Dang haven't been on here n a while things r goin real slow w/online mrkting but 2morrow I'll b getting back on n getting things crackin
I've been pretty slow w/my 30DC kinda stuck rite now. I just gotta sludge through it. I'm going back n forth trying 2 make sure I understand
I have a new twitter theme! Thanks http://www.twittergallery.com
@Sweets1: I feel the same way lol!!
Sweet1:I feel you on that one lol!!!
Didn't wake up earlier enough for Denny's free Grand slam lol. Oh well. I finished two days of 30DC I'm on day 11 now.
Free Grand Slams at Denny's 6am-2pm. I'm all in. Haha.
Just finished setting up my wordpress waiting for hostgator to confirm my domain can't wait :-)
@sean_ebusiness thx for the invite.
Just finished doing my taxes by myself for the first time. I feel like I can do anything lol Taxes are the bee's knees.
Game was friggin bananas.So glad Steelers won. Santonio was killin it!! Beautiful day today!
Damn just found out my man BJ Penn lost. I like St. Pierre and Penn but Penn is an islanda just like me so I rep my people.
Tomorrow's plan is to get my grind on and get 30DC, Market Samurai, and Amazon affiliates crackin cant wait its going to be big :-)
Hellz yeah got accepted for Amazon affiliates and got a quick hundred for working a big event but damn didn't have time 2day for 30DC
Waiting for amazon to confirm my affiliate account
Bartending a big event, going to get big money today. 2 things that don't slow down in a recession drugs and booze.
Friggin having a hellava time trying to find an affiliate product that coincides with my niche for 30DC .
Man disappointing day didn't get much done with Market Samurai or 30DC. Tomorrow is going to be friggin awesome.
Stayed in tonite too tired after work to go out. Working on my niche markets and checking out some new kicks online.
Boo-Yaka mofus I got my niche ideas and found some bad azz keywords. Hells-to-the-Yeah, Shout outs to Market Samurai heeyah (karate chop)
Im havin probs finding a niche that fits my criteria for 30DC. BRAINDEAD! I'm tapped.
@DanaRamoni: yea the hoverboard was cool, and the Air McFlys. I seen Nike was actually releasing those lol not kidding.
30DC has gotten serious. So I slowed down w/ the lessons and I am rewatching some of the videos make sure I fully comprehend them.
@DanaRamoni: Aliens jump the shark after the sec. Same with Predator. The first Matrix and Back 2 the future was good the rest sucked.
Completed two days of 30DC but they were pretty easy days. Bout to hit the gym b4 work. Get in 2 miles.
Learning Market Samurai so amazing, a lot to learn, the 30DC is starting 2 get real serious wasn't able 2 get through 3 days like i thought
Came up with 5 niche ideas all with potential for Continuity Programs shout outs to Ryan Deiss for showing me the Millione $ Napkin.
ED Dale said to come up with 5 to 10 but I got 5 really good ones so I'm cool with hitting the minimum.
Excellent advice @TheSpotter I suggest people to check the Automatic Unfollowing for twitter. Great for automation at Socialtoo.com
Goal for today get through 3 days of 30DC!! Should be easy enough.
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