Affordable Medicine and diagnosis through radical innovation -
[(1) baked!!] Face based presence sensor, Auto-brightness and tilt for laptop screen & more!! (2.0: +21, -2) -!!
gracefull degradation note: I am a firefox user
If it can fail gracefully, why not?!
voted for "Yes"
Synaptics touchpad gesture recognition -
"What happens in ETL?" Bravo Ralph Kimball! clear & to the point! #etl #data #mining #business #intelligence
fell in love with best way to practically learn electronics
@csarven: its nearing 2012 . lolz
@csarven The message I got Is - if you switch on the exhaust fan, the dead people become alive and start running
@rejon Happy Birthday!
@rejon: curing any situation first involves understanding related situation. but .. *what is this "dudeloop"* ?
Manual premature AngryBirds addiciton destruct engaged.
Addicted to angry birds. Set the addiction to self destruct in 2 weeks, jsut like I had done with Farmville :)
Firefox 6 Nightly builds crashing left and right .. having fun reporting crashes . backup FF4 safe in another dir
feels bad to break this : "19:11:52 up 39 days, 2:42, 13 users, load average: 1.46, 1.37, 1.5" , but a RAM upgrade is more important
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