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Our two liaison librarian positions are posted! Please pass on to awesome job-seekers.
p.s. Hello from Finland! - kaijsa
*waves* - Marie
Hi, Finland! Also, I wish I could move back to Wyoming. Also, if you apply for these jobs, you will work with seriously awesome people. - laura x
I'd apply if I could teleport - maʀtha
Popping in from Iceland to thank you, Laura. We would like you to move back, too. - kaijsa
Catherine Pellegrino
LazyLibrarian request: I've been charged by my library with drafting a problem-reporting-and-resolving procedure (like a helpdesk ticketing system) for e-resource access problems.* Mostly this involves our link resolver, and occasionally our proxy server and various individual subscription weirdnesses. Is this, like, a Standard Thing...
that academic libraries have, and have developed certain standard tools (possibly even adapted existing helpdesk ticketing systems) to address? Or does each library invent their own wheel here? Or does each library do as we do, and solve problems via lots and lots and lots and lots of emails? - Catherine Pellegrino
*the question of why a reference and instruction librarian has been charged with this task is left as an exercise for the reader. - Catherine Pellegrino
Ours goes through our helpdesk system on the intranet - lots of functions in the library have issues reported through there - and the electronic resources librarian has set up prompts for information that's helpful for problem solving (what browser, on or off campus, etc). We use osTicket on our wordpress-based intranet - - ellbeecee
We have listserv that all electronic resources questions go to. They look into the problem, send out notifications, bring in systems as necessary, notify of resolution. There's a staff person who does primary triage. We've got a lot of helpdesk ticketing around here too but not for that specific area - Hedgehog
Thanks, Laura and Abigail, that's really helpful. Others, especially at smaller places? - Catherine Pellegrino
We have a ticketing-type procedure. We use a forum in which public services folks (and others) report e-resources problems. The e-resources librarians and staff monitor that forum and respond to postings, closing each thread as they resolve the issue. This helps us track communication with patrons as well as allows everybody to look at the forum to see if something has already been reported and/or what the status is for a fix. Bonus: no emails! - kaijsa
Oooh, that sounds interesting. What do you mean by "forum," precisely? And does the software that you use send automatic notifications to the e-resources librarians and staff? - Catherine Pellegrino
Sorry for my very 90s internet vocab! We use a threaded discussion message board. Individuals can elect to have notification emails turned on. Our board is built into our intranet, but we will likely be switching to something else, potentially within Canvas. Any threaded-discussion message board would work. - kaijsa
p.s. I'm heading to train circ folks on basic ref (yay!) but can email screenshots later if that helps. - kaijsa
OK, that's what I thought you meant (a phpBB board, or similar) but wanted to confirm. Thanks! - Catherine Pellegrino
We're fairly small. We use osTicket for all our enquiries. Not sure how easy to set up as it was before my time but it's easy to maintain (in that I've hardly had to do anything to it). - Deborah Fitchett
We have a listserv that goes to all five ERM folks as well as a dedicated ERM support email address. Messages to the support email automatically go into our ticketing system where they are distributed to those who have troubleshooting as a primary responsibility. Emails that come to the team list are replied to by whoever gets to it first and the reply copies the support email b/c of the ticketing system's stat and report features. - Galadriel C. from Android
We also have a guide for basic troubleshooting tips for those on the front lines as well as a checklist for what info to submit to help ERM provide the quickest help possible. - Galadriel C. from Android
We building a system, or rather trying to adapt one built by the parent institution. Don't think it's going well. - aaron
Thank you again! I will admit that I am a bit boggled by the idea of five -- seriously, FIVE? -- ERM staff/librarians at one institution, but I guess that's a difference between a Big Library and our itty-bitty one. - Catherine Pellegrino
Five is fantastic and it is far, far better than the one ERM librarian (me!) that managed all e-resources when I came to UConn 3 years ago. Yet, like everyone, we could use more human resources because of the 5, only 2 are full time, permanent ERM librarians . 1 in our department also coordinates streaming video processing, one is a one-year appointment that I hope will become... more... - Galadriel C.
It's Here! The NMC Horizon Report > 2014 Library Edition | The New Media Consortium -
Do you find this useful? - Hedgehog from Bookmarklet
Not really. Usually, I like the NMC reports. This one is striking a very meh note for me. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I was part of the panel that essentially voted on the various technologies and where they ended up in the various rankings. The downside to this kind of averaging out of multiple opinions is that if you're living this stuff every day, nothing that comes out in the report is particularly surprising. I believe a couple of other LSWers were also involved. - John Dupuis
John, maybe that's it? That there's not much "breaking news" but it's much the stuff I work in hear.about fairly regularly. I will shift my feeling to "validated"!! (I think also, I have a general meh response to a lot of "libraries in aggregate' reports, probably for the same reasons) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I usually find the Horizon Report useful as a tool for opening conversations, rather than as breaking news. I've had this one open for a couple of days, but haven't had time to look at it yet. Glad to see something focusing on libraries, though! - kaijsa
I also found this to be a little lacking in "breaking news". It's tough to brand your report as "identifying emerging technologies", because then you have to identify emerging technologies, when I think now we're rather in a period of wide adoption of emerging tech that's been around for quite some time. I thought the challenges section was nicely done, and each trend had a good... more... - Regular Amanda
Was in the NMC panel too. I guess If you are the type that keeps your ears and eyes open by reading twitter,blog,LSW, mailing lists aka the typical LSWer - I would expect you won't find anything news breaking given that this is in our domain area. It's the same thing when attending some conferences, I suppose - where you may find some attendees going "wow, this is so amazing" and you are internally going "meh" because you read about it already. - aaron
I will be adding this to my librarybox - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫ from Android
Thinking about this more, Kaijsa's point is a good one: these are good overviews that can be used to start good conversations. I feel like maybe I was overly negative yesterday. - Regular Amanda from Android
Do you have a Mendeley account? If so, how have you found it useful?
Yes, I use it to mark things for the group - Open Access Irony Award. Only 30 members, and I seem to be the only one who posts new articles to the group. - Joe
Elsevier cooties, so no. Zotero all the way. - RepoRat
^^^Amen - Meg VMeg
Yeah, I started using it before Elsevier bought it. I can't say I've used it much since then. - kaijsa
Catherine Pellegrino
YOU GUYS. Big Research University Across The Street apparently now has guest wifi. This is (or may be) a total game-changer.
