms of percentages. Junior faculty are encouraged to block a half day each week to work on research-- realistically that doesn't happen for most of us because of our heavy committee responsibilities and teaching/liaison duties. - Hedgehog
Our AVP for the Library is working on this quantification, since we're technically the equivalent of so many WTUs (weighted teaching units), and she wants to get hard and fast numbers so that when we get release time, we know how much. Currently, actual practice varies - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
For promotion and tenure it's supposed to be 1/3rd job description, 1/3rd research / creative, and 1/3rd service. In reality, the job eats all the clock time and research/creative & service are on your own time. However, library faculty contractually cannot be scheduled for more than 35 hours/week, so that's something? - Aaron the Librarian from Android
We are 70/15/15 with no time set aside for research. The percentages *are* the job description. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
We have no official policy about how much time we spend doing this stuff. As far as I remember, research isn't specifically spelled out in job descriptions, but I could be remembering this wrong. But as others have said, actual work stuff pretty much eats up the clock time/standard work day. During the summer we have a little more free time for research. - Laura Krier
Right on, re: percentages are the job description! If it's in the percentages, it's NOT extra! We need to stop treating it that way. - kaijsa
I wish it worked that way! Instead, we explicitly treat the percentages as weight not time (the rest of campus uses them as time). Lots of stories here about how we ought to use vacation time to write... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
No. We leave it up to the individual but collectively try to have each others' back. Now that everyone ha tenure it will be interesting to see how intentional we are about reserving time for scholarship.Work will eat everything it can if you allow it to. - barbara fister
360 Linker seems to be held together with rubber bands and chewing gum. We're getting weird no results errors intermittently that our ERLs can't replicate and there's nothing that can actually be reported well. Link resolver fails make us look bad and I'm tired of it. This isn't a question, just a rant.
Link resolvers promise the world. And then black our eyes on a daily basis instead. - lris
*adjusts your microphone so the world can hear this better* - Marie
Speaking from ancient history: A link resolver can be no better than its targets--and some link resolvers have made poor assumptions about completeness of target metadata. - walt crawford
when i present it, i say it works 80-90% of the time. At MFPOW, i said to call it "Find @ Univ?" (question mark) because it was so unreliable. *sigh* - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Thanks for tolerating the rant. I'm just at the end of my rope with problems that seem to get worse over time, not better. This is NOT a dig on our ERLs, who are doing a great job, but the products we have. - kaijsa
You could also call the link : I'm Feeling Lucky - Dominique Papin
Relatedly? So sick of find it/get it links that require additional clicking and choices before actually finding/getting it. - Rachel Walden
Kaijsa -- have you guys implemented the sidebar option? It doesn't improve the linking for reasons noted above, but it does a better job of offering options when the linking borks. - Holly's favorite Anna
Anna, we haven't. The errors we're getting are no results when we actually have holdings, both in links from the catalog and from the Journals A-Z. So lame. - kaijsa
This humanities librarian is about to teach a session on how to find and use international datasets, world development indicators, and other statistical resources to a senior/grad global studies class. I sort of know what I'm doing.
You know more than they do! (probably) - Meg VMeg
I did. It went well, I'm happy to say. Our new social sciences liaison starts in a few months and I can't wait! - kaijsa
Dang, I would have wanted to be there for that session. - Aaron the Librarian from Android
LITA is offering a statistics course in April/May. http://www.ala.org/lita... This has been far too long in the making, I'm super excited about it.
Also, Courtney Fuson gave me the idea that stats education was needed, so Courtney, long last thank yous! - Hedgehog
cool. shared with our librarians. - Marie
Sharing with our librarians, too. - kaijsa
Tangentially related, I just learned about a *self-paced* free MOOC in Applied Data Science that's being offered by Syracuse http://ischool.syr.edu/future... - Meg VMeg
Ooh. That Syracuse course looks very interesting. - kaijsa
Shared. This looks great! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
oh, hey, you're welcome! :) - ~Courtney F
Already two of our library faculty have emailed and thanked me for sending it to the list. So thanks from me, too! - kaijsa
Huge interest at MPOW... now to go beg for $ - Aaron the Librarian
I hope it does well. After doing some preliminary investigation on doing something in this area a couple years back, I gave up on it as a hopeless idea--but what LITA's doing may work better. - walt crawford
As far as I can tell, LibCal allows the creation of recurring events (like a film series) but there is no way to link to the series/entire recurrence? Am I just missing the way to do so?
