My friend @faisal_hoque beautifully explains how #writing has helped him grow as an #entrepreneur and a person:
RT @BillCarmody: China has created the "Model T" of Drones, bringing drones to the masses (Phantom by DJI sells thousands) via @WSJ
Tweet as if Nietzsche is watching.
Half expecting some sort of disco dance-off between the Rooms and Slack icons.
OH: "Now I just have to learn the German for 'skanky ho.'"
RT @melissapierce: Bros didn't invent coding marathons, that was Grace Hopper and team, running computer programs 24hrs a day to beat the Nazis. #VeteransDay
RT @bwerde: #PolarVortex: when I was a kid, we just called it "cold."
I was onto something, I think.
Thanks, Mint, for setting the gold standard in clear and meaningful customer communications.
Had an in-depth analysis of Interstellar with the stoner/philosopher barista. As ya do. If you're a character in a Judd Apatow movie.
RT @hollybrocks: Everyone says it's too early for Christmas music, but I don't care. I'm firing up Rage Against the Machine.
7 Social Media Strategy Lessons From Misheard Bon Jovi Lyrics
I know, can you believe I've never read @NateSilver538's "The Signal and the Noise"? Remedying that.
RT @BinderCon: Start your Monday with Joan Didion's thoughts on the economy of words and starting out as a writer from @brainpicker.
I'm sure I'm not the only media-literate music lover who keeps reading "Loretta Lynch" as "Loretta Lynn." #coalminersattorneygeneral
RT @Mike_Speegle: I think we can all agree that Bruce Wayne would do a lot more good as a full time billionaire philanthropist than as a masked face puncher.
RT @SciencEric: Science says you're safe. "@willeastman: How many coffees per day equals too many coffees? Pls tell me there's no such thing."
"People voted... not based on understanding the language of the measure but by predetermined feelings on abortion."
RT @jimvoorhies: @kateo Because U would have to be there too
Why doesn't, say, Q mark the spot?
I can't be the only person who, when planning travel, gets excited about where I'm planning to go for coffee.
Question: how bad an idea is it to put off stuff I have to do until super-early in the morning? On a scale of 1 to I don't feel like it?
This is WAY braggy of me to share, but too good not to: "You're like Peter Drucker meets Seth Godin in the form of America's sweetheart."
I always think I'm not superstitious until I find myself being cautious about tweeting what a great day I'm having.
RT @CorakTM: “...the most radical thing you can do is to actually believe women when they talk about their experiences.” Wise words by @femfreq.
Road trip playlists on @Spotify? Who's got a good one they can link me to?
Partly because I don't think it's always clear which direction is which.
I personally don't relate to the idea of punching up OR down.
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