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RT @FoundTruthMC: @GabrielK97 fuck ive forgotten where youve gone, i want to say germany?
RT @NINOXdesign: Sign up for our email list today and we will send you a sticker!
RT @bfeld: INterview with Brad Feld, venture capitalist and Techstars co-founder
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In a Subprime Bubble for Used Cars, Borrowers Pay Sky-High Rates - -
RT @starykowicz: Incredible, 1st American to break 8 hours! A new era in American triathlon. @DaveScott6x @MarkAllenOnline @timdeboom
A guide to protocol buffers (protobuf) in google Go (golang) -
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47 individuals own 28.9% of the approximately 12 million Bitcoins in existence so far - Kevin Cawley
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attaching $ in a gmail... seems new. in other gmail ux woes, trash seemed 2 disappear 4 a bit & insert images changed
said hi & brief chat w/ @petosagan @ozo - doing some mountain training & fueling at ozo. good guy! really good rider.
peter sagan chillin at ozo...
it hurts to see facebook deep links. no brainer for fb; much gold in install hills for now. but pains me to see a step back for mobile web.
"it's time to get imessage on android" seen on @RWW - wrong on so many levels. #openalwayswins should read "imessage should go bye bye"
Post game fuel with the boys...
RT @nglaros: Ok, a techstars applicant just upped the game. You got my attention now! Taking out a Facebook ad on my timeline!
RT @bfeld: repeat after me: "show, don't tell"
RT @cmoldow: An honor to speak at LendIt and plant the flag for $1T in marketplace lending by 2025. #marketplace lending @cmoldow
First mention of bitcoin at #lendit2014 comes from my man @brustkern ... I was curious and surprised bitcoin had not surfaced yet.
...and XML has come back to life sadly 😉
We have a Java SDK... heard that mentioned from a presenter #lendit2014. Space ripe for current tech energy to peer with deep finance chops.
Wish commonbond was around when I was needing student loans. Good terms, building community and very nice job presenting. #lendit2014
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