did you call the support? - ♫Maurice the Dolphin♫
I tweeted springshare, but was also hoping the hive mind might have already found an answer to this. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
You can make a calendar feed by event type, so if you made a category for film series, then the feed would pull all of those events together. I can't find a way to make a regular link. Perhaps in 2.0? We're migrating later this month. - kaijsa
did you email support@springshare.com? Twitter is only variably useful for support calls at any vendor in my experience - Aaron the Librarian
ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Call for chapters specific to directorship - if you have an awesome director, please do send them my way, or offer to co-write with them :) http://eveofinstruction.com/2015...
Do you EVER slow down? :) - Hedgehog
Maybe a stupid question, but are academic library deans okay, or just directors? Mine is an amazing leader, and I'd like to send the cfc to her. - kaijsa
Academic library deans are also welcome to submit! - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
@Abs - I do! I swear :) I was actually supposed to send out the call in January, but got too swamped. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I'm with Abs on this. No new projects for a while! :) - maʀtha
Public Library directors? - Andy
barbara fister
Need reference assistance, plz. Do anybody have gale's Encyclopedia of Business, 2nd ed?
I'm working on a thing and sombody is citing a site that looks like a complete ripoff of the Gale pub. But I'm unsure. - barbara fister
Yes, we have it in print. Want me to grab it? - kaijsa
The entry is SIC 5942 BOOK STORES. - barbara fister
You would be my hero if you did thanks! - barbara fister
Running down to ref to get it. Will report back. - kaijsa
I FEEL SO POWERFUL. Run,my librarian friend, run! - barbara fister
Of course I could be wrong and guilty of Wasting LibrarianTime. - barbara fister
"Her cardigan flapping in the wind, the librarian dashed through the stacks, seeking until she finds. To the left of this student, to the right of that one, until, through her glasses she spies it. HF1001 .E466. "it's here", the librarians sighed, as she blew the dust off the top of the book" - ellbeecee
You are not wasting our time. It's our job to help people. - DJF from Android
(also, we only have the 1st edition. :) ) - ellbeecee
I won't have to pay a fine? Whew. - barbara fister
This website reads so like Gale reference language. And yet is an advertiing biz. - barbara fister
Also, may I whine about MLA's newest rules for citaions? Because this person used them faithfully and nothing is findable easily because MLA decided URLs are optional. Just Google it. - barbara fister
ellbeecee's adventure story is fusing with the DOJ Ferguson report in my head and making me think of a dystopian library system that fines people passing through because the money's so good and the power, the power.... (very freaked out by that gov doc.) - barbara fister
Whine publicly on Twitter and @ Kathleen Fitzpatrick at @kfitz. - RepoRat
Haha, no cardigan here, just a slightly goth minidress and boots. I have Gale Encyclopedia of Business 2nd Edition in hand, and it isn't set up under SICs. - kaijsa
Thinking now I may create a whole class on the topic of "government documents that will make you cry." - barbara fister
And yes, that link makes me think very much of Gale. - ellbeecee
But yes, that's the call number! - kaijsa
Okay - thanks so much. I am not sure what this site is but evidently not quite the ripoff I suspected. Inspector General dusts off hands, apologizes to those who had to do my invesitagion for me. (Seriously, many many thanks - and so cool to have friends available on the fly.) - barbara fister
Repo - will shake my Tweet fist at kfitz (not that it's *her* fault...) - barbara fister
AHA! I think i may have found what you're looking for. - kaijsa
It's probably in Gale's Encyclopedia of American Industries. Which we have online, tra la, tra la. - kaijsa
We have 4th, 5th, and 6th editions, not 2nd. But I'd be happy to email you the entry. - kaijsa
Thanks muchly - fister at gac dot edu will work. - barbara fister
Done! - kaijsa
wow. I think Barbara's right. It looks like it was lifted with just a few paragraphs moved around. - ellbeecee
I heard that voice and I thought "Gale. Gale, is that you?" (Actually thought it was lifted from some public domain document, but it wasn't. So.) - barbara fister
She's totally right, just thought of a different Gale title at first. It's word-for-word the same. - kaijsa
A thousand thanks. It would have been embarassing for a report by a writers' organization to cite a copyright-ripoff website. - barbara fister
GROUP HUG LSW! I LOVE YOU ALL!! extra hug for Kajsa. - barbara fister
I will take the barbara hug gladly! - kaijsa
Rachel Walden
Looking to revise our reference stats collection and struggling with too much vs. not enough info. Anybody have examples of what you're collecting (type of patron, type of question categories, other data) that you find really useful and would be willing to share?
