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RT @noahWG: Great job giving us a bear that eats sticks, Earth.
Can you imagine how traumatic the Internet would be for someone who had an aversion to pictures of cats?
RT @redpepper: .@kateo Nerdy Fact #1179: The Museum of Flight has an actual display section for Wonder Woman's invisible plane inside an empty room.
Keep the entire company focused on moving a single key metric that really matters. #startups #metrics
RT @HaroldItz: I dunno, maybe a hundred-plus years after the invention of the automobile we should finally stop measuring their power in terms of horses
RT @halvorson: Sometimes, I read reports on "digital transformation" that say exactly the same thing reports said ten years ago, and I get depressed.
Sometimes Wednesdays are just middle-aged Mondays.
RT @smwat: "right and wrong way to think about and report findings based on statistical analyses of big data"
The History of Philosophy, in Superhero Comics via @brainpickings
Nothing that involves the advice 'don't do that in a white shirt' was ever learned the easy way.
The Benefits of Failing at French via @nytimes
Trends in the Startup Acquisition Market via @ttunguz
11 Websites that Perfect UX by Focusing on Details via @designerdepot
RT @anildash: Directly help folks in Detroit to keep their water on: #DetroitWater verifies their need & lets you give. Please RT!
"Information is cheap, meaning is expensive." - George Dyson
“It’s pretty difficult to solve big problems in four years” - Larry Page via @cdixon
"Tech is great, but beware overexposure," says @juliemaybok and gives a REAL example of "overexposure." @Tennessean
RT @cwage: i've started using twitter favorites as social currency. you guys win this round.
Talk openly about numbers to get the whole team along for the journey. #startups #metrics
RT @aaker: Never gets old. Data+design @moma by @jjhnumber27 and Sep Kamvar
RT @aaker: Never gets old. Data+design @moma by @jjhnumber27 and Sep Kamvar
OK, shamed into checking out MT @BradMcCarty: @kateo @davedelaney If only some company made a business card reader...
I think @LinkedIn should have a "No idea where we met but I have your card" option. @davedelaney @Tennessean @tnbiz
RT @HistoryInPics: Sun Tan Vending Machine, 1949
"Key numbers are about providing focus and clarifying priorities, not ignoring everything else." @Tennessean @tnbiz
RT @TheRealWheatley: in case you were wondering what the next step after fedora is
RT @WaySolutions: "What you measure should get you closer to being able to influence the things that matter." @kateo
RT @trengriffin: Venture capital is "one of the few industries I know of where you can be wrong 70% of the time and be brilliant.”
RT @johnmaeda: "We made it very clear that being a female scientist, that’s normal." —President @MariaKlawe @harveymudd via @ireneau
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