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Sigh. LibGuides 2.0 did not bring over any of my custom database descriptions. Sigh is the polite version of me feeling the giant sucking of my time as I hand fix scores of descriptions on a couple dozen pages. :(
Also: Lists of databases and of links cannot be trusted to have accurately have been brought over, so OMG, the painful line-by-line reading of my guides is making me cranky! - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Hmmm, may need to pass this info on. - Joe
We are waiting to hear if this (loss of custom, guide level, database descriptions) is a feature or a glitch of the upgrade. The "some links might not have come through" one is a known thing though :( - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I copy links a lot, so I wonder if that copy vs. original status will remain on migrated links. At least then you could fix some links and have any copies magically change. - kaijsa
kajisa, what I'm realizing as I go through these is that I tend to use an existing page as "template". And that has the unfortunate side effect of having a lot of identical-but-not-mapped boxes and pages. So, best practices warning for anyone about to do the transition -- it might be faster to map your boxes now than fix omg-so-much-text later? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Oh, I do that, too. Sad face! We just migrated and I haven't had time to do more than quickly eyeball my guides. I'm kind of wishing we'd waited. - kaijsa
Yes, the copy versus original generally carries over. Sadly, your local admin probably should have told you to map your boxes/pages before the migration to prevent at least some of this. - ~Courtney F
Construction zones around my office this summer are in blue...
construction zones.png
We lived through a couple of years of that, including our building (we didn't move out) and the one next to us. My sympathies. - kaijsa
Looks like their forces are weak to the east. If you can gain the element of surprise, you might be able to get most of the people out with minimal casualties. - Steele Lawman
The terrain there is tricky, you see, and includes hills full of trees and underbrush and poison ivy. Still, they will never expect that, so the element of surprise may be doubly on our side. - lris
Feeling you. My building is of course on one end of Park Street. - RepoRat
I don't have supervisory experience and I'm afraid this is going to stall out my career progress. No chance of getting any in current position. Closest thing I have is teaching high school students nearly ten years ago. Ideas on how to overcome this?
Can you take on projects that give you at least temporary supervision of project folks? Even if it's not formal supervision, a lot of places will give that at least *some* weight. - WebGoddess
Hi, good idea. I've supervised a few committee projects. I'll have to look into other stuff. - YvonneM
supervising committee projects counts. a lot of "matrixed" organizations the line management are separate from the project/program management. - Christina Pikas
Professional service? I can at best manage students at MPOW, but I'm doing a whole lot of low/mid level management type stuff for LITA. - Hedgehog
I'm in the same boat, and it's frustrating. I have supervisory experience from high school and my early 20s, but not libraries. Somehow asst mger at Baskin-Robbins and office mgr at a now-defunct surgery center isn't helping me professionally. My strategy has been to focus on leadership and talking about how leading without positional authority is good preparation. My department just... more... - kaijsa
I hate the way career paths are all like "hey, we're basically administrators and managers. Got staff?" instead of "we reward librarians for being great librarians.and contributing to the community and the field." One reason I was happy to be in a tenure/promotion system because otherwise I GOT NUTTIN. - barbara fister
Also tried to invent a promotion path for our non-MLS staff. Everyone said "how interesting.NO." - barbara fister
("Everyone" being higher ups in the college admin.) - barbara fister
I facilitated a discussion about this last month at ALA. The folks who had successfully lept into management were able to spin their project management and ALA leadership into management gigs. *BUT* only to willing hiring bodies. I had a great convo walking with someone afterward, who seemed to be recruiting me, but in the end said -- but oh, you've never supervised anyone. um. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Same guy has had a bunch of failed management searches lately (no surprise, and they are not alone in this). So now we are in talks about the next Leadership DG talk, which might be about building better position descriptions to attract the qualities you want. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Other take-aways from the panel: for a willing hiring body, they want to see that you have a leadership style, that you take initiative and see things through. For an unwilling hiring body, though, nothing will trump "I hired, fired, and evaluated staff" :( - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
The position description thing is an issue. I think that's why many people end up places where it's just a bad fit. I feel fortunate to have had people willing to look at all of my experience and give me a chance to be in a management position. Hopefully I'm proving my abilities and value. It's tough though to make that leap. You're absolutely correct about the willingness factor. There are so many ways people can get management and leadership experience without a formal title or position. - J. Marie B
While I'm not a huge fan of tenure, I also see the value in academia. It is the only way most librarians will see any sort of advancement and I do think that opportunity should be there. I'd be interested in hearing what you were purposing for the non-MLS staff, Barbara. I have an excellent employee who I fear I'll lose eventually because there isn't anywhere for her to advance, except out of the library. - J. Marie B
We tried to describe a possible promotion path separate of P&T for the librarians in a committee report that I'm presenting on Thursday. I can move up through Asst--Assoc--Full Professor but there's no path to Assoc Librarian, Full Librarian. Unless I got my dept head's job, I permanently am at Asst Information Services Librarian. Huh, I thought the final report was in the IR but I can't find it. I can share it with anyone interested. - Hedgehog
Thanks for the input. MPOW hires librarians as staff, not faculty, as well. - YvonneM
Those of you who do library instruction: who is on your wishlist of speakers at an instruction-related conference? I'm hoping to bring more than the usual names to a brainstorming meeting, and you're our target audience.
Maria Accardi, Anne-Marie Dietering, Randy Hensley, Carrie Donovan - Catherine Pellegrino
Char Booth, Iris Jastram, Kristin Partlo, Catherine Pellegrino - RepoRat
Lauren Pressley, Repo Rat. and a metric ton of Public Library Trainer Folks. Julie Strange, but she is mostly baking these days. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
Oh! Also Andromeda Yelton. And Char Booth is on my list, but I think she's headed into "usual names" territory at this point. - Catherine Pellegrino
Are you talking instructing Staff? Public? Students? Academia? Special Libraries? - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
I'm talking mostly instructing students in higher ed. - kaijsa
I'll add Randy Hensley to the list. (seconding Catherine) - lris
Emily Drabinski - Stephen Francoeur from Android
Thanks, all. I'm familiar with many of those names :) and will look up more info on the others. If you've been mentioned in this thread and are interested in speaking, I would love to be able to link to relevant speaker info you have online. Feel free to DM me! - kaijsa
well, okay, I'm pretty sure I'm not anywhere near the top of your list, but and the nearest one to on-point is probably - RepoRat
All of the above + Meredith Farkas - YvonneM
Jay Turner Georgia State Library Commission. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫ from FFHound!
Meg VMeg
When a job posting explicitly says to include "salary expectation" in your cover letter, what do you do? Generally, I've heard it's better to turn that question around on the asker, which you can't do here.
I usually raise my eyebrows because I expect they're going to try and lowball me. I've heard of people calling HR depts at institutions to ask for a range. - Hedgehog
It's an easy way to filter out people who know what they should be paid. - DJF from Android
I hate that requirement. There's usually a way to find the salary schedule for public institutions, but it's not always clear how it works. Some places use a strict schedule, some have more of a range. We get a fair number of calls at the research help desk asking us for salaries because ours aren't online (the library keeps the current year on reserve). Personally, I've always found as... more... - kaijsa
I generally don't fill it in or write something like "amount varies depending on benefits and quality of life opportunities" - Aaron the Librarian
Can you get away with "salary requirements are commensurate with the experience I bring to the job, the responsibilities and scope of the job, and competitive within the institution?" - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
yeah, i hate that question. i tend to either leave it blank or put "salary expectation based upon institutional range" - Sir Shuping is just sir
Is anyone holding off on migrating to the LibGuides v2 because it's "too beta"? (Rather than because e.g. it's a big job that requires extra care.) I was planning on just doing it, and now getting a little worried that so much is not quite there yet...