For desk stats: type of question (reference, circulation, technology assistance) and then a 4 point scale. For consultations: location, patron type, question type (that same 4 point scale), time spent, format (phone, email, etc), department. On chat (we use libchat): chat question or knowledgebase, that 4-point scale, question status (answered, follow up, practice/test, lost call) . The... more... - ellbeecee
I have mpa students trying to sort this out now... Ask me in early May? - Hedgehog
We gather the following: Who took the question (student or staff); method of contact (chat, email, in person, phone, text); whether it took longer than 20 minutes (y/n); and the service/question type (research, technology, printing/copying, directions/referrals, library services, scheduled appointments, and other). We also have a comments box (required to fill in for the "other" question type). - Kirsten
For Desk Stats if we all adopt the READ Scale we could arguably do cross-institutional comparions... with trend lines once we have enough data... http://readscale.org/ - Aaron the Librarian
Thank you! - Rachel Walden
Aaron, we just left the READ scale last fall - we decided it didn't work for us, because it wasn't something we could apply across all service points to all types of questions, which is why we went to the 4-point scale. - ellbeecee
I love the READ scale, but inter-rater reliability seems problematic without periodic training. We use LibAnalytics and record the actual question, contact type, duration, patron status, service location, and READ scale. It records who's logged in (usually generic desk accounts), but we can use a dropdown to change that, which liaisons do when things turn into consults at the desk. - kaijsa
Nice article - "Bridges and Barriers: Factors Influencing a Culture of Assessment in Academic Libraries" By Meredith Gorran Farkas, Lisa Janicke Hinchliffe and Amy Harris Houk http://crl.acrl.org/content...
Thanks for posting this Joe; the timing for an assessment project I'm planning couldn't be better! - Galadriel C.
I've been waiting for this since their presentation at the assessment conference. - kaijsa
Thanks! Kaijsa, this is the 4 year institution survey we presented at ACRL 2013. Not the 2 year survey we presented at LAC. - Lisa Hinchliffe
I just realized that! I went to both presentations, and I'm mostly interested in this one because it pertains to me. I'm glad to be reading it! - kaijsa
I work at an academic institution where I'm staff. I'd like to relocate but the positions I've come across are largely tenure track. I haven't published or done research. Does this put me at a huge disadvantage? If I did get a job, would I be putting in lots of time beyond 35-40 hrs a week? (I have health issues at times). TIA
I can only answer for MPOW, which is rather more relaxed about these things than many research-intensive universities/libraries. We wouldn't hold it against you if you haven't published or done research prior to getting on the tenure track. We would ask you, as part of the interview process, what your plans for research/publication would be if you were hired. Forty hours a week would be... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
We're non-tenured at MPOW (private academic), and my previous POW (public academic, much larger) was, too. Not having published or done research wouldn't matter; you'd just be appointed as an instructor or maybe assistant prof depending on your experience. We can research within our 40ish hours/week, too, but we know there may be times when we need to do things outside of that. - LB needs a hero!
