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Check out @JacquelynGill’s excellent tweets from the @UMaine Climate Change Institute’s annual research symposium.
RT @JacquelynGill: Postdoc Christine Lamanna is examining the diversity of plants in Acadia; 139 species have disappeared in the last 100 years. Why?
Beaver: 1 Paper birch: 0
Looking back west towards Mount Desert Island and Bar Harbor from the Schoodic Peninsula
RT @edyong209: Wonderful snippet about science and art, from 2 Temple Place’s exhibition
Taking a little walk before dinner
I’ve just learned about Adventurers and Scientists for Conservation (@adventurscience). I’m having a ‘Why didn’t I think of that?‘ moment.
Ohhh @CoastCompanion says @story_collider is coming to Maine. Yippee.
“Make it local. Make it wow. Make it pretty.“–@CoastCompanion on how to tell your science story
“It’s okay to admit that fieldwork is fun.” – @CoastCompanion
Storytelling can help make science relatable, argues @CoastCompanion, speaking now at the Acadia Science Symposium. Paging @story_collider.
Why hasn’t science literacy improved despite huge increases in available information. *coughs* deficit model*
Ohh I love @CoastCompanion’s talk title at the Acadia Science Symposium: “Science is People”
Paging @scicurious. MT @FemiOke Backpacks 4 Cows Collect Their Fart Gas & Store It For Energy
I’m in a skeptical mood. Assertions like “a primary cause of the ecological crisis is our personal disconnection from nature” are bugging.
Good morning from the Acadia Science Symposium
RT @MiriamGoldste: Lots of great science education jobs at @nmnh! #DeepSN #sciox
RT @ProfLikeSubst: Better without context. RT @Dr24hours: @kejames I bet I have some bad advice you don't want!
As one does. RT @JohnRHutchinson: Slow day at work, so I guess I’ll CT scan some penguins.
I need cat advice. Harlequin kept me awake all night meowing, for attention, I think. What can we do to discourage this behavior?
RT @DrRubidium: mostly white, 1 WOC RT @BuzzFeed Why This Could Be A Very Good Summer For Female-Driven Movies
Oh wow. RT @BBCWorld: Soaring vision: amazing snaps of a Mongolian girl hunting w/ an eagle
RT @_andy_tea: @kejames @kennwhite A dna sequencer in the palm of your hand? That’s insane!
Props 2 @jkgoya for tagging my MinION pic w/ #ManicureMonday. I should’ve thought of it but was too busy swooning over TEENY TINY SEQUENCER.
RT @taggcleanhands: @kejames @nanopore And on the 11th anniversary of the human genome project completion!
RT @mucofloris: Cooler than Google glass! @kejames: It arrived! My @nanopore MinION arrived! This is a DNA sequencer, people!”
RT @beetothesea: @kejames @carlzimmer @nanopore Scientists get all the cool toys. Unfair.
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