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Kate Gardiner

Kate Gardiner

Freelance writer, photog and social media obsessee. Always online - unless dead or injured. Almost.
Secrets of New York's real estate agents: 'All apartments are basically four walls' (@guardian) -
Ivy League Schools Are Overrated. Send Your Kids Elsewhere. (@tnr) -
Introducing the Least Viral Videos on the Internet (@studio360show) -
The Brooklyn Bridge Has Always Been a Magnet for Mystery (@citylab) -
Thomas the Tank Engine had to shut the hell up to save children everywhere (@guardian) -
An Airbnb Guest Who Refuses to Leave (@bw) -
Cory Tschogl, the Airbnb host who rented out the condo, told Business Insider that she was surprised to learn that, legally, she has gone from being an Airbnb host to a normal old landlord. She says she hired a lawyer to try to get the reluctant guest to move along but was told that because he had already stayed in the place for 30 days, his term had aged into all sort of tenant protections granted under California law. - Kate Gardiner
What’s Up With That: Why Does Sleeping In Just Make Me More Tired? | Science | WIRED -
Why Seven Hours of Sleep Might Be Better Than Eight (@WSJ) -
Turns Out It’s Pretty Easy to Shoot Down a Passenger Jet (@WIRED_ -
The Fasinatng … Frustrating … Fascinating History of Autocorrect (@wired) -
How Not to Design a World Without Borders (@theatlantic) -
A New ||| kinda pretty. -
America's Prisons Are Broken, by John Oliver. -
This is going to be really, really pretty: The Future Chronicles - #1 - Internet -
In Gaza, Epithets Are Fired and Euphemisms Give Shelter (@nytimes) -
American Quakers are Running an 'Underground Railroad' to Help LGBT Ugandans Flee -
#Love: My First Experience With Internet Porn (@techcrunch) -
Mornin on a boat. Again. -
Mornin on a boat. Again.
Dunno where we're going. -
Dunno where we're going.
Fabulous new toy thanks to a friend! Whose pen has a pneumatic seal? Mine does! -
Fabulous new toy thanks to a friend! Whose pen has a pneumatic seal? Mine does!
Why Do We Treat PR Like a Pink Ghetto? (@nymag) -
No Firing Squad for CIA in German Spy Fiasco -
Views abound if you look hard enough. -
Views abound if you look hard enough.
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