The 1911 UK census (excluding Scotland) is now online It's free to search, but there is a charge to view entries
RT: @GeorgeGeder Stories can drive research. Some thoughts. #genealogy
Did your grandma eat baps, cobs or buns? -
RT: @ Landailyn RT @hikari17: New Genlighten blog post: GeneaTwits -- a Twitter app for genealogists. #genealogy
Must stop eating these Maltesers or I'll have to grease my sides to get through the door.
@PaulDuxbury Maybe not LOL Or maybe he's trying to throw us off the scent.
Did your grandma eat baps, cobs or buns? -
Did your grandma eat baps, cobs or buns? -
@PaulDuxbury It's rumoured it might be Billy Piper - it would make a nice change to have a girl in the role.
RT: @ckanal just did a blog on a GREAT site for Irish research, not sure if you know about it?..
Getting back into the swing of things after the Christmas break. Hope everyone enjoyed the day, and Happy New Year!
RT @Lord Matt Did you know that the UK gave out grants for digitising old documents?
Must go and sort out my recycling, I think they pick it up tomorrow.
@Landailyn I saw a documentary about trial by ordeal. Apparently, it was seem as more humane than the blood feuds it replaced.
@Landailyn The evidence was so flimsy, it seems ludicrous now, but then it must have been terrifying to be accused.
@Landailyn Whereabouts in England where your lot from? I ask because mine are from east Anglia and Notts which had a big Puritan community.
@Landailyn Me too! It must have been a terrible time to live, especially for women. What with war and witchhunts - I'm glad to be here now.
@Landailyn Mine stayed in England, but apparently they disapproved of music, dancing and ankles, so they might be in for a shock.
@Landailyn I have some crazy Puritans too - I often wonder what they'd make of their descendants LOL And lots of country vicars.
@Landailyn That's true. Mine aren't the most exciting bunch, but they fascinate me, because they are mine. I do have a pirate though.
@Landailyn I have a list too LOL And started out hoping I'd be related to x, y and z, but it turned out I wasn't.
@Landailyn Scary - ye gads yes, Who'd want to be related to him LOL
@Landailyn I'm not surprised, it would be a wonderful thing LOL
@Landailyn I suspect the LNU and UNK are actually the ancestors of Greta Garbo.
@Landailyn So good in fact, we'd find the surnames of all those poor women who never had theirs recorded.
@Landailyn And documented to nth degree. Heck, we'd probably know what they had on their cornflakes.
@Landailyn Yes, we'd have our families back to the 15th century before anyone else had opened a box of cornflakes. LOL
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