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C&RL 75th Anniversary Special Issue | Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) -
Academic-library LSWers, please vote. (Personal bias disclosure: there's a lot of futurist-defeatist junk on the list that I'd like to see voted down. I would also LOVE to see Malenfant's UMN scholcomm article make it.) - RepoRat from Bookmarklet
holy cow, they totally missed: Taylor, R. S. (1968). Question-negotiation and information seeking in libraries. College & Research Libraries, 29(3), 178-194. - Christina Pikas
write it in guys! - Christina Pikas
ok, I know the point was supposed to be for me to go and look at these seriously and vote, but unfortunately with the state I'm in today, all I got is randomly reading snippets of, sharing them out loud to my coworker, and alternating between giggle fits and consternation of at least 3 different flavors. - Marianne
such a weird mixture of "the past is a different country" and WHY IS THIS STILL THIS WAY with a side of wow, dude. - Marianne
good gawd that one is seriously horrific, isn't it. - RepoRat
Voted for Malenfant and some others that seemed like they had an impact. Not that I agreed with the impact, but they had some impact. - Joe - Systems Analyst
At least one of my coworkers up there for his 1980s paper. - Hedgehog
I voted a while back and did choose Malenfant's article because it has been useful to me. I wrote in Michelle Holschuh Simmons' excellent 2005 article, Librarians as Disciplinary Discourse Mediators: Using Genre Theory to Move Toward Critical Information Literacy. I know it won an ACRL research award, but I think it deserves more mad props. - kaijsa
This is rather embarassing. - barbara fister
How so? - maʀtha
I can't find six articles I would vote for. - barbara fister
ah - maʀtha
You're allowed to vote for fewer and write one in. I don't disagree with you, though. - RepoRat
I voted for 2 and wrote one in - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I voted for two plus a write-in also. - kaijsa
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Those of you who talk about "inbox zero," do you mean getting rid of unread messages? Or do you literally get your inbox empty?
My goal is to file or delete all the messages. Right now, I would be delighted with Inbox 100. - maʀtha
A lot of us are referring to Merlin Mann's Inbox Zero series: . For my part, I try for less than a screenful of un-dealt-with inbox. I'm not there at the moment, I admit. - RepoRat
Yeah, filed or deleted so there's nothing in the inbox. I get there every once in a while. I get twitchy if I have more than a screenful of un-dealt-with stuff in my inbox. - lris
what iris said. - holly #ravingfangirl
Yep, nothing at all in the inbox once a day is my goal. - Steele Lawman
I make up for all of you with my email hoarding ways. ;) - ellbeecee
Inbox 914. - DJF
you're not even close to me there, buddy. Inbox 6,000 and counting. (I can hear the gasps across the country from my admitting that. Breathe, everyone. :) ) - ellbeecee
I follow the Getting Things Done method of do, delegate, and defer, so I aim to file or tag for follow up all messages every day. I get there at least every three days. At this time of year, I give myself a pass to have a few more. - GretelSK
I'm not an evangelist for inbox zero--when it comes down to it, 6,000 messages in "inbox" isn't that different from 6,000 messages in "saved mail." So it all depends on what makes you feel less anxious and what allows you the freedom to do the stuff you want to be doing, rather than fretting over email. - Steele Lawman
My goal is to have no scroll bar, with everything still in the inbox a legitimate "to do." Everything else gets filed or deleted. - Kirsten
I'm with Kirsten - right now, I'm all unread with about 50 unfiled message. (some I leave in inbox because they make me smile, like this from lolhusband >^•.•^< ) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Right, for me, less in the inbox lowers my anxiety. If I remove stuff from the inbox before I deal with it, I forget about it entirely. - maʀtha
Something that's helped me get my work inbox down is a 'for meetings this week' folder. I can stick stuff in temporary holding there and I try to clean it out every other week, by then the meetings have passed - Hedgehog from Android
Same as Kirsten - everything in my inbox is something to deal with, and I never leave more than 10 in there. - Lily
Thank you ellbeecee! DJF! I am ashamed to admit this, but I actually started printing out emails relating to stuff that needed to be fixed on the new website. It really helped me to be able to touch and scribble "done" or "followed up on...." I've also learned that I'm very good at GETTING organized, but dreadful at staying that way, so I have made friends with "search Inbox" and tried not to feel less loser-like. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
My inbox is like 2700. I love search. - laura x from iPhone
Filed, deleted, and followed-up-on. My inbox is my workspace, though I do call "inbox zero" only when the items flagged for today or overdue are completed, and when there are no new messages to process. - Holly's favorite Anna
I have a "pending" folder, which I guess is kind of cheating? But it helps lower my anxiety as well. - YvonneM
I like to have less than a screen of stuff pending, and archive or delete the rest each day. Time out of the office is tough, though. - Elizabeth Brown
I lol at the idea of inbox zero, though I live to delete. - kaijsa
after this thread I did go delete some. when I left for the desk at 4, I was down to around inbox 4000. - ellbeecee
*fistbumps Ellbeecee and Laura X* It must be a Laura thing. ;) - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
I too am a "search" person. I periodically clear out list messages which helps knock things down. I think of the email addresses I use most often, the one with the least messages has around 750 (unread), the next couple have around 2800 (unread). Then there's alter ego's email which has around 18,000 (unread). Basically, I skim the subject lines and often don't bother to do anything beyond that. - Katie
It *is* a Laura thing! Personal inbox 6,431. Work - who knows but there's 2176 unread ... - Laura Norvig from iPhone
barbara fister
Do anybody no a librarian living in Las Vegas? I have an unusual need for a volunteer sherpa.
I know this guy a little bit... Cory Tucker at UNLV. What kind of Sherping do you need? - Joe - Systems Analyst
Rudy is at UNLV, too. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
I thought she was at UNR up the road? Both can gamble though. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Tom Ipri used to be there. I wonder if he can offer suggestions. - Stephen Francoeur
Rudy's at UNR :). but, what kind of sherpa-ing do you need? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan from YouFeed
Are you traveling there to shift the stacks or something? ;) - maʀtha
(aren't the sherpas going on strike?) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I mean, who would you need a library sherpa for on the road? You are a librarian of mystery - maʀtha
Should it be spelled sherping or sherpaing? - Joe - Systems Analyst
I'm acquainted with a couple of people at UNLV who are different people from the one that Joe knows. - ellbeecee
I know a few UNLV people. One of my former colleagues here took a job there 6 weeks ago. - kaijsa
A public librarian who is cooridinating the Sisters in Crime booth at ALA needs someone local (or nearby) whose mailing address could be used to collected donations of books, then to deliver them to the ALA exhibit hall. Probably about four boxes of mysteries, something like that. (There are drawings. People seem happy to get free books without knowing anything about them other than that they are free.) We may have some volunteers further afield but thought I'd check on locals. - barbara fister
Regular Amanda
And so it is near the end of the semester, when the cries of students echo throughout the library "please, I've already finished my paper and just need a few sources", and the librarians despair.