It has yet to be determined whether that guest wifi also confers access to licensed electronic resources, but I'm about to test that out. - Catherine Pellegrino
Let us know!!! - laura x
Can you connect to their guest wifi from within your library? That would be wonderful/evil. - Steele Lawman
Nah, we're way too far away. ("Across the street" is actually a mile+). But they've NEVER had guest wifi before, so this is HUGE. - Catherine Pellegrino
signal booster? - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
rogue mesh network! - RepoRat
excellent. - MariWeaver
Come on out to Denver. We have guest wifi. - Joe
We have guest wifi, too! With access to e-resources. - kaijsa
No guest wifi, no eresources....over here.... - aaron
We have guest wifi. Access to e-resources depends on which IP range we've given vendors, which depends on our license. - Deborah Fitchett
Heh. Dean of the Big Research Library Across The Street confirms that guest wifi does not confer access to licensed resources. If they want to use BRLATS's e-resources, our faculty and students are still limited to the two "guest" workstations with no printing or access to email. - Catherine Pellegrino
That's bogus. We count guest wifi users as walk-in users--they get the same privileges as anyone who walks in and uses one of our computers. Which means full access to all our e-resources. Or is this another of those public uni vs. private uni things that I just can't seem to wrap my head around? - Kirsten
I have no idea. My experience has been that large private research universities can get VERY growly about random walk-in users, and this is no exception. Where it really burns me, though, is that they're treating our faculty and students -- who have full borrowing privileges with their print collection, co-register in their classes, etc. -- the same as random walk-in users. - Catherine Pellegrino
Oy. Yeah, that's messy and confusing. And y'all are probably the ones who have to explain it to your students most, even though it isn't a policy you can do anything about. Frustrating. - Kirsten
Seconding what Kirsten says. If you're in university guest wifi range, you're a walk-in user. There are maybe a few things that don't work on guest network, but that's because they need individual accounts and only university emails work for those. - kaijsa
Oh, I just caught that this uni is private (reading comprehension, may I have some?). Yeah, that makes a big difference, I think. Still, if your students can register for their classes, seems like they should get to use the network when ON CAMPUS. Jeez. - kaijsa
No printing/email is even meaner than my private academic library is to walk-ins. - Steele Lawman
We are a tier or three below ND, but even as a private U, our guest wifi provides access to our resources, even for walkins. - Joe
~Courtney F
just answering text message reference questions for my education faculty's children's you do :)
I can't tell you how many text messages and social media ref questions I get from friends, but you all probably have the same experiences. - kaijsa
I also enjoyed seeing my mom (retired school libn) doing reader's advisory on Facebook, recommending books for her brother to read to his granddaughter - ~Courtney F
John: Thread Killer
Every year I see the call for proposals from LITA for Midwinter/Annual so I create calendar reminders for myself and do some brainstorming, and then nothing. Maybe I'm not being innovative or maybe I can't be objective about myself. What types of things about library technology would interest you all?
Lib tech and privacy, Government policy and library tech, Accessibility, Data driven (if we're being told to dashboard all this stuff, how?). - Hedgehog
^^all good. I'm also interested in more cross-pollination between "tech" people and digital humanities people, so programs on DH tech would be cool. - kaijsa
Summon users -- have you made decisions about keeping, paying for, or killing Flow yet? We've recommended we turn off Flow, until they develop RIS export functionality. Just curious if others have been making like decisions
Turned it off as well almost ASAP when it was launched. Didnt think there was anything that stood out at the time. Given that we don't even support reference managers that aren't named EndNote, and fact it was near to our semester start (we started early Aug) was a fairly easy decision. That said, I think there is export RIS functionality exposed now (just checked), initially when it launched I asked about it too, worrying about lock-in - aaron
we've asked to turn it off - weelibrarian
We are going to have it turned off. - Joe
Thanks for reinforcing my thoughts about it - DJF from Android
mad about flow. it doesn't have a ton of the features i need, but i want something that integrates with google docs. - Christina Pikas
Christina, have you seen this: It's not "integrated" but seems like it could do in a pinch. Or this is the quick and dirty way for Scrivener, and seems like it would work for Google Docs: - Meg VMeg
We have it on, but we subscribe to O.G. Refworks and Flow. - kaijsa
We're hoping to turn it back on over winter break, there's a lot of great potential there. And I feel much better now, knowing that many of you all have similar concerns. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Christina, you can still use it, even if your school turns it off. I think the URL is, and you just work with the bookmarklet instead of Summon integration. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Aaron, where did you find the RIS export info? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
We have no intention of turning it off and we don't have summon either because our search results with it were very weird - Christina Pikas from iPhone
Rudi, I saw it by trying flow on another library's Summon instance. Also see - aaron
Sounds like ACRL proposal decisions are coming today. Who's in? Report here!
One panel accepted, the other rejected. This is good, as I wasn't as enthused about the second. - kaijsa
Rejection here. :-( (It was a co-authored thing; I wouldn't have been able to go anyway) - Megan loves summer
Preconference rejected. Should mean RDAP is a go for me then financially, so I'm okay with that. - Hedgehog
rejected. - jambina
rejected too. Glad I'm in good company :) - copystar
This is why we need to do an LSW online conference. There is no need to hide the ideas and presentations of you awesome folk. - Joe
one rejected, one accepted (should add that i was not the lead on either - other folks did the heavy lifting) - barbara fister
A panel accepted. - Sarah from FreshFeed
rejected - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Is anyone holding off on migrating to the LibGuides v2 because it's "too beta"? (Rather than because e.g. it's a big job that requires extra care.) I was planning on just doing it, and now getting a little worried that so much is not quite there yet...
