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github icon pack - Keith - Share your thing. -
If your product, device, machine, gadget or thing can connect to the Internet, it can use to easily publish and subscribe to data. - Keith
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters -
Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
Norwester - A Free Font by Jamie Wilson -
7 command-line tools for data science -
tips for command line json parsing - Keith
Unfuddle - No-Fuss Software Project Management -
AngularJS Tutorial: Learn to Build Modern Web Apps | Hacker News -
angular JS tut - Keith
Stocksy United - Royalty-Free Stock Photos -
hipster stock photos - Keith
Ben Alman » jQuery postMessage: Cross-domain scripting goodness -
crossdomain (e.g., iframe) comms - Keith
Responsive CSS bootstrap from Yahoo. - Keith
Application-only authentication | Twitter Developers -
how to set up twitter for oAuth - Keith
Unfuddle - Software Project Management -
github style issue tracker, cleaner than Rally! - Keith
Context » Information Security -
HTML 5 and related technologies bring a whole slew of new features to web browsers, some of which can be a threat to security and privacy. This paper describes a number of new timing attack techniques that can be used by a malicious web page to steal sensitive data from modern web browsers, breaking cross-origin restrictions. - Keith
Let's Make the Web Jank-free! -
html5 animation improvement techniques - Keith
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