is look me up on facebook, Katy Collins.
is looking for friends :D
is wondering why this site is so dead! No one messages here like they do on Facebook :(
is wondering if you are living or just existing? TXT the answer to my cell ;) and don't be shy :D
is going to facebook more often. Still loving Myspace.
is meeting new people.
is messaging all ya peoples back!
is trying to get back into writing her book!!!!! Needs stimulation!
is getting caught up with a moutain of things...
I lost some...gotta lose more. So how are you all doing today? Gimme a Shout Out or a Message.
Ok I don't really hate diets...I was just hungery and am not allowed my favorite snacks anymore:0( Overweight is just deserts right?
I hate diets! This is killing me! Why must everyone be so damn picky? What's wrong with the fat girls? They're as good as slim right?
New Years Resolutions: Try to lose 20lbs.,Finish my book before March, and be more fun. What's yours?
is writing the 7th chapter of her book and crocheting gifts for the ones I love most.
is writing the 6th chapter of her book.
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