We're migrating tomorrow. I guess we'll see how that goes. - kaijsa
How about both reasons you mention? - aaron
Our content was migrated at the end of June. We're scheduled (by us) to go live August 1. I haven't heard that it's too beta from my coworkers, but I might when we meet about it next week. - ~Courtney F
it's definitely too beta (I'd say still a wee bit alpha). We migrated in June, not sure when we're going live - because some essential components aren't built or ready yet. My Springshare love is pretty tainted by the way this rolled. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I'm holding off until the end of the year, partly because I'd like the dust to settle on the new platform first and partly because I want to use these intervening months as a time for us to clean up the guides on the current platform in advance of the migration. The longer we can spend on the latter, the better off we'll be. In other words, the migration is giving us a convenient excuse to do the kind of clean up work we should have been doing all along. - Stephen Francoeur
Our guides are still fairly small in number and only a few librarians are even creating them right now--I like the idea of switching over asap so as not to have to train folks twice... just now getting cold feet from the stuff I'm seeing (and in some cases, reporting) in their Ning (!) community. - JffKrlsn
Springshare's has a Ning community? - aaron from YouFeed is Ning, isn't it? - JffKrlsn from Android
Oh.. Right. - aaron
I finally decided that it wasn't a great idea to wait for everything to be great, since there will always be problems... went live today. Will be cleaning up CSS for several weeks. - JffKrlsn
we migrating in oct. live dec. - aaron from BuddyFeed
We've gone live. There are definitely "too beta" aspects that are annoying, but there are also new features that we really wanted, so...6 of one, half a dozen of the other. - Rebecca Hedreen
we're live. where are we talking about LG 2.0?? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
As I mentioned before, we migrated in July. We're going live next week. It's proven too hard to really know what needs to be fixed until we pull the trigger, so we're doing it before school starts. I'm just going to unpublish any of my stuff that needs help until I can get to it. - kaijsa
Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Anyone have firsthand knowledge of a public library/community college library partnership? Or if you could point me to case studies or examples.
Are you talking sharing space? ILS? Collection? Budget? We share our ILS with our community college and share materials via in house ILL. Users have separate HCPL *the library*and HCC (the community college) accounts because we have different circulation periods and fines. - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
[deleted my comment because I obviously don't know what I'm talking about] - Betsy
When I was a student at Everett Community College (WA), the college library was also a branch of Everett Public Library. It looks like that's no longer the case. Here in Wyoming, all the public libraries and community colleges share an ILS and database packages. We at the university are part of the Colorado Alliance, which includes both publics and academics in the shared catalog. - kaijsa
I think Carroll county md does, too. Or they used to - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I can't say much because it's casual discussion (which could get serious soon). Mostly want to see different ways it might look. Thanks! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
I've been involved in some partnering between a satellite campus of our community college and a public library; it is currently very loose and informal; we tried some tighter integration but it didn't work. One of our sister colleges has a joint-use MOE with the public library for one of its satellite campuses (although there is no info about that available online that I can find!). - JffKrlsn
Phoenix Public Library/South Mountain CC Library in Phoenix (RepoRat linked it above). It's been pretty popular (it's my local PL), and I know some of the librarians there, if you want a contact. - Grumpator
Thank you, thank you! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
There's the library Chad Mairn works at in Florida - maʀtha
So...what are y'all doing for OA week?
I'd *like* to suggest a "bring your CV and let's see what we can grab for the IR" but would love to hear how that's gone other places. - Hedgehog
Praying that next year they'll change OA week to sometime in the spring. - Meg VMeg
We held ours early this year because the official one is around our end of year exams. List of events archived at, pending videos of them all being uploaded to our community archive. - Deborah Fitchett
Something? I really have no idea. Our marketing committee is planning it and apparently mum on details. - ~Courtney F
I don't know, but it needs to be enticing - we are trying to lay the groundwork this year for recommending an OA mandate next year. - Jen
we do OA month in february since it always falls during midterms in october. Abs - have done a CV drop off before to moderate success - jambina
I would love some day to see a one-hour library subscription blackout teach-in across the land. But this is an idea that exists only in my head in an imaginary alternate universe. - barbara fister
Our schol comm librarian is doing IR workshops, but I don't know what else. - kaijsa
Early plans are to combine a showing of The Internet's Own Boy with some sort of event on government surveillance. Since I'm on sabbatical this year I'm not involved in the planning. - John Dupuis
I'm in the process of planning a faculty panel talking about their experiences w/OA publishing and recommendations for students/early career researchers. I've got a couple profs on board and wrangling for a few more I have yet to hear a response from. The actual logistics and scheduling of this panel are still beyond my ken, but I'm hoping to get it worked out soon. Otherwise, I dunno -... more... - Grumpator
I ran a panel like that last year. It almost came together by itself: my only regret is not getting the gender balance I wanted (ended up 1F:3M) but the race/discipline/seniority/kind-of-OA-experience balances all worked out well. Oh, and I regret not having thought ahead to film it for our community archive because they were great. I just came up with a bunch of questions which I let... more... - Deborah Fitchett
Thanks Deborah, that's reassuring! My gender balance is similar, but I'm still hoping for some other responses which may help even it out. - Grumpator
Deborah Fitchett
Reality check: for the whole LibraryLinks thing in Google Scholar, is there any respect in which libraries ever deal directly with Scholar for the set up? Or is it all entirely done through one's vendor? Is it even *possible* to talk to Scholar?
It is possible I think if your setup is very unique, but Google I heard prefers to go through the usual vendors. - aaron
I have not heard that speaking to Scholar is possible. - Meg VMeg
We've talked to GS about our IR on many occasions. I don't know about the library links but it is certainly possible to talk to them! - Sarah from FreshFeed
Ah, we don't have an IR. - Meg VMeg
I can confirm what Sarah is saying there is a Google Scholar contact for handling IR results in GS, (Sarah helped me with the contact). Not too sure about for library link part, but I have heard from another librarian it was possible to talk to them but that was years ago. Just curious what do you want to talk to them about if you could? - aaron from YouFeed
Our systems lib has talked to them, or maybe just emailed, to set up our links and get our holdings pushed to them/crawled. I don't know what it entailed, but we also did something with our IR stuff in Scholar as others mentioned. - kaijsa
Aaron, when you provide IP range to LibraryLinks via Serials Solutions, you get the independent choice to a) recognise users by IP and b) restrict users by IP. Alma bundles these two things together which is a *pain*. I made an enhancement request but was told we'd need to talk to Scholar. I felt this couldn't be right and have since responded to that effect, with link to - Deborah Fitchett
ETA: This will apparently be fixed in the September release. Yay for products being in active development. :-) - Deborah Fitchett
Catherine Pellegrino
Big Thinky Question for the day: What have you (or your library) stopped doing in the recent past, and how has that worked out for you (or your library, or your patrons/users/public)? This could be a large, library-wide or department-wide initiative that's been discontinued, or something you individually have stopped doing.