sob - lris
*wince*....yup, I get those for case reports from my dentistry students. - Hedgehog
Now that I've been teaching semester-long classes for a few years, I am convinced that finding sources for a complete-ish paper is actually a BETTER strategy than getting so overwhelmed by sources that the writing becomes a patchwork of badly-integrated quotes (barely) held together by very little student-generated thought. - kaijsa
I see that point, because at least it means that most of this paper is the student's reaction to the text rather than the regurgitation of other opinions. But it also means that the student is now going to find a few articles in JSTOR, ctrl+F for applicable phrases, and patchwork that nonsense in anyway. I hate setting these poor articles up for abuse like that. - Regular Amanda
Ugh. I think this is symptomatic of how students are told to write a paper but never taught how to write a paper or told why they should write papers, beyond hoop-jumping and grade-making. Kaijisa, I see what you're saying, but I worry about the effects of the "write up thoughts, then find support" approach because the students are not necessarily properly relying on evidence to guide... more... - Rachel Walden
Just to be clear, I am not defending any of these practices. Writing AND research are iterative and interconnected processes. Using sources well is really, really hard and requires a lot more instruction and opportunity for practice than is typically given. As Rachel says, requiring something is not teaching it. I'm kicking myself over this and many other things this semester. - kaijsa
^^Yup. - Rachel Walden
Emailing with a faculty member about why he can't just log on to St. Olaf e-resources. Blerg.
His response is on the one hand commiserating and supportive, and on the other hand frustrating because he suggests that maybe someone should raise this as an issue to be solved. I'm sad that libraries get cast as gatekeepers when we often have so little power. - lris
Yes - maʀtha
Raise this as an issue? We should have thought of that! </snark> - barbara fister
replace "St. Olaf" with "Notre Dame" and welcome to my life. :/ - Catherine Pellegrino
replace "St. Olaf" with Columbia, NYU, and the 21 other schools in CUNY and welcome to my life. :-( - Stephen Francoeur
Is it in poor taste to cast the blame back on faculty? So often I want to say: this is the system you all collectively built and actively maintain! - Freeda B.
we might want to clean up our own house before we do that. - RepoRat
I think faculty are not in a position of power here, either. Sure, the rank and tenure processes make changing scholarly communication avenues a chore, but faculty didn't make the decisions about lending ebooks. - lris
Hell, the faculty here actively work against us even buying ebooks (and I'm on their side) - DJF
We have a browser button that some people like to use. (Developed by a chemistry student.) I think that has helped some people figure out an easy way to log into content that we subscribe to without having to go through the library linkages. See the thing about the DU Lib Proxy. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Yeah, here it's less about OA and more about "we're two distinct institutions that share a founding congregation and an online catalog, but that's about all we share, despite your fervent desire that the situation be otherwise." The provosts of the two institutions got together recently and hatched a Brilliant Plan for the bigger university to just "add" our smaller college to their... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
Yeah, it's REALLY hard to share stuff if you're not a single funding agency. We would have to incorporate if we wanted to be able to sign agreements together. - lris
My public library version of this is, "Yes, I know you have a Coralville Public Library card, but do you live in Coralville, University Heights, or rural Johnson county? Because if you live in Iowa City or Hills, you will have to use your Iowa City card to get ebooks, and if you live somewhere else, well, then, they might belong to one of these two other groups...." - laura x
LOLsob - lris
The combining FTEs thing sometimes works on vendors/publishers. My uni has successfully negotiated statewide access to databases, ebook packages from Proquest, Gale, Lexis-Nexis and probably others I'm forgetting. So we pay and all community colleges, schools, and publics in Wyoming get remote access. Our small population is a big reason why we get away with it, but if a big school says they will pay for a sub if they can add on a small school, it can work. You can do this with an MOU. - kaijsa
Dang it! Now I want a Sugar Daddy school! ;) - lris
Yep, I was going to say that too. We subscribe to med/science titles "consortially-ish" with a few smaller, affiliated institutions because we're so big that everyone else is a drop in the bucket (I have no idea what the extra-library university/administrative financial entanglements might involve). - Meg VMeg
Coming back to say that the ebook issue is still a big deal and a huge pain in the rear, etc. etc. Not trying to minimize that at all. Steve, Marianne, and Joe and I are all in the same consortium and I'm sure have all had to explain to a patron from another school why they can't access one of our ebooks that tantalizingly sits there in the shared catalog. To make it more confusing, we... more... - kaijsa
^^^ yep - Steele Lawman
Crazy mashup of shared catalogs and proprietary collections. Hello, new world. Ugh. - barbara fister
Possible silver lining: it's going to be hard to get these problems fixed until faculty are aware of them, and obviously they're becoming aware. The trick there, of course, is how to get their outrage pointed in the right direction. - RepoRat
One thing that's really not working in our favor is that Carleton and St Olaf have been branding our libraries as "two collections working as one." All of a sudden people are saying, "hey why can't I use St Olaf stuff? I thought our collections work as one." - lris
"One System One Library [only not]" fistbump. - RepoRat
ayup - lris
Raise your hand if you have helped a student find resources about bronies today
What's a "student"? - DJF from Android
no. but I helped one find articles about activism in European countries against forced sterili*ation of transgendered persons. (which is outside my usual topic schema). - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
In this case, the student appeared to be a rather bemused middle-aged white woman in an intro level gender studies class - maʀtha
Not today, but yeah. - kaijsa
laura x
We're gonna party like it's 2005 and have blogs on our new website. Please help me think of a better name than Adult Blog.
