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The Da Vinci Code (Robert Langdon, #2) -
Re: What French People in 1900 Thought Life Would Be Like In 2000 -
"The whale bus is amazing." - Kevin Bondelli
Adelyn Rose – Even -
Adelyn Rose – Collisions -
Internet Fast Lane Explained: How it Resembles Mafia Protection Money -
Internet Fast Lane Explained -
Internet Fast Lane Explained
Ultimate Classical Collection: 73 Selections from the World's Greatest Music -
The Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway -
kbondelli on Retailer Scam Re-Sells Humble Bundle Games, Reaps Profit Off Charity -
"I am not 100% sure, but I don't believe that offering a game in a bundle that also supports charity allows for a deduction. Since they are still technically selling the game it would not count as an in-kind contribution. I also assume that Humble would only deduct the amount allocated to charity from their tax liability since it is not actually their income. Outside of bundles, there are some definite issues with what can qualify as a 501(c)3 and how corporations can use them to limit their tax liability." - Kevin Bondelli
The Norton Anthology of World Masterpieces -
kbondelli on Retailer Scam Re-Sells Humble Bundle Games, Reaps Profit Off Charity -
"First, I don't understand why someone who claims that reddit users are a "fucking hivemind" that is "holier than thou" would bother creating a throwaway in order to prevent their main reddit account from losing karma points which are solely an indicator of how many reddit users like or agree with what they say. I will assume then that this is just a self-righteous excuse to be anonymous. Just a word of advice, though: insulting your audience right off the bat is a pretty stupid tactic if you want to actually persuade or inform people with your comment. Disregard this advice if your comment was purely masturbatory. Charity bundles ideally serve as a win-win-win situation. The developer gets publicity and sales at volume (though at a very low price per unit) which boosts word-of-mouth. The charity gets some funds, and the charity aspect encourages some developers to participate and some buyers to purchase. The bundle site gets their cut/tip. The reselling aspect doesn't really affect..." - Kevin Bondelli
The Further Adventures Of Robinson Crusoe -
kbondelli on Game no longer works after patch -
"We appreciate it. Thanks for addressing the issue so quickly." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Game no longer works after patch -
"Same here. The font causing the error doesn't exist on my system." - Kevin Bondelli
Everything's an Argument: With Readings -
kbondelli on Game Endings are Terrible, and Gamers are to Blame -
"The article does not seem to flesh out the argument that game endings are terrible because of gamers. Plus, the author fails to firmly establish his premise that game endings are bad. > it seems that most gamers (like me) are likely at fault for some of these releases having lackluster conclusions. And, it's because of our backlog. His argument, though he does not explicitly state it, is that game developers don't focus on making good endings for their games because most players will never reach the end of their game. Until most players finish most of their games, game developers will continue to neglect the endings. The premise that most games have bad endings is undercut by the author's game examples, which in the author's opinion all seem to have good endings. He claims the idea for the article was inspired by his playing three games with good endings. He then amends his argument to being that it is also the developers' fault for making games so long that people never reach the..." - Kevin Bondelli
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