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kbondelli on Peter Gabriel (ft. Kate Bush) - Don't Give Up (1986) [6:29] -
"It can be confusing because there is a live version where he sings it with Paula Cole from the mid-90s and another more recent live recording with Ane Brun." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Just about to finish Haruki Murakami's "The Wind-up Bird Chornicle"... -
"This is a non-fiction suggestion, but it seems relevant: **Truong Nhu Tang - A Viet Cong Memoir** This is often assigned in university courses on the Vietnam War and is considered one of the best sources from the VC perspective." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Peter Gabriel (ft. Kate Bush) - Don't Give Up (1986) [6:29] -
"From the album *So*." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Recommendation for some book with 1st person narrative where 1st person is sociopath/psychopath and has dark sense of humor -
"*You* by Carol Kepnes. I was pleasantly surprised by it." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on lots of graphic descriptions of disturbing things. -
"*Naked Lunch* by Burroughs was the first book that came to mind. Maybe *Crash* by Ballard as well." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Color Me Badd- I Wanna Sex You Up (1991) [4:00] -
"This was the jam when I was 9. Off *C.M.B.*" - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on [Indie Gala] Every Monday Bundle #43 - Aztaka, Eleusis, Final Dusk, Detective Case and Clown Bot, Sweet Lily Dreams, Tesla Breaks The World, Whisper of a Rose ($1.49 until Price Increase) -
"I have an extra key for **Final Dusk**, **Sweet Lily Dreams**, **Tesla Breaks the World**, and **Whisper of a Rose**. Send me a PM requesting one of the games (only one) and the first person to message for each game will get the key. I'll only be messaging the people who get keys and will edit this comment once they are gone." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Arsenal - Evaporate (2014) [3:27] -
"Off 2014's *Furu*." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on They Might Be Giants - Solid Liquid Gas (2009) [1:21] -
"On the perfect for this theme album *Here Comes Science*." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on He's on diet food and vet says he's healthy, but he's my fat 15 year old -
"He is super mellow, so he will let me do pretty much anything." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Why don't more people stream roguelikes? -
"ExcessiveProfanity streams CotN quite often. One of the in-game items is actually named after him (the Hargreaves)." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on He's on diet food and vet says he's healthy, but he's my fat 15 year old -
"These are some of his chubbiest pictures over the last few years." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Supergrass - G-Song (1997) [3:27] -
"From *In It for the Money*." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Jimmy Eat World - Lucky Denver Mint (1999) [3:49] -
"I remember when they were just a local band here in Mesa, AZ. This was off *Clarity*." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on [IndieRoyale] The Mystery 3 Bundle: 10 games, 3 revealed so far: Skyborn, Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive, Depth Hunter 2: Ocean Mysteries; $0.99, price will increase as games get revealed -
"I have a copy of **Skyborn** and the base **Depth Hunter 2** game. Send me a PM with the game you want (only one) and first person to respond for each will get the key." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Should console deals be put on a separate sub like Android games were? -
"Volume-wise those are a drop in the ocean compared to mobile. I didn't particularly mind the mobile deal being on the sub when they were, but the volume (especially of free app of the day stuff) was the primary reason they are no longer." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Should console deals be put on a separate sub like Android games were? -
"That is what *you* come to the sub for. There are plenty of people that come for console deals. There have been a number of meta posts from people asking about sales on consoles themselves. Don't assume that your personal preferences reflect those of everyone. I think splitting into console/pc further Balkanizes our hobby into tribal PCMR vs. console bullshit." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Should console deals be put on a separate sub like Android games were? -
"The issue people had with mobile games was the volume of them and complete lack of quality control. You don't have that kind of volume for the main consoles, nor are their games as constantly discounted. The volume of posts as it is now with console/pc seems pretty good to me. TLDR: No." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on The Classic Crime - City of Orphans (2012) [5:01] -
"Off of *Phoenix*. > We’re a city of orphans > Who had no place to go > So we cashed in our dreams, >filled our glasses with Beam > and our bodies with smoke" - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Tegan and Sara - You Wouldn't Like Me (2004) [2:56] -
"From *So Jealous*, my personal favorite T&S album." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on PC Gamer: Let’s stop calling ourselves the “PC Master Race” -
"Forget the historical ties and the author still has a point. One of the comments here includes "I'm sorry if you're a dirty console pleb." That is what this is really about. It is about shaming people. Most of the time it is class-shaming. A decent gaming PC is a fairly large upfront investment. Getting a PC that runs a PS4 game as well as a PS4 does costs more than a PS4. A lot of people can't afford that PC. Shaming people for that is the same as shaming someone for not wearing brand name clothes/shoes/etc. The idea that it is inclusive in that you just have to admit PC gaming is objectively better doesn't help much. *Listen, if you admit that those of us who can afford nice gaming PCs have a much better gaming experience than those of you who can't afford it, you can hang around and look at our hi-res screenshots.* Who gives a shit if other people "recognize that PC is objectively superior to consoles in every way possible." Every way possible is an arguable statement, and how..." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Osamu Kitajima - Wild Monk (1980) [3:53] -
"From *Masterless Samurai*." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on How have your tastes in games evolved as you've aged? -
"I'm 32, and from the games/times you listed I assume you are around 29-30. For me, I haven't really noticed changes in what I play due to age. What I play seems more a function of the time I am playing, and what I play now is more varied than ever because games now are more varied than ever." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on The Decemberists - Valerie Plame (2008) [4:58] -
"Song about the actual CIA agent who was outed by the Bush administration because her husband, Ambassador Joseph Wilson, was a critic of the administration/Iraq War." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on [Groupees] Build a Retroism bundle - $1 minimum, $0.50 per game. Games include BloodNet, Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender, Silent Service 2, The UnderGarden, Slave Zero, Tycoon City: New York and Shadow Ops: Red Mercury -
"I remember enjoying the Silent Service games years and years ago but I don't know how well they hold up today." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on [Bundle Stars] Reboot Bundle 10 - Xotic Complete (Includes 3 DLCs), 8BitBoy, Fortix 2, Ignite, SOL: Exodus, Vector, Jet Car Stunts, Space Farmer 2-Pack, Residue: Final Cut, Rush For Glory ($1.99 for first 48 hours) -
"I have an extra copy of **8BitBoy** and **Rush for Glory**. Please send me a PM letting me know which one (only ask for one) you want and the first person asking for the game will get the key." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Crypt of the NecroDancer - King Conga. I'm addicted to this song right now. It's so catchy! -
"Danny B is really doing the best work of his career with this soundtrack." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on IWTL: How to become a polymath -
"You don't really learn how to be a polymath; you become a polymath by learning a lot of different things. When I was in college I would pick a different hobby every break. One summer was art, another stamp collecting, etc. Over that period of a couple months I would learn enough about the topic to be able to talk with people about it if it were their interest. It mostly comes down to being interested in a lot of things and learning about them in turn." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Can compatible OSes be included in the titles, please? (e.g. W, WM, WL, WML, etc) -
"Personally I feel that if you are on a Mac or Linux system the onus is on you to see if a particular game is compatible with your OS. The people formatting and submitting deals are already doing most of the work for you, it doesn't require much effort to click through their link and see if it is compatible." - Kevin Bondelli
kbondelli on Kansas - Dust in the Wind (1978) [3:19] -
"I accidentally typed 1978 instead if 1977 in the title. This was off *Point of No Return.*" - Kevin Bondelli
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