We're migrating tomorrow. I guess we'll see how that goes. - kaijsa
How about both reasons you mention? - aaron
Our content was migrated at the end of June. We're scheduled (by us) to go live August 1. I haven't heard that it's too beta from my coworkers, but I might when we meet about it next week. - ~Courtney F
it's definitely too beta (I'd say still a wee bit alpha). We migrated in June, not sure when we're going live - because some essential components aren't built or ready yet. My Springshare love is pretty tainted by the way this rolled. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I'm holding off until the end of the year, partly because I'd like the dust to settle on the new platform first and partly because I want to use these intervening months as a time for us to clean up the guides on the current platform in advance of the migration. The longer we can spend on the latter, the better off we'll be. In other words, the migration is giving us a convenient excuse to do the kind of clean up work we should have been doing all along. - Stephen Francoeur
Our guides are still fairly small in number and only a few librarians are even creating them right now--I like the idea of switching over asap so as not to have to train folks twice... just now getting cold feet from the stuff I'm seeing (and in some cases, reporting) in their Ning (!) community. - JffKrlsn
Springshare's has a Ning community? - aaron from YouFeed is Ning, isn't it? - JffKrlsn from Android
Oh.. Right. - aaron
Library Assessment Conference in Seattle. Who will I see there? If there are enough of us, LSW meetup?
I will be there! Yes to meetup! - kaijsa
Kaijsa, yay! - Marie
Trialing browzine again for the second time, since they are now supporting aggregators like ebsco, proquest and Ovid. Any of you who have this for a while? How are users taking it? I got the impression it's quite well received on the medical side.
We're looking at it again, too. People are more impressed this time, and the pricing is more sensible. - Holly's favorite Anna
one of my faculty members LOVES it & she tells me that every time she sees me. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I think we are finally getting it - maʀtha
We had a trial for a couple of months, had moderate use (good for a trial really), and just subscribed for a year. We'll see how it goes. - Galadriel C. from Android
We are several months into our first year. I haven't really heard any feedback other than excitement when I tell people about it. I'll take a look at stats tomorrow. - ~Courtney F
So we're about 6 months in. It's an interesting mix of titles that are being used. We've had less than 100 sessions, but almost 1000 TOC views and a good number of full text downloads. (also, entirely iOS) - ~Courtney F
Meaning that it only works on iOS, right? That's what it seems like from their site, anyway... Hard to stomach. - JffKrlsn
Jeff There's a android version. I am trialling it on a Nexus 7 (2013). It's less polished compared to the iOS one but workable. I could be wrong but the pricing model charges seperately for iOS and Android. - aaron
Aaron is correct - right now it's tablet only, both Android and iOS. They are going to release an iPhone version soon, and then an Android phone version. The pricing model did charge separately when we started our subscription (we have both), but they may have changed that. - ~Courtney F
They have changed it. There's now a single price based on fte that's platform independent. - DJF from Android
iPhone version is already out. I adore Browzine. Keeps getting better. - Julie Kane from iPhone
I think it's a great app -- MPOW is launching it in the Fall. My only complaint is that a lot of humanities sources are missing, I think because smaller publishers have a harder time getting their feeds up-to-snuff and/or included. Our tech services staff showed me where you can request inclusion of new publishers: - Regular Amanda
Seems like everyone has only good words for browzine. How is the speed of loading of pdfs on your side? Feels a bit slow here.. can be maybe 10-15s - aaron
Yep, the only complaints I've gotten are about the small selection of titles available. No gripes about Android, either, but I rarely see a non-iOS tablet on this campus. I don't think ours has gotten a huge push, and I work with mostly humanities and cultural studies faculty so haven't promoted it aggressively. The people who've tried it seem to love it. - kaijsa
We go live with Summon 2.0 on Friday. I have two classes the following Thursday. All I've been able to figure so far is that complex searches work better than simple, and that facets are essential to retrieving good results in 2.0. Have you been using 2.0 yet? Have you developed tips or strategies for appears to me to be a new approach to search)?
We've had 2.0 for a while, and I kind of hate it. I wish I had good strategies for you, but you've hit on mine: use the facets! Tell all the users to use the facets. I got nothin' else. - kaijsa
:( Am I right that a general search sucks? I tried Ebola, meaning to check how the results look with news results included by default (we exclude them in ver1), and the results kind of pissed me off. The first 7 results included 2 encyclopedia entries, 2 newsletters, 2 videos, and 1 journal article (these were all above the news cluster). No books. All intro/overview/pablum. Nothing a college student should be seeing in their university search results for their research paper. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I can't figure out relevance. And the only way I can get results that include quality stuff is by using the content-type facets. Which is completely the opposite of "good search results for the novice user we haven't laid hands on yet". (but I have barely played with it. I get sucked down different bad rabbit holes every search I try) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Can you pre-scope your results? We deliberately filter newspapers & reference material, but we use Xerxes and I don't know if that sort of thing is possible without an intervening layer. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Jaclyn, I wish I understood what you asked! What's Xerxes? (we exclude out book reviews and newspapers in initial searches in 1.0; is that what you mean?) - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I did hear that soon reference materials will be clustered like images and news. I can only hope that those clusters will then move into the third column, and stop breaking eye-scroll movement in the main column.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I find it mostly frustrating. BECAUSE it's searching all full-text, all the time - so the relevance isn't useful (imho). Definitely teach them to use the facets. I've found it works ok for historical events, like finding encyclopedia articles on JFK for those who know nothing about him. #TryingToPutAGoodSpinOnSummon - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
You can Prescope and exclude any content type in Summon 2 native ui yes by hacking the URL . We default exclude newspapers and book reviews here. With respect to reference entries appearing I don't like it either, but Summon reps claim undergraduates like it.. - aaron from YouFeed
If you don't like the full text searching the closest thing you can do is to use field searches in advanced search. I find it can work beautifully if you restrict to title/subject/abstract and geographic location (if country) " - BTW I think Summon 2.0 algothrim is the same as Summon 1.0 except for the query expansion feature that rarely comes in play and grouping of news might affect results. Otherwise if you hated Summon 1's relevancy and which librarian doesnt?, you will probably hate Summon 2 as well. . - aaron from YouFeed
Sorry, Xerxes is the software we use to present the results from the Summon API. It's how we do things like remove newspapers... But I think Aaron might be right that we also just hack the URL for some stuff. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl from Android
Aaron, so far Summon 2 is exponentially worse in terms of bringing back quality results without extensive faceting. The algorithm has to be different. Although, I think we were allowed more control over various bits in in 1.0 than 2.0 and maybe that's effecting it? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Hmm you sure? This is 1.0 , this is 2.0 http://nus.preview.summon.seri... (I excluded newspapers), looks the same to me? We have the exact same amount of control on the relevancy ranking for Summon 1.0 and... more... - aaron
Catherine Pellegrino
I have never bothered to set an "out of office" email autoresponder thinger. Should I?