We stopped putting librarians at the reference desk. We have well trained students who triage with one of us as back up. Overall, it has gone well. 90% of desk questions were 'do we have this journal' or bathroom/computer. Has greatly improved librarian flexibility to teach/do liaison stuff/ etc. Up next will be closing that desk--going to one service point with remodel starting later this fall. More staff training still needed. - Hedgehog from Android
We have stopped doing collection development and moved entirely to DDA, and providing access through ILL. It's working ok so far, but we are strung to have difficulty obtaining materials via our local consortium, which also appears to have moved away from print and can't loan ebooks. With huge numbers of new hires and new areas of research/teaching on campus this fall, we'll see how it actually works. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan from YouFeed
Interesting! Staffing the reference desk with students is an idea that we've kicked around a bunch but have decided, for now, not to go with, even though we see lots and lots and lots of other academic libraries doing it, and doing it successfully. We've also talked about PDA/DDA, but again, decided for local reasons not to go with it. Other ideas? - Catherine Pellegrino
We stopped Saturday reference entirely and weekend and evening reference in summers. It seems to have gone well. Cutting back in other ways during the school year has been met with major resistance from others in the library, even though stats show we have next to zero business at certain times. - kaijsa
we have finally, FINALLY agreed to stop staffing the reference desk on the Saturday before final exams. (We ordinarily don't staff it on Saturdays, just that one weekend out of the term, and our numbers were appalling: some years we had NO questions in an 8-hour shift.) So I guess that's something. - Catherine Pellegrino
We are also using students to staff the reference desk (afternoons & evenings only for now). I'd love for us to stop staffing the desk on saturday (at least with librarians), since our numbers are so dismal. I feel like there was something we've stopped recently, but I don't recall what it was... - ~Courtney F
Is there a tactful way to push back when a researcher (not faculty or student) feigns ignorance of resources in a way that makes it clear they expect you to do the work for them?
Does your library have research tutorials you could recommend? - YvonneM
Not really (though I'm taking a class about that tomorrow!). - kendrak
Say something to the effect of you not depriving that person of the opportunity to learn how to use that resource. - Joe
I tell people I can show them how to do X once or twice, but they have to take it from there. Is that tactful? - kaijsa
as an academic library, we are committed to teaching our colleagues how to search rather than doing the search for them. we're teaching them to fish! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Respond with clarifying questions about what they've tried so far (which resources, what search strategies), and where exactly in the process they're getting stuck (what they expected to see, what they're seeing instead). Explain that if they can tell you a bit more about what they've tried, you can give better suggestions/instruction. - Meg VMeg
I send them the links to the articles, and information on how to find more like them, and how to connect off campus. "I just want the PDFs." That's not an endearing response. - kendrak
All of my suggested responses come with teeth-bared polite smiles... - Hedgehog
Quote licences. They need to find the *links* And being able to do that is a skill they need to demo. - Pete : Team Marina
"Are you having trouble accessing the PDFs when you go through the steps I listed before? Where are you getting stuck?" - Meg VMeg
Thanks. I'm copying that line. - kendrak
If you're feeling especially annoyed, you can tell them to make sure to copy/paste any error messages into the email so you can help troubleshoot. And that you definitely want to make sure their off-campus access works (in addition to their knowing how to get to PDFs) because you know how annoying and time-intensive they will surely find it, if they have to email someone every single time they need a PDF. - Meg VMeg
"It's not my job to do research for you." A colleague basically had to say this to a guy in our econ dept. The charitable interpretation was that he was used to a corporate environment where somebody did his research for him, probably female. The more accurate interpretation was that he was an a$$hole. - barbara fister
^^^^ this. - Joe
Meg's responses are great. If they still don't take the hint you can ask for screenshots. And screencasts. - Deborah Fitchett
Kaijsa sighting at the Library Assessment Conference!
Aww. I was internetless, mostly. I enjoyed my Marie sighting! - kaijsa
Meg VMeg
When a job posting explicitly says to include "salary expectation" in your cover letter, what do you do? Generally, I've heard it's better to turn that question around on the asker, which you can't do here.
I usually raise my eyebrows because I expect they're going to try and lowball me. I've heard of people calling HR depts at institutions to ask for a range. - Hedgehog
It's an easy way to filter out people who know what they should be paid. - DJF from Android
I hate that requirement. There's usually a way to find the salary schedule for public institutions, but it's not always clear how it works. Some places use a strict schedule, some have more of a range. We get a fair number of calls at the research help desk asking us for salaries because ours aren't online (the library keeps the current year on reserve). Personally, I've always found as... more... - kaijsa
I generally don't fill it in or write something like "amount varies depending on benefits and quality of life opportunities" - Aaron the Librarian
Can you get away with "salary requirements are commensurate with the experience I bring to the job, the responsibilities and scope of the job, and competitive within the institution?" - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
yeah, i hate that question. i tend to either leave it blank or put "salary expectation based upon institutional range" - Sir Shuping is just sir
"Yes, I expect one." - henry
henry++ - RepoRat
.. One.. Million. Dollars. - FLEMING from Android
Library Assessment Conference in Seattle. Who will I see there? If there are enough of us, LSW meetup?
I will be there! Yes to meetup! - kaijsa
Kaijsa, yay! - Marie
Say hi to a colleague for me... Carrie Forbes from DU will be there. - Joe
Marie, I'm staying with a friend who's a former coworker at UW and we're going to be there for all of the evening stuff and everything, but she and I are joined at the hip while commuting from the burbs. Let's get together, but I'm bringing her, too. She's awesome. - kaijsa
Joe, I love Carrie. Thanks for the heads up. - kaijsa
Gah, I didn't know there was evening stuff. I should look at the sched. I'm looking forward to meeting Kaijsa's friend and will seek out Carrie. - Marie
Monday is poster session and reception. Tuesday is conference reption in my alma mater's gorgeous Sylvan Grove. Wednesday it's over. - kaijsa
not able to go to this one - hope others have a great time. - Elizabeth Brown
I don't want to work with 1-shot instructors who don't respect me or my time enough to plan effectively for a session (outside of emergencies). Unfortunately my boss feels differently. I've just had too many last-minute sessions that could have so much better if they were actually integrated into the course.