Ooooh. ADULT blog. - SAM
You're going to have several? I would probably get clever and not say adult or teens or children explicitly. Is there something unique to your physical library/ies you could capitalize on? What is the focus of the blog? Reviews/events/services, or something narrower? I like SPL's names--Shelf Talk is their adult blog and Push to Talk is for teens. NYPL has some good names for their... more... - kaijsa
Sorry. Other people will probably be more helpful and think of actual names. - kaijsa
Yes, we're going to have an adult one, a teen one, and a children's one (as I said, it's like 2005!). I am only responsible for the adult one, which I very much do not want to call Adult Blog, for obvious reasons. - laura x
I would read something called Adult Blog if you were the author, laura. - Marie
Twenty-One Up; Read For Your Life - Pete
Could you be more specific about the focus? It will help with the clever. - Holly's favorite Anna
[No-one ever let me use the slogan "Lonely librarians waiting for your call" for our virtual reference service. :-( ] - Deborah Fitchett
Lonelylibrarianswaitingforyourcall would make a great tumblr. - Joe - Systems Analyst
The adulterated blog. You could have a click through agreement that asks if the reader is over 21 like a liquor website. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Is Coralville famous for anything? - maʀtha
Unadulterated - maʀtha
For mature audiences only. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Library L<3ve - maʀtha
Dial L for Library. - Joe - Systems Analyst
I Just Sit Around and Read Books All Day - maʀtha
Okay, I see you have fossilized coral, a dam, and a mall. Hrm. - maʀtha
It has no focus (can you tell how well we've planned? also have I mentioned we're also going live with a new ILS at the very same time as this new website?). So far I've written posts about the new catalog and cool things you can do with it, a nostalgic post about computer programming, and books with plot twists. - laura x
I'll bet that is how Coralville got its name. - Joe - Systems Analyst
We are mostly famous locally for being an endless strip mall. In fact, someone once wrote a book called The Strip just about our strip as an iconic American strip. Perhaps I should just call it The Strip. - laura x
Trying to figure out how to involve the word tease as part of that name. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Coralville Corral - maʀtha
I like that. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Literary Strip Mall. - kaijsa
There Used to Be Ocean Here - maʀtha
Am I helping yet? - maʀtha
The Strip: An Adult Blog - Holly's favorite Anna from Android
^^^LOL - lris
laurax, we use "adult blog" too, cuz yeah. It's in the "Adults" area of our website, cuz yeah. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Mature Blog Would Read Again A++++++++++ - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
This might improve your Google Analytics stats - maʀtha
Took my class to the rare books library today to geek out over 15th C. illuminated manuscripts, a cuneiform tablet c. 2300 BCE, and gorgeous 19th C. chromolithographs. The students were fascinated by these things in a way I've *never* seen with databases and it made me so jealous of our rare books curator. Who would you trade jobs with for a day?
Or with whom would you trade jobs? I'm tired. - kaijsa
I'd like to trade jobs with someone in administration/management to see if I liked it at all. - Steele Lawman
Page at an academic library. Or really any library. - laura x from iPhone
Both good ones. I kind of want to trade with a public reference librarian, but I'm also kind of afraid to. - kaijsa
i'd trade jobs with any of you.i might not want to give it back at the end of the day, tho. - henry
I did jr. year semester study at Newberry Library. Loved being amongst all the old books. Also paged in Special Collections at UMich. I'd work at Newberry again for a few days, just to enjoy,but wouldn't want to stay. - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Meg VMeg
"Residents will not receive health benefits while in the residency, however the cost of healthcare has been factored into the salary rate listed above."
$33K over 9 months, no health insurance, and finding an apt to rent in NY? - Hedgehog
Applicants must be backed by a high-earning spouse or wealthy parents, apparently. This kind of crap steams me. - kaijsa
Yeah, I feel like a jerk because I know the orgs involved are great, but that sentence particularly depressed me. - Meg VMeg
oy - lris
clearly "cost of healthcare" for completely healthy 20yo is what they mean? - Louise "Weezy" Alcorn
Question from our Music dpt: Anyone know of a free or cheap system for checking out music equipment? It's for their instrument checkout, is my understanding.
I've seen a community media organization use Drupal modules for this, but that is expensive in terms of time to develop and customize. I can't remember the organization name, but will think about it. It's in Denver. - kaijsa
Would something like Delicious Library work? - Soup in a TARDIS
I honestly don't know, Soup; I'm just going to pass along any suggestions to the librarian who was asking me for ideas. - Kirsten
How about a clipboard with a sign out sheet. Columns for name, date out, date returned, instrument id. - DJF from Android
I think part of why they're looking is that they've been using a paper-based system and it hasn't been working. The clipboard gets lost, or something. - Kirsten
Barcode and use your ILS? We do that for all of our equipment. - Holly's favorite Anna
we house the equipment here and it's barcoded and checked out. but barring that, my best suggestion would be librarything. they could manually create items, with title, barcode, whatever other notes/tags they need, and then notate who has the item and when it's due back. if they prefer better records, then i would look at something like a google form, where the can have a drop down list... more... - Sir Shuping is just sir
I also vote for ILS, if you can swing it. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
We barcode and circ pretty much anything, fwiw. - kaijsa
Thanks, all. I'll pass this along. The library really doesn't have space to house the instruments when they aren't in use (tubas, cellos, and the like take up a lot of space), so I don't see us taking this over from the music department--they just wanted some ideas for changing their in-department methods. - Kirsten
Another vote for barcode and put onto reserve. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Fwiw, our music folks put their stuff in out ILS, but we don't have their stuff in our space. They operate like a branch library. - lris
It sounds like the ILS might be a good and much easier option, but fwiw I did remember the org I visited: Denver Open Media. They gave a tour during ALA-MW several years ago and showed us how their equipment reservaton/checkout modules were built. We decided not to use their stuff, but it's cool. - kaijsa
Christina Pikas
I find we use "resources" too much on our website... what other words? databases - too narrow. stuff - too informal. services - too narrow, not exactly right. suggests thingamabob, but somehow doesn't see right. suggestions?
our department has had multiple meetings about this and we decided that "stuff" was just about the right term to use. - Marie
maybe verbs instead of nouns would help? what should they be doing with the stuff at particular places on your site? - RepoRat
Time to reclaim "silos"? - Meg VMeg
Snoopdoggify it and call it shit. The Web of Science? That shit is da bomb. - Joe - Systems Analyst
I think you mean shizz. - kaijsa
I for one would like to revive the word index for citation indexes that don't necessarily include full text. - maʀtha
Is that like shizznit? - Joe - Systems Analyst
I have been advocating "stuff" for over a decade... it really is all stuff in there - awd
I explain to students in instruction sessions that "databases" means "searchable collections of online stuff" in library-ese. - Rebecca Hedreen
Content? And where that doesn't work try enlightenment. - Todd Hoff
Inventory - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Rachel Walden
Anybody have recommendations for students on sources of financial aid/grants/scholarships?
More specifically, student was told to get a book on sources of grants/scholarships, but I am not sure what to recommend. - Rachel Walden
Wow. We used to keep books like that in our reference section, until they invented this thing called "the internet." We've weeded them all, but maybe your reference section has one? Or the public library? Can the student narrow it down any: grants/scholarships for college? grad school? students with particular characteristics? studying particular fields? - Catherine Pellegrino
pub lib has these big floppy books that list grants/scholarships... tons of them. they're with the gre/gmat/act/whatever study books - Christina Pikas,, and are all free databases that are pretty good. - kaijsa
What is this "internet" you speak of? ;) Thanks for the online suggestions, will pass along. - Rachel Walden
kristin buxton
EndNote help please? I just got a question from a student about what the difference is between the reference types "Conference Paper" and "Conference Proceedings".