Honestly, I never do. Only if I'm going to be out more than a week with scanty email access. - RepoRat
Since I don't have off-site email access (I've chosen not to learn how), I set it when I know I'll the out for more than a day. The one time I forgot, my director emailed me about something and eventually went to my boss when she didn't get a response. - Katie
i always do, but a MPOW there's a global rule so it never goes outside of the firewall. otherwise i might not for fear of listserv hell.eta: it's difficult for me to check my work e-mail from away as it requires 2-factor authentication and i've also set the expectation of quick responses. - Christina Pikas
I started setting it (and changing my voicemail message) after the first time I was out of town and a faculty member left 3 voicemails, emailed twice, and called my officemate (who told him I was out of town). It seemed like an unnecessary level of panic that was pretty easy to avoid. Also it helps me not check my email on vacation. I only do it for extended vacations though - not for being sick or taking an extra day off here or there. - Marianne
Hm. Okay, maybe I'll look into setting one for my upcoming week of vacation. I've just never set one before, for any length of time, and never had it come back to bite me. And frankly, I find them annoying as heck, but I guess I can see the purpose. - Catherine Pellegrino
I do, but all my lists go to a gmail acct, and that doesn't get one. But it's a courtesy, since I'd rather students/faculty get one if they contact me with a question and know they can go to someone else if it's urgent. - ellbeecee from Android
I find them annoying when I already know the person is gone (like a direct co-worker) but helpful in other circumstances. Also, we were pretty much told "do it" so I do it. I always include contact information for the reference desk in my email and voicemail messages when I know I'm going to be out for more than a day or two and don't want to be checking email while I'm out. - lris
yes, for the reasons above. especially what Christina said about my having set an expectation of a quick response. if I know I'm not going to check email, I set the out of office thingie. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Good point about the contact info, Iris, I do that too (esp. since there are two major sets of things people are likely to be urgently contacting me about, with two different sets of people they should talk to if I am not here). - Marianne
Yeah, the contact info thing is tricky for me in this instance, since neither reference nor circulation is what you might precisely call "staffed" in the summer, but we make do. - Catherine Pellegrino
I should have set one while I was on maternity leave but forgot. Doh. I do it only if I'm really not going to be checking my email. - laura x
I don't...but I also typically check my email even when I'm off/out of the office....primarily because I'm insane. And also it keeps other people out of things they don't need to be involved in - Sir Shuping is just sir
I set one for longer than 1 day out of office. Ours allow for responses only to direct emails--so listservs shouldn't get spammed (I hope). It's pretty common in our campus culture and helps me manage expectations of response. We had wireless at ALA but I didn't have brain capacity for a couple of hours of email at night, so...out of office and I just cleaned things out yesterday. - Hedgehog
I used to but don't now unless it is overseas where I have limited email access.The manage expectation part is why I am considering adding it back in, even though I do (typo) check my email when on leave. - aaron
If you do it, for God's sake refrain from emailing people when it's active. So irritating to reply to an email and get an out-of-office message. - JffKrlsn from Android
At MPOW I don't have access to email offsite (and, in fact, I don't want to) so I set an out of office message identifying who can help while I'm away. Principals in my lab know how to contact me when I'm offsite (another email address which I can get to from offsite) for something urgent+important. - henry
hijack: Does anybody else get people posting direct research/tech questions to your social media accounts when they know you're out of office? Because I am, and I'm trying to be nice while telling my friends to back up. (I do set out of office messages because our AUL asks us to and for reasons identical to Iris's above.) - kaijsa
I set my out-of-office email message for times when I'm not going to reply to office email. That way when someone needs something immediately they know know not to wait for me to respond. I usually only do this when I'm going to be out of town. - John: Thread Killer
Reference question: what does the 2002 edition of the New York Times Manual of Style say about using the title "Dr" for people who have a PhD, and who are speaking about their area of expertise? I can check the 1975 edition myself on Monday, so don't bother looking if you've only got the older edition.
We have the 1999 edition, and according to our vendor, the 2002 is a reprint of the 1999. Here's the entry for Dr. "Dr. should be reserved for those with earned doctorates. Physicians' or dentists' titles should be used in all references....Others with earned doctorates, like Ph.D. degrees, may choose to use the title or not; follow their preference. Do not use the title for someone whose doctorate is honorary." - kaijsa
thanks! - DJF
You're welcome. My research desk shift is sloooow. - kaijsa
I'm so sorry I missed this question … I have created a local subject heading for Journalism Styleguides for mai collection … which includes 4 different editions of the NYT stylebook. :-) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I am now transferred to loans/circulations department after 2 years in technical services and 5 in reference/information services. Any advice/recommendations on what to read, what mailing list to subscribe etc would be greatly appreciated.
lib-circplus is a mailing list I'm on: - Freeda B.
I hope that's good news for you! - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Good in the sense there are new things to learn. Bad in the sense I still retain responsibility for all prior duties and roles. - aaron from YouFeed
Aaron, that sounds like more than one job. - Marie
in a way yes. but the saving grace is it's not as if I am replacing anybody (at least for now), so it all runs without my intervention. I haven't been given any specific instructions by the powers that be, as per usual, given free reign to look around and decide what to improve. though been ignorant of basic concepts like shelf reading , stock take might make it Hard. - aaron from BuddyFeed
shelf reading is No Fun. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
when i used to have to do it at the publib I enjoyed it and got sucked in... then ddc is much more fun than lc. what was no fun was the children's picture books on the bottom shelf. Oy! - Christina Pikas
I wonder how many libraries are actually using ColorMARK (or whatever it's called), that vaguely bizarre product that attempts to ease shelfreading by using a spine label with colored bands that match the first few characters of the call number? (Or has the company quietly disappeared?) - Walt Crawford
I would comment on the thrill of shelfreading in the Doe stacks, all three million volumes, but there was very little of that done and only for specific purposes. - Walt Crawford
lib-circplus is the best list for access services type info. if you do interlibrary loan the ill-l list is also a good one to sub to. just never, ever ask about mailers. it sets off an argument for a week. i'd also look in the journal of access services, just to see if there's anything that catches your eye that's interesting. otherwise...i'm blanking on places/thing to look at - Sir Shuping is just sir
Be kind to your circ staff, and your shelvers. They do the most monotonous but important work in the library, and the circ staff, especially, deal with the most angry people. And they all get very little respect for it. - laura x
Shelf-reading can be very soothing if you're doing it as a break from other tasks that are driving you up the wall. If it's your regular job, you need an iPod so badly it's not funny. - Deborah Fitchett
Yeah, well, unfortunately, iPods and other MP3 players were in short supply in 1963-67, when I might have been doing shelf-reading. Not that I think we'd have been allowed to use them in the stacks while on paid status in any case. - Walt Crawford
When I was a student worker, we weren't allowed to wear headphones at all. We had to be available and approachable to help patrons in the stacks. Our shelvers here wear them all the time and I have to admit I don't like it because I'm an old crankypants and have very particular customer service expectations. But I am not a boss. - kaijsa
Other things I am looking at RFIDs & security (we apparently have a unusual hybrid system because our RFIDs were implemented fairly early in 2001), and yes ILL though for here this means books only. Document delivery refers to articles, which is under another dept. - aaron
RFID is the devil. As is security in general. Good luck! - laura x from iPhone
Laura yes, Circ staff deal with the most angry people. We currently don't have a one-desk approach (reference desk is one level up from entrence level), so they tend to get to deal with even non-circulation complaints (ahem.. discovery service). I got a couple of mths to figure out how to bring about a combined desk approach. - aaron
I'm looking for a really good online tutorial on MLA citation style. Does such a thing exist?
Dang, I was just going to steal yours. ;) - kaijsa
barbara fister
OA book proposal - $20K first book subventions to be paid by libraries/institutions. Discuss.
