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Related to @neilhall_uk's #Kindex paper, see 'The failure mode of clever' by @scalzi: h/t @SFriedScientist
RT @loveofscience: Love the #ocean? Help me reach my goal, so that I can provide more in-depth coverage on the impacts of #acidification
RT @seelix: THIS. ALL OF THIS. MT @The_Episiarch see this take by @OtherSociology on the Gender Morality of the K-index
I agree humor is subjective, @issibitz, but what does my age have to do with it? Also, wow, did you really just tell me to lighten up?
RT @DistribEcology: @kejames @scicurious @DoctorZen @neilhall_uk @seelix @AstroKatie I have a high K (~20) and I found it amusing, invalidating your assertion.
RT @JBYoder: @neuroecology @kejames @scicurious @DoctorZen @neilhall_uk @seelix @AstroKatie …not create one that reifies what half your audience thinks.
RT @JBYoder: @neuroecology @kejames @scicurious @DoctorZen @neilhall_uk @seelix @AstroKatie To satirize silly metrics, you create one no one believes.
RT @seelix: @AstroKatie @scicurious @kejames @DoctorZen @neilhall_uk Also, comparison to the Kardashians is gendered female, no matter the intention.
RT @AstroKatie: @scicurious @kejames @DoctorZen @neilhall_uk @seelix A piece like that, reinforcing negativity about scicomm, is harmful, joke or not.
RT @QuarkSpin: @kejames @ageekgirl @cbquist 17 months from design to delivery. The LRV was an engineering marvel!
We took a CAR to the MOON, people. MT @cbquist Today in 1971, Apollo 15 landed on the Moon, w/ the 1st lunar rover.
RT @edyong209: Fistbumps may pass on fewer bacteria than handshakes but headbutts & elbowslams pass on even fewer. #headbuttsforhealth #thisstudyisdumb
RT @tehpet: @seelix I am always surprised when people tell me I'm feminine. I still feel like a butch hoody-wearing bike messenger. In a girl costume.
Serve mankind, says Sidney McNairy.
"Not all y'all gon' be bench scientists, god help us."–Sidney McNairy
Biochemist Dr. McNairy is schooling us. He was at Dr. King's speech. Srsly. #bowdown #diversifySTEM cc @BLACKandSTEM
You guys, Dr. Sydney McNairy is KILLING IT in front of all these white kids. #diversifySTEM cc @BLACKandSTEM
Dr. Sidney McNairy speaking now at @mdibl's student appreciation dinner. cc @BLACKandSTEM #diversifySTEM
Overheard at @MDIBL student symposium: "We got zero mutants – which happens in science – so I was forced to switch projects…" #realscience
RT @drlucyrogers: My science/tech reading as a teenager was New Scientist and SciFi. What was yours and do you work in STEM? /@BenRogersEdu
Woooooo! I have lots of @nanopore MinION data!!! #snoopydance cc @labroides
Well done interns Anna & Hannah on their poster at the @MDIBL student symposium! DNA-based ID of invasive green-crabs’ gut contents FTW!
Doin' some late-night sequencing on my @nanopore MinION. Anyone else sciencing out there?
This @nanopore project has me doing crazy things like installing command line developer tools. Everyone take a step back.
Heading back to the lab shortly to catch the end of our latest @nanopore MinION run, wash the flow cell, and pop it back into the fridge.
Also from our hike yesterday… om nom nom… cc @astrogerly
A pic of me from our hike yesterday, cooling my feet in Canon Brook, @AcadiaNPS. Ahhhhh…
I reeeeeally want to tweet screenshots from our @nanopore sequencing runs today but I'm not allowed. Whaaaaaa.
Our very own @Etche_homo is doing the crowd-funding thing for her rare disease research! Help her out here:
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