I don't think it matters as far as getting hired. You might firm up a statement about your research interests, in case you're asked during an interview (or mention them in the cover letter, if you already have something in mind, and doing research and publishing is something that appeals to you about the position). It varies a lot by institution, and probably a bit by role, how much research (and what kind) would be expected, and how you would be expected to handle that workload. You'd have to ask them. - Meg VMeg
Thanks for the feedback; it is much appreciated. - YvonneM
I concur on it not mattering as much for hiring, though some evidence of interest, plans, thoughts will be looked for during the application process. I had zero research experience coming in. I'd put 40 at a very low week for me and my research work is done almost entirely outside of work. I have meetings with my research partners during the day but the work itself, I can rarely carve... more... - Hedgehog
^^^ This. Expectations vary enormously. Not having published shouldn't be a problem but I would avoid saying "I don't like doing research" (which I've heard) or "research in librarianship field is so terrible, I'm only interested in (history, lit, whatever - in some places that might count, but dissing your own field is bad form). Having an idea or two of what area seem resarch-worthy is a winner. - barbara fister
This is all good to know. Thank you. I was surprised to see that some community colleges consider librarians as tenure-track faculty, when not all universities do so. - YvonneM
It varies widely, and the meaning of "tenure track faculty" can vary as well. My theory is that it's all a complicated plot to give us something to bitch about at conferences. - Catherine Pellegrino
Expect to work much more than 40 hours a week - maʀtha
Where I am it would depend on the pool of applicants. If you don't have a record of scholarship, it would be really important to have stated research interests. Also, having some professional presentations under your belt would look good. As for working more than 40 hours a week, I would say I cherish the odd weeks I can work that or less.. Especially for a subject liaison like me who... more... - kaijsa
Librarians at my college are non-tenure track faculty. We are not always expected to do research, but research/presentations can be named as one of our formal annual goals, in which case we are expected to work on those within our normal hours (we're oddly heavily discouraged from going outside our hours, but my director has a time-banking system set up b/c obviously that's not realistic). - Lily
For the hours thing, you might want to look specifically at campuses that have faculty unions and where the librarians are included in the bargaining unit. The contract(s) for librarians may (MAY) specify hours per week, and the campus culture may (MAY) be less inclined to overwork than at non-union campuses. - Catherine Pellegrino
Re above: we have a faculty union. The contract for librarians is the same as the contract for all faculty. Hours are not specified for anyone and everyone works a million hours. Instead of having research days on Fridays, we have five billion meetings on Fridays. Working off campus for research is allowed, but frowned upon. YMMV, though. - maʀtha
I can't believe we have to ask "is it > 40 hours"? That's one of my big concerns - I like to work, and I like to read, sleep, play with kittehs, etc. too. This is just a general rant about work life. Grateful I can "get away with" "only" working 40 hours most weeks. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
btw, in Connecticut, there are unions, and the state work week is *35 hours*. (that was a union concession back in the 70s when raises weren't possible) I miss my 35 hour work-week. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Definitely frustrating. I remember being condescendingly told that "well, you know, 40 hours is really just the minimum" when asking how on earth we were supposed to expect to do ALL THE THINGS - Hedgehog
This is good to know. Not sure I have the physical stamina for the kind of work weeks that seem to be the norm, which means I'll have to re-tool my search. - YvonneM
Yeah, I've been limiting myself as much as possible because I also like to have a non-work life. I feel like we need a discussion about work-life balance. - kaijsa
Teaching credit-bearing classes can eat tons of time and energy, in my experience. - maʀtha
^^yes. This is my experience, too (but I love it). - kaijsa
As opposed to the other kinds of ebooks
Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 10.58.17.png
I wanted an analog ebook, dammit. - laura x from iPhone
I responded on Twitter: to wit, if you believe CDs aren't really digital music (as some seem to), then you could claim that PDF eBooks aren't really digital eBooks. - walt crawford
I would like an ethereal ebook. - Marianne
I would just like an ebook I can own outright and not just license. - kaijsa
kajisa, that's why I personally never pay for ebooks that have DRM on them. So, I still read a lot of print. - DJF from Android
There are such ebooks. In fact, Lulu stopped supporting DRM for ebooks some time ago, not even as an extra-cost option. (I think Tor dropped DRM some time ago as well.) - walt crawford
Walt, i'm well aware of the options. I buy Tor ebooks on occasion, when I don't already have the beginning of the series in print, and from a few other small presses. Unfortunately, some of my favourite authors (including certain friends), publish with less forward-thinking houses. - DJF
Actually, I was commenting to kajisa as much as you--I was pretty sure you knew about exceptions. Which, unfortunately, is what they still are: Exceptions, and for Lulu it was a fairly bold move. (Well, for Tor too; now if they could get their parent to listen...) - walt crawford
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