This one snuck right past me. - barbara fister
I know that good editors need to be paid, and it takes a lot of work and time for editors to work with writers, but jeez. In many cases, the libraries would be paying for the prestige and cache of a brand name, not necessarily the cost of the base services. - Joe
I'll buy that turning a first-timer's academic work into a good-quality academic monograph requires skilled developmental editing and copy editing. That said, damn, $20K seems high: it feels like $3,000-$5,000 "hybrid OA" charges. - Walt Crawford
I love the way such proposals are so often self-described as "rational." "it's eminently rational that you should pay some of the costs we incur." - barbara fister
I wish someone would raise the rational question of whether we really need first books to evaluate whether faculty are keepers. - barbara fister
Then again, most faculty in the humanities who I know assume that though most of their time is spent teaching, their real job is writing books that will be read by people like them. All six of them. - barbara fister
I'm skeptical of the stated benefits for academic libraries. My library would theoretically pay $45K in this scheme and we'd get what? "...working in partnership with presses to aggregate, host, promote, curate, and preserve the growing corpus of open-access digital monographs...." Really? We get to pay money to do work we already don't have personnel to manage. I'm doubtful, but at a non-ARL research university (high level) with a fewer than 30 librarians. - kaijsa
Eh. Some stuff makes a helluva lot more sense at a level above the individual institution (cf Hathi Trust). I ain't arguing with you that the price is too high, though. - RepoRat
I think we haven't figured out what the price shoudl be - or maybe I should say the price we put on doing things this way. I think univesity presses make a big contribution, and most of them do it without a lot of resources, but focusing on "first books" seems to solve a problem that we should think about more critically first. - barbara fister
During AHAGate a blogger said there was no way any press would publish his dissertation, which was on Old Believers in Russia. I thought "damn, that's way more interesting to me than a lot of UP books" but his point was that there really isn't a reason to invest a lot of time and effort into something that wouldn't command a big audience just to prove he was a worthy historian. - barbara fister
Would these ideas still have value if they weren't refined and polished? Not as much, I'm sure, but maybe we could afford to share (and give credit for) scholarship that isn't lovingly buffed and polished. - barbara fister
Though a big piece of what editors at UPs do is coax people to write interesting books which might not see the light of day without encouragement. I don't know what it would take to create conditions for that to happen without it costing $20,000 per interesting project. (That $20,000 doesn't include the author's time or research expenses, remember, though it might include a small advance or occasional royalty check.) - barbara fister
standard in Canada (from back in the day when i knew this stuff) was 10K in funding per monograph at a UP. very few could be published without that (lots of grant-writing heappening). now, funding models for UPs are very different in canada (smaller presses, few popular titles published to support scholarly titles) but i don't think 20K is unreasonable at all. - jambina
subventions, now with open access. At least there's OA in this. - barbara fister
I'm not against this kind of proposal in theory, just think that libraries need to get some funding for personnel to do work that advances projects like this. Funding for human (not just collection) resources is scarce, but demands for services are high. OA is good, figuring out a new model for UPs is good, supporting scholarship is good. I'm just not convinced maintaining the traditional monograph as gold standard for tenure should be a given. - kaijsa
^^^^ yes. - barbara fister
An essay by the new director of the open access Amherst College press - scholarly books are luxury goods unless you decide up front that they are common goods. - barbara fister
Hi everybody! You've probably seen that Mellon is floating a proposal along these lines too, although it wouldn't be aimed at first books. - Jennifer Howard
Meg VMeg
So...Web of Science is now part of Web of Science. This means if you (like me) were looking for advanced search, cited reference search, author search, etc., and starting to wonder whether you were losing you mind, simply go to the top of the Web of Science search interface, and choose "Web of Science" from the databases list.
Whoa. Meta. - DJF from Android
*eyes spin* - RepoRat
or "core collection", actually... I think. I saw the webinar... pretty confusing. everyone on the webinar complained about things being removed from the main page,but the presenter was all like this is what people want (google box implied) - Christina Pikas
Should have a race to see if Laura X's printing instructions are faster than getting what you want out of WoS. - barbara fister
Yeah, I'm exaggerating a tiny bit. You have to choose "Web of Science Core Collection" from the databases list on the Web of Science search interface. We're asking if there's any way to link to that "collection" (which was also part of the confusion: we had a direct link to WoS even when WoK was available, so it really did look like nothing changed on our end). - Meg VMeg
Hmm ours is already linked by default to Web of Science Core collection. The default is "basic search", under that drop down there are "advanced search" and "cited reference search" etc options. Is yours linked to "all databases"? - aaron
It's linked to something? Something...wrong. But now I know that we can fix it, so thank you! - Meg VMeg
Linked from our library homepage I mean. The link is this , after ezproxy login goes to . - aaron
Yeah, no, I know. I'll have to check. We were worried because sometimes vendors refuse to make individual databases linkable within a platform. - Meg VMeg
We also link it to the individual databases within instead of to the group. We also get bioabs, medline, JCR. So we see the drop down to advanced on the main page. - Joe
I admit I was confused by this post. We have had Web of Knowledge as our main link, but we did link to the individual databases separately. I hadn't even noticed the our WoK interface now says Web of Science again. Why, Thompson? - kaijsa
They renamed Web of Knowledge to be Web of Science. Now we are not sure what to call the real Web of Science in our databases list. - Meg VMeg
Yeah, I get it now. We haven't changed anything yet here. I'm going to tell our Thompson reps what a dumb idea they had. - kaijsa
In other news, I just received confirmation that we do *not* have access to InCites the product, only all of the other databases on the InCites platform that are not InCites the product. I am not kidding. - Meg VMeg
The Web of Science Database within the Web of Science Platform? Kind of like an egg within an egg. - Joe
"There are many ways you can keep up with what’s going on at ALA Annual whether or not you’re in Las Vegas. You can get insights into library transformation, the hot book and author news..." The ALA pushing the trope that librarians are book focused. At least the hot book news got second billing to library transformation...
Eh. The audience for that announcement is librarianship-internal. I don't see a big deal. - RepoRat
also for public librarians especially, hot book and author news is important. reader's advisory and collection development takes a lot of current awareness and a lot of the librarians I know who go to ALA do spend a lot of time on books and authors. - Marianne
I'm not bothered by a strong focus on books/reading. PLs make up a huge segment of ALA attendees, and I do note that the ACRL announcements look very different. I chalked that up to the indended audience. Disclaimer: I might be an academic librarian, but I'm a literature librarian (and a 100+ novel-per-year reader), so YMMV. - kaijsa
Catherine Pellegrino
Member of the Week: Marie R. Kennedy -
Member of the Week: Marie R. Kennedy
Look who's the ACRL Member of the Week! And she name-checks Laura X's book, too. - Catherine Pellegrino from Bookmarklet
Holy wow! Thank you, Marie! And go you! - laura x from iPhone
full of win - maʀtha
and look! it's a picture of me without food on my face! - Marie
well, that just removes half the fun - RepoRat
there could be spinach in your teeth, we can't tell - maʀtha
So awesomeness! - Jen
*dies of cute* - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Happy dance in honor of the awesomeness that is Marie! - Galadriel C. from Android
Marie is my ERL idol. - kaijsa
*waves tiny "Yay" flag* - LB hates stale candy! from Android
Thinking of making this an animated gif by shopping in a cheerio fang for a second about ever 20-30 seconds. Also, maybe a blink. - Joe
^ LOL - Marie from iPhone
I want to know what things Marie DOESN'T do well. She's kind of amazing. - Holly's favorite Anna
I see you, Anna. - Marie
Yay - Julian
Then why the fuck did you give me the option of downloading it that way in the first place?
Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.57.33.png
Because I am an ebook, and therefore perverse and filled with friction. - kaijsa
Because instead you can download chapters! All the chapters you could possibly want! Well...actually only one chapter. Unless it's big. Then you're out of luck. Ask your friend to download the other half. CHAPTERSSSSSS WOOOOOOOO! - Meg VMeg
is this EBL? - maʀtha
Ebrary, I think. They're all the same - DJF from Android
"perverse and filled with friction" is how I like my pornography. - Steele Lawman
with a name like Steele Lawman, I expect no less of you - maʀtha
I'd also like to talk about image PDFs and how they are an abomination and perversion of all that is useful. - Regular Amanda
Oh yeah. I have to use massive 19th century parliamentary docs for my LLM, and so far can only get as image PDFs. D/l as text is...less than optimal. - Pete
barbara fister
So, sometimes I ask my pals for an article because ... well, it's easy, but it's not just that. It's also a natural place to turn, a friendly, informal, connected place. I love ILL, but when there's a way to accomplish what I need through already-established relationships, it's tempting not just because of convenience.
