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Karriann Graf

Karriann Graf

Karriann Graf's a Social Media Success Strategist for Small Businesses. Her focus is to help you use the best social media methods to increase revenue.
"I keep the cookies in the freezer for a few months and you'd never know! They come out just as if I made the batter that same day." - Karriann Graf
Re: Dark Leafy Greens: Nature’s Perfect Food -
"I did learn to not use as much Kale in the beginning when juicing.... ;)" - Karriann Graf
Re: Dark Leafy Greens: Nature’s Perfect Food -
"When I tried cooking them they didn't seem like a chip to me. They kind of got to brittle that they just fell apart. ;( So I wasn't really impressed. What did I do wrong?" - Karriann Graf
Re: Baked Ham Recipe with Pecan Praline Crust -
"Glad to hear it was such a success.....the only way I eat ham! Love that it gets sweet from the sugars." - Karriann Graf
Re: Baked Ham Recipe with Pecan Praline Crust -
"This is the best ham recipe I have ever had....promise! The pecan praline coating makes this ham taste almost like candy ;)" - Karriann Graf
Re: Sweet Lemon Cake – {Plus A Chobani Giveaway!} -
"Your cake looks stunning! My mouth is watering .... just imagining how it tastes. I better go eat breakfast ;)" - Karriann Graf
"Great question Maureen! I would look at the ingredients on the package. Some oat flours may add flour. I just put mine in a coffee/spice grinder to grind it fresh when I need it." - Karriann Graf
Re: Strawberry Banana Doughnuts – {TerraFest2012} -
"Your donuts look amazing Terra....please send some my way ;)" - Karriann Graf
Re: Salad Dressing Recipes: Italian Salad Dressing -
"Me too....especially since I eat so much salad I love to have variety. Italian dressing is my old stand by..." - Karriann Graf
"You'll love your new book it's going to be delivered soon. I can't wait to see what you come up with ;)" - Karriann Graf
Re: Chicken Enchilada Casserole Recipe -
"This is one of the best chicken enchilada casserole's I've its easy. Thanks for stopping by!" - Karriann Graf
Re: Jelly Shot Test Kitchen – Book Giveaway is OVER -
"Erin your the lucky Winner! ;)" - Karriann Graf
"It's a keeper for sure it tastes great. I added a little more nutmeg." - Karriann Graf
"You need to make some for him....its easy and tastes better in my opinion! Love to hear how it goes for you Pam." - Karriann Graf
"I didn't know you were making eggnog too ;) Your bark looks amazing." - Karriann Graf
"I'd definitely give it another try because our taste buds change with age. I can't tell you how many foods I wouldn't eat that now are some of my favorites such as avocado and mangoes." - Karriann Graf
Re: Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap – Kissmas Cookies -
"I'd love to get some fresh cookies in the mail ;) What a great way to celebrate the holidays. I'll need to join next year." - Karriann Graf
Re: Homemade Green Bean Casserole Recipe -
"Terra, give this recipe a try promise you won't be disappointed ;)" - Karriann Graf
Best Lawyers - Sacramento Magazine - June 2006 - Sacramento, California -
"If you make these #GF let me know what you replace and amounts cause I'd love to give a #GF option and of course you get the credit ;) I'll link to your site/page!" - Karriann Graf
"Bittersweet has a higher cocoa content and less sugar. So you get more chocolate flavor with less sweet. The espresso adds a very complex flavor to the recipe. Give them a try :) !" - Karriann Graf
"Laura its fun doing video just takes more time....but I don't have to add all the photos for every step then. Video also touch peoples senses a bit differently too!" - Karriann Graf
"Love to hear how your substituting works out for you...what ingredients and how much you use. I'd love to add that to my post with you getting the credit ;)" - Karriann Graf
"Filled with tons of goodness that everyone loves ;)" - Karriann Graf
"Yup no shortage of chocolate in this recipe!" - Karriann Graf
"I couldn't miss a fun event like this ;) I'm all about chocolate if you couldn't tell." - Karriann Graf
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