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kbondelli on Chumped - December is the Longest Month (2014) [4:09] -
"Stumbled across this album (*Teenage Retirement*) late last year and really enjoyed it." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on White Rabbits - The Day You Won the War (2012) [3:20] -
"From the 2012 album *Milk Famous*." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on [Bundle Stars] Apocalypse Bundle - Afterfall Reconquest: Episode 1, Evoland, Meridian: New World, bit Dungeon II, Claire, Pineview Drive, Madballs in... Babo:Invasion, The Nightmare Cooperative, Sideway New York, AX:EL, and Verde Station (11 games for $4.99) -
"I have an extra key for **Evoland** and **Claire**. Send me a PM specifying which key you would like (only one). First PM for each game gets the key. I'll update this when they are taken." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Why did Ronald Reagan start the tradition of saluting military members and is it technically incorrect for a president to do so? -
"You're correct. I poorly phrased that whole part." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on A reflection on Silverchair's Young Modern -
"I've been thinking about this because Silverchair's early records are very tied to my teenage years. *Neon Ballroom* is one of those albums that is inextricably tied to high school. I listened to that CD countless times. In college I bought *Diorama* on release day, which I liked but didn't end up carrying the same weight with me. By 2007 when *Young Modern* was released, Silverchair to me was more like a part of my high school yearbook than an active band. That, combined with the fact that most U.S. radio stations (at least those near me) hadn't really given any Silverchair records airplay since NB, led me to overlook it. Listening to it today, it feels like such an evolution for the band. In hindsight you can hear the genesis of this kind of sound in *Neon Ballroom*. I can see how those that were purely fans of the grunge sound, those that even had a problem with NB, wouldn't like it. For me, now in my early 30s, this record is refreshing. I am glad your post prompted me to revisit..." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Why did Ronald Reagan start the tradition of saluting military members and is it technically incorrect for a president to do so? -
"Just to follow up on this answer: President Reagan asked his military adviser John Kline whether it would be acceptable for him to return military salutes. Kline claimed it went against military protocol to return the salutes. Reagan then asked Gen. Robert Barrow, commandant of the Marine Corps. > Barrow told Reagan that as commander in chief of the armed forces, he was entitled to offer a salute — or any sign of respect he wished — to anyone he wished, Kline wrote, adding he was glad for the change. [\(source\)]( The salute is technically incorrect because saluting requires being in uniform, and it has been criticized as "playing soldier" and as a "glorification of the president as a war leader." ([source](" - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Starling - Don't Deflate (2000) [4:35] -
"I had to.... Off the album *Sustainer.*" - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Isaac Asimov on Socrates -
"Except Socrates predated Montaigne by nearly 2,000 years." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Can anyone recommend sources on the topic of Soviet space posters? -
"A few years ago a number of these were auctioned off by Mercer & Middlesex. *Wired* magazine covered it and has artists names and some background for each of the posters auctioned." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Non-fiction overview of contemporary social justice movements? -
"This is tougher than it would seem. What on reddit is pejoratively referred to as the SJW movement is actually a number of different movements with different histories, strategies, and goals. Most of the vitriol is directed at the women's rights/feminist movement, followed by the LGBT rights movement. However, beyond that you have rights movements for people of color, immigrants, the poor, the disabled, youth, etc. I haven't been as current on the literature in the last 5 or so years, so I can't recommend anything that directly covers the reddit-type issues, but here are a couple books I found valuable in my study of LGBT/Women's movements. **LGBT:** Urvashi Vaid - *Virtual Equality: The Mainstreaming of Gay and Lesbian Liberation* **Women's Rights:** Debra Rowland - *The Boundaries of Her Body: The Troubling History of Women's Rights in America* I know this isn't exactly what you are looking for, so I hope others with more current/relevant sources respond." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Wilco - Sky Blue Sky (2007) [3:25] -
"My favorite is Yankee Hotel Foxtrot." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Classic short story volumes? -
"I enjoyed Balzac's short stories quite a bit. His story 'El Verdugo' has haunted me since I first read it 15 years ago." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on TIL Einstein wanted to be cremated and his ashes scattered with his brain in his head to "discourage idolaters" but the Doctor performing the autopsy put the brain in formaldehyde and kept it for himself. -
"It was Possessing Genius by Carolyn Abraham." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Wilco - Sky Blue Sky (2007) [3:25] -
"Off their 2007 album of the same name." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Books by American authors about working class and poor people. -
"I would look at Willa Cather's novels, specifically her Great Plains trilogy: Oh Pioneers, The Song of the Lark, and My Antonia." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Books about conspiracies -
"I recommended this to another person earlier this week. It definitely falls under the kinda insane category." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe (2012) [3:29] -
"I kind of hate myself for submitting this, but it works." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Any books you can suggest for me or others? List of what I enjoy below: -
"Frank Herbert's *Dune.* The series actually has aspects of all the categories you listed." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Ingrid Michaelson - Mountain and the Sea (2009) [3:32] -
"Metaphors still count. Off of *Everybody*." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Sonny Rhodes - The Ballad of Serenity (2002) [2:41] -
"You can't take the sky from me." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Incubus - Stellar (1999) [3:21] -
"From *Make Yourself*. > Meet me in outerspace > We could spend the night, watch the earth come up" - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on what is a good book to become more "street smart"? -
"Robert Cialdini - *Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion*" - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on I'm looking for books about Racism/Alienation -
"James Baldwin's essays and *Native Son* by Richard Wright." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Any book suggestions for a fan of the X Files? -
"I'd recommend The Illuminatus trilogy. It's pretty wild." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Desaparacidos - Mañana (2002) [3:25] -
"From *Read Music / Speak Spanish.*" - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Bob Dylan and The Band - Clothes Line Saga (1968) [2:58] -
"Originally recorded around 1968 and released later on The Basement Tapes, this song is a parody of Ode to Billie Joe by Bobbie Gentry." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on I found something worse than a <no reason> report, a user trying to help but not knowing that their username isn't seen by moderators :( -
"Except you could just look at the comment history of the person being accused, which would have been more useful than checking the submitter's history anyway." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on A sub that summerizes all the game that are free to get now/on big sales -
"/r/gamedeals" - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on PAX South 2015: Randy Pitchford Teases Borderlands 3 Announcement -
"I was a huge BL and BL2 fan. I was a huge fan of Gearbox in general. I dropped the $90 for TPS with season pass at launch because of my fandom and faith in Gearbox. TPS really took the wind out of the sails of my fandom. I am still holding out some hope for BL3 since it with be their A-team and not 2K Australia, but who knows." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on A suggestion for when bundled games get onto Steam - any thoughts? -
"I think having a thread like you mention is fine, as long as it is in addition to and not instead of the individual posts. For me personally, checking /r/GameDealsMeta/new and seeing the individual posts for the games that have just had their keys released is more convenient than having to check a thread that has a bunch of information about what is coming out when etc etc etc." - Kevin Bondelli
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