I wonder how this will play out for academic libraries in the near future. As stats drop, will support follow? Or should we be happy about the invisible college providing ILL? - barbara fister
That's actually an interesting research question: while we know that ILL has declined (I think we know that, but I'd have to check), how much of that decline has been as a result of article requests moving from formal to informal article transfer mechanisms, especially since the informal methods provide articles in a more flexible format (informal transfers = PDFs; formal transfers = print, or DRM'd PDF [at least around here]). - DJF
Or a PDF that is a black and white scanned PDF image of an article that used to have color images and charts, and no OCR text search possible. - Joe
while I think our ILL stats have decreased a little, in my building we offer document delivery from our own print collection and that far more makes up for the balance. so at least for a time, I think we may just see a shift in needs. - Hedgehog from Android
#icanhazpdf is super popular for a bunch of reasons. - Christina Pikas
And, of course, I had to bite. VERY crudely (across all NCES respondents, which is a constantly-shifting universe), both ILL provided and ILL received seems to have declined slightly from 2010 to 2012--but it grew (at least provided did) every biennium from 2004 to 2010. I'd bet it's the usual "most well-known places shrank, but many other places grew" situation. - Walt Crawford
[Quick comparison: Total ILL provided in 2012 10,528,989; in 2004 10,174,075; total ILL received in 2012 9,795,177; in 2004, adding in document delivery, 9,985,611. The provided 2012 figure is midway between 2004 and 2006. The peak for provided was 2010 at 11,223,980; for received, 2008 at 10,707,481.] - Walt Crawford
Again, though, that's a gross count, wildly inaccurate for any given group of academic libraries. It's what I could do in five minutes looking at the raw data. - Walt Crawford
Our students aren't part of the invisible college, and they do loads of ILL. But an increasing number of faculty don't even remember it's there (except when they need books and don't want to buy them). - barbara fister
What's funny about the "you have to degrade the quality first if you want to ILL it" is that it's probably meant to increase artcile purchase, but probably leads to #icanhazpdf more quickly. - barbara fister
DJF: DRMd PDFs? SRSLY? (alphabet soup, but ... wow.) - barbara fister
#icanhazpdf knows no CONTU, nor Rule of Five. *g* - RepoRat
^ - Marie
Yes. Our ILL department has taken a particularly narrow reading of the law. So, if you request an article, we will make it available on a server for you to download, but it expires after a while, so you have to print it when you're notified. - DJF from Android
Sigh. We are a net lender here and rarely need articles from other libraries, but I'm lately being stymied by requests for things like a $2500 market report and we just can't borrow them or justify paying for them for individual faculty. It was tempting to ask if anybody has the latest one requested, but I think that's the kind of shit that would get me into trouble. - kaijsa
the marketing reports requests I get tend to be students just googling. they are very specialised and expensive I doubt most libraries would have it. anyway could ILL decline (or possibly decline) cos of open access rising? - aaron from BuddyFeed
At least right now, I suspect that the increase in ILL due to the ease of finding out about things that you wouldn't have even heard of before is offsetting the decrease due to the ability to get things open access. - Rebecca Hedreen
Excellent point, Rebecca. Also ++ RR and ++ Walt. DJF, our consortium has a one week expiration, too, which I assume was a sop to publishers. Had a student in a panic who assumed she only had a week to view the article, after which it would vanish (maybe had encountered vanishing public library ebook loans?) If publishers ever pull that sh!t, #icanhaspdf will no doubt find a workaround. - barbara fister
Construction begins in my library today.
here's hoping it's as non-loud and non-smelly as possible. and that the result is shiny, too. :) - Marianne
what are they building? - maʀtha
The writing center is moving into the library in August, so we're reconstructing most of the staff spaces on the main floor of the library to accommodate that. The temporary wall in the picture is surrounding the space that will become the writing center itself. - lris
Ooh, does that mean Carol Rutz will be moving in? (Probably not, but she's awesome.) - barbara fister
No, she runs the writing program. The writing center is a different thing run by the also-awesome Kathy Evertz. - lris
So what's moving into Scoville, then? - Lily
If I remember right, Scoville is getting emptied, renovated, and then maybe Admissions moves in? - lris
Best renovation wishes! - kaijsa
Do any of you have Oxford Very Short Intros online? I'll ask our CD peeps to get more info, but am wondering if it's on its own platform or if it works with other OUP products. I am weary of platform proliferation.
i think they're in a whole reference suite? - Christina Pikas
or not... no... i guess we just had a trial... i thought i saw them somewhere else but i see they have their own url... nevermind i don't know what i'm talking about (as usual) - Christina Pikas
Yeah, I'm wondering if they get thrown in with our Oxford reference stuff, or have to be separate. I know less than you do. - kaijsa
We thought about getting this product and rejected it. The little books are so popular here, but much of their appeal are their small size and slick format. I doubt the digital version would have the same appeal. - maʀtha
Thanks, Martha. You're likely right about the lil books being very appealing in print. I'm starting to see some of them assigned as required texts for classes, so I wanted to look into getting the online version to save student moneys. I'm gonna have to ask for a trial to see what's what. - kaijsa
Rachel Walden
Anybody have suggestions on tools/software for allowing library users to make reservations and see availability online? Wanting something to use for a special room and also day-long check-out iPads. Thanks!
We are looking at OpenRoom: Is anyone using that? - Rebecca Hedreen
We use MRBS for self-booking. University of Washington uses it, too. - kaijsa
We use OpenRoom at Baruch College. Here's an article about it at Virginia Commonwealth U. - Stephen Francoeur
I like to look and functions of this one at UNC Charlotte - Stephen Francoeur
We also use MRBS. - Deborah Fitchett
thanks! - Rachel Walden
Looking for: kendrak at gmail
OTW. - kaijsa
My ALA roommate has warned me that she is a loud sleeper.... I'm now seeking recommendations for Very Good earplugs.
The soft foam kind you get in drugstores has always worked for me. I have tiny ear canals that are easily irritated, so I go for slim fit. Anything like those silicone screw in type make me crazy. What I like: - kaijsa
I've not seen slim fit ones before, great idea. My ear canals are short, so I've always wished for shorter ones.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
The kind Kaijsa recommends is what I used for years of marching band indoor practices. (I also used them when flying on witty-bitty regional jets and prop planes with horrific engine noise, and they seemed to also reduce the effect of air pressure changes on takeoff and landing.) - Catherine Pellegrino
I use the soft foam ones, too. If she's super loud, a white noise app on your phone plus some earbuds may help. - LB hates stale candy!
laura x
Things you feel like you're the only person in the world who has read/seen/listened to. Go!
"Elsie Piddock Skips in Her Sleep" by Eleanor Farjeon; The Good Master and The Singing Tree by Kate Seredy - laura x
Emmet Swimming - Something like this "Listen to the River". They had one hit (Arlington to Boston), but I really like all of their stuff. - Joe
Books, e-author John Locke; Donovan Creed series. Music: Gypsy Soul and Sass Jordan - Janet from FFHound!