:( - Andy
But I'm going to be out of town so if you could just show them the usual stuff, you know, repeat the same things they've heard before, that'd be great, thanks! - ellbeecee
Yuck. What's the argument from your boss? I'm lucky here that we have agreed on some criteria for saying no to instruction, but that came after a lot of discussions and deconstructing arguments for taking all comers/prioritizing professors' needs over ours. - kaijsa
I'll probably delete this post later but...she seems to think if students are here (whether by hook or crook) we can *still* teach them something useful. Me: "That's not how it works. That's not how any of this works!" To her credit, she's been srsly grilling the latest offender. - YvonneM
Hmm. Best of luck. Students aren't the most receptive when they're in under duress or feel like they're being babysat. And it's near-useless when not connected to a real task. But I'm telling you what you already know. - kaijsa
Walt Crawford
Surprise Wednesday: just backing out to go to the Wednesday hike, fellow walking waves at me, tells me "you have a flat tire." Sure enough. CSAA on its way (I've managed to avoid ever changing a tire), then off to the store where we bought the tire a year ago to get a replacement...
Changing a tire is kind of fun, when it works. Can you get the current one patched? Much cheaper than replacing it. - laura x
The tire's under warranty; my wife says she really doesn't want a repaired tire. Those will factor in to the decision. (Which is to say: $100 for peace of mind is well worth it.) - Walt Crawford
I don't mind changing tires. I volunteered to do a guy's a work, but he called AAA so was just going to sit there and wait for them for an hour or so instead :) - Christina Pikas
I had a flat in Wyoming once while park at my house. My friend helped me take the tire to the shop, two blocks away, and then she said, "Oh, and can you just deliver this back to Laura's house when you're done?" Len did, and he insisted on putting it back on for me. I said, "What do I owe you?" He said, "You're a librarian, right? Read a book for me sometime." I gave him some banana bread. Then my 6'5" handyman friend Jim complained that Len never delivered *his* tires and put them back on. The end. - laura x
Your story is very Wyoming. The OEM battery in my 11-year-old SUV died suddenly, blocking the entrance to the carwash on a sunny day. Were the guys in pickups behind me annoyed? No, they came over and insisted on trying to jump it, called a friend who tows when it wouldn't work. The tow driver used his double diesel to jump it, refused to charge me, and followed me to O'Reilly, where the teenager who sold me a new battery installed it for me in the lot. - kaijsa
Followup: The tire wasn't repairable; wound up spending $32 for new tire & installation (half of that's installation/balancing), with a slight price increase for the tire but a 93% credit for the old tire. It's all good. Actually, the guy that spotted it offered to help change the tire--but, y'know, the AAA guy uses a *real* jack that makes things so much faster & safer, and we almost never use AAA but pay for it every year. Mostly just missed the hike, and changing the tire wouldn't have helped there. - Walt Crawford
[Apparently ran over a big-ass screw on the way home last time driving, I'd guess: Entered the tread and apparently long enough to affect the sidewall. That side of the tire was the flattest I've ever seen a modern tire.] - Walt Crawford
I'm embedded with an online class of current & future teachers. I really want to encourage them to collaborate with their school librarians once the year begins. What would be a good, non-pushy way to do this? I'm guessing many of them have never thought of working with a librarian before.
Could you suggest they approach their school librarians (and public, many of them may not have school librarians) for Common Core assistance-- adding non-fiction that speaks to the students? If they'll have read aloud time in their classroom librarians can help them find cool books to read. We'd hear from teachers sometimes in advance of a history project or a "find a this kind of thing" project so we could say "oh, you're in Ms X's class, let's look at the mysteries or the autobiographies" - Hedgehog
Thanks. :-) - YvonneM
tell them you can help them find books & stuff for *them* -- if you show them how the system benefits them, they might realize it benefits their students too? (maybe better for HS folks than lower grades). Books, newspapers, magazines -- all free! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I'm always pushy, I guess. What works well for us is to show them the resources they have through our state library/university-paid statewide access. Your situation may differ, but in Wyoming, all school, public, and community college libraries have access to the same suite of databases. Showing them what they can access in the wild is a good way to also tie in a reminder that their local librarians are also amazing resources. Framing it as what they can get to after class ends is a good hook. - kaijsa
Does their school system still have librarians? Not always a given - maʀtha
That's a great question, Martha. You're right, I shouldn't assume. I'm an academic librarian myself, but I know there's been drastic cutbacks in this area. :-( So far I've linked them to some stats showing how school librarians help students' academic performance. - YvonneM
In the course of things, I came across a great assignment suggestion which indicated that Academic Search Premier had "cited reference" searching. Try as I might, I'm not finding it. I'm not even seeing linked citations, which I know are in other EBSCO databases. Am I missing something here? Have you done cited reference searching in ASP?
