Keith Coleman
School Accused of Secretly Spying on Students Through Laptop Webcams -
Wow. - Keith Coleman
Wow. - Keith Coleman
thats crazy - "The plaintiff, Blake J. Robbins, was disciplined by the school for “improper behavior in his home.” The evidence of said impropriety was brought forth by the school vice principal, who displayed a photo of Robbins taken by the laptop’s webcam." - any idea what they tried to discipline him for? - bob
Robbie: no, that information was withheld for privacy reasons. - Gabe
Update: "Lower Merion officials acknowledged Friday that they remotely activated webcams 42 times in the past 14 months, but only to find missing student laptops. They insist they never did so to spy on students [...] Families were not informed of the possibility the webcams might be activated in their homes in the paperwork students sign when they get the computers without their permission district spokesman Doug Young said." - Simon
It would be nice if they sent the school officials to jail. - Paul Buchheit
Horrible! - Ruchira S. Datta
Robbie: It has now come out that the student was disciplined for possession with intent to distribute Mike & Ikes. - Gabe
yeah i saw that gabe, shared it as well - but it didnt sound like they could prove their case on the intent to distribute, so might be simple possession :P - bob
there is a video of an interview with the kid and his parents here: - bob