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RT @TheTweetOfGod: I have lost control of the situation.
UNF, that Arkham Knight footage.
Here are some dudes on a roof, because why the fuck not? #E32014
Takeaway from Sims4: Having fun will kill you. #E32014
Oh man, Crackdown. My body is ready.
Project Spark: we totally promise not to turn out like Spore. #E32014
RT @drewmagary: If Ballmer renames them the Clippys, I swear to fucking God...
I mean...industrial power saw. Yeah.
Tonight I was excited when a new steam mop showed up on my door. What has my life become?
Best part of the Habs win tonight:
Oh Boston. Thought I was watching a Flyers game for a second.
Oh my god, that goal was amazing.
I won't lie to you, internet. That Constantine trailer looks pretty sweet.
James Gordon Bleu @midnight #FoodComedians
Goodall Will Hunting @midnight #MonkeyFilms
Dat glove save.
There were literal tents, you guys.
I am exhausted from watching ALL THE HOCKEY last night. That Rangers/Flyers game was in tents.
So Child of Light is pretty rad. Pick it up.
Watching PHI vs. NYR. I don't even have a team in this series and I feel like I'm going to have a fucking stroke.
Listen. Listen. It's not that I want the Rangers to win, it's that I want the Flyers to lose horribly.
Fuck sake, I want to punch whoever is in charge of the keyboard and mouse controls for DS2 right in the goddamn face.
Also I will set you on fire RT @TestClan: Reminder: DONT AFK IN THE DOJO! You will get demoted and never be allowed to host the dojo again.
.@WIRED Well, that's about the creepiest goddamn thing I've seen today.
Urge to kill: fucking rising.
Andre the Gentle Giant #WorseWrestlers @midnight
RT @mozilla: Brendan Eich has stepped down as Mozilla’s CEO:
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