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Karina Bunting
Friendly bacteria fight the flu : Nature News - http://www.nature.com/news...
I thought this article was relevant to #BS1009, particularly to the recent essay we've submitted. The probiotic bacteria (good bacteria) can help prevent viral infections in our lungs. The bacteria stimulate "inflammasome" protein complexes in our immune system, which will kill any harmful pathogens. - Karina Bunting from Bookmarklet
Karina Bunting
#My Diary 15/03/11
I am really enjoying the #BS1006 physiology module, I find it really interesting and the practical not only developed my understanding on blood pressure and elctrocardiograms, I also found it fun! This week I am starting our group poster work for #MB1031 on "How wounds scar", I've never done an academic poster before so this could be challenging. Also for #MB1031 today we were given the instructions for the scientific report we have to write; after writing the initial scientific report on isozymes I am feeling more confident on what I have to do. We have also been given our module selection handbooks for next year; it's going to be difficult choosing our modules for next year. - Karina Bunting
Karina Bunting
Genetic treatment closes door on HIV - health - 03 March 2011 - New Scientist - http://www.newscientist.com/article...
I found this article really interesting and I think it can relate to our #MB1005 lectures. Scientists are using genetic engineering to alter the CCR5 gene blood cells, so the HIV virus cannot infect them, it is the first example of a disease resistant gene. Preliminary results appear promising and I am looking forward to hearing about further developments. This technique could be used to prevent cancers. - Karina Bunting from Bookmarklet
interesting article karina,this could be a promising find.. keep it up. - Munaf khamisa
Karina Bunting
#My Diary 28/2/11
This morning we had our written essay under exam conditions for #MB1031; I found it really hard to fit in everything that I wanted to say, in the 45 minutes provided. Also today was our last #BS1005 genes lecture with Professor Ketley. This weeks going to be intense as a lot of deadlines are coming up: the #BS1009 microbiology practical booklet, the practical report for #BS1005 and the #BS1009 microbiology essay which I haven't even started yet! As well as all this I'm competing at Warwick for an equestrian competition. It's going to be a jam-packed week! However I'm very much looking forward to the tuesday lie in next week! - Karina Bunting
Karina Bunting
Human DNA contaminates a fifth of sequenced genomes - life - 16 February 2011 - New Scientist - http://www.newscientist.com/article...
I thought this was relevant to our #MB1005 gene lectures and practicals. It is an example of why labarotary practise must be carried out accurately and under tight control to prevent contamination. Up to 18% of the genomes sequenced in laboratorys are contaminated with human DNA; I thought this was a shockingly high percentage, aprticulary as it could lead to inaccurate results on many diseases, which could affect the health of the general population. - Karina Bunting from Bookmarklet
Jemma Buchalter
is finding this weeks #BS1011 really difficult!!
yes me too!! My graph just don't look right! - Karina Bunting
same..im planning to go the help session at 2pm today - Sabrina Rai
Whats wrong? Make sure you go to the help session if you need it :) - Lyndsey Wright
I will! I'm just finding it difficult trying to remember how to use excel! - Jemma Buchalter
Karina Bunting
Evolution's X factor: Shuffling up new species - life - 16 February 2011 - New Scientist - http://www.newscientist.com/article...?
After our last #MB1005 lecture with Dr. Meacock I thought this article was relevant. A single gene, at the centre of genetic recombination could hold the key for speciation. We know that the pairing up of chromosomes, the crossing over and the transfer of genetic material from our mother and father gives us individual uniqueness; however this process could also lead to speciation. The gene Prdm9 which controls genetic exchange, can also make memebers of the same species unable to reproduce with eachother. Therefore by definition two different species will be formed. - Karina Bunting from Bookmarklet
Karina Bunting
I've just returned from the careers talk; I was particulary interested in the clinical scientist and the laboratory technician. However it sounds like there is a lot of competition for the career you want and a lot of hard work is needed. Although our timetable and the long days are tiring I am finding the lectures really interesting. I'm finding the practicals a lot more difficult than last term, especially as we have so much more to do in them. Overall I'm enjoying this semester and looking forward to learning more. - Karina Bunting
Karina Bunting
Evolutionary Analyses of Staphylococcus aureus Ide... [PLoS One. 2011] - PubMed result - http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed...