Justin said, "How To Build Military Grade Suppressors, by Keith Anderson" Me, The Gooseberry Bluff Community College of Magic, by David Schwartz. - Jenica
The Skipper Chuck tv show for kids that was broadcast from a studio in Miami in the 1950s-1970s. - Stephen Francoeur
There's a video with a bunch of segments that I must have seen about a bajillion times in grade school; the first segment was an animated short called "Why Man Creates" (yes, it was the 1970s). - Catherine Pellegrino
Sister by Jim Lewis. I need to reread it to see if it holds up after 20 years, but I LOVED it. I've never known anybody else to have read it. - kaijsa
Lucky: . Wife and I loved this program. I think we were the only ones. Superfolks: . The copyright is 1977, so I must have been around 15 or 16 but I could have sworn I was younger. Either way, had my mom known of it's content (like explicit s-e-x), she wouldn't have let me read it.... more... - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Also, this is a very good thread starter. - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Since leaving Canada, the series Slings and Arrows. Also the CD "Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!" by Corb Lund. (P.S. Jenica, I read Gooseberry Bluff!). - Soup in a TARDIS
I was telling someone at work a few days ago about Slings and Arrows. - Betsy
Every American Doctor Who fan has had the "I thought I was the only one who knew about Doctor Who" moment. - Betsy
Who? - Joe
I like, Art…Vandelay. Art Vandelay? He’s an obscure writer. Beatnik, from the village. - Stephen Mack
I <3 <3 <3 <3 Slings and Arrows, Betsy. Ever since learning about it (when I lived in Canada) I've been promoting it ceaselessly. - Soup in a TARDIS
Trixie Belden books. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
Jonny Chase: Secret agent of space (70s radio drama) - DJF from Android
@Soup: as a fan of Forever Knight, KF-TLC and Due South, how could I not know about Slings and Arrows? :-) - Betsy
The historical novels- for children- of Cynthia Harnett - Pete
Dinosaurs. I make mention of this every few months, and it's like nobody remembers that show. Also Tucker, is another one. - NOT THE CRICKET
The sitcom family dinosaurs Dinosaurs? I remember that :) - Pete
NOT THE MAMA - kendrak
Indeed. Of course, I'm normally talking to people my age or younger. So they probably didn't see it at all. - NOT THE CRICKET
So glad I'm among Slings & Arrows fans! It's about as good a TV show as I can fathom existing. Well, I'd watch anything with Paul Gross in it :) - Lily
Aw, I remember THE GOOD MASTER - loved that book, and haven't thought of it for yonks. - barbara fister
Only an American would think they're the only person who's listened to Corb Lund ;-) - DJF from Android
Probably Reynke de Vos or Til Eulenspiegel. In English, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists. - kendrak
For a time, Waif called me "Not The Mama". Wife pleaded ignorance - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
There's MoTo's new nickname. - NOT THE CRICKET
Jaclyn, I loved Trixie Belden! - Jenica from iPhone
Jimminy - "so let it be written" - MoTO: Tufted Coqeutte
Jenica - until the internet came around, I was half convinced I'd made them up. :P - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
from my childhood: Wonderama and The Magic Garden. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
Die Strudlhofstiege by Heimito von Doderer, a novel I love. - Maitani
Pete, I read some Cynthia Harnett. My grandmother had a great many of them. (I know of Slings & Arrows and Trixie Belden and have seen a few episodes of Dinosaurs, in part). - laura x
My TV shows would be The Tomorrow People and Against the Odds ( - laura x
Read: David Graham - Down to a Sunless Sea, Jean Karl - The Turning Place, Strange Tomorrow, But We Are Not of Earth. Re: Dinosaurs - I remember when it was on and I've been watching it on Netflix recently! - ellbeecee
Ooh, I remember Trixie Belden! Also Cherry Ames. - ellbeecee
LBC--I've got the first 8 Cherry Ames books at home. :) They've reissued them. - Hedgehog
I know - I've got the old editions though. :) - ellbeecee
The Moomin books. - barbara fister
Now, Secret Agent, let us talk ;) Although I saw the TV adaptation before I read the books. - Pete
Old Sci Fi UFO and Space:1999 - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
I loved Home Movies! - kendrak
Night Court. - Hedgehog
"The Brown Bird," as sung by Maxine Sullivan (on the B side of her version of "Blue Skies"). - laura x
@Jorge: I have the Space: 1999 DVD box set. - Betsy
And I remember watching UFO around the same time. - Betsy
@Hedgehog: I was telling them at work this week about the Turbo Shatner 2000. - Betsy
Blake's 7 (except for Sarah, of course) - maʀtha
@Martha, are you familiar with the Bizarro 7 zines? - Betsy
Fan of Trixie Belden, Dinosaurs, and Night Court -----> - LB hates stale candy! from Android
Here's my list (for now): Herman's Head, Jason's Quest by Margaret Laurence, The Juniper Game by Sherryl Jordan. - Marianne
Oooh, also the TV show Pretender. - Hedgehog from Android
Oh, I'm a fan of Spike Jones and the City Slickers. Plenty of folks are familiar with them, but they're all older than I! - LB hates stale candy! from Android
@Hedgehog: Miss Parker? - Betsy
Mrs. Pigglewiggle - maʀtha
I had not, Betsy - maʀtha
I remember Space 1999! - maʀtha
i have all of the first SPACE:1999 series on DVD. second one was a terrible kiddie show, tho, and discarded nearly everything important to the premise in the name of pandering...which ultimately led to its cancellation. - Big Joe Silence
Most of the Arthur Machen I've read. - Katy S from iPhone
I mostly remember big banks of computers with flashy lights and people in jumpsuits (re Space 1999) - maʀtha
Why do people always think there are jumpsuits in the future? What's wrong with pants and shirt? - maʀtha
there's alot of SPACE:1999 episodes on YouTube. watch the pilot called "Breakaway". - Big Joe Silence
Yes Betsy, that's the one. Martha, I loved Mrs. PiggleWiggle, I still think of it when I am making the bed - Hedgehog from Android
That book I can't remember the title of. =P It was a high fantasy where magicians all had specialties and didn't cross over, and the main hero (?) might have been from one of the disrespected specialties, the one that could talk to animals. His order would have secret conversations by having multiple wizards all basically teleconference into a turtle sitting on the table. And they had a... more... - Andrew C (✔)
ooh, something I watched: "Space Giants", with Goldar Silvar and Gam (see for example: ) - ellbeecee
that old Lathe of Heaven PBS production. I saw it on PBS when it aired and it inhabited my dreams for years - maʀtha
I remember seeing ads for it and I didn't know what it was but it sounded great and I tried to get my parents to let me watch it but something else the rest of the family wanted to watch was on at the same time and we only had one TV set, as one did back then, so no go. - Betsy
I watched it totally by chance and had no idea what it was or what was happening - maʀtha
agree on … Wonderama!! (wackado, wackado, wackado; lolhusband also watched it growing up, on channel 5). And yes, Cherry Ames, Student Nurse. LOVED Mrs. PiggleWiggle. I bet she shopped at the Piggly Wiggly. I remember, but didn't read Trixie Belden. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
adding: Enid Blyton (tho' I bet the tea eaters have read her). - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I have read SO MUCH Enid Blyton (as well as Cherry Ames). #canadian - Marianne
Buckaroo Banzai. - Betsy
Betsy, I saw that at a con filled with people, and then had all the mutual friends of myself and the friend I went to the con with say, "YOU NEVER SAW THAT UNTIL NOW? HOW!?!?!?" And yet, I still feel that way sometimes too. - Marianne
i saw "Buckaroo Banzai" in the cinema when it was first release. 5 minutes before the credits there was a direct lightning strike on the power to the building and everything blacked out for a moment before the backup lights came on. we exited the emergency doors and there was a tornado outside. i didn't see the whole thing til it was on cable a few years later. - Big Joe Silence
SPECTREMAN. I watched quite a few sentai shows in the late 70s, and that one still surprises people. - Steven Perez
For a very long time, I didn't know anyone else who had watched the BBC production of Gormenghast with Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Steerpike. I started to wonder if I had imagined seeing it. - Katy S
Katy, same! I have the DVD set rolling around the house somewhere. - Jennifer Dittrich
Except for Star Wars (asterisk), Buckaroo Banzai was the first movie I saw multiple times in the theater. My friend Dottie and I were kinda obsessed with it. EDIT: and I found out last year that they actually released the soundtrack ("for like five minutes"). - Betsy
i have that soundtrack. i even posted some of it on FF once. - Big Joe Silence
That must've been before we met on FF or I would've pounced on it. :-) Fortunately, I was able to get a copy of it last year. - Betsy
Herman's Head! I loved that show. :) - Laura
The music of Pavlov's Dog. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
What's Alan Watching? - Betsy
My Secret Identity. - Betsy
My Secret Identity! My sibs and I used to sing the theme song to that show. - Marianne
I watched Herman's Head and My Secret Identity! - Andrew C (✔)
The Charmings. - LB hates stale candy! from Android
I remember that, but I didn't watch it. Hang on, it's the sitcom version of Once Upon a Time! Sort of. - Betsy
Oh, also for movies, The World of Henry Orient and A Little Romance. And has anyone else read The Blue Cat of Castletown or The Wheel on the School? - laura x
Wheel on the School, yes! - maʀtha
Another that sticks in my mind is Paddle-to-the-Sea, of which there was a riveting (at least to my very young self) film - maʀtha
Oh, my dad loves the book Paddle to the Sea and gave a copy of it last year to Mr. 7yo. - Stephen Francoeur
Anyone here remember the sitcom, ¿Qué Pasa, USA?, which was on PBS in the late 1970s? One of the actors in it got his big break in 1983 as Al Pacino's sidekick in Scarface. - Stephen Francoeur
Let No Man Write my Epitaph by Willard Motley. - Jenny H. from Android
Oh god. Paddle to the Sea. - DJF from Android
It might be one of those books like Babar that I *loved* as a kid, but would now cringe upon reading - maʀtha
(Yes to Wheel on the School.) - LB hates stale candy!