I found a blog post at that says that "Conference Paper" should be used for a something that's been published and "Conference Proceedings" for something that hasn't been. That feels backwards to me, but I haven't been able to find a more official source that describes the difference. Anyone know if this is right, or can point me somewhere more helpful? - kristin buxton
that sounds completely backwards! A conference proceeding is a published thing. A conference paper is the item as presented-- whether that was read or slides. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Interestingly IEEE Xplore exports its items as "Conference Proceedings" and ACM Digital Library as "Conference Paper" - kristin buxton
Thankfully EndNote's tech support agreed with what made sense to RudĩϐЯaЯïan (and me): conference Paper for unpublished thing, Conference Proceedings for published - kristin buxton
And conference papers are often published in the proceedings. I've never used conference proceeding to mean a single item, just the whole thing. When it's one paper, I've called it a paper. I've also never called a presentation a paper, so I've given presentations and given papers. - kaijsa
It really just depends on your output style, doesn't it? You pick whichever type matches how you want your reference to be formatted in the end. A lot of styles probably don't even use the Conference reference types or might only use one. Is the student using a particular style? - Megan loves summer
Sir Shuping is just sir
anyone here have access to the proquest historic black newspaper collection or the readex one? I've got a history student doing research on Tiger Flowers ( and we're thinking that there might be some good resources on Flowers from that perspective
We don't. Could you try the Google Newspaper archive search? - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
we do. see for what we have. lemme know if I can help! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
We also have it, but Stephanie beat me to it. - Joe - Systems Analyst
We have both. - kaijsa
Jacyln I'm going to help him look there tomorrow, but these papers tend to be...hidden. Stephanie, Joe, and Kaijsa thanks! I'll let one of y'all know what I need :) - Sir Shuping is just sir
Meg VMeg
Does YPOW have an internal listserv for discussion of libraries-related (or other relevant) news?
We have several-- Lib-Staff hits everyone but the student employees, Lib-Faculty hits all the faculty, Lib-ACStaff is for faculty + some other people, not sure quite who that goes too but not our facilities people, maybe not some of the circ staff? Then it goes to dept, etc. - Hedgehog
And they all discuss news items (e.g., Google Books settlement or new OSTP memos)? Not just for shift-swapping or "hey the printer's broken again". - Meg VMeg
Not really. MPOW forwards the Chronicle Ticker around (and I auto-trash it), but there's no on-list discussion. MfPOW's all-staff listserv is supposed to be only for library-internal news, but links and reports occasionally get forwarded to it, usually when somebody has an ax to grind. - RepoRat
Yes - we have an internal staff list that is almost never used for printer updates but is frequently used for both general library news and specific (to our libraries) news as well. - WebGoddess
Our all-staff list occasionally gets used to forward links of interest, but never for actual discussion. - Kirsten
We each have to build our own email distributuion lists... I think I'm on less than half of everyone else's distribution lists (because I have opinions and those are scarey) - awd
We have an intranet blog and posts like this get put on there. Sometimes they get more commentary than others. The number of those comes and goes - right now it's very much in a "goes" stage. - ellbeecee
Yes, we have at least one that hits everybody and one for the faculty. It's mostly announcements, but we do discuss things from time-to-time on the faculty list. - kaijsa
Our LibFac list occasionally takes the bait and discusses. Our selector's list does so a little more frequently. But not with any regularity in either case. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
State your name and, in a word or phrase, your relationship with eBooks. (from introduction section at this meeting)
Sounds like a 12 step program. - John Dupuis
Steve. It's complicated. - Steele Lawman
Steve, that's exactly what I said. - lris
You said your name was Steve? Badass. - Steele Lawman
David. Recreational reader, academic hater. - DJF from Android
Kaijsa. Fraught. - kaijsa
Dorothea. Erstwhile standards-maker. - RepoRat
Maternity leave edition: Jenica. Ebooks make breastfeeding bearable. - Jenica
Laura. Hater. - laura x
My name is Joe, and I am a hater of DRMed ebooks. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Jason. In an open relationship with. - Jason P
Laura. Joined at the hip. - ellbeecee
Julie. I'm just not that into 'em. I keep trying. But I always come back to print. - Julie Kane
Meg. Wholly and profoundly uninterested. - Meg VMeg
Rochelle. Old eyes love font adjustability. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Walt. Open relationship: My wife reads some on the Kindle, I haven't in months. - Walt Crawford
Kathy. Necessity when I travel. - Kathy
Julian. Whut...? - Julian
Christina. Necessity for fun reading. DRM's a bitch. Springer v. v. useful with no DRM and full book downloads. - Christina Pikas
Maurice. DRM is the devil. Device Neutrality NOW! - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
Katy, and I have a love-hate relationship with them. - Katy S from iPhone
I'm Martha and I have lost my Nook. - maʀtha
Megan. Happy to read 'em myself, sad when I tell others they MUST use them despite the drawbacks - Megan loves summer
Laura. Love the ones for the Kindle. Like some of the ones we have at work for searching but not if I have to read the whole thing. - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
Jen. Love/Hate relationship. Currently in therapy. - Jen
Anything I can strip the DRM off of is fine. - Deborah Fitchett
Catherine-the-reader: the Kindle app has transformed my post-parental reading life. Catherine-the-librarian: fuck 'em all. - Catherine Pellegrino
Anna. We're frenemies. - Holly's favorite Anna
Aaron: the eBook model for bulk purchasers, such as libraries, is broken; we need a new model (the print model would be just fine, imho) - awd
Library Fool
Copyright question: Do you post a copyright notice on or near your public photocopiers? While this used to be common practice at MPOW, it's no longer the case, and we're now passionately debating the issue. Do you feel it's your library's responsibility to post such notices? If yes, do you do it for legal reasons or for educational purposes?
While I'm sympathetic to the patron education argument, I wonder how valuable our attempts at educating patrons on copyright policy are if no patrons really read these notices... - Library Fool
Oh, and here is an example of the type of document I'm referring to: - Library Fool
we still do it as a cover our butt method. our legal consul believes as long as we have it in view it covers us if our patrons do something illegal. otherwise, nope for educational purposes at all - Sir Shuping is just sir
CYA, and yes, my advice would be to Just Do It. Check good old Circ 21 p. 20 for deets: - RepoRat
Yes, it's required by Section 108 if you're in the US, unfortunately. Here's what I posted by ours: - lris
Excellent. Thanks, all, for your help. Iris, I knew you'd be among the first to answer this one! - Library Fool
Nope. Fuck the police. - Steele Lawman
Didn't a library somewhere modify their copyright notice to specify that the copier should also be cognizant of exercising fair use? I remember seeing this a number of years ago... It was a great twist on the normal copyright violation statement. - Sarah from FreshFeed
Yep, my example above does just that :) - lris
So if the wording can be whatever you want, can it be like, "Copy whatever you want, go to jail for all we care. See the Copyright Act, stud." - Steele Lawman
I'm changing ours to Steve's wording. I wonder how long it'll take until someone notices? - Catherine Pellegrino
"The Library Society of the World thinks you should be able to copy as much as you want. Your government thinks otherwise. Thanks, Obama." - Steele Lawman
Our copiers are being replaced by a Kik scanner, and there's a copyright statement users have to acknowledge to advance through the touch screen. It's not my department, so I haven't paid much attention, but now you all have me wondering if we can adapt that notice at all. - kaijsa
*giggling* - RepoRat
We've replaced our copiers with scanners, and the software has the standard copyright notice. I've never seen anyone actually read it, but CYA. I'll have to ask if it's modifiable... - Rebecca Hedreen
Oh, Steve. YOU'RE HIRED! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
laura x
There is no way on God's green earth I am going to train people using the PowerPoints that were sent to us for our new ILS. Do you find you are unable to teach without reinventing the wheel, or is this just a personal problem of mine?