After carrying out our first microbiology practical #BS1009 I did some research into the microbes we studied. I found an article about how Staphylococcus aureus, a microbe responsible for high levels of morbidity and mortality, is spread throughout communities via the nasal passage. Scientists found this by carrying out a genetic associations study. As a result they found that nasal carriage and the clinical isolates belong to the same genetic clusters. Therefore S. aureus colinizes in the nasal cavities. - Karina Bunting
Interesting choice of article, i was doing some extracurricular reading so far this microbiology module aswell, seems interesting. - Munaf khamisa
Sarah Williams
i am pleased and a bit relieved our #MB1030 presentations are over, i felt mine went ok though!
yes me too! I was worried we wouldn't be able to do them, with the fire in george porter. You did yours really well! - Karina Bunting
thank you karina, i thought yours was very clear and well presented =) - Sarah Williams
Gulshana Choudhury
Just wondering if anybody knows if the #BS1015 rescheduled tutorials by Dr El-Mezgueldi tomorrow will be in the same venue???
There hasnt been any email regarding the change of venue so assuming it would be in the same venue. - Syeda Maham Batool
I'm assuming it will still be in that dungeon in the benett link gulshana, besides ur a member of MP5 we know all! - Mayank Patel from iPhone
I would think it'd be in the same venue, as we haven't been told anything else - Karina Bunting
Fiona Harrington
#MB1030 presentation - done! thought it went quite well even though I got beeped at 9mins and 30seconds :S
im sure if you were only a teeny bit over you wont have been marked down! - Sarah Williams
I was worried I'd go over, so I think I went too fast! - Karina Bunting
Karina Bunting
Fetal genome mapped from mother's blood for first time - health - 08 December 2010 - New Scientist - http://www.newscientist.com/article...
I thought this was really interesting because it allows for prenatal genetic diagnosis, which could prevent harm to the fetus from diseases such as rhesus disease, which is when the mother's own immune system attacks a protein on the fetus' red blood cells. It can also tell doctors of what diseases the fetus may get after it's born. However this process is still very expensive and it may also raise ethical issues. - Karina Bunting
Fiona Harrington
just got 12/13 for my #bs1010 assessment :) thank you help session!!
well done! - Karina Bunting
Well done :) - Jemma Buchalter
Tobi Adewale
The amino acids test came back again and im glad to see that i have retained some information from the #BS1015 lectures on amino acids! But there were still areas that i just couldn't recall, so it's back to the notes for me :)
Same, it definately highlighted the things I need to recap before the January exam. - Alice Stephens
I'm definitely the same too, a lot of revision needs to be done over christmas! - Karina Bunting
Karina Bunting
Taking the lottery out of gene therapy - health - 04 December 2010 - New Scientist - http://www.newscientist.com/article...
Gene therapy appears to be the future for treating genetic diseases such as cancer. Jeremy Luban and his team of scientists have discovered a group of proteins which predict the site of gene insertion in the recipient DNA. A greater success rate of gene insertion will result in fewer side effects in gene therapy. - Karina Bunting
Karina Bunting
Is happy with my #MB1030 presentation subject: type 2 diabetes!
hmm I'm not sure when to start writing my presentation... when are you going to start? - Jemma Buchalter
Hey I got the same topic, it's a very interesting subject :) - Ni Ni Moe Myint
I'm going to start researching and get information together as soon as possible jemma, so i can practice as much as possible...practice makes perfect! - Alice Baxter
I'm going to start researching this weekend and then put it all together as soon as possible, so I have enough time to practise it! - Karina Bunting
that's a really good idea... I think i'll do the same! Researching this weekend it is! - Jemma Buchalter
Hey Karina, I've got the same as you :) I'm going to start mine as soon as I can, probably after the BS1015 mock though. - Michael Lam
Karina Bunting
Malaria Hypothesis Supported by Sickle Cell Gene's Global Map - http://www.medindia.net/news...
I thought this would be interesting following the #MB1030 worksession on haemoglobinopathy. Although sickle cell anaemia is fatal, being a carrier for this gene is advantageous because it gives some protection from malaria. - Karina Bunting
Karina Bunting
Study Says Genes may Influence Cancer Growth - http://www.medindia.net/news...
I thought this was interesting because it may lead to new avenues of preventative medicine for cancer. It also may be useful for our #MB1030 essay on genomics and cancer medicine. - Karina Bunting
Karina Bunting
I keep on finding really good information and diagrams for #BS1015, but they don't seem to have an author or a date. Should I just cite the URL and the name of the site?