This is one not "only one in the world" 'cause these were big at my grade school when I was a kid, but I'm probably the only one here who has read the Comtesse de Segur books. I don't remember much about them except for one random scene. - Betsy
My grandmother got the book Paddle-to-the-Sea into an episode of Northern Exposure. (I had no idea there was a film, but I still love the book.) - laura x
OH. John Verney's Ismo. My youthful introduction to anarchism. What a great book. - barbara fister
(I read Trixie Belden! :)) - Jenny H. from Android
The band 9353 - Gabrielle
I thought I was the only who lurved John Bellairs until I met Amanda. - Jenny H. from Android
Lila Downs! - Jenny H. from Android
For music, I'll go solo work by bassists from famous bands: Geezer Butler, John Entwistle, John Paul Jones. For books, how about early Norman Spinrad like Men in the Jungle or Bug Jack Barron. Also probably not too many have read any of the Matt Helm books. - John Dupuis
When I was a kid I loved this Disney movie called The Challengers about a girl who masquerades as a boy so she can be in a band. I also had this VHS tape that was called something like "The Kids' Encyclopedia" and it had short video segments on things like learning how to mime and how to breakdance and how to speak a secret language called Ob. My brother and I LOVED that videotape. - Laura Krier
I also listened to a band called Butt Trumpet in high school. Super classy, as you can imagine. Very, very few people in my life have heard of Butt Trumpet. - Laura Krier
Oh AND my brother and I constantly watched this movie called Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveller that I think was Canadian. I loved that movie. - Laura Krier
Oh, ok, The Challengers was NOT a DIsney movie. And it was also Canadian. No idea why we watched so many Canadian movies when I was a kid. - Laura Krier
Speaking of Canadian shows: this one aired on Saturdays mornings on CBC when I was in library school: Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, with Michael Praed. - Betsy
oh, and I LOVED Dinosaurs. "Not the Mama!!" - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
What a great throwback question, Stephen, yes I remember Que Pasa USA? with it's catchy theme song. And Dinosaurs all of the in jokes about the environmental future of the earth. And how about High Feather? - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
Kelly and Amanda, my grade school once got to have a conference call with John Bellairs! - laura x from iPhone
I lived outside of Marshall MI where all the Bellairs books were set :) Philosopher and I went there to visit last summer - Hedgehog
Ooh, I got one. “Who Am I This Time?” It was on American Playhouse on PBS in 1982. It was the very first time I saw (or noticed) Susan Sarandon and Christopher Walken in anything. It was great. It’s still the first thing that comes to mind whenever I think of either of them. - Betsy
I used to watch Brimstone. I was going to say I have it on VHS, but I threw out most of my home tapes this week. - Betsy
Okavango. - Betsy
A Fine Romance (aka, Ticket to Ride) with Christopher Cazenove and Margaret Whitton. Except for a commercial, YouTube only has it in German, which doesn't help me any. (Originally, the lead was going to be Anthony Andrews, but shooting was delayed by the TV writers' strike and he had to be elsewhere by the time it got resolved.) - Betsy
"Tales From The Dark Side". there was also that werewolf show on FOX in the 80s where the protagonist would get a bloody pentagram in the palm of his hand just before changing each time. i forget the name. was bummed out when it went off the air. - Big Joe Silence
Yeah, the one with Chuck Connors as Janos Skorzeny (I recognized that they borrowed the name from Night Stalker). It was called Werewolf. It'd forgotten about that one. - Betsy
How about The Phoenix, with Judson Scott? - Betsy
Starman, TV series with Robert Hays. - Betsy
A few animated movies from when I was young - Gandahar, The Devil and Daniel Mouse, The Sea Prince and the Fire Child. - Jennifer Dittrich
Jennifer, I loved the devil and daniel mouse. - Marianne
Catherine Pellegrino
I may or may not have stood up and cheered upon encountering ACRL Threshold Concept #4 ("Authority is constructed & contextual.")
Says you ;) - Aaron the Librarian
Indeed. (And in fact, am I not by this very post admitting that I am just now getting around to reading the silly things? I undermine my own authority by the very act of posting. I'm so postmodern I can't stand myself.) - Catherine Pellegrino
I tend to try to be pre-post post-modern, personally - but it does get confusing every now and always. (also, you're an authority now, so you can't get out of it) - Aaron the Librarian
You also undermine their authority by pointing out that you haven't read them until now. Obviously you were doing quite well without them. "Who needs the ACRL when you have the LSW?" :D - Marianne
^ heh heh heh ++Marianne - Aaron the Librarian
"Framework? We don't need no steenkin' Framework!" :) Hey, y'all, if you haven't read the Carleton/St. Olaf joint response to the Draft Framework, you really should: Iris et al. make some excellent points and really helped me focus my thinking on what was valuable in there and what was head-scratchin' material: - Catherine Pellegrino
Troy posted w some additional info (unofficial) re how being framed now. I also commented. I'm concerned. - Lisa Hinchliffe
Hm. So, if I'm understanding the post that Lisa linked above correctly (and it gets a bit convoluted in here, so apologies if I go astray): certain unnamed critics of the ACRL Framework are criticizing it because, in order for the Threshold Concepts to be true Threshold Concepts, they need to be "bounded" (in addition to a bunch of other adjectives like "integrative" and my favorite,... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
I guess I have several thoughts on this, some more relevant than others: A) It would have been helpful if Troy had linked to, quoted, or otherwise specifically referenced at least one of these criticisms, rather than paraphrasing them, because I'm having a hard time making sense of the argument without a specific reference. B) I'm not sure I agree with Troy that IL is a discipline. C) I... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
I don't agree that IL is a discipline, but do think it lives within each of the disciplines and gets expressed differently depending on each. That's as bounded as I need it to be to buy in. - kaijsa
I also don't entirely agree with Lisa's comment on the blog post she linked above ( where she says that "our goal is to advance students in the 'abilities, practices, and dispositions' of the field(s) that they are studying." While... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
If you can't meet at the requirements of being TCs, then you don't have TCs and shouldn't label them TCs. Here's comments I sent in to the draft that says a bit more: - Lisa Hinchliffe
(#s refer to the Q #s in the feedback form - sorry I didn't copy the Q; most relevant is my #5 response. I presume I am one of the unnamed...) - Lisa Hinchliffe
#3 - I would like to see these sections articulate process for developing robust experiences for students. Many of the examples are so low-level right now I could never show this document to my faculty or they will think I am proposing remedial education. I would also like to see guidance to avoid the idea that "here is how to teach a TC in 50 minutes" - the theory of TCs says that they... more... - Lisa Hinchliffe
For those on Twitter, there was a fair bit of discussion re the Framework in last night's #CritLib discussion. I suppose you don't really have to be on twitter given the hashtag and search! - Lisa Hinchliffe
Hi Lisa -- thank you for including your comments here! I think I have a better understanding now of the issues and challenges of framing the new document in terms of Threshold Concepts, so that helps a lot, and I share your concerns about the "what next?" aspect of the "threshold" part of Threshold Concepts. I guess I'm not as personally invested in the theoretical aspects of what the... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
Let me offer one thought on why I think the theoretical aspects do matter. Librarians are often concerned with our credibility as collaborators. What happens to that if the "new document claims to be" a "particular kind of construct" but isn't? - Lisa Hinchliffe
BTW, pretty sure your #1-3 are exactly what librarians said the Standards would do for us when they were created. FWIW, I don't think it has been the Standards document that has been holding us back. AND - thank you for reading what I wrote and considering it. I do appreciate that immensely! - Lisa Hinchliffe
Hm. Even more to think about here -- thank you! (I kind of wonder if anyone else is even paying attention at this point. :) ) Okay, so if the new document claims to be a particular kind of construct and then isn't, we lose face with faculty for being theoretically/methodologically sloppy? I guess I can see where that would be a problem, though I honestly don't think that the faculty I... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
And that's fascinating about how the 2000-era Standards were framed as a tool for collaboration with faculty. I wasn't a librarian then, so wasn't a part of those conversations, but I can see where that might have been an important part of the discourse at that time. I wonder if it says more about where educational theory and scholarship has gone in the intervening 14 years that the... more... - Catherine Pellegrino
You can really see the thinking of the time if you look at the Objectives document that was developed to pair with the Standards. Especially the Appendix. - Lisa Hinchliffe
So, what do I think would help? Bluntly - allocation of resources. I take some hope from the ITHAKA Library Directors survey on where they plan to hire. But, there is also the problem of the Coordinator Syndrome (well articulated by GaviaLib - So, give me staff, a unit, and a budget. Those are the things we get done in libraries.... more... - Lisa Hinchliffe
FWIW, I am also concerned with ACRL's standing as a professional organization in the realm of higher education associations. To me, the framework is, dissonant, for example with the Degree Qualifications Profile, the AAC&U VALUE (Valid Assessment of Undergraduate Education) Initiative, etc. But, all things the same - there is no need to withdraw the standards to have the framework. So,... more... - Lisa Hinchliffe
(I am reading this & appreciate the comments … no brain to add to the conversation, but thanks for having it!) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Well worth your time to read if you want to know more about concerns.Note that Lane was on the TF and resigned (he explains) - - Lisa Hinchliffe
Congrats! "ACRL announces the publication of The Embedded Librarian's Cookbook, edited by Kaijsa Calkins and Cassandra Kvenild."