Yes, cited reference is kind of hidden, but you can get to it at the very top in the blue bar, next to the link to the Subject Terms. Some other EBSCO products have it, so the "choose databases" option is available there so you can search across databases if you want. - kaijsa
Also some journals are indexed and others (most?) aren't. So it's a cool feature but very limited, far from comprehensive. - JffKrlsn from Android
Also you can do things on the admin side to make it more visible. Left-hand limiter for "references available." Your users will have no idea what that means, of course. " - JffKrlsn from Android
Neat, I didn't know they had this. Although, when I try to get the citing articles, it says to "mark checkboxes and click Find Citing Articles" but there are no checkboxes to check. Anywhere. ETA: Oh wait, there are 3 checkboxes, in a list of 20 results. Puzzling. - Meg VMeg
Kajisa, thanks! I completely missed that link! I did notice, switching between EBSCO databases that the limit to include articles with references available is missing on ASP, I assumed that was what I was looking for. Meg, I wonder if the checkbox is only there for articles FT is ASP? All the cited references I'm looking at right now have our find it link, and no check boxed/ - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
The assignment that referred to this has them compare cited reference searching in Web of Science, Google Scholar, and ASP. I think ASP isn't a great for this, the cited reference search is too hidden, specific, and non-intuituve for this. But now I'm wondering if there is a good third database to use in an exercise like this? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
SciFinder Scholar, HeinOnline, and IEEE Xplore do this. PubMed sort of does, but it's worse than EBSCO. Some of the full-text collections do, but you'll likely grab that content anyway, for example Science Direct in Web of Science. I guess it depends on the discipline area(s) you're working with. - kaijsa
Scopus, if you have Scopus. - Meg VMeg
The big 3 are GS, Scopus and Wos, Then pubmed I think. I remember there used to be this great libguides or article that covered a ton of databases that could do cited references. Anyway the top 3 in this libguides search is pretty good - aaron
Sigh. LibGuides 2.0 did not bring over any of my custom database descriptions. Sigh is the polite version of me feeling the giant sucking of my time as I hand fix scores of descriptions on a couple dozen pages. :(
Also: Lists of databases and of links cannot be trusted to have accurately have been brought over, so OMG, the painful line-by-line reading of my guides is making me cranky! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Hmmm, may need to pass this info on. - Joe
We are waiting to hear if this (loss of custom, guide level, database descriptions) is a feature or a glitch of the upgrade. The "some links might not have come through" one is a known thing though :( - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I copy links a lot, so I wonder if that copy vs. original status will remain on migrated links. At least then you could fix some links and have any copies magically change. - kaijsa
kajisa, what I'm realizing as I go through these is that I tend to use an existing page as "template". And that has the unfortunate side effect of having a lot of identical-but-not-mapped boxes and pages. So, best practices warning for anyone about to do the transition -- it might be faster to map your boxes now than fix omg-so-much-text later? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Oh, I do that, too. Sad face! We just migrated and I haven't had time to do more than quickly eyeball my guides. I'm kind of wishing we'd waited. - kaijsa
Yes, the copy versus original generally carries over. Sadly, your local admin probably should have told you to map your boxes/pages before the migration to prevent at least some of this. - ~Courtney F
Sorry, that made me LOL. I am an admin, but we recently had our new instructional design staff member take the reigns and while she has done a great job, it's a lot to learn and manage. If anybody here had time to learn systems in detail, it would be awesome, but we're stretched. - kaijsa
One of the reasons I spend time on LSW is to learn from you smart people. More efficient sometimes than reading documentation. - kaijsa
Sure, kaijsa, but I'm pretty sure that the thing about mapping boxes was mentioned specifically in the transition documentation for admins. i don't have time to doublecheck now to be sure, but i'm pretty sure i mentioned it to my coworkes. - ~Courtney F
Oh, I believe you. Our lead admin did send out some instructions for optimizing guides for the transition and I could have missed that. - kaijsa
Bummer. Apparently this was a decision made by our in-house migration team. The Links "were selected to become Database assets". They could have been selected to become something else. (I have no idea what). But, heads up if you haven't migrated yet -- this is choice someone makes, and I don;t know what the costs of doing it otherwise are. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
once again, I am sooooo grateful that I had a dedicated library student migrate mai guides, check links, and convert assets.Phew!! Good luck to the rest of y'all in the migration!! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Courtney, I think this falls into the category of "communication issues in-house". I think our issues aren't unusual though. So, sharing it here, for folks who haven't migrated yet. Maybe they can avoid some of the pain of non-communicative migration leaders :( - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Must admit I have no idea what you guys are talking about. Need to watch this more carefully. What's wrong with choosing links to become Database assets? They will mess up custom descriptions? - aaron
Ours ported over as assets, with descriptions intact. I finally had time to look. Seems like our migration worked pretty well. - kaijsa
As the person who manages the eresources, I prefer links to library databases and things to be Database assets. If any of my librarians want to tweak the descriptions, that's fine, but don't go making wildcat links and then complain to me when they break because the vendor decided to change their URL structure mid-February. - Holly's favorite Anna
Yes, that's our practice, Anna. It's good sense. - kaijsa
Ours also, and one of the few things that I insist on as the admin of both. - ~Courtney F
Anna, these are all properly using the A-Z link asset tool thingy, but with my own custom description - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I don't have supervisory experience and I'm afraid this is going to stall out my career progress. No chance of getting any in current position. Closest thing I have is teaching high school students nearly ten years ago. Ideas on how to overcome this?
Can you take on projects that give you at least temporary supervision of project folks? Even if it's not formal supervision, a lot of places will give that at least *some* weight. - WebGoddess
Hi, good idea. I've supervised a few committee projects. I'll have to look into other stuff. - YvonneM
supervising committee projects counts. a lot of "matrixed" organizations the line management are separate from the project/program management. - Christina Pikas
Professional service? I can at best manage students at MPOW, but I'm doing a whole lot of low/mid level management type stuff for LITA. - Hedgehog
I'm in the same boat, and it's frustrating. I have supervisory experience from high school and my early 20s, but not libraries. Somehow asst mger at Baskin-Robbins and office mgr at a now-defunct surgery center isn't helping me professionally. My strategy has been to focus on leadership and talking about how leading without positional authority is good preparation. My department just... more... - kaijsa
I hate the way career paths are all like "hey, we're basically administrators and managers. Got staff?" instead of "we reward librarians for being great librarians.and contributing to the community and the field." One reason I was happy to be in a tenure/promotion system because otherwise I GOT NUTTIN. - barbara fister
Also tried to invent a promotion path for our non-MLS staff. Everyone said "how interesting.NO." - barbara fister
("Everyone" being higher ups in the college admin.) - barbara fister
I facilitated a discussion about this last month at ALA. The folks who had successfully lept into management were able to spin their project management and ALA leadership into management gigs. *BUT* only to willing hiring bodies. I had a great convo walking with someone afterward, who seemed to be recruiting me, but in the end said -- but oh, you've never supervised anyone. um. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Same guy has had a bunch of failed management searches lately (no surprise, and they are not alone in this). So now we are in talks about the next Leadership DG talk, which might be about building better position descriptions to attract the qualities you want. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Other take-aways from the panel: for a willing hiring body, they want to see that you have a leadership style, that you take initiative and see things through. For an unwilling hiring body, though, nothing will trump "I hired, fired, and evaluated staff" :( - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
The position description thing is an issue. I think that's why many people end up places where it's just a bad fit. I feel fortunate to have had people willing to look at all of my experience and give me a chance to be in a management position. Hopefully I'm proving my abilities and value. It's tough though to make that leap. You're absolutely correct about the willingness factor. There are so many ways people can get management and leadership experience without a formal title or position. - J. Marie B
While I'm not a huge fan of tenure, I also see the value in academia. It is the only way most librarians will see any sort of advancement and I do think that opportunity should be there. I'd be interested in hearing what you were purposing for the non-MLS staff, Barbara. I have an excellent employee who I fear I'll lose eventually because there isn't anywhere for her to advance, except out of the library. - J. Marie B
We tried to describe a possible promotion path separate of P&T for the librarians in a committee report that I'm presenting on Thursday. I can move up through Asst--Assoc--Full Professor but there's no path to Assoc Librarian, Full Librarian. Unless I got my dept head's job, I permanently am at Asst Information Services Librarian. Huh, I thought the final report was in the IR but I can't find it. I can share it with anyone interested. - Hedgehog
Thanks for the input. MPOW hires librarians as staff, not faculty, as well. - YvonneM
A friend had a bit of supervisory experience, but one of her big resume builders was joining one or two library organizations and becoming president. - Betsy from FFHound(roid)!
