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FriendFeed is the easiest way to share online. Learn more » is an interesting attack from a tech perspective. seems obv. oversight in retrospect, but that's how these things go.
i feel this pain... yahoo. mail policies.
RT @velonews: Contador wins stage 1 of Vuelta al País Vasco over Valverde with late attack, daring descent.
IPO is the new thing to do apparently... Good times.
RT @jkendrick: Cortana blows away Siri and Google Now, may bring me back to Windows Phone via @ZDNet, @palmsolo
what happened to vine? i used to see a fair amount in my twitter feed; now none. first adopter got rolled by instagram?
seeing stats/tweets about mobile web 'dying'. 1st, why's everyone fascinated w/ stuff dying. 2nd, revisit in 2 yrs. mobile web is inevitable
Rolled into Salina, Utah on fumes. Thankfully last 30 miles downhill.
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