Yes, that's right. - Dr Alan Cann
thank you - Karina Bunting
Alice Baxter
Just completed the practical write up, now to practice tomorrow's presentation. Very glad I'm presenting to my peers- hope they give me helpful feedback :)
I agree, presenting back to our peers before the real thing is a really helpful way of getting more confident when giving your presentation! - Jemma Buchalter
yeah I agree hopefully, this practise presentation will help boost our confidence for the real thing and give us helpful advice! - Karina Bunting
Karina Bunting
Does anyone know for the practise presentations for #MB1030; Are we meant to use other sources, or just base our presentation on the article provided? thanks, hope this question makes some sense.
The exercise is to develop your communication skills, not to make you an expert in the topic from your article. Therefore you are not expected to have to go and do a lot of extra reading - you are really summarising the paper for your group in an engaging manner and in about 6.5 minutes! - Dr Chris Willmott
Thank you very much! - Karina Bunting
Karina Bunting
Gene Predicts Breast Cancer Treatment Success - eMedicineHealth - experts in everyday emergencies, first aid and health information - http://www.emedicinehealth.com/script.... I thought this could be interesting, following professor Fry's lecture.
What made you find this interesting...? - Hollie Smith
I found this interesting because it highlights the fact that cancer is such a complicated disease to treat because cancer cells are all different, so respond to drugs in different ways or not at all. Also in Professor Fry's lecture he mentioned that they are researching all Nek proteins, in order to control the growth of cancer cells. In this article it's believed that the gene BCAR4,... more... - Karina Bunting
Dr Alan Cann
Hmm, 4 people at the #BS1010 help sessions. I hope everyone scores 100% on the quiz...
I was doing some work for my practical write up- is it possible to go to the session on Thursday? - Rachel Bell
Yes. - Dr Alan Cann
I will be there on thursday too hopefully! - Jalpan Patel
me too - Mehak Hussain
and me ! :) - Syeda Maham Batool
and me! - Oyinda Adeoluwa
count me in... if i recover from my flu that is slowly killing me!!!!! :-( - Novpreet Rainer
and also me... - Michael Lam
I will be there on thursday - Karina Bunting
I have already surrendered to this... - Alex G. Sarov
Gulshana Choudhury
Found a great animation clip which helps you understand The Polymerase Reaction in more visual terms. Was really helpful in completing the preparatory work for the #BS1015 tutorials tomorrow. http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Found a great animation clip which helps you understand The Polymerase Reaction in more visual terms. Was really helpful in completing the preparatory work for the #BS1015 tutorials tomorrow. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEcy9k_KsDI&feature=related
thanks for posting this, it was really useful. - Karina Bunting
I love the Polymerase Chain Reaction in #BS1015 thanks to you, the Stryer and especially the questions in Professor Schwabe's notes. So thanks a lot! - Helena Hanschell
A nice easy to understand video, thanks - Maxwell Rice
Yeah I found it really useful. I'm really glad it helps! :) - Gulshana Choudhury
Karina Bunting
Malignant Cancers Reveal a Common Link - http://www.medindia.net/news...
I thought this article was significant in the war against cancer - Karina Bunting
Karina Bunting
has my google reader appeared? I'm not sure if it's actually worked.
Nope. - Dr Alan Cann
If you need help, you should go to the help session :). - Helena Hanschell
I will do Helena, and you can come too! - Karina Bunting
i dont think mine has appeared either! i think we should all go! - Sarah Williams
Fiona Harrington
is finally on friend feed! looking forward to professor cundliffe's lecture tomorrow
Make sure you read the information on Blackboard for session 1 and follow the instructions. - Dr Alan Cann
welcome to friend feed fiona!! - Karina Bunting
Karina Bunting
Teen Binge Drinking Linked to Attention Problems - http://www.webmd.com/mental-...
This could explain my attention problems during freshers week! - Karina Bunting
Gulshana Choudhury
Made a start on my rss assignment for #BS1010 but finding some difficulty in sharing my google reader items on friendfeed.. Any help??
There's a help session tomorrow in Charles Wilson 304 at 1pm. - Dr Alun Salt
i think i'll go to that help session too!!..=D i went last week and it was awesome!! - Krupa Patel
Yes, see you tomorrow, 1pm in CW304. - Dr Alan Cann
Just seen the video on blackboard. That helps a lot :) - Gulshana Choudhury
The video on blackboard is really useful! It was the only reason I was able to do it! - Jemma Buchalter
yeah I'm having trouble too, i'm going to try again now, but if I still can't do it, I'll come along to the help session. - Karina Bunting
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