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RT @emoontx: @lizmeister321 @kejames Watched it, from all that distance, in an ordinary house in a small town in Texas. That' words enough.
Others having trouble with audio, try NASA TV. h/t @delna_24 #CometLanding
I’m not getting audio on my @ESA_Rosetta livestream! Halp! #CometLanding
RT @cybernova: What waiting for the results of a 10 year mission looks like. #CometLanding #WaitingGame
RT @m_m_campbell: Schrödinger's @Philae2014. It either is, or is not, stuck to the side of a comet. #CometLanding
We sent a spaceship to a comet & it’s freaking LAND on that thing. In 15min. Watch: #CometLanding #GoPhilae
Now seems like a good time to post this again. (Pic by @girlscientist)
Deep knee bends, little Philae! MT @ESA_Rosetta: I see you too @philae2014 - legs out! #CometLanding
RT @lizmeister321: Humans are about to LAND A ROBOT on a FLYING SPACE ROCK. what did you do today? #CometLanding
RT @elakdawalla: My stomach hurts. #CometLanding
#CometLanding #Philae #Rosetta trending in the US (not personalized) Well done team @ESA_Rosetta/@Philae2014!
Hey, everyone! Just logging in. Anything special happening today? *wink* #CometLanding #ESA_Rosetta #Squee
Zing! RT @ErinFMB: Edited my coworker's "I love sluts" desk decoration today. #RipplesOfDoubt
RT @ErinFMB: Edited my coworker's "I love sluts" desk decoration today. #RipplesOfDoubt
RT @brainpicker: How denialists are hijacking the language of critical thinking to disseminate ignorance
:‘-) cc @AstroKatie RT @girlscientist #scicomm from Martin Luther King Jr., in San Diego.
We sent a spaceship to a comet & it’s carrying another spaceship that’s going to freaking LAND on that thing. Tomorrow. While we watch live.
RT @nytimesscience: Want to see comet #67p in incredible detail? We have you covered
RT @edyong209: The rise of contaminomics: why some microbiome studies are probably wrong. Me on an impt paper by @pathogenomenick
The Internet. I love it. RT @Philae2014 Thank you! RT @WilliamShatner: My message to @ESA_Rosetta and it’s away team!
RT @joshwitten: Talked about @ESA_Rosetta & @Philae2014 in BIO101 tonight bc these organisms called humans are doing something amazing tonight/tomorrow
RT @scifri: We're still unsure what's causing Gulf War illness in hundreds of thousands of veterans.
Beech forest, waiting for snow
Anyone know what kind of cloud this is?
Jordan Pond, the Atlantic Ocean, Penobscot Mountain and one hell of a sunset
A quiet, late fall afternoon on @AcadiaNPS’ South Bubble
RT @Interior: #DYK Active-duty service members can visit public lands for free all year long @JoiningForces
Good: recognizes challenges once in & cites @HopeJahren MT @grist Mamas, pls let ur daughters grow up 2 be scientists
So I’m learning thanks to @SiouxsieW. MT @katiesci If you’ve never used Prism to make 10 graphs all at once you have not fully lived.
RT @noahWG: You can say anything you want about how the brain works and people will believe you. Really, our brains are hard-wired like that.
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