Any Chapter authors from the LSW as well? (other than Kaijsa and Cassandra...) - Joe
Thanks, Joe. I don't think any of our authors are in LSW, but my mind may be blanking. - kaijsa
Is that the LISNews Blake Carver? He's around here. - ellbeecee
Blake, you need to update your WP. - Joe
Hey now. Are you book signing at the big shindig next week? - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
Right! I can't believe I forgot Blake--my brain is overloaded. - kaijsa
I'm not doing a signing, but if you buy a copy, you should definitely get any of the authors you see to sign their chapters. We had so many amazing librarians contribute to this book. I'm very grateful. - kaijsa
also, I did my undergrad with Jenn Kelley - she's awesome :) - ellbeecee
Manager librarians: I have a retirement in the next few months and will be hiring to replace them. I can't talk job details here, but any general advice about the whole process would be appreciated. (I can say this is a reference position.)
Figure out what this new person will be doing and make an accurate job description. Odds are that your retiree has a slightly to very different real world job vs what the job description would say that their job should be. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
We are morphing the position, that's for certain. - Andy
Not sure if this is part of what you're looking for, but if you haven't had a new hire in a while, think about how the new person will be introduced to the department and their work.. Who should they meet in the community? Offer to have coffee with the new person and other important people they should meet, for a nice collegial introduction. Also, how will they meet other people in other departments in the library? (You may already have very good processes for this.) - Regular Amanda
Amanda: I'm taking all advice! - Andy
Take a few minutes to see what needs to be reallocated to other people. Was the retiree doing something for someone else that they need to do themselves? Is there something that can be phased out (pretend you weren't replacing the position)? - Hedgehog
I'm not a manager, but we have had several retirements, three internal moves, and one person leave for another university--all within my department--so we have been in the hiring mode. Every personnel change (whether we'll miss the person like mad or not) is a chance to reevaluate the way things work, and having the whole department engage in thoughtful conversations about new ways of... more... - kaijsa
Look at EVERYTHING... New hires are an obvious opportunity to give existing people new/different jobs yaks and responsibilities. If anyone currently hints at bend bored with their current job, see how they would be interested in mixing things up. Anyone looking burnt-out, same thing. - Aaron the Librarian from Android
yaks. don't forget the yaks. *gigglesnort* - holly #ravingfangirl
yeah, they take shaving, yaks do. - RepoRat
Aaron the Librarian
Friday's Stumper: Student looking for the Intent to Seek Counseling Services Inventory by Cash & Begley from either 1975 or 1978. We've found the base article from 1975 which describes looely, but cannot locate the instrument nor the scoring sheet.instructions. Help appreciated!
what have you tried? have you tried: Health & Psychosocial Instruments (HAPI), Mental Measurements Yearbook, and PsycTests? - Christina Pikas
or lemme know which ones you haven't tried and i'll try - Christina Pikas
Sadly, we have no HAPI here (haha) ... PsyTESTS, MMY, & Tests in Print. PsyTESTS has the SOSH which is simlar, but not the desired test :| (also delved GoogScholar & the internets at large) - Aaron the Librarian
ugh its on ovid. found this:Attitudes Toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help Scale. will keep looking - Christina Pikas
we're only hapi back to 1985, but I found this: - Christina Pikas
Cash, T. F., Begley, P. J., McCown, D. A., & Weise, B. C. (1975). When counselors are heard but not seen: Initial impact of physical attractiveness. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 22(4), 273-279. - Christina Pikas
Title Intentions to Seek Counseling Inventory. Acronym ISCI Instrument Author Cash, Thomas F.; Begley, Phyllis J.; McCown, David A.; Weise, Beverly C. Notes Author HaPI attributes authorship of the instrument to authors of the Reference. Source Code Secondary Source Source Miville, M. L., & Constantine, M. G. (2007). Cultural values, counseling stigma, and intentions to seek counseling among Asian American college women. Counseling and Values, 52, 2-10. Language English - Christina Pikas
HAPI includes this reference note for "Journal of Counseling Psychology, Perceived public stigma and the willingness to seek counseling: The mediating roles of self-stigma and attitudes toward counseling. By: Vogel, D. L.; Wade, N. G.; Hackler, A. H.. Vol. 54 (1) 2007; p40-50, 11p.": Intentions to Seek Counseling Inventory (ISCI) is administered by Vogel, Wade, and Hackler (2007) using the Psychological and Interpersonal Concerns subscale from Cash, Begley, McCown, and Weise's (1975) measure. - Rebecca Hedreen
The instrument isn't given in the Vogel article, however, which uses multiple scales. - Rebecca Hedreen
PsychTests has a different inventory from those authors from 1975. Just an FYI. Cash, T., Begley, P. J., McCown, D. A., & Weise, B. C. (1975). Personal Problems Inventory. doi:10.1037/t03410-000 ETA: that's all PsychTests has for Cash. - kaijsa
Thanks for all these! (saturbrarianing on a saturday off) I'll pass these citations along to the student & see where she wants to go from here - Aaron the Librarian
Hmm... is there full text available for you ([Christina, Rebecca,kaijsa]) there aren't for me. If you can get them, plz share with adobbs at the gmail? - Aaron the Librarian
the 1975 text? i did look at the 2007 text and the instrument wasn't there but there were references to maybe 3-4 articles that used it. - Christina Pikas
I have the 1975 "when counselors are not seen" text (which started this whole chase off) but oddly cannot find text for the others from this thread. Your HAPI entry "Title Intentions to Seek Counseling Inventory" 7 comments above this one sounds like has the actual inventory instrument with instructions? - Aaron the Librarian
On the way to you. In searching again, found other things for Cash--weird. Not what you were looking for, though. - kaijsa
OH HEY look what's on the new book shelf at the SLIS library: And look at that chapter written by our own Hedgehog Librarian!
(I wouldn't be surprised if there was more LSW involvement -- I had like five seconds to scan the ToC because conference call. If you're in the book too, speak up!) - RepoRat
Not LSWers (so far as I know), but Kim Duckett and Scott Warren are friends of mine from MFPOW -- super-smart people and all-around good eggs. - Catherine Pellegrino
I really enjoyed reading that book-totally full of smarties. Cheryl Ball (not a librarian) came to mpow to speak at a digital humanities symposium a couple years ago and I so thoroughly enjoyed talking to her and wish we worked at the same uni. - kaijsa
:D If you don't have a copy of the book but would like to read my chapter, the OA version is here This was a great process--the default was limited license to them. - Hedgehog
I love that the entire book, save one chapter, is available OA. So smart! - kaijsa
This tagline in INDIGO makes me laugh, though: "Items in INDIGO are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated." - Aaron the Librarian
Yeah..we're supposed to be able to mark stuff w/ a creative commons license but not sure if that has ever worked in my time there - Hedgehog from Android
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