Construction zones around my office this summer are in blue...
construction zones.png
We lived through a couple of years of that, including our building (we didn't move out) and the one next to us. My sympathies. - kaijsa
Looks like their forces are weak to the east. If you can gain the element of surprise, you might be able to get most of the people out with minimal casualties. - Steele Lawman
The terrain there is tricky, you see, and includes hills full of trees and underbrush and poison ivy. Still, they will never expect that, so the element of surprise may be doubly on our side. - lris
Feeling you. My building is of course on one end of Park Street. - RepoRat
Those of you who do library instruction: who is on your wishlist of speakers at an instruction-related conference? I'm hoping to bring more than the usual names to a brainstorming meeting, and you're our target audience.
Maria Accardi, Anne-Marie Dietering, Randy Hensley, Carrie Donovan - Catherine Pellegrino
Char Booth, Iris Jastram, Kristin Partlo, Catherine Pellegrino - RepoRat
Lauren Pressley, Repo Rat. and a metric ton of Public Library Trainer Folks. Julie Strange, but she is mostly baking these days. - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
Oh! Also Andromeda Yelton. And Char Booth is on my list, but I think she's headed into "usual names" territory at this point. - Catherine Pellegrino
Are you talking instructing Staff? Public? Students? Academia? Special Libraries? - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫
I'm talking mostly instructing students in higher ed. - kaijsa
I'll add Randy Hensley to the list. (seconding Catherine) - lris
Emily Drabinski - Stephen Francoeur from Android
Thanks, all. I'm familiar with many of those names :) and will look up more info on the others. If you've been mentioned in this thread and are interested in speaking, I would love to be able to link to relevant speaker info you have online. Feel free to DM me! - kaijsa
well, okay, I'm pretty sure I'm not anywhere near the top of your list, but and the nearest one to on-point is probably - RepoRat
All of the above + Meredith Farkas - YvonneM
Jay Turner Georgia State Library Commission. - ♫Robot Chicken, Trainer♫ from FFHound!
Trialing browzine again for the second time, since they are now supporting aggregators like ebsco, proquest and Ovid. Any of you who have this for a while? How are users taking it? I got the impression it's quite well received on the medical side.
We're looking at it again, too. People are more impressed this time, and the pricing is more sensible. - Holly's favorite Anna
one of my faculty members LOVES it & she tells me that every time she sees me. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I think we are finally getting it - maʀtha
We had a trial for a couple of months, had moderate use (good for a trial really), and just subscribed for a year. We'll see how it goes. - Galadriel C. from Android
We are several months into our first year. I haven't really heard any feedback other than excitement when I tell people about it. I'll take a look at stats tomorrow. - ~Courtney F
So we're about 6 months in. It's an interesting mix of titles that are being used. We've had less than 100 sessions, but almost 1000 TOC views and a good number of full text downloads. (also, entirely iOS) - ~Courtney F
Meaning that it only works on iOS, right? That's what it seems like from their site, anyway... Hard to stomach. - JffKrlsn
Jeff There's a android version. I am trialling it on a Nexus 7 (2013). It's less polished compared to the iOS one but workable. I could be wrong but the pricing model charges seperately for iOS and Android. - aaron
Aaron is correct - right now it's tablet only, both Android and iOS. They are going to release an iPhone version soon, and then an Android phone version. The pricing model did charge separately when we started our subscription (we have both), but they may have changed that. - ~Courtney F
They have changed it. There's now a single price based on fte that's platform independent. - DJF from Android
iPhone version is already out. I adore Browzine. Keeps getting better. - Julie Kane from iPhone
I think it's a great app -- MPOW is launching it in the Fall. My only complaint is that a lot of humanities sources are missing, I think because smaller publishers have a harder time getting their feeds up-to-snuff and/or included. Our tech services staff showed me where you can request inclusion of new publishers: - Regular Amanda
Seems like everyone has only good words for browzine. How is the speed of loading of pdfs on your side? Feels a bit slow here.. can be maybe 10-15s - aaron
Yep, the only complaints I've gotten are about the small selection of titles available. No gripes about Android, either, but I rarely see a non-iOS tablet on this campus. I don't think ours has gotten a huge push, and I work with mostly humanities and cultural studies faculty so haven't promoted it aggressively. The people who've tried it seem to love it. - kaijsa
We go live with Summon 2.0 on Friday. I have two classes the following Thursday. All I've been able to figure so far is that complex searches work better than simple, and that facets are essential to retrieving good results in 2.0. Have you been using 2.0 yet? Have you developed tips or strategies for appears to me to be a new approach to search)?
