Finally! Had trouble signing in. Hi everyone!
No TV no Internet ... Thank you iPhone for keeping me connected to the world.
Landed in Newburgh & finally have access to my acct. Was hacked & couldn't tweet the whole time in WDW!!
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Kept refreshing until purchase tics appeared. Still too late for World Key but able to get Passport. Yea!!! #Epcot30 Canadian Online Discount Pharmacy
Can't believe it's been a week since the great meets in Epcot @TouringPlans @DisneyFoodBlog So many interesting people, so little time!
Tonga toast! mmmmmm!!!!
Thanks for organizing great meets today @LenTesta @TouringPlans @DisneyFoodBlog Good times!
Japan F&W booth open NOW
Try the EPCOT monorail loop at night
16 days to WDW!!!!!!!!
RT @RidleyPearson: Extremely useful, or nonsense?
Friends would ask-Why do you want to move to FL with the heat & hurricanes? Now I can say-Remember Irene?
Look what just came in the mail. @celebrationsmag Yea!!
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