Depends. I can usually start with other people's materials as a reference point but usually I end up redoing it a fair amount because it's just not my style. I interviewed a candidate at one point who actively wanted set lesson plans that she would walk in and teach--but that's not how we do things here. - Hedgehog
You may wish to talk to MfPOW about training materials for said ILS. - Julian
I value individual teaching styles and differences, so no, not just you. When I make a lesson plan or materials to share with colleagues, my expectation is that people will adapt them as they see fit. Also, vendor-created training materials are often terrible. Not always, but more often than not. - kaijsa
I can't ever teach from other people's materials without tweaking. Sometimes completely overhauling. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I can hardly ever teach from *my* materials without tweaking or completely overhauling. - Deborah Fitchett
^^^^ This. - aaron
yes to what Deborah & aaron said. #EditsThisPost - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Who has student workers working in reference services or providing research consultations? Tell me all about it!
My students sit my desk and answer frontline questions (do we own this journal, easy PubMed searches). They do not do advanced consults. What are other details of itnerest? - Hedgehog
Quite a few ref desks across campus have SLIS students at them, either hourly-paid or as part of a practicum. May not be applicable to your situation, though. - RepoRat
What kind of training do they receive? How are they trained to triage questions? Do they refer to librarians for consultations? Is there a librarian or parapro sitting there with them? - maʀtha
They do initial training with me, I have a list of things we go over. There is [almost] always a librarian available as back up to them in case they get stuck with something. They're directed to refer consults to us, but they're pretty good about that. As back up we're... 20 feet away? We don't have staff in my department, just faculty and my students. At the beginning we expect a lot of questions but as semester goes, they tend to get a feel for what's asked. - Hedgehog
I will do periodic "here's how that worked" when they refer something to me that I think they can/should handle or I'll reinforce "yes, that one was strange, definitely should come to us" - Hedgehog
What about potential pitfalls, based on your experiences? - maʀtha
We do basically what Abs has described, except our students staff the late afternoon and evening hours, so they don't always have immediate back up. If they need it, they use the Reference Appointment form to have the student meet with a librarian. - ~Courtney F
Does anyone have a student worker and a librarian at the desk at the same time? Iris, do I remember correctly that Gould does this? - maʀtha
We have a good number of grad students (mostly MLSs) working in our Research Help Center. They sit at the front desk to tackle the initial questions, then send them back to the libns if the question requires more than say 5 minutes. - Joe - Systems Analyst
We have students (regular undergrads) at the desk with us. They mostly handle the computer and printer questions, and restocking the copiers and printer. They also handle phone and chat overflow, when the librarian/s are already with a patron. I don't know what training they get, but they're very good about saying "I don't know; let's ask a librarian" when they get something they can't... more... - Kirsten
I'm reading these answers with interest, as I'm rethinking how we train and use our student staff. I'm also reading this article right now: http://www.inthelibrarywiththe... - Freeda B.
thank you, kind peoples - maʀtha
We currently have reference student workers (and are looking at a model next year where they, our circ student, and an IT person are all in one place.) Ref student workers answer common questions (do we have this database, how do I find this article) and they refer more complicated stuff to the staff people. We're all undergrad, but the ref student workers get extensive training.... more... - Jennifer Arnott
Putting on my devil's advocate hat, how do you respond to concerns that having non-librarians do reference work contributes to deprofessionalization of reference work? - maʀtha
I show them the desk metrics that indicate that more than 75% of our desk questions were tech (printer) and directional (bathroom) and that 90%+ were something that should be easily answered and ALSO information services librarians stats proving that the librarians saw and worked with way more students in classroom, consults, etc, than "advanced ref questions" - Hedgehog
Now...keep in mind, I'm working with almost entirely grad students. It's very different, as I understand, in our main library across campus - Hedgehog
We also have graduate students, but ours are from English lit as we have no LIS program and English partners with us to fund them. They get training and do work side-by-side with librarians for several weeks before going solo. We are looking at potentially getting rid of a separate research desk, so they may staff the circ desk and we may be looking at hiring more staff or GAs (they... more... - kaijsa
We have a combined services desk - Library Research, Learning Center, and student-technology help desk. Currently, when there isn't a Librarian present there is a library staff assistant at the research desk. The students at the tech and the learning center seats, as well as the circulation desk, all receive training about what is okay to answer and what should be referred to a Librarian. The staff assistants also get training (modified as they can answer more stuff then the students) - awd from Android
Re deprofessionalization, Martha, in the information environment we love in today "reference" (defined classically as looking up and providing a relatively straightforward) answer is not "professional level work." An in depth research consultation *is* "professional level. - awd from Android
Re de-professionalization. FWIW - At least at a research university, overseeing TAs and GAs is clearly professional work for non-library faculty so to me it can actually bolster the status librarians have as faculty. - Lisa Hinchliffe
Yes, our students workers are almost all undergrad, but they are not traditional college student aged - maʀtha
My main concern with the help desk model of tiered support (besides, you know, all the helpdesk evidence about why it is a concern), is that librarians lose one of their best ways of meeting students if they don't spend time as frontline support. y'all mysterious and unknown and flit in and out of their lives enough as is.... (but that's a very SLAC-centric view, and doesn't at all... more... - Marianne
i mean, our circ desk basically works on tiered support and as long as the supervisor is in ear/eye distance (NOT just summonable, but able to hear and intervene by their own spidey senses alerting them), it works really well. - Marianne
I'm a small branch library. I'm the only "adult" (i.e., permanent/non-student) staffer. I have 1-2 LIS student workers and 5-6 undergraduate student workers. They sit at the desk and I sit in my office doing All The Things. They handle basic questions like finding a book (we have closed stacks), circulation, shelving. The LIS students do basic reference too. Both sets of students are trained to get me when questions get complex. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I do LOTS of training with both groups. Basic training at the start (takes 3-4 weeks). Ongoing reviews. We have a Sakai / campus learning site for student workers & I post things there for them. My LIS students run a biweekly "reference challenge" where the students look at some of sources to answer common questions. Once a year, I do a 6-8 week reference training for the new SILS student(s). - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Arizona did, when I was there - there's at least one article that people wrote about the training - I don't have the citation for it off hand, but I think one of the authors was Leslie Sult. - ellbeecee
Thanks! I need to do some lit searching. #lazylibrarian - maʀtha
I agree, Marianne. None of us librarians here want to stop working the ref desk, although I know this is the case many places, including UMN. Our ref desk is so busy, though, that we need to figure out how to serve more patrons somehow. I'm not in charge of this or anything, but I'm just trying to get a feel for what folks are doing - and who I can hit up if I have questions about particular models :) - maʀtha
We don't want to be off the desk, either, but with all the other work we're tasked with and the relatively low level of research-level inquiries, it's hard to justify faculty time that way. Liaisons are getting a LOT of hard questions directly, so consultations are way up, that's part of our public service. - kaijsa
Fiona Jones
Those of you who work with LibGuides - does your library have a set of guidelines for content? How do you manage consistency and quality of content? Many thanks for any input.
At MfPOW, discussion led to a template people were meant to use. It was fairly flexible - a few key boxes that should be on most if not all guides, a bunch of boxes that were more optional, and an outline of what basic tabs to use so students would know what to expect from one guide to another. (No 2+rows of tabs. No rainbow fonts.) Some people were upset because it didn't fit how their... more... - Deborah Fitchett
For course guides, I guess we see them as a tool for each librarian to use as she sees fit. For subject guides, we have had brief discussions about what makes a good guide, and some peer pressure for certain things, but again, mostly anarchy reigns. - Steele Lawman
at the place where I'm doing my internship, the web services librarian enforces (ie gently points out to people what they need to fix) guidelines that they agreed on as a community (mostly but not entirely having to do with using reusable boxes from "source"-type guides for things that should be consistent and consistently updated throughout all the guides). new librarians who will be... more... - Marianne
We have a "best practices" document that people can follow or not. Once we're up on the beta site, we may make our template more robust, but I'm not sure. We hired an instructional technologist who manages the guides, but the liaisons kind of set out the basic guidelines. University of Washington librarians did some great LibGuides usability a few years ago, so we look to that to a certain extent. - kaijsa
Thanks for the comments. Would anyone care to share a link to a LibGuide considered to be an example of "best practices"? I will soon be on a LibGuides working group at MPOW looking at best practice, quality and consistency. - Fiona Jones
Just bumping this up in case anyone missed it. I am putting together some draft guidelines for LibGuides at MPOW and would love to see examples of excellent LibGuides. Any input gratefully received! - Fiona Jones
Have you seen Springshare's Best Of? - ~Courtney F
We have a libguide on libguides: - Grumpator
Thanks @Grumpator I will have a look at your guide - it seems to be exactly what I was looking for! - Fiona Jones
Is anyone else having issues with Naxos not playing either certain tracks or entire albums? We're getting the former in Firefox and the latter in Chrome, but the sample size is very small.
Oh, I hadn't heard of Naxos, investigating. - Greg GuitarBuster
It's a subscription database, Greg. Your local public library might have it. - Kirsten
Because I don't want to tackle my to-do list, I tried to replicate this and couldn't. Sorry! - kaijsa
No reports here and a quick tour of several tracks confirms that we're ok in Chrome. Specific track titles? - Kathy
Commenting to see if you add specific titles/albums, so I can check. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
The other person who was having the problem (in Chrome) was having it with everything she was trying to play. I'll see if I can replicate--I know which album it was but not which track, so will have to play from beginning. - Kirsten
Discovered 100 Best Film Classics, worth any amount of delay you need. - Kathy
Yeah, there's tons of good stuff in there! It was Alto Saxophone Recital: Lunte, Frank where I ran into an issue this morning, but now they're playing fine when I just hit next. So now I'm thinking it was a ghost in the machine. - Kirsten
The joys of eresources! - Kathy
Preach, sister. - Kirsten
Oh joy, going to have to do a session on Google Scholar, where I expect to be drilled by faculty on minute details about google scholar (coverage, indexing etc). Somehow, people don't seem to realise unlike Scopus, Web of science, Google generally doesn't answer questions you send them.. so there are practically no "experts" on GS.
We're in the middle of doing a "Massive Analysis Project" of Scopus, Web of Science, and Google Scholar right now. And yes, getting the info on GS to compare to WoS and Scopus is interesting or not possible. - Galadriel C. from Android
which, of course, is why we HATE Google Scholar!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
er... I kind of love Google Scholar - maʀtha
corrected: which, of course, is why *I* HATE Google Scholar!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Oh, my relationship with Google, Scholar and beyond, is fraught with drama. It's an on-again-off-again passion. - kaijsa
I have a love/hate/love/hate relationship with all things Google - maʀtha
@Galadriel: that's super cool, are you going to publish? I read some studies about this ages ago, but nothing recently. - maʀtha
Last night, all I could find on this odd topic was on Google Scholar. - Betsy
I love Google Wave. No, wait. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Galaderial can you do the talk for me instead?.. *ducks* I know google scholar fairly well, but not at that level you seem to be doing... It just isn't my focus but it seems I am volunteered as the only "expert" on GS, after they tried and failed to get a rep to talk about it here. - aaron
"Google deploys their magic fu to identify scholarly resources on the internet. Almost all we know about Google's magic fu in this case is that it has different spidering allowances than regular google -- it is allowed to spider materials behind paywalls. It does a surprisingly good job of identifying scholalry information, but has hits and misses" (this is my "what's covered in Google Scholar" talk) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
When I read up on this a few years ago, there was a lot of stuff by Peter Jasco - maʀtha
@Martha - yes I'm hoping to get a presentation/publication out of it the results. It's a collaborative/group effort so we'll see how it goes. @Aaron - *smile* I'd be happy to put you in touch with my colleague who's focusing on Google Scholar specifically if you need info before we're done with the project if it would help! - Galadriel C. from Android
Rudi, yes that's basically mine as well, plus published information available etc + comparing Google Scholar metrics vs JCR + publish or perish software . But the last time I gave that talk, the dean I think was disappointed, because he knew all of that too! This time around they requested a google representative, but that's obviously a no go.. and I get the "honour" again... The talk... more... - aaron
Galadriel, that would be great. It's a internal talk only, could be good if i had something extra in my pocket .. my gmail email is Aarontay . - aaron
Meg VMeg
Just between you and me, the biggest problem I have with my LIS students not doing the reading is that I still have to do the reading, so that I can answer any questions they might have about the reading (were they to do it).
Also: teaching other people (semesterly, rather than one-offs) has taught me SO MUCH about how I learn. Which is never by discussing an assigned reading. Ever. Ever ever ever. - Meg VMeg
Yeah, I had problems with my LIS students not doing the readings as well. Gave up. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Sure, and I totally get it. In library school, I did not infrequently complete the minimum amount of reading necessary to fulfill whatever writing/sharing obligation existed (partly because I already had a librarian job, partly because I'm lazy). That's why I have them do in-class labs (and we discuss those). But I am further tempted to do memorization drills and complicated multiple choice tests because it's more how I learn (which seems educationally unfashionable at the very least). - Meg VMeg
My undergrads (from many majors) also don't do the reading. It's such a freaking drag. I then made them take turns choosing readings and leading discussions so they could see how it feels, er, I mean participate more fully in their educations. Results were mixed. Sigh. - kaijsa
Thinking, at least partly because of Barbara Fister, of a conference discussion group thing entitled, "H important is patron confidentiality?" Key points to begin the discussion include the Amazon Kindle library deal, Overdrive, subscribing to services that require patrons to register at the vendors' sites (eg, Zinio), and search engines that...
rock on - maʀtha
and search engines that don't support secure network connections - DJF from Android
And ILSs that send your password in plain text.... - laura x
Yeah. Refworks does that too. - DJF from Android
good lord, really?! - RepoRat
also, hang tight for my next LJ column, which is about one small piece of this constellation of dilemmas. - RepoRat
The response to "I forgot my password" is an email message that includes ALL the usernames and passwords, in the clear, associated with the given email address. - DJF from Android
that just ain't right. - RepoRat
Nope. And it used to be the case that they didn't bother to obscure your password while you were typing it in on the mobile website. I really don't know why we pay for it at all. - DJF from Android
Our ILL system that keeps a record of everything you have ever requested. Ditto 3M and OneClickDigital. - kaijsa
The FBI will be pleased to know. (Ours keeps a record for too long - should be scrubbed on return. - barbara fister
Our ils scrubs on return, or when fines paid. Don't know about ill, but I suspect it's approximately forever - DJF from Android
I once had a conversation with an IT guy at my old library, who said, "you know, it's true that the ILS scrubs circ records as soon as the book is returned. It's also true that the ILS is backed up nightly." Gave me the right shivers, it did. - Catherine Pellegrino
IFRT might be interested in hosting such a discussion..... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Catherine Pellegrino
because Johns Hopkins University Press so conveniently placed these two articles next to each other for screenshotability:
What? That's totally a word. - Catherine Pellegrino
I was wondering if you guys were going to be in the same issue, and here you are back-to-back! - Steele Lawman
BFFs! - lris
this is how world domination starts... - jambina
well I for one welcome our new information-literacy overladies - RepoRat
^^ - Marie
That is one special issue of portal! - barbara fister
I will be pointing my colleagues to this issue while bragging that I know you both. - kaijsa
Wow, that's a VERY special issue! I know authors on 5 articles in that issue! Apparently, I know very exciting, very smart people! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Working on a project at work and would love to hear feedback from other librarians handle their online and distance learning in conjunction with the library and librarians. Is there a specific online librarian? Subject/liaisons who work with their disciplines as they would f2f? Other ways, tools, and methods? TIA.
I am officially the Coordinator for Distance Learning. (Coordinator is local-speak for someone with responsibility but no authority.) I advise faculty and my library colleagues on using library materials in online classes, and help students get access and find alternatives to things they don't have access to. Always in conjunction with the subject librarian. I am happy to say that as my... more... - Rebecca Hedreen
We had a Distance Learning Librarian until about a year ago (person left, position has not been filled...yet?). When she was here she was responsible for outreach and planning of embedded librarian options for online courses. She did the majority of the embedded librarian work, but several of the other reference/instruction librarians also did embedded librarian work. Most of the online... more... - Freeda B.
It's interesting how many different methods and ways are being used for distance/online learning. My library science program was essentially a distance one with LSU in Baton Rouge and our cohort in New Orleans, but it was set up and run by LSU. At my new job, there are just a few programs that are up and running but they're being handled by a third party who specialize in establishing... more... - Derrick
Derrick, our SLIS librarian has been working hard to figure out how to support our distance program better, and I think she's been doing great. Email her if you like (look up "Anjali Bhasin" on to get her address) and tell her I sent you. - RepoRat
Grazie! - Derrick
We used to have a distance ed librarian - but in reality we provide the same set of servies to f2f people that we do to distance ed (except we *will* mail physical books to our DE students' home address, but not students who have f2f classes on campus) - now we all have all teh services in all our job descriptions - awd
We have a Distance Learning Librarian who is the coordinator/liaison to our Outreach School. She provides a lot of support to faculty teaching at a distance and conducts the majority of the lower-division distance library instruction. The people in this position have historically not had much subject liaison responsibility, but our current DLL will likely be taking on an area with... more... - kaijsa
I was gonna be long-winded, but should cut to the chase and say I and my colleagues are available to talk if you want. Wyoming has been offering distance learning since 1891 and have had a DLL since 1999. We are RURAL and have lots of difficult weather and topography, so we've had to be creative. And as Aaron mentioned, we offer the same services to f2f and distance students with a couple of additional ILL services for distance folks. ACRL access entitlement principle is basically our bible. - kaijsa
We rejected the "distance learning librarian" from our position wishlist, stating that liaisons should cover their areas, and we as a library already embedded a lot of automagically customized stuff into Blackboard. I am on the fence about my agreement with the decision. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Thanks everyone, all of this is great. Taking notes and will share this with our group as we move forward. - Derrick
The bulk of my colleagues are at #CILDC today, it's raining, and my one commitment for the day just canceled. I totes magotes could've worked from home today.
Go home? - kaijsa
^^^^^^^^^^ - RepoRat
Yeah, but I'm already here (and after a longish wait for the bus to get here, naturally). - Derrick
Come to cil and see me before I go. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫ from Android
Half our library is there, so someone's gotta mind the store. If I can steal away, I sure will though, Mo. - Derrick
Ok otherwise I will see you for a nats game this summer. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫ from Android
Or O's. :) - Derrick
Or the Frederick Keys! :D - Zamms
Is that like Alicia Keys? - Derrick
Katy S
While unattended children policies are fairly common, I'm having trouble finding things that apply to older people who need caregivers. How do you deal with people who, say, have dementia and roam around the confused, constantly ask the same questions, need assistance so they don't get lost, etc. I worry about people with these needs getting hurt.
If they aren't really disruptive, the code of conduct doesn't cover it. :/ - Katy S from iPhone
Can the child-oriented policies be fruitfully rewritten such that they apply to elders in need of caregivers too? Or are there too many differences? - Kirsten
Maybe? - Katy S from iPhone
An excellent question I have no useful answers to. - RepoRat
it should be broader than elders... there are other disabilities (struggling for correct term?) that would require supervision in public (?) and individuals with these disabilities might be disruptive in the library if left unattended by a trained caregiver or family member - Christina Pikas
That is tricky, because you want to make sure your language isn't implying that people with disabilities are unwelcome or require supervision. I get what you are saying, but I think there is a difference between children in the library and adults in need of supervision. We have unattended children policies for the parents--you can't bring your kids here and leave them. But with adults, if they don't have a caregiver then who exactly is the policy addressing? - Freeda B.
Freeda - those at some of the reasons I find this so tricky. - Katy S from iPhone
Maybe this isn't as much a policy situation as a staff training and strategizing situation. My perspective on this has been shaped by my mother's slide into dementia. There's no easy solution to any of these things and an approach that works during the middle stages of dementia will fail miserably at the early stages. Sometimes the best approach to the repetitive questions is repetitive answers; other times distraction is better. I suspect a policy wouldn't help as much as some eldercare training. - Heather
I will ask my mom the eldercare expert if she has any notions. - laura x
Part of the problem is we have people coming in with caregivers, but the caregivers get on a computer and ignore them or get distracted. We had a poor woman with dementia panicked the other day because she couldn't figure out how to get out of the bathroom. The person she was with was on another floor using a computer. It was very sad. - Katy S from iPhone
Maybe the policy should be aimed at the caregivers and not the individual who needs help. It might be ideal to outline what you expect of caregivers while in the facility, ie remaining alert and attentive versus becoming immersed in computers, etc. - kaijsa
That sounds like an even trickier problem to address and now the unattended child comparison makes more sense to me. It's the caregiver's behaviour you're trying to shape. - Heather
In an ideal world, you'd be able to partner with an adult day program that would address the needs of the elder while the caregiver got a tiny bit of respite time to do things like visit the library and use the computers. - Heather
Actually, come to think of it, we've usually addressed this problem by talking to the caregiver directly and then calling the service providing caregiving and talking to a supervisor of that doesn't work. Perhaps if you made the unattended child policy "unattended child or anyone requiring the supervision of a caregiver." - laura x from iPhone
That might work. Thanks! Of course, sometimes the caregiver is a spouse or family member (no service involved), but that should still be applicable. In some ways, the polices about disruptive behavior apply, so I don't know how much it's necessary to have something additional, but it feels like it needs to be addressed somewhere. - Katy S
Rachel Walden
Okay, ladies of the LSW: I need a new pair of black flats, professional enough but comfortable and very walkable (think for use at conferences, with skirts, etc.). Any brands/styles you particularly recommend? I hate shoe shopping because I have short wide feet that are hard to fit, will probably order online.
Thanks, I'd never heard of either of those! - Rachel Walden
are Danskos flat enough? I find their clogs & summer sandals incredibly comfy & walkable. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
The Cole Haan flats with Nike Air soles are spendy, but amazing. My coworker & I both have the one with a slight heel; she's had hers for years & they still look great. A friend has the ballet flats, & she was the one who recommended them to me. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
If you don't mind old-ladyish shoes, maybe look at Propet. Zappos carries them. - RepoRat
Ooh, will look at all those too! Thanks! - Rachel Walden
I don't know how professional you'll think these look (I categorize 99% of ballet flats as casual), but Tieks are very comfortable. Expensive, but worth it in my opinion. In general, flats are UNcomfortable to me. - kaijsa
I am a HUGE fan of Cole Haan with the Nike Air soles. FYI, you can often find them at Nordstrom Rack for about 30% off. They last a long time. - Lisa Hinchliffe
I live in Aerosoles ballet flats during the summer. They tend to have wide sizes and wear like iron. - Hedgehog
If you don't mind butch shoes, I find my short wide hard to fit feet fit a lot better into men's sizes than womens. these are my go-to shoes right now: - Marianne
Marianne, those remind me of the Rockport men's shoes I've worn for years. I don't know what the model. I just take them to the store every couple of years and ask them for a new pair just like it. :-) - Betsy
In addition to some that have been named (I love my Jambu shoes), Clarks and Born. - Katy S from iPhone
Amy Mather converted me to the FitFlop flip flop a few years back. I always have a difficult time with my feet at conference (now diagnosed and being treated, yay!) and those shoes save my life. And I truly abhor flip flops. They are, as a whole, more blingy than I would like, but that makes them more professional, right? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
As someone who's had problems with plantar fasciitis in the past, I like the orthaheel (and this made me go check where I found some new ones on sale. Yay! - ellbeecee
you've reminded me that I need to try on all my work shoes now that I'm postpartum. I dread this. - Jenica
i bought these at TJ Maxx 3 weeks ago and i lurve them. superlight and comfy. do not, however, suddenly become a n00b and try and break them in during the conference. because that is just dumb, buckland. (i have wide feet too) - jambina
*scribbles notes* Thank you! Many in here I've never heard of. - Rachel Walden
I bought these in summer 2012, and they are amazing. Wide feet, and one of them was swollen for most of 2012 due to injury -- these were the only shoes I could reliably and comfortably wear. They've also held up well. - Jenica
As someone with wide feet as well, I'm in love with the Bendables line from Clarks. - Katie
Keen - maʀtha
Wide feet here too and the brands I have the best luck with are Keen, Naot, Alegria and no Vionic (though my shoe-shopping is complicated by the need to also need orthotics) - kristin buxton
I really want to try Alegria shoes. And Jambu looks really cool. - maʀtha
DO NOT BUY PATENT Alegria shoes. I love them to death, but they squeak horribly! Two pair like that. I have a non-patent pair that are wonderful and squeak-free. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
*goes to look at Cole Haan with the Nike Air soles * - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
(I'm going to have to blame you all for the really cute shoes winging their way to me right now! It's as much you as the fact that I'm in an air cast and can only wear sneakers!) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Query, anyone has gotten to LibGuides v2 to play with yet?
No :( - lris
Last I heard, it might be several months before our beta comes. - lris
No. Sort of a relief, as we're in the middle of a site redesign and not sure I'd have time to migrate. - JffKrlsn from Android
Nope. It does pretty much eliminate the problem of "are we going to upgrade in the middle of the semester?" - Rebecca Hedreen
We've got ours, but no one has had time to look at it yet. - Freeda B.
No, we asked for it but are still waiting. - kaijsa
What would it do for us again? #lazylibrarian - maʀtha
Yes, but like Freeda, I haven't had a chance to play with it yet - kristin buxton
Okay, so some libraries do have theirs already. That's what I wanted to know. Ours is going to be quite late too I suspect, since we are a relatively new account. The lack of a estimated rollout date makes it really hard to plan for us, hoping for Aug rollout... too optimistic? - aaron
We have it (we were one of their first customers and are also one of their biggest users as indicated by # of guides in system). We will be starting to plan our migration next week - either migrating in late March or mid-May is my thinking right now. Somewhat depends on how many policies we have to re-consider in light of new tech options. Is there something in particular that interests? - Lisa Hinchliffe
thanks Lisa nothing yet. just wanted to confirm if other libraries had it yet and there wasn't a delay. - aaron from BuddyFeed
I'm finally taking time today to play with our beta and I'm having trouble reimagining my guides with the new options even though I wanted them! If I convert my lit guide, I may post it here and let you all pick it apart. I'd be willing to do the same for others. Maybe I should start a new thread for that? - kaijsa
many betas are apparently built, there are 4643 instnaces of LibGuides (the most recent of which is Hookset School District (#4643) ... - awd
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