NO Star! That's so dumb! #celebrityapprentice
Damn. Dionne's IGNORANCE reminds me of the manager of my building when I moved here. Exactly like hers. Awful! #celebrityapprentice
Did Marlee just write "tell me what to do"?
I am watching The Celebrity Apprentice (via @GetGlue) #TheCelebrityApprentice
Wow. Lisa didn't wanna do it and its a strategy to boot her out?... Interesting. #celebrityapprentice
Shit. Drama on Twitter. Wtf happened?
I haven't seen this valentine episode! Marge's gray hair!! (via @GetGlue) #TheSimpsons
This was full of crap... Now its not.
Yahoo keeps kicking me out. #yahoo
Cheese Sandwich... Gimme energy!
Had an awesome chat with Carol. Even cried a little. I just miss her like crazy.
Forgot to buy aspirin. Ouch.
*This* is a party vest! #gilmoregirls
*squints* Ouch. Ok. Back to sleep. #timechange #springahead
Doi. Uy. BiogTrfcfdgyhuiop
Ha. Bra-Hawk Obama. #snl
At a brookstone. Thought he said birthstone. Heh.
Weekend Update!! #snl
All these drunks around.... Ah. I want to get drunk! Who's with me? *crickets*
Had so much fun tonight at Deaf Chat so far with @rebeccawilova & @tiasan + others not on twitter (that I know of?)
I can't believe I made it here BEFORE Antonio!
Wow! The Jewel near me is Remodeling!
Going to see if Greg's around and wants to get something to eat before deaf chat.
Wow! That was a great Long Shower! Felt wonderful.
Progress. Laundry is put away. Have to shower before I hang up the wet clothes. I can't afford any shrinking clothes.
I love when Dan & Roseanne pretend to be strangers to each other. #Roseanne
I think my sock eating monster is under the bed. I missed some socks when getting things to wash.
What a pleasant surprise! Both dryers finished at the same time. This is productivity at its best!
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