We've had 2.0 for a while, and I kind of hate it. I wish I had good strategies for you, but you've hit on mine: use the facets! Tell all the users to use the facets. I got nothin' else. - kaijsa
:( Am I right that a general search sucks? I tried Ebola, meaning to check how the results look with news results included by default (we exclude them in ver1), and the results kind of pissed me off. The first 7 results included 2 encyclopedia entries, 2 newsletters, 2 videos, and 1 journal article (these were all above the news cluster). No books. All intro/overview/pablum. Nothing a college student should be seeing in their university search results for their research paper. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I can't figure out relevance. And the only way I can get results that include quality stuff is by using the content-type facets. Which is completely the opposite of "good search results for the novice user we haven't laid hands on yet". (but I have barely played with it. I get sucked down different bad rabbit holes every search I try) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Can you pre-scope your results? We deliberately filter newspapers & reference material, but we use Xerxes and I don't know if that sort of thing is possible without an intervening layer. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Jaclyn, I wish I understood what you asked! What's Xerxes? (we exclude out book reviews and newspapers in initial searches in 1.0; is that what you mean?) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I did hear that soon reference materials will be clustered like images and news. I can only hope that those clusters will then move into the third column, and stop breaking eye-scroll movement in the main column.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I find it mostly frustrating. BECAUSE it's searching all full-text, all the time - so the relevance isn't useful (imho). Definitely teach them to use the facets. I've found it works ok for historical events, like finding encyclopedia articles on JFK for those who know nothing about him. #TryingToPutAGoodSpinOnSummon - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
You can Prescope and exclude any content type in Summon 2 native ui yes by hacking the URL . We default exclude newspapers and book reviews here. With respect to reference entries appearing I don't like it either, but Summon reps claim undergraduates like it.. - aaron from YouFeed
If you don't like the full text searching the closest thing you can do is to use field searches in advanced search. I find it can work beautifully if you restrict to title/subject/abstract and geographic location (if country) " - BTW I think Summon 2.0 algothrim is the same as Summon 1.0 except for the query expansion feature that rarely comes in play and grouping of news might affect results. Otherwise if you hated Summon 1's relevancy and which librarian doesnt?, you will probably hate Summon 2 as well. . - aaron from YouFeed
Sorry, Xerxes is the software we use to present the results from the Summon API. It's how we do things like remove newspapers... But I think Aaron might be right that we also just hack the URL for some stuff. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Aaron, so far Summon 2 is exponentially worse in terms of bringing back quality results without extensive faceting. The algorithm has to be different. Although, I think we were allowed more control over various bits in in 1.0 than 2.0 and maybe that's effecting it? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Hmm you sure? This is 1.0 , this is 2.0 http://nus.preview.summon.seri... (I excluded newspapers), looks the same to me? We have the exact same amount of control on the relevancy ranking for Summon 1.0 and... more... - aaron
Catherine Pellegrino
I have never bothered to set an "out of office" email autoresponder thinger. Should I?
Honestly, I never do. Only if I'm going to be out more than a week with scanty email access. - RepoRat
Since I don't have off-site email access (I've chosen not to learn how), I set it when I know I'll the out for more than a day. The one time I forgot, my director emailed me about something and eventually went to my boss when she didn't get a response. - Katie
i always do, but a MPOW there's a global rule so it never goes outside of the firewall. otherwise i might not for fear of listserv hell.eta: it's difficult for me to check my work e-mail from away as it requires 2-factor authentication and i've also set the expectation of quick responses. - Christina Pikas
I started setting it (and changing my voicemail message) after the first time I was out of town and a faculty member left 3 voicemails, emailed twice, and called my officemate (who told him I was out of town). It seemed like an unnecessary level of panic that was pretty easy to avoid. Also it helps me not check my email on vacation. I only do it for extended vacations though - not for being sick or taking an extra day off here or there. - Marianne
Hm. Okay, maybe I'll look into setting one for my upcoming week of vacation. I've just never set one before, for any length of time, and never had it come back to bite me. And frankly, I find them annoying as heck, but I guess I can see the purpose. - Catherine Pellegrino
I do, but all my lists go to a gmail acct, and that doesn't get one. But it's a courtesy, since I'd rather students/faculty get one if they contact me with a question and know they can go to someone else if it's urgent. - ellbeecee from Android
I find them annoying when I already know the person is gone (like a direct co-worker) but helpful in other circumstances. Also, we were pretty much told "do it" so I do it. I always include contact information for the reference desk in my email and voicemail messages when I know I'm going to be out for more than a day or two and don't want to be checking email while I'm out. - lris
yes, for the reasons above. especially what Christina said about my having set an expectation of a quick response. if I know I'm not going to check email, I set the out of office thingie. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Good point about the contact info, Iris, I do that too (esp. since there are two major sets of things people are likely to be urgently contacting me about, with two different sets of people they should talk to if I am not here). - Marianne
Yeah, the contact info thing is tricky for me in this instance, since neither reference nor circulation is what you might precisely call "staffed" in the summer, but we make do. - Catherine Pellegrino
I should have set one while I was on maternity leave but forgot. Doh. I do it only if I'm really not going to be checking my email. - laura x
I don't...but I also typically check my email even when I'm off/out of the office....primarily because I'm insane. And also it keeps other people out of things they don't need to be involved in - Sir Shuping is just sir
I set one for longer than 1 day out of office. Ours allow for responses only to direct emails--so listservs shouldn't get spammed (I hope). It's pretty common in our campus culture and helps me manage expectations of response. We had wireless at ALA but I didn't have brain capacity for a couple of hours of email at night, so...out of office and I just cleaned things out yesterday. - Hedgehog
I used to but don't now unless it is overseas where I have limited email access.The manage expectation part is why I am considering adding it back in, even though I do (typo) check my email when on leave. - aaron
If you do it, for God's sake refrain from emailing people when it's active. So irritating to reply to an email and get an out-of-office message. - JffKrlsn from Android
At MPOW I don't have access to email offsite (and, in fact, I don't want to) so I set an out of office message identifying who can help while I'm away. Principals in my lab know how to contact me when I'm offsite (another email address which I can get to from offsite) for something urgent+important. - henry
hijack: Does anybody else get people posting direct research/tech questions to your social media accounts when they know you're out of office? Because I am, and I'm trying to be nice while telling my friends to back up. (I do set out of office messages because our AUL asks us to and for reasons identical to Iris's above.) - kaijsa
I set my out-of-office email message for times when I'm not going to reply to office email. That way when someone needs something immediately they know know not to wait for me to respond. I usually only do this when I'm going to be out of town. - John: Thread Killer
Reference question: what does the 2002 edition of the New York Times Manual of Style say about using the title "Dr" for people who have a PhD, and who are speaking about their area of expertise? I can check the 1975 edition myself on Monday, so don't bother looking if you've only got the older edition.
We have the 1999 edition, and according to our vendor, the 2002 is a reprint of the 1999. Here's the entry for Dr. "Dr. should be reserved for those with earned doctorates. Physicians' or dentists' titles should be used in all references....Others with earned doctorates, like Ph.D. degrees, may choose to use the title or not; follow their preference. Do not use the title for someone whose doctorate is honorary." - kaijsa
thanks! - DJF
You're welcome. My research desk shift is sloooow. - kaijsa
I'm so sorry I missed this question … I have created a local subject heading for Journalism Styleguides for mai collection … which includes 4 different editions of the NYT stylebook. :-) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
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