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RT @HopeJahren: My dog, the empiricist. RT @JahrenLabLab You can only really determine if something is food by eating it.
RT @tressiemcphd: Right now @SandyDarity is tweeting a master class on race, education, and "acting white"
RT @TakePart: #YouOkSis shines a light on the street harassment women of color face every day, + provides an actionable way to help
:( MT @GrrlScientist: PugetSound #orcas face extinction after decade of #ESA protection
RT @HuffPostScience: WATCH: Morgan Freeman grills NASA astronauts
As you might be able to tell, I'm catching up on twittersphere happenings after being in a grant/writing/teaching hole for a week.
"If you haven't been a PhD student or come out as trans, they're both pretty impossible…. I did both…" –@eastsidekate
"Blacks & other minorities have valid concerns about being harmed or exploited by researchers."–@DNLee5 in @EBONYMag
RT @DNLee5: My latest at @EbonyMag Will Black People Ever Trust #ClinicalTrials? w/ a quote from @docfreeride
What a lovely thing it is to be finished with my grant proposal and to move on to doing my @nanopore burn-in experiments with my interns!
ICYMI Following 1 of the most epic-crazy work weeks of my career, I submitted my NSF CAREER proposal yesterday. Thanks for all the support.
Our planet. RT @highlyanne: Mayfly emergence in MN/WI shows up on weather radar. via @bug_gwen
A shout-out to my fab @MDIBL colleagues in the finance office who worked w/ me to get my CAREER grant submitted today. Grace under pressure.
Mega-props to my significant other B who learned how to use R and helped assemble the preliminary data for one of my CAREER proposal aims!
RT @sciencegoddess: I redefine the #STEM acronym 11 different ways to show how girls and women may be dissuaded from pursuing STEM...
That’s what she said. RT @ta_wheeler: @Alex_Smith_Ants @SciTriGrrl @Cerabilia @GertyZ @ejsacho That's the tiniest manuscript i've ever seen.
RT @sedgeboy: .@kejames @Cerabilia nsf uses the term as an umbrella for alpha tax, community ecology & biogeog, and phylogenetics
RT @ta_wheeler: @kejames @JacquelynGill Biodiversity Science is the intersection of Comm. Ecol., systematics, conservation, etc, not a subset of any.
More good #madgrantwriting music: Short Skirt/Long Jacket by Cake. #sundaynightscience
Hey, Twitter. @sedgeboy and I want to know how ‘biodiversity science’ differs from ‘community ecology’.
I think this may be the busiest, most stressful week of my professional career so far.
A question for the ecologists out there (@jacquelyngill?): do you consider “biodiversity science” a subset of ecology?
Someone just told me my eyes look swollen. #madgrantwriting
The Schoodic Peninsula is so far Northeast that my computer thinks I’m in the Atlantic Daylight time zone (closest city: St. John).
I’m at the Schoodic Edu. & Research Ctr. today running a #citizenscience activity called ‘Play w/ DNA!’ Also online:
If we can land humans on the Moon I can